Little Girl Stories

To sexually interact with an underage child is psychologically and physically harmful to them, not to

mention it’s ILLEGAL AS HELL! They will put you on a list that you can NEVER get off, even after

you have served your jail time, if you survive that.


This site is my outlet for fantasies that wander through my mind. I would never act on them.

I admit I am charmed by the budding sexuality of the 5-14 set as they become aware of their bodies

and the feelings that surround certain activities. Most of these stories are pedo-oriented, but there

is no BDSM, scat, or other such fetish. If you use them somewhere else, please email me and tell me.


I would appreciate some credit for the ideas fleshed out with one hand busy…

(and the other hand is typing! Ba-dump-bump)



Adventures of a School Janitor -- A series of stories about a night custodian (pt 1 & 2 new, Apr 2010)

(OK, he’s a janitor) at an elementary school.


Beachgal – (MF, affair, cons, oral, anal, mild ws) An affair blossoms between co-workers on a

business trip to a beachside city. OK, this one is NOT about little girls, but it is mostly true.


A Man, A Summer, and a Girl (Mg) – A young girl, wiser than her years, meets a 20-something young man

on a quiet beach. They develop a quick relationship that goes deeper than either had suspected, especially

him. This one may go to more chapters later.


A Series of Coincidences – (Mg) A nearly true uncle/niece stroke story that generated nickname. She falls,

hurts herself. He applies salve to all the right places – ...aaand they’re off! Chapters 1-3 in one file.


The Seduction of Angie -- a campers paradise (Mg,  noncon, drugged) – camp counselor stuff. One of my 
earliest attempts at writing. It has its shortcomings that I refuse to fix. You are welcome to do so 
– just give me some credit for the idea.


The Sounds Of Silence - (Mf, Mg, ped, noncon, slight sci-fi) My latest story – based on an old sci-fi movie 
that I saw. I used the fantasies from that movie for years as fodder for stroke activities. This is my own twist 
to the story. It asks the question: “What if we could record brain energy during an orgasm and play the 
waveforms back as sound? Would others feel the same emotions? What would the ‘music’ of sex sound like.”


Little May – (Mg7, ped, cons, 1st, inc) – Exploring sex with a 7 year old neighbor. No child was harmed i
n the commission of this mental felony.
Bedtime.txt (Mg11, pedo, neighbor) Seducing a kid from next door while under my watchful care. I’m a 
real Boy Scout, right.
Goldilocks – (Mg12?) – a relative comes on a surprise visit. I come home unaware, and discover her 
masturbating in bed. Sex follows. Imagine that!
Summer Camp – (Mggg) I think this is the first erotic story I ever wrote. It survived on a disc in a drawer 
or years until being re-discovered and re-edited. It needs more, probably. Originally written on my 
1988 PC laptop that weighed 8 pounds and ran at 35k Hertz… not mega- or giga-, just kilohertz.  
Zooom! I paid an extra $50 for a total of 4Mb of RAM. No, not Gigabytes. Times have changed. 
The theme of the story lives on in the imaginations of erotic authors everywhere. Ahhh, wishful thinking…
Sammie’s Old Rope Swing – (Mg, seduc, mast) Based on a true story - from accidental scrape to first orgasm.
So Shy – (Mg9) A teacher has a not-so-secret admirer in his class. An emergency forces a 
neighbor in need to drop his daughter off for overnight visit. Puppy Love gets nailed.
TINY Tits--Mg.txt                         
The Breakin - Mg15.txt  - Mom and daughter both get nailed by a “burglar” 
first student-pt1.txt                          
first student-pt2.txt
first student-pt3.txt 
My Little Girl Campers.txt 
The Neighbor's Daughters--Mg11g9g5.txt--ADDED Aug2011 
Teaching Bad Music.txt--Mg8  
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