Triplet X Love Times 2

Series By DoubleDxxx



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The Honeymoon Week

Book 1 Chapters

The merger of two close-knit families through the marriage of the parents leads to mergers all around from the merger of the children's band to the merger of the servants to the merger of the pair of identical triplets themselves.



Sex High

Book 2 Chapters

A sexually charged Anderson family truly begins their lives in Riverdale as the parents start new jobs and the kids start high school, but somehow sex seems to follow them everywhere they go, even as the oldest daughter stumbles on a decade old mystery and the youngest daughter learns about another side of the sex she loves, craves and needs at the local hospital.



The Pleasures of Camping

Book 3 Chapters

Follow a sexually charged Anderson family on their combination tour and family camping trip where sex follows them to every stop not to mention a mystery stalker that has made the youngest daughter the target of terror.



Sex Camp

Book 4 Chapters

Follow the Anderson kids to summer camp and the parents on their anniversary Caribbean cruise where everyone enjoys the many pleasing activities offered them on their vacations starting of course with sex.



The Non-Children

Book 5 Chapters

Lana tries to balance her old roles as sexual leader of TXLT2, President of the 100% Fuckable Club and simple High School Student with some new roles including advisor to the newly formed junior 100% fuckable club, temporary Sex. Ed. teacher and now official lesbian lover of her soul-mate Katrina. She soon learns that it's hard to keep everyone happy. This is just What's happening in Lana's life, there wouldn't be room to summarize what's happening in everyone else's: Let me therefore just summarize it all in two words: NON-STOP SEX!



Across the Pond to Sex

Book 6 Chapters

TXLT2 goes international as they go on tour in Europe. Beneath the concerts, safe sex lectures and of course non-stop sex, the Anderson kids have a more pressing mission as they seek to complete a rendezvous with the not so deceased Dr. Lewis.



Return To Eden

Book 7 Chapters

Back from their European tour Ron/Hannah and John/Debbie begin learning the meaning of married life while Ana tries to deal with the events of the past summer something that is made a little difficult by an insane counselor bent on making her pay for past sins.

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