I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus

by Trybble

Late on Christmas Eve, I helped my mother put the last of the Christmas presents under the tree. Our tree looked like Charlie Brown’s tree with its needless branches, lopsided stance, and sizable “bald” spots. And the handful of presents underneath made it look even more pitiful. We barely had enough money to pay the bills, much less money to spend on a lot of Christmas presents. But Terry still believed in Santa, so we worked hard not to disappoint him.

Mom and I know the real story about Santa. However, even though Santa Claus isn’t real, Scrooge and the Grinch are real and are rolled up into one person--my father. The reason there wasn’t a lot of presents under the tree this year was that the divorce between my parents became final earlier in the year, and my father paid a lawyer a lot of money to insure that his wife and children got nothing from him.

After the divorce, I knew my mom was lonely. She was able to find a job as a check-out clerk at a local grocery store. The job didn’t pay a lot, and often had her working odd hours, but it was enough to pay the rent on a small apartment for the three of us and buy food and clothes. But between the job and taking care of us, mom was always busy.

I knew she was lonely and unhappy. She once told me, “Krystal, I really don’t deserve to be happy after what happened with your father.” I wish there was something I could do to change her mind. I wished I could convince her that all men aren’t bad, but I wasn’t so sure myself.

Around Thanksgiving, I took a part-time job at the same store stocking the shelves at night so I could still attend high school during the day. It was because of this job that we were able to buy the few Christmas presents we did for Terry.

After I placed the last present under the tree, I reached over and gave my mother a hug. She said, “Go on to bed, dear. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I walked into the closet I called a bedroom, and curled up and went to sleep.

* * *

I wasn’t asleep for long before I heard a strange noise from the other room. I quietly opened the door and looked out, and there was mom sprawled out in front of the Christmas tree and a man wearing a red jacket and no pants had his head buried between her legs.

He wasn’t fat and he wasn’t old. While he did have a white beard and hair, it wasn’t nearly as long as his classic image. In fact he was downright cute, for someone my mother’s age. I watched them make love for quite a while and wondered who he really was.

After all, Santa Claus isn’t real I thought to myself. Even if he was, there was no way he could visit every house in a single night. Especially if he had to leave presents like the one he was giving my mom.

“Santa is very talented.” I heard from behind me. I turned around and found myself face to face with Santa Claus. I looked back through the doorway and Santa was still there having sex with my mother.

This Santa looked different than the one in the living room. He was much younger and he beard was even shorter. His face really looked sexy. But then my mind snapped back to reality. With a confused look on my face, I stammered “how…can…you…”

Santa just looked at me and smiled. “Christmas is magic, Krystal.”


“All sorts of things that you believe are impossible can happen at this time of year.”,he said with his deep green eyes.


“I know that you’re mom is very lonely. That’s why I’m giving her that present in the other room. In the morning, you’ll find that she’ll be able to put your father behind her for good.”

“Then why are you here talking to me?”

“I know the sacrifices you made so that your little brother could have a nice Christmas. I also know that there isn’t anything under the tree for you, so I’m here to give you your Christmas present personally.”

I heard a moan come from my mother as she enjoyed Santa’s attention. I looked Santa in the eye and said, “But all I really want is for my mom to be happy, and it looks like you’re doing that already.”

Santa looked at me and smiled. “I also knew what your father did to you. I know that you’re afraid of men and one of the reasons you took that night job was so you had a convenient excuse when someone asked you out on a date.”

“How did you know? I never told anyone that my father… not even my mother…” I stammered.

“Let me show you that all men aren’t rapists…” Then Santa reached over and held me in his muscular arms. He bent his head over mine and his lips reached out to kiss me.

I felt the magic of Christmas take over my body. I don’t know how he did it, but the next thing I knew I was laying in the middle of my bed and my clothes were neatly folded on my dresser. Santa, with his short white beard, was kneeling between my legs while he licked my pussy. I looked over the rest of his body. It was lean and muscular and I wondered where he hid the ‘bowl full of jelly’.

When his tongue touched my clit, I screamed. Then I panicked when I thought about what would happen if Terry woke up and saw Santa eating my cunt.

“Terry will sleep soundly until the morning’s first light,” Santa said as if he were reading my mind. “He won’t see or hear anything improper tonight. Nor will your mom. Remember my magic.”

I don’t know how many times I came with Santa’s head between my legs, but his efforts left me feeling empty. “Can you…” I started to say, but Santa shifted his body and my mouth found something better to do than talk as I gobbled up Santa’s half hard cock.

It wasn’t long before Santa’s cock was hard as a rock. Even though my pussy enjoyed Santa’s oral attention, I wanted that long, thick cock between my legs.

Again, Santa read my mind and it seemed like only an instant between when his cock was pumping into mouth and when I felt it stretching my pussy. It only took a few seconds before my body released itself with the first orgasm. I tried to count them, but my mind stopped working after the first dozen or so orgasms.

* * *

I woke up the next morning with Terry banging on my door. I was lying in bed nude, so I pulled up the blankets before telling him it was okay to come in. Terry said, “Get up Krystal! Santa was here. You got to see all of the presents under the tree!”

“It was only a dream,” I thought to myself. Santa isn’t real, and even if he was real, how could he be two places at the same time?

“Okay,” I grumbled and Terry scooted off. I heard him talking to mom, trying to wake her up also.

I grabbed my robe and walked out into the main room. Mom was laying on the sofa bed where she usually slept, and Terry was standing beside the sofa bed dancing, shouting, and clapping his hands.

Then I looked over at the tree. There were a lot more than the five presents mom and I left under the tree last night. In fact, the tree was somehow different. It was fuller and prettier than I remembered, and there more lights and ornaments on it than I remember putting on the tree with Terry.

Mom looked at me with confusion in her eyes. I wondered if she had the same dream. But I didn’t know how I could admit to anyone that I had sex with Santa, even if it was only a dream.

Neither mom nor I said a thing to each other. We quietly folded up the sofa bed and sat down and watched Terry open present after present. I remembered the clothes and books mom and I had bought. But the Hot Wheels set that we splurged on looked a lot bigger than I remembered, and I was certain that we didn’t get Terry a Gameboy. But there was definitely one under the tree with a bunch of games.

Finally, after the last of the presents was opened, mom and I started cooking breakfast. When I opened the ‘fridge to get some eggs, I found a lot more food than I remembered from last night. There was a big turkey just waiting for the oven, plus a new jug of milk and some fresh veggies. I found some bacon to go with the eggs and carried the eggs and bacon over to the stove.

Meanwhile, mom had found some surprises of her own in the closet. The closets were full of canned goods like corn and tomato paste. There were boxes of brand name cereal that I hadn’t seen since before the divorce. Terry was going to be very happy tomorrow morning too!

Mom started fixing the bacon while I started scrambling the eggs. Soon, the smells of Christmas breakfast started flowing through the apartment.

A knock on the door shattered the peaceful morning. When my mom opened it, two police officers stood there looking vaguely familiar. The older one asked, “Are you Amanda Worthing?”


“Are you married to Brad Worthing?”

Mom carefully replied, “I was. We were divorced last spring.”

The officers looked at each other for a moment and said, “Ma’am, my name is Officer Claws. Mr. Worthing was involved in an accident last night. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive. His identification indicated that you were the next of kin.”

My mom didn’t know what to say. I was happy he was dead and hoped he suffered the whole way to hell. The younger officer looked at me and I felt like he was reading my mind. In reality he probably was studying my naked body beneath my robe. Embarrassed, I looked away from his deep green eyes and stared at his manly chest.

The younger officer wore a badge with the letters C. Kringle engraved at the top. I thought to myself, “No. It couldn’t be.” Then I tried to imagine him with white hair and a beard.

My mom asked the officers, “Would you like some coffee?”

The older officer said, “No ma’am. We’re going off duty soon.”

“How about coming back for dinner?” I was shocked at my mother’s question.

“Well, how about it Craig?” the older officer said to the younger one.

“That would be fine with me, sir. I have nowhere special to go today anyway.”

“We’d be delighted to come for dinner,” the older officer said.

“Great!” my mom said, “Would six be okay Officer Claws?”

“Call me Sam, ma’am. Six would be fine.”

* * *

It turned out that my father had neglected to update his will, so mom inherited everything including our old house. So we were able to celebrate our next Christmas in our old home. Officer Claws and Kringle both came back for dinner that fateful Christmas day. Dinner lead to a date for my mom on New Years Eve and before long, Terry was running around telling everyone his father is Sammy Claws.

Christmas Eve, Sam, Craig, mom and I put presents under the tree for Terry and alsofor each other. My mom and Sam went to her bedroom, while Craig and I retired to mine. After Craig and I had made love, I started to tell him about my visit from Santa. However for some reason, I couldn’t. It was if it would spoil the Christmas magic.

In the morning, Terry woke everyone up. Under the tree were all of the presents we had left the night before, plus two small, special presents that I’m certain weren’t there when we went to bed – one for me and one for my mom.

Terry brought me my present from Santa. When I unwrapped the gift, I found a gold locket. Inside the locket was a picture of me and another of Craig. Attached to the locket was a note that said, “Christmas is magic.”

I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus was a finalist in the 2004 Golden Clitorides category, Best Seasonal Story. While it didn't win, I was pleased when it made it to the finals. I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote for this story.

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