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The Life and Times of Old Uncle Jim

Down by the Pool: Ginger



After my wife and I split up, I lived in a comfortable 2-bedroom apartment near our family house for a couple of years. It worked well, in that my wife felt I was comfortably close in case she should need me, while I was able to meet some wonderful little girls living there like Salwa and Betsy. Salwa along with her little brother and sister were frequently in my bed, and sometimes it felt like I slept more nights with Betsy than I had been with my wife. I was able to introduce Salwa and Betsy to one another, and we had the pleasure of being in bed together on a couple of occasions, although access to Salwa was limited because of her stay-at-home mother. And both girls had occasion as well to help pick up a friend or two from the apartment complex swimming pool to spice up our bedroom activities from time to time.

All good things end, though, and Salwa and her family moved away into a house her father had purchased, while Betsy reached puberty, and as girls that age should, she had less and less time for me as her social activities increased. I had to face that my pretty little girl had outgrown her need for me. These things made my decision to buy a townhouse that much clearer, and so I moved.

The townhouse was very nice, but with no access to little girls. Once again, I had no one with whom to play sex, and no prospects nearby. If I were to continue an active sex life, which I fully intended to do, I would have to go out hunting. In the past, other than the apartment complexes where I had lived, finding girls involved sheer luck, moments of opportunity. Now in my middle 40s, I really hated the thought of digging through dank, dark bars for barmaid's children or finding ways to meet mothers at parks and stores, all the work that went into searching out opportunities. A moment's thought told me family apartment complexes contained everything I needed in one place. The trick would be to find the perfect place for me and set up shop there.

Most apartment complexes tend to have a genre. Some are mostly black or Hispanic or Oriental, while others are almost entirely white. Some cater to young people who enjoy partying while others are for older people who like quiet spaces. Some cater to the young working class while others are designed for yuppies, young professionals starting out in their careers. What I needed was a large apartment complex catering to young families with kids, many of which were bound to be single working moms.

My search led me to a very large complex covering no telling how many acres. Inside its gates were what could effectively be seen as subdivisions, clusters of two-story apartment buildings grouped as an identity into itself, each cluster containing more apartments than the entire complex where I had been living. Each group contained its own recreation area, and in the middle of the huge complex was a large clubhouse and pool area to service the entire complex.

I examined each cluster to see how well it would work for me, and each looked fine, some better than others, but when I came across the one I chose, I felt I had hit on near perfection for me. The recreational area sat against the property perimeter of the complex and consisted of, side by side, a playground with pretty, big trees beside a laundry room building, next to which sat the pool area, completely surrounded by a solid 6-foot wooden privacy fence with gate. The pool itself was not large, 6 feet at the deep end with no diving board. The pool deck area included 3 umbrella patio tables with chairs, along with a half dozen reclining chaise lounges for sunbathing The back of the adjacent laundry room held the pool equipment as well as a bathroom with the door opposite the pool area. This would be my new work area.

It was late spring when I found my spot, and the following Saturday morning I drove over fairly early, wearing swim trunks, sandals, and a shirt, with a book, towel, suntan lotion, and little cooler filled with water and soft drinks in hand. Flattening one of the chaise lounges, I stretched out on my stomach to catch some sun, settling in to see what the day would bring.

I was dozing when I heard the gate open. Cracking my eyelids I saw a mother coming in with her cute little girl of about 5 wearing a kid's two-piece pink bikini. The mother, in her late 20s or early 30s, a very nice looking young lady with a trim figure wearing a t-shirt and shorts, settled into a chair at one of the tables as the child headed for the pool, and pulling a book from her towel bag, she opened it to begin reading as the little girl went into the water. After lying there a few minutes, I sat up as if awakened by the child's splashing, and seeing the lady, pulled on my shirt to walk over and join her at the table.

"Hi, I'm Jim," I said cheerfully. "Mind if I get out of the sun a bit and join you?" Our ages were a combination I liked, her around 30 while I was in my mid 40s. I could be fatherly towards her, knowing she would have a tendency to respect me.

"Oh, hi Jim" she answered, looking up. "Please do join me," she offered, putting down her book as smiled up to me. "I'm Julie." She looked around her. "What a beautiful day!"

"It most certainly is," I answered, sitting across from her to face the pool. "Have you lived here long?" I asked. "I don't think I've seen you here before."

"We've been here about 6 months," she answered with an easy, friendly demeanor. "How about you?"

Pondering the question a moment, I answered, "I guess it's been a couple of years now." In a conversational tone, I added, "My ex-wife and our two kids live pretty near here, so it's a pretty good location for me."

"Oh, you have kids, too?" she asked, leaning in on her elbow to face me more attentively.

"Two girls," I answered. "One's in junior high, 8th grade, and the other's a 5th grader." With a shrug, lifting my hands in supplication, I added with a chuckle, "Typical divorce arrangement. They spend every other weekend with me."

"Don't I know it," she laughed. "Yes, Ginger and her little brother Greg spend every other weekend with their dad." She added to clarify, "Greggie is at soccer practice right now, if you can imagine 4-year old soccer!" she laughed.

"Ginger, what a cute name for her!" I exclaimed, looking at the little sandy haired girl continuing to splash around. Looking back to Julie, I asked, "Has she started school yet?"

"Pre-school," she answered. "She just turned 6. This fall she starts 1st grade."

Looking back toward the little girl, I chuckled as I watched her play. "She's certainly a gamer," I said. "That water is still pretty nippy, but it doesn't bother her, does it?" Glancing around our mostly empty pool area, I added, "It'll be several more weeks before the water is warm enough for most kids to start showing up. I like the water like this, but kids like it warmer."

And just as I said that, the gate opened and in came a little boy, about 7 or 8, followed by his sister in a one-piece blue swimsuit, a year or two older, both cute enough kids but a little on the chunky side. The kids jumped into the shallow end as the mother, a lady in her middle 30s, a little on the stout side herself, came walking in, closing the gate behind her and waving with a big smile to Julie as she walked over to join us.

"Good morning, Jan," Julie said to her. "Meet my new friend, Jim."

"It's very nice to meet you, Jim," Jan said with a friendly tone as she settled in. Looking toward Julie, she added, "Can you believe the kids are already swimming?" She laughed and we joined her.

"I just now said to Julie that Ginger is a tough little cookie," I said. "The cold water doesn't bother her, and it doesn't bother your kids, either," I laughed, glancing toward the pool to see the two new kids now moving about in the water comfortably. "I like this kind of water, but most kids don't," I said with a laugh.

"Mine would swim in ice water," Jan answered with a chuckle, "they love being in the water, just like Ginger," she added, nodding toward the little girl. Glancing around, she said, "Well at least we have a gorgeous day for it."

"We had just said that very thing," Julie said. "Jim has two little girls," she volunteered. "He does the every other weekend thing, too," she added with a laugh, and Jan and I joined her.

We chatted merrily away on the usual topics of kids, school, and dress as the morning wore on. By late morning, the temperature had warmed considerably, and I stood to pull my shirt off. "The day's warming nicely," I said. "I think I'll refresh myself in the pool a bit."

People have a difficult time remembering what it is like to be a kid. Adults who are perfectly comfortable dealing with their own children somehow think other kids are not like their kids. That is not quite accurate to say. It is more as if they think kids somehow behave differently when play sex is involved. Kids are the same; it is they who behave differently. A grandfather sees his 6-year old granddaughter digging and scratching at her crotch, and he says, "Come here and let me look at that." She comes over, he pulls her panties down and inspects her crotch, then perhaps leads her into the bathroom where he cleans her crotch and pussy with a warm wash cloth before rubbing in ointment. Should the same grandfather simply want to play with his 6-year old granddaughter, he suddenly forgets the kid does what he tells her to do. He thinks he has to be sneaky, devious, and trick her into letting him "accidentally" brush against her crotch. He breaths hard, he trembles, his eyes dart this way and that, worried someone might catch him. And of course the little girl thinks her granddad has lost his mind.

Kids do what grownups tell them to do. They are programmed to do that. They assume the adult knows what he is doing, and they obey. If the grandfather above had simply said, "Come over here. I want to look at you," the kid would have walked over, he could have pulled her panties down and begin feeling her pussy. He could ask her to lift her leg so he could see better and she would. If he asked her to lie on the couch and lift her legs so he could get a good look, she would do that and not think much in doing it. Kids are inquisitive so she might ask what he was doing, but a simple, "I thought I saw something on you. I just want to make sure everything is okay," would be a perfectly acceptable answer to her. He could say, "I'm going to rub here for a minute. You tell me if it starts to hurt, okay?" and she will agree without worry. When her pussy begins to get wet, he can ask, "Does that feel good?" and she will tell him. He can say, "I'm going to keep rubbing and you tell me how it makes you feel, okay?" and she will certainly agree with that. After she orgasms, he can say, "Wow, you were really feeling naughty, weren't you? Don't worry. I won't tell your mommy." And from then on, he can expect a much closer relationship with his granddaughter.

For a non-relative, such as I was here at the pool, it is necessary to build up a relationship for the kid to be comfortable, but when a kid sees that you have a comfortable, pleasant relationship with her mother, the same relationship carries over to her, automatically. If the kid sees trust in you from the mother, then she has the same trust in you, automatically, and you are perfectly free to treat her as if you had known her all her life. This is not some mysterious secret; each of us has experienced it with kids repeatedly throughout our lives. Like the grandfather above, though, we somehow think it is different when play sex is involved.

I should point out what is obvious when you think about it. The only thing on a pre-puberty kid's body which is off-limits is her crotch. Mothers tell their daughters not to let anyone touch their "private parts," pointing to their crotch, and kids are very literal. By mom specifically pointing out her crotch as off-limits to touch means to a kid that nothing else is, not her butt, her breasts, nipples or anywhere else and touch means use of hands specifically, nothing else. Rubbing a kid's crotch with your head, your shoulder, your arm or leg or foot is perfectly acceptable. You can discover this for yourself with any kid, anywhere, any time. It is not a rule violation; only your hand is.

There is never a reason not to play with a kid's butt because that, by definition, is acceptable. Only the crotch is "naughty," so this must be left untouched until the kid has committed herself to play sex, to being "naughty" by disobeying mommy. That is a kid's definition of "being naughty," disobeying her mother. If mother says do not eat the cookie and she eats the cookie, she is "being naughty." If mother says do not play with that kid and she plays with that kid, she is "being naughty." There is no special category for "being naughty." Allowing you to feel her crotch is on the same level as eating a forbidden cookie: if mommy finds out, she is going to be in big trouble.

At the pool, I always met the moms first and made sure a kid could see that her mother was comfortable with me before getting into the water with her. This created a built-in trust factor for the kid, allowing me to handle her as any relative might, and thus there was never a need for delay in offering a game of play sex. My intent was always very overt to the kid, but since my actions were under the water, she knew her mother could not see so she was free to make up her mind as to whether or not she felt like playing without interference.

In the water, I joined the boy in about 4 feet of water, making sure first to give him attention. We splashed around, soon joined by the boy's sister who left Ginger to join us. Under the water, I wrapped my arm around the girl as she came up, clasping my hand around her nice, firm butt cheek as she came up, drawing her into me as I said hello. She giggled nervously as I did, smiling and obviously surprised at how I handled her body. Smiling and watching her face for any negative reaction as I asked her name, my hands under the water pulled her around in front of me and wrapped around each butt cheek to hold her in place as I shoved my leg in between hers and pushed my thigh up into her crotch.

Her eyes went wide as she felt my leg pushing between hers, then she giggled and blushed slightly, her chin dipping as she was forced to grab my shoulders for balance. Looking at me through pretty, excited brown eyes, she answered with her best coquettish little girl voice, "Joanie."

"Hi Joanie, I'm Jim," I said laughing as my hands pulled her crotch up my thigh, bringing her closer, making her entire body weight rest on her crotch on my leg. She giggled and blushed more as she bent her elbows to allow herself to be drawn closer. "Goodness, you're a pretty girl, Joanie," I said, lifting my leg harder into her crotch as my hands squeezed the flesh of her butt cheeks as I looked over her short, curly brown hair and down into her excited brown eyes. "What grade are you in?"

"Third," she answered demurely, her excited eyes and sexy smile telling me she was more than in the mood for a fun game of play sex. "Next year I'll be in fourth grade."

In a manner so she could tell I was looking her over, I lowered my eyes down her face to watch her bite her bottom lip, then on down her neck to her flat chest, studying each puffy nipple I could barely discern under the swimsuit. "Wow, you're getting to be a big girl, aren't you, Joanie?" I said admiringly. "You're a fun, pretty big girl, too, aren't you, Joanie?" I said, my hand rocking her crotch on my thigh. She giggled softly as she felt my hands leaving her butt to feel over her legs, and I felt her legs tighten around mine to hold herself in place. Leaning my head toward her ear, I said softly, "Oh wow, Joanie," curling my fingers into the flesh of the inside of her bare thighs as I stroked my hands over them, "you've got such smooth, silky skin. It feels s-o-o-o sexy." She giggled and blushed, squirming her legs more tightly around mine. As my hands traced back up over her hips to hold her waist, I could feel an excited little tremble run through her body. I asked, "Do you guys come here often?"

She giggled and I could see she was breathing harder as she answered in a sexy little girl voice, "Yeah. All the time."

Glancing toward her mother still locked in conversation with Julie, I said meaningfully, "We don't need her here, do we, Joanie?" My hand went around to her back as my other hand roamed over her tummy, my fingertip finding her belly button under the swimsuit and pressing into it.

Joanie gasped lightly at the feel of my finger on her lower tummy. She was beginning to breathe hard now. "She just came to see Julie," she whispered. "She doesn't usually come with us," she added in a low, secretive voice.

Splashing like mad as she swam over to join us, little Ginger's hands reached out to grab my shoulder, and I automatically reached an arm out to pull her little body into my waist where her legs wrapped around tightly, my other hand still clutching Joanie's butt cheek to hold her crotch buried in my leg. "Hey, I want to play, too," she said giggling, trying to look pouty.

"Oh, you do, do you?" I laughed, giving her a squeeze.

"Don't let her be a pest," Julie called out, and I looked to see that Ginger's splashing swim had attracted her mother's attention. "She can be such a bother," Julie added with a laugh.

"No, no," I said, laughing back. "She's a doll. I want to play with her."

"Okay," Julie said. "Just drown her if she bothers you," she laughed, and returned to her conversation with Jan.

Looking down to Ginger with a big smile, I said, "Sweetheart, you just hold on to me while I finish talking to Joanie, and then I'll play with you, okay?"

She gave me a pouty little girl look, crossing her arms fiercely across her tummy. I smiled and tweaked her cute little nose. "Okay," she conceded in a put-out, little girl voice.

"Just hold on to me," I said as I extracted my arm from around her to move my hand to Joanie's back. "I need both my hands for Joanie right now," I explained to the little girl.

Returning my attention to Joanie, I asked, "Can you come back in the morning without her?" my hand moving down her back to hold her butt in place as I shoved my other hand under her crotch pressed into my leg and curled it around her pussy. "We can have some real fun then."

Her breath inhaled sharply and her body tensed as she felt my hand going under her, her eyes wide in amazement and excitement. Her tongue circled her lips as she adjusted to the feel of my hand squeezing around her pussy. "I think so," she said softly.

"Try really hard, okay?" I said softly, bringing my hands up to her chest to squeeze her swollen nipples between my fingers. "We're going to have lots of fun together, aren't we?"

Now she was panting as I felt her little body trembling in need of sex. Her fingers clenched into my shoulders as she looked seriously into my eyes. "I'm going to try really, really hard to come," she panted as her lustful, little girl eyes looked into mine. "I promise I'm going to try hard."

"Good girl," I said softly. "I know you will. You won't believe how much fun we're going to have." Laughing as my hands on her waist pulled her from my leg to hold her hot body tight against me I said, "Now you need to cool down, Joanie. I'm going to go play with Ginger while you go back to playing with your brother." Still laughing, I gave her butt cheek a final squeeze and said again, "Next time we're going to have lots of fun, pretty girl. Tonight when you go to bed, think about all the fun you're going to have in the morning."

"Paradise," I thought to myself as I moved off with Ginger. "I think I've found paradise."

Looking down into Ginger's pretty, excited little face as I moved away from Joanie, I asked, "You ready for me to play with you now?"

Little Ginger giggled. "Yeah, play with me now," she said. She may have been 6 but she knew she had been watching a sexual moment and from the look in her sexy, little eyes, she was in the mood for play sex as well.

I slid Ginger on around to the front, her face inches away from mine as her legs clutched my waist, her arms circling my neck. "What do you like to play, Ginger?" I asked, looking at her with my naughtiest eyes.

With a coy look, she said, "I dunno," giggling softly.

"I know what you like," I said, and cupping my hands around her firm little butt cheeks and digging my fingers into the flesh, I said, "You like this, don't you, Ginger?"

She giggled as she lowered her chin to look up at me with excited, sexy little eyes. With that, I could see she was already into the game. Laughing I pressed my fingertips hard into her pussy through the crotch of her swimsuit and began to circle them. "This is what you want me to play with, isn't it Ginger?" I asked, still chuckling softly.

Giggling profusely, she dipped her head as she felt my fingers. Leaning to my ear, she whispered, "You're being naughty."

I laughed, and whispering back, I said, "You want me to be naughty, too, don't you, Ginger?" Dropping her chin, she giggled even more profusely. "Better tell me or I'm not going to do it anymore, Ginger," I whispered. "Better tell me!"

Managing to control her giggling for half a second, she lifted her head to whisper, "Uh-huh," and collapsed into giggles again.

"Okay," I laughed softly, still massaging her little pussy, "I want you to say, 'I'm a naughty girl.'" Laughing more, I added, "You better say it or I might stop!"

Again she managed to control her giggles enough to whisper, "I'm a naughty girl," and fell into giggles again.

"Okay then," I laughed. "I'll be naughty with you." Turning toward the moms so I could see if they looked up, I slipped my hand inside the waistband of her bottoms and pushed my fingers down to her little slit and began stroking it, lifting my middle finger up to force its way inside the lips. She jumped and her eyes went wide as her head snapped back to look at me, her mouth hanging open. I laughed at her and stroked. She was slippery wet when my finger pushed inside the pussy lips. I stroked until she was able to close her mouth and I could see excitement coming back into her eyes. "You like being naughty, don't you Ginger?" I said with a chuckle. Again she giggled profusely with her chin down, and looked up to nod yes, falling back into giggles.

Jan called out to her kids, "Are you two ready to go yet? I have to get going soon." She was looking toward her kids and I felt comfortable she could not see what little Ginger and I were doing. Joanie and Jody fussed with their mother, wanting more time until Jan announced, "Five more minutes and that's it, understand me?"

"I better talk to your mommy a minute," I whispered to Ginger as I moved toward the edge nearest the mothers. "I'm going to play with you under the water while we talk, okay?" I added, pulling my throbbing cock out as I neared the edge, and reaching it, I pushed Gingers legs down to clamp her little thighs around it as I said to Julie, who had looked up as we neared, "Ginger and I are having fun, aren't we Ginger?" My hands beneath began to move her hips, fucking my swollen cock.

Ginger giggled, eyes full of excitement as she felt what I was doing. "Yeah, mommy," she said, giggling away, "we're having fun!"

Julie laughed. "You silly giggle box," she scolded. Looking at me, she added, "Seriously, Jim, when you get tired of her just make her leave you alone."

I laughed, looking from Julie back down to Ginger's excited eyes watching me as I leg fucked her under the water. "Oh no, Julie," I said with a chuckle, "I dearly love playing with Ginger." Continuing to fuck her little hips into my cock, I added, "I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying getting the chance to play with her," and I laughed with joy. And began to cum. I coughed to cover my orgasmic gasps as Ginger giggled at me. Under the water my legs were trembling from the delicious orgasm.

As my dick softened, I said to Ginger, "Honey, you are wearing me out. Let me hop out and talk to your mommy a bit, and then I'll come back in and play some more, okay?" She crossed her arms and dropped her chin, thrusting out her bottom lip to give me a pouty glare. Laughing I added, "Hey, don't get mad, sweetheart. I promise we'll play some more, okay?" Exaggerating my exhausted look, I said, "You're wearing me out!" She giggled and let go as I climbed from the pool.

Toweling myself, I said to Julie, "She's swimming really well."

"Think so?" Julie answered. "Her dad worked with she and her brother last summer, and I thought they were doing well, too."

Sitting back down with the moms, I agreed. "He did a great job," I said. "She'll be swimming like a seal by the end of summer."

Glancing at her watch, Jan called to her kids, "Let's go now, I'm going to be late. Get out of the water now." As the kids trudged from the pool and begin drying themselves, she turned to me. "Jim, it was awfully nice to have met you," she said. "It's so enjoyable to see a man who likes playing with kids."

"I enjoyed meeting you very much as well, Jan," I said, standing to say goodbye. "As well as meeting Joanie and Jody," I added smiling toward her kids, now gathering their stuff to leave. As if an afterthought, I added, "I'm a water lover, too, so I'll be coming to the pool every chance I get. If you want to stay out of the heat once in awhile, I will be more than happy to make sure they're safe."

Jan laughed. "Don't say that if you don't mean it," she laughed, "because I'll take you up on it."

"I do mean it," I said, laughing in return. Glancing at Joanie who was listening in, I added, "I'll be here in the morning same time, so anytime you want to let them come, I'll be here, and I will be more than happy to make sure they don't drown," I laughed.

"Well then, I might just take you up on that," she said with a smile as she guided the kids out the gate. We all waved our goodbyes, Julie and I sat back down to chat more as Ginger played in the water.

After a half hour more, Julie glanced at her watch and called to Ginger, "Come on out, honey, time to go pick up from Greggie from soccer practice."

"No, no ,no, mommy," Ginger cried out. "I'm having fun. I don't' want to go yet," she pouted.

"Ginger, we have to go," Julie explained. "We can't leave Greggie, can we?"

"Please mommy," the little girl continued. "Please, please let me stay?"

I laughed at her begging. "I'm going to be here, Julie," I said. "If you want to go get Greg, Ginger and I can play until you get back. I don't mind at all."

"That is so nice of you to offer, Jim," Julie said, "but I have a few errands to run while I'm out so Ginger needs to come with me."

"No mom!" Ginger cried. "I want to stay and play with Jim. Please, please, please!"

I laughed. "Julie, I'm serious," I said, "I do not mind at all and in fact, I'll enjoy Ginger's company. You go on and we will be right here when you get back."

"Well, if you really don't mind," Julie said, "I'm sure Ginger would love it. But I am afraid I'll be gone a couple of hours. You're sure that's alright?"

"Take all the time you need," I said, walking over to drop back into the pool. Wrapping an arm under her bottom, I lifted her as she wrapped her arms around my neck and said, "We won't mind how long you take, will we Ginger? We'll have fun."

"No, take your time, mom," Ginger giggled with glee, hugging my neck.

"Oh my, what a brat I've raised," Julie laughed, shaking her head. "Okay then," she said, pointing a finger at Ginger, "while I'm gone I want you to do what Jim tells you to do. Do you understand me? You behave, young lady."

"I will, mommy," Ginger readily agreed, giggling. "We're gonna have fun, aren't we, Jim?" she giggled.

Giving her a hug, I laughed and agreed. "Yes we are, Ginger." Looking back up to Julie, I added with a laugh, "Seriously don't worry, Julie. Ginger and I will have a good time while you're gone."

We said our goodbyes and Ginger and I looked at one another, smiling and Ginger quietly giggling in excitement as we listened to Julie walk away. It was only Ginger and I in the pool area now. Once we were sure she was gone, I leaned in and kissed Ginger's lips as I squeezed her firm little butt cheeks. "Your ass is mine now, little girl," I said laughing. Ginger's giggles were unmistakably naughty. "Let's get out of the pool now," I said, carrying her up to the shallow end, "I want to look at you."

We toweled off, and then I stood the little girl in front of me as I sat back at the table. Her medium length sandy brown hair looked cute done up in expressive dog ears, and the creamy skin of her face looked almost translucent showing off her sparkling clear green eyes. Her lips were remarkably shapely for a little girl, setting off a completely, gorgeous little girl face. She stood less than 3 and a half feet tall, her body trim and well shaped in her pink little two-pieced swimsuit with her cute belly button showing and round, firm little butt cheeks perfect for her long looking well shaped legs. In short, this was one adorable looking little girl I had in my hands.

My hands on her butt cheeks pulled her between my spread legs, and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I kissed her lips and looked at her. "Are you excited?" I asked.

She giggled gleefully, eyes sparkling with excitement. "Yeah," she said, and I felt her little butt squirm a little under my hands. "What are we gonna do?" she asked, looking at me with her wide, excited green eyes, unable to keep from giggling.

"We're going to be naughty," I said, and her profuse giggling returned as she dipped her chin to look up at me with a coy, sexy face. "Very naughty," I added, and she giggled even more, squirming her cute little butt. "Come up in my lap," I said, pulling her little butt up on my hip beside my crotch and kissing her cheek, then rotating the swivel chair so my back was to the gate should anyone walk in. "Let me tell you what I'm going to do to you, and then you tell me if you want me to, okay?"

Now her pretty eyes were wild with excitement as she squirmed and giggled. "Okay," she said in a little voice dripping with sex.

Moving my lips to her ear, I whispered, "First I'm going to show you how to kiss like a big girl," and then nibbled her ear lobe. "That means we're going to put our tongues in each other's mouths, what do you think of that?"

She looked at me wide eyed with her mouth hanging open in shock. I could see her mind beginning to process the thought, and then she giggled her naughty little girl giggle. "Okay," she said, laying her head to the side to look up at me and giggle.

"While we're doing that I'm going to put my hand inside your swimsuit right there," I whispered, laying my hand on the waistband of her bottoms, "and rub my fingers on your pussy slit down here," cupping my hand on her pussy mound over the swimsuit bottoms and squeezing my fingers up into her. "Do you want me to do that, naughty girl?" I asked. My fingers began to stroke her slit through the crotch of her swimsuit as we talked.

Again her gorgeous green little eyes looked at me in shock as her mouth hung open, and again as she processed the thought she began to giggle mischievously. "Okay," she agreed as she squirmed at the thought, her little hips already beginning to move with my stroking fingers.

"While my fingers are playing with your pussy, you're going to put your hands in my swimsuit and play with this," I whispered, taking her hand to wrap around my swollen cock under my swimsuit. "Do you want to do that?" I asked.

Her eyes were wild with excitement now as I felt her fingers squeezing into my cock. "Yeah," she said, her giggle sounding more serious. My fingers were beginning to feel moisture through the fabric covering her crotch.

"Then I'm going to carry you inside the bathroom over there and take your swimsuit off so you're naked while I look at you," I whispered. "Do you want me to do that, take off all your clothes and let me look at your naked body?"

She was into it now. "Yeah," she said softly. Blinking her eyes at me, she asked, "Are you gonna get naked, too?"

"Yeah, you're going to take off my swimsuit," I whispered. "Do you want to do that?"

Her little hips were moving with my stroking finger as I felt her hand squeezing tighter around my cock. "Yeah," she said, pretty wide eyes glazing with lust.

"Then I'm going to stick my tongue in your pussy and lick it," I whispered. "Do you think that will feel good?"

Her little hips were really beginning to move with my stroking finger, and I could see her little chest was beginning to heave with her building excitement. Her head snapped up to me hearing that, and again I saw her imagine the feeling. "Yeah," she said, heat in her little giggle.

"Then I'm going to let you put this," I whispered, my hand squeezing her fingers tighter around my cock, "into your mouth. You really, really want to do that, don't you, naughty girl?"

She looked at me as her little chest heaved with her hips thrusting hard. "Uh-huh," she said. "I want to," she added on her own.

"Tell me, Ginger," I whispered, "tell me you want to suck my cock."

Her little eyes had a wild, animal look of lust as she whispered back, "I want to suck your cock."

"Okay, let me feel your tongue in my mouth," I whispered, my hand sliding down the front of her swimsuit bottoms as my lips went down to meet hers, feeling her mouth open to push her tongue into mine. Her little body had begun trembling before my finger entered her wet, slippery little slit, and I did not have to help as she began stabbing her little hand inside my swimsuit, searching for the meat of my cock inside.

Her little body was sweating and trembling as I carried her into the bathroom and locked the door to stand her on the lavatory, strip off the little swimsuit top and bottoms. Sitting her bottom down on the lavatory, I wrapped her legs around my neck and bent down to stab my tongue and fingers into her hot little pussy. I heard her breathe inhale sharply as she felt my tongue meet her swollen clit, and as my tongue began to play, her legs locked on my neck as she squealed in pleasure, bucking her little hips up into me. With her arms around my head, I felt her body begin to shudder and shake, her legs clenching my neck, as my tongue worked her little clit, her hips thrusting harder and harder into it. Wetting a finger in her slit, I shoved it into her little asshole and she went over the top, shuddering and trembling and squirming, gasping and squealing with the feel of wave after wave of orgasmic fury rushing through her. After a couple of minutes, she collapsed, trembling and gasping for air as sweat ran off her limp little body. Holding her tight in my arms, I sat down on the commode to sooth and comfort recovery from the biggest orgasm of her young life. After she had rested, I pumped a full load of cum into her sweet little tummy.

By the time Julie returned, little Greg in tow, we were back at the pool deck, dozing in chaise lounges. "You two look completely worn out!" her mother said cheerfully.

"We are!" we both said, looking at each other and laughing. Looking up at Julie as I sat up, I said, "Ginger and I had lots of fun while you were gone, didn't we, Ginger?"

"Mommy, we had lot and lots of fun," Ginger giggled. "I want to do it again."

"Jim, I really appreciate your looking after her," Julie said. "If you don't have plans, how about I cook you some dinner tonight as payment?" she asked.

We had dinner that night, Julie, Ginger, Greggie and I, and afterwards I held sweet Ginger in my lap as we talked.

The next morning, I met Joanie and Jody at the pool, leading Joanie into the bathroom where I stuck my finger inside her vagina after she orgasmed to begin the process of opening her up for me to stick my cock inside her the following Wednesday after school. My new location for finding little girls was working much better than I could have dreamed.

The next time I was with the moms I learned of an upcoming weekend trip they planned to an outlet mall, listening to their concerns at bringing kids who did not enjoy these kinds of trips. "Just a thought," I suggested, "but if you would like, I would be happy to stay with them while you guys have a little escape time." I laughed. "I don't have to live with them day in, day out, and a weekend of playing with kids actually sounds fun to me, if you can believe it." It took very little convincing, and before long on a late Friday afternoon, the 3 kids and I waved goodbye to the moms, and then went inside for one gloriously fun weekend alone together.

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