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The Life and Times of Old Uncle Jim

Down by the Pool: Sheila, Part 1



As spring of that first year at the pool wore on, I made sure I was there bright and early every weekend morning. Even on those occasions I babysat little girls for their mothers, I would bring the kids with me to the pool, not to be greedy for more so much (although I do readily admit to greed) as to make an appearance for other moms not only to report back to the mothers entrusting their kids to me but also to show them that I was a person to be trusted with their kids when the need arose.

Single working moms saw me as a godsend. Should a mom luck into a date on Friday afternoon or simply want to hang out with friends after happy hour, a quick phone call to me was all it took. Even if I was committed to see after another mom's kid, their child was more than welcome to join us. And I was free! Having me over for dinner occasionally was payment enough. The kids absolutely loved for me to look after them, having a conniption I feel sure if the moms were to attempt using someone else in my place. That I was available to look after her kids for no charge while mom escaped for a weekend must have been the most wonderful thing ever to befall these moms, and more than one mom made it plain that in return for services I was free to do whatever I wanted with her. And actually, I took a couple of moms up on that when they caught me in the right mood. Not often, though, because I did not want moms to think they had any more obligation to me than a dinner or two. After all, it was not their pussy I yearned for.

All of this took place in the space of a couple of months. It was amazingly fast how quickly it became known that there was a nice man who loved kids and would babysit for free. Women I am positive had never been to the pool before would show up Saturday morning as a guest of a mom who knew me so she could be introduced and hear me say she should call if she needed me to look after her young ones.

To the best of my ability, I tried to get to know each kid well before spending time alone with her. In the pool, a new little girl could witness me on the deck with moms, hers and others, laughing and talking and often seeing moms say hello to me with a warm hug and a kiss. They could see other kids in the pool excited to see me, and often their friends had already filled them in on the games we played. So when it came time for me to be alone with the little girl, she knew what was coming but could feel safe and protected because her friends told her she would be and because she knew how the moms felt about me.

A few children are as open and receptive of new adventures as Ginger and Joanie, but most are not, which is why I tried very hard to make time to get to know kids before being left alone with them. Most little girls are bashful and shy with adults at first, and it takes time to become comfortable. I never wanted a new little girl to think of me any other way than as someone with whom to play sex and have fun, and so my SOP, standard operating procedure, upon meeting a new girl was to begin feeling her up even as we said our hellos. For those shy and reserved, this could mean only holding her upper arm at first, but as soon as possible this progressed to having our bare legs touching under water and so on. For others who seemed comfortable enough, it would be my hand cupping her butt cheek, as it was with Joanie. I should add that Joanie was a tremendous asset; she was an open, friendly, out-going girl extremely popular with all the kids, so the mere fact that she made it obvious she loved and loved playing with me did wonders for the confidence of shy, reserved girls. Whenever I took one step too far with a girl, feeling her beginning to withdraw, I let her move away and waited. Every kid wants and dreams of playing sex, so usually it was not long before I found the girl near me again as I played with another girl, and I would check to see what the little girl was ready for next. This coming and going process could take several days, which in the spring could mean several weekends, but sooner or later she became comfortable with my touching and handling her body anywhere I wanted, and from there it was a short step getting her into bed. Once she allowed me to get her sexually hot in the pool, she was ready for me to keep while mommy went out.

Hopefully the reader can see that there was a marvelous dynamic at work here, not only protecting me but assuring that the process would continue forward indefinitely. The moms needed me; that was the important thing. Readers who have been working moms can attest to the value a resource like me would have been to them: a free babysitter for money strapped moms, available at a moment's notice. I have no reason to think it ever happened, but should a mom have ever become suspicious of me with her kids, she would have felt pressure not to make an issue of it. I never did anything a kid did not want me to do, so with no kids complaining, all a mother could accomplish should she begin rumors would be to hurt everyone. No one wanted to hear things like that; the pressure was strong to accept me and my help. From the kids' perspective, even had they not particularly desired to play with me, they knew how much it meant to their mom, so they came to me willingly. Kids talked among themselves, of that I am sure, but they knew they should not say anything that would hurt their mothers' new freedom. The fact is moms were now happier and that made the kids' life better; no one wanted to mess that up.

By the time school let out for the summer, I had more sexual activity with little girls than could have imagined even in my most fanciful dreams. A set, reliable number of kids and moms had evolved, but from time to time someone new would show up at the pool.

It was a weekday morning in early June; school was out for the summer both for the kids and for me. I had come over from my townhouse around 9, as I recall, and had already become sleepy while reading and flattened a chaise lounge to stretch out on my stomach and doze in the morning sun for awhile. When the gate began to open, my head lay such that I could crack my eyelids to see who was entering the pool area.

The first to enter was a thin lady, older than me, early 50s I guessed, wearing jean cut-offs and a white T-shirt. While not very tan, she had a weathered, almost hard look to her face, her cigarette hanging from her mouth as she walked to the patio table nearest the pool to sit.

A few feet behind her was a girl of about 11 in a modest two-piece swimsuit striped in yellow, pink, and brown tones, a towel slung over her shoulders. Her dark, brown hair was pinned up but had to be at least shoulder length. She had wide set dark eyes under rather prominent eyebrows, high cheek bones with wide expressive, well defined lips. She was tall for her age, almost four and a half feet, and her body looked toned, even for an 11 year old, with hips beginning to widen over already beautifully shaped long legs. Imagine a kind of cross between Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch at age 11 and you will not be far off the mark. More than just a pretty little girl, once you looked past the somewhat awkward little girl in her, she was gorgeous. "Holy shit," I thought as I lay there appearing asleep as I peered through the narrow light of my cracked eyelids. The girl stepped down into the shallow end of the pool, walking herself down until she could swim to the deepest end, and then push off to swim gracefully on her back to the far side.

I waited until the woman had opened a magazine and began thumbing through, looking completely relaxed with her leg crossed, before rolling over, stretching as if just waking up, pulling my shirt on and, happening to notice the lady, walking over to join her.

"Isn't it a beautiful morning?" I asked as I walked up. "Mind if I join you? I need to get out of the sun a bit."

With her hard, weathered face, I was a little concerned how the woman would react to my direct advance, but she looked up with a nice smile and closing her magazine and giving me her full attention, said in a smoky low, almost rasping voice, "Please do. I'm glad for the company." Right away I could sense the woman was a sociable, open type who looked forward to conversation.

"I don't believe I've seen you around here before. My name's Jim," I said cordially as I sat down opposite her, turning the swivel chair toward the pool.

"Nice to meet you, Jim," she answered, holding her hand across the table for me to shake. "My name's Lela." Then with a soft, low laugh, she added, "No, this is my first trip down here to the pool. I'm not much of a pool person, but my granddaughter Sheila there has been after me to come down here so she could swim."

Glancing toward the girl, I said, "Well, it's a good day for it. Not so hot as yet." I looked toward the girl. "Does your granddaughter live with you or is she just here for a visit?"

"She is going to stay with me while my daughter gets herself situated," she answered. I saw a dark cloud move across her face as she continued, "My daughter is going through another break-up and she has to find a new place to live and a job."

"I'm so sorry to hear that," I said. "So she is in process of divorcing Sheila's dad?"

Lela's laugh sounded a little bitter. "No, she never married Sheila's father in the first place," she said, shaking her head. "No, this is another in a long line of bad choices, I'm afraid. That girl is something."

I shook my head to commiserate. "Sometimes it takes awhile for the young ones to get headed in the right direction," I offered.

This time the low laugh was bitter. "It sure as hell is for my daughter, that's for sure," she said. She shook her head again.

"Well, she's lucky she has you to look after Sheila while she gets herself straightened out," I offered again.

Another bitter laugh. "Yeah, it's not the first time I've had to do that," she said. As she thought about it, I could see her eyes beginning to get a little worked up and angry. "She sends the girl to me and doesn't think twice whether I can handle her or not," she said. "The girl's pretty as a picture, you can see that for yourself, and she doesn't give much trouble," she continued, "but I've got a life, too, you know. And I don't have money to be taking care of everyone in the world, either. I work long hours in a bar for a living and it's hard and I don't make much money or a lot of free time for taking care of a kid, no matter how pretty a girl she is."

I shook my head this time, still commiserating as inside I rejoiced at the news. "I can understand that," I said. "Daughters can be expensive, all right, I've got two of my own."

She looked at me. "So you're married then," she asked.

"No, no," I answered with a laugh. "Used to be," I said. "Now I've only got them every other weekend, but I still have to pay a big part of their bills."

Lela chuckled, nodding her head. "Good for you to help," she said. "When that son-of-a-bitch I married ran off, he left me with nothing but my daughter to bring up by myself." Again she shook her head. "Never heard from the bastard again."

"Oh man, that's horrible," I said. "I truly am sorry to hear that, Lela," I added. "Must have been hard."

Again shaking her head as she chuckled bitterly, Lela said, "I mean to tell you it was hard."

The gate opened and Sonia came walking in with her daughter, Rachel, a cute little 7-year old I had babysat several times. Sonia beamed when she saw me, waving and briskly walking to me for a hug as she said hello. "Oh good, Jim," she said effusively, "I was hoping you would be here." Sonia was a lively young mom in her late 20s, cute with a fun personality.

As she moved around the table to take a chair, I said, "Sonia, have you met Lela?" Turning to Lela with my arm still trailing around Sonia's waist, I added, "Sonia is one of our pretty neighbor ladies, Lela." With my hand on Sonia's elbow, I nodded toward the pool and said, "That gorgeous girl over there is Lela's granddaughter, Sheila."

"Oh my, she is lovely, Lela," Sonia exclaimed as she extended her hand to the older woman. Lela shook Sonia's outstretched hand with a pleasant greeting as Sonia bounced down into her chair, giving me her complete attention. "You won't believe this, Jim," she said, "but I've got an offer to get out of town again next weekend."

Laughing I said, "Sonia, where does that boyfriend of yours get all that money to keep taking you away to exotic places all the time?" Still laughing, I reached to give her shoulder a squeeze and added suggestively, "You must be one fun date, Sonia."

Sonia giggled and blushed a little. "Bet you want me to stay with that little redhead of yours again," I volunteered.

Sonia looked up at me hopefully with pleading eyes. "Could you?" she asked. "It would mean so much to me if you could."

I laughed. "It is no trouble at all, Sonia," I said. "Didn't Rachel tell you how much fun we had together last time?" I added, laughing at the thought. Rachel and I damn sure did have fun last time. The little devil was a demon in bed.

Sonia laughed. "She talks about how much fun you two had all the time!" she said. "She was really, really hoping you could stay with her again." Laughing again, she added, "Wait until she hears you can. She will be bouncing off the walls waiting for the weekend." Taking my hand, she looked toward Lela. "Jim is the most wonderful man in the world, Lela," she said. "He just adores kids, and they all love him to death!" Still holding my hand, she looked at me demurely. "I'm afraid we moms around here take advantage of him," she said.

Laughing as I gave her hand a squeeze, I said, "Shoot, Sonia, so many great kids make me feel incredibly lucky to be able to help with them." Looking toward Lela, I added with a chuckle, "I think I really do have a lot of kid left in me because I really do enjoy getting to spend all the time I can playing with kids."

Lela had been listening to our conversation with much interest. "Well, I think that's just wonderful, Jim," she said. Laughing she added, "The men I've known run the other way when they see kids." She and Sonia both laughed in agreement.

"Funny thing, Lela," I said with a chuckle. "When my own girls were Rachel and Sheila's age, I'm ashamed to say I didn't pay attention to them like I should have," I admitted with a shake of my head. "And now that I'm older and wiser, I truly regret that." Looking up at the ladies, I added brightly, "So now these wonderful young moms give me the chance to relive some of those times and I could not be more grateful to them."

As the two ladies began to talk, I said, "I'm going to leave you two to get acquainted while I go tell Rachel I'll see her next weekend and meet Sheila," stripping off my shirt. As I dropped down into the pool, Rachel, who herself had been getting acquainted with Sheila, with a squeal on seeing me enter the water began her thrashing swim over to me. Wrapping her arms around my neck as she brought her legs up to wrap my waist, locking her feet behind me, she asked excitedly, "Are you going to stay with me again, Jim?" Giggling and not waiting for an answer, she repeated, "Are you? Are you?"

Grabbing her little butt cheeks under the water, I laughed and said softly, "I know why you want me to stay, you naughty little devil." Dropping her chin and looking up with her sweetest, most innocent little girl face, she asked in her innocent little girl voice, "Why?"

Laughing as I glanced to see the women were not watching, I slipped my hand inside the front of her bottoms to wrap around her little pussy mound and whispered in her ear, "You want me to play with this some more, don't you, naughty Rachel?"

Giggling as her little hips humped into my hand, still with her innocent little girl look, she looked up and said softly, "Maybe," and collapsed into giggles.

I gave her a quick kiss on the lips as I squeezed my fingers into her little pussy and looked up toward Sheila. "Let's meet your new friend now," I said as I began moving further down and across the pool toward her.

Swimming up to the edge beside her with one arm under Rachel, Rachel exclaimed to Sheila, "This is my friend Jim I was telling you about," and burst into giggles.

I saw Sheila blush lightly, and I laughed. "Okay, you little devil," I said to Rachel, "and what were you telling Sheila about me?" Looking at Sheila, I said, "Hi, Sheila. I've been talking with your grandmother." Looking over her face and head, I added, "She said you were an awfully pretty girl and you are!"

Blushing lightly, Sheila murmured, "Hi Jim," and looked back to Rachel for support.

Looking at Rachel myself, I said, "Okay, naughty girl, tell me what you told her."

Giggling, Rachel cupped her hands to my ear and whispered, "I told her we play," and once more collapsed into giggles.

Laughing with her, I said, "Well, that's true." Looking back to Sheila, I said, "Your grandmother tells me you're going to be here awhile, so I certainly hope we get to be good friends, Sheila. Sheila blushed more and looked a bit flustered as she tried to find an answer. Looking back to Rachel, I squeezed her butt cheek and said as I swung her around toward the ledge, "Okay, kid, show Sheila how we're learning to swim on our back, okay?" Still giggling, Rachel grabbed the ledge with both hands and pulled up her feet to push off on her back.

As Rachel's little windmilling arms and splashing feet moved away toward the opposite wall, I looked over to Sheila's pretty, anxious dark eyes and said, "I know it's hard coming to a new place, but we'll help you make friends." Chuckling as Sheila tried to give me a smile, I said, "Don't worry. You'll have lots of really nice friends soon." Reaching to give her shoulder a light squeeze, I added, "Wait and see. You're going to like the kids around here. They're great."

Seeing that Rachel had reached the opposite side, I said, "Let's go over and congratulate the kid," and pushed off to join Rachel. In a moment I heard Sheila follow me.

I swam up close to Rachel and waited until Sheila came up behind her to kiss Rachel's lips before I said, "Good girl, Rachel, you are really getting good at that, isn't she, Sheila?" I wanted Sheila to see me kissing Rachel's lips.

"Let's do it again," I said to Rachel enthusiastically. "This time I want you to watch me swim across, and then watch Sheila swim across, and then you swim across, okay doll?" Swimming on my back, I headed purposefully back across the pool. When I touched, I looked back to see Sheila preparing to push off behind me.

Moving over a few feet, I positioned myself for Sheila, swimming blindly on her back, to windmill her arm into me just before her head bumped into my chest. She panicked, rolling over to apologize profusely as I wrapped an arm around her bare midriff to pull her tightly against me, and as if nothing had happened, I said, "No, no, let's watch Rachel now. You really swam pretty, so let's see if we can help Rachel."

I motioned for Rachel to swim to us, and as she kicked off, I continued holding Sheila tightly to me, feeling our legs moving and rubbing against one another under the water as we both strove to keep our balance, both of us studying the little girl splashing her way toward us. We parted to catch Rachel between us as she came into us.

Sputtering and wiping her eyes as she wrapped her arms and legs around me, Rachel was anxious to know what we thought of her swim. "You're doing fantastic, kid," I laughed. "You just need to learn to take it a little easier as you swim. You go to hard. Reach your arms behind you and pull the water under you slowly and methodically. Did you watch how pretty Sheila swam? We need to teach you how to swim like her."

"Now let me show you about your kick," I added, moving toward the shallower end so Sheila could stand on the bottom. Giving Rachel to Sheila, I said, "Sheila, hold her on her back like she was swimming." As Sheila stood there with her hands under little Rachel stretched out on her back in the water, I said, "Now let's work on your kick. You work at that too hard, too, Rachel," and placing one hand flat on her butt and the other over her little hips, laying it on her pussy mound, I continued, "I don't want you moving your hips while you kick, just your legs. Try it now." As she began to kick her legs in the water, I laughed, squeezing her hips between my hands and shaking them. "Stop trying to swing your hips, you little tart," I laughed. Hold them steady and only kick your legs." She tried again, and I said, "That's better, honey! You're catching on. Here," I continued, taking her back from Sheila's hands. "You move around behind me," I said to Rachel as I pulled my arm from around her to be free in front, forcing her to hang like a monkey on my back, her arms still wrapping my neck as she watched over my shoulder, "and watch Sheila's legs. She does a really good job of kicking."

With my hands on her waist, I said to Sheila, "Let me hold you while you lay on your back, Sheila," turning her sideways so my hands were on her bare back and tummy. She lay over backwards and I lifted her to float in front of Rachel and me, holding her up with a hand under her shoulders and one under her gorgeous little butt I had been dying to get my hands on. I couldn't resist squeezing my fingers into it a little before saying, "Okay, slowly kick your legs, Sheila." As she began a slow kicking motion, I brought my hand from under her shoulder to over her hips, laying it so her pussy mound was enclosed by the palm of my hand. "There, Rachel, watch her hips as she kicks. See they aren't moving? Good job, Sheila," I added, my hands still holding her butt and mound. As I drew back my hand to go back under her shoulders to help her stand, I let my retreating fingers fall down into her crotch and trail across her mound on their way back.

"Now let's try it one more time, kiddo," I said. "Swim over to the other side and let's do it again," I added, taking Sheila's hand momentarily to indicate she should follow as I swam back down to our previous location on the side. With a hand holding the ledge of the pool, I pulled Sheila around in front, her butt resting against the left side of my crotch as my hand wrapped down across her tummy for my hand to clasp her hip, pulling her into me as I pushed up my leg between hers so her weight was on me while she had no access for her own hands to reach the ledge.

She seemed fine with this as I called over to Rachel, "Now before you start, Rachel, think about what we talked about and get a picture in your mind. Swim slow and deliberate, okay?" Rachel's hands held the ledge as she positioned her feet to kick off. She looked back over her shoulder and prepared to kick off. "Now don't rush, girl. Stay like that and picture your swim, okay?" Glancing down to Sheila, I said softly, "Damn, Sheila, your skin feels like silk!" She giggled and blushed slightly. Pulling her closer as I lifted my leg more firmly up into her crotch, I chuckled and said, "I mean it," my hand moving up from her hip for my fingers to feel across the skin of her bare tummy. "God you feel good," I said, returning my hand for my fingers to wrap around her hip and squeeze, pulling it even tighter into me. I wanted there to be no question in her mind that I was inviting her for play sex. She giggled and blushed as Rachel came splashing toward us.

As Rachel arrived to wrap her arms and legs around me, I said, "Much better, Rachel! Damned if I didn't think for a minute you were Sheila," reaching to squeeze Sheila's butt cheek under the water, "swimming over." Rachel giggled and beamed with pride. Noticing her mother Sonia and Lela had been watching, I called out, laughing, "Is she getting good or what?"

"Wonderful!" Sonia called back. "I think you have a swim champion on your hands." As I moved back up into shallower water so Sheila could again touch bottom, I saw the women returning to their conversation. During our little swim lesson, 4 or 5 more kids had joined us in the pool, swimming and playing.

Looking down at Rachel, I asked suggestively, "Now what game do you want to play, bad girl?" squeezing her little butt cheek. Rachel dropped her chin to look up at me with excited eyes, giggled naughtily as her hand covered her mouth. I laughed. "I know what you want, naughty girl," I said, and as I pulled Sheila closer to us and squared her around for her back to shield the mothers on the pool deck from me and Rachel, I told her, "Stand here so the mom's can't see us, Sheila." Looking again at Rachel's eyes as I slipped my fingers inside her swimsuit bottoms to find her little slit and push my middle finger inside, I asked, "Is this what you want?' beginning to stroke the slit. Rachel collapsed into giggling glee as I saw Sheila's eyes staring in amazement at my hand inside Rachel's bottoms, her mouth agape. Laughing I said quietly to Sheila, "This little girl is such a whore," and looking down, I added, "Aren't you, Rachel?" Sheila's eyes came up briefly to mine dropping back to my hand as she blushed brightly.

Rachel's little pussy was wet and slippery as I continued stroking her and she continued giggling. "Hey, I'm not going to get you off in front of your mom, my sweet little whore," I said, looking down on Rachel with a chuckle. "So what do you want me to do next?"

Still giggling, Rachel looked up mischievously toward Sheila and said, "Do Sheila," and was swept away again in a fit of giggles. As my hand came out to reach down toward Sheila's crotch, she recovered in time to try squirming away as she said with a giggle, "No, no, no," her hands trying to catch mine before it reached its target.

But she was not quick enough and I had my hand clasped around her pussy mound before hers found my wrist to try pulling it away as she squirmed and splashed. Still holding on to her firmly, I whispered, "Hey, settle down before your grandmother sees us." Sheila's hands still pulled at my wrist but she stopped moving her body, and I knew she wanted to be played with.

"Please don't do that," she said with a soft giggle as she pulled at my wrist. Rachel was loving it as she watched giggling.

"Stop making such a big fuss over it, Sheila," I whispered with a chuckle. "Nobody's going to do anything to you in the pool in front of all these mothers," I glanced toward the pool deck area, "are they?"

Still pulling on my wrist, Sheila glanced over her shoulder at the moms talking away at the patio tables, and then around at the other kids in the pool. Chuckling as she glanced around, I said in a whisper, "See, if you don't act funny, nobody knows what we're doing, do they?" Rachel held her hand over her mouth to muffle her giggles. Sheila's hands still wrapped my wrist but they had stopped trying to pull my hand away. "See, nobody knows anything," I chuckled. "Just put one hand on my shoulder and the other around Rachel and act like everything in the world is perfectly normal, okay?"

Sheila's excited eyes looked at me and Rachel and then around the pool. "Oh please, Sheila," Rachel urged her. "Do it please?" Giggling naughtily again, she added, "It's fun."

I felt Sheila's hands letting go of my wrist as she slowly brought one to my shoulder and the other around Rachel's shoulders. She looked at both of us and giggled nervously, waiting to see what happened next. "See, there's nothing to it," I laughed, my fingers beginning to stroke her slit through her swimsuit bottoms. "Now pull yourself up close to us so nobody can see what's going on under the water." Sheila giggled nervously as she moved her body close to mine. "Now take a deep breath and don't move while I do this," I whispered, bringing my fingers up and poising them over the waistband of her bottoms, pressed into her bare tummy. Sheila's excited eyes went wide as she realized what I was about to do; then she inhaled deeply and held her breath, and I pushed my fingers inside the waistband, pushing on down to cup my hand around the bare skin of her mound as my middle finger pushed inside her wet, slippery slit and began to stroke it. Her anxious, excited eyes flew from mine, to Rachel's giggling face, and around the pool before returning to mine as underneath the water, my finger stroked her hot little pussy.

Rachel and I watched her face as I stroked, and as we saw her wide, sexy dark eyes begin to sexualize into lust, Rachel giggled and I chuckled. Glancing toward Rachel, I said, "I think she likes the way it feels, what do you think?"

Rachel giggled as she looked at Sheila. "See, it feels good, doesn't it?" she asked.

Sheila was biting her gorgeous bottom lip. "Yeah it does," she answered with a naughty giggle. I could feel her pretty hips beginning to move with my stroking finger.

Rachel giggled. "Told you," she said, as if Sheila had been arguing. Sheila's eyes were beginning to glaze over with lust as I continued stroking her wet slit.

Laughing I pulled my hand from Sheila's slit and cupped it around her butt cheek to pull her into my crotch, making sure she got a good feel of my throbbing cock pressing against her lower tummy. "You can't orgasm yet, either, Sheila," I said. Glancing around, I added, "Now I've got to get away from you sexy girls before my cock erupts in my swimsuit," turning my hips away from Sheila's as Rachel erupted into giggles. Pulling Rachel away from me and directing her clutching arms and legs toward Sheila, I said, "Here, you take her." As Rachel wrapped her arms and legs around, Sheila accepted holding her. "You two play," I said, slipping Rachel's hand under Sheila's tops to feel her puffy nipples, "while I calm down and go talk to the moms, okay?" I left them and swam over to say hello to the moms who had arrived, laying my elbows over the ledge as I gave a couple of minutes for my cock to disgorge before lifting myself to hop out and towel off. Things were going well.

Rejoining Lela and Sonia, I said to Lela, "Sheila is a doll. Did you see how well she did with Rachel? Nothing I love more than seeing such a pretty big girl being so nice to a 7-year old. How old is she, anyway? 11?"

"She'll be 11 next month," Lela answered, and then rolling her eyes, she added, "Now I suppose I'm supposed to have a birthday party for her."

"Oh, let Rachel give her a party," Sonia jumped in enthusiastically. "It will be so much fun. We'll all come, won't we, Jim?"

I laughed. "Damn right we will," I answered. "Don't worry about it at all, Lela. We'll all have a fun party."

Lela laughed. "I'm starting to think Sheila hit the jackpot when she came here," she said in her husky voice. "I had no idea I lived with so many nice people and nice kids."

Sonia laughed. "Wait until you've met everyone," she said. "We do have so many lovely moms and kids, don't we, Jim?"

"I'll say," I laughed. "I've never enjoyed myself so much in my life."

After a few more minutes of chatting, Sonia announced, "Well, my little one and me had better get moving. Jim, I'll call you later in the week, okay?"

"Sounds good, Sonia," I answered, "and don't worry. Rachel and I will have a ball while you're gone."

Sonia stood to hug my neck and give me a kiss. "I don't know how I can ever thank you enough for all you do for us, Jim," she said. Looking at Lela, she added, "All I ever do is make him dinner a few times, and look at what all he does for me. I wish I could think of more things to do for him."

Sheila walked a complaining Rachel out of the pool to hand over to Sonia, and after they had left, Lela snickered to me, "I do believe Sonia would give you anything you asked for, Jim," and arched her eyebrows knowingly.

I laughed. "Think so?" I asked, and then added, "Sonia is an awfully nice lady, though, and I truly do not mind one whit helping take care of Rachel."

Lela laughed. "Sonia is a really sweet, nice young woman," she said, "and I really enjoyed getting to know her."

After another 30 minutes of talk, Lela glanced at her watch and said, "Well, I had best get the kid some lunch. I've got to be at work at 1."

"What time do you get off tonight, Lela?" I asked.

With a shrug, she answered, "11 o'clock." She thought about that a moment, and added, "Do you see what I mean? My daughter just has no idea what she asks of me, sending that girl for me to look after."

I nodded in complete agreement as I thought about it with Lela; inside so happy I was turning mental somersaults. "It's hard," I agreed. I thought about it a little more. "I'll tell you what, Lela," I said. "I'm planning on going to a movie this afternoon and would enjoy some company. How about I buy you and Sheila some lunch and then you go on to work while Sheila comes with me to the movies?"

Lela looked up at me. "Really?" she asked. "You don't mind her tagging along?"

"Not at all," I answered. "Hell, I don't even like going by myself," I continued with a chuckle.

Lela thought for a second and said, "I don't have time now to go out anywhere, so if you don't mind a sandwich, how about I fix lunch?"

"A sandwich sounds perfect, Lela," I laughed.

Sheila went back to dry her hair and change as I helped Lela get the sandwiches put together. She came back in, her face excited about having something fun to do, with her long pretty hair put up in a ponytail and wearing tight blue nylon shorts under a cute floral tank top with thin shoulder straps to match. Lela and I were working at the kitchen counter, and as Sheila carried plates and flatware to set the table, Lela turned her head to watch the pretty, trim little figure of a girl walking away. Glancing up at me, she shook her head. "She is such a pretty thing," she said in a low voice.

"She really is," I answered in my low voice. I was fighting not to get a hard on.

After lunch I said, "Sheila can come over and wait for me to get changed while you get yourself ready for work, Lela." As we headed out the door, I stopped. "11 o'clock," I said, thinking. "Lela, I don't have any plans so if you don't mind, after the movies, Sheila and I can hang out awhile at my place, go to dinner, and maybe come back here to watch a little television until you get home. Does that sound alright?" "Oh no, Jim," Lela protested. "I couldn't ask you to do all that." I laughed. "Beats hanging out by myself, Lela, and besides," I said, "I'm really enjoying getting to know Sheila." Looking toward Sheila, I asked, "What do you think, Sheila? Does that sound fun to you or were you planning on doing something else?"

The fact is, Sheila had been trapped in that apartment for days with no company other than Lela and the television. She was totally thrilled at the prospect of an interesting day, and it showed. Her bubbling excitement overflowed as she answered, "I think it sounds like fun. Can I, Lela? Can I please?" I noted that she referred to her grandmother by her first name.

Laughing Lela said, "I don't see why not as long as Jim doesn't mind." Then Lela put on her serious face to add, "Now, listen to me, Sheila. You behave yourself and do what Jim tells you. I don't want to hear you've given Jim any trouble, do you hear me?"

Dropping her chin, Sheila put on her demure face to answer, "I understand. I'll do everything Jim asks me and I won't be any trouble."

With that, we headed off, walking back past the pool area and around to the other side of the cluster to where my car was parked. Opening the doors, I said, "Hop in."

Sheila looked confused. "I thought you were going to change out of your swimsuit first," she said.

Laughing I said, "I am. That's why you need to get into the car, so I can go change." Still with a confused look, she got in and we headed off toward my townhouse.

After we were out of the complex and on to the streets, I glanced over at her perplexed face. Laughing again, I reached to squeeze her pretty leg and explain. "I don't live in the apartments," I said. "I live by myself, but I have a lot of friends at the apartment, so that's where I hang out." I looked at her. "You're not going to tell anyone I don't live there, are you?" I asked.

"No, I won't tell anyone," she answered quickly, looking at me with a dazed, confused look. She continued to look at me, and then began to giggle gleefully, bending over at the funniness of it all. "You really don't even live there?" she asked in an amazed tone. "That is s-o-o-o funny," and she collapsed again into a giggling fit.

Parking in front of my townhouse, I got out and walked to the door as Sheila began getting out. "Wow, this is so nice," she said quietly, somewhat overwhelmed. I led her into the house, pointing toward the kitchen as I said over my shoulder, "Go get in the refrigerator and see if there's anything you want, Sheila. I want you to get very comfortable here." I kicked off my sandals and sat down in the middle of the couch to wait for her.

Hearing the refrigerator door shut, Sheila came in empty handed, looking over my furnishings as she walked to the patio doors to look out into my small backyard area. "Everything is so very nice, Jim," she said without turning.

I laughed. "I'm glad you like it, Sheila," I said, "because you're going to be spending a lot of time here."

She turned her pretty head back to look at me. "I am?" she asked.

"Yep," I said, leaning back to stretch my legs out over the coffee table. "And most mornings we're going to get up and head over to the swimming pool to see everyone. How does that sound?" I asked.

Confusion returned to her face as she turned to look at me. "I'm going to sleep here?" she asked incredulously. Thinking a moment, she added, "Lela won't let me do that."

"Oh, I think she will," I laughed. "Come over here, will you?" I asked, pulling back my legs from the coffee table to make room for her to stand in front of me. She walked over in her shy, little girl awkward walk, working her way between the coffee table and couch to stand directly in front of me, her hand clutching her elbow as she shyly swayed side to side waiting.

Placing my hands around the back of her pretty legs, I let my eyes move up her gorgeous little 4 and a half foot body until my eyes met her wide, gorgeously excited eyes looking down at me. "Sheila, you and I are going to be really good friends," I said. "The best of friends. Does that sound like a good idea to you?"

She giggled and blushed shyly. "I guess so," she said in a soft nervous voice.

"We're going to spend the summer together laughing and playing and going anywhere you want and doing anything you want to do," I said. "How does that sound?"

She looked quizzically at me, still blushing and shy. "We will?" she asked.

"Yes," I answered. "You're going to have lots of other friends you really like, and we're going to go to water parks and movies and the zoo and wherever else you think you might want to go." I smiled up at her gorgeous, excited, confused face. "Does that sound like something you would like?"

She giggled, her eyes showing more excitement as she listened. "Are you just telling me that?" she asked skeptically.

"No, I am not just telling you that," I answered. "I'm promising you that." I laughed and squeezed my hands around the back of her legs. "You don't have to do anything," I said. "I'm just telling you what your life is going to be like from now on, okay?"

She giggled a little nervously. "Why are you doing this for me?" she asked.

"Because I really do like you, Sheila," I said. "I really do think you're a nice kid," I added. "The way you made friends with little Rachel showed me you're the kind of kid I like," I said. "You helped her because you like helping people. That tells me you're an awfully nice kid at heart." She was blushing now, so I added, "And it doesn't hurt a fucking thing that you are so damned gorgeous." She blushed bright red at that, her chin dropping to her chest as she giggled and swayed.

I looked her up and down again. "You also have really good taste in clothes," I said. "Look how well you dressed yourself," I added, moving my hands up from her legs to wrap around her butt cheeks.

She brightened. "Isn't this a cute outfit?" she said eagerly. "I picked it out at Target's and it didn't cost very much at all." She was proud of herself.

Laughing I pulled her toward me until giggling, she was forced to reach her hands to my shoulders and bend her knees into me to keep her balance. "It is damned cute," I said, "and you look damn cute in it." Running my hands over her firm, cute butt under the nylon shorts, I said, "Do you have any idea how good your butt feels under these shorts?"

She giggled and blushed with her hands on my shoulders, looking down on me. I laughed, squeezing my fingers into the flesh of her butt cheeks. "Come down here to me, Sheila," I said, my hands encircling her waist to lower her face to mine, her body collapsing down on to mine as I leaned back into the couch to allow room for her to lie across me, her arms sliding back over my shoulders as she neared. I looked over her gorgeous face, then into her sexy, dark eyes. "I have to kiss you," I said, pulling her closer to allow her lips to reach mine. I waited for her to bring me her lips.

She hesitated, unsure of herself, and then seeing what I wanted, lowered her lips to mine. The kiss was sweet, and I wrapped my arms around her to pull her sweet, young body on down into mine, turning her as I did so I could push my leg between hers, feeling her arms enwrap my neck, pulling her shoulders down and around for her face to look up beneath mine. Lifting my head, I looked into her excited, gorgeous little girl eyes for a moment, then lowered my lips back to hers and pushed my tongue between her lips, waiting until she relaxed her mouth and allowed my tongue inside to find hers and begin play.

After a few moments of hesitation, her tongue began to become more frisky and insistent, and I felt her chest begin to heave with the excitement, her leg climbing higher and higher as my hand massaged her butt cheek, pulling her closer and closer into me. I broke the kiss to see her eyes beginning to glaze with lust. Bringing my hand on to her chest I squeezed a swollen nipple between my fingers, hearing her sigh with pleasure at the feeling. "That feels good?" I asked softly, and she smiled up in answer, trying giggle, her chest heaving heavily. I cupped my hand around her pussy mound she had exposed for me. Pressing my fingers into her slit, I felt her hips lift toward my finger. "You're really hot, aren't you?" I asked sweetly.

She managed a giggle as she looked up at me with her pretty, wild eyes. I watched her slit as I pushed my middle finger hard into it and stroked. The fabric of her shorts began to darken with the moisture I could feel with my finger. Looking back to her, I asked, "Did Rachel tell you how good she felt when I helped her orgasm?"

She looked up at me, and then with a short giggle and blush answered, "Uh-huh."

I smiled and touched her nose with my moist finger. "And you want to do that, too, don't you?" I asked.

She giggled and blushed, but her eyes were still glazed in lust as she looked up at me hopefully, expectantly.

I laughed softly as my fingers returned to tug on her swollen nipple. "Your orgasm is going to be way bigger than Rachel's," I promised. "Do you want that?"

She had closed her eyes, enjoying the pleasurable feel of my fingers on her nipple. "Uh-huh," she said as her chest rose and fell more rapidly. Cradling her in my arms I rose and headed for the stairs. "I'm going to take you to bed and take off your clothes, Sheila," I said softly, and kissed her lips sweetly. She looked up at me with wide open eyes full of fear and excitement and lust.

Laying her head on my pillow, I stretched her body down my bed and straddled her lower legs to pull of the pretty, silky blue nylon shorts. She watched as they came down from her hips, slipped past her thighs, and continued on down her legs to be removed. Bending down over her, my hands on each side of her hips, I looked down on her fancy blue nylon panties. "Did you buy these pretty panties to go with the outfit?" I asked.

Giggling nervously, she answered, "Uh-huh." Looking down on the panties and then back up to me, she asks, "Aren't they pretty?"

"Yes they are," I answered, bending down to kiss her mound through the panties. I ran my hands over the panties, pushing under her butt to squeeze the butt cheeks through the panties. "I love them," I said, lifting myself up to lie beside her, pushing my arm under her to enwrap her shoulders and pull her toward me. I lifted her hip to roll her up on her side facing me and pulled her leg on top of the one I was pushing between hers. Her eyes were flashing and wild as I pulled her lips to mine, my hand clutching her butt cheek, pulling her crotch tightly into my leg. My tongue met hers, and soon I could feel her passionate lust returning as I slowly humped her crotch into my leg. Bringing up my hand to slide my fingers under her tank top to find her nipples, I could feel her hips continue to thrust into my leg. Her breath caught briefly as my fingers squeezed into the swollen nipple, and I could feel the body heat of her heaving chest increasing.

Lifting my head I watched her eyes as my hand descended down her bare chest to slip under her the waistband of her panties, pushing on down over her mound for my finger to press inside the lips of her hot, wet slit. She gasped as she felt my finger enter, her eyes wide with excitement and lust as she stared up into my eyes. I stroked the slit a few times to wet my finger before bringing it up against her swollen clit, and as she felt the finger pushing across the clit, she gasped again, biting her bottom lip. As the finger began stroking her, fondling the clit with each stroke, her little body began to tremble as her hips jerked forward into the finger. Stroking down, I curled my finger up into her and finding the hole of her vagina, pushed up completely inside. Her body shuddered as she felt my finger entering her and she inhaled sharply. On the following stroke, I pushed two fingers up completely inside her and continued to curl them up into her g-spot to scrape down before retreating to begin again. Feeling the two fingers going into her, she moaned and rolled her eyes with the pleasure of the feeling. Continuing to stroke her pussy, I kissed each eye sweetly, then her lips. "Tell me who fucked you," I asked with a voice as sweet and understanding as I could make it. Her eyes flew wide with fear as she looked up into mine. I brought my hand from her pussy to stroke her hair. "Don't be afraid, Sheila," I continued softly, stroking her hair and kissing her forehead, "no one is going to hurt you now." I held her closely as she began to sob. "Just tell me, sweet girl," I said, "everything is alright."

I continued to hold her tightly as she fought to control her sobs, gasps coming like hiccups as she did. Finally, she murmured, "I woke up one night to a bunch of noise in the kitchen, people laughing and hollering and banging stuff. I went in to see what it was and..." She broke back into a sobbing cry.

"Take your time, honey," I said softly, stroking her hair and holding her shaking little body tightly. I handed her several tissues from the box on the nightstand. "How old were you?"

Gasping, she controlled herself enough to murmur, "Eight." She sniffed and took several breaths before continuing. "I went in and saw mommy naked on the kitchen table with two men with no pants on." She shook at the memory and trembled. Sniffing she went on. "One man was holding mommy's ankles up in the air while he was fucking her." She sucked back a sob and sniffed back her runny nose. "The other guy was holding mommy's head while he fucked her in the mouth and he was pulling on her boobs with his hand." Her head bent down to cry hard again, but she controlled herself with several deep breaths and, wiping her nose, continued. "The man fucking mommy in the mouth saw me standing there in my gown and said, 'Well who is this pretty little thing?'" She breathed deeply to control herself. "Mommy saw me and said, 'Get back in bed. Everything's okay.'" A couple of sobs escaped as she fought for control. "I could tell mommy was drunk again." She cried bitterly for a minute, then found her control again. "I went back and got in bed and pulled the covers up under my chin. I was scared," and again she had to fight for control of her sobs. "My door opened and the light came on and the man who was fucking mommy in the mouth was there. He said, 'Why should I get sloppy seconds when I got me a pretty little girl right here.' He started toward me and I could see he was drunk, too." Again she broke into sobs, her little body shaking as I held it tight.

"Calm down, honey," I said softly, wiping back her tears. "No one is going to get you anymore, okay? Calm down."

Finally she regained control. "He jerked off my covers and crawled up on top of me. I started screaming but he slapped me hard and jerked my head up by my hair and started poking his dick in my mouth. He said, 'Let's see if you can suck like your mommy, little girl.'" Again her little body shuddered, and then she continued. "Every time I'd open my mouth to scream, he'd poke his dick in my mouth, so I shut up. Then he pulled up my gown and took off my panties. I started screaming again, and he slapped me hard again and said, 'Shut up you little whore or I'll slap the shit out of you.' He held his hand back like he was going to hit me again so I just bit my finger and stayed quiet." He lifted up my legs and tried to stick his dick in me but it wouldn't go in. He laughed and said, 'So we got ourselves a little cherry here, huh? Well, we'll fix that, won't we?' and he started pushing his big finger hard into me." Again she started to cry, but was able to control it. "When his finger went inside, it hurt so bad I could see stars! Nothing ever hurt like that." Again, a few sobs and shudders went through her. "Then he picked me up by the hips and shoved his dick inside and fucked me." She broke down into uncontrollable tears again, and I held her close and rocked her while she calmed back down.

"What did your mommy do?" I asked softly.

"Nothing," she said sniffing. "She tried to help me clean up, but she was too drunk." She blinked looking up at me. "My sheets and my bottom were all bloody," she added, watching for my reaction.

"I know, honey," I said, stroking her hair as I continued to hold her close.

She sniffed, and continued. "So I slept with mommy," she said, pausing to wipe her nose as she sniffed back the running mucus. "The next morning she told me not to think about it, that it was not going to happen anymore." Again she cried softly before continuing. "She said to act like it didn't happen and not to tell anybody." She began to cry hard again.

"Okay, honey," I cooed softly, stroking her face and hair. "Everything is okay now, no one is going to hurt you anymore." I rocked her as her tears came under control. "Let's just rest now, sweet girl, okay?" Her body still trembled as I held her close. "Just relax and rest now, honey," I said. "I think you are the sweetest, nicest person I know," I continued. "You're an awfully big girl to tell me. Now rest and close your eyes and relax for awhile, okay?" After a number of minutes, I could feel by her steady breathing she had drifted off to sleep in my arms, and that made me feel better.

I was dozing when I felt her begin to stir. Looking over at the clock, I realized I must have been asleep myself because over 30 minutes had passed. I looked down to see her trying to nestle closer to me, her top leg now wrapped around mine and pulling it closer. I began stroking down her back, over her panty clad hips and down her legs and back up.

Resting my hand of the arm under her on her back, I began to massage her firm little butt, simply because it felt so good under the silky fabric of the panties. I looked down to see her eyes blinking open as she held her arms pulled tightly into her chest. She looked up at me and managed a smile. "I must have fallen asleep," she said, leaning back into my arm to stretch and yawn. She finished her stretch and looked back up at me with a sweet smile.

I laughed softly, tweaking her nose. "Me too," I said. "I took a nap, too." She giggled softly. "How do you feel now, honey?" I asked. "I think you probably feel better now that you've told me all that crap that happened to you," I said softly, smiling sweetly into her eyes.

I could see she was testing herself to see how she felt. After a few moments, she said more brightly, "Yeah, I think I do feel better," and as she giggled again, I felt relieved. She reached her hands up to my face to lift herself and kiss my lips, then settled back down and giggled again as she looked up to me. My impression was that she was waiting to see what came next.

"Let's lie here a few minutes while I feel all over you to see if you really do feel better," I laughed softly. She seemed to think that was funny and began quietly giggling away as my hands began roaming all over her, watching her eyes as I did. With my hand on her butt, I pulled her crotch tightly into my leg again. Looking into her eyes which were beginning to twinkle with the stirrings of excitement, I said, "Holy fuck you are a sexy girl, Sheila." She giggled, her eyes flirting with mine in a sexy way. "I can tell you're more relaxed with me now, aren't you?"

Again she thought about her answer, and then giggled. "Yeah, I am, aren't I?" she answered, and giggled in a more naughty way, squirming into me.

Sliding my hand under her top for my fingers to play with her nipples, I asked, "You feel like getting hot again, don't you, naughty girl?" and chuckled.

Giggling, she squirmed toward me, and looking up at me with definitely naughty little excited eyes, she lifted her top leg over my hip to pull me closer and said, her eyes looking up as she coquettishly dipped her chin, "Yeah, I do ," and fell into a bout of fun giggling.

In little time, her chest was heaving and her body felt on fire. Breaking from our kiss, I said, my own voice gasping for air, "I'm going to take off all your clothes now," and without waiting for an answer I began pulling off her top. She lifted her arms to allow me to remove it, and I slipped down her body, wrapping my arms around her waist to suck her swollen nipples into my mouth for my tongue to play with. Her hands grasped my head to pull it tighter into her chest as she gasped and then sighed with the pleasure of the feeling she was receiving.

As I lifted myself to begin taking off her panties, I could see her lust glazed eyes focused on the throbbing cock inside my swimsuit, but all I could see in them was lust, no fear. Rolling over I quickly kicked off the swimsuit and rolled back up for her to look directly into the flesh of the pulsing cock. Her eyes widened in lust as she stared at it, and a low moan told me she wanted it.

Lifting her knees to spread her legs, I leaned down to lay my hot tongue flat against her pussy, hearing her gasp at the touch. As I speared the tip of my tongue between the lips of her little slit and drew it up, pressing firmly into it, she began to moan with pleasure, another gasp escaping as my tongue found her swollen clit. Her body began to tremble as it felt my tongue begin to push back and forth across the clit, and her hands reached down to surround my head, pulling it into her. My eyes went up to hers as my tongue continued, and I could see her tongue on her dry lips as her eyes, wide and wild with passion focused on where my tongue worked her clit. She could feel the orgasm coming. Sliding a hand under her ass to help lift it to me, I slipped two fingers inside her, curling them up into her g-spot to stroke it. Feeling the heat from her body, I glanced up to see she had almost immediately become drenched in sweat. Looking on up, I watched as her chest heaved out of control, sharp moans coming with each buck of her hips into my tongue flicking hard now over her stiff, swollen clit. Her body began to shudder and shake as she was almost over the top into orgasm. Animal sounds came from her throat as she fought to release the orgasm.

Lifting myself quickly on top of her and sliding my arm under her hips, I rolled over with her on top, and using my hands on her hips shoved her down, sinking my cock completely inside her. A loud moan of pleasure came from deep within her as she felt my cock filling her little cunt, and she began to shake violently as she went into orgasm, her little body shuddering as it rose into seizure, my fucking cock feeling the clamping of her pussy as the first orgasmic wave rushed through her. She screamed in ecstatic pain of pleasure as the next spasm seized her, and her body arched up, shuddering and shaking. Feeling the seizure squeezing her pussy tight forced my cock into orgasm, and as the next spasm took her, we both were moaning in pleasure. It was pure ecstasy for us both as each spasm of orgasm followed the last, over and over and over. She collapsed down on me in finally as I pumped hard, contracting my groin to get the last drop of pleasure from my exhausted cock. We both lay gasping, our chests heaving, bodies limp and trembling, my arms locked tightly around her.

It took a long time for either of us to settle down to rest and regain strength enough to lift our head. At last Sheila was able to bring her hands under her head lying on my chest and raise her face to mine. She stared into my eyes with love for a good long time, smiling contentedly, smiling sweetly. Finally, she simply and quietly said, "Wow." We looked at each other, and I began to laugh and hearing me, she began softly giggling. It felt incredibly wonderful, feeling my now soft cock still buried inside her smoldering cunt. She pulled her legs together on top of me, and I knew she could feel it inside her as well, and it felt wonderful to her, too.

Still chuckling softly, I reached my hand up to place a finger on her pretty nose. "You nearly killed me, you little vixen," I said.

She dropped her head giggling, and looked up again. "Wow, I've never felt anything like that before," she said softly.

I chuckled again. "I'm not sure I have, either, honey," I admitted in amazement.

She giggled again. "I made you feel good?" she asked, and I laughed, my arms extending down over her back to press her tightly against me.

"Sheila, I honestly cannot remember anyone ever making me feel close to as good as you just made me feel," I said.

She giggled again. "Good," she said.

We blew off going to the movie, especially since neither one of us were sure we could ever walk again. With the remote I flipped on the television and handed it over for her to watch what she pleased as I rested and dozed with my arm resting around her gorgeous, naked little body. As evening approached, we finally managed to get into the shower, and after we had toweled, we made love once more before heading out for dinner and returning to Lela's apartment.

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