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The Swarm Home

Chapter 4

With the girls all in bed, I was alone in the lower section of the pod. I went into the kitchen and got myself a beer, wishing there was a back porch. Back home when I had to do some real thinking, I'd go out on the porch and watch the stars with a beer. It always seemed to help me focus. I sat down at the small table in the kitchen, and stared at the wall. There had to be a better way to handle the situation than the sex slave idea. I took a sip of the beer and spit it right back out. It was nasty, and the taste of it turned me to thinking about my dad. He'd regret leaving Mom and the kids behind, but that wouldn't change the fact that he had. I dumped the beer back into the recycler. It would probably be better if I quit drinking altogether, and with how bad the beer tasted, it would be easier to quit before I got used to it.

I couldn't focus, so I went into the 'office', the room set up with a sleep trainer, a desk and a computer terminal. The AI set up the sleep training course for me, and I lay down in the tube. Two hours later, I was wrung out, exhausted, but I had a host of new information at my mental fingertips. The sleep training isn't like I'd thought it would be, it isn't really sleep, and it isn't really training either. Remember how you had us practice with the AR until we could put it together blindfolded? I could still do that now, but with the sleep training I knew every little detail about the weapons they were going to issue us, but I didn't really know them like I do the AR. I don't know if that makes sense. How about another example....

You can't learn to ride a bike or fly a shuttle or even how to write a report in a sleep trainer, you have to have real practice to do those things. After the sleep training session, I could probably assemble a laser rifle, but it would be like doing it with a book of instructions open next to me. I'm sure I wasn't ready to use one in combat. Two hours of sleep training didn't get me as ready to fight as the first five minutes of you teaching me how to use a rifle.

In any case, I was exhausted when I finished, and it was way after midnight, so I went to sleep in the big bedroom downstairs. I woke up with my cock in someone's mouth. I slitted my eyes open, thinking it was probably Carmen, as Marcy was a lot better at it, but I didn't want to make a mistake and hurt someone's feelings by guessing wrong.

It wasn't either of them. Instead, Lucy, still wearing my t-shirt from the day before, knelt between my legs and cautiously stroked me while she gently sucked on the head of my dick. "If you keep that up, you're going to get an early breakfast." Her eyes flicked up to meet mine, and she froze. "Don't stop kiddo, you're doing fine."

Her hands started moving again, real slow. "I just wanted a look. The AI said if I was real careful it wouldn't wake you up."

Well, I had told the AI to answer questions. "I'm awake now, so you can keep going." I was still tired, and it came out as a command, not a request.

Her black eyes flashed, and she squeezed hard, hard enough to hurt. The look on her face was the stubborn defiant one she sometimes gets. "Can't make me." she said, and bit the tip.

Looking back, it was more shock and surprise than any real pain. I don't imagine she was trying to do anything more than just enough to get me going. I screamed something and grabbed at her, but all I caught was the t-shirt. She slipped out of it and sprinted for the door. I'm sure she knew I was really mad. "AI, lock the door!" I yelled.

Lucy hit the door a split second later. It wouldn't open for her. "Cheater!" She pushed off from the wall to try and dodge around me into the bathroom, but I'd expected that. Even so, I only barely managed to snag her ankle when I dived after her. She kicked at me, but I caught her other ankle with my free hand, then dragged her backwards and sat on her legs.

She flailed her hands, but with her face-down under me, I caught them easily; forcing them behind her back so I could hold them there with one hand. "You don't get to bite me kiddo." I picked her up to carry her back to the bed, but she fought so wildly that I would have only been able to stop her from hitting me by hurting her badly enough that she couldn't. Even as mad as I was, I didn't want really hurt her, just punish her so she'd learn not to bite. <AI, make me some handcuffs and other restraints. Is there a way to tie her down?>

<There is a standard set of restraints available. They will appear in the replicator located next to the door. The standard restraints will attach to the bedposts>

<Good, let me know when they're ready.> I pretended to ignore Lucy's efforts, and instead of carrying her, held her hair with one hand and lifted her wrists high behind her back with the other. I sat down on the bed and pinned her legs between mine, then switched hands pulling her arms behind her back so she was forced to bend over. "You promised to behave if I took you." I grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled.

"No, Johnny! Don't! Please, I'll be good!" A couple of good yanks ripped the panties off her cute little ass, and I brought my hand back. "Nooo!" The smack of my open palm on her butt-cheek cut off her wail. I spanked her again and again while she screamed and tried to break free. After a half dozen good spanks, the palm of my hand stung, and bright red overlapping hand-prints blossomed on her butt as I watched her squirm. The respite gave her a chance to catch her breath. "You can't do this Johnny," she yelled defiantly, "I'll ...Oooowww!" A well timed smack of my hand stopped her threat.

"Settle down Lucy, don't make me have to do worse."

She squirmed, trying to get away, but I was twice her size, and she had no chance at all. "You wouldn't dare! I know where you slee...."

I smacked her again. "Hold still Lucy. I'm going to let go, and you're going to hold still for six more, and you're never going to bite me there again, got it?" I admit that part of me was hoping that she would misbehave to give me an excuse. The way her pale skin turned red was fascinating.

I made the mistake of not waiting for an answer. She, on the other hand, bided her time and waited till I had her over both my legs instead of clamped between them and had loosened my grip on her wrists. As I brought my hand back for the first, she slipped out of my grip and grabbed at my crotch. She missed my balls, but only just barely. She got the flesh on the inside of my thigh instead, and twisted.

It hurt, and hurt more when I yanked her hand away. I got a good grip on her wrists again, and held her so her flailing legs were pointed away from me. With my free hand I reached down to where my jeans lay on the floor from the night before, and twitched my belt loose. I doubled it up and hit her ass as hard as I could. The sharp crack produced a sudden silence in the room. I'd never done that before, spanking someone with a belt, and managed to hit my knee as well. If it hurt her half as much as it did me, it stung her pretty good. I managed to keep quiet, hoping she didn't realize what I'd done, and brought my arm back, aiming much more carefully.

I tried to keep my voice flat and level, and not show how mad I was or how much the situation was turning me on. "Lucinda Marie" I cracked her across the top of both thighs as punctuation and she gasped. "I cannot allow you to behave like this." I hit her again, a bit lower down and she screamed. I waited until she inhaled before I went on. "You are fourteen, not four." The next crack went across her ass, crisscrossing the first stripe, cutting off the wail that she'd started. "If you don't behave, I have to punish you or they can take you away from me." I put another over her ass, lighter than the others, and started a steady rhythm. She bucked and twisted, and after the first dozen, something warm and wet trickled down my leg. At first I thought she'd pissed herself, but something had changed in her screams, and she smelled just like Carmen had tasted.

The replicator dinged. <The restraints are ready.> I'd forgotten about them, unable to think of anything but how she looked and the way she moved against me. I let go of her wrists, and put one hand around her chest and took a handful of hair in the other. That gave me the leverage to flip her on to the bed. She looked up at me wild eyed and panting as I straddled her skinny waist.

I wanted inside her, wanted it more than I'd wanted either of the others the night before. "What did you think you were doing? Don't bite me like that ever again."

She slapped my face. "You deserved it," she yelled as I grabbed her wrists so she couldn't do it again. "Don't give me orders. You're my brother, not my master." Her hair formed a black halo around her face, and her dark eyes were wild, with a strange look in them I'd never seen before.

I wish I could say I realized she was testing her limits, or that I meant to remind her of how she'd asked me to become her sponsor, her master in all but name. Or even that I'd made the connection between her excitement and the spanking I'd given her. The bald truth is that I wanted to possess her, not just her body, but her wild spirit as well. I wanted to make her mine. "I'm both kiddo." I shifted my grip so I was holding her wrists in one hand and pointed my finger right between her eyes. "I gave Carmen a choice, but you're mine."

She snapped at my finger, drawing blood when she grazed the skin.

"I guess I'll just have to teach you not to bite. Don't move or you'll get more." I gradually let go. She was canny enough not to move until I started away from the bed, but as soon as I turned around, she kicked me in the back. Her heel caught me just under the ribs, and I fell to one knee. She followed up by jumping on me, one arm under my chin and the other hand jabbing into my ribs. I grabbed a foot and slammed myself back, landing on top of her. Her breath came out in a whoosh. I got up, still holding her by the ankle and dragged her over to the replicator.

Inside was a roll of fabric. I unrolled it on the floor, revealing a bunch of clear pockets holding, for want of a better word, toys. I didn't know what half of them were, but there were some handcuffs. They looked and felt like metal, but were light enough to be plastic. I flipped Lucy over, she still didn't quite have her breath back, and cuffed her wrists behind her. There was a larger set with a longer chain that I used on her feet. "No Johnny, you can't do this." Lucy whispered, shaking her head. Her voice rose into a squeal as I rolled her over and she realized she had no chance to get loose. "Don't do this to me...." I held on to her with one hand, and poked through the toys with the other until I found what I was looking for. I held it up and she blanched. "Oh no, Johnny please. I'll do it right, Mmfpf." She closed her mouth as I brought the ring gag closer.

"You know what this is for?" She nodded, that strange look in her eyes again. "Open your mouth." Her head shook violently as I touched the ring to her lips. I straddled her and used the ring to push her head back against the floor. "Open up." When she refused again, I grabbed her nipple and twisted it hard. Her scream echoed off the walls, and I forced the gag into her mouth. Once I had it buckled it tight, I stood up."You're not going to bite me like that anymore." I dragged her over to the bed by her hair, and sat down on the edge.

She'd screamed all the way over to the bed, and started to sob when I knelt her up. A drop of spittle stretched itself nearly to the floor before breaking off and there were tears in her eyes. "'Own't 'o t'is to 'e" she moaned. I could barely understand her. "'Ease 'ohnny, 'ease."

I took her head in both of my hands, and ignoring her pleading eyes shoved my prick into her mouth. I almost shot off right there, but I pulled back out. "Is this the way you want to do it?" I yelled at her and shoved back in until she gagged. "Is this the way you want it?" I pulled out again.

Lucy shook her head "'O 'ohnny, 'ot 'ike 'at. I'll 'o it ri'ht"

Tears streamed down her cheeks, but I ignored them. "If you ever bite me like that again, this will be the only way you'll get to touch me." I slammed back in again, forcing my way down her slender throat. She gagged and choked, but she swallowed me just like the coed had done to dad the night before. Just like Marcy had done for me. Except Lucy didn't have a choice. I held tight to her head watching her turn red, feeling her throat quiver on my dick as she tried to back off of it. I watched her watch me, both of us knowing that she couldn't do anything to stop me.

When her eyes started to glaze over, I let her back away. She coughed and hacked and sobbed all at the same time. "I'n 'orry, I'n 'orry 'ohnny."

I unbuckled the gag and tossed it on the bed, next to the remains of her panties. "Going to bite me?" She looked up at me eyes still a little glazed over and shook her head slowly. "Go ahead and finish."

She didn't hesitate. Lucy wasn't nearly as good at it as Marcy, but she'd gotten some practice. It wasn't long before I was right on the edge again. I pulled her off and she choked back another sob. "I'll do it Johnny, I won't fight anymore let me do it for you."

She was having a hard time without her hands. It was the sight of her naked and chained between my legs that was getting my blood pumping. I wanted inside her, wanted to make her mine, and most of all wanted to make sure she'd obey me. I grabbed one of her skinny arms and tossed her on the bed. It only took a moment to chain her spread eagled to the bedposts. I'd found two different whips and a riding crop in with the toys, and with my back to her I tried the crop out on my arm. It stung pretty good, but didn't raise a welt, just left a red mark.

"This is going to hurt you a lot more than it will me." I told her, and snapped the crop on one of her arms. "This is to help you remember not to bite me." I gave my little sister two on each arm, then two on each leg. A yelp escaped her each time. I snapped her stomach.
"Are you going to bite me?"

Her small form shook, and she jerked against the cuffs attached to each limb. "No Johnny. Yipe!" Another whack to her stomach cut her off. "No," she panted "I won't bite."

I gave her two on each breast, one to either side of each nipple, then dropped the crop next to the gag. Her arched back and tiny nipples sticking straight up made me want to be inside her, and she was mine. I didn't have to wait. I didn't have to ask her. I didn't, I got on the bead between her spread legs and rubbed the head of my dick over her slick wet pussy. She was so wet that there was a damp spot underneath her.

"No!" she screamed, "No! Johnny! Wait, don't, Aaaugh!" She let out a high piercing wail as I slipped inside her. She was tight, tighter than anyone I'd ever been with, but she was so slick and wet that I had no trouble slipping in. I felt resistance after a couple of inches, but thrust through it as my sister screamed. "No..." she gasped "I... Don't... Johnneeee..." She thrashed beneath me, alternating between screaming and sobbing, calling my name while I pounded her harder than I had Carmen.

I knew when she came, she twitched the same way Carmen did. I didn't last much longer, and collapsed on top of her. There was no sound in the room but our ragged breathing and the beating of our hearts.

I felt sick to my stomach. I'd just raped my own sister. The darkness inside me had come out and taken over for a little while. It had been real, not a fantasy in my own mind, not done for pretend with giggles like I'd done a few times with Tammy. I looked down at my sister, the sister I was supposed to be protecting, who lay there motionless, and was ashamed of myself.

I stared at her so small and vulnerable beneath me. I wanted to hold her in my arms and tell her how sorry I was, but something told me that would be the wrong thing to do. I made my voice as stern as I could. "Are you going to bite me like that again?" She stared at me, dark eyes wide as she shook her head. "You going to do what I tell you?" She nodded. "Anything you want to say?"

"Oh Johnny..." she murmured, her voice was strange, detached, like she couldn't quite believe what had happened. "Oh Johnny, that was... that was... so much better than I thought it would be." She stared up at me with a dreamy look on her face. "Can we do it again?"

I knelt there between her legs, stunned. She'd enjoyed it. She'd deliberately provoked me. Everything she'd done had been designed to push me over the edge. "How did you know what I'd do?"

"I didn't Johnny, not really. The AI said you would take me if I pushed you, but I didn't know for sure." Her eyes were bright. "I knew you were with the others last night, and wished it were me. Just knowing you were doing it got me so hot I had to jill off. Why didn't you call me down?"

A wave of relief swept through me. There was no excuse for what I'd done, but at least Lucy didn't hate me for it. "I'm not sure giving you full permissions was a good idea." I picked up the riding crop. She squirmed in anticipation. "You pushed my buttons alright, should I push yours?" I swung the crop sharply, but stopped short, giving her a gentle tap on her nipple instead.

She flinched. "No Johnny, please, they hurt." I'm sure they did, but now that my head was clear, I could see she was only pretending to be afraid.

I flicked the underside of her other tit, just a little harder. She yelped and lifted her hips towards me. "You really do like it. This isn't the first time you've done something like this is it kiddo?"


I whacked the inside of her thigh, hard. She screamed, but her eyes shone with lust, that was the strange look I hadn't recognized. "Tell me little girl, tell big brother all about it." I slapped her stomach, right above her clit.

"The last slumber party I went to, we took turns."

I brushed her cheek with the leather of the crop. "Took turns? Took turns doing what?" I trailed the tip down her neck and gave her tits each a quick tap. "Took turns doing what?"

She looked ashamed, but she spoke, her voice low and trembling. "Doing each other, we took turns doing each other. We tied each other down, spanked each other and made each other cum with our fingers and our mouths."

"With fingers?" I rubbed some of the sperm leaking out of her pussy over her clit. "Like this?"

She twitched with every movement of my fingers over her soft folds of skin. "Not... not as good as that Johnny, you do it better than any of the girls did."

"Girls?" I smacked her flank with the crop. "Where did you learn how to give a blowjob?"

"We practiced...." she squeaked as I hit her again, then flicked her clit lightly with the tip of the crop. "We practiced with bananas too."

I hit her a few more times before she told me who'd been at the party. The answers surprised me. I knew some of the girls and I'd never suspected. Of course, I'd never suspected Lucy either. "You like girls kiddo?"

She thought about it. "Yeah, girls are okay, but you're so much better." She twisted in her bonds. "Let me up Johnny, I wanna do it again. Can I be on top this time?"

I smacked her once on her calf, then tossed the crop across the room. "I don't think so sis. You liked your punishment too much. I think I'll just leave you here." I got up and headed to the bathroom to get a cloth to clean the blood and sperm from my dick and between her legs.

She whined in frustration "Johnneee...."

"None of that either." A flash of white next to her head gave me a solution. I picked up the remains of her panties and the ring gag.

"I don't wa... Mumpf" Her silky panties muffled her complaints, especially after I tightened the buckle of the gag between her lips so she couldn't spit them out. "Mmmffphh... MMMmmmmmppphhhff." She screamed through the gag.

I brushed her hair away from her face with my fingers. "Calm down kiddo. The longer you fuss, the longer you have to stay in time out." I used the same words that mom uses on the little girls at home. She glared at me, but settled down. I could see her forcing herself to hold still.

<The concubine Marcy is requesting the door to open. She has full permissions to do so, but this conflicts with your order to lock the door.> I got a sense that the AI disapproved of me for allowing such a situation.

I didn't say anything until I'd walked to the door. "AI, unlock the door."

A moment later the door slid open. Marcy stood there, holding my t-shirt so it covered the ruined left side of her body. She stared at me for a moment, then smiled nervously. "You um... you wanted one of us to wake you up."

I checked with the AI and confirmed the time, then smiled at her. "And you came exactly on time, thanks." I pulled her inside and the door closed behind her. I saw relief in her eyes and realized she'd been worried about waking me. I pulled her close and kissed her. She tasted minty. She'd brushed her teeth, done her hair and even put on some makeup before she came to wake me up. "Why you and not Carmen, and..." I pulled the t-shirt away from her, dropping it to the deck. "Why are you naked?"

She blushed, but didn't try to hide herself, just put her arms around my neck and kissed me back. "I... I um convinced her we should take turns, and I should go first because I'm older. I'm naked because I was hoping you'd want me again this morning."

"Mmmf." complained Lucy from the bed.

The woman in my arms looked over and gasped in surprise. "Johnny, I hope you don't mind me asking, but why is she chained to the bed?"

I spoke loud enough for my sister to hear. "She's there because she's being punished for biting me. I tried spanking her, but she liked it too much."

"She bit you?" I explained to Marcy what happened. She tried unsuccessfully to hide a smile, but grew serous when I told her about where I'd been bit. "Better let me check, I don't want anything to happen to it." I smiled at that as she dropped to her knees. "Johnny! You're bleeding."

"No Honey, that's Lucy's blood. She's not a virgin anymore."

"Mmmff.. Mmmffffphh!" was my sister's contribution to the conversation.

"That's all right then." She started licking me off.

"Woah, hold on. You can get a cloth."

She looked up at me. "Johnny, will you still kiss me after?" I nodded. "Then I don't mind. It's just a little blood." She slipped my prick into her mouth and swirled her tongue on my foreskin."I taste you and her. It's different than you and Carmen, but I like it too."

When she had me clean, I took Marcy's hands and helped her up, kissed her a few times, then led her to the bed. "Lucinda's been a naughty little girl." I told her. "I tried spanking her, but since she likes it, I think we need to try something else. Will you help me?"

Marcy's eyes sparkled with laughter. "I sure will, I like punishing naughty little girls."

I pointed to the mess of blood and sperm leaking from between my little sister's legs. "She's made a mess. I want you to clean her up, and then tease her until I tell you to stop, but don't let her cum." I nudged the assorted toys with my toe. "You can use any of these that you want, but don't hurt her. She's being punished, so she doesn't get that right now. Later, if she's a good girl and asks nicely, I'll let you give her a spanking and make her cum."

My eldest concubine giggled, sounding like she could be the same age as my sisters instead of in her late twenties. "You're mean Johnny. I'm going to be a good girl, I wanna cum lots and lots."

I smacked her rear. "You want a spanking too?"

She knelt on the bed between my chained down sister's legs. The contrast between her scars and Lucy's baby smooth skin was startling even though I'd seen it before. Looking up at me she dipped two fingers into Lucy's pussy as my fourteen year old sister screamed and bucked, then licked them off. "If you fuck me after, I think I might like it too." She looked down at the young girl she'd just tasted. "You liked it, didn't you? You liked your own brother sticking his big hard cock inside you." She started licking up the mess.

Lucy moaned though her gag as I walked away. While I was in the shower, I ordered a uniform from the AI then came out and watched Marcy tease my sister while I put it on. I put it half way on anyway. Instead of dressing, I got on the bed behind Marcy. I wasn't surprised she was wet when I checked with a finger.

She pushed back against me and paused in teasing Lucy long enough to say. "I cleaned it out for you, just in case. You can do anything you want Johnny." She went back to work, and Lucy moaned though her gag.

I lined up behind Marcy. "Not this time Honey, right now I'm going to get you pregnant."

"Yes Johnny, I want your baby." She impaled herself on me. "Fill me Johnny, fill me up. Make me yours."

I watched Lucy's face as I rode Marcy to a screaming orgasm. Her eyes pleaded with me, begging for release. Marcy had kept her on the edge for twenty minutes maybe more. "You want to cum too kiddo?" I gasped as Marcy's cunt shuddered around me. She nodded franticly. I pumped into Marcy, watching my sister squirm as she started teasing her again. "Make her cum Marcy, make her cum." Marcy was quick to obey. My little sister started cumming before I did, but she was still flailing when I pumped my last spurt into Marcy's womb.

I rolled Marcy over onto the bed next to my sister. I'd been serious when I said I wanted to make her pregnant. I wanted to see her belly swell with my baby. I wedged two pillows under her ass and lifted her knees so she could hold herself in place. "Don't move Honey, let them swim downstream."

She looked up at me, and I swear I've never seen anyone look so happy. Her gray eyes practically glowed. "You really mean it, don't you Johnny? You want to give me a baby."

"Of course, why wouldn't I?" I undid Lucy's hands from the bedposts and cuffed them behind her back again.

Marcy turned her head to watch, but she stayed in the position I'd put her. "My husband always pulled out if I was even close to my days."

I shook my head. "Your husband was an idiot." I stood up by the bed, undid my sister's feet and lifted her into a kneeling position. "I'll give you as many babies as you want." I lifted Lucy's chin. "You liked what Marcy did for you, didn't you?" She nodded. "You know what I want you to do for her?" She looked over her shoulder at Marcy, then back up to me and nodded. I unbuckled the strap of the gag and pulled her ruined panties out of her mouth. "Make her cum twice, then do what she tells you."

Lucy wiggled her hands inside the cuffs. "Johnneee... I can't do it with these on."

"Those stay on until you're done."

"But how can I make her cum?"

"However you want, but until you do, those stay on. If you don't finish before breakfast, you'll go just like that." She blushed bright red. It was surprising to see, considering all she'd already done. "You got anything to say?"

"I'm sorry for biting you Johnny, I won't do it again. Will you...?" She looked down. "Will you give me a baby too?"

I lifted her chin with thumb and forefinger. "Not till you turn fifteen, I'm going to space the babies out so you can help each other."

She looked relieved, but disappointed too. Her next question surprised me. "Can I clean you off like she did?"

I let her, then helped her get between Marcy's upturned thighs. She kissed Marcy's pussy carefully, trying to stay balanced. I moved around so I could whisper in Marcy's ear. "After you cum twice, put her over your knee and spank her." Marcy moaned as she nodded to indicate she understood. "Use your hand, give her twelve, no fourteen, then make her cum again." The key to the handcuffs was on an elastic loop. I put it on her wrist. "After that, you can let her go."

I did get dressed then, and shut the door behind me as my fourteen year old sex slave sister gave her sister slave the first of the two orgasms I'd ordered her to give.

Not now Carmelita, I have to get this finished.

Look, I know Lucy stole your turn this morning, but....

Okay, fine, but just once, then I'm locking the door.

No, I'm locking it with you girls on the other side.

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