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I am a gay attorney living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I write homoerotic fiction to soothe my inner muse and explore different ideas and taboos.

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Inspirations for my stories are varied. Usually I take an event or sexual encounter from my own life and expand on it. Other times I create a fictional world from whole cloth. I have tried most of the things I write about, but not all. And my own personal enjoyment of the various things is equally as varied.

Sometimes my muse for a particular series passes. I try to mark those series accordingly. However, with some encouragement my muse can be re-ignited. Fan emails frequently turn the tide. "Cop's Son" was to be a single-part story, but dozens of emails changed my mind. That said sometimes despite all of the emails I get for a particular story I just cannot get myself to add another part.

I hope that you can find one or more stories in my collection that tickle your fancy. If one does, let me know.

I'm giving Tumblr a try, I will be posting some new stories there.

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Vampire Virus

Two young men become vampires in this re-imagining of the vampire genre around a virus concept.

"He reserves the right to use me-and only me-sexually on demand."

The bargain that one man makes to bring his lover across is a tough one.

Story Codes: M/M, vampirism, murders, telepathy, mind control

Last Updated: 01 May 2011 [O]

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Youtube Humiliation

Mason Smith is The Humiliator. He seeks out men on Craigslist who post ads and takes them to his home near Livermore.

"Straight male seeks humiliation at the hands of another guy. Email me for details."

Once at his home, the men are subjected to the basest indignities while being filmed. Mason wears a lycra dark Spiderman outfit while on camera so the humiliation is focused on the men.

Story Codes: M/M, spanking, bondage, more, various humiliations from shaving to video taping of sex

Last Updated: 16 May 2008 [X]

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Y.J. Levy is an interesting man. A bullet to the head has removed his capacity to feel pain. Or remorse.

"Ever since then, I've been a touch 'off-kilter'"

Known alternately as Yitzchak, or Jacob, he works as a therapist to hollywood clients who want to experience their sexual fantasies--at a high price.

Jacob's boyfriend, Levy has an interesting "advantage" system to keep the sex flowing in the relationship.

Story Codes:M/M sex, hypnosis, sex games, chastity, more

Last Updated: 11 May 2008 [X]

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Abused for Money

Scott is a young male who has turned eighteen recently. Faced with a delimma of how to get enough money for college.

"I ended up buying a latex T-shirt and pants figuring those could be cool for escorting."

His quest to become a house boy leads him to some unexpected parts of San Francisco and to a fellow gay classmate with a very private secret. Watch this soon to be high school valedictorian try to find a stable house to work in and rent his body out in the process.

Story Codes:M/M sex involving 18 year olds, escorts, spanking, more

Last Updated: 7 Dec 2003 [X]

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Matthew Card is a 23-year old--straight--construction worker who can't keep his dick in his pants on the job.

"You see Melissa, men are easily controlled by their dicks."

After ignoring his wife Melissa's pleas to stop fooling around on the job, he finds himself part of an unusual fertility treatment plan. A plan that includes converting Matthew from straight to gay with hypnosis and extended chastity along with prostate milking for control. With training and punishments, Matthew learns to love the slightly younger, 20-year old Ephram Brown, the cuckold chastity bound husband of his wife's lesbian lover.

Story Codes:M/M sex and some M/F and F/F; hypno; milking; chastity

Last Updated: 17 May 2003 [X]

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Farm Boy

The Richardson family lives on a small farm in rural North Dakota. The head of the house is Jason Richardson--James' older brother. Born a year apart on the same day, Jason has dominated James for years.

"I could only admire my older brother's audacity."

The household dynamic is complicated by Jason's homosexuality, James' relationship with Jason's wife Carol, and two sets of twin children from James' and Carol's relationship. Got that all straight? Sit back and find out more about this strange family.

Story Codes: M/M sex; M/Mttbb spanking; M/M incest; hypno; some M/F sex

Last Updated: 27 Apr 2003 [X]

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An unbelievable man who wears a latex outfit in the bar fucks everyone but never talks catches Ryu's fancy.

"Cat got your tongue Ryu?"

Gradually, Ryu's curiosity gets the better of him. Follow Ryu as he stalks the Adonis to his home. Investigates the special latex-restraining bed the Adonis sleeps in and eventually finds himself caught in the terrible secret of the Adonis project as he himself becomes enslaved and unable to talk.

Story Codes: MM, Mind Control, Latex

Last Updated: 24 Feb 2003 [X]

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Iroppoi Herususentaa

A young law student, Patrick Cody, finds himself drawn into an unusual health club with mysterious links to the Japanese.

"[I]t was a special vitamin supplement, maindokontorooru piru."

While studying for 1L exams, Patrick filled out an online application for an exclusive health club named "Iroppoi Herususentaa." His friend Tim Webster warned him that it was expensive, but Patrick never thought he would be invited to be a member.

A short, awkwardly phrased email changed all of that...

Story Codes: MM, Mind Control

Last Updated: 15 Feb 2003 [X]

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Stone Garden

A young, gay traveler on the island of Corfu encounters a strange garden.

"The statues were quite lifelike I thought..."

Lost and tired, he decides to masturbate in the garden. Now he will pay a steep price for a few moments of pleasure.

Story Codes: MM, Magic

Last Updated: 29 Dec 2002 [X]

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Spanked Houseboy

Three old friends share several common bonds.

"A well spanked houseboy is a good thing."

They are all gay. They work together. They are making millions using the same techniques pioneered by Long Term Capital.

They also share an authoritarian lifestyle in which they are served by houseboys--well spanked ones at that.

Scott, the ringleader, specializes in training the boys and the newest one, Gary, sorely needs that training to serve Mike faithfully.

Story Codes: MM, Spanking

Last Updated: 28 Dec 2002 [X]

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Rawley Academy is one of the most prestigious all-male academies in the South and Scout Calhoun is the son of a very rich and powerful man.

"Staying after in Professor Schlosser's class inevitably meant corporal punishment."

Throughout all of middle school Scout had gotten away with all sorts of antics. Protected by his father's wealth the Dean would always let Scout off with mild scolding. Fourteen now and into high school Professor Schlosser was a new teacher at Rawley and in just three weeks had wracked up quite the reputation for never sparing the rod.

Scout was originally quite confident that he would get off thanks to the protections afforded by his father, but things were not as they seemed. Professor Schlosser was not going to be intimidated by Scout's dad and Scout was going to be facing the music in a most unexpected way.

Story Codes: Mt, No Sex, Mind Control, Corporal Punishment

Last Updated: 26 Sep 2002 [X]

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A half-way house that turns young prisoners into gay sex slaves.

"Understanding is not required, Only Obedience."

With trained slaves fetching into the millions of dollers, the operator of the half-way house has an incentive to train them for their new lives.

A special chamber with a variety of robotic arms is a chair where new prisoners spend their first month undergoing intense mental conditioning. The chair can supply pleasure and pain.

Story Codes: MM, Prison, Mind Control, Nonconsensual

Last Updated: 9 Sep 2002 [X]

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A young geek finds himself transformed after an accident at his uncle's house.

I was a bit surprised it worked just like a Jedi-mind trick... "This boy is old enough to enter."

Victor finds his body growing and becoming extremely muscular. Also he begins to be able to telepathically sense people's thoughts. At first he simply uses his powers to score.

His first gay sexual encounter though leaves him wanting to do something more for society. So he dons a mask and takes on a role as a defender of the city.

His quest is soon joined with a superhero mate who brings additional purpose to his life. The two fight crime together along with other superheroes and enjoy a deeply passionate and romantic relationship.

Story Codes: MM, Superhero, Telepathy/Mind Control

Last Updated: 25 Aug 2002 - Note: I may yet restart this plot bunny from scratch. [X]

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Magical hypnosis

An archaeology professor from Germany, Wendell, has a few tricks up his sleeve of the magical variety. Wendell is experienced in the magical arts and freely uses his power and his wand to get ahead. The story starts with a home burglary and continues to the enslavement of Gareth and more.

"My prey was a young man who... I attached a metal slave collar to him..."

This story covers the gamut from basic hypnosis to long term hypnosis with magical assistance of two basketball stars, twins, that are inducted into a world of homosexuality and incest.

The story is set, predominantly, in Washington, D.C.

Story Codes: MM, Mind Control, Magic, Non-consensual, Incest

Last Updated: 17 Jul 2002 [X]

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Cop's Son

Sometimes a little blackmail and physical coercion can smooth the way towards a new life. John, Jonnie boy to his fellow teenage Master Mike, is the son of a police officer in a smaller town. John and Mike are both finishing their senior year of high school and sons of cops. In fact their fathers are partners together.

"What are you so afraid of Jonnie?"

"Faggot," I responded.

A simple sleepover leads Jonnie deeper into blackmail and homosexuality. It starts with a simple offer from Mike to give Jonnie a blow job, but Jonnie tries to attack. As a result the first of many beatings at Mike's hand begins. It is not long until Jonnie finds himself at the center of an Internet porn site with his face blacked out--as long as Mike replaces a blackmail file on the server each week.

Over time Jonnie learns to obey Mike and starts to even like being gay. Mike's parents get into the act a bit as well and Jonnie eventually finds his college decision making out of his own hands.

Story Codes: MM, First Time, High School, Coercion, Blackmail

Last Updated: 22 Sep 2002 [X]

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Sex Ranch

Imagine a Napa resort designed to the pleasures of the flesh. Young men work to serve the guests in every sense of the word. The focus is on a young, straight, boy from Nebraska drawn into the life on the Ranch.

"I am most definitely, positively, absolutely not gay. But, recently, I turned a few tricks to make some bucks."

The owners of the Ranch use every mind control technique in the book to get the best out of their "employees". Of course for heterosexual employees working as sex objects extreme mind control techniques are needed.

There is an optional "prequel" that depending on ones tastes may or may not be worth reading: Prequel . Overall the prequel changes some of the perspective on consent.

Story Codes: MM, Hypnosis and authoritarian main theme. Boy Band and celebrity subthemes.

Last Updated: 3 May 2002 [X]

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Dorm Twins

Rafael Paz leaves his home in Ribadeo, Spain, for college in the United States. A teenager with dual-citizenship, Rafael is at home in both the US and Spain.

"At this point since the twins thought my attendance was their idea, I could probably get away with more photos of them too."

Rafael quickly finds himself imersed in his first year of college and gradually uses his interest in photography to unlock the door to a warm romantic relationship with his twin roommates, both of whom are on the football team.

That relationship is expanded as Rafael is drawn into their home life and has to discipline the twins for their father. But it is not to long until the twins Dad, Mr. Thompson, is taking the strap to Rafael for fall grades.

Story codes: MM, Incest, College, Twins, Discipline, Romance

Last Update: 27 Sep 2002 [X]

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Warren Knudson had it all. A fortune 500 company. A beautiful wife. Gorgeous twin sons on the verge of their eighteenth birthday. And more.

He had one small problem: unbearable headaches. As an ex-Marine, Warren was not given to easily succumbing to pain, but the headaches were quite another matter.

"Ken picked up a phone in the exam room and placed a call, 'He's here. We finally got him.'"

Warren soon discovers that Dr. Ken Thompson can help him, but at a horrible price. Dr. Thompson is an expert in mind control and hypnosis. He is also one of a group of ten gay ex-marines that Warren Knudson drove from the army. Ten ex-marines with a pay back plan.

Story codes: MM, Hypnosis, Consensual?

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2002 [X]

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Straight Latino Rape?

Luis is a young, straight, latino boy who likes expensive things. Luis is not well off and lives with his mother. He and his mother are also illegal immigrants.

"Next thing I knew I was being thrown against the wall. I was naked except for a pair of underpants."

Now young Luis finds himself being sexually assaulted by a man in blue. Aware of Luis' illegal status, the cop takes full advantage of Luis' virgin ass both with his baton and his cock.

But once is not enough, the cop and five friends are back exactly one week later for more.

Is all as it seems here?

This story has a unique twist.

Story Codes: MM, Rape?, Non-consensual?

Last Updated: 26 Dec 2001 [X]

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Shave Me Now

Gunther was your average San Fransiscan: young, gay, living in the Castro. He also knew very little about his past

"He took the invitation and told me to get undressed and sit on the couch until my host was ready and then bounded up the stairs further into the darkness."

That would all change very quickly. Gunther would receive an invitation to join a very private group. The start of the induction would occur quickly on a December evening in an industrial building

The first stages include a naked young boy removing Gunther's lush blonde hair from every part of his body.

...later Gunther gets tatooed and meets his fellow Aryan brothers

Story Codes: MM, Shaving, Aryan themes, authoritarianism, slavery, misc

Last Updated: 23 Dec 2001 [X]

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Piss Pig Confession

A twenty-something model in San Francisco gradually finds his true calling.

"Four times in the middle of the night, guys game downstairs to piss on me. The hot streams of urine felt wonderful..."

Raised in the midwest, Jason is still a virgin at twenty-six and very much an outsider to the San Francisco gay scene.

Jason's calling is unlocked by a photographer at a modeling shoot who helps Jason unlock his hidden need to be covered in piss. A new world opened to him Jason delves into seeking out piss at every opportunity.

The culmination of his new found love is as the center of attention at a private Noe Valley party he has lost at least part of his virginity.

Story Codes: MM, Piss, No Sex

Last Update: 22 Dec 2001 [X]

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Cum Control

I am a sick and twisted individual. I regularly drug and abduct young adult males and take them back to my house. Once there I take them to a special basement chamber.

"Once there I unbuttoned my 501s and whipped out my own massive cock and began to stroke it. I could watch John and his humongous cock struggle against my cum control machine."

This chamber has a number of uniquely designed devices to facilitate the exquisite torture of the young men's cocks.

In particular there is an automated milking machine that I have adapted for human specimen collection. The machine can forcibly extract load after load of cum from my restrained guests.

Another special device I have constructed is a wall that allows the guest to be restrained on one side of the wall while his cock protrudes into the other room. The bizzare sensations that can be induced into the guests are quite exquisite.

Story Codes: MM, Orgasm Denial, Forced Milking, CBT, Nonconsensual More

Last Updated: 27 Nov 2001 [X]

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Gym Stud

A big-city top moves to a one street mining town in rural Wyoming. He takes over the only gym in town and quickly sets his eyes on a young miner-boy: Jason.

"My mouth watered slightly and my cock bulged, he had been here late every night for six weeks, Jason's balls were probably quite full of cum."

The gym itself turned out to a have most curious basement facility that appeared to be for sexual indulgences. In a short time I had learned of the room and taken Jason there for his first extended orgasm denial session.

Over time Jason would become used to more and more extended periods of enforced chastity.

Mistakes of course were severely punished out in the woods with a thorough thrashing.

In later parts, my older brother arrives back into my service from several years of extended orgasm denial.

Story Codes: MM, Spanking, Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Incest

Last Updated: 30 Aug 2001 [X]

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Third Watch

Homoerotic fan fiction around the series "Third Watch".

Story Codes: MM, various

Last Updated: 29 Oct 2000 [X]

Stories: Bosco's Nights | Dead Beat Pays Up


Jack, a young, welthy gay man in Los Angeles answers a personal ad and find himself face to face with his favorite movie star. Better still the star is looking for a long term relationship.

"...on the first Friday of the coming month... wear a pair of your tightest jeans and an undershirt..."

Jack is gradually inducted into a very unusual family culture. One which accepts homosexuality, but also molds it into a family tradition of a wife's subserveince to her husband.

As the celebreties' wife, Jack finds himself adapting to an unfamiliar role of allowing his husband to make all of the decisions. The first steps are subtle: new wardrobe and new hairstyle.

But the rules call for some unusual behaviors. Complete subservience means that Jack finds his ass getting blistered at Scott's whims. The rules also require Jack to submit himself sexually to all of the other husbands in Scott's family.

Story Codes: MM, Spanking, Dominance, Celebrity

Last Updated: 25 Oct 1999 [X]

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Justin Series

My original magnum opus of pornography. This was the foundation of my porn writing career and spans over twenty parts and is over 200 pages when put together into a single book. It is also the story where the narrator is closest to being the real me.

"Three hot years together. But that was five years ago... Justin left me, but I don't think he ever stopped loving me."

This story follows a young attorney's relationships and friendships in great detail. Justin, my ex-lover, returns to my life in a romantic capacity. But before anything else happens he comes as spectator to watch me brutalize Michael's ass at a publc spanking party.

That night he comes back home with me to become reacquianted with my punishment implements and my rules.

The best part of this story, in my opinion and in that of many fans, are the nightly spankings that Justin must submit to as part of life with me. They add a beautiful element of submission to our life and set a tone of respect within the house.

Later parts of the story introduce our adoptive son, sexual guests, chastity, and more.

Story Codes: MM, Spanking, Bondage, Chastity, more

Last Updated: 18 Jan 1999 [X]

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Strange World

A walk through San Francisco takes an odd turn as 23 year old math major Tom finds himself on a strange beach.

"Next thing I knew, I was laying on the shores of a beach, my body pressed into sand... I couldn't see my boyfriend and my head was throbbing."

The strangers of this new world seem to know Tom as he was a high ranking official in an odd organization who has been missing.

The world is primitive in comparison to 22nd century Earth, but Tom and several others in this organization have telepathic abilities. In particular they can talk to one another and read minds.

In this strange world, Tom finds that he has a loving husband and several slaves that have missed him very much.

Other things are very odd in this world. Heterosexual contact is all but forbidden except at special reproductive faires and corporal punishment is a day to day part of marriage and relationships.

Story Codes: MM, SciFi, Fantasy, Telepathy, Spanking, More

Last Updated: 10 Jan 1999 [X]

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Survival Canyon

A look at a penal institution in a dark futuristic government that spans several galaxies. The only entertainment are videos of prisoners in the "Survival Canyon" being tortured.

"The prisoners are brain wiped fairly thoroughly.. and the various contortions that they go through over the 2 year sentence.. [is entertainment]."

Our "hero" is a military officer who takes an offer that could be worth millions or more to him by taking up the role of torturing criminals.

Like modern day sports heroes, the guards in the canyon were features on holo-cards and holo-vids for special torture sessions. The guards got a cut of the profits.

This is a particularly dark story series and has minimal "redeeming" qualities. There is no consent as such since this graphically describes the torture confinement of prisons receiving their legally required punishments.

Story Codes: MM, Nonconsenual, Prison, Torture

Last Updated: 1997 [X]

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A soldier from Desert Storm takes a job at a boot camp-type prison for youthful offenders.

"John and I are in charge, what we say is the law. If you break the law you will be disciplined and if discipline isn't sufficient you'll get a ticket directly to prison."

Deep in the south, the Camp was of the "spare the rod, spoil the child" school and corporal punishment was freely used to bring the prisoners in line.

The ultimate threat though was a one-way ticket to state prison. Nobody wanted that and my word was law on a trip to prison.

I also developed a nice sexually intimate relationship working at the camp with my current lover, John, who was the other guard for L Wing.

Story Codes: MM, Nonconsenual, Spanking, Discipline, Reformatory, Prison, Boot Camp, Humiliation

Last Updated: 1997 [X]

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