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The Life and Times of Old Uncle Jim

Our Town: Helen



Growing up with a sister and 12 nieces, along with all their friends, creates a virtual laboratory for learning all aspects of the female, including anatomical, biological, physiological, and psychological. I can say with confidence, for instance, that sexual development is a growing process which varies widely from child to child, but in all cases the process proceeds by game playing. Playing is what kids do; playing is how kids learn. Play with a two-year old's nipples makes both a little guy get an erection and a little girl's clitoris swell due to sensory pleasure, not sexual arousal. Associate such play with warmth and fun along with pleasurable orgasms and it begins to become sexual, quickly for some, slower for others, but the point is as long as the play remains pleasurable and fun, the sexual response development will come as a welcome play activity.

Almost all two-year old girls masturbate to orgasm. I wonder why more parents do not know this; it is a well-documented fact since Kinsey and easy enough to observe for yourself when you watch their cute little faces redden as they rub themselves. I think the reason it is more common in little girls than boys has more to do with coordination than anything else. A two-year old boy simply does not have the dexterity to whack himself off, but a little girl has only to keep rubbing her hand over the top of her little clit. People tend not to realize that orgasms are identical for boys and girls, physiologically identical. A moment's thought and you realize that of course they are: there is such little difference physiologically between the sexes early on. Most of the difference in orgasms between men and women is learned, I believe, as we assimilate into our society and culture, although not all. Women do get to enjoy much longer duration of their orgasms than men.

Orgasms are common from a very young age, but the strength of orgasms is most definitely a growing process, particularly (or so it strikes me) for females. A two-year old has little tingly, easy to achieve orgasms; by six, a little girl gets hot and sweaty during sexual arousal culminating in the same 6 to 12 orgasmic spasms a grown woman experiences, the only difference being duration of the spasms. Duration comes with growing older. A little girl's spasms may only last a second or two, increasing as she ages toward adulthood to 10 to 15 seconds, often even longer and occasionally for some, much longer than that. The capacity for multiple orgasms, and I have no doubt of this, can be learned (taught?), beginning as a little girl. An obvious corollary to all this, it seems superfluous to add, is that recovery time between orgasms is inversely proportional to the strength and duration of the orgasms. While only a few good adult orgasms may be possible per day, a little six-year old can have very nice orgasms 20 to 30 minutes apart all day long.

For some reason, the female hymen remains one of the great mysteries to most men. Understanding hymens is one of the important lessons I learned from growing up with all my girls. This idea in our society that virginal penetration has to be accompanied by a bloody, painful mess is nothing short of barbaric ignorance. Rarely, and I do mean rarely, is it necessary for even one drop of blood to be shed.

A little girl's hymen can be viewed clearly by the time she is 4 simply by spreading her legs wide and pulling open the lips of her little slit. Younger than that and she has folds of skin around her vaginal opening that perhaps a pediatrician can see past to determine what her hymen looks like but I cannot, and compared to most men, I am something of an expert. Most hymens, but not all, are a little half-moon membrane across the anus side of the vaginal opening. This membrane of flesh is softer, thicker and more sensitive (has more nerve endings) in a little girl; as the girl ages, it becomes thinner and less sensitive so that by the time she is 20 or so (all girls are different), virginal penetration has little discomfort even if the hymen is torn in the process.

Sometimes this little half-moon of skin is complicated by, for instance, little strips of skin stretching over to the other side of the vaginal opening. It is as if the hymen began as a tight, little bubble across the entire opening which came loose most of the way around and shrunk back, leaving only the half moon across the back side, but sometimes there is a sticky part somewhere around the part that should have come loose which does not pop loose, leaving a little tendril stretching across the opening. In some cases, very few, almost none of it comes loose and in those cases, a pediatrician must cut it loose because it will interfere with blood discharge when her period begins. For the instances where the little tendril has remained stretched across the hymen, it is necessary to tear that in two in order to open the little girl, and that action has a little pain and a drop or two of blood associated with it, but by being careful, not trying to accomplish more than merely tearing through the one little strip of membrane and waiting for the resulting small wound to heal itself, discomfort is so minimal as to be almost negligible. Patience is always key to working successfully with little girls.

No other tearing is necessary; the hymen can be stretched. Stretching begins by inserting something into the opening small enough not to tear the hymen, and using that object to stretch the hymen a little more, though never enough to tear it. A slightly larger object can then be inserted to repeat the process. Normally, a girl as young as a six-year old can stick one of her little fingers inside without too much discomfort. Most of them do this anyway, simply from sexual curiosity. In playing with the little girl, it is necessary to get her to open herself up enough for you to get your finger inside. Once you can do that, then by pulling your finger down gently toward her anus, careful to observe her feelings of discomfort, you can begin seriously to stretch out the hymen and open her up.

Before beginning work in stretching out hymens, always help the little girl orgasm, the bigger the better. An orgasm is an exercise workout for the muscles of her little pussy, and as with any workout, afterwards the muscles are hot and relaxed and much easier to manipulate. Before orgasm you will feel the muscles inside her little vagina contract when you insert your finger; after a good orgasm you will feel little or no reaction as you insert your finger. That simplifies the stretching process immensely.

Let me add quickly I believe a six-year old is too young for a man's cock for any number of reasons. However, if you begin working with the little girl to open her at that age, by the time she is 8 or so, she will provide the most delectable fuck imaginable. Otherwise, I believe a little girl should be 9 or 10, depending on her developmental growth, before she can be ready for a man's cock. Usually by that age, a girl's opening will already be large enough to accommodate your finger, and the hymen will have become thinned and desensitized sufficiently that the necessary stretching can be accomplished over a few days to a week with minimum discomfort for the girl. A nine-year old is much, much more interested in having sex than a six-year old. While it is true that six-year olds have fun with sex and are easily sexually aroused, they are simply not developed enough to maintain the interest required for a truly enjoyable fucking experience - they want to orgasm and go play something else. Such a short period of arousal does not allow time for the little girl's vagina to expand and elongate or for her cervix to move out of the way, meaning you can only stick the head of your cock inside without hurting her, ruining both the girl's fun and yours. On the other hand, by 9 or 10 a little girl can and wants to play sex for extended periods of time; the pleasure of the game has reached beyond simple orgasmic ecstasy. I can promise there is no comparison between the pleasure a man can derive from a nine-year old versus a younger girl.

Like all men, I fantasize of the joys of having a huge cock, a 12-inch fencepost of a dick plunging into some young girl's cunt, filling her to the brim for the orgasm of her life. I know how much a thick cock turns women on as they imagine the ultimate pleasure of fullness such a cock brings. The fact is, though, that my cock has always been average, average for my age growing up and average as a man. Furthermore, in spite of my fantasies, I am so totally happy that it is. Maybe if I had aspired to be a porn star, I would be sorely disappointed in my cock size, but as it happens that I love little girls, such a cock would be a total disaster. All to say, if you are reading this, I dearly hope you are not a heavy cocked man; such men have no business inside little girls.

We lived in a ranch house not too far outside of town, and if you were to go past our house a short distance the asphalt of the country road leading by our house ended and gravel began. If you were to go about a quarter-mile on down the gravel road, you would pass a little farm with house, barn and other outbuildings, along with all the other accoutrements of a working farm, including cultivated fields and so on. On this particular farm, the farmer and his wife had a daughter, Helen, a good friend of my niece Cheryl, so that when Cheryl rode her bike out to see Helen, she came past my house and from time to time I would grab my bike and accompany her on to Helen's. It could be fun playing in the barn and on the tractors and so on as anyone who has been around a farm as a young child well knows. Let me insert here as an aside that this is the very same farm where Old Ned worked, an older black man whose story can be found in the Table of Contents.

Such happened one morning when I was 13 or 14, playing around our house when my 9-year old niece Cheryl came riding up to say she was on her way out to Helen's and wondering if I would care to join her. It seemed like fun and soon Cheryl and I were gaily jumping and swinging and chasing around Helen's farm.

A number of extremely fun activities, so it seems, occurs in the barn, where we could crawl to the hay loft to slide down or swing on the loft rope outside the hay opening, or pile up hay on the floor below to jump into from the loft, or wrestle in the loose hay of the loft and so on. There were any number of fun things to do in and around the barn.

A few hours of these vigorous play activities had left us all exhausted, lying stretched out on our backs in the piles of loose hay of the hayloft. The two little 3rd graders were talking and giggling as I, the big 7th grader, lay in mild amusement at the little girls' vitality, joining in the chatter from time to time as I saw fit. The girl's conversation worked its way around to Lexi, as it always did, with the girls giggling away at her latest exploits or whatever. At some point, Cheryl began telling Helen some of the things Lexi and her uncle, namely me, had done, most likely about Miss Ida since it was, after all, the dangedest story of all.

Helen was shocked, to say the least, and more than a little incredulous about the sexual aspects of the story. "You're saying your uncle," Helen asked, disregarding the fact that "your uncle" was also lying on the same hay nearby, "did it to Lexi on top of Miss Ida?"

Cheryl giggled with delight, and enjoying the shock Helen already seemed to feel, added, "Yes, he fucked her on top of Miss Ida, didn't you, Uncle Jimmy?"

I laughed in answer, continuing to lie on my back looking up to the rafters as the conversation continued. "No," Helen said. "I know Lexi is a crazy girl, but I can't believe she actually does it. She's our age!" she added with emphasis.

Cheryl giggled convulsively at that, and in a conspiratorial voice said, "Uh-huh, she does. We all fuck Uncle Jimmy," meaning of course she and all her cousins. I glanced over to see Helen had raised her head to stare wide-eyed and appropriately shocked, her mouth hanging open, at Cheryl.

"Unh-unh," she said to Cheryl. "No way."

"Uh-huh!" giggled Cheryl. "It's true."

"No way," Helen repeated. "I don't believe you."

Cheryl really giggled now, knowing she had her friend right where every kid likes to have their friends. "Want me to prove it?" she asked.

"Yeah," Helen said, taking up the challenge. "Prove it."

Giggling uncontrollably now, Cheryl asked, "You want to see me prove it right now?"

Helen was not about to back down now. "Yeah," she said. "Let's see you prove it."

"Okay then," Cheryl said with a superior sounding giggle. Rolling over two or three times through the hay, she came up next to me and sat up, stretching out her arms to put hands down on each side of me for balance as she brought a leg over to come into a sitting position over my hips, knees tucked under, hands resting flat on my chest. Excitedly she asked, "Can we show her, Uncle Jimmy?"

"Why not?" I laughed, glancing again at shocked little Helen, now sitting on her knees as she watched.

"Okay," Cheryl said excitedly, and taking charge, looked over to Helen to say, "Okay, come over here and watch, Helen." Helen stood on her knees to knee-walk the six feet or so necessary to sit again on her knees beside us.

Cheryl was one of those gorgeous little girls who turned heads when she walked by. She wore a healthy glow about her to go with her happy disposition. People were naturally drawn to her friendliness. Both Cheryl and Helen were about the same height and weight, 4 feet tall and maybe 60 pounds, but whereas Cheryl had rich brown hair drawn into a ponytail, Helen's was long, straight and blond. Cheryl's skin was clear, smooth, and well tanned most of the year while Helen had a light complexion with cute freckles crossing her nose and face. Cheryl's eyes were dark and sexy, while Helen's were a clear light green and innocent. Both girls wore short sleeveless shirts over the normal cotton play shorts of those days, fitted around the waist with little 1-inch cuffs circling the legs, cut short enough for the top of the cuffs to fit against the crotch.

Sitting across my hips, Cheryl, now feeling like the little mistress in charge, said, "First we have to take Uncle Jimmy's clothes off," as she began undoing my jeans. Moving below my feet she jerked off my Keds, throwing them out of the way, and began tugging the bottom of a leg of the jeans. "Come help, Helen," she instructed, and Helen hopped down to pull at the other jeans' leg. By lifting my butt, I allowed the little girls to get the jeans pulled off. "Now we have to take off his underwear," Cheryl said, hopping back up to my waist and beginning to tug at my tidy whites. Helen sat where she was watching, her eyes bulging wide and mouth falling open as the underwear slid down over my hips, exposing my half swollen little dick under a sparce patch of curly pubic hairs. Helen was familiar with men's cocks, this I knew from the park, but without doubt this was the first boy's dick she had seen, and like all little girls on seeing the cock of a boy near their age, she was obviously both shocked and excited.

Pitching my underwear away, Cheryl grinned at my dick, and then looked up to Helen, telling her, "Come up here so you can see." Helen hopped up to my hips, across from Cheryl. With her eyes hypnotized by my dick, Helen could only manage to say, "Wow."

Poking her fingers into my beginning pubic hair, a patronizing Cheryl pointed out, "See how Uncle Jimmy is starting to get all these curly hairs? That's because he's getting older." Taking my half-hard cock between her fingers, she giggled and said, "Watch how it grows and gets hard," and she began to vigorously squeeze and shake it. Just as she had thought, my dick quickly sprang into a hard little cock of some 4 inches. "See?" she giggled boastfully to Helen. "You can touch it," she added graciously.

Cautiously reaching out to touch the tip, Helen again uttered, "Wow." Soon the two girls were playing at will with my cock and balls with Cheryl acting the expert in all matters sexual. As they bantered away, giggling incessantly, I lay there watching like some innocent observer. As I looked over Helen, my little cock began to throb. She was one pretty little girl, and I could not wait to sink the toy the girls were playing with inside her.

Cheryl giggled. "Uncle Jimmy is really hard now," she said. "I'm going to let him take my clothes off 'cuz I have to be really, really hot when his dick sticks into me so it won't hurt any and feels good." She hopped up on my chest and opened herself up to me, and I began unbuttoning her shirt.

Cheryl's comment had caught Helen's attention. "Does it hurt when it goes in?" Helen asked.

Cheryl laughed. "No, it feels good when it goes in," she said, "but it feels way better if I'm really, really wet and slippery when it does." Helping her out of her shirt, my fingers tweaked a few times on her little nipples which now stood out before beginning to undo her shorts. She rolled out of the shorts and sat back down on my chest in just her cute little green nylon panties, glancing toward Helen as she added, "Now Uncle Jimmy's going to play with my bottom so it gets really hot and wet and slippery." I wrapped my hands under her firm little butt to massage the cheeks under the panties, something I never tired of doing. Bringing my hand between her legs, I slipped my fingers into her crotch, pressing my fingertips firmly up into the smooth material to stroke her little slit some. I could feel Cheryl had already gotten herself pretty excited.

Placing her hands on my shoulders, Cheryl leaned up to lift her little bottom, giving my fingers better access, and looked back at Helen with wicked little eyes. "Mmm," Cheryl sighed, "This really feels good, Helen." Helen was hypnotized as she watched. Slipping my fingers inside the waistband I began to pull the panties down for Cheryl to kick them off so I could cup my hand around her bare little pussy mound and sink my fingers into her wet slit, feeling the warm slipperiness inside as my fingers began stroking her. "Now Uncle Jimmy and me are gonna tongue kiss," Cheryl said over her shoulder to Helen. With a serious tone, she added, "That really, really makes me hot."

"Kiss Helen, Cheryl," I said. "Show her what you mean." I knew they had slept over at one another's houses and kissed and fingered each other to orgasm before. Cheryl looked a little put out at my suggestion, but I laid my palm on her chest and winked, and she immediately got the idea, giggling and pulling Helen's arm to move her closer so the two girls could wrap arms around one another and kiss.

At the feel of Cheryl's tongue pushing between her lips, Helen jumped back startled. "What are you doing?" she exclaimed, touching her fingertips to her lips.

Cheryl and I laughed, and then Cheryl, still giggling, began pulling Helen to her again as she said, "That's why it's called tongue kissing, silly," drawing Helen's lips back to hers. Helen's head jumped again as she felt Cheryl's tongue entering her, but then she settled down and soon the two girls were locked in a serious tongue fuck as they clutched each other tightly, squirming to press their bodies together. Helen was obviously getting hot.

As they got into it, I pulled Helen's hand down and slipped her fingers into Cheryl's wet slit and she began to massage and stroke her. Cheryl's fingers were pressed into Helen's crotch, massaging her little slit through her shorts. With my hands on each of their firm little butts I pushed their hips closely together so they could feel each other's heat. Helen had wonderful feeling butt cheeks and I spent time fondling them before slipping my fingers down between her legs from the rear to massage her crotch. Their little hips began to hump together in rhythm.

"Mmm, I want to fuck now," Cheryl purred, her breath fast and heavy. "Watch," she said to Helen as she slipped down my body to center her pussy over my cock. Using her fingers she guided the cock into her slit and found the hole. Smiling at Helen, she slowly sat down on it, sighing sweetly as it sank all the way inside her.

Helen was gasping as she bent her head down to watch. "Wow," she cried. Cheryl's hand rested on Helen's back as she lifted until she felt the head of the cock almost out before slowly settling back down on it. "Can you see it go inside me?" she asked, her breath beginning to pant.

"Yeah," Helen breathed, her wide little girl eyes focused first on our coupling and then on Cheryl's face before returning to watch the next stroke. "What does it feel like?" she asked. "Doesn't it hurt?"

"Mmm, no," Cheryl purred. "It feels s-o-o-o-o good," she sighed as she let it sink back deep inside her.

"You girls kiss while we fuck," I said, my hand urging Cheryl toward Helen. As they got back into it, I wrapped my hands around Helen's thigh to pull her to me, her knees scooting several times as she stumbled closer, so I could get my hands all over her hot body. With a hand on her front and back, I ran my fingers all over her before moving a hand to hold her butt while the other curved around her hips to find her crotch. The material of her shorts got in the way so I began undoing them. Helen's hands grabbed mine to stop them, and I looked up to see her frightened little girl eyes staring at me. "Move your hands, Helen," I said in my 7th grade vs. 3rd grade voice. "I want to feel your pussy." She continued staring at me with her frightened look as I waited. Then Cheryl's hands pulled her face back to hers, and as they resumed their kiss, Helen's hands returning around Cheryl as I undid the shorts. Pushing my fingers inside, I cupped my hand around her pussy mound and pressed my fingers into her slit, feeling its wetness. With difficulty I managed to press my finger inside the slit through the panties to stroke her. "This is too hard," I said. "Take off your shorts, Helen."

Helen looked at me again with frightened little girl eyes. "I'll help you," Cheryl said, pushing Helen's shorts down to her knees to reveal a gorgeous little pair of pale blue nylon panties. Helen looked at me and then Cheryl, and then lay over on her hip to pull the shorts off and sit back up.

I pulled Helen's hips around to face me. "Damn Helen, those are pretty panties," I said, pushing my fingers inside the Y of her crotch to cup my hand again around her pussy mound and squeeze my fingers into her slit. I pulled her knee closer to me, opening the crotch as I looked up into her eyes, my finger continuing to stroke her wet little slit. "Just relax and let it feel good, Helen," I said, and reaching up to pull the two girls' shoulders toward each other, I added, "Start kissing again, girls. I like watching you kiss."

Stroking the wet slit through the crotch of her panties as their kissing progressed, I could feel Helen's body heat increasing. My fingers slipped into the waistband of the panties and as I began pulling them down, Helen jerked and l looked up to see her eyes on me. "Just relax and keep kissing, Helen," I said. Cheryl pulled her face back to her as I slipped the panties on down to her knees and slid my finger inside her wet, slippery slit, massaging her swollen little clit with each stroke of the slit. On the second stroke, I curled my finger up into her pussy hole, feeling her jerk before pulling out to return again to her clit and begin the next stroke. Cheryl was too hot now to let her stop, and by the heat of Helen's little pussy, I could tell she was not too far behind Cheryl.

"Take her clothes off, Cheryl," I said, continuing to stroke her. Cheryl was trembling hot as she broke the kiss and with eyes on fire began unbuttoning Helen's shirt. As she did, a panting Helen managed to get her panties over her legs and off. She was hotter than I had thought she was. As their kissing began again, I slipped my hand between their bare chests to feel Helen's swollen nipples. They poked out a half inch further than Cheryl's, and I squeezed them between my fingers as my back hand returned to her bare,firm little butt I loved so dearly. Pulling her knee even closer to open her crotch more, I slipped my finger back inside her slit to massage her little clit more before stroking on down the slit. A little more massaging of her clit and I stroked my finger back down the slit but this time as my finger curled into her hole, I pushed my whole finger as far up into her as it would go, feeling Helen twitch and hearing her inhale as it entered. I stroked up and down her pussy a few times, and said, "My finger is fucking your pussy, Helen. My cock is fucking Cheryl's pussy and my finger is fucking your pussy." Hearing what I said, Helen moaned and I could feel the body heat shoot up in both girls as they fucked each other with their tongues.

Wrapping my arms around Helen's naked hips, I pulled her on to me. Almost falling, she looked down to ask, "What are you doing, Uncle Jimmy?" All my nieces friends called me Uncle Jimmy.

Pulling her around on top of me, her butt to my face, I said, "Sit on my chest facing Cheryl." Helen turned to sit as I guided her on to me. "Kiss her, Cheryl," I said as I lifted Helen's hips and pulled her crotch into my face. Cheryl's arms pulled Helen to her and I was able to move her slit into my waiting tongue.

As my hard tongue stabbed inside her slit, Helen screamed and jerked. "What are you doing, Uncle Jimmy?" she asked in a panicked little girl voice.

Cheryl giggled as best she could, her chest heaving for breath now. "Uncle Jimmy is going to lick your pussy, Helen," she laughed. "Relax because I promise you are really, really gonna like how it feels," she managed to giggle.

Helen watched with frightened eyes as I lowered her slit back to my tongue. Feeling my tongue enter the slit, she jerked again, but continued to watch. My tongue began to circle her clit and lick down her slit, returning to the clit to circle and repeat. Helen's eyes continued to watch as the stroking tongue continued. I felt the tension of her little body beginning to ease, and her hips began to move with my tongue. I slipped my finger deep inside her pussy and began to finger fuck her as my tongue worked her clit.

Cheryl giggled. "It feels good, doesn't it Helen?" she asked.

Helen looked back up to Cheryl. "Yeah, it does," she said excitedly, her breath panting, and Cheryl giggled, pulling her face back for her tongue to enter. The intensity of the two little girls now shot up like a rocket, and I could feel from Cheryl's little hips thrusting into my cock while Helen's little hips bucked against my tongue that they were both about to explode into orgasm. I rammed my cock up into Cheryl's cunt as my tongue flew across Helen's clit, my finger pumping into her hard and fast. Both their bodies were trembling, and I could hear them gasping for air.

Helen's little pussy clamped tight on my finger, her shaking little body arching in tension as the first spasm of orgasm seized her, a tight squeal erupting from her straining throat. Feeling Helen's orgasm sent Cheryl over the top, her little cunt locking down on my fucking cock, and of course the feel of that sent me straight into orgasm, as well. The three of us jerked and moaned and squealed as wave after wave of our combined orgasms washed through us, until finally, one by one we began collapsing on to one another, each of us gasping for breath.

It must have been five minutes before anyone could speak, and then I heard Cheryl's gasping whisper, "God Helen, you really had a big one, didn't you?"

Helen, still not ready to move her head lying across her outstretched arm, managed a weak smile as she continued to pant for air. "God," she whispered back.

Upside down on me, Helen lay face down, her face somewhere around my crotch, her legs stretched back across either side of my head so that I looked directly into her pussy. Placing the fingers of my hand on her butt, my thumb found her pussy hole and pressed inside. Helen barely moved as I heard her ask, "What are you doing down there, Uncle Jimmy?"

Wrapping my arm around her hips from below, I said, "Just relax, Helen," and using my fingers to pull my thumb up I began stretching out her hymen. "I know this hurts a little, Helen," I said. "Tell me when it hurts too much." She lay still as the pressure began to build and I could feel her body begin to tense. "Just relax, Helen," I repeated, pulling my thumb up steadily.

Helen's hips began to squirm a little as my thumb continued pulling her hymen. "That kinda hurts, Uncle Jimmy," she whined softly.

Holding my thumb in place, I told her, "That's all, Helen. Let me hold it like this a few seconds and then we'll stop." Her hymen had stretched well.

As I removed my thumb, Helen asked, "Why did you do that, Uncle Jimmy? It didn't feel very good."

Cheryl managed a giggle. "He's getting you ready to fuck," she answered for me.

As soon as my cock could get hard again, which at that age may have been no more than 15 or 20 minutes, I pulled Helen over on top of me. Cheryl instructed as she reached under to guide my cock into her hole, slowly lowering herself down on to it, and I felt my cock slide deep inside with ease. Her little pussy felt every bit as good as I had imagined.

We lay like that for a few moments as Helen adjusted to the feel. Seeing the look on her face, Cheryl giggled. "How does it feel?" she asked.

Helen gazed at her a few seconds, and then began to move up and down, fucking my cock. "It feels really, really good," she sighed, smiling sweetly at Cheryl.

This story feels somewhat prototypical, representative in one way or another of how all my nieces' friends entered the wonderful world of sex. Helen was a terrific little girl, and we fucked many times growing up, always with the great, intense orgasms. She was really good at that.

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