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The Swarm Cycle is a collection of stories manufactured around a concept introduced by the Thinking Horndog positing an alien invasion and Earth's reaction. The intent is for this to be a multi-author universe similar to the wildly popular Naked In School stories. The basic concept is this:

There are several opportunities for the creation of short stories:

Readers of sci-fi will see more than a little Weber and Ringo in the basic scenario. I've tried HARD not to plagarize regarding species traits, timeline, etc., and the focus is somewhat different. Beyond that, I guess it's thanks and a hat tip...

The stories "Average Joes" and "Pickup Number Eighteen" provide quite a bit of background detail from which other efforts may be based; the contributions of Jack Lipton and the Duke of Ramus have been vetted, too. If you wish to write about some area that is not really dealt with in these stories, contact me and we can discuss my general plan for the execution of various stages. I'll try not to cramp your style -- there ought to be a lot of room to maneuver here... Artie's story, for instance, isn't the REAL ending of this saga -- but it IS suggestive, so I posted it -- I'm sure there are NIS stories out there that the original author doesn't feel fit the original concept...

More info on the Sa'arm, colonization, communications and such can be found in the document behind this link, last updated 8/3/2007, where I will update things as I go along. A list of weapons and spacecraft used in this universe can be found here. Feel free to e-mail me with questions and I'll flesh things out. As I said above, much is still open...

All that said, THE Swarm reference is our NEW wiki at If you want to be a Swarm author, you need to go there and ask for access, because that's where our latest answers to questions regarding the Swarm Cycle reside.

I can't emphasize too strongly the fact that you should engage the author's group for assistance and opinions on any story lines you develop. We have a lively email list. Contact brooke at to get on it.

How am I doing? Care to comment?

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