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The Life and Times of Old Uncle Jim

Learning to Cope in the Modern World: Megan



Kids like to play; it is what they do. For kids, playing sex is a fun game, as are any number of other games, more fun than most, certainly, but certainly not the only game a kid wants to play. And all kids do play sex, of one form or another. If the reader has a young daughter, I can say without hesitation that the little girl plays sex, even if she only has herself to play with. If she does not, something is wrong because all normal kids play some form of sex from time to time. That some little girls may play sex more than others is, generally speaking, due to opportunity, most assuredly not lack of interest.

Mothers in the 1950s gave their daughters some version of the "don't take candy from strangers" talk, I suppose, but that was the extent of the sex talk; mothers who actually did talk to their daughters only did it a time or two, of that I feel sure, and did not find the need for any follow up to make sure the little girls obeyed. Play sex was simply not considered that important of an issue. And I think it is fair to say that almost every little girl growing up in that time, at least around where I grew up, got to experience some form of play sex with an adult. At school, it could give temporary celebrity status to a little girl. "Hey, did you hear what happened to Sally?" and everyone hurried to find Sally and hear all about her adventure first hand, a story she would share with a great deal of pride. The greater the sexual experience, short of rape, of course, the more famous little Sally became. In our elementary school, kids played at our park, so whatever the adventure, it was something more than simply going into the girls' room with a man.

Play sex was simply not that earth shattering, and I have a funny memory confirming that. My sister Mary had five kids, the oldest being Lilly who was in the same age range as Lexi, Debbie, and Judy, but unlike them, Lilly felt she was the queen bee of her younger siblings, a mothering little girl always worrying over the smaller ones. On a warm summer Saturday when she and her siblings as well as a number of their cousins played in their little swimsuits in the sprinklers of the big backyard, Lilly came running in to tell her mother that the Mexican man who did yard work for people in our end of town was behind the shed peeking at them, shielded from the house but where all the kids could see him. Her mother, my sister Mary, was an awfully hard working, busy lady, with a full time job for the school system as well as five kids to keep up, and on this particular day, she happened to be sewing when Lilly came running in to tattle on the Mexican man. Without looking up, my sister told her, "Stop being such a silly! Now, go on back out and play because I have to get this finished." Sulking Lilly went back out to play, but some time later came running back in to announce that several of the girls had gone back behind the shed where the Mexican man was, and he had squirted white stuff from his thing all over them. An exasperated mother angrily looked up from her sewing and said, "Then tell them to wash it off, it won't hurt them. Now, if you come in here bothering me one more time, young lady, I am going to switch you good, do you hear me?" Today, such a story sounds outlandish, but back then, in the 1950s in our town, my sister's reaction was perfectly normal and could have been expected from most mothers.

This laid back attitude toward kids being around adults continued into the 1980s, when mothers began to get more and more serious in their warnings to their daughters, scaring them about "bad people" who wanted to hurt them, making them feel their very lives were at risk anytime they saw a man they did not know. These kinds of threats began to have a larger and larger impact on accessibility. A mere ten years earlier no one would think anything of a man calling a little girl over in the park or stopping to talk to one walking down the street, but now it was becoming grounds to take action if anyone saw a man do such things. Little girls became much, much more cautious, to the point of running crying to their mothers should a man even say, "Hi!" And if he were able to convince a little girl to accompany him to a secluded spot, the girl might begin crying as soon as he touched her, afraid the man would do something to hurt her.

Realizing a tactical change was needed to offset this cultural change, the one I chose was to befriend the mother. Once a little girl sees that her mother knows and likes you, she becomes more comfortable and willing to play. Befriending mothers is not as difficult as it first may seem. For instance, I might cruise with a shopping cart in a major store or supermarket looking for a kid I wanted to play with. By watching the mother's shopping pattern I could lay an ambush, picking the next aisle over to block with my cart as I contemplated whatever was on the shelf. Moving the cart to let the mother pass, I could ask for advice. Women know how inept men are at such things, so by asking her advice, she becomes all too happy to demonstrate her superior knowledge, making it easy to strike up an actual conversation. After the groundwork was laid, I could then look down toward the little girl and comment on what a cute girl she had and ask her name. By directing the first few questions about the girl to the mother, it would then become acceptable to speak directly with the girl, and the more I was able to talk and find out about her, the more comfortable with me both the mother and daughter would become. It was never difficult to find out where she lived, where she went to school, what her hobbies and habits were.

Even with a mother's friendship, it could take months to find play time with the girl, but during those months, I could prime the girl in little ways, getting her comfortable sitting in my lap, for instance, or squeezing her little butt as she passed, and of course, little hello and goodbye hugs and kisses. Sooner or later, the mother would call me with something like, "Didn't you tell me you had a good babysitter for your daughters?" and my mind would joyfully scream, "Aha!" as I offered my services. The next time the parents went out, the little girl would beg her mother to call me, and she would. After a few such times, it became quite natural to say, "Why don't you just drop her off with her sleep clothes? She won't bother me, we can get a good night's sleep, and I can bring her home in the morning." Over the years, this very scenario occurred many times.

A good number of the mothers I met were single, which consistently worked out well. Single mothers are always on the look-out for somewhere to leave their child while they go out, and often are semi-desperate to find someone reliable. I cannot remember how many single moms called me a "god-send" as they rushed into my house, dropping the kid off to fly back out the door on their way to a date or a function.

When Katy was hired to tend bar at a little neighborhood bar near me, the first thing I noticed was a picture of her cute little daughter placed near the cash register. Katy was in her mid-twenties and had just moved to my city in order to be with her boyfriend. Katy's story was not that unusual: she dropped out of high school when she got knocked-up by someone long gone, her mother was also a bar maid, and Katy could barely remember her little girl's father. The relationship with the boyfriend that brought her to my neighborhood bar lasted something less than six months before she and her little girl packed up to move back home with her mother.

Befriending Katy was a piece of cake, only requiring my time and attention to learn her life story, her dreams and her plans for the future. On the very first weekend following her arrival, she and her boyfriend, along with her daughter Megan, came by my house in his rattling pick-up truck to pick up a bed I had in storage which I had given Katy for Megan's use. Katy introduced the boyfriend as Roy, a young, lanky construction worker in his middle 20s, a relatively nice-looking fellow, I thought, but rough acting and looking, gangly and awkward socially although friendly enough.

Megan was eight years old, about three and a half feet tall, thin but not skinny, with her new permanent front teeth giving her ready smile a bit of a Bugs Bunny look, making her all the cuter with freckles across a pert little nose and sandy hair pulled back in a bouncing ponytail. Happy and excited to be getting the "new" bed and furnishings, Megan's childish exuberance had her unable to contain bouncing up and down as I met her, introducing myself and asking her to call me "Uncle Jimmy," as I normally do with kids. Kids are uncomfortable calling grownups by their first names and since "Mr." is often too formal for many kids, they end up with nothing to call you. Having them call me "Uncle Jimmy" solves those problems.

Megan had outgrown her clothes making the soft, almost worn out, knit tank top stretch tightly across her chest, straps cutting into her shoulders, and she was constantly pulling it down to cover her flat little tummy, while her little nylon shorts, probably two sizes too small for her, stretched tight and short over her cute little butt, making her already long legs look that much longer. Back then, we didn't have the term, "camel toe," or I would have used it to describe how the seam of the tight shorts pulled into the slit of her little pussy to accentuate the sexuality of the little 8-year old. She was cute, as was her mother Katy, but the outgrown clothes did lend a somewhat trashy look, I would have to add, although I could see that given the opportunity to dress her properly she would look great.

Seeing the furnishings I was giving her, perfectly nice girl's bedroom furniture one of my daughters had simply outgrown, Megan was beside herself, squealing and hopping as she jumped into my arms to thank me with effusive hugs and kisses, to the point a laughing Katy had to ask her to calm down a bit, explaining to me that Megan had never had her own furniture before. Holding the little girl on my arm with her legs wrapping my waist and arms hugged tightly around my neck, I patted and gently squeezed her firm little butt cheeks as I told Katy I could understand Megan's feelings completely. This was an inordinately friendly little kid, completely comfortable being touched and held.

Where else would boyfriend Roy live but a run-down trailer park, and his trailer was pretty much the worst of the lot as we pulled up in front, with me following in my own vehicle to help set up the bed as well as deliver a lamp, little dresser, night table and some other things for the little girl to use. Katy made Megan ride with them in the pick-up on the way over, but on arrival the little girl's enthusiasm had hardly waned as she ran back to hop back into my arms as I got out of the vehicle. Since Katy and Roy were occupied opening the trailer house, I could hold Megan's body wrapped around me in front to allow my hands a better feel of her body as I held her lips to mine for a longer, more intimate kiss. She was comfortable with this and only Katy and Roy returning made it necessary to set her back down.

After we had set up the bed, I sat on the front porch with Roy drinking a beer while the girls finished arranging the furniture. By the time they finished and came out it was toward evening, so I suggested Katy and Roy go out on the town to celebrate her arrival, telling them I had nothing better to do than take Megan to dinner and stay with her until they got back. In a flash, they jumped for that idea.

Megan and I stayed out on the porch while they went in to get ready, and as Megan happily chattered away, I spread my knees apart to draw her between them, reaching between her legs and pulling her up on my leg, against my crotch, my arm enwrapping her body for my hand to rest on her outside thigh while my other hand stayed down between her legs, pulling her leg into me to feel its warmth against my swelling cock. Totally relaxed she offered no sign of resistance to anything I did with her as she began telling me all the wonderful ideas she had for her new bedroom. As we talked, exchanging ideas, my hand massaged her inner thigh, my fingers sliding up under the hem of the shorts to find where her leg began to extend down from her crotch and massage the tips of my fingers along the bare skin forming the seam. I could hardly keep my eyes off her little nipples puffing up so cutely underneath the tightly stretched knit top. Looking down at them, I playfully pinched one, interrupting our conversation to ask jokingly, "Are you already getting boobs, Megan?"

She blushed a little but did not flinch and with her little girl giggle said, "No, not yet. They just poke up like that when I'm excited," giggling at her comment. She meant, I felt sure, she was excited about the new furniture, but I liked the thought of how they would look when the little pussy bulging through the seam of her shorts got hotter.

She was a chatter-box, and I played with both her nipples as we continued to talk, my confidence rising that she would not object to anything I did with her body. Dropping my hand back down inside her thighs, I began to press my fingers more and more into the crotch of her shorts as I massaged her inner thigh. In five minutes I had gone from barely knowing her to knowing her little body intimately. And if she felt my bulging cock pulsing underneath the butt cheek resting on it, which she almost certainly did, she seemed not to notice.

Katy and her boyfriend came bouncing out, ready to go. I could see Katy was more than happy to see that Megan and I were getting along so well, and I hoped my cock would soften a little before we had to stand to see them off. "Okay what time do you want us back, Jim?" Katy asked cheerfully.

"Oh, I don't care," I responded. "Megan and I can just curl up on the couch and watch some television, can't we Megan?" Laughing, I added, "And I bet she'll want to try out her new bed pretty early. If I'm asleep when you get in, just give me a kick." I knew damn well they would not be back before 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning.

Megan and I stood waving goodbye, my hands on her shoulders holding her in front of me, and then I sat back down, pulling her back between my legs. I asked Megan what time she thought they would be back. "I bet it's pretty late," she giggled. Then with wide eyes staring at mine, she added, "Sometimes it's morning before mommy gets home!" and then dropped her head, giggling behind her hand like she had just told me a naughty little secret and I chuckled merrily with her.

Sliding my hand under the tight top to massage my fingers into the warmth of her tummy, I joked, "And sometimes I bet she brings guys home with her and you have a hard time sleeping because of all the noise in mommy's bedroom, too, huh?" I laughed waiting for her answer.

Megan laughed knowingly and, lifting her eyebrows, added, "Yeah, I'll say!" and fell against me in naughty giggles.

Dropping my hand back down between her legs, I pressed my knuckles into her crotch as my fingers massaged her inner thigh. Leaning my head into hers, I whispered conspiratorially, "Do you ever get up and go peek inside to see what they're doing?"

Megan collapsed against me in naughty giggles at that, placing her hands over her face and lifting her knees slightly and bringing them together, trapping my hand between them as her legs mimicked a little running motion to go with her giggling. "Aha!" I laughed. "So you have peaked in, you little rascal," pulling her giggling body closer against me. Whispering again, I said, "Okay, tell me, what did you see?"

Peaking up at me from behind her hands, her eyes sparkled as she bit her lip before saying, "I saw them doing it," and fell back down into giggles.

I laughed delightedly with her in my naughtiest way before, trying to catch my laughter, I managed to whisper, "Okay, Megan, now you've got to tell me. What did it look like? Tell me what you saw, okay?"

Dropping her hands down enough to expose her twinkling, naughty eyes she looked up to me from her curled up giggling position. Reaching up to clasp my shoulders, her bright eyes stared into mine, her mouth a broad, wicked little girl grin as she said, "Okay, once I saw mommy sitting on top of this guy? And she didn't have on any clothes at all!" She fell into giggles again but managed to add, "And she was going up and down on his thing and they were making all kinds of noises!" Now she collapsed again into the naughty giggles before recovering enough to look up for my reaction. "It was s-o-o-o funny!" she added, still giggling profusely.

Still laughing, I bent over to whisper, "She was fucking him, wasn't she?"

"Yeah, she was," Megan nodded enthusiastically, eyes twinkling. "And you should have heard her! She was going like, 'Oh my god, oh my god,' and all kinds of things!" Falling into giggles again, her eyes looked sexy as she added, "I could tell mommy really, really liked it!"

"Wow," I said, still laughing. "Well, good for mommy, right? I bet it's fun to watch mommy having fun."

"Yeah, it is," Megan laughed. Her confidence in telling me all this was rising, and she added, "I've seen her do it a lot of times. She likes to do it."

"I bet she does!" I laughed. "Your mommy is really pretty just like you are, Megan. I bet all the guys want to fuck her, huh?"

"Yeah, they do," she laughed. Relaxing to snuggle back down into my lap, she thought about what I had said. Glancing up, she asked, "Do you really think I'm pretty, Uncle Jimmy?"

Laughing, I lifted her chin to say, "You know you are, silly girl." Letting my eyes roam over her face, I added, "You are gorgeous, Megan."

Giggling, she brought a knee up on my leg so she could lift herself up to give me a kiss. "You really think so? Honest?" she asked, her twinkling eyes searching mine.

"Honest to goodness," I confirmed. Lifting her chin to me, I said, "Gorgeous face," then watching as my hand caressed over her hair and down the ponytail, I said, "Pretty hair," then letting my fingers trail down her body, I said, "Great body," and as my fingers caressed down the outside of her leg and back up the inside of her thigh, I added, "And your skin feels so soft and velvety, so nice." Her hand on my arm, Megan's eyes followed my hand down her leg and back up, and I cupped my hand around the pussy mound of her open crotch, squeezing my fingers into her. "You feel really, really good, Megan," I laughed.

Not flinching or making any effort to stop me, Megan giggled lasciviously. "You're just being silly, Uncle Jimmy," she giggled. Laughing as my hand gave her pussy mound a little shake for emphasis, I said, "No, I'm not, Megan. Damned if you're not about the sexiest thing I've ever seen!"

Giggling and blushing slightly, making her face awfully cute with those little freckles across her nose, I could tell she felt good about my compliment, but she managed a cute, questioning expression on her face as she said, "Do you really think I look sexy, Uncle Jimmy?"

Laughing and giving her pussy mound another shake, I said, "You know you are, Megan. I bet your mommy's boyfriends tell you that all the time."

Giggling again she admitted, "Yeah, sometimes they do." She relaxed down on me again, looking thoughtful as her fingertips stroked the top of my hand wrapping her pussy mound, perfectly comfortable with it being there.

"Yeah, sometimes I bet they feel you up like I'm doing," I chuckled.

"Sometimes," she agreed with a giggle, still thinking as her fingertips stroked my hand. A thought suddenly struck her and she looked up at me. "When guys come to pick mommy up to go out, mommy is never, ever ready!" she said sternly. "Ever."

I laughed. "Women are like that," I agreed.

"So she always says, 'Megan, talk to him while I finish getting dressed, okay?'" Megan shook her head disgustedly. "She does that all the time!"

"How mean of her!" I laughed. "So you have to entertain them, huh? How do you do that?"

"Huh," she said, still thinking about her mother. "I just talk to them," she said, and smiled at me.

"I bet you flirt with them, you naughty girl," I laughed, giving her pussy mound yet another shake.

She thought for a moment, and giggled. "Yeah, sometimes, I guess," she admitted.

"So what do you do?" I asked. "Sit on their lap and stuff like that?"

"No," she said, and then giggled. "Sometimes they pull me down on their laps."

Laughing, I said, "They like to feel you up, I bet. Right?"

She blushed slightly, looking a little coy. "Yeah, sometimes," she answered, and giggled at the thought.

"But you don't mind that, do you?" I asked, "Getting felt up?"

"I don't guess so," she said thoughtfully. Thinking more about it, she giggled, "Sometimes it's kind of fun."

I laughed at her honesty and gave her a hug. "It sounds fun to me," I agreed. "I bet it's fun to make a guy's big old cock hard, isn't it?"

She giggled, looking up with twinkling eyes. "Yeah, it is," she admitted, and fell back into giggles. Looking up again with wicked little girl eyes, she added, "They like to rub me around all over it when it's like that. Isn't that funny!" and she fell over laughing.

I laughed with her. "I bet they want to stick their big cock in you and fuck you, don't they?" I said. "But you're still too young so they have to stick it in mommy and fuck her, right?"

Megan laughed with me, but I could see she was thinking as she looked up at me. It was quiet for a moment as she considered, and then squirming around to crawl up on me, her knees now in my lap as she faced me, bending down beside my head to cup her hand around my ear and whisper, "Can you keep a secret, Uncle Jimmy?"

"Of course, I can, honey," I whispered back, sensing something important was coming.

She stared into my eyes for a moment, and then leaned back down to my ear, again cupping her hand around it. "Mommy's last boyfriend fucked me," she whispered.

I shook my head as if I hadn't heard right. "No," I said.

"Yeah, he did," she repeated. "A bunch of times."

Shaking my head again, I said, "Wow, honey, you're going to have to tell me all about this." Moving her knees down beside my hips so she straddled me and settling her into a comfortable sitting position facing me, I said, "Start at the beginning, okay? Who was this guy and how did mommy meet him?"

She squirmed getting her butt settled comfortably into my lap as she thought about it and said, "Okay, so we're living at memaw's house out in the country and mommy is working it town." "Memaw," I assumed was Katy's mother. "And this guy David comes out to pick mommy up to go out." She rolled her eyes. "Of course mommy wasn't ready so I had to talk to him while she got dressed." I could see Megan was picturing what happened in her mind. "So he pulls me down in his lap and he's rubbing around on me, and I can feel his thing is getting hard like guy's things do?" She looked up to me to see if I understood.

I chuckled a little. "Well, of course his cock got hard," I said. "You're a sexy kid."

She smiled and went on. "So he sticks his hand in my panties and rubs me inside here," looking down to indicate where, her finger pressed into the seam of the shorts inside the slit. She glanced back up to see if I understood, and I nodded yes. "So I can tell he really likes rubbing me there and he pulls me close and says, 'God, you are so fucking hot, kid, I really want to fuck you.' I think he's funny because he's getting so excited about me." She looks at me again for understanding, and I nod again. "So he takes my hand and puts it on his thing so I can feel how hard it is, and I feel it up and down and it really is hard. He asks me if I like feeling of it and I say, 'Yeah, it's fun.'" She looked at me again.

"Sure it's fun," I agreed. "Every girl has fun making guys' cocks hard. Nothing wrong with that." I laughed. "And I bet it wasn't the first one you'd ever felt of, either."

She giggled and smiled at me. Then she thought about her story more. "So anyway, mommy moves us in with David. He lives in town and she doesn't have to drive nearly so far." She looked at me.

"Makes sense," I said, nodding my head.

She thought for a moment, organizing her thoughts. "Okay, so like I'm watching television when he gets home from work, okay?" she said, "and mommy's at work, okay?" I nod my understanding. "And David gets home and he's all dirty because he works at the mill, right?" Again I nod. "So he takes a shower and then comes walking in just wearing his underwear, those boxer shorts like guys wear?" I nod. "So he gets a beer and then sits down to watch television with me." She thought again, constructing her thoughts. "So like on the first day we live there, he sits down for awhile, and then he gets up and says let's watch a movie. That's okay with me, right?" I nod again. "He goes over and picks one out off the shelf and sticks it in and then comes back and sits down close to me on the couch, wraps his arm around me and pulls me over to him so we can like watch it together?" I nod. "He says to me, 'You're gonna like this one, baby,' and it comes on and," her eyes spread wide as she looks up at me incredulously, "Do you know what kind of movie it was?"

"Was it a fuck movie?" I laughed.

"Yeah," she answered, looking at me. "How'd you guess that?" Shaking her head, she continued, "So we're watching these people doing it on the television and he's sitting there and," she laughed, "he's talking to the screen, saying stuff like, 'Oh yeah give it to her,' and he's rubbing his thing with his hand and I can see it's getting hard because he's just got on those boxer shorts and I can see it is, okay?" She looks up at me to see if I am getting the picture.

Giving her butt a squeeze, I laughed. "Lots of guys love to watch fuck movies. That was the first one for you?"

She laughed. "Yeah." Laughing as she shook her head, she added, "Everybody runs around without any clothes screaming and moaning and stuff." Bending over laughing, she looked back up to say, "They are so dumb!"

I laughed. "Yeah, they really are, honey," I agreed. "Anyway, it was probably fun for you to watch him playing with his cock and acting so silly, right?"

She laughed. "Yeah, he sounded like all those people on the TV," she said, laughing. I laughed with her. Getting back to her story, she said, "So David has his arm all the way around me pulling me against him so I was squashed kind of sideways against him and like my head was on his chest, you know?" She blinked up at me to see if I understood.

"I get the picture," I said. "Bet you were pretty excited, too, right? I mean watching him like that?"

She grinned at the thought. "Yeah, it was pretty weird." Thinking back, she added, "I was wondering what he was gonna do next." She blinked her wide eyes. "You know what I mean?"

"Sure, I do," I laughed. "You wanted to see his cock. Who wouldn't?"

She giggled. "I guess so," she admitted. I could see her constructing the next part of her story. "So he takes my hand, see?" holding up one of her little hands, "and he puts it inside his shorts and wraps it around his thing and says, 'Squeeze on it for me, baby,' so I do and he says, 'Good girl, now pull on it for me,' so I do and he says, 'Oh yeah, that feels good.'" She stopped, blinking up at me.

Laughing, I said, "You were jerking him off, huh? That was fun for you, right?"

She thought about it. "Yeah, I guess so," she admitted with a giggle. "It felt s-o-o-o hot!"

"I bet," I laughed, squeezing her butt cheeks. "Go on, okay? What did he do next?"

"He reached over his hand and put it down here," she said, cupping her hand around her crotch, "and his other hand lifted up my leg so my foot was on the couch?" She looked up blinking again to see if I got the picture.

"That was okay with you, right?" I asked. "So you're pulling on his cock and he's rubbing your pussy," I said. "What next? What does he say?"

She giggled. "He said, 'Good pussy,'" and she bent over briefly giggling before sitting back up to coninue. "And everything feels good to David, I can tell," she giggled at the memory, "because he's going like, 'Oh yeah,' and moaning and stuff." She giggled harder and I chuckled along with her. She thought again. "Then he stands up and takes off his boxer shorts and sits back down and he's naked." She gave me an amazed look with her pretty, wide open eyes.

"Wow," I said laughing. "I bet that was exciting, huh?"

"Yeah," she laughed. She thought back. "I was scared, but it was like, 'Wow!' you know?" she said laughing.

I laughed. "I guess so!" I agreed.

She giggled. Thinking again on her story, she continued. "So David pulls me over on top of him, like between his legs on his belly?" She looked up to see if I understood, and I nodded. "He's holding me down tight on his thing and I can feel it under me pressing into my tummy?" Looking at me, I nodded again. "So then he pushes me down between his legs down on my knees, and he holds my head while he rubs his thing all over my face, you know?" again looking up to see if I was following. I nodded again. "Then he starts poking it in my mouth and he says, 'Suck on it for me, baby,' and he sticks it inside my mouth. He takes my head and starts pulling it in and out while I suck on it." She stopped to see if I was keeping up.

Laughing, I said, "You were giving him a blow job. Was that your first time?"

"Yeah," she said. Arching her eyebrows to widen her eyes, she added, "It's too big. Just a little bit goes in and my mouth was stuffed!"

I laughed. "Yeah, I know," I said. "He was lucky if he could get the head of his cock inside your little mouth."

She laughed. "Yeah, I almost gagged!" she laughed, and I laughed with her, nodding in agreement.

"But you didn't mind that, did you, sucking him off?" I asked. "I bet that was pretty exciting for you."

"Yeah," she agreed with a giggle, "but his stuff got all over me when he cummed!" Thinking about it, she added. "It squirted and squirted!" She laughed. "I thought it never was gonna stop squirting!" The word "cum" came out easily.

I laughed at the picture. "Were you swallowing it while it was squirting?"

"Yeah, but it was too much!" she laughed. "And it tasted awful!" she added, and shivered her shoulders with a disgusted look. I chuckled as she continued. "It was all over my face and clothes and everything. David wiped my face with his finger and stuck it in my mouth so I swallowed all that, too." Again, she made a face and shivered. "We wiped up as much as we could and I swallowed it." She thought a moment before continuing. "So I went to take a shower and then went to bed." Looking at me, I nodded again. "So I was like almost asleep and he came in and turned on the light and I could see he was hard again. He came up to the bed and said, 'Suck on it again, baby.' So I started sucking again and he reached down under my gown and started rubbing me here again," her fingers again on her pussy. "He said, 'Take off your panties, baby,' so I took them off and started sucking on it again and he started rubbing on me again. He said, "Spread your legs, baby, so I can look at your pussy,' so I did and I could feel his fingers sliding around in there." She looked up to see if I understood.

"He had his finger in your slit rubbing you inside here," I said, pressing my finger into the seam splitting her pussy lips. "I know that felt good to you, but what did he do next?"

She giggled a little. "He called it a 'bald little pussy.' He had one hand pulling my head on his thing and the other one was rubbing me down there and I could tell he was getting really excited. He's rubbing down there and saying, 'Good little pussy,' and stuff like that, and then he starts trying to push his finger up in me. It hurt so I went, 'Ouch, that hurts.'" She looked at me, and I nodded. "It hurts a lot," she added, looking at me to make sure I knew this. I nodded emphatically. Back to her story, she continued. "So he sticks his thing back in my mouth and says, 'Just keep sucking, baby, I just want to play with your pussy.' Then in a minute he like jabs his finger really hard up in me and I screamed!" Her wide eyes blinked at me, and I shook my head that I understood. "He says, 'Sorry, baby, I was just checking your pussy out,' and he sticks his thing back in my mouth. He keeps playing with me down there, but pretty soon he takes my head in both hands and says he's gonna cum. He does and this time I do pretty good at swallowing it all so there's not such a mess. Then he goes back into the living room and I go to sleep." She looked at me, blinking again to see if I was following.

"So that was on the first day you lived there?" I asked.

"Yeah," she answered, thinking about it. "We did pretty much the same thing every day after that," she said, still thinking. Looking up at me, she said, "I didn't mind it so much, but every night he would poke his finger up hard in me down there and it hurt! I told him to stop and he said okay but then he would do it again. It made me mad!" She flushed a little thinking about it, and then looked at me.

"I bet it did," I said sympathetically. "So when did he fuck you?"

"That first Saturday," Megan replied. "He went to the bar when mommy went to work, and then that night he came home and he was drunk. Mommy was still at work." She definitely knew what being drunk meant. "I was in bed but he came and got me and carried me into the living room and there was one of his dirty movies on. He sat down holding me on him and pulled off my panties and rubbed me while he watched. Then he got naked again and had me pull on him while he rubbed me. He was really getting excited, I could tell by the way he was talking and breathing and stuff. He was holding our heads together while he rubbed me and I pulled on his thing and he was whispering stuff like, 'Oh baby, your pussy feels so good, so hot. I wanna fuck you so bad. You want it, don't you, baby? Tell daddy you want it.' I was getting scared then, so I didn't say anything. I just wanted him to cum so I could go back to bed." She looked at me, and I could see her eyes were scared.

As softly and soothingly as I could, I said, "What an asshole, honey," gently stroking her back.

"Yeah," she said. She thought for a moment before continuing. "Then he pulled off my nightgown and pulled me around on top of him and started kissing me." She made a disgusted face. "He stuck his tongue in my mouth." This time she made a shudder to go with the face of disgust. "I told him to stop doing that but he told me I better shut up and behave. He started doing it again, sticking his tongue in my mouth, and then he started trying to shove his finger up in me again. I screamed because it hurt and told him to stop. This time he lifted me up and held me in front of him and shook me hard, really hard, and told me to shut up. I could see he was mad. I thought he was going to hit me, and I started crying. I was scared. He shook me hard again and said, 'You better shut up, you little cunt, if you know what's good for you.' He was staring at me with a mean look so I tried to stop. He reached under me and started pushing his finger up in me again, hard, and looking at me with those mean eyes like he was daring me to cry. It hurt so bad but I knew he'd hit me if I moved." The memory had tears running down her cheeks as she looked at me, trying to blink and rub them away.

"Sorry bastard," I said, stroking her back as I helped her brush the tears away. "Then he fucked you?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said softly. "He carried me back to my bed and got on top of me and started poking his finger hard up in me. I cried and tried to get away but he held me. The he got bent down over me, his arm around holding me so he could push hard and he shoved his finger as hard as he could and that's when it felt like, I dunno, like I'd been shot or something. It hurt so bad I couldn't even scream, I couldn't even breathe!" Again she looked earnestly at me to see if I was getting picture. "I knew his finger was inside me and I could see he was jamming it in and out but everything hurt so bad I couldn't feel anything. Then he wrapped his arm around me and kind of lifted me up while he put his thing in and then he just fell down into me and I could tell his thing was inside me. He started going up and down on me and then he started to cum and I could tell it really, really felt good to him. After he got done, he kind of flopped over and passed out and that's where mommy found him, naked in my bed."

She was softly sobbing as she finished, and I held her close, cradling her in my arms. "You poor girl," I said. "What a horrible, horrible man." We sat like that, gently rocking her as I stroked her back and cradled her, letting her work her way through the pain of the memory.

Finally, she sat back up, looking at me again with blinking, reddened eyes, and shrugged. "So that's where your mommy found him, huh?" I said. "Passed out on your bed."

"Yeah," she sniffed. "Mommy was screaming and throwing things at him and hitting on him." Her eyes widened as she looked at me. "You should have seen my bed! You wouldn't believe all the blood. Mommy said it looked like a hog had been butchered." She looked at me to see if I got that. "That's what she said!"

"Wow," I said, shaking my head. "Sorry, sorry bastard."

"Mommy said we'd find another place to live," she said. "She made him promise not to touch me anymore ever."

"But he did, though, didn't he?" I said softly.

"Yeah," she said, thinking back. "He left me alone for awhile, but then one night he woke me up and asked if I would suck on his thing again." She looked at me for understanding. "He was being nice and all so I sucked it for him." Looking up to me, I nodded understandingly. "Then we started doing what we were before, you know? He'd come home from work, take a shower, and then we'd play around." Thinking back, she shook her head and then gave a little shudder. "Then that very next Saturday, you know what? He went to the bar with mommy just like before, and then he came home drunk, just like before, and the next thing I knew he was on top of me fucking me again." This time her emotions had her mad, her little body flushed with anger. "But this time when he finished, he didn't pass out. He lifted me up in the air and held me in front of him and looked at me with those mean eyes again and told me that if I told mommy he would beat the shit out of me and then he'd beat the shit out of mommy." A tremor shook her little body. She blinked up at me. "He scared me. He really meant it. I could tell," and again she looked at me for understanding.

I nodded in understanding. "So you didn't tell your mommy," I confirmed.

Shaking her head no, she said, "No, I was afraid to." She thought again. "Besides, we didn't have anywhere else to live," then looking up at me searchingly added, "You know?"

Nodding agreement, I said, "I understand, honey." I hugged her close again and then looked into her eyes once more. "He was the bad guy, honey."

"Yeah," she said. Thinking back again, she said, "After that, he was nice for a couple of days and we did what we had been doing. Then while we were doing that, playing on the couch, he stuck his finger up inside me and asked if it still hurt. I told him yeah but not as much, so we kind of lay there on the couch watching the movie while he pushed his finger in and out of me while I pulled on his thing. He'd ask me how it was feeling, and I'd say, 'Better,'" she looked up at me for understanding and I nodded, "and it didn't hurt very much." She shrugged her shoulders. "Then next day he did it again, stuck his finger up in me, and I told him it didn't hurt much, because it didn't." She looked up to me and again I nodded understanding. "Then next day he was doing that and we were watching the movie and I told him it felt okay. That's when he pulled me up on top of him and started sticking it back in me. I told him it hurt bad and to stop, but he just kept pushing me down until I felt it go back inside me. I was crying because it hurt and telling him to stop, but he just told me to shut up and kept fucking." Again she looked up and again I nodded understanding. "After that, he fucked me every day."

"Did it stop hurting?" I asked, stroking her back.

"Yeah, after awhile it was okay," she said. "It just made me really sore down there." As she thought back on it, her hand had absentmindedly curled around her crotch and she lay against me remembering. "It wasn't long before mommy moved us back into memaw's house," she said, completing her story.

"Well, I think you're an awfully brave little girl, Megan," I said.

She looked at me. "You do?" she asked.

"I really do," I confirmed. "I'm serious. You just did what you had to do, didn't you? And I think you were absolutely right. That guy would have beaten you up and hurt your mommy. You protected your mommy, didn't you?"

She blinked thoughtfully. "Yeah, I guess so," she answered.

"I think you're a hero, Megan," I said.

She giggled and blushed. "No, I'm not," she said, dropping her chin and looking up to me.

Lifting her chin with my fingers, I said, "Well, I think you are. I think you are a very big girl."

She laughed. "I'm only 8," she said, blinking this time in a flirty way.

"Maybe," I said, "but I think you are still a very big girl even if you are only 8."

"Are you being serious?" she asked, her eyes clearing now as she smiled at me.

"You know you're a big girl," I said, laughing and wrapping my arms around her to pull her up on her knees and tight against me, bringing her head well above mine. "See what I mean?" I said, looking up at her. "See how much bigger you are than me?"

"Yeah," she laughed, looking down on me. "Now I'm the big boss."

"Yes, you are," I laughed, rubbing my nose across her chest from one nipple to the other, my hands clenching into the flesh of her butt cheeks and pulling her to me. "My sexy boss lady." She laughed as I continued rubbing my nose across her and clenching her butt cheeks. Looking up at her, I said, "Would you pull your top up so I can see your nipples, big girl?"

She grinned down on me. "Sure," she said, and her hands pulled the top up under her arms.

It was dark outside now, but the light from inside illuminated and accentuated the pinkness of the puffy little dime-sized nipples. "Wow, those are sexy, Megan," I said, and sucked one into my mouth, biting and pushing into it with my tongue. As I continued to suck one nipple and then the other, her hands had moved to my head. I glanced up to see her watching me. "Does that feel good?" I asked.

She giggled. "Yeah," she answered.

"Can you see how much bigger they've gotten with me sucking on them?" I asked.

She looked down at her chest, and raised her eyebrows. "Wow, they have!" she said, laughing.

I laughed with her. "You are so fucking sexy I can't believe," I said.

"I am not," she said, and her giggles sounded flirtatious now.

"You sure the fuck are," I said, my hands and arms caressing her bare back. "You make my cock so hard it feels like it's going to pop."

She laughed. "It is not," she said, now unmistakably flirting.

She had just told me she likes feeling guy's cocks so I said, "It is, too," and sitting her back down, I added, "Feel it."

Looking down, she could see my cock straining against my pants. She glanced up at me, and then moved her hand around it and felt. Looking up, she giggled and said, "It is hard."

"Told you," I said. "How about your pussy?" I asked, my finger pressing inside the crevice made by the shorts seam. "Do you think it's wet?"

She laughed, blushing slightly. "I don't know," she admitted.

Laughing, I said, "Well, let's go inside and take off these shorts and find out, okay?"

She sat still, looking into my eyes. Then she asked, "Are you going to fuck me, Uncle Jimmy?"

I laughed, lifting my finger to tap the end of her nose. "We are only going to do what your," tapping her nose for emphasis, "pussy wants us to do, okay?"

She smiled at me with a confused expression. "I don't understand," she said, shaking her head.

Chuckling, I said, "Well, let me show you." Standing, I picked her up, lifting under her arms so she could wrap her arms around my neck and legs around my waist. Carrying her into her bedroom, I sat down on the edge of the bed, standing her in front of me, holding her dangling hands. Looking up and down her little body, I said, "God, you really are a sexy, sexy girl, Megan."

She giggled nervously, blushing a little. "I'm just 8," she repeated.

Laughing, I said, "But you are one sexy looking 8-year old." Reaching to lift her head with my knuckle, I added, "And pretty as can be." She giggled, somewhat embarrassed by the directness of the compliment.

Wrapping my arms around her, just below her butt, I fell back on the bed, carrying her with me so she lay on top of me. "You know you are, sexy girl," I chided. She giggled more. Moving myself around with her still on top, I rested my head on the pillow, stretching out down the bed with Megan's head directly above mine. Reaching down, I spread her legs on either side of me and then clasped my hands on her butt cheeks, squeezing and releasing, massaging, then squeezing and releasing, working the butt cheeks gently but firmly. "I love the way your butt feels," I said.

"Really?" she asked.

"Uh-huh," I answered, "You've got a really, really good one." Letting my hands stroke down her legs and back up inside them, I added, "And your skin feels so nice and soft and sexy. I love it."

She blinked at me, still softly giggling. "You really think so?" she asked again.

"I mean it," I said, and with one hand clasping around her butt cheek, I brought the other one up her side and on to her chest, searching out a nipple to squeeze between my fingers. "You're a hot, sexy girl, Megan, believe me," I said. She giggled, and I let my fingers begin exploring and massaging her complete body. "You make me so hot, Megan," I said. "Will you kiss me?" She giggled, and lowered her lips to give me a sweet kiss. "You're a big girl, Megan," I said, "Kiss me like a big girl." Still giggling, she lowered her head again, kissing my lips hard as she wrapped her arms under my head. With my hand behind her head, I pushed my tongue between her lips, into her teeth. A moment's hesitation and she let me enter to find her tongue. Slowly pushing it back and forth, her tongue slowly came to life, pushing back until I was able to lead it into my mouth. Gradually, I could feel her body relaxing with our gently tongue play and one of my wandering hands curled down between her legs to find her crotch and begin to massage. My middle finger pressed harder into her slit through the tight nylon shorts, and she began to respond, slowly at first but then more and more. She was getting hot. Pushing my hand under her tummy, I curled my fingers around her pussy mound and began to press hard into her slit with my finger as it stroked her. Her breathing was coming fast now. Breaking the kiss, I whispered in her ear, "You sexy, sexy girl, Megan. You sexy, hot sexy girl. Does it feel good, sexy girl? Does your pussy like that? Remember we only want to do what your pussy wants us to do. Does it want me to rub it like this?"

"Uh-huh," she purred softly, her eyes closed.

Pushing her legs back together, I hooked my fingers in the waistband of the tight shorts and began to lower them, whispering, "Give me your sweet pussy, Megan, so I can make it feel good, okay?" The hips of her little body rested on my stomach and I was able to lower them down well below her knees as we lay in place. Then I slowly lowered her panties down before reaching back under to curl my hand around the bare, smooth skin of her pussy mound, my finger sinking inside the warm slit and beginning to stroke. Megan raised her leg to the side of my hip, giving more access. "Feel how wet your pussy is, Megan," I whispered. "It's hot and wet, honey, and feels so good." The slight nervousness arising as I lowered her shorts dissipated quickly with the feel of my gentle, firm finger in her slit. "Now your pussy feels really good, doesn't it, sexy girl?" I whispered.

"Yeah," she replied softly.

Slowly and gently I rolled her over on her back, head resting on the pillow as I sat up to remove the clothes on off her legs. My hands under her knees lifted and spread her legs, and her worried eyes followed my head as it lowered between them to her crotch. Her body jerked at the feel of my hot tongue pressing between the pussy's lips, my hands cupping and slightly lifting her butt cheeks as the tongue began to stroke, circling and pushing against the swollen clit. She softly gasped at the feel. As the tongue worked up and down the slit, pushing the clit with each stroke, I could feel tension draining from her body. Her hips began to lift into my tongue, slowly and then more firmly. Glancing up I could see her eyes glazing in lust as she watched me, pushing up her hips into the fucking tongue. When she felt fully hot, I slowly worked my finger into her cunt, sliding it slowly back and forth, deeper with each thrust until it was fully inside. Curling the finger up into her g-spot, I felt a tremor run through her as I brought the finger down over the g-spot. A few more strokes of my finger and tongue and the softness was gone from her moving hips as she thrust them up hard. She was panting now, striving for her orgasmic release. Finger fucking hard and fast I drove my tongue into the clit, ramming it over and over. A shudder ran through her as a muted "Ohhh" came through her lips, and I glanced up to see her eyes spread wide in lust, her pretty mouth hanging open. She was in orgasm, gasping and bucking. My finger and tongue drove her and drove her, maximizing her orgasm until she finally collapsed, head back on the pillow, moaning and gasping, completely limp. Hooking my thumb into the hole, I pulled down, stretching and opening. I stroked two fingers into the hole several times, and then added a third, driving the three in as far as they would go and holding for awhile before repeating the exercise. She was open.

After dropping my pants, I stretched out beside her, wrapping my arms around to roll her over on top of me. Fitting my cock, my hands on her hips gently pushed her little body down over my cock, feeling it pop easily inside before gently rocking her on down over it until I was completely inside her, her head now resting on my chest. Slowly I began to rock her up and down my shaft. "I'm fucking you, honey," I said softly. Lifting her head, she looked up at me and I could see her registering the feel of my cock inside her. She smiled as I moved her body up and down the shaft, over and over, faster and harder. "Your pussy feels good," I said. "Do you think your pussy minds me fucking her?"

Focusing on the sensation, she let me fuck her up and down several more times before smiling up again. "Unh-unh," she murmured. "It feels good."

"I'm about to cum," I said. "Does your pussy want me to cum inside her?"

She giggled. "Yeah, cum inside me," she giggled. She was enjoying this, beginning to buck her little hips up and down to help. "Cum in me, cum in me," she chanted in her little girl voice, fucking hard now, and when she saw me arch back into orgasmic pleasure, she squealed with joy, fucking her hips for all she was worth.

Barely waiting for me to collapse back down gasping, she crawled back up to my head to look down on me. "Was it really good?" she wanted to know. Reaching up to kiss her lips as my hands clasped her butt cheeks, I gasped, "Oh my god, you've got a great pussy, Megan. The best pussy I ever fucked."

She giggled proudly. "Really?" she asked, eyes bright now. "So you want to fuck me some more?"

"I want to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you," I laughed. Looking up at her, I asked, "Does your pussy want me to fuck her some more?"

She laughed with joy, her feet kicking up and down. "She wants you to fuck her and fuck her and fuck her," she laughed, her delight overflowing.

"Okay," I laughed. "Let's get dressed, go eat, and then come back and fuck some more."

"Okay," she announced, hopping up.

It was almost 5 o'clock when I felt Katy gently shaking my shoulder as I slept curled on the couch, a light blanket pulled over me. I stretched, rolling over on to my back. Feeling the soreness in my dick, I came to, realizing where I was. I had cummed in Megan five times, and she had orgasmed at least a dozen times, maybe more. "Bet she is sleeping like a baby," went through my head. I blinked up at Katy, standing there unsteadily, obviously more than a little tipsy. Her boyfriend had headed straight for the bedroom and I had heard him fall on the bed, obviously not bothering to undress, and I could only imagine how drunk he was.

"Sorry we're so late," she said. "We were really having a good time."

"No problem," I smiled back. "Megan and I had fun, too."

After slipping shirt and pants on, preparing to leave, I asked Katy when she had to be at work.

"Noon," she said, frowning. "God, I hope I don't oversleep! They'll fire me."

I rubbed my eyes, thinking. "Will Roy be around to wake you?" I asked.

"No," she said. "His buddies are coming by at 7 to pick him up for work."

"Hmm," I said. "Tell you what, I'll come by at 11:30 and make sure you're up, okay? It won't be any trouble."

"Do you mind?" she asked, her face looking up hopefully.

"No, I don't mind at all," I said, turning toward the door. Stopping, I turned back to add, "I'm going to be working from home tomorrow, so why don't I just take Megan home with me when I come by to wake you so she can play in the back yard and have some company? You can come by to get her when you get off work." As if another thought had just struck me, I added, "Better yet, since you and Roy are going to be tired as hell tomorrow night, why don't you just let her sleep over at my house and I'll bring her home the next morning?"

Katy's face took on the look of relief. "Are you sure you wouldn't mind, Jim?" she said. "That is so wonderful of you. Maybe I can make you breakfast when you bring her back, okay?"

I laughed. "That sounds great," I said, adding as I opened the front door to walk out, "and don't worry. Megan and I are going to have a blast together."

Megan practically lived with me for the next six months, and Katy thought I was a dream come true. I bought Megan nice clothes so I could show her off, a whole wardrobe, in fact, including picking out nylon panties for her. I got her hair done, and even took her to the dentist. I told Katy I loved Megan so much that I felt like her grandfather. "She should be so lucky," Katy said.

And boy, did I ever fuck that little girl. She was good at it. Every fuck of that cute little eight-year old cunt was an absolute delight. She was constantly ready for more, and I got her off by hand and tongue when I could not yet get it up again. We fucked everywhere we went. Parking the car at the mall, she would climb into my lap and we would fuck. Leaving the mall, I would get in with her straddling me and we would fuck again before driving away. I kept her in dresses often so we could fuck anywhere we were, using her little skirt to cover us as she bounced on my lap.

All things must end, though, and after six months Katy broke up with her boyfriend and decided she needed to move back home with her mother. It was a very tearful parting, to be sure, but I promised to come visit whenever I could. And I did several times over the next few years. Megan has always been a special memory for me.

The story demonstrates it is not only possible but safe to find a little girl to play with, even in today's environment. That first Saturday when I helped move Megan's furniture was the third day since meeting her mother at the bar. Such quickness was not as unusual as it may first sound. Under the right circumstances even the most suspicious and proper of mothers will hand their child over to you in a week or so. It is all about being able to recognize opportunity, and then playing the cards well.

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