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And with that out of the way, here are some notes from the author ...

"The stories/chapters I write pretty much reflect my own personal fantasies, which mostly revolve around trying to recapture the feeling of insane horniness I had when I was a young teen, still in the throes of puberty, age 13-15. I've basically taken my own dull memories from that chaste, masturbatory time and interjected my dream women into them. The result is a narrative unification of the hundreds of thousands of scenarios I dreamt up while whacking off in those days. Or something like that.

"For what it's worth, I'm actually a writer of mainstream fiction, and this is more or less a 'deviant' side venture for me. I'm aware that some people will consider what I've written kind of tame by comparison to other works. For instance, in many cases, I've decided to stick to only one sexual act per chapter. The rest is either a teasing narrative build-up to that act, or it's a detailed examination of it. I try not to rush anything at all. I concentrate on details. I make a real attempt to get the dialogue right, and to make the actions of the characters seem, if not probable, then at least possible within the skewed reality of the universe I've created.

"I like to think that this kind of technique helps to recreate that feeling of being a young teen boy, still on this side of 'innocent', when everything sexual is unexplored yet and still seems fresh and exciting and new ... when even the sight of a girl in a bra can cause an erection, and even a tongue kiss seems intensely profound. And yes, I realize that all my stories feature busty women. What can I say -- like Russ Meyers, it's just my thing!"

Now, on with the show ...


Good Deeds on Bad Days
Bobby, a 14 year-old boy, learns the value of doing a good deed for a stranded woman.
(first published March 31, 2003)

New Year's Eve Barbie
Roger, a 13 year-old boy, gets to spend a night with an anatomically correct Barbie ... in the flesh.
(first published March 19, 2003)

Peter's Homecoming (Part 1)
Peter, a 13 year-old boy, gets a sweet surprise when he visits his father, a strip club owner.
(first published February 3, 2003)

My Least Favorite Aunt
Simon, a 14 year-old boy, gains a new appreciation for his busty visiting aunt (incest story).
(first published January 11, 2003)

The Best Christmas Gift Ever
Benji, a 15 year-old boy, renews his faith in Santa during an encounter with his brother's fianceé.
(first published December 23, 2002)

The Unexpected Physical
Jason, a 15 year-old boy, receives a thorough sports physical from busty Nurse Meyers.
(first published December 12, 2002)

Trick or Treat
Henry, a 14 year-old boy, learns the true meaning of trick-or-treating from an older woman.
(first published November 21, 2002)


Chapter 1 :  The New Neighbor
Sammy, a lonely 13 year-old boy, gets a new neighbor -- a busty web model named Bethany.
(first published January 11, 2002)

Chapter 2 :  A Helping Hand
Sammy and Bethany become closer friends when he agrees to clean her pool ... but never does.
(first published February 7, 2002)

Chapter 3 :  A New Arrival
Sammy meets somebody new while waiting for Bethany to come home from a shopping trip.
(first published October 17, 2002)

Chapter 4 :  After the Swim
Sammy gives Bethany a hand after her post-swim shower ... a really good hand.
(first published March 8, 2003)

Chapter 5 :  Strike a Pose
Sammy helps Bethany film an erotic video clip for the website, and gets paid handsomely.
(first published March 28, 2003)

Chapter 6:  New Developments
Sammy has an intense dream, which sets off a very strange chain of events at Bethany's house.
(first published June 3, 2003)

Chapter 7:  Personal Growth
Sammy gets a new toy, of sorts, and spends the morning playing with it.
(first published August 6, 2003)

Chapter 8 & 9 & 10 :  COMING SOON (relatively)


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