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The Life and Times of Old Uncle Jim

Our Park: Miss Ida



The first summer after the red-ruffled panties episode with Lexi which began our sex play, she and I were walking through the park on our way to the playground when we passed a nicely dressed, matronly lady of about 50 years old who stopped us, exclaiming, "Oh my, what a pretty little girl you are!" With Lexi this happened often, so she was used to stopping to dutifully say thank you in her best little girl manners, almost curtseying in her little play dress, fingers on the hem. "You come here to Miss Ida and let me look at you, child," the lady said, holding out her arms towards Lexi.

This was Miss Ida's fetish, her way of living out her sexual fantasies. On workday mornings when most adults were already at work - the library didn't open until 10, she would dress quite properly, looking like the old maid librarian she was, and sit on the park bench, watching the little girls walking past until she picked out one she wanted. No child would dream of refusing such an authoritative lady when she held out her arms, commanding the little girl come to her so she could sit the girl in her lap.

"Aren't you the prettiest thing," she would tell the little girl, looking around to make sure no adults were near as she spread the little girl's knees apart and slipped her hand up under her dress. "Now you tell Miss Ida your name and where you live," she would say, pressing her fingertips into the little girl's crotch. "I want to know all about you," she would say as her fingers worked their way under the leg band of the girl's panties for her fingertips to find and enter the little girl's slit.

The little girl would be baffled by the nice lady's actions, but she was obviously a very refined, genteel lady and must know what she was doing and no child would dare to question her. Miss Ida would keep the child talking as her fingertips stroked inside the slit until the little girl was good and hot, breathing hard, as would Miss Ida by this point.

Checking to be sure of no adults, Miss Ida would unbutton her suit jacket, opening it to reveal to the child her sheer chiffon blouse with her fancy nylon slip underneath. "Play with these," she would say, pressing the little girl's hands into her ample breasts. Hugging the little girl closer and reaching up under her own skirt to begin masturbating herself, she would say, "That feels nice, dear. You are such a sweet child."

This was the routine Miss Ida was following the day Lexi and I passed by her and she called Lexi to her, lifting little Lexi into her lap. I stood watching the lady chatting away as she settled Lexi into her lap, wrapping an arm around Lexi to clasp her bare outside leg to pull her tightly into her big boobs, petting her pretty, bare little legs with her hand, kissing her on the cheeks. Lexi continued to blush and giggle at the compliments, playing the little girl role for the lady. I went over to sit down beside the lady and watch. The lady's hand had gone inside Lexi's legs and was squeezing and massaging high on her inner thigh as she continued to chat.

She was a nice looking lady, around 40 years old, with a matronly but pleasant enough demeanor, wearing a very nice outfit which nicely showed off a classic hourglass figure for a lady her age. Her face was well made up in the makeup of the day, a rosy blush on her cheeks, full eyebrows well lined with mascara, a soft eye shadow over trimmed false eyelashes, and full red lipstick with a hint of pink. Her rich brown hair, likely with a rinse on it to cover any gray, was done into a bun and she wore a small beige hat to match her beige 2-piece dress suit. Her suit was of a light material, perhaps a cotton/polyester blend, the waist jacket featuring a deep V with lapels down to a snug 2-button fit at the waist with a 3-inch flounce circling the waist. Under the jacket she wore a very sheer green chiffon straight-necked top. The skirt was fitted, below knee length, with a high kick pleat in back. She wore rather low-heeled matching beige pumps and of course, flesh-toned seamed nylons.

The lady paid no attention to me as she complimented Lexi's cute play dress, picking the hem up to examine as she talked. Seeing Lexi's panties underneath the dress, she stopped to say, "Well, look at those panties. Are they not the cutest things? Does your mommy always dress you in such pretty panties, Lexi?" I peeked over to see Lexi had on her usual fancy panties, pink with strips of flower appliques stitched up both sides, fancy lace around the leg openings. Lexi blushed appropriately as the lady continued, "Just look how pretty they are," her fingertips running over the panties. "See how well they're stitched?" the lady said, pushing her fingers down between Lexi's legs to feel the crotch stitching.

Lexi glanced over at me as the lady's eyes focused on her crotch, the mischievous look in her eyes telling me Lexi knew she was into a sex game with the lady. Neither of us had ever played sex with a lady before, but as always, Lexi was game. Turning back to the lady, she began to play.

"Aren't they pretty," Lexi said in her little coquettish voice as she ran her fingers up and down the flowered strips on the panties. "And see the lace around the legs?" she added, her fingers dipping inside the elastic leg opening to lift it up for the lady.

"Oh, I love the lace," the lady gushed, pushing her fingers inside the opening Lexi had provided. "Such fine lace," the lady said, moving her fingers around the edge down toward Lexi's crotch. "Help me see them better, darling," pushing Lexi's legs further apart. Her fingers went back inside the leg opening, this time circling down into Lexi's now available crotch. Peaking over again, I could see the backs of her fingers pushing into Lexi's slit as they slowly stroked up and down the leg band. Lexi gave me a wink.

Wrapping an arm around the lady's neck to pull her face close, she batted her eyelids, little girl style, looking up intently to ask, "Do you like wearing pretty panties too? My mommy does. I love looking at my mommy's panties." She was smiling like a mischievous angel into the lady's eyes. "Oh yes, darling," the lady responded, "I love wearing pretty undies. Pretty undies make us girls feel so feminine, don't they, darling?" I saw the lady had managed to turn her hand over so that her fingertips inside the leg opening were stroking Lexi's slit. And I knew her fingertips would be wet; Lexi would be hot now.

"I have a brand new slip that has lace all over it," Lexi said excitedly. "Uncle Jimmy said it looks sexy on me, didn't you, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked, looking around toward me with a wicked grin.

The lady laughed. "I bet it does look sexy on you, darling girl," she said. "I like pretty slips, as well. I have one on now, don't you think?" she asked, her fingers spread across her chest where a fancy lace slip could be seen through the sheer top.

"Oh my, how pretty," Lexi said, her hand inside the V of the jacket to run her fingers across the smooth fabric covering the slip and traversing back and forth across the lady's breasts beneath. "It feels so pretty," Lexi smiled. "Can we unbutton so I can see better?" she asked enthusiastically, her fingers already beginning to unbutton the first button.

The lady laughed, looking around to make sure no one was nearby. "Well, I suppose that wouldn't hurt, would it darling?" she agreed, pulling her arm back to allow Lexi to finish unbuttoning and push the jacket open, revealing a forest green acrylic lining inside as Lexi gushed, "Oh my, your slip is so pretty," her finger and palm moving across the lady's stomach circling up over her breasts. "I love to feel it. It feels so nice and looks so pretty."

Again the lady's eyes darted up and down the sidewalk as she laughed, reaching to catch Lexi's hand which she pressed firmly against her, sinking it into her breast. Confident no one was watching, she said, "Yes, darling, doesn't it feel so nice?" using her hand over Lexi's to guide it across her chest, firmly wrapping one breast and then the other. Checking quickly once more to make sure no one was around, she said, "You just feel all you want, darling," letting her hand drop down to slide her fingers back inside Lexi's panties and reenter her fingertips into the wet little slit and work it. As she did, Lexi began using both hands to sink her little fingers into the lady's breasts. "Oh my, that feels so nice, darling," the lady said, her fingers stroking away inside the wet little slit, her eyes again darting up and down the sidewalk to make sure no one could see them fondling one another.

Lexi giggled. "Your fingers are making my bottom all tingly," she said, looking sweetly up into the lady's face, her little hands continuing to knead the breasts.

"Are they, darling?" the lady laughed nervously, her eyes continuously darting up and down the sidewalk. "I think we're both making each other's bottoms tingly, aren't we?" she giggled back to Lexi, kissing her on the cheek and continuing to work her little pussy.

Suddenly Lexi stopped, her fingers frozen into the lady's breasts. "I want to see," she said.

The lady blinked at her. "See what, darling?"

"I want to see the slip," she said. "Take off your clothes so I can see the pretty slip, okay?" she pleaded up to the lady.

Laughing the lady hugged Lexi and said, "Goodness, darling, you know I can't do that here!" She laughed again.

"I want to see," Lexi demanded, crossing her arms in front of her and dropping her chin with the face of an obstinate, pouty child.

"Now, don't be like that, darling," the lady said sweetly, looking a little flustered. "We were having so much fun with each other, weren't we darling?"

Lexi had her best brat look on as she continued her pouty look. "I want to see," she demanded.

The lady looked thoughtfully at the little girl's pretty profile as she let her free hand pet over Lexi's back and legs. "Well, I suppose we could walk over to my house," she said. "I could show you there. Would you like to do that, darling?"

"Yes!" Lexi exclaimed, her arms flying around the lady's neck as she kissed her cheeks. "Can we? Can we please?"

"Well, I suppose there is no harm in that," she said, patting Lexi's excited cheek. "Are you sure your mother won't mind?"

"Oh goody, goody," Lexi exclaimed. "No, mommy doesn't care. She's at work. Uncle Jimmy is taking care of me," she continued, looking at me with a triumphant smile.

For what seemed like the first time the lady even realized I existed, she looked down toward me to ask, "Would you mind walking over to my house, young man? We can have a nice glass of lemonade and then I can show Lexi my slip."

"Sure," I said, standing back up. Lexi again winked at me as she slid off the lady's lap, waiting for her to re-button the jacket and smooth her clothes before standing to take Lexi's hand and begin our walk.

As we left the park, Lexi skipping gaily along holding the lady's hand as I plodded behind, Lexi asked a myriad of questions. "Children call me Miss Ida," the lady answered quite properly. We learned she was a fourth grade school teacher at one of the other elementary schools, not ours, and she added, "I have never been married so regrettably I have no children of my own, and live in my mother's house."

"Oh, is your mommy there?" Lexi asked.

"No, no, dear," she answered. "Sadly, my mother passed away a year or so ago so I live alone now."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Lexi said.

"That's very sweet of you, Lexi," the lady answered. "You are so pretty and so sweet."

The lady lived in a big, old-fashioned house inherited from her parents in an older but nice area of town, only a few minutes from our park. Once inside, the lady ushered us into the kitchen, sitting us down at her table with a glass of lemonade. She sat down across from us and as we sipped the lemonade, ask us questions such as who we were, where we went to school, who are parents were, who our friends were, and so on. Once she felt comfortable she knew enough about us to move forward, she said in a firm matronly voice, "Now, I am about to take you two children upstairs with me, but before I do, there are a few things we need to be clear on, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am," we both replied quietly as we heard the tone of her voice become authoritative.

"There are rules in my house, and I expect you both to observe those rules. Do you understand me?" she said.

We murmured a sheepish, "Yes, ma'am."

"Good," she said. "Now Lexi, come over here to me. Jimmy, you sit where you are and I will get to you next."

"Yes, ma'am," I said, as Lexi shyly slipped out of her chair and walked around the table to the lady.

She lifted Lexi to sit her in her lap and said, "Lexi, you are a very sweet and a very, very pretty little girl, but I want you to understand that in my house, you obey me. Do you understand that?"

"Yes ma'am," Lexi replied.

Holding her chin so Lexi's face looked up at her, she said, "When I tell you to do something, young lady, you do it. Do you understand me?"

"Yes ma'am," Lexi again replied.

"Good," the lady said. "Now give me a kiss," she said, puckering her lips which Lexi kissed. Sitting her down, she looked at me to say, "Now Jimmy, you come here and sit in my lap." I crawled up into her lap and received the same lecture and got my kiss on the lips.

Standing, she said, "Now children, as long as we understand one another," waggling a threatening finger toward each of us, "we can go upstairs." She marched off toward the stairs as we followed, giving each other a questioning raised eyebrow behind her.

As she reached the staircase, though, and began to ascend, her voice resumed its pleasant tone as she said over her shoulder, "I remember how much I used to love helping my mother undress. Do you help your mother undress, Lexi?"

Hearing the change of tone, Lexi regained her enthusiasm. "Yes I do all the time, Miss Ida. I love helping mommy undress."

"Can you tell me what you love most?" Miss Ida asked.

"Umm, well her clothes under her dresses feels so soft and smooth," Lexi said thoughtfully, and added, "And the smell, I love to smell mommy when she undresses!"

Miss Ida laughed. "That is exactly what I remember as well, darling," she said. "I so loved the smells when I helped my mother undress. Those are such lovely memories for me."

As we reached the upper level, she led us down a long carpeted hallway to the last door which she opened and, standing aside, waited for us to enter.

We stood in her large bedroom, a large posted bed against the far wall, various pieces of very old and very fine furniture scattered throughout, dusky paintings on the wall, and several large Persian rugs covering a fine polished floor. This room was bigger and nicer than any room we had ever seen before, and the Victorian style felt a little intimidating.

"Leave you shoes and socks by the door, children," she said, pointing at the floor near the door as she walked across the room toward a closet door. She stood by the door, unpinning her hat and removing it as she waited for us to finish removing our shoes and socks. "Jimmy you go sit there on the edge of the bed and wait for us," she said to me, and then to Lexi, "Come here, darling, and I will show you where I keep my hats and shoes," beginning to remove her shoes as Lexi came to her.

After putting the shoes away, she led Lexi to a large, free-standing wardrobe, and after opening the door, she turned to Lexi. "Unbutton my jacket for me, darling," she said, and taking it off she hung it on a hanger in the wardrobe. Turning, she said, "Unzip me, darling, and help me out my skirt," and after she had stepped out of it, she attached it to a hanger inside, and walked toward a smaller armoire, she said, "I keep my tops in this." Pulling the top over her head, she hung it inside and turned to Lexi, her arms spread. "Well, darling, you asked to see my slip," she said. "Here it is!" The bodice of the white slip was nylon stretch lace hugging her body to the waist, below which was rich nylon fabric fitted over her hips on down to the 3-inch lace border the hem.

"Oh Miss Ida," Lexi exclaimed, her little arms reaching around Miss Ida's waist to enwrap the slip, pulling the cheek of her face into the slip to feel its silkiness. "This is the most beautiful slip I have ever seen. It feels so wonderful!"

"You are such a darling girl," Miss Ida laughed, reaching down to pick her up. Lexi's arms wrapped around Miss Ida's neck and her legs clasped around her waist as Miss Ida's arms wrapped under Lexi to hold her. "I just have to kiss you," Miss Ida said, pulling the little girl to her as she tilted her head to meet Lexi's lips.

After kissing a moment, Miss Ida asked, "Now how am I ever going to kiss you properly like that, darling girl?" Touching a finger to Lexi's lips, she said with a smile, "Loosen that sweet mouth of yours so I can give you a really good kiss," her finger dropping to Lexi's chin, wiggling it to indicate she should loosen it. This time when she pulled the little girl to her, I could tell she had entered Lexi's mouth, and when I saw Lexi's arms tighten to pull her head into the lady, I knew their tongues were playing together inside. Miss Ida's hands slipped down to curl around the butt cheeks below as they continued, and I could see the fingers of both hands began massaging firmly into the crotch of Lexi's panties. Lexi was reacting, her legs lifting her as they squeezed tighter around Miss Ida's waist. Miss Ida lifted a hand to Lexi's arm, pulling it down to take the little hand and wrap it around her breast, squeezing the fingers deep into it. As Miss Ida's hand returned to the crotch, Lexi brought her other hand down to begin kneading the other breast. Watching Miss Ida's fingers pressing into the crotch, I could see the light pink fabric of Lexi's panties begin to darken from the wetness inside.

Miss Ida broke off the kiss, and trying to catch her panting breath, looked at Lexi in amazement. "Oh my!" she exclaimed, using her hand to fan her flushed face. "You are certainly a saucy girl!" she said, laughing. As Lexi giggled, she added, "That was fun, wasn't it, darling girl?"

Wrapping her arms back around Miss Ida's neck, Lexi faced her to smile, "Yeah, that was really, really fun." Giggling she added, "You made my bottom all tingly again, Miss Ida."

Laughing and giving Lexi a pinch on the cheek, Miss Ida said, "Well, you made my bottom all tingly as well, sweet girl."

Giggling, Lexi asked with a shy but naughty look on her face, "Did I really, Miss Ida?" and pushed a finger inside Miss Ida's mouth for her to suck.

Miss Ida's hand flew around to grab Lexi's pussy mound and push her fingertips up into her. "Oh my, child," she said, panting.

Lexi giggled mischievously. Giving Miss Ida a seductive look, she said, "Let's take the slip off, Miss Ida, okay?" and giggled more.

Laughing again as she begin walking across to the bed, Miss Ida said, "Well, I suppose we could if you want. But first, we should take off my nylons." Sitting on the edge of the bed beside me, she sat Lexi on the other side and asked, "Would you children enjoy taking off my nylons?" With her palms on her legs, she slipped the slip up above the nylons to expose her bare thighs above.

We slipped down in front of her and began unhooking the garter buttons from the nylons as Miss Ida reached out her hands to our heads, playfully tossing our hair. Lifting her feet we rolled the nylons down and off, and she stood, offering herself for us to remove her slip. On each side of her, we pulled the strap off the shoulder and down the arm for her to pull the arm free, and then we shimmied the slip down over her hips; with a hand on each of our shoulders, she stepped out of the slip. As we stepped back to look at her, she again held her arms out to expose herself as she stood there in matching white, pointy, fully laced bra and a brocaded roll on girdle.

She laughed, saying, "This is the part every lady loves, getting her girdle off." As her fingers went around the top of the girdle, pulling it out for us to get our fingers inside, she said, "Help me take this off, children." As we pulled it down, her hands resettled the waistband of her panties and then smoothed them out as we brought the girdle down over her thighs and legs. Using her hands on our shoulders for balance, she stepped out and stood, again spreading her arms to expose herself to us. I could smell the sweet odor of talcum powder from under the girdle as we gazed at her brilliantly white sheer nylon panties with a wide swath of lace insert down each side. "It feels so wonderful to have that thing off," she laughed, the palms of her hands caressing all over her body where the girdle had been.

We stood there staring, our eyes traveling from the lacey pointed bra down over the fancy panties to smooth thighs beneath. "You look so pretty," Lexi said in awe. Moving to a few inches from Miss Ida's front, Lexi placed the palms of her hands on the front panel of the panties. Slowly, she slipped her hands around to rest on the lace inserts covering the hips. She continued her hands on around to the butt cheeks, and then pulled her face deeply into the panties covering Miss Ida's soft lower tummy and took a deep breath. Looking up into her face, she said reverently, "You smell s-o-o-o good, Miss Ida."

Taking the little girl's face in her hands, Miss Ida smiled sweetly down on her for a moment and said, "Mommy, darling. Say, 'You smell so good, mommy'."

Lexi returned her smile, and said softly, "You smell s-o-o-o good, mommy."

"My sweet child," Miss Ida said, love and lust in her eyes. Pushing down on Lexi's head, she said, "Bend your knees a little, darling." When she had the little girl low enough, she pulled her face slowly and firmly up into her crotch and said, "Smell, darling, smell deep." Watching Lexi draw in two strong breaths, she said, "Stick out your tongue, darling. I want you to taste mommy." As she felt the wet tongue against her, she slowly lifted Lexi's head, watching as her tongue came around and up over the mound of her pussy. She turned Lexi's wide-eyed face up her to ask, "What does mommy smell like, darling? What does mommy taste like?"

Lexi recovered, and with a big wicked smile coming across her face, she answered in her naughty little girl voice, "Mommy smells sexy. Mommy tastes sexy." She giggled lasciviously as she stared into Miss Ida's eyes.

Lifting the little girl into her arms, she said, "Oh, my wicked little angel, my wicked little girl." She glanced down at me, still sitting on the bed. "You may smell, as well. I know how much naughty little boys love smelling their mother's underwear, you little devil," she said, and then looked back into Lexi's eyes as I slipped off the bed.

I moved close, my hand encircling her hip as I studied the bristly patch of hairs I could see inside the panties underneath Lexi's little butt. I felt Miss Ida's fingers touch my face as her hand enwrapped my head and pulled my face into the soft flesh of her lower tummy inside the panties. Wrapping my hands around her hips, I dug my fingers into the flesh of her butt cheeks to pull my face harder into her, and then looked up to see her smiling down, her eyes hot with lust. "Are you getting a good smell of mommy, you wicked little boy?" she asked, and began pushing my head down as she had Lexi. Spreading her legs slightly and tilting up her hips, she pulled my face tightly into her crotch and said, "Smell mommy good, naughty boy, let me see you smell mommy." With my hands squeezed into her hips, I inhaled her musky odor deeply, over and over. "That's mommy's good little boy," Miss Ida said. Tilting her hips up even more, she squashed my face into her crotch and said, "Now stick out your tongue so you can taste mommy, too," she said. I pressed my tongue into the soft, fat flesh of the pussy lips I could feel inside the crotch of her panties, and felt her begin to pull my head up, letting my tongue come up her crotch. As my tongue came around to her mound, I could see her lust filled eyes full of excitement watching me. "How does mommy smell, naughty little boy? How does mommy taste?" she asked, her hand still holding my head close to her crotch.

"Good," I said, slightly scared of the lady. Taking Lexi's cue, I added, "Mommy smells sexy. Mommy tastes sexy."

Holding Lexi in one hand, Miss Ida leaned over to ram her hand inside my pants and underwear, her fingers wrapping around the stiff little shaft of my throbbing cock. "I thought so," she said. "You're having naughty thoughts about your mother, aren't you, you wicked little boy?" she said. "You want to stick this nasty thing into your mommy, don't you, wicked boy?" She looked up at Lexi's face and smiled sweetly. "That's what nasty boys want to do to us, darling," she said, "they want to stick their nasty thing into us and fill us with their sperm, but we won't let them, will we darling?"

Lexi, whose wide eyes had been watching this in shock, sat with her mouth open. Looking at Miss Ida's sweet smile, though, she recovered. Wrapping both arms around Miss Ida's neck, she smiled back and said, "No, mommy," and pulled her lips into Miss Ida's, plunging her little tongue inside. Miss Ida's hand let go of my head and slipped up inside Lexi's play dress to caress and hold the bare skin of her back so her other hand was free to travel into Lexi's crotch. As I watched her finger sinking inside Lexi's little slit, I turned again to the bristly hairs inside Miss Ida's panties and began to feel them with my fingers. Slipping my hand under her crotch, I pressed my fingers up into the soft, warm lips of her pussy. Pressing up harder, my fingers forced open the lips and I could feel the warm wetness inside soaking through the panties. Pressing even harder, my fingers began to disappear up into her, pulling the crotch of the panties with them. Above I heard Miss Ida moan sharply.

Looking up, I saw Miss Ida jerk her head away from Lexi's lips and gasp for air. She stood a few moments panting, her body trembling slightly, as she recovered. Then she smiled at each of us. "I'm feeling a little weak, children," she said. Sitting Lexi down, she added, "Help me fold the bed down, children, so I can lie down a moment." Lexi and I ran to the other side to help her neatly fold the covers down to the foot of the bed. We watched as Miss Ida fluffed one pillow on top of the other in the middle of the bed, and turning to lie her head on the pillow as she stretched her body down the bed, she motioned Lexi to join her, sitting the little girl on her tummy. As she reached behind Lexi to unbutton her play dress, she said to me, "I want you children out of these dusty street cloths. I won't have you dirtying up my clean sheets."

I unbuttoned my pants to pull them off, then pulled off my t-shirt and jumped on to the bed just as she was laying Lexi, now clad only in panties, beside her, an arm enwrapped to pull her close. She reached her other arm for me to come lie on her other shoulder, and she enwrapped me to pull me close as well. "Mmm, this is so comfortable," she said, pulling us over on to her, our chests pressed into the sides of her bra covered breasts. "Are you children comfortable?" she asked softly, closing her eyes.

"Yes, mommy," Lexi said. Now I could see her face as her head lay on top Miss Ida's shoulder. She winked at me and quietly giggled.

Taking Lexi's cue, I answered, "Yes, mommy," and felt her hand gently pat my underwear clad butt in appreciation.

Lexi's hand wrapped around the cup of her pointy, lacey bra and began to knead the breast inside. "Does this feel good, mommy?" she asked sweetly.

"Mmm, yes darling," she answered, eyes still closed, "that feels very good." Her hand found my arm and lifted my hand on to the other breast, and she said softly, "You may do this one." I began to knead it. "Ahh, my sweet children," she said, smiling contentedly. I wiggled my eyebrows to Lexi and grinned.

Lexi lifted a leg on to Miss Ida's soft tummy and pushed her head up to whisper in her ear, "Mommy, will you kiss and rub me some more? I like when you do that for me, mommy."

With her eyes still closed, Miss Ida smiled. "I am trying sleep, darling," she said. And then, "Oh well, I guess if you think it will help you rest, I don't mind." She pulled her arm from around me to wrap her hand around Lexi's thigh to pull her on top of her until Lexi's little butt was centered on her tummy. I watched as Lexi wrapped both arms under Miss Ida's neck and sunk her tongue down into her. Miss Ida's hands came up to Lexi's chest, finding her little nipples to roll between her two thumbs and forefingers a few times before her fingers began traveling down Lexi's sides, over her little hips and down the outside of her thighs, move over to the inside of her thighs and travel back up over her butt and slide down into the back of Lexi's panties, the fingers of both hands pushing on down around her butt and into Lexi's crotch, finding the wet slit and slipping inside it. Bringing her knees up, she forced Lexi's legs wide apart so her fingers had more room to stroke the little girl's wet slit. Smiling down at Lexi's face, she asked, "Is this what you want mommy to do for her little girl, darling?" Lexi smiled sweetly, sinking her fingers into the flesh of the big breasts inside the pointy bra before leaning down to sink her tongue into Miss Ida's waiting mouth.

Sitting up, I watched the two of them getting after it. I laid my hand on the middle of Lexi's back and pushed down so she would know I was still there. Looking down on Miss Ida's body, I ran my hand around on her tummy, pushing my finger into her belly button to see how far in it would go. Then I lifted the waistband of her panties and slid my fingers down inside to feel the bushy cunt hairs, and on down into the wet gash between the lips of her pussy. It felt like an ocean of warm, slippery wetness. I could feel her swollen clit so I began playing with it, and as I did, Miss Ida sighed and clutched Lexi's little body tighter into her. "Good," I thought, "she knows I'm still here."

I fingered the clit more, but with her legs up it was difficult to get my hand further inside. With my fingers inside the waistband of the panties, I began trying to pull them off. Miss Ida rolled her head to get away from Lexi's mouth and asked, "What are you doing down there, child?"

"Please let me take your panties off, mommy," I begged. "You'll be more comfortable."

She was quiet for a moment, and then I felt her lifting her ass. "I suppose that I will," she said. "Thank you, child."

I slipped her panties off, and then looking up, I asked, "Would you like me to take Lexi's panties off as well, mommy?"

"Yes, I think that would be a very good idea," she answered. Lexi straightened her legs for me, and as I pulled her panties down, I rubbed her leg across the bristly pad of cunt hair so she could feel it. I heard her soft giggle.

Moving back up, I said, "Lexi, pull mommy over a little so I can unhook her bra. She will be much more comfortable without it."

Lexi lifted at her shoulder as Miss Ida used her leg to help, using one hand to keep Lexi's little ass planted firmly on top of her. I unhooked the bra and brought the strap down off her shoulder and pulled her arm out of it. Lexi sat up to pull it across her chest and off the other arm. Then she cupped the two big breasts in her hands and rubbed them, saying, "I bet that feels much better, mommy, doesn't it?"

Miss Ida was breathing heavy as she replied, "Yes, it does feel much better. Thank you, children. You are sweet to your mommy."

"You're welcome, mommy," Lexi said. "We love our mommy," she added, and went back down on her, sinking her tongue back inside. "Mmm," Miss Ida sighed with pleasure, her fingers finding Lexi's bare little pussy and slipping back inside the slit.

I pushed down one of Miss Ida's knees and crawled inside her thighs, looking up into her hairy, yawning cavern. With my hands on both sides, I pulled the lips apart to look inside and saw a pink, bubbling goo of flesh and wetness. Pushing my fingers inside I traced along it until the fingers sank inside. I cupped my hand to narrow it and shoved all my fingers up inside the pussy, hearing a pleasurable "Ahhh!" from Miss Ida as her body raised to accept me.

Positioning my free hand so my fingers could massage her big, swollen clit, I began to slowly fuck her, hearing a loud sigh of satisfaction from above. I looked up to see Miss Ida roll her head away from Lexi and look down at me. She smiled sweetly and said, "That feels very good to mommy." I could see the middle finger of her hand pressing up into Lexi's slit.

I smiled back. "I want to make mommy feel very good," I said. "I want to be mommy's good little boy," I added as I jabbed my fingers as deep in as I could.

"Oooh!" Miss Ida said as I did, and then she smiled at me again. "Mommy's good boy," she murmured as Lexi pulled her face around to sink her tongue back in. "We own you," I thought.

As I thrust harder and faster, Miss Ida's hips began bouncing stronger and stronger in rhythm with my thrusts. I looked up again to see her entire middle finger was now fucking deep into Lexi's little pussy.

From the way Lexi was driving her little ass into the finger, I could tell she was getting there fast. Better hurry Miss Ida along.

Leaning into her, on the next stroke I shoved my cupped hand into her with all my might, and my knuckles popped inside. Miss Ida's body went tense and she screamed softly as the pain hit her, but I kept fucking and after a couple of strokes she began relaxing and I could sense my hand felt really good inside there.

As I fucked harder and faster Miss Ida's hips were really beginning to buck into my hand as her hot thighs squeezed tighter around me. The whole bed was bouncing. From the panting breaths above me, I knew the kissing had stopped now and they were both straining hard for orgasm. "Talk to her," I whispered up to Lexi.

After a moment, I could hear Lexi's gasping little voice whispering, "Does mommy feel good?" she asked. "Does mommy love her little girl?" Miss Ida's throat was making guttural noises now. "Mommy's little girl," she moaned. "Mommy's nasty little girl does anything mommy wants." She groaned as her body began to shake and tremble. "Mommy's little cunt!" she moaned, clutching Lexi tight. "Our school teacher is not so nice as we thought!" I thought, and fucked harder and faster, my fingers stroking her swollen clit.

Her thighs felt red hot as she bucked higher and higher, harder and harder into my fucking hand. My fingers were flying over her bulging clit. Suddenly her hips rose up in shuddering in a massive seizure and I felt her pussy crimping into my hand. "She's cumming now, Lexi!" I said, looking up again.

"Me, too," Lexi gasped, and I could see the orgasmic strains in her little body as it shook and trembled.

Several minutes went by as Ida continued to feel the waves wracking through her. My little girls had had some great orgasms, but I had never witnessed anything like this before. I looked up to see Lexi had finished and was watching her in fascination. After what seemed like 5 minutes, Ida's body suddenly collapsed shaking all around me, and I knew the first orgasm was through her. I worked harder, and in 20 or 30 seconds I felt her ass begin to rise again, and shortly thereafter came loud moaning as her body's shaking intensified. "We're really getting her, huh?" I said to Lexi.

"Yeah," Lexi answered, hanging on to Ida's thrashing body as she watched the straining muscles of her face and neck. "It's kind of scary up here." Ida was pulling at her own hair as the orgasm continued.

After several more minutes, she once more collapsed into a heap. "Whew," said Lexi.

"I think she can go one more time," I said, continuing to work her cunt and clit.

"Shit," Lexi said, and I laughed. Now I was sweating as much as Ida. Sure enough, I begin to feel another one coming up in Ida. "Hold on," I said to Lexi as her ass began to lift yet once again.

This one lasted several more minutes, and when her shaking, shuddering body collapsed this time, I knew she was finished. I waited as her pussy muscles relaxed before tugging at my hand, trying to pull it out. It came free, and I crawled up beside Lexi to survey the damage.

Lexi had rolled off by the time I was able to extract myself from her legs and thighs and crawl up top. Lexi was watching her heaving chest try to regain her breath. Looking up at me, I said, "We really got her, didn't we?"

"Is she okay?" Lexi asked, concern in her voice as she straightened at Ida's hair.

"Yeah, she's okay," I laughed. "I never thought anybody could orgasm like that. Wow," I said.

Ida was gradually beginning to breathe more regularly now, her face lying to the side in peaceful repose. "Think she can hear us?" Lexi asked. I watched her for a minute. "I think maybe she can," I said. Lowering my head down, I whispered, "We love our mommy and we're going to make mommy feel good like this all the time."

I grinned up at Lexi. "Let's go down to see what's in the refrigerator while she rests," I said.

When we came back up, Ida still lay naked, flat on her back, but now her eyes were open, looking numbly up at the ceiling. Lexi and I lay down on each side of her, our heads resting on her shoulders, bodies pressed up against her as we began caressing her big breasts.

"How do you feel?" Lexi asked softly into her ear.

She continued to lie there as if she did not hear. Finally, a small smile began, and she stretched her arms over her head. "Mmm," she sighed with a wide smile, wrapping her arms around each of us and pulling us close. "Nothing ever felt so good," she said. "My sweet, sweet children."

We lay like that for 10 minutes or so. The intimidation I had felt earlier was now completely gone, and I felt totally comfortable.

I could feel Ida drifting off to sleep. Raised my lips up to her ear, I whispered, "We fucked you good, didn't we, mommy?"

Without opening her eyes, she bent her arm up to me, her hand tussling my hair. Softly she said, "Hush, you naughty boy. You know better than to talk that way." She smiled.

My hand reached around to pull her head to me. I kissed her ear, and then whispered, "We're your naughty little children, mommy. We're going to fuck you like that anytime you tell us to. We are good little children."

Her eyes still closed, she smiled broadly and contentedly, pulling us closer. "I know you will, darling. You are good little children." Wetting my lips with my tongue, I kissed her sweetly on the lips for several seconds. As I lifted my head, her tongue circled her lips, wet from mine. "Mmm," she smiled. "That tastes sweet, my sweet child."

Using my hands to cradle her face, I again wet my lips and lowered them firmly on to hers. This time I pushed my tongue between her teeth, finding her lazy tongue to begin pushing it back and forth. Her head tried to turn, but my hands held it in front of me as I continued to move her tongue with mine. Finally hers began to respond, and she pushed back. Our tongues were now rolling over one another in a leisurely but sexy movement. I reached down to find Lexi's little slit to begin stroking it. As it responded, I found Lexi's hand and brought it to her slit for her to continue as lifted my head to see Ida's eyes now looking at me. "That's nice, sweet boy," she smiled.

"Thank you, mommy," I said. Then I asked what I had wondering. "Tell me what you do at the park with the little girls, mommy," I asked, my fingers caressing her big nipple as I pushed my hand into her breast. "Do you bring all the little girls home with you like Lexi?"

"Of course not, sweet boy," she laughed softly.

"Then what do you do, mommy?" I asked. "What did you do to feel good before you had us?"

She laughed again. "I cross my legs while I hold the little girls, honey. Mommy rocks her leg while she holds the little girls until she has a nice little orgasm."

Lexi and I looked at each other in amazement. Neither of us had a clue a woman could do that. "But you brought little girls home with you sometimes, didn't you?" I asked. "What did you do with them in bed, mommy?"

"Oh, silly boy," she laughed.

"Tell me please, mommy?" I begged.

"Well, if you absolutely must know," she laughed bashfully, "I use my fingers while I play with the girls."

I looked at Lexi and we grinned at each other. She masturbates.

"Thank you, mommy," I said, and I reached down to kick off my underwear, giving Lexi a knowing look as I did. Letting my fingertips caress her face as I lifted myself back up to her to begin kissing her face all over as I pushed myself up flat on top of her, legs straddling each side, and again met her lips to force my tongue inside and soon our tongues were again sexily rolling over one another. My little cock stiffened into her tummy and as I begin to hump into her soft tummy, she laughed. "It feels like my little boy is having naughty thoughts again about his mommy," she said. "Are you having naughty thoughts about mommy?" she asked.

I continued to fuck my little cock into her tummy. "Does it feel good, mommy?" I asked.

She hugged me to her. "Mmm, yes," she said. "You love your mommy, don't you?"

Pushing my hands under her shoulders, I whispered into her ear, "I love my mommy." Pulling my knees up so I could push into a sitting position, I began pulling up on her shoulders. "Raise your head, mommy," I said. "I want to fluff your pillows for you." As she lifted her head, I fluffed up the pillows and said, "Now scoot up on the pillows a little, mommy," and glancing over at Lexi, I continued, "I want mommy to be comfortable."

As she did, I rolled off and lifted Lexi, laying her face up on Miss Ida's chest, head under her chin. Pulling her arms around Lexi, I said, "Hold your little girl, mommy."

Miss Ida laughed as she squeezed Lexi to her. "What in the world is my naughty little boy up to now?" she asked.

I smiled as I straddled Miss Ida again, just below Lexi. Lexi was already giggling as I lowered myself on to her. "I'm going to fuck mommy's little girl," I said.

"No, no, you stop that," Miss Ida said, her eyes wide, but giggling Lexi had already guided my cock inside her, and I began to fuck her, smiling sweetly at Miss Ida as I pulled my thigh up hard into her crotch, feeling the wetness.

Leaning down over Lexi, close to Miss Ida's ear, I pleaded, "Please mommy. It feels so good inside your little girl." Tilting my head down, I said, "Fuck me, Lexi. I want mommy to feel your hips fucking me." Looking back to Ida, I said, "Can you feel it, mommy? Can you feel your little girl fuck?"

Her arms still wrapped around Lexi, Miss Ida was staring blankly at me. I moved my lips up to kiss her, but she said, "You have to stop this, Jimmy. This is not right."

"Does it feel good, Lexi?" I asked. Now I had my thigh wriggled inside Miss Ida's great gash, pulling it deeper into her with each fuck stroke into Lexi.

The palms of Lexi's hands had dropped down, sliding up and down the bare skin of Miss Ida's sides, from her chest down over her hips. "Mmm," she said. "Mommy this feels so nice. Your little boy has his nasty thing stuck all the way inside your little girl and he's fucking her," Lexi said in her little bitty girl voice. She added, "And your nasty little girl is fucking your naughty little boy, mommy, Can you feel?" pulling Miss Ida's hands down to her crotch to help her fingers find my little cock. My cock slid between her fingers as it pumped in and out of Lexi's little pussy. "Feel your little boy's cock going inside your little girl, mommy?" Lexi asked. She always just naturally knew how to play the game.

This time my lips got to Miss Ida's before she could speak again, and my tongue begin shoving hers around and around in rhythm with my fucking strokes into Lexi. After a time, her tongue begin to move with mine, shoving back and forth with each stroke of my cock. I could feel Ida's hands which had been holding Lexi begin to move as her fingers softly stroked Lexi's chest down across her tummy and back up her sides. Dragging my thigh through her gash I could feel the juices increasing.

I leaned my head down to Miss Ida's ear, whispering, "Help your little girl, mommy, help her fuck." My lips found hers again and we continued our slow tongue play as I felt Miss Ida's fingers feel and squeeze Lexi's swollen little nipples before stroking down her chest and tummy to find her little hips, feeling as they rose to meet my cock with each stroke. "Mommy's little girl does what mommy tells her to do," I whispered. "What does mommy want her little girl to do? What does mommy want her little girl to do?" My tongue found her again and we continued.

My thigh was soaking wet now with her flowing pussy juices. I whispered, "Help your little girl fuck me, mommy, help her." My tongue went back into her mouth as my cock went heavier and heavier down inside Lexi. I felt Miss Ida's hands move under Lexi's little butt cheeks, lifting them into me with each stroke. "What's mommy doing to you, little girl?" I asked.

Lexi's arms were wrapped tightly around my waist, and I could feel from her heat that she was into it. "Mommy is making me fuck," Lexi gasped. Her voice told me she was getting there. "Make me fuck, mommy. I want to be mommy's good girl. Make me fuck hard, mommy."

Catching on fire, she shoved Lexi's butt up so hard she was lifting both of us, groaning in pleasure with each upward thrust. "Tell your little girl what you want, mommy," I whispered. "Tell your nasty little girl what mommy wants her to do." Her thrusting hips dug up into my leg each time she shoved Lexi's little ass up into my cock. She groaned loudly now with every stroke. "Tell her," I whispered again. "Tell her what mommy wants her to do."

Miss Ida groaned as she shoved Lexi's ass into me, and as she began to shove up again she groaned, "Fuck, baby. Fuck for mommy." A hand went on to Lexi's tummy and I could feel her pushing down in to Lexi's crotch. I straightened my arms, making room for her fingers to find Lexi's pussy and feel my cock pumping into her. She groaned with pleasure at each thrust. "Mommy's little girl," she moaned, eyes closed. "I feel mommy's little girl is fucking for mommy," she moaned. "Fuck, baby, fuck for mommy. Mmm, feels good, baby, doesn't it? Mommy's nasty little cunt."

Lexi gasped, "I'm cumming, Uncle Jimmy. I can't help it," and I felt her little body tremble as her little cunt began to clamp down on me. I suddenly realized I was over the top as well.

"Go, Lexi," I managed to say as I felt electricity shoot through the length of my cock as it pulsed in orgasm. Wave after wave of dry cum rose and exploded into Lexi while below I could feel waves passing through her.

Lexi continued as I finished and was able to whisper to Miss Ida, "She's cumming for you, mommy. Feel your nasty little girl cumming for her mommy?"

"Good little girl," Miss Ida groaned, shoving Lexi's and her own ass into me. "Cum for mommy, baby."

Finally Lexi finished as well, and we lay there a few seconds recovering our breath. Then I rolled off and lifted Lexi up and sat her down between Ida's legs. Helping her cup her hand I shoved it deep inside Miss Ida's soaking cunt. "God," Lexi said as Miss Ida groaned loudly. She watched her hand disappearing through the hairy, fat lips of Miss Ida's cunt.

I pulled and pushed on Lexi's elbow to start her fucking motion. Moving my fingers up to massage her swollen clit, I showed Lexi how to work it and let her take over. Lifting myself back up to Miss Ida's ear. "Look what your sweet little girl is doing for her mommy," I said. Lexi smiled sweetly up at her. "What are you doing for your mommy, little girl?" I asked.

"Making mommy feel good," Lexi said in her little girl voice, ramming her arm as deep inside as she could with each thrust as her finger pushed the clit around and around. Ida continued to staring dumbly down on us, and then we felt her hips begin to move a little and we smiled at each other. As her hips moved more and more into Lexi's fucking arm, I moved up to straddle Miss Ida and shove my hands down deep and hard into her breasts, my fingers squeezing tightly as my hands moved over them. "Does it feel good, mommy? Tell your little girl. Does it feel good, mommy?"

"Yes, baby," Miss Ida said, breathing hard now as her hips bucked toward Lexi's ramming arm. "You are a good little girl."

"Make mommy feel good," Lexi said in her little girl voice, pumping her arm in and out for all she was worth.

I leaned into Miss Ida's ear. "Your little girl is making mommy feel so good, isn't she mommy?" I whispered.

"Mmm yes," Miss Ida purred, her eyes closed with pleasure. "Feels so good."

"From now on, mommy, whenever you tell her to, your little girl is going to fuck you good," I said. "Tell her, Lexi."

"I'm a good girl, mommy," Lexi said. "I do whatever mommy tells me to do. I love to make mommy feel good."

"Whenever you feel like it, mommy," I said. "All you have to do is tell her and she will do anything you want, huh Lexi?"

"Uh-huh," Lexi replied. "Anything mommy wants me to do. I want mommy to feel good all the time."

"All you have to do is go down to the park and tell your little girl to come with you," I said. "She loves you. She has to do anything you want her to, don't you Lexi."

"Yes, mommy," Lexi said. "I want to go home with mommy and make her feel good."

Miss Ida's eyes were closed as she humped hard into Lexi's arm. Her body was getting very, very hot as she listened and imagined the possibilities. "And Lexi has lots of cute little cousins to help her make mommy happy, don't you Lexi? Tell mommy how many cousins you have."

"Yes, mommy," Lexi said excitedly. "There's Debbie and Sandy and Judy and Gale and Suzy and Lilly and Carol Ann and Kaye and Janet Lynn and they will all love you, mommy! Just like I do. All of them will do anything you tell them to do, just like me. And don't forget my little sister, Janey, Uncle Jimmy. She's only four, mommy, but you can do anything you want to her. She's really pretty and you can do anything you want to her, mommy, anything at all. She's a gorgeous little girl, mommy, four years old, so very pretty, and you can do anything you want to her, anything at all."

I looked up to see Miss Ida's eyes wild with excitement as she stared at Lexi. She looked at me and her eyes were on fire. "That can't be true, can it?" she gasped. "She can't have that many cousins."

With my lips pressed against her ear, I said, "Oh yes she does, mommy, and every single one of them is a little doll, and everyone of them loves sex as much as Lexi does. We fuck them all the time, don't we, Lexi?" Lexi giggled. "All the time, mommy," she answered. "They are all pretty little girls, mommy, and you can do anything you want to them, anything at all."

"Oh my god," Miss Ida said, rolling her eyes shut. "Oh my god," she repeated, realizing what she had stumbled into. Her hips picked up momentum as she looked down at Lexi, eyes dripping in lust.

Again I whispered in her ear, "All those pretty little girls are all yours, mommy. They will all do anything you tell them to, and you can do anything you want to them, any time you want, all the time, mommy, all the time from now on, forever and ever all the pretty little girls to do anything you want to. They're all good little girls. They all mind their mommy, do anything she tells them to."

Her legs wrapped around Lexi's back helping her fuck as her husky voice said, "Fuck mommy, baby, fuck mommy hard." She groaned with each thrust now, body heavy with sweat. Shaking like a leaf, her legs jerked Lexi into her with each thrust. "Fuck mommy, you little cunt. Do what I say, cunt! Fuck mommy, you little bitch, you little whore, fuck mommy harder!" she repeated, jerking Lexi hard into her cunt.

Lexi started up in her sing-song little girl voice, "Mommy's gonna cum now, mommy's gonna cum."

With my lips against Miss Ida's ear again, my fingers digging hard into her breasts, I said, "All those little girls are all yours, mommy." Her eyes were on fire as they shot back up at me. "Let her have it, cunt. Cum, you fucking cunt. Cum for your little girl now."

With a scream, Miss Ida went over the top. With hips arched high in the, body shaking so hard you would have thought you could hear her bones rattling, Ida went into a massive orgasm, wave after massive wave of pleasure sweeping through her body. On and on it went, minute after agonizing minute. Lexi looked at me as she pumped away, drenched in sweat. I could tell she was about to faint from exhaustion. "Hang on, Lexi," I offered. "It has to end soon."

But it may have been 10 full minutes before Miss Ida finally collapsed, her body crashing down in a violent shake. As she continued to lie there, her eyes rolled back in her head, body shaking, lungs gasping for air, Lexi crawled up beside me to watch down on her.

"God, is she going to die?" Lexi asked.

I laughed. "I don't think so," I answered. We sat there watching and listening to her.

After maybe 10 minutes, we could see her breathing beginning to level out as her body settled into a tremor, and we both began to relax.

Lexi looked down on her. "She'll do anything we tell her now, won't she Uncle Jimmy?"

I laughed. "She will, Lexi," I agreed. "We own this lady."

A few minutes later, I told Lexi, "Let's cover her up now and let her rest." Lexi went around the bed, and together we pulled the covers over her and left the house.

The next morning Miss Ida answered her front door bell and nearly fainted when she looked down to see pretty little Lexi smiling up at her, holding gorgeous little Debbie's hand. "I brought you a present, mommy," Lexi said excitedly, and fell into giggles.

It would be a pleasure to tell the stories of our time with Miss Ida, but that would take a book. We began by making her dream come true. Niece after niece came to get in bed with her until she believed she could not live without us. Then we used her. We made her arrange with parents from her school to send their daughters to her for sleepovers so we could fuck them, which Miss Ida loved watching. We introduced her to her parents so we could have her take us on trips, wherever we felt like going. Again, Miss Ida enjoyed these as much or more than us. We used her beautiful house for whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. When we wanted to spend the night somewhere our parents would not approve of, we told them we were sleeping over at Miss Ida's and made her cover for us if they checked up. We brought men and women over to make her fuck them. As we got older, we used her house for parties. For my parties, she had to fuck all the guys who felt like fucking her. As the nieces grew up, they lost their need for Miss Ida, though never their love, but I never did. When I would come home from college and even afterwards, I would have her gather up her current crop of little girls to have them waiting for me.

Miss Ida retired from teaching when she reached her early 70s, but I do not think she lost interest in little girls until she died at the age of 85. All my nieces and I were at her funeral, and we all cried at her passing. A little kinky perhaps, but she was, all in all, a very sweet lady.

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