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Updated March 5, 2006



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(M/f, Bd, Kidnap, Nc, 1st)   (Andrea Forward)     (Andrea Story)

Stories (in alphabetical order)


(F/m, M/f, Bd, Cheat, Cons)   (Betrayal Forward)     (Betrayal Story)

Bunny Cage

(M/f, Bd, Kidnap, Nc, 1st)    (Bunny Cage Forward)     (Bunny Cage Story)

Chicken Shed

(F/m, Bd, Ds, Cons)     (Chickenshed Forward)     (Chickenshed Story)


(M/f, Bd, Magic, Nc)   (Disenchantment Forward)     (Disenchantment Story)

Do You Want to Continue?

(M/f, Bd, Bi, Cons, Ds, Fist, Jenny)     (Do You Want To Continue? Forward)     (Do You Want To Continue? Story)   (Do You Want To Continue? Review)

Early Morning

(M/f, Bd, Dark, Fist, Jenny, Reluc, Sm, Tort)     (Early Morning Forward)     (Early Morning Story)


(F/m, Bd, Cbt, Dark, Nc, Tort, Viol)     (Elizabeth Story)     (Elizabeth Afterward)

End of the Dream

(M/f, Bd, Dark, Kidnap, Nc, Tort, Viol)     (End of the Dream Forward)     (End of the Dream Story)


(M/f, 1st, Bd, Cons, Ds)     (Eyes Forward)     (Eyes Story)


 (F/f, 1st, Bd, Bi, Ds, Reluc, Sm)     (Fallenescence Forward)     (Fallenescence Story)


(M/f, Bd, Cons, Ds, Sm)     (Flower Forward)     (Flower Story)

Full Moon

(F/m, Ds, Cons, Magic)     (Full Moon Forward)     (Full Moon Story)


(F/m, Bd. Cons, D/s, S/m)     (Heat Forward)     (Heat Story)

Her Gift

(M/f, 1st, Bd, Ds, Reluc)     (Her Gift Forward)     (Her Gift Story)

Just Five Minutes

(M/f, 1st, Bd, Ds, Reluc, Sm)     (Just Five Minutes Forward)     (Just Five Minutes Story)

Meeting Her

(M/f, Bd, Cons, Ds, Fist, Jenny, Sm)     (Meeting Her Forward)     (Meeting Her Story)

No Joke

(M/f, Bd, Cons)     (No Joke Forward)     (No Joke Story)


(M/f, Bd, Cons)     (Nothing Forward)     (Nothing Story)


(F/m, Bd, Cons, Ds)     (Promises Forward)     (Promises Story)

Red Sky

(M/f, Bd, Reluc, Sm)     (Red Sky Forward)     (Red Sky Story)


(F/f, Bd, Best, Fist, Jenny, Reluc)     (Samson Forward)     (Samson Story)

Shadow Mists

(M/f, 1st, Alien, Bd, Best, Cons, Ds, Goth, Magic, Sm, Viol)     (Shadow Mists Forward)     (Shadow Mists Story)

She Lies Beneath Me

(M/f, Bd, Cons, Ds)     (She Lies Beneath Me Forward)     (She Lies Beneath Me Story)

She’s the One

(M/f, 1st, Bd, Cons, Reluc)     (She's The One Forward)     (She's The One Story)

Taking Her

(M/f, Bd, Jenny, Kidnap, Nc, Sm)     (Taking Her Forward)     (Taking Her Story)

The Clearing

(M/f, Bd, Cons, Ds, Jenny)     (The Clearing Forward)     (The Clearing Story)

The Dream

(F/m, Bd, Cons)     (The Dream Forward)     (The Dream Story)

The Rope

(M/f, F/f, 1st, Bd, Ds, Goth, Magic, Reluc, Sm, Tort, Viol)     (The Rope Forward)     (The Rope Story)

Three Secrets

(F/m, 1st, Bd, Cbt, Goth, Nc, Sm, Tort)     (Three Secrets Forward)     (Three Secrets Story)

The Ultimate O

(M/f, Bd, Cons, Ds)     (The Ultimate O Forward)     (The Ultimate O Story)

Third Date

(F/m, Bd, Cbt, Ds, Humil, Job, Reluc-Cons, Sm, Tort)     (Third Date Forward)     (Third Date Story)

Tying Her

(M/f, Bd, Jenny, Kidnap, Nc)     (Tying Her Forward)     (Tying Her Story)


(M/f, Bd, Ds, Sm, Cons)    (Valentine Forward)   (Valentine Story)


(M/f, Bd, Cons, Ds)     (Videogirl Forward)     (Videogirl Story)

Violet Mist

(F/m, Cons, Ds, Magic)     (Violet Mist Forward)     (Violet Mist story)

Welcome Home

(M/f, Bd, Cons, Ds, Jenny)     (Welcome Home Forward)     (Welcome Home Story)


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