Thomas G erotic fiction

I've been reading erotic stories for years. Now I'm writing as well.

My Princes Patty is about a serendipitous encounter with a family and spending some quality time with their 11-year old daughter, who, it would seem, has had some experience with playing with older men.

This fantasy came to me in a blink while I was actually leaving a movie rental store one night. There actually was a young family and a flirtatious young girl hugged up to her father. The way she smiled and waved at me as they left the store just got my mind to going and this story is how it played out. I hope you enjoy it.

Corporate Promotion will be a long story with many chapters as its been played out in my fantasies in many erotic scenes. It will develop over time (as I have time to hack it all out).

Itís a story of submission (on my part). In this story Iím a bit of a wussy and easily taken advantage of. Not that I mind, as nearly all of the encounters I am pushed into are quite exciting. The story starts out with, what I think is a chance encounter, with the senior vice-president of the company I work for and his family. However, in time, I discover that it was an elaborate set-up for the vp to hire me as his daughterís nanny/playmate.

The story will unfold slowly and I hope you enjoy it

The Becca Stories are not intended to be a series of any sort, accept that the girls name and (mostly) her appearance, age, etc. will be the same. Basically, you will be introduced to encounters with a little girl named Becca in several stories. For instance, my first story has Becca as an abandoned 15-yr old whom my wife and I meet while on vacation. Another story will introduce Becca as a 13-yr old in to see the girlís volleyball coach for some pointers. And another story may introduce Becca as a capable 11-yr old with several younger brothers and sisters whom I help baby-sit for a friend.

These should be fun stories, I hope you enjoy them.

Random stories is what it sounds like. Stories that come to me that do not fit any of the series storylines I have going. These will be one-shot (probably) stories.

These should be fun stories, I hope you enjoy them.

Other subjects and stories may emerge over time, stay tuned.

! Thomas G

Not much I care to tell you about me, wishing to remain anonymous and all.

My tastes in erotic stories change like the seasons. I have enjoyed simple couple stories, some mild female dominance stories, some pedo, some incest. I donít generally like all-out gay stories (male or female), but I do like when those boundaries are crossed like in group or cuckold stories where the man is encouraged to try another penis and of course the obligatory lesbian threesome or group encounters.

I have a very active fantasy imagination and have started writing them out for you to enjoy. So far my stories are centered on encounters with young girls. Itís really hard to say where Iíll go next.

I do hope you enjoy my stories and I would love to hear from you.
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