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The Life and Times of Old Uncle Jim

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Finding kids with whom to play sex is all about opportunity, recognizing it when it occurs and then taking advantage of the chance. People may think I have been incredibly lucky to have had so many chance encounters with kids, and that is not true at all. The only advantage I have ever had is an on-going awareness so that when opportunity slaps me in the face, I am prepared to take advantage of it. Any person could do the same.

In the city where I lived was a meandering creek which crossed through one quadrant of the city and a good piece of the adjacent quadrant; a good portion of the land on each bank was low enough as to constitute a flood plain, making it unusable for anything other than the park which it was, and down toward the banks of the creek ran a bike path and jogging trail. Along sections of the creek, single family houses backed up to the flood plain, but for much of it apartment complexes backed to it, many of which had become fairly old.

I used the jogging path regularly, probably once per week on average, which I was doing one day, jogging along at a leisurely pace enjoying the sights and sounds of nature, when a light went off in my head as it dawned on me that the corner of my eye had caught two little boys entering a small outbuilding behind the complex I had just passed, no doubt the boiler room for the hot water system serving the complex. Why had two little boys gone into that outbuilding and closed the door behind them? I had a pretty good idea why, so I circled back up the hill away from the path and toward the outbuilding. Clearly another opportunity was presenting itself.

I approached the building quickly but quietly and reaching the door I quickly opened it, stepped inside, and closed it behind me to catch the two little boys, wide eyes frozen in fright as they looked at me with their pants down and hands on each other's little wooden peckers. The oldest was Latino, about 3 feet 9 inches tall, 8 or 9 years old, while his cohort who had to be of Irish descent with his blond hair and light complexion was about 3 inches shorter, 6 or 7 years old. Both wore play shorts, now around their ankles along with their underpants.

After the frozen second, the boys recovered to grab for their shorts and pull them up. "No, no, no!" I said, laughing and throwing my palms up and waving for them to slow down. "I saw you guys come in to check each other's dicks so I came in to watch, too. No big deal. It's not like you're busted or anything."

By now the boys had their shorts up and were looking at me as their eyes flitted around, searching for an escape route. Bending over with hands on thighs to catch my breath from the run, in reality blocking the one escape from the building, I said, "I was down there jogging when I saw you guys come in. I don't live here or anything. I just thought it would be fun to watch you guys. All boys do what you guys are doing. I did it when I was your age. All guys have. Nothing wrong at all. You gotta check it out, don't you?"

They were not buying anything I was selling yet, but I kept talking merrily along, relaxed as I pretended to be catching my breath. "My name's Jim," I announced in my chatty voice. Looking at the Latino boy, I asked, "What's yours?" He looked at me. "Fuck, I don't give a shit what you were doing. Quit the up-tight shit and tell me your name, will you?"

"Carlos," he answered quietly, no trace of an accent.

"Hey, Carlos," I said. "What are you in? Third grade?"

"Yeah, third grade," he admitted.

"How 'bout you?" I said, looking at the blond haired kid. "What's your name?"

"Gene," he answered, also quietly but more shyly.

"What grade you in, Gene?" I asked.

"Second," he replied.

"Carlos and Gene," I repeated. "And I'm Jim, guys. Fuck, you guys look so uptight or something. Relax a little, will you? I'm not here to tell your parents or any of that shit. Take it easy, will you?"

They looked at each other, and I thought I could see a little of the initial fright dissipating. Looking around the room I saw an empty 5-gallon bucket laying on its side against the wall and heading toward it, saying, "Fuck, guys, I gotta sit down a minute," turning the bucket upside down near the wall to sit down on top of it. The boys did not make a beeline for the door, so that was good.

"Fuck, it feels good to sit down," I said laughing. "Running wears me out. So what? You guys live around here?" I asked cheerfully and friendly.

Looking at Gene, Carlos took the lead. "Yeah, we both live up there," he said, indicating the apartments above us.

"You got any brothers and sisters?" I asked, trying to keep up a friendly banter as I got to know them.

Gene shook his head no as Carlos said, "Yeah, I got a little sister."

"What's her name and how old's she, Carlos?" I asked.

"Belinda," he answered. "She's six."

I laughed. "My sister was 3 years older than me," I said. "So when I was your age she was 11 or 12." I laughed again. "Just starting to get some tits."

The boys glanced at each other with shy smiles. "Shit, man, when we'd wrestle I could feel her up," I said laughing. "Fuck, I'd wrestle with all her friends and feel them up, too. It was fun." I was laughing and joking, having fun remembering. "Too bad you guys don't have any girls to wrestle and feel up, huh?"

The boys looked at each other again. "I wrestle some with Eva," Carlos said. "She's 13."

"Holy fuck, you lucky shit!" I exclaimed laughing, and noticed both boys get a smile. "Eva, huh? Who's she?"

"She's my cousin," Carlos said.

"She live around here, too?" I asked.

"Yeah, she lives up there with my aunt," Carlos answered.

"Oh good," I said laughing. "So you get to feel her up pretty often, huh? What a lucky fuck, huh, Gene?"

Both boys laughed a little easier. "Every once in awhile," Carlos bragged.

"Bet you've stuck your hands in Belinda's panties, too, huh Carlos?" I said, laughing conspiratorially.

Carlos blushed a little. "Nah," he said. "She's just a little girl." I laughed a little on the lecherous side. "Hey, don't shit a shitter," I said. Looking toward Gene, I added, "I bet he's felt her little snatch, what do you bet, Gene?"

Gene giggled, looking askance at Carlos. "Maybe," he said. Carlos gave him a shove and they both laughed and I joined them.

After only a couple of minutes with the two boys, I had discovered what I wanted: two little girls I could get to through the boys. At this point, all I had to do was work the boys over a little, get them excited and fired up for more, to set up getting with the girls.

"Come on over here, Carlos," I said, motioning him to me. "What are you, 10?" I asked.

With a hand across his tummy clasping the elbow of his other arm, Carlos wandered over to stand in front of me. "I'm 9," he answered.

Putting my hands on his upper arms, I made as if to heft him, saying, "9, huh? You're a pretty big guy for 9." He giggled a little, and I pulled him between my spread legs, turning him so his butt rested against my leg. Looking up to Gene and motioning him over to join us, I said, "You come over too, Gene. What are you, 8?" I asked as he came meandering over.

"No, I'm 7," he said shyly.

"Shit, you're a pretty good sized kid, too," I laughed, pulling him around to stand pressed against the inside of my other leg.

Turning back to Carlos, I said, "I saw your dick when I came in, Carlos. Fuck, you've got some dick there for a 9-year old, doesn't he, Gene?" Gene giggled, nodding agreement, and I could sense a little pride showing from Carlos. Grabbing the waistband of his shorts and underpants, I asked Carlos, "You mind if I take another little peek at it?" Carlos giggled, blushing slightly, but then nodded okay so I pulled the clothes out and looked down on his half hard little pecker inside. "Fuck, that's a good one," I exclaimed. "Take a look at this thing, Gene." Gene readily leaned in for a peek and giggled more. "Go ahead and feel it, Gene," I offered. "You don't mind if Gene touches it, do you, Carlos?" Carlos shook his head no as Gene reached down to take it in his fingers. "Pull on it a little, Gene," I suggested. "See if it'll get hard." A couple of pulls and Carlos's little dick stiffened into its full 3 inches or so.

"Damn, look at that," I said. "Let me get a feel of that thing, Gene," I added, pushing my hand inside to wrap my fingers around it as Gene pulled his hand away. Cupping my hand around Carlos's little ass, I massaged his dick and little nuts, murmuring over how good and big it was. "Let's get these shorts down, Gene," I said, "so we can see it better." Carlos was more than ready when I pulled down his shorts and undies. "Oh yeah," I exclaimed, beginning to jack him off with my fingers, "that's a good one, Carlos." Carlos beamed with pride as he watched my fingers work.

"Now let's see yours, Gene," I said, and without waiting I pulled down his shorts and undies to reveal an already stiff little 2-inch pecker. "Nice one, Gene," I said, taking it in my fingers to stroke. "He's got a good one for a 7-year old, doesn't he, Carlos?" I added, removing my fingers and offering Gene's little cock to Carlos.

"Yeah," Carlos said, reaching down to take it in his fingers and stroke it. Both boys were now arching their backs to get their little cocks stuck out further in front of them.

I laughed. "Man, you guys have made mine hard," I said, reaching down to position my cock so they got a good look at it through the running shorts. Wrapping Carlos's hand around its shaft through the shorts I added, "If you guys want me to, I'll take off my shorts, too." Gene had reached his hand down to curl around it along with Carlos's as they ogled my bulging shorts. "You want me to show it to you, guys?" I asked again. Both boys excitedly shook their heads yes, so I stood up and removed the shorts and athletic support, revealing the rock hard cock. I heard the boys inhale as they saw it. Sitting back down so my nuts hung off the edge of the bucket and pulling the boys back between my legs, I said, "Go ahead and play with it, guys." Their little hands were all over the cock and balls. They were excited as they could be and I let them play awhile as I continued to work their little cocks and butt cheeks.

After a few minutes of play, I said, "We need to cum, guys. You guys know about cumming?" The boys both stared dumbly at me, and I laughed. "That's okay, guys," I said, "you're really going to like how this feels." Standing, I lifted Gene up to stand on the bucket facing me. "You go first, Gene," I said. "I'm gonna let you fuck me in the mouth," I added, kneeling on my knees in front of him. "You guys know something about fucking, I know, so just play like my mouth is a pussy, okay?" Wrapping my hands around Gene's firm little butt cheeks, I sucked his stiff little cock into my mouth, curling my tongue around it and stroking it in and out a few times before looking up to Gene's astonished face watching me. "How does that feel, Gene?" I asked. "Good, huh?"

"Yeah," he murmured, his eyes wide as he stared down.

I laughed. "Just take my head in your hands and fuck my mouth good, Gene," I said, "and watch what happens." Sucking his cock back inside my hot mouth, I began fucking his hips into me. After a half dozen strokes or so, I felt his hands cover my ears as he began to pump my head into his thrusting little cock. A few minutes more and I could feel his little butt cheeks beginning to tighten and tremble slightly as grunting noises were coming from his little throat. Suddenly he went up on his tiptoes, ramming his cock so hard into my mouth his belly was flattening my nose against him, squealing in ecstasy as he felt his dry load shoot into me. He managed 6 to 8 spasms before he collapsed. I looked up to see sweat running down his face and limp body. I laughed. "Felt good, didn't it, Gene?" I asked. He was panting too hard to answer.

Looking toward Carlos, I could see his excited wide eyes watching as he jerked furiously on his little cock. "Hey Carlos, you look like you want to fuck, too, huh?" I laughed. Clambering to get up on the bucket, Carlos pushed at Gene to get him out of the way as I lifted him down to sit against the wall. As I sat back up after settling Gene down, Carlos's eyes were wild with excitement as he stood on the bucket, thrusting his little cock out toward me in anticipation. As I sucked his cock inside, he went to work hard fucking my mouth as his hands pulled my head into him. He did not need any instructions on what to do. And it did not take more than 15 or 20 strokes before he too raised up to shoot his dry load into me, groaning and moaning as he did. Soon I sat him down beside Gene and sat back down myself on the bucket to wait a little for the boys to recover.

"Okay, boys," I said. "Time for you guys to suck me off. Get over here." Both boys had obviously been hoping for this opportunity as they scrambled and pushed to get between my legs. "You're more rested so you go first, Gene," I said. Taking his head as he guided my cock into his mouth, I began fucking him as Gene sucked excitedly on the cock.

Laughing, I said, "You like that, huh, Gene?" He nodded, not lifting his head away. "Okay, I'm going to fuck your mouth a little, and then I want you to move over so I can fuck Carlos in the mouth, too, okay?" I said, trying to relax so I would not cum too soon. I gave Gene 2 or 3 minutes and then lifted him out of the way for a greedy Carlos to begin sucking. "Now listen up, guys," I said, "In a minute I'm going to cum and when I do, I want you guys to swallow it, okay? It's going to feel hot and gooey in your mouth but it's good for you so I want you to swallow it, okay?"

Looking toward Gene, he shook his head yes as his eyes remained transfixed on Carlos's bobbing head. Unable to hold back longer as I felt the cum building up, ready to explode, I said, "Okay, Carlos, I'm about to cum. I'm going to let you swallow a couple of loads and then I want you to move over so Gene can get a couple, too, okay?" With a groan, I let the first load loose. "Here it comes, Carlos," I said, "start swallowing now." I felt his head jerk back as the cum exploded into his mouth, but I had been ready for that, holding his head in place. "Swallow fast, Carlos," I moaned, "swallow fast so you don't gag." After a couple more spasms, I clamped down on my cock to stop it, pushing Carlos away. "Get down here fast, Gene," I said, and shoving my cock into his waiting mouth, I added, "Start swallowing. Here it comes," as I released my grip and allowed the orgasm to empty out into Gene.

As we were putting our clothes back on we began talking of more fun the next morning. As it happened, Gene's mother was a single working mom so we decided to meet at Gene's apartment. Looking toward Carlos, I said, "Bring Belinda, okay?"

"Huh?" Carlos asked, a confused look on his face. "She's just a kid. What do we need her for?"

"You two guys are going to fuck her," I said. The boys stopped dressing to look at me in wide-eyed disbelief at what I had just said. I laughed. "Trust me," I said. "That's what little sisters are for, didn't anyone ever tell you that?"

We walked out of the outbuilding laughing and talking over our plans for the morning, preparing to go our separate ways, when Gene happened to spot a group of little girls; pointing, he said, "Hey Carlos, there's your little sister now." We all looked to see 6 or 7 little girls jostling and playing as they made their way down toward the creek, obviously to play there. All the girls wore shorts and tops, ranging in age from little Belinda's age up to around 11 or so. Gene giggled. "We should go tell them what we've been playing," he said smugly as he watched the prissy little girls. "Bet that would shut 'em up, huh?" Gene had obviously had run-ins with these girls. Carlos giggled as well as both watched the girls with a new-found sense of superiority.

"Hey, go tell 'em!" I laughed. "Bet they won't believe you."

The boys looked at me, back to the girls and at me again. Giggling, Carlos asked, "You serious?"

I laughed. "Sure, why not?" I said. "See what they think about it."

After looking at each other, the boys ran off calling for the girls to stop. As they did, I brought out the 5-gallon bucket, turning it upside down against the wall, to sit on as I watched what happened. Down toward the creek I could see them arguing and gesturing with the tallest of the girls, most likely the oldest, who I could see was having difficulty believing what the boys were saying. I could see the boys offering to lead the girls up to prove their point. The girls conferred and then the tall girl argued more with the boys. After several more minutes of arguing, gesturing, and conferring, the boys headed back toward me, the little girls following with the taller one leading them.

Watching them approach, I could see the taller one could only be a few inches over 4 feet, comparing her height to the boys, and I guessed her age to be 10 or 11 from how she appeared. She was a healthy, well put together girl with thin, shapely, pretty legs, hips that had begun to flare slightly, with puffy nipples I could see from a distance showed through her colorful, tight, knit floral patterned bare midriff tank top. Her medium length light brown hair, almost but not quite blond, had long bangs in front and was put up in a ponytail. Her tight, short play shorts were off white, and the other girls were all dressed similarly, with bare midriff tank tops over tight, short play shorts. There were five other girls, one I would guess could be the leader girl's age or a year younger, perhaps 9, but smaller by a couple of inches, two others were shorter by another inch or two, around 8 years old, and two who were 6 or 7, one of whom was obviously Belinda by her brown skin tone. It looked to me as if we had two 4th graders, two 3rd graders, and two 1st graders. A nice mix.

Knowing I would soon have my hands on little Belinda, I gave her a closer look. She was the shortest of the group by far, barely 3 feet tall, lithe and tight with a lively personality as she chatted with the other younger girl, her dark, almost black, eyes sparkling with animation as she talked. Her brown skin had a healthy glow to it, and with her long, dark hair done up in a bouncy ponytail, she was a strikingly pretty little girl. It was going to be fun watching Carlos fuck this pretty little live wire of a sister. All the girls were lively and friendly as they chatted and giggled excitedly with each other, following the older girl up to me.

The boys presented me to them as their friend, Jim, and I chuckled and nodded to them. Everyone stood around on one foot and the other, wondering what to do next. "What's up?" I asked casually to the boys, glancing toward the girls.

"They don't believe us," Carlos blurted out defensively.

"Don't believe what?" I asked innocently, looking from Carlos to the girls and back.

"You know," Carlos stumbled, looking for words, "what we did."

"Oh that," I laughed. Looking at the girl leader, I asked, "So what don't you believe?"

The girl seemed tense, looking slightly belligerent as she awkwardly folded her arms, her dark, piercing eyes glancing menacingly at Carlos and then back to me. "What he told us," she began, obviously feeling awkward and trying to hide signs of embarrassment as she continued, "What you guys did in there," nodding toward the building. There was a look and a tone about her that suggested she was used to being considered the pretty one all the other girls followed.

"'Did in there'?" I repeated, looking at Gene and Carlos. "What we did in there." Looking back to the girl, I said, "I don't know. Tell me what they said we did in there and I'll tell you if they told the truth."

She tried not to blush as she uncrossed and re-crossed her arms. "They said you sucked their thingies," she blurted out, and behind the girls fell into giggles.

"Sucked their thingies?" I asked with confusion. Then looking as if it dawned on me, I added, "Oh, you mean I sucked their dicks." Laughing I said, "Sure I sucked their dicks." Looking at the boys, I added, "And you guys sucked mine, too, didn't you guys?" The boys giggled nodding their heads a vigorous yes. As they heard me, all the girls looked wide eyed in shock.

Regaining her composure the leader girl turned to confer in whispers with her friends. Turning back around, she crossed her arms belligerently again and said firmly, "We don't believe you."

I laughed. "Well hell," I said. Looking to the boys, I said, "Why don't you guys take the girls inside and show them?" The boys stared at each other, unsure what to do. "Hell, let's all go in then," I said, standing and opening the door to reach inside and flip the light switch back on. "We'll all show them." Looking back to see the girls still looking shocked with small nervous giggles coming from the back of the group. Looking at them as I stood waiting, I said, "Well shit, are you guys coming in or not?"

The leader looked at me, and turned back to her friends for another hurried consultation and as they talked, I picked up the bucket, saying, "Let's go inside, guys, while these scaredy cat girls decide what they want to do." The boys followed me in, and placing the bucket against the wall, I sat down to wait. The girls stole glances at what we were doing as they continued to whisper and giggle.

As the girls continued, I shouted out to them, "You girls come in or go home. Hell, we don't have all day, do we guys?"

Carlos had regained his macho. "No," he said, "we ain't got all day."

Finally the girls looked at one another and as if by common agreement, stepped inside. "Close the door," I said. "We don't want everybody walking by looking in here." Someone near the door closed it. "Okay guys, let's show 'em what we got," I said, pulling Carlos between my legs, facing the girls. Carlos was shaking with fear and embarrassment as I pulled down his shorts and underwear, revealing his stiff pecker. The girls gasped, looking close to fainting as they stood open mouthed, staring with their shocked, wide eyes. "Good dick, Carlos," I said, rubbing it between my fingers. Standing him to my side, I pulled Gene to me and said, "Your turn, Gene," dropping his shorts and underwear to reveal his stiff little pecker as the girls again gasped. "That 'a boy, Gene," I said, rubbing his pecker between my fingers before standing him to the other side. Standing I said, "My turn," and I dropped my running shorts and supporter to reveal my half swollen cock. This brought a large gasp and bulging eyes. With hands over mouths, the girls began to giggle continuously, hands over mouths as their excited eyes bulged at my cock.

I could see the boys were uncomfortable as could be, so I said, "That's enough for now, guys," and began pulling my shorts back up. The boys grabbed theirs up to cover themselves as quickly as they could. I looked at the tall girl still staring wide eyed at the shorts now covering my crotch. "Okay, girls," I said, "let's see if you're brave enough to play a game, okay?"

"This is a high school game so some of you may be too little to play," I said. "If you are, run home to your mommies." Looking around at the girls still standing in shock, I said, "We're gonna play 'Black-out.' What we're gonna do is shut the door and turn the lights out for 5 minutes. During the 5 minutes, nobody can see anything and you can do anything you want to." Looking at the tall girl, I said, "Do you get it?"

The girl looked uncomfortable as she glanced around at her friends. After a few moments, I said, "Hey, go home if you don't have guts enough to play." She looked at me a moment, and then turned to huddle with her friends.

After a heated, muted discussion, the tall girl turned to me, asking, "Who keeps time?"

"Whichever one of you that wants to," I said, taking off my wristwatch and holding it out to her. They went back into huddle as I turned to the boys. "If they play, I want you guys to get your hands in all their panties and feel 'em up good, okay?" I said softly. The boys were so excited they were literally hopping up and down as they looked over the little girls, shaking their heads a vigorous yes. "Just wade into 'em and start feeling them up," I added, "and let them feel your cocks, too."

Turning back to me, the tall girl said, "Okay, Julie's going to keep time," nodding to the other younger girl, "and she gets to close the door and turn out the light and then turn it back on in 5 minutes."

"Fine by us," I said, glancing at the boys. "Right, guys?" They nodded yes excitedly, still too nervous to stand still.

Final arrangements were made, and little Julie did a countdown before switching off the light and shutting the door behind her, leaving the room pitch black. I stood to kick off my shorts, freeing my throbbing hard cock, and stepped toward where I had last seen the tall girl. The first girl I bumped into squealed and jumped as I wrapped an arm around her to pull her into me so I could size up who I had. She was around 3 and a half feet tall, maybe a little more, one of the two 3rd graders. She squirmed and pulled as I held her, still squealing and giggling, so I leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Be still while I feel you up, honey," my hand squeezing into the flesh of her firm little butt.

"Oh my god!" she squealed as my hand wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my throbbing cock.

"Hold on to it," I whispered, my hand sliding under her top to feel her puffy nipples. "Those feel good," I whispered, and began undoing and unzipping her shorts. She squealed and her hands flew down to stop me and I pushed them away, whispering harshly, "Put your hands back on my cock, god damn it, you squealing little cunt. I told you I was going to feel you up." I felt her hands hesitate in pulling my hands from her shorts. "Do what I say right now," I demanded, "Hold my cock while I feel your pussy." Somewhat reluctantly her hands both went back to enwrap my cock and I continued unzipping her shorts, sliding my hand inside her nylon panties and down to cup her pussy mound, pulling my finger up inside her wet slit and feeling her body shudder as she felt the finger sink inside the slit and begin to stroke her. "Oh yeah, you've got a good pussy," I whispered, slowly stroking up and down the slippery wetness. "What's your name?" I asked.

"Amanda," she whispered back.

"I'm Jim, Amanda," I whispered, my finger now circling over her swollen little clit as it stroked, feeling her little body shudder with each pass over the clit. "You and I are going to have a lot of fun together, aren't we, naughty girl?" She giggled nervously. "You like me playing with your pussy, don't you, Amanda?" I whispered with a chuckle. Her fingers had tightened on my cock as she giggled again. "Tell me you like it, naughty Amanda," I repeated.

Struggling to control her giggling, she whispered, "Umm, yeah," falling back into giggles.

"Good girl," I whispered, continuing my stroking finger. "Next time we play, I'm going to let you take my cock in your mouth," I whispered. "You'll like that, won't you?" This is every little girl's dream, to suck a man's cock, and I knew it would be an inducement for her to play with me again. She giggled excitedly, her fingers now playing over the cock and down around my balls. "Tell me, Amanda," I whispered, "do you want to feel my cock in your mouth the next time we play?"

She giggled profusely. "Yeah, I do," she said, and bent over in giggles.

"That's my naughty little cunt," I whispered, bending down to kiss to top of her head. Reaching out in the darkness, I found an arm and pulled it to me, running my hands over the unknown body to determine who I had captured. It was the other taller girl, 5 or 6 inches taller than my little Amanda, but not the leader girl. I began feeling her up as I asked, "What's your name?"

"Amy," she whispered, trying not to recoil as my hand moved over her chest and bare tummy, my other hand wrapping her butt cheek to pull her to us.

"You feel good, Amy," I whispered, my hand under her top for my fingers to squeeze into her puffy nipples. "Reach out and find Amanda," I whispered in the darkness. "She's right in front of you." Amy's hands went up to find little Amanda. Guiding her hand down Amanda's front, I whispered, "Put your hand inside Amanda's panties." Amy froze. Pushing her hand on down inside the waistband of Amanda's nylon panties, I whispered, again harshly, "Do what I say, god damn it, Amy." After a moment's hesitation, I felt her hand relax and I shoved it on inside the panties. Pushing it on down, I whispered, "Now feel her pussy, Amy. I want you to feel Amanda up." I could feel Amy's reluctance as she tried to comply. "Amanda wants you to feel her up," I whispered. "Don't you, Amanda?"

Giggling profusely again, little Amanda whispered, "Uh-huh."

I helped Amy curl her fingers around Amanda's pussy mound and pushed her finger inside the slit. "Feel how hot she is?" I whispered to Amy. "You can do anything you want with naughty little Amanda," I whispered. "Can't she, Amanda?" Amanda was giggling too much to speak. "Tell her she can do anything she wants to you, Amanda," I said.

Struggling for control, Amanda whispered, "Yeah, Amy, you can do anything you want to me," and fell back into giggles.

I could sense Amy beginning to breathe harder as I pressed her other hand under Amanda's top to feel her bare nipples underneath. "Get her, Amy," I whispered. "Feel this naughty girl up good," pulling Amy closer into Amanda. "Can you feel how wet her pussy is?" I whispered in Amy's ear. "Feel what a naughty little slut Amanda is?" Turning toward Amanda, I whispered, "Spread your legs for her, Amanda," and sensed the little girl spread her knees apart. "Give her your pussy." Whispering to Amy, I said, "Her pussy feels good, doesn't it, Amy? Can you feel how hot and wet it is?"

Amy was getting into it now. "Yeah," she whispered, her breath sounding hard. "It's really wet."

Whispering in Amy's ear, I said, "Now I'm going to feel you up, Amy," my fingers undoing her shorts. "You want me to, don't you?" I asked as I slid the shorts down from the nylon panties. "Tell me you want me to feel you up, Amy."

Amy was pulling Amanda closer and closer as her fingers worked over the little girl. "Yeah," she panted. "Feel me up."

Moving behind Amy, I reached my hand around to slide inside her panties and cup her pussy mound, pulling my crotch hard against her firm butt cheeks. Sinking my finger inside her hot, wet slit, I whispered, "You feel my cock on your ass, Amy? It's hot and hard, isn't it?" Squirming tighter against her as my finger stroked her slit while my other hand went up under her top for my fingers to pull at her swollen nipples, I whispered, "It feels good, doesn't it, Amy?"

"Yeah, feels good," Amy panted, squirming herself closer into Amanda's body.

"Next time I'm gonna let you play with my cock, Amy, do anything you want," I whispered. "We're going to have lots of fun together, aren't we, Amy?" I added, feeling her trembling body as my finger circled over her swollen clit while I tugged at her nipples. "You want that, don't you, Amy?" I whispered.

"Yeah," she panted, her hips moving in a fucking motion with my finger.

"Good girl, Amy" I whispered. "We're going to have lots of fun." Taking Amanda's hands now wrapping around Amy and pulling them to Amy's bare tummy, I whispered, "Put your hand in Amy's panties and feel her pussy, Amanda," and the little girl's hand immediately dove down inside the panties, showing just how badly she had been wanting to do that. Pushing her other hand under Amy's top, I whispered, "Feel her titties, Amanda. Feel her up good," and Amanda's fingers needed no coaching to find Amy's nipples and go to work on them. Leaning down to Amy's ear, I whispered, "Kiss her, Amy. Kiss the little slut." Amy was ready and leaned her head down to find Amanda's waiting lips. These two girls were working each other over, and I moved away, feeling for another little girl in the dark.

My flailing arms in front of me failed to touch as my lower body bumped into someone. Reaching down, I knew at once I had found little Belinda, her head exactly at the level of my crotch and I was unable to resist gently swiping my cock back and forth over her face before reaching down to pick her up. Lifting her to eye level, I dropped my hands under her butt to hold her in place as I felt her legs automatically encircle my waist and her arms drape over my shoulders as kids do who are used to being picked up. "Hi Belinda," I whispered.

She giggled. "How do you know who I am?" she whispered back in her little girl voice. As with Carlos, there was no hint of accent.

"I'm Jim," I whispered, making sure she knew my name. "Carlos told me," I answered, still whispering. With her legs holding herself in place, I let my hands cup around her firm little butt cheeks. "I looked at you before," I whispered. "You are a gorgeous, sexy girl, Belinda." She giggled with a slightly embarrassed tone. "I'm serious," I whispered, chuckling with her. "I'm going to have fun playing with you." Letting my hands run over her little body, feeling her chest and thighs and letting my hand come to rest on her crotch, I continued, "Goodness, you feel good, Belinda. I'm going to feel you up, okay?" She giggled a naughty little giggle, and I chuckled. "Do you know what that means?" I whispered, "That I'm going to feel you up?"

"Yeah," she whispered back, and fell into another giggle.

"Oh, you're a naughty girl, Belinda," I whispered, chuckling with her. "Aren't you a naughty girl?"

"Sometimes," she giggled, sounding awfully lascivious for a little girl.

"Oh, I'm going to have fun with you, naughty girl," I laughed. "Give me a kiss." I felt her hands find my cheeks in the dark and she brought her sweet little lips on to mine. "Mmm, that felt nice," I whispered. "Do it again and this time I'm going to kiss you like a big girl, okay?"

"How do big girls kiss?" she whispered, her hands still resting on my cheeks.

"With their tongues," I whispered. "This time our tongues are going to play together inside our mouths while we kiss, okay?"

"Really?" she asked, sounding a little shocked. Then she giggled again. "Okay," she whispered, bringing her lips back to mine. As I pushed my tongue between her lips, she readily opened her mouth to receive it and offer her tongue for mine to play with. I stroked her pussy through her shorts as her arms tightened around my neck. I could tell she was really enjoying our tongue play.

She had me panting when she finally broke the kiss, and I could feel her little chest heaving as well. "My god, you're a hot little cunt, Belinda," I gasped, and she giggled her naughty giggle once more. "I'm going to feel your pussy now, okay?" I asked, undoing her shorts.

She giggled. "Okay," she whispered, leaning back to give me room.

Sliding my hand inside her panties, I pushed my fingers down around her mound and lifted my middle finger up to press between the lips of her slit, feeling her little body jerk as she felt my finger find the wetness inside the slit. Stroking, I whispered, "You've got a really nice pussy, Belinda, it feels good. Does my finger feel good?"

"Yeah," she giggled, her little hips moving with my stroking finger. "That feels really good."

Curling my finger up and probing for her hole, I whispered, "I want to see if I can get my finger inside you, okay?"

"Okay," she giggled, just as my finger found her hole and I pushed it inside to the first knuckle.

"Oh wow, Belinda," I whispered. "You've been fucking yourself, haven't you, naughty girl?" As I fucked my finger in and out, I asked, "What do you stick inside, Belinda?"

She giggled and leaned into my ear to whisper, "My toothbrush handle," and collapsed into naughty giggles.

"Oh, good girl, Belinda," I whispered, continuing my finger fuck. "In the morning we're going to let Carlos and Gene stick their dicks inside you and fuck you, okay?"

Her little body froze. After a few moments, she whispered, "Carlos is my brother. He's not supposed to."

"It's okay," I whispered with a chuckle. "It doesn't count when you're just kids."

"Really?" she asked. I could feel her thinking about it as my finger continued fucking her. "Will it hurt?" she asked seriously.

"No," I whispered. "It will feel way better than your toothbrush handle, I promise," I chuckled. "Is it okay with you?"

Again I could feel her thinking about it. "Okay, I guess," she whispered, and then giggled effusively again.

"Good girl," I whispered. "I really want to fuck you, too, but you're not big enough yet. My cock's too big to fit in you."

"When will I be big enough?" she whispered seriously.

"In a few years, honey," I whispered. "But you can suck on it now if you want to," I added. "Would you like to do that?"

"Yeah," she whispered giggling, her little body bouncing with anticipation.

Reaching under her arms to let her down, I whispered, "Okay, naughty girl," lowering her down to stand in front of me. Her little hands immediately sought out my cock and she pulled it into her sucking little mouth as my hands found the sides of her head to begin fucking her. "Oh wow, you are good at that, naughty Belinda," I whispered. Just then the lights came on as Julie yelled, "Time!" It had been a very productive 5 minutes.

As we all blinked at the suddenly very bright light, I saw the tall girl a few feet away, her hand on Carlos's stiff little dick as Carlos had both hands under her top, squeezing her puffy nipples. Beside her, the other 3rd grader was on her knees sucking on Gene's stiff little pecker. And behind me, Amy and Amanda stood still embraced, their shorts around their ankles, panties now down to their thighs, and tops pulled up above their nipples.

"I'm not finished yet," I said. "You guys want to go 5 more minutes?" Everyone was all for that, so I turned to Julie and said, "Will you do it one more time, Julie?"

"This isn't fair," Julie pouted. "Just because I'm a first grader, I don't get to be inside."

With her pouty face, she was cute as she could be with her tight little 7-year old body wrapped in a tight little soft knit tank top and tight, short shorts. "You're right, Julie," I agreed. "It isn't fair. Stay inside this time when you turn out the lights and go find that girl," I said, turning to the tall girl. "What's your name?" I asked her.

"Alice," she answered demurely as she stood awkwardly next to Carlos.

"Alice," I repeated. Turning back to Julie, I continued, "Julie, you go over so Alice and Carlos can feel you up until I come get you to play with me for awhile, okay?"

Little Julie was bouncing up and down with excitement now. "Okay," she giggled.

Turning to the other 3rd grader who had been sucking Gene but now stood watching, I looked her up and down. An auburn haired cutie with her hair up in puppy tails, she wore glasses on her freckled, friendly face. Her body was a little larger framed than the other girls, and traces of baby fat showed on her bare midriff and legs which were still shapely as could be. "What's your name?" I asked.

She giggled before answering. "Tracy," she said.

"Okay, Tracy," I said, walking over to take her hand. "I'm going to play with you next when the lights go out." Looking down to a bewildered Gene, I said, "Gene, go over by Belinda and let her teach you how to kiss." Gene blushed red as I added, "She's really, really good at it, aren't you, Belinda?" The little girl giggled hard with her hand over her mouth. Cute little dickens, I thought. Turning back to Alice, I said, "Alice, when I finish with Tracy, I'm going to come find you to play with next, and then I'm going to play with you, Julie," I said, smiling at her pretty little eager face. "Okay," I said, "is everyone ready?" Looking around the room, I saw hungry eyes trained on my half soft cock as the kids bounced around excitedly, obviously more than ready for the light to go out once more. "Okay then, Julie," I said, "Lights out."

Giggles and movement erupted as the small room fell into total darkness once more. Turning to face little Tracy in the darkness, I ran my hands down her arms to find her hands and wrap them around my semi-soft cock. Leaning down to her ear, I whispered, "Do you want to hold it so you can feel it get hard, Tracy?"

She giggled uncontrollably, and I could feel excitement coursing through her little body. "Yeah," she whispered giggling madly.

The feel of her fingers clutching it made my cock begin to pulsate as it grew. "Oh, it thinks you are a sexy girl, Tracy," I whispered. "Can you feel it getting harder and harder?" I asked, pushing my hands under her top for my fingers to squeeze her puffy nipples.

"Yeah, I can," she whispered excitedly, her giggles sounding more and more naughty.

I chuckled. "You want it in your mouth, don't you, naughty little Tracy?" I whispered.

She giggled. "Yeah, can I?" she asked, trying to keep her voice quiet.

"You can for a minute or two," I whispered, pushing her head down as she guided it into her warm mouth. My hands on the sides of her head begin to fuck her mouth into my cock. "I'm fucking you in the mouth, Tracy," I whispered. "Suck hard while I fuck your mouth, okay naughty girl?" I felt the suction increasing as I fucked and the sensation was incredible. "Holy shit, that feels good," I sighed, slowly fucking her mouth up and down. "Okay, we'd better stop before I cum," I whispered, lifting her head. "Fuck, you're good at that, Tracy," I whispered.

"Am I really?" she giggled excitedly, obvious pride in her voice.

"Oh yeah, you are," I chuckled. "If your pussy feels half as good as your mouth, you are going to be one fun girl to fuck." She giggled away excitedly. Pulling her behind me as I went toward the darkened wall in search of my bucket, I whispered, "Come over here so I can do a good job of feeling you up, Tracy."

"Okay," she giggled, trying not to stumble in the dark as she followed me. This is a hot little girl, I thought.

Finding the bucket, I turned to sit, standing the little 3 and a half foot girl in front between my spread legs, her hands resting on my shoulders for balance. "Now I want to feel over your body, okay?" I whispered, my hands moving over her entire body. Through her top, my fingers caressed her puffy nipples. "Your nipples feel good, Tracy," I whispered as she giggled away. Letting my hands circle her hips and come to rest on her butt cheeks, I squeezed my fingers into the flesh. "Holy fuck, that's a nice butt, Tracy," I whispered. "I love it." Her giggles told me she appreciated the compliment. Pushing a hand between her legs, I whispered, "Spread your legs a little, Tracy, I want to feel your legs." She shifted a foot over so I could wrap my hands around each thigh and feel up and down it. "Oh yeah, your legs feel good, Tracy," I whispered, again to proud giggling. Moving my hands to the button on her shorts, I whispered, "Now I'm going to feel your pussy, Tracy." Unbuttoning the button and taking the zipper in my hand, I hesitated to whisper, "Are you ready for me to take your shorts off and play with your pussy, Tracy?"

I could feel her body vibrating as she giggled nervously. "Yeah," she giggled.

Unzipping the shorts, I pulled them to her ankles and waited for her to step out of them before returning my hands to caress her hips and butt under the nylon panties. "Of fuck, your panties feel so good, you sexy, sexy girl," I whispered. Pushing my hand between her thighs, I pressed my fingers up against her pussy through the crotch of the panties. "Goodness, your pussy is really hot, Tracy," I whispered. "Can you feel how hot it is?"

Her body was trembling as she softly giggled excitedly. "Yeah, I can feel," she whispered, her breath already beginning to pant.

With my fingers inside each side of the panty waistband, I began slowly lowering them down over her hips. "You're a naughty, naughty girl, aren't you, Tracy?" I whispered. "Tell me how naughty you feel."

Now she was almost shaking in anticipation. "Yeah," she gasped. "I feel really, really naughty," she continued seriously.

Continuing to drag the panties down, I whispered, "You want me to take your panties all the way off, don't you, Tracy?"

"Yeah," she panted, the trembling in her body continuing to increase. This little girl might orgasm before I even touch her, I thought.

Letting her step out of the panties, I turned her around to pull her back on to me, my leg between hers so she sat on my hip, her butt cheek squashed into my cock. "Pull your top off, Tracy," I whispered. "I want you naked." Obviously she too wanted to be naked because the top came off in a flash. I pulled her back to lie against my shoulder. With my hand lifting under her knee, I whispered, "Put your leg across my other leg, Tracy. Open up your pussy wide for me." She was shaking almost violently as she lifted her leg to spread open her crotch. Sliding my hands around each side of her chest under her arms, I felt her body shudder as I squeezed her nipples between my thumb and fingers, rolling them back and forth as I tugged them outward. "Mmm, that feels good, Tracy," I whispered. "I love your nipples." I let my hand slide down her chest and belly, pausing to poke my finger inside her belly button and gently fuck it. "My hand is coming to get your pussy, Tracy," I whispered. "It's going to feel really, really good." Her body temperature was already through the roof as she lay shaking on top of me.

"Here comes my hand, Tracy," I whispered as my hand continued on down her tummy and over to cup her pussy mound. "My fingers feel your pussy now, Tracy," I whispered into her ear. Squeezing the middle finger into the lips of the slit, I whispered, "Feel my finger coming inside you, Tracy?" as the finger pushed past the lips into the hot wetness inside. The little girl inhaled a gasp as a wild shudder ran through her at the sensation. Beginning to stroke, her body was on fire, covered in perspiration, and I whispered, "God, you are so fucking hot, little girl." Feeling my stroking, slippery finger move over her clit, her little body shook hard. "Let me find your pussy hole," I whispered as my finger probed down the slit. Finding it, I pushed my finger all the way up into her as she moaned loudly in pleasure. "Tracy, you little cunt," I whispered as my finger slowly fucked her, "what have you been fucking yourself with?"

"Candle, hairbrush handle, stuff like that," she gasped, sweating and trembling.

"Oh, sexy, sexy little slut girl," I whispered. "Hold my cock." I felt her hand reach back to wrap her fingers around the shaft. "You want me to fuck you with that, don't you?" I whispered.

Now she was really shaking if she had not been before. "Yeah," she gasped. "Fuck me," she panted, her chest heaving, "Please fuck me."

I had to chuckle. "Your pussy is almost ready to fuck, okay, Tracy," I whispered, "but not quite." I felt around the vagina with my finger. "I'll finish opening you in a few days so we can fuck for real, okay? I promise."

She lay against me, sweating and trembling. "Okay," she gasped, chest heaving.

I curled my finger up into her g-spot and stroked, feeling her body jerk with the sensation. I laughed softly. "God, you're a little fucking machine, aren't you, Tracy?" I whispered. "You ready to orgasm now?"

"Yeah," she gasped. "Please," she begged, straining now for release.

"Okay, baby," I whispered. This was going to be quick. Squeezing a nipple hard, I began fucking her g-spot hard and fast, feeling the orgasm rising in her body as I did. "Let it go when you're ready, baby," I whispered. Twisting her legs around mine to get more pressure, she strained up, shaking and shuddering as the orgasm rose. "Cum for me now, you little cunt," I demanded. "Cum now, slut. Cum!"

She shrieked as her body arched up in seizure, shaking and shuddering, as the first spasm surged through her. She gasped air before a slightly lower shriek announced the second spasm hitting her shaking body, followed by a half dozen more, a prodigious amount for such a young girl. Finally with a loud moan she collapsed, and I held her panting, gasping limp body. I could hear the room had grown quiet. "It's okay, everyone," I laughed. "Tracy just had a really big orgasm." Nervous giggles filled the darkened room. As I held Tracy, I discovered I was shaking as well.

Kids recover remarkably quickly and it was not long before I was helping Tracy redress, and I headed out to feel my way to Alice. In the darkness, I could tell she, Julie, and Carlos were hard at play but could not tell what they were doing. Taking Alice's hand, I whispered, "Alice, you come with me. Julie, I'll be back to get you in a minute, okay?"

"Okay," I heard her giggle excitedly.

I led Alice back to find the bucket, and sitting down, I sat her on my naked leg. Feeling her hips, I whispered in wonder, "You've still got your shorts on?"

She giggled nervously but excitedly. "Yeah," she whispered back.

"You're the only one," I whispered. "Let's take them off," pushing her up to stand in front of me as I undid them and slid them down for her to step out of. I felt her hips and butt cheeks some through the panties before pulling her back down on to my lap. Pushing my hand up under her top, I began playing with her puffy nipples as I whispered, "I like you, Alice. You and I are going to play together a whole lot." Alice giggled nervously, but I could sense the excitement in her giggles. Pushing my hand down between her legs, I whispered, "Spread your legs. Open your pussy up so I can check it out." She giggled as she squirmed around to lift her leg over mine to open her crotch to me. I pushed the palm side of my fingers into her crotch, feeling the heat of her pussy through the panties. "You feel pretty hot," I whispered.

She giggled nervously again. "Yeah, I am," she whispered.

I slid my hand inside her panties, pushing down for my finger to enter her wet slit and feeling her body jerk at the sensation. "Just relax, Alice," I whispered. "How many people besides you have had their finger inside your slit before?" I asked, stroking the warm, wet slit.

"Just Amy," she whispered, her giggles becoming labored as the sensation of my finger heated her up.

I chuckled. "I thought so," I whispered. Curling my finger, I whispered, "I want to feel your pussy hole," and finding it, I pushed my finger inside to the middle knuckle, again feeling her body jerk slightly with the sensation. Pumping my finger in and out, I whispered, "What do you fuck yourself with?"

The giggling had stopped as she panted now. "Just my finger," she whispered.

Pushing her up, I whispered, "Stand up and let's take your panties off." Stepping out of them, I pulled her back down on me and felt her lift her leg back over mine to open her crotch to me again. This time I pushed my finger straight up into her, feeling it catch on the middle knuckle. "Let's get you hotter," I whispered. "Pull up your top so I can suck on your nipples while I finger you." Obediently she lifted her top up above her nipples and I dropped my head down to suck a nipple between my teeth, hearing her gasp as her hand came up behind my head. As I suckled and played with the nipple, my finger stroked her slit, circling over the swollen clit, and in no time I could feel her chest heaving as her body temperature shot up and hips began bucking into my finger. Finding the hole again, I shoved my finger all the way inside, feeling her body jerk as the middle knuckle pushed inside. "You get hot fast," I whispered as my finger fucked her with its full length.

Her hand remained on the back of my head as she tried to giggle through her panting breath. "Yeah," she whispered. "It feels good."

"Good," I chuckled. "Now turn around and wrap your legs around me. We can tongue fuck while I finger fuck you, okay?"

Standing to turn and wrap her legs around my waist, she panted, "Tongue fuck?"

"Yeah, just do what I do," I whispered, settling her in on top of me and reentering her pussy with my finger. "Wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me." She realized immediately what to do when she felt my tongue coming between her lips, and in no time she was tongue fucking me in earnest. My finger curled up into her g-spot to stroke it good, and I fingered her harder than normal, pushing to open her up. She was shaking and sweating, her chest heaving. "You're going to orgasm pretty soon," I panted. "Hold my cock tight against you while you do, okay?" A hand came from around my neck to grasp my cock and push it into her tummy. "You feel the orgasm coming?" I panted, stroking hard and fast into her pussy.

"Yeah," she gasped, her sweat soaked body straining. "Yeah, I do."

"Good girl," I panted. "Now I'm going to work your clit and take you over the top, okay?" I said, my finger coming out from her hole so my fingers could fly over her swollen clit. Immediately her body began shaking and shuddering as she moaned with the pleasure of the feeling, straining hard for release. "Feels good, doesn't it, baby?" I panted.

"Oh yeah," she gasped, chest heaving wildly as her body trembled and shook.

"Okay, you're gonna be my little whore now," I panted. "You're my little fuck slut," I whispered, my fingers vibrating her clit. "Cum for me, nasty girl. Cum for me, nasty cunt girl," I demanded, grabbing a puffy nipple between my thumbs and fingers and pinching down hard.

"Oh god," she moaned as she went over the top, shuddering and shaking. Her breath catching in her throat, her body arched up in tension as the first spasm shot through her shuddering body.

Jamming my finger back up her vagina to begin finger fucking her hard, opening her more, I quietly shouted, "Cum for me, cunt. Cum more." She moaned up into seizure again, shaking and shuddering as wave after wave of ecstatic pain coursed through her until at last she collapsed down on to me, gasping for air as her chest heaved madly. Pulling my finger out, I pushed my thumb hard up inside until it popped inside with a slight twitch of her limp body. Stretching out my fingers to her tailbone, I pulled my thumb back to stretch the hymen wider until she moaned softly. "It's okay, honey," I whispered, my own chest heaving in passion.

"What are you doing?" she mumbled softly, her limp body still lying against my chest.

"I'm opening you up," I whispered, breath still panting. "Pretty soon I'm going to fuck you."

"No, no," she mumbled, still too tired to lift her head. "I'm barely 10."

I chuckled softly. "You're old enough, Alice," I whispered. Releasing my thumb, I pushed two fingers into her pussy hole up to the middle knuckles, and with a slight push, felt them pop inside their full length as her body again twitched and she grunted softly. Stroking the fingers all the way out and back in, I whispered, "See? I'm fucking you with two fingers now and it's not hurting you. Next time after you orgasm I'm going to stick my dick inside you and fuck you."

"Really?" she asked. "And it won't hurt?"

"No, it won't hurt, baby, I promise," I whispered, kissing the top of her head as I stroked her back, slowly and gently continuing to finger fuck. "Then we're going to fuck Amy and Tracy, too, and Eva, and pretty soon we're going to fuck Amanda. You and I are going to have lots of fun, Alice." She tried to giggle through her gasping breath.

It took a good 5 minutes for Alice to recover enough for us to redress her before I led her back across the darkened room to find Julie and bring her back to the bucket. Sitting down in the pitch dark, I pulled little Julie to stand in front of me. "Come here, pretty girl," I said, cupping my hands on her tight little butt cheeks to pull her closer. Running my hands up and down her thighs, one at a time, I said, "I'm going to feel you up, Julie. Anybody ever feel you up good before?"

She giggled nervously, her hands on my shoulders for balance in the dark. "No," she admitted, and giggled effusively.

Forcing her to spread her legs enough for me to cup my hand on the crotch of her shorts, I asked, "You want me to feel you up, don't you, pretty girl?" I squeezed my fingers up into her pussy as my other hand returned to squeeze into her firm butt cheek. She giggled nervously. "Better tell me," I said laughing softly.

"Yeah," she said, and again fell into giggles.

"Okay then," I said, beginning to undo and unzip her shorts. "Let's take these off so I can play with your pussy, okay?" She continued to giggle nervously as she stepped out of the shorts. I ran my hand over her nylon panties. "Umm, I like your panties, Julie," I purred. Standing I stripped out of my shorts and supporter, feeling my cock brush her face in the dark but not wanting to frighten her, I sat back down, pulling her butt around for her to sit on my leg, pulling her leg tightly against my throbbing cock. Lifting her outside leg and laying it across my spread leg to open her crotch toward me, I said, "That's a good girl, Julie." Sliding my hand inside her panties for my finger to find her wet slit, I added, "Now give me your pussy, sexy girl." Feeling my finger press inside the lips of her slit, she shuddered, her fingers clenching into my shoulders. Stroking the slippery wetness, I asked, "Does that feel good, Julie?"

"Uh-huh," she said, giggling with excited nervousness.

"Kiss me," I said. After a brief pause, I felt her arms bending to lower her lips to mine. She had sweet, soft lips. "Don't kiss like a baby, Julie," I said, "wrap your arms around my neck and give me some tongue."

"Tongue?" she asked confusedly.

"Yeah," I said. "Just wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me again and do what I do, okay?" After a brief pause, I felt her arms slide around my neck as her sweet little lips met mine. As I pushed my tongue between her lips, pushing hard against her teeth, I felt her head automatically jerk back, but then she relaxed her mouth to allow my tongue inside. Her little tongue was not long in getting the idea and soon it was playing in earnest as her arms tightened around my neck. My stroking finger came up to caress her swollen little clit and she inhaled sharply at the feel, and as I continued to caress her clit, her leg across mine came up around me to pull herself closer and her hips began to thrust with my finger. She had caught on fire.

Breaking the kiss, I panted, "Slow down, honey, let's take your panties off," lifting her leg from around me to stand her up and drop the panties. Pushing up her soft, stretchy tank top, I said, "I want to suck your nipples," using my tongue to locate a nipple in the dark and suck it between my teeth as my hands massaged her butt cheeks, pulling her tightly against my throbbing cock. Again she inhaled sharply as my teeth clamped her nipple for my tongue to flick across, wrapping her arms around my head to pull herself closer. "My cock feels hot, doesn't it, honey?" I asked, using her butt to pull her thighs tight against it.

"Yeah, it does," she panted, arms still holding my head tightly against her chest.

"I'm going to let you put it in your mouth in a minute and suck on it," I said, "but let's get you hot again first, okay?" Lifting her up, I said, "wrap your legs around me, baby, so I can play with your pussy some more." As her legs squeezed tightly around my waist, I added, "Hold the cock while you kiss me again, okay?" Her hand came down from around my neck for her fingers to wrap around the hot shaft as she brought the soft, sweet lips back to mine and my finger reentered her slit.

In no time her body felt on fire as she thrashed her hips into my finger, and she broke off the kiss, gasping for air as sweat covered her body, both hands now squeezing and pulling my throbbing cock into her tummy. "You're going to orgasm, baby," I panted. "Can you feel it coming?" I asked, my fingers soaked in her slipperiness flying over her little clit.

Straining, she panted, "Uh-huh," bucking her little hips hard into my finger.

"Let it come, baby," I panted, working her clit hard as I squeezed fingers into her butt cheek. "Let it out, my sweet little cunt. Cum for me." She moaned and trembled, straining for release. Pulling her ear down next to my lips, I whispered, "Fuck me, Julie," my finger working her hard, "Think about my cock inside your pussy fucking your little cunt. You want to fuck, don't you, Julie? You want to fuck the cock, you sweet little whore. Now cum for me now!"

I could feel her sweaty little body tense back and a shudder run through it. With a loud moan she went over the top as the first spasm coursed through her shaking, shuddering little body. "Keep going, baby," I panted. "Cum, sweet cunt, cum." The next spasm lifted her again and surged through her.

Spasm followed spasm until she collapsed down against me. "Rest, baby," I cooed, stroking her hot back. "When you're rested, I'm going to let you suck my cock." As she lay on my chest, panting and gasping, I listened to the sounds in the dark of the other kids going at one another with groans, moans, and muted giggles. With a sense of fulfillment, I knew I would soon play with everyone of these girls as well as Gene's little sister and Carlos's cousin Eva.

After 5 or 10 minutes, little Julie began to squirm softly against me. Stroking her hair, I asked, "Are you thinking about my cock in your mouth?"

She giggled softly. "Uh-huh," she said, and giggled again.

"Are you ready to do it?" I asked.

"Uh-huh," she said, giggling more.

I lifted her up to sit her on her knees in front of me in the dark, her arms resting on my legs. Finding her head to hold between my hands, I said, "Okay, honey, I'm going to fuck you in the mouth, okay? And I'm going to orgasm just like you did, but when I do the cock will shoot cum inside your mouth and you have to swallow it really fast, okay?" I felt her head jerk up at that, and I added, "Now I'm treating you like a big girl, Julie. Can you act like a big girl for me?"

She was quiet for a few moments before answering, "Yeah."

"Good girl," I said, stroking her hair. "Cum is good for you so don't worry, okay? You just be a big girl and swallow it really fast, okay?"

"Okay," she said, her fingers curling around my cock.

Pulling her head down, I said, "Okay, sexy girl, suck it hard, okay? I'll tell you when to start swallowing." I felt my cock being guided into her pretty little warm mouth, and she began to suck as I pumped her pretty little head up and down over it. "Oh yeah, honey," I sighed, "you're good at this, baby. Suck it hard." With the compliments, I could feel her double her efforts, sucking her brains out as I pumped her mouth over the throbbing cock. "Okay, here it comes, baby," I said, feeling the cum rushing through the shaft. "Swallow fast," I shouted as the cum exploded into her mouth. "Oh god, sweet Julie," I shouted as load after load exploded into her. "God it feels so good, Julie," I moaned, "My sweet little Julie."

Finally I collapsed back against the wall exhausted, panting for air, and I could feel little Julie crawling up into my lap. "Did I do good?" she asked sweetly.

With a gasping laugh, I lifted her lips to mine, getting the salty taste of residual cum on her lips as I kissed her. "You're really good, sweet baby," I said, hugging her to me.

After resting a few minutes to recover my breath, I stood, carrying little Julie sitting her bare butt on my arm to switch on the lights. Two different girls were sucking the boys cocks as Alice held a girl's back against her while the other girl sucked her nipples, hand between her legs. Everyone stopped to look at us, me standing with my now flaccid cock holding bare bottomed pretty little Julie. "Has everyone had fun?" I asked. The whole room was panting in heat as they looked at us.

Looking at Julie in my arms, I gave her a kiss and said, "Tell everyone about your orgasm, Julie?"

Julie giggled. "It was really, really big," she said excitedly. "I never felt anything so good before," she added earnestly.

"Tell them how I fucked you in the mouth, too," I said.

She giggled. "I did," she said. "And it cummed in my mouth and I swallowed every bit, too, didn't I?" she asked me earnestly.

I laughed. "You're a great cock sucker, Julie," I said, kissing her again. Looking at everyone, I asked, "Did everyone hear Julie and me cumming?"

Alice laughed. "How could we not hear you?" she said. "You guys were noisy!" Everyone giggled in agreement.

"Okay, okay," I laughed. Looking at the girls around the room, I added, "Now I'm going to play with every one of you, just you and me, over the next few days, okay? Everybody gets more orgasms like Julie's, okay?" Kissing Julie again, I said to her, "And you get a bunch more, sweet, sexy girl, okay?" She giggled with glee, shaking her head up and down excitedly. Looking back to the room, I looked at Alice and said, pointing at her, "Starting with Alice in the morning, right Alice?"

Alice giggled and blushed. "Yeah," she said.

To recap, by keeping my eyes open for opportunity, in a single morning I had lined up six girls plus cousin Eva to play sex with, and at least four of them I intended to fuck. I had done nothing special, other than paying attention to the world around me. Anyone can do the same, with similar results.

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