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The Life and Times of Old Uncle Jim

My Niece Lexi



Certain memories and images stand out as I reminisce back through my life, a particular scene, perhaps, or maybe just an image. Everyone has these. My very first view through an observatory telescope happened with it trained on Andromeda; it was the most beautiful sight my eyes had ever beheld, and today I can close my eyes, bringing the instant back into focus, the image frozen, locked inside my head with the same clarity as the night I first saw it. The surprised look on a pretty little third grader named Victoria's face, the preacher's daughter, who pestered me constantly when I was in high school, always jumping on to my back and wanting to wrestle, when I suddenly stuck my hand under her skirt and inside her panties one day as I pinned her to the grass, looking down into her wide eyes and "O" shaped mouth of surprise to see in her face that this was exactly what she had been wanting me to do. Her pretty face with the surprised expression that somehow managed to convey that my hand in her panties was exactly what she had been wanting is locked forever in my memory. A little girl named Margaret who lived next door to us early in my marriage, whom I was left looking after one day while my wife and the girl's mother went shopping; we started with a tickling game, her leading me on further and further, me in utter terror should my wife or her mother find out as I pulled off her shorts and panties. Then as my tongue brought her to orgasm, I looked up to see the pleasure surging through her and knew, beyond any doubt, that my fears were totally unnecessary. This 8-year old would never tell anyone. The image of Margaret's face carries with it the glorious feeling of emotional release from all fear as I watched her sweet orgasm.

One such image was taken into my memory when I was nine years old, sitting on the couch in the living room of my childhood home. It occurred during Christmas vacation on a day I was charged with seeing after my six-year old niece Lexi and her siblings while her mother and mine were out shopping for Christmas. For some reason, some special occasion I no longer recall, little Lexi wore on that day the prettiest red velvet Christmas dress with a scalloped white lace bib around the throat, a big, wide satin bow tying the waist behind her, and a short, full skirt with a frilly, lacey white nylon little girl's slip underneath. She wore black patent leather Mary Janes over thin white sox with scalloped tops, curled down the usual inch. Her naturally curly, thick auburn hair, a little less than shoulder length, was brushed perfectly, with a pert red bow pinned toward the back.

Lexi was a stunningly gorgeous child, one of those kids people stop in their tracks to watch and admire. Pale, almost translucent skin, perfect features with deep brown eyes and full, naturally rose colored lips, her body thin and well shaped, Lexi was stunningly beautiful. Her mother, my oldest sister Jayne, was herself statuesque and gorgeous, but a very vain woman, in truth, who loved dressing Lexi well and assuming credit for her child's stunning beauty. Lexi could not leave the house without people stopping to comment, and all the attention resulted in Lexi being a very self-assured little girl, confident in her looks and demeanor which only added to the overall effect she had on people.

This is not to insinuate Lexi was completely innocent. As we all were, she too was growing up playing in the park with its playground. From the time she was 3 or 4, she collected nickels and dimes from nice men who came by the sandbox where she and her cousins played, men who paid for the kids to watch them jerk off as they felt the little girls up. By 5 she was letting men lead her into the restrooms, men who paid her to allow them to feel her as she watched them jerk off or, for an extra quarter, she would jack them off herself. By 6, Lexi could make as much money at the park as she cared to, and playing sex was something she enjoyed very much.

The image I have frozen into my memory is of six-year old Lexi, perhaps a little over three feet tall, weighing 40 to 45 pounds, slender but healthy figure, in her red Christmas dress, up on her knees by an ottoman sitting in the middle of the living room, bending over with her elbows resting on it, coloring away in the coloring book spread out before her on the ottoman. She faced away from me at such an angle I could see the profile of her pretty face, but what had my focus were the red, nylon panties showing prominently beneath the short skirt of her dress, replete with row after row of red ruffled lace running from the crotch seam all the way up until disappearing under the skirt.

I sat on the couch behind her, blankly staring at those sexy red-ruffled panties covering her firm little butt swishing back and forth with each stroke of the crayon as Lexi's 5-year old brother Junior and 3-year old sister Janey played in the distant large room in the back of our house. Lexi had one of those cute, firm little butts only little girls can have, and as I sat watching it move back and forth as she colored, I came to realize those panties were really beginning to turn me on.

At 9, I had no sexual interest in kids. My older sister Joy, along with Donna, Patti and their friends, had played sex with me since I was small, and I saw myself as something of a cocksman with older girls like them, girls with bodies having tits and curvy hips and hair on their pussies. The realization that Lexi with her fancy red-ruffled nylon panties was turning me on caught me by surprise.

It had been years since my sister and her friends would dress me as a little girl, wearing their outgrown nylon panties, but I remembered how much I loved the feel of the nylon on my ass, the smooth, silky feel on my little cock, and I feel sure it was this appeal that had me focused on Lexi's firm little panty-clad butt hiked high in the air as she colored away. After several minutes of watching, I rose from the couch and walked over for a closer look at those fancy red-ruffled nylon panties.

Lexi, absorbed in her work, did not seem to notice as I knelt behind her to admire the panties. My hands wrapped around her hips under the dress and slip to feel the panties, and my fingers began to squeeze and massage the flesh of her firm little butt underneath. I was definitely getting hot.

Lexi glanced down over her shoulder. "What are you doing, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked casually.

"I like feeling your panties," I answered, my hands continuing to work over her butt. "They feel sexy."

Going back to her coloring, Lexi said in a knowledgeable tone, "I know. They're really pretty, huh?"

"They feel good," I said, lifting the skirt with its white little slip to fold over her back, totally uncovering the panties as I squeezed and massaged. My fingers began to explore down the crack of her butt, pushing down along the double-lined crotch of the panties between her legs. "Spread your legs, Lexi," I said. "I want to feel under there."

Still coloring, Lexi dutifully spread her knees apart to allow my hand between her legs. As she felt my fingers pressing on down over her asshole and then across her little pussy, she giggled a little, looking back over her shoulder. "What are you doing, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked.

"I'm feeling your pussy," I answered, my fingers finding her slit through the crotch material of the panties and pushing into it to stroke. Lexi laid down her crayons to watch back over her shoulder at what I was doing. My hand circled under her lower tummy to hold her in place as my middle finger pushed inside the slit and stroked up and down through the material. I could feel a hot wetness inside now. "That feels good, huh?" I asked.

"Uh-huh," Lexi giggled.

"You feel sexy, Lexi," I said, undoing my pants and pushing them down to my knees, my stiff little 3-inch cock springing free as I shoved down my underwear.

As she realized what I was doing, Lexi collapsed into giggles. "What are you doing, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked. "You pulled your pants down."

Fitting my little cock between her legs and against her crotch, I pushed her legs back together, my hands squeezing her firm little thighs together as I began to fuck. Lexi watched, open mouthed. "What are you doing, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked again.

"I'm play fucking you," I answered, stroking as far as possible.

Lexi watched me, fascinated. "I can feel your thing between my legs," she giggled.

"It's my dick, Lexi, or my cock," I said, continuing to stroke. "'Thing' is baby talk." It was really feeling good, and I realized I could cum doing this. Stopping before getting any hotter, I stood and, using my hands to help turn her around, said, "Turn around, Lexi. I want to play with your pussy some more."

Quickly pushing herself up, Lexi turned toward me, her butt resting against the ottoman, staring at my throbbing little 3-inch cock as I stood in front of her. "It's really hard, Uncle Jimmy," she said.

Resting my hands on her little shoulders, I stepped closer. "Go ahead and play with it," I said. Lexi's little fingers began to explore, pulling and pushing and feeling my nuts and cock. "You can lick it if you want to," I said. Lexi's eyes went up to mine for a minute, then back down to my cock. She leaned her head over and stroked up my cock with her tongue. She did it again, resting her tongue on the tip of my cock. "Put it in your mouth and suck on it, Lexi," I said. Again she looked up at me and then back to my cock. Leaning forward with her hands clutching the sides of my bare hips for balance, she took it inside her mouth and I could feel her sucking. Placing my hands on the sides of her head, I began slowly to fuck her mouth. "Suck hard, Lexi," I said, rocking my hips into her. "I'm fucking you in the mouth. It feels really good." Again I realized I could cum pretty quickly like this, and I pulled her head back and looked down on her. "Do you like me fucking your mouth?" I asked.

Lexi giggled. "Yeah, that's fun," she said.

"We'll do it some more in a minute and I'll let you make me cum," I said, dropping to my knees in front of her and spreading her legs and pushing her backwards on the ottoman to fully expose the red panties. "Now I want to play with your pussy some more," I said, my hands reaching between her legs to clasp her little butt cheeks and lift her pussy up. Leaning down, I opened my mouth and pressed my lips firmly over her pussy, from the mound down to the bottom of her slit, and blew several long, hot, damp breathes through the crotch of the panties into her pussy. Looking up, I asked, "Does that feel good?"

"Yeah," she giggled. "It feels funny but it feels good, Uncle Jimmy."

Opening my mouth further, I clamped my upper teeth into her mound and bit into her pussy with the lower teeth, dragging them up the slit as I bit deeper into it. I repeated the motions and asked, "Do you like that?"

Breathing harder, she said, "Yeah, that feels good, Uncle Jimmy."

Pressing my mouth against the pussy, I shoved my tongue hard against the crotch material, forcing the lips apart and stroking it up the inside her slit. I did this several times feeling the material getting warmer and wetter. Looking up, I said, "Your pussy is getting hot, Lexi."

"Yeah," she answered, her chest heaving some now.

Sitting up, I slipped my fingers inside the waistband of the panties and began pulling them off. "I want to look at your pussy," I said as she brought her knees together to allow me to take the panties off. Pushing her knees back apart, my fingers spread the swollen lips of the pussy to expose the pinkness inside. My thumb stroked up and down the hot, wet pussy. "It's wet and slippery inside," I said. "I didn't know kids your age got wet and slippery. Did you know it got wet and slippery like this?"

"Yeah," she said, still breathing hard. "It gets like that when I play with it."

I let my thumb roll around on her swollen little clit, feeling her body quiver slightly at the touch. "This is your button," I said. "It's really your clit but people say button sometimes. It feels good when I do this, huh?"

"Yeah, that feels really good, Uncle Jimmy," Lexi answered, panting harder.

Looking inside the pussy, I probed my finger for her vagina. Lifting her spread legs with my hands under her knees, I said, "Lift your legs up, Lexi, so I can see your pussy better." Lexi pulled her legs up to each side of her chest with her hands as she looked down between them. Now I could see her vagina with the hymen covering it. I began trying to work my finger past the hymen to get it inside her.

"What are you doing, Uncle Jimmy?" Lexi asked.

"I'm trying to get my finger inside your pussy hole," I answered, continuing to work diligently.

"Huh?" Lexi asked. "I didn't know I had a hole down there."

"Yeah, girls' got pussy holes," I answered. "That's where you fuck. Guys stick their cocks in the hole and fuck you."

"Huh?" Lexi asked again, this time sounding totally confused. "How do you know all this stuff, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked.

"Joy showed me," I answered. "Joy and Donna and Patti. They've all got pussy holes where they fuck."

Lexi blinked. "Do you fuck Aunt Joy, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked.

"Uh-huh," I answered in my cockiest voice, bragging as I continued to work at her hymen. "I fucked her and Donna and Patti," I continued. "I'm gonna fuck you, too, if we can get your hole open enough."

"Are you sure I've got one?" she asked innocently.

"Yeah, you do," I answered. "Joy's wasn't nearly as covered up as yours is, though. I see your hole down here, that's what I'm trying to get my finger in. But it's little bitty ‘cuz you're so little, nearly all covered up. We've got to get that pushed out of the way."

"Can I feel?" Lexi asked, her hand reaching down to find where mine worked.

"Yeah," I said, taking her hand in mine and guiding her finger to the vagina. "Your fingers are littler than mine so you try poking it in," I added, guiding her middle finger to the spot I had been working.

Her face showed concentration as she pushed and prodded. "Maybe I'm too little," she said.

"Maybe," I said. Watching her, I added, "Lexi, your finger's in the right place. You've got to push harder. Squirm it around while you push it in and see if you can't get it started."

"Okay," she answered, really concentrating and pushing up.

I could see she was making headway getting the tip of her finger in, so taking her finger in my hands I helped her push, and soon we had it in far enough to cover her fingernail. "Hey, you're already this far in," I said, indicating about a quarter inch. "Let's keep trying, okay?"

"Okay," she said, a little pride showing on her face.

In a few more moments, her finger was inside to the middle knuckle. "Wow, Lexi," I said. "Your finger is this far in now," I added, indicating about an inch. "Can you feel it inside?" I asked.

Closing her eyes as she wiggled the finger inside her, she giggled. "Yeah, I can," she said, beaming now with pride.

"That's enough for now, Lexi," I said. "Lay back now and I'm gonna lick your pussy, okay?" I added, pushing her backwards on to the ottoman. "It'll feel good." She giggled, watching me as she lay back on her elbows. Pushing her legs back up, I said, "Hold your legs up so they'll be out of the way." My fingers spread her pussy lips and I pressed my tongue inside and began licking up and down the slit and around her swelling clit. In no time her pussy was hot and wet again. Looking up, I said, "Feels good, huh?"

Her eyes had widened as she watched down. "Yeah, that feels really good, Uncle Jimmy," she answered. "Keep doing it, okay?"

From her short breaths and body temperature, I could sense an orgasm rising almost immediately. Trembling slightly, she said, "You're making me feel all tingly, Uncle Jimmy." I kept going, watching her chest rise and fall with each quick breath through her open mouth which now made soft little "Ah, ah, ah," sounds between each short breath, her body still lightly trembling.

After a few minutes, her trembling subsided as her breathing settled into short, deep breaths, and I knew her little orgasm was ending. "Was that good?" I asked.

"Wow, what was that, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked, her chest still rising and falling.

"That was an orgasm, Lexi," I answered. "You've seen guys cum," I added. "That's how guys orgasm. Women do the same thing only they don't squirt cum like guys do." I laughed. "You just had an orgasm. Did you like it?"

"Yeah, I really like it a lot!" she laughed. "That felt really good, Uncle Jimmy," she continued in amazement.

I laughed as I pulled her hand down and helped her middle finger find her vagina again. "Now let's work on your pussy some more," I said. Her finger slid easily back inside the middle knuckle, and using my fingers to help, I straightened her finger and pushed, feeling it pop past the hymen and slide all the way inside. "Now your whole finger is inside, Lexi," I laughed. "See? You do have a hole in your pussy."

"Holy cow," Lexi said excitedly, lifting herself up to see her finger. She beamed at me. "My finger is all the way inside!" she said.

I began moving her finger in circles, reaming the hymen to enlarge the opening. "We're going to have to make it bigger so I can get my cock inside," I said, "but we can do that, now that we've got a hole."

Looking at my stiff cock, Lexi asked, "You're gonna stick your cock inside me, Uncle Jimmy?"

Still working her finger in circles around her vagina, I answered, "Yeah, I'm gonna fuck you, Lexi. Soon as we have your hole big enough."

After the hole was as big as it would get for now, I looked up to ask, "Have you ever sucked off any of the guy's at the park, Lexi?"

She laughed. "No, not yet," she giggled. "One guy offered me two dollars to suck him, but his cock was too big! I was scared I might choke to death!" she laughed. Giggling, she added, "I let ‘em squirt in my face, though. It costs a dollar if they do," and she collapsed giggling at her bravado.

Standing up, I said, "Well, you can suck my cock. I want to cum in your mouth, okay?"

Lexi blinked up at me. "Are you gonna squirt cum in my mouth, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked.

"Naw," I answered. "I'm too young to squirt real cum yet. But it still feels really good like if I was squirting cum." Pulling her head to me and pressing my stiff cock into her mouth, I said, "This will be good practice for you, Lexi. You're getting to be a big girl now." As I felt her hot mouth begin to suck, I took her pretty head in my hands and began to fuck. "I'm fucking your mouth now, Lexi," I said. "It really feels good." With her hands around my bare butt, she began sucking harder, and after several strokes, I could feel dry cum rising up. "I'm going to cum now, Lexi," I panted. "Suck really hard." As the dry cum came up my little shaft, I slammed hard into her head, as deep inside her mouth as I could and held it there. With a tremble, I moaned, "I'm cumming now, Lexi. Keep sucking." She did until I let go of her head, falling down beside her on the ottoman as I panted and gasped for air.

"Did I do a good job, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked, her eyes imploring.

"You did great, Lexi," I said, laughing between gasping breathes. "Let me get my breath back and I'll lick your pussy some more," I panted. "You ready for that?" I asked.

"Yeah," she giggled.

After her orgasm, Lexi was able to stick her entire finger inside unaided. As she squirmed it around trying to open it further, I sucked my middle finger inside my mouth, coating it with saliva, and in a smooth motion, I pulled her finger out and shoved mine inside her, feeling it hang momentarily on the middle knuckle before pushing it on past, hearing a sharp gasp from Lexi as it popped inside. With my finger completely inside, I said, "Now my finger is inside, Lexi." Reaming it around, I asked, "Does it feel okay?"

Lexi's eyes bulged wide as she watched, her chest still heaving from the orgasm. "Wow," she managed, her eyes transfixed on her crotch. Looking up to me, she answered, "No, it's starting to feel okay, Uncle Jimmy. It hurt some when you first poked it inside but it's okay now."

"Good," I said, still circling and stretching.

After her third orgasm, I again reamed her open with my finger before crawling up on top of her and fitting my cock against the hole. "Let's see if it'll go in now," I said, and shoved it inside, feeling the head pop past the hymen as Lexi let out a sharp squeal, and entered it all the way inside her. Lying still for a few minutes, I asked, "Does it feel okay?"

Her big eyes were locked on mine as she thought about her answer. "Yeah, it hurt some at first but it's starting to feel okay now."

"Let's lay here for a minute," I said, "and then I'm going to fuck you. Tell me when you think it's okay."

"Okay," she said. After a few minutes, she began shifting and moving, testing to see how it felt. "Okay, Uncle Jimmy," she said. "Fuck me but go real slow, okay?"

"Okay," I agreed, and began to slowly pump her, short strokes at first, increasing as I could see her adjusting to the feeling. Once the strokes were full length and I could feel an orgasm rising up, I said, "We're fucking now, Lexi. Does it feel okay?"

"Yeah," she said cautiously, still taking time to adjust to the feeling.

"From now on, it'll feel lots better," I promised. "Now I gotta cum," I added, my eyes closed in pure pleasure at the feel of her tight little pussy. "You're pussy feels too good, Lexi," I panted. "I gotta cum now," and feeling the dry cum shooting up my cock, I groaned in ecstasy.

Lexi began to giggle as she watched my face strain with each spasm. "It feels really good, huh, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked.

By the time I collapsed on her, panting and gasping, my chest heaving, Lexi was giggling convulsively. As I began to catch my breath, she said, still giggling, "I'm a big girl now, huh, Uncle Jimmy?"

"Yeah, you are," I laughed. Seriously, I added, "You've got the best pussy I ever fucked, Lexi."

"Really?" she asked, pride showing through. "Better than Joy? Better than Donna and Patti?"

"Way better," I said. "Your pussy is so much better it's the only one I want to fuck from now on."

"Good," she giggled.

The next time we fucked, Lexi was relaxed and moving her little hips with my strokes. The third time she was into it, her trembling little body breathing hard as she exclaimed, "I feel tingly all over, Uncle Jimmy! It really feels good." At that age, we both could fuck every 20 to 30 minutes, and we did it quite a few times even that first day. For such a little girl, she got awfully good awfully fast at orgasming. It was more than obvious little Lexi loved playing sex.

Lexi and her pretty, red-ruffled panties. My memory still sees clearly the image of her coloring away on the ottoman, her cute red-ruffled butt swinging in rhythm to her coloring strokes. She was my first little girl, and I have always believed she set the pattern I have followed throughout my sexual life.

Within days after we began fucking, we had nieces watching us, and not long thereafter, and with Lexi's help, I began to fuck my other nieces. By the time I reached puberty, not only were all the nieces fucking but we had begun to fuck all their friends. Lexi loved the game of play sex and was creative, ambitious, and daring in playing the game. It is her exploits, not mine, which are remembered and laughed over to this day in the family.

Lexi and I became a team that lasted many, many years, from the time I was 9 through her first marriage when she was 21, and I give her full credit for being the one who taught me how very fun and satisfying playing sex with little girls can be.

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