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The Life and Times of Old Uncle Jim

Random Stories: Jessi



There are things a person should know about kids before playing sex with them. Each kid is unique, with his/her own disposition, comfort levels, etc. as well as physical growth pattern. The desire for sexual play is ubiquitous for all kids and actually begins in the womb, as research now shows, but how it manifests itself varies widely from kid to kid. Some kids are very, very private with their sex lives while others love flaunting their sexuality. Some kids want to play sex games frequently while others are only interested rarely. And for all kids, playing sex is only one game among many they like to play. Men who like to play with little girls seem to either lose sight of this or not realize it at all. A kid does not want to play sex games all the time.

The acceptable age for intercourse with a little girl is wildly misunderstood, and I think it worthwhile to discuss this at some length. By and large, that age is determined by society. That is important to understand. In the United States today, the legal age to marry without parental consent is at least 18 in all states, and generally even with parental consent you must be at least 16. These limits are very recent; traditionally and throughout the country's history, the legal marriage age has been associated with the girl's first menstrual cycle, age 12 or 13 normally. In 1958, 50 years ago, Jerry Lee Lewis legally married a 13 year old girl and although it created quite a bit of humor, no one considered it particularly immoral. Times change. Even today in other parts of the world, the legal age for marriage is as young as 9. Hebrews in biblical times married girls as young as 2 years old, and understand that the word marriage connoted sexual intercourse. During the Middle Ages, it was not unusual for royalty to marry 6 to 8 year old girls, and it was the mother's task to "prepare" her daughter for sexual intercourse on the wedding night. It was not uncommon for the mother to be at the bedside in order to assist with her daughter's first penetration.

My personal feeling is that a girl should be 8 to 10, depending on her development, before fucking. When her breasts begin to bud, she should be about 2 years away from her first period, and my opinion is this is an ideal age to begin fucking. Her hymen has thinned almost as much as it ever will and sensitivity is reduced to the point it is easily stretched to opening size over a relatively short amount of time, 4 to 7 days I would think, although it is so important not to rush it, and always remember to stretch only after she has enjoyed a satisfying orgasm so her pussy is warm and relaxed. The rule of thumb is always: if it is not fun for her, there will be no more fun. This age gives two years of pleasure before the worry of pregnancy begins, after which you must either use a condom or, in more than one instance, I have prompted a girl as to how to present specific symptoms to her mother and doctor so as to cause the girl be put on birth control pills. I have never liked condoms with little girls because the real pleasure is the sensation you get from their tight little pussies; birth control pills are an ideal solution, and if you are clever enough, getting the little girl on them is not impossible.

Men are impulsive: a little girl agrees to fuck, is opened up sufficiently, and the man wants to get it into her before she changes her mind. That would be a mistake, which would probably mean the first fuck is also the last. She has to enjoy the first fuck or there will not be a second one. To assure she will enjoy it, she must be as hot as she has ever been in her life. Her vaginal muscles have to completely relax, allowing entry without discomfort as well as allowing her cervix time to tilt out of the way. Before entering her, take her to orgasm, several good orgasms, in fact. Remember it only takes a kid a few minutes before she is ready to go again, so take advantage of that to make sure she is completely relaxed before entering her.

When a little girl says "Stop," it means stop just the same as it does with a big girl. Remember she is doing things for the first time in her life, so when she says stop, it means she has reached the limit of her comfort level. Hearing stop can be extremely frustrating after working so hard to get where you are, but that has no bearing. You must stop at once and back off. Usually, all that is required is a little patience, giving her time to adjust to the experience. Often she suddenly realizes she has gone out of her depth, past some point she is ready for, and then you really have to stop or you could traumatize her. Any number of times, I have had little girls tell me they wanted to be fucked, only to hear them say "stop" just as I am settling them down on my cock. Sometimes it has taken all the strength I could muster to stop, relax, and say, "Sure, honey, we don't want to do anything you don't want to do." I have found it helps immensely if I am lying relaxed on my back, hands behind my head, it helps thwart any temptation to force the issue.

Men should always keep in mind that there is plenty of sexual gratification to be had with little girls besides fucking them. Always, and I mean in all cases, we should put the little girl first - let her do what she wants to do. In dealing with a little girl who has not a clue what she is doing, let her lead the way. And allow time. Perhaps the little girl's comfort level does not include you touching her; maybe she is content to simply watch you jack off for her. There is nothing wrong with that, and it is exciting to jack off for a little girl. Doing so may help her feel good about herself, in that you find her sexy, plus she can get used to seeing your cock as something exciting to her as well as learning what cum is and so on. And who knows, maybe the next time you are with her she will want to help you jack off, and things can progress from there. Anytime you force a little girl to do something she is not ready to do, then the relationship ends. You have breached her trust, and trust is the name of the game in playing with little girls; big ones, too, for that matter. Build on trust and her comfort level increases; she becomes willing to try more new experiences.

My niece Debbie had a son who tended toward the wild side in his younger years, and one result of this was his knocking up a young woman who already had one little girl out of wedlock. The two never married, but my niece feels a responsibility toward the children of the brief liaison, both the little girl the woman already had as well as the daughter of her son. Since the mother of the girls has never overwhelmed by the desire to mother, my niece's desire to help has been welcomed.

The mother, a pretty young lady actually, likes to think of herself as something of a party girl, with a stream of boyfriends, weekends out of town, and so on. My niece has had plenty of opportunities for taking care of the girls. The two daughters are pretty little girls, and by the time Jessi, the oldest, reached 8 or 9, the mother was telling her what a sexy little girl she was. It has not been a particularly pretty picture for children to grow up in.

As luck would have it, when Jessi was 10 and Jerri 6, the mother relocated not too far from where I was living but definitely much farther away from my niece. When I became aware of this new development, I offered to pick the girls up after school to take them home with me until the mother got off work. This arrangement was more than welcomed by all parties involved.

The first day I picked the girls up from school, Jessi was wearing a black, sleeveless, scooped neck knit top over brightly blue nylon culottes, as I call them, shorts designed to look like a short skirt. A pretty girl, thin but not overly so, average height for her age, I would say, a little over four feet, with long brown hair, cute freckles, and a winsome, sexy look in her eyes, Jessi's chest showed puffy nipples under the top, a slight widening of her hips, and long, well shaped, pretty legs. Jerri is cute as she can be, about average height for a 6 year old, say three and a half feet, skinny with shoulder length brown hair, and a great giggle. She wore a cute little red dress with a flounced crinoline skirt over black leg tights. As we chatted on the way home, I was getting more and more hot for Jessi. She looked absolutely perfect to me.

After we had a snack, I told the girls they could watch whatever they normally watched after school on television, and we went into my den where after a brief amount of arguing over channels, they settled on one. Giving the remote control to Jerri, she stretched out on the floor to watch, her head propped on elbows toward the television and feet waggling in the air behind her, and I led Jessi by the hand to my huge plush leather recliner, sitting down to pull her into my lap before pushing the back into a reclined position and nestling her down on top of me. My arm wrapped her shoulders as she squirmed into place, her face toward the television, head resting comfortably against my chest, body turned slightly so her hips settled nicely down into my crotch with her crossed legs stretched comfortably down across mine. Cocking my left knee up slightly to rest my foot on the lower kick panel created the perfect nest for her to snuggle down into, and with her arms crossed over her chest, my left arm extended down the side of her body so my hand wrapped her top leg, my right hand laying across her tummy, I could feel she was in a very comfortable position. When I lifted her chin toward me to ask if she was comfy, she gave me a little smile and I kissed her lightly on the lips before returning my hand to her tummy as we began to watch the kid show together, all nestled in.

Looking down over the long legs stretched out before me, I let my hand extend down the top of her legs, my fingertips reaching well below her knees, before drawing my fingers back up over the top of her lower leg to her nylon shorts. Her skin felt warm and silky smooth, and after the second stroke of her leg I said, "I love the feel of your skin. It's so silky and smooth."

Hearing this, Jerri swung her little head around, which was resting on the palms of her hands, to say, "My skin feels good, too, Uncle Jimmy."

I laughed and said, "I'm going to feel your skin, too, Jerri, but right now I want to feel Jessi, and her skin feels all warm and silky." Jessi smiled at the compliment and squirmed into me as a sign she appreciated it, her eyes remaining fixed on the screen. The next stroke ended with my fingertips coming under the shorts to touch the band of the leg opening of her panties. My left hand, wrapping her upper leg, curled under the knee to lift the leg, letting it fall back against my lifted leg, her foot in a resting position on my leg. This opened room on the next stroke of her leg for my fingers to stroke up along the inside of her thigh, up to her shorts. My cock was beginning to swell under her little butt and I knew she could feel it, so with the next stroke of her inner thigh when my fingertips went under her shorts to touch against the crotch of her panties, she squirmed a little and resettled her butt. I whispered, "Are you comfy, Jessi?" She nodded yes with a sweet smile, her hands now up under her chin as she folded into me, eyes remaining glued to the screen. The little vixen had to feel my half swollen cock pressing into her butt.

My hand continued stroking the leg, each stroke ending with my fingertips more firmly into the crotch of her panties. With my stroking hand resting against her crotch, I brought my outside hand up, pushing back the shorts to cup the cheek of her butt under her panties and squeeze my fingers into it gently as my other hand continued its stroking. She felt totally comfortable and relaxed. Bringing my stroking hand up to her waist I slipped my fingers under the bottom of her tight knit shirt to feel the skin of her tummy. As my palm and fingertips caressed her tummy, I whispered into her ear so Jerri could not hear, "Your skin feels incredibly soft and silky, Jessi." She gave a little smile in return as again she squirmed into me in acknowledgement of the compliment. My cock was totally swollen under her little butt; I knew she was feeling its heat and size under her when she squirmed into it, and I had the feeling she might have had similar experiences with some of her mother's boyfriends.

Circling up from her tummy on to her chest, my caressing fingers let the circles slowly increase until my fingertips were crossing the budding nipples. My hand came to rest with the palm over her left breast, the fingers looping over the edge of her chest under her armpit. I let it rest there, bending my head to kiss the top of her head. She seemed perfectly comfortable with that. Bringing my hand back slightly until the fingertips lay on the swelling nipple, I began to slowly and firmly circle it so it would be obvious to her I was feeling it. "That feels really nice, Jessi," I whispered. "You're going to have really nice boobies just like your mother." She smiled and giggled softly, squirming her little butt down into me. I gave a quiet chuckle, whispering into her ear, "I think maybe you're a naughty girl, Jessi. You like this a lot, don't you?" She gave a wicked little smile with a quiet giggle as her little hips squirmed again, eyes transfixed on the screen. I moved my fingers over to caress the other nipple in the same manner, kissing the top of her head, and whispered, "You and Uncle Jimmy are going to have lots of fun, Jessi."

My hand moved back down to massage high on the inside of her thigh under her shorts, firmly against her crotch, my thumb pressed down on her little pussy mound as my fingers gently squeezed the thigh. I let my massaging hand work its way on to her panties under the shorts as it moved around the corner from her thigh on to the mound of her pussy, my fingers pressing firmly into her little slit, and let it rest there. Her eyes remained on the screen, but now I could see a little anxiety in them. I whispered, "That feels good, Jessi." This time there was no smile and no squirm. I waited, holding my hand and fingers firmly in place, my left hand continuing to massage the butt cheek.

I began bringing my fingers up the panty crotch over her slit and then back down in a slow rhythm with constant pressure. I let her feel my body relax as I maintained this pace, slowly back and forth, for several minutes. Leaning down I whispered into her ear, "I know that feels good." I left my face over her so that she knew I was watching her face. After a few moments she gave a weak hint of a smile without looking up. I leaned back, continuing the steady rhythmic stroking, my middle finger ever so gradually increasing its pressure down into her slit.

Feeling moisture on my fingertip through the panties as her pussy warmed, I leaned down again to whisper, "It's beginning to feel really good now, Jessi. I can tell." This time she gave a little smile again along with a quiet giggle, her eyes staying on the screen. I began curling my middle finger into her slit as the steady stroking continued.

I could feel her breathing getting a little heavier as my stroking finger was definitely feeling more wetness. I leaned forward to look at her face, seeing her bottom lip between her teeth as she continued to watch. Kissing her forehead, I whispered, "Relax honey, just let it feel good." This time her eyes went up into mine, and then back to the screen. She gave a hint of a smile. I kept stroking the warm, wet crotch of her panties.

Leaving my hand working her butt cheek, I used my stroking hand to reach down to her knee and raise it further, pushing her leg further over to open more of her crotch. My hand came back under her shorts to lie on her pantied pussy and stroke again, giving her a little time to adjust to this increased exposure for her crotch. I brought my hand up to slip under the waistband of first her shorts and then her panties, sliding my fingers inside and down over her mound, feeling her body tense up as I did. I leaned down to whisper, "Just relax honey. It's going to feel so good," as my finger came around the corner of her mound and entered her slippery, wet little slit to begin stroking. I held her tighter and kept whispering, "Relax honey, and let it feel good. I can feel how naughty you're feeling. Just relax and feel naughty and let it feel good. Let's just relax and watch television and let me make you feel good." Her eyes were on my hand inside her panties. "Just watch the television and let it feel good, Jessi," I whispered, watching her face. Her eyes came up to stare into mine. Then they returned to the screen.

I let my finger push her clit around as it stroked back, and then curl into her pussy hole as it stroked forward, maintaining the same rhythmic stroke. I made my body relax so she could feel it relaxing. After several minutes, I could feel her juices increasing as the temperature of her pussy rose. She squirmed around a little more to get more comfortable, and I saw she was opening herself up a little more for my finger. I whispered into her ear, "Good girl. Let it feel good."

After a few minutes, I could definitely feel her little hips begin to move with the stroking. I leaned over to whisper, "Sexy girl. Bet your mommy's boyfriends like to do this to you." I continued to slowly stroke her slit and play with her clit as we talked.

She giggled quietly. "Yeah, sometimes," she admitted in her naughty girl voice.

"You like it when they do, don't you, naughty girl?" I whispered. She giggled and nodded her head yes. "You like to make their dicks hard, too, don't you?" I whispered. Giggling, she shrugged her shoulders a little. "You like making Uncle Jimmy's dick hard, don't you?" I whispered, pulling her hand under her to wrap around my cock through my shorts.

I felt her fingers wrap around it. She giggled. "It's really hard, huh?" she whispered back.

"Has your mommy's boyfriends stuck it in your mouth to suck?" I whispered.

"Yeah, one," she whispered excitedly. "Mommy was in the shower and he pulled it out and pushed my mouth down on it and told me to suck while he pulled my head up and down."

"Did he cum in your mouth?" I asked in a whisper.

"No," she giggled quietly. "He held my face in front of it and rubbed it with his hand until white stuff squirted out all over my face. I tried to duck but he held my head there and kept splashing it all over my face and hair until it ran out."

I chuckled. "Bet that was messy," I whispered.

"Yeah it was," she whispered back. "I had to shampoo my hair!" She put her hand over her mouth to stifle her giggling.

"Does he like to do that?" I whispered. "Cum in your face?"

She giggled. "Yeah, he's done it a couple of times," she whispered. "Another guy she knows likes to splash it all over my face, too. He's splashed it all over Jerri's face and hair, too." She giggled. "It's so messy!" she whispered. "We have to take a bath after they leave."

"But you like it, don't you?" I whispered. "Making those big guys so hot."

She giggled. "Yeah, it's kind of fun," she whispered, "but if mommy ever catches them, she's gonna be s-o-o-o mad at them!" She convulsed in giggles at the thought, her hand clamped over her mouth.

"It turns you two on, too, doesn't it?" I whispered. "Bet you both put your hands in your panties and rub yourselves good, don't you?"

She looked up at me with raised eyebrows, and then admitted, "Yeah, we do," and broke into fits of giggles again.

"Naughty girls," I whispered. "Well, I'm about to make your little pussy feel better than it ever has in your life. You ready for that?" I asked, letting my finger slide down to her hole and pushing it deep up inside her.

She gasped at the sensation, looking up at me with her questioning little girl eyes. "You are, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked.

"Yeah, I am, sexy girl," I whispered. My finger stroked and pushed around her little swollen clit as I whispered, "Just relax now and let yourself feel sexy, okay?"

She giggled nodding yes as her eyes went back to the screen. I slipped my bottom hand up under her shirt to tease her swollen nipples as I began to stroke her slit faster and more firmly. Her hand went up to her chest to squeeze my fingers into her nipples, and I felt her hips beginning to move with my finger. Looking down over her head I could see her excited eyes beginning to turn sexual.

"You're starting to feel it now, aren't you, sexy girl?" She gave a quick little smile as her sex glazed eyes stared at the screen. "Look at me, Jessi," and her eyes went up into mine. "Kiss me," I whispered. She continued looking into my eyes, then lifted her head for a kiss. I brushed my lips back and forth across hers to loosen them before bringing them into hers. After a few moments, I whispered, "Loosen up, Jessi," as I brought my lips back to hers. When I felt her relax some, I pushed my tongue between her lips to push against her teeth until she let them open enough for the tip of my tongue to go between them. I left it there, waiting. After several more seconds, I felt her tongue touch mine, and I pushed mine in a little further and waited. In a moment I felt her tongue touching mine again, and I pushed mine on into her mouth to find her tongue and begin rolling it around. After a few more seconds, I could feel the muscle of her tongue begin to push back against mine. Letting her tongue push mine back through the front of her teeth, mine toyed and teased with hers until it enticed it into my mouth. Gradually she began getting the hang of it until soon our tongues were fucking back and forth. I whispered, "You're kissing like a big girl, Jessi. You're really good at it."

Looking up at me with her eyes glazed with lust, her breath panting hard, she whispered, "That makes me feel really, really sexy, Uncle Jimmy, let's do it some more," and she raised her lips back to mine.

"Not now, honey," I whispered, feeling the excitement coursing through her little body, "now I'm going to make you feel really sexy and good." Using the hand massaging the butt cheek I rolled her over on top of my stroking finger. The fingers of my top hand found the waistbands of her shorts and panties to slip inside and massage the bare skin of her little butt cheeks. Working my legs under hers, I whispered, "Wrap your legs around mine, Jessi," and feeling her do it, I added, "Give Uncle Jimmy your pussy, sexy girl." Her hands reached up to my shoulders to pull herself into me.

"Good girl, Jessi," I whispered. "You're going to let Uncle Jimmy do anything he wants to you now, aren't you, sexy girl?"

"Uh-huh," she sighed, squirming against my finger working her little pussy. For many little girls, this exchange gives them a huge feeling of freedom.

The reader may first see it as a need for domination on my part, but that completely misses the mark. It is a request for capitulation on the part of the little girl, enabling her to relax and enjoy because things are out of her control from now on. Not all little girls like that feeling of helplessness, and it is a matter of intuition to know which ones do and which do not.

"Tell Uncle Jimmy he can do anything to you he wants to, Jessi," I whispered, pushing my finger inside her to rub down the wall of her G-spot before coming back up on to her clit.

"Mmm," she sighed as my finger came down her G-spot and returned to her swollen little clit. "Do anything you want to me, Uncle Jimmy." Her body shuddered slightly.

"It feels sexy to say that, doesn't it, baby?" I whispered. "Makes you hot, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, it does," she murmured, wrapping her arms around my neck and working her legs to pull her hot body closer into me as her hips humped my finger. "You're making me feel really, really good, Uncle Jimmy." I smiled and sunk my tongue in to the back of her mouth, letting it lick across everything inside, her teeth, the insides of her cheeks, the roof of her mouth, everything, and I felt her body temperature increasing and little sounds coming with each pant of her shallow breaths.

Her hips pumping up and down with a natural fucking motion into my finger, I had been increasing the rhythm of my finger, and now I could feel her body getting hotter as she thrust her hips into my finger more intensely. She was building up an orgasm. My finger moved faster and faster as I broke off the kiss to whisper, "Good girl, Jessi. You're going to have a really big orgasm. Can you feel it coming?" Her eyes were now squeezed shut and her mouth open, her tongue circling her dry lips as little grunts came with each thrust of her hips. I began whispering, "Let it feel good, Jessi. Be a nasty girl and let it feel good." She was pumping hard and her face felt sweaty and hot; her orgasm was close. "Good girl, Jessi," I whispered, "fuck my finger, nasty little cunt, fuck it hard." She was beginning to moan, her breath coming in short rasps. "Cum, baby," I whispered, "cum, my nasty little cunt, cum, cum, cum."

She began to tremble as the orgasm seized her. She moaned as the first orgasmic spasm washed through her. "Good girl, Jessi. Keep cumming now, keep cumming, my sweet little cunt," I whispered, and another moan arose as her trembling body arched to meet the next spasm. "More," I whispered, "let it out, Jessi. Feel the pleasure. My little girl feels good now." My finger focused on working her clit now, drawing out wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure, each with a moan and shudder, the tension arching her trembling little body as it felt the pleasure wash through it.

Over a dozen orgasmic spasms went through her before she collapsed on top of me, limp as a rag. I looked down smiling at her, and kissed her hair. "Good job, Jessi," I whispered. Looking up, Jerri stood beside the chair, her mouth hanging open. "What are you guys doing?" she giggled nervously.

"Jessi just had a big orgasm," I chuckled.

"What's an orgasm?" Jerri asked.

"We'll show you later, sweet girl," I answered. "Right now we need to carry her into my bedroom and undress her," I added as I pulled the recliner upright and stood to carry her like a baby to my bed, lying her head on my pillow and stretching her limp body down the bed. Jerri hopped to the side of Jessi to sit on her knees watching. With a gasp, Jerri's eyes widened as she saw me strip to stand with my swollen cock looking down on Jessi.

"You don't have any clothes on, Uncle Jimmy," she said quietly.

"I know," I chuckled, reaching up from the foot of the bed to pull down and remove Jessi's shorts, uncovering her pretty blue nylon panties, matching the color of her nylon shorts. Stepping my knees on to the bed to straddle Jessi's legs, I bent down, slipping my hands under to grasp her firm little butt cheeks and kiss the panties above the bare mound of her pussy before taking the waistband to slide the panties off. Stretching out beside her, I pushed her legs far apart and enter her wet, hot slit with my middle finger, searching for her hole and finding it, insert my entire finger up into her with ease. Pulling it out I reentered her with two fingers which sunk in to the middle knuckles. Wrapping an arm under her bare hips to hold her in place, I shoved up, feeling the knuckles squeeze past the opening and into her pussy as Jessi's little body jerked slightly before relaxing again.

"What are you doing to Jessi's bottom, Uncle Jimmy?" Jerri asked with concern, her eyes worried. "You're hurting her."

"No, no, sweetheart," I answered. "I promise she'll be happy when I'm done." I fucked the two fingers in and out of her for 4 or 5 times and pulled them out, hooking my middle finger into the rim of her pussy hole and pulling down toward her asshole, stretching her hymen more and more open until she began to squirm from the discomfort. "Just let me hold it like this for a few seconds, honey," I said, "and then I'll let it go." I held it open while I counted to 10 before releasing.

Jessi was beginning to regain her breath and move around as I pulled the pillow from under her and, stacking my two pillows together against the headboard, I moved up to prop my back up against them, stretching my legs down the bed. Lifting Jessi under the arms, I pulled her up on top of me, wrapping an arm under her butt to hold it high against my chest as I tucked her knees up under my arms.

"What are you doing now, Uncle Jimmy?" Jessi asked groggily, draping her arms across my shoulders as I slowly let her butt down on to my cock, reaching underneath to fit it inside her slit and guide it to her pussy hole.

"Just relax, sweetheart," I said calmly. "While your pussy is still hot and relaxed, I want to see if my cock will fit inside."

Her eyes glazed confused as she shook her head slightly to clear it. "I don't understand," she murmured. I lowered her hips down, feeling the head of my cock entering into the hole, sinking deeper and deeper inside until from her squirming I could tell it was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

"Let's just lay like this, Jessi," I said softly, "while you get used to the feel. My dick is in your pussy, can you feel it?"

She blinked up at me. "Yeah," she said, her voice still a little groggy.

"Think about that, honey," I said, "think about my dick inside your pussy. You're a big girl, Jessi."

She looked at me. "Really?" she asked, and a small smile found its way to her lips.

"You are," I smiled back. "You're going to fuck me just like your mommy fucks her boyfriends." I chuckled. "And you know how much your mommy likes fucking her boyfriends, don't you?"

Jerri giggled and Jessi joined in. "Yeah, we hear her sometimes, don't we, Jerri?" Both girls giggled naughtily. "Sometimes we hear mommy and her boyfriend both grunting and yelling and mommy says, 'Oh god, oh god,'" she added, and both girls giggled in glee at the thought.

I laughed with them. "They're having orgasms like the one you just had, Jessi," I said. Her eyes were getting excited again as she giggled. "But mommy has her orgasms because she's fucking," I added. "Now I'm going to teach you how to fuck so you can have orgasms fucking just like mommy. Does that sound fun?"

"Really?" she asked again. Her eyes were now wide with excitement as she squirmed at the thought.

"Really," I laughed. "You're a big girl, Jessi. You're big enough to fuck like mommy."

Jessi looked at Jerri, and both girls giggled like crazy. Looking back to me, she questioned again for reassurance, "Am I really?"

I laughed. "Feel my dick in your pussy?" I asked. "All you have to do is relax so you can get it all the way inside you, think you can do that?"

Her little body was bouncing on top of me now she was so excited. "I'm going to try really hard, Uncle Jimmy," she promised earnestly.

"Okay, here's what you do, sweetheart," I said, my arms wrapping around her back and head to pull her down on top of me. "Let yourself get all relaxed and comfortable while you think about that dick down there in your pussy, okay? Just take your time and go slowly and push yourself down on to it a little bit at a time as you relax." Stroking her back with my hand, I held her head to my chest and continued, "Now just relax and think about it, Jessi."

She closed her eyes and began to relax her body. Every few moments she would squirm downwards on my throbbing cock. "Breathe deeply and think about how good it's going to feel inside you, Jessi," I said softly as I stroked the smooth skin of her little back. I could feel her chest moving as she inhaled and exhaled, squirming downward between each deep breath. From her rising body temperature I could feel she was indeed thinking about it, and I knew her pussy was getting wetter and slipperier.

With a downward squirm and push, I felt the head of my cock pop inside her, and with the pang her head popped up to look at me with her wide, excited little girl eyes. I laughed. "You did it, Jessi!" I said, congratulating her. "It's really inside you now." Her eyes were on fire now. "Just take your time, honey, and work it down all the way inside now, and after you get it all the way inside you, you can start fucking it just like mommy does."

With her elbows propped on my chest so her sexy, excited eyes could stay on mine, she began to rock back and forth on my cock, each rock bringing the shaft deeper inside. With my hands on her little hips, I helped her sink slowly and purposefully down. The feel of her tight little pussy on my cock was incredible, and I forced my mind a million miles away to keep from cumming as I went deeper inside her. She needed to enjoy the sensation of her fuck before I did that.

Feeling her crotch now bumping against mine, I helped her straighten her arms and sit up, sinking the cock as deep inside as it would go. "Look, Jessi," I said looking down at our crotches pressing together. Her excited eyes went down to look as I added, "It's all the way inside you." Her excited eyes came back up to mine, and then back to our crotches. With my hands on her waist, I lifted her an inch so she could see the shaft buried in her pussy.

"Wow," she said softly, and then looked at me with a soft giggle of accomplishment.

"Come see, Jerri," I said, and the little girl's head bounced into my stomach to get a good look. "Feel, Jerri," I offered, and her little fingers went under Jessi to feel the shaft going into her sister's pussy.

"Do me, do me," Jerri said excitedly, bouncing on her knees as she looked at our coupling.

Laughing as I held her leg, I said, "No, no, Jerri. You're still too little. You're going to have to wait a few years, but I'm going to fuck you, I promise, okay?"

Jerri's little chin dropped, her face taking on a serious pout. "Don't be like that, sweetie," I urged. "When Jessi finishes fucking me, I'm going to give you a big, big orgasm you're going to love, okay?"

She blinked at me, absorbing the information, and as her excitement at the prospect rose, she began to bounce again. "Hurry up and fuck, Jessi," she said excitedly to her sister. "Hurry, hurry!"

"Hold your britches, Jerri," I laughed. "This is Jessi's first fuck and I want it to feel good for her, okay?" I looked up at Jessi. "Now let's take it slow, sexy big girl," I said. With my hands on her hips I began slowly lifting her up and setting her back down. "Go slow while the juice in your pussy gets everything all wet and slippery so it feels good, okay?"

Jessi was watching the cock come out and go back inside, and I could feel the slipperiness of her tight little cunt lubricating my shaft with each stroke until her pussy slid easily up and down the shaft. She looked up to me and giggled. "You're fucking me now, big girl," I sighed, "and your tight little pussy feels like heaven to my cock." I smiled at her and my eyes had to be full of love.

"Does it really?" she giggled, her eyes wide with excitement and lust. "You think it feels as good as mommy's?"

"Way, way better," I answered, my chest beginning to heave with passion. "It feels so good I'm going to have to cum pretty soon, honey. Next time we'll see if you can't cum, too, but this time it's just going to be me, okay?"

"Okay," she giggled. "I'm going to watch you while you do." She was really having fun now.

"Uh-huh, watch," I said, now beginning to gasp. "Watch how good you make Uncle Jimmy feel." I was having to wet my lips now to talk as my hips lifted to drive my cock inside the little girl. "When I cum, you're going to feel the hot cum squirting inside you, filling you up. It's going to be a really good feeling."

Still giggling, she was fucking me hard now, wanting me to cum so she could see how it made me feel. "Oh sweet girl," I moaned as I pumped my cock inside her. I could feel my body hot with sweat as my orgasm neared. "Your pussy feels so wonderful," I gasped.

After 5 or 6 more strokes, I said, "Okay, Jessi, I'm about to cum now. I'll tell you when the cum starts into you, and you can see how it feels, okay?" Her eyes looked at my face as it began to strain with the approaching orgasm. I steeled myself to keep from ramming her hard down on me as the first surge shot up my cock. "Here it comes now, baby," I said, and groaned softly as the first load shot into her. "Feel it?" I gasped, and then moaned again as the second load came up my shaft, telling her, "Here it comes again, baby."

Her eyes were now wide. "I feel it," she said with excitement, and she began to plunge her hips wildly down on my cock. "Does it feel good, Uncle Jimmy?" she gasped in excitement.

"Oh yea, baby," I moaned. "I'm filling your pussy up with cum." The surges kept coming, 10 or 12 of them before I fell back against the pillows in exhaustion. "My god, that felt good, Jessi," I said panting. "You have a wonderful, sexy pussy." Jessi's eyes were wide as they stared at me. "Can you feel the cum inside?" I asked.

"Yeah, I can," she said seriously. "It feels all warm inside."

"It felt good fucking, sexy big girl?" I asked, still gasping for air.

"Yeah, that was fun, Uncle Jimmy," she giggled.

"My big girl," I said, squeezing my fingers into her firm little butt cheeks and holding her hips down so I stayed sunk all the way inside her, enjoying the final sensations of cumming inside the little girl's hot, tight little cunt, "We're going to fuck all the time now. Does that sound fun?"

She giggled gleefully. "Yeah," she agreed. "We're going to fuck all the time, Uncle Jimmy."

Jerri was hypnotized as she watched, and I smiled at her as her mouth hung agape, her little eyes bulging. "Look underneath, Jerri," I said to her. "See the white cum from my dick squeezing out of her pussy."

Jerri bent down and said, "Wow, I can see it." Wiping some of the white cum encircling my cock inside the pussy on her finger, Jerri showed it to Jessi. "Look what's coming out of you, Jessi," she said excitedly, and then giggled hysterically.

"Jessi's pussy has to rest now," I said. "Let's you and me start playing while Jessi rests," I said, pulling the little girl to me and cupping my hand over her pussy mound under her little skirt, "and we'll let Jessi watch us, okay?"

Jerri was bouncing up and down with excitement as I began to pull down the tights under her little skirt. "Yeah, Uncle Jimmy," she said, pushing my hand into her little crotch. "Let's let Jessi watch what we do." Soon the little girl's legs were wrapping my neck as I lowered by tongue to her swollen little clit.

My two little great grandnieces had quite an appetite for sex play and kept me pretty worn out over the next couple of years until their mother moved yet again. By that time, though, Jessi was getting very close 13 and ready to begin dating. Jerri was still just 8 years old, but the couple of years of sex play had opened her up sufficiently to begin fucking her as well before they moved away, and her tiny cunt was pure pleasure. She loved to fuck and she was good at it, so it would come as no surprise to me to learn she had seduced one or two of mommy's boyfriends after they moved. They were both awfully sweet little girls.

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