Tredor’s Stories



Welcome to the page to end all pages!  Yes, the page that does away with such trivialities, like “content” and “substance”!  Yes, here, there is only a plain colored background (not a terribly good colored background it should be noted) with plain colored text (yeah, you get the picture)!  In all seriousness, I hope to keep adding stories, at least one a week or so, so by all means, feel free to check back often.  I hope to concentrate mostly on the Revelations series, but I have been known to change my mind before, so eventually there might be a variety of things.  But if you’re coming here for something extremely kinky, alas, I have little to offer in that department.  For the most part my stories will concentrate on mostly heterosexual stuff (yes, with probably a few lesbian encounters…I am a guy after all) without anything more than very mild bondage and nothing kinkier than that.  No incest, no bestiality, no nothing wild like that.  If I should change my mind, I’ll be certain to clearly label any such stories very clearly with big blinking letters and sirens and the like.  In the meantime, here’s what I have so far!




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