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The Life and Times of Old Uncle Jim



       Writing, all writing, is a journey of the imagination, and success in writing lies in the ability of the writer to control the imagination of his audience. Toward this challenge, I have selected subject material that is both erotic and outrageous, tantalizing and taboo in present day society. To my understanding, nothing within my writing violates the United States legal code. If I thought it did, in any manner, I would not have posted it; I have no desire to violate any legal restrictions in any manner whatsoever.

       The subject material I have chosen is children, in particular little girls. Men deny any form of sexual attraction toward little girls, not because it is true, that would be a lie, but because the admission of truth would be viewed by society as tantamount to actual acts against the girls, a view utterly absurd on its face: sexual desire, of any nature, does not equate to sexual act, and it is the act that brings harm, not some thought brought on by natural instincts, something beyond the ability of anyone to control. Similarly, little girls practice sexual allure, not because of poor parental controls or some other form of improper upbringing, but because nature expects them to learn sexual attractiveness, thus assuring continued propagation of our species. We all know this, that little girls have an inborn instinct toward sexuality and that all males respond toward that instinct, but as we grow older our society expects us to suppress the admission of such feelings. Such suppression cannot be a good thing, and may well play a significant role in the loss of control men who actually do molest little girls experience.

       My works are pure fantasy and to think otherwise would be a mistake. To the degree the reader finds any part of any story believable, I claim credit as writer, certainly not as an actor in the story.

       That said, please do enjoy the stories, remembering they are, after all, only stories of the imagination. They could not possibly be true. Could they?

Reader Feedback is such an essential and fun element of successful writing and I have made every effort to make it as easy and quick as possible for the reader to contact by including both an email link and a reader response form on each page. For direct contact, my email address is

Won't you please take a moment when you have read a story to let me hear from you? There is nothing more thrilling than knowing the story has jogged your own personal memories and I do hope you will share them with me. And if my comments have inspired you to do better in your own playtime with kids, that would thrill me even more.

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