Welcome to the True Youth Sex Stories Archive. This is a small but growing collection of true, first person accounts of childhood, adolescent or early teenage sexual experiences. Stories are available for reading on the Archive page. As part of the ASSTR site, this repository is totally free and nonprofit. It is also nonjudgmental. Stories can and do include virtually any type of act, including heterosexual, homosexual, incest, bestiality, masturbation, oral, anal, and underage sex. If such material offends you, please leave.

I have two goals at TYSSA. First, I want to provide a forum for the general public to share their own young sexual experiences. Some people might find it therapeutic to openly reveal their childhood sex adventures. Others might be stimulated by doing so. If you have an experience that you would like to share, please visit the Submit page. Note that we are only interested in true, first person accounts. While I have no way to authenticate the articles that are submitted here or downloaded from usenet, I do reserve the right to exclude ones that obviously appear to be fantasies or erotic fiction. There are plenty of other collections and newsgroups for such material.

Second, by maintaining an archive where people can share stories about sexual experiences during their youth, I hope to promote a positive, realistic attitude about childhood sexual experiences. It is my belief that society today has an unhealthy and irrational conviction that minors should not have sexual urges. By trying to suppress their natural feelings, and by teaching kids that sexual curiosity is bad, we only serve to foster a society full of guilt, confusion, hang-ups, and sexual misconduct.

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