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Copyright © 2003 The Thinking Horndog

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated. Reproduction for profit is forbidden. Any distribution must include this note and the author's email address. Don't be caught attempting to make a buck off me!

Warnings and disclaimers:

This is adult entertainment! Be warned! If you're not into graphic depictions of sex, this is the wrong story for you! If you're too young to be legally reading this, move along!

This is a work of fiction. It is not intended to reflect any particular person or persons, and the incidents portrayed exist in their current form solely in the writer's imagination. You get the idea.

Story Codes: rom(heavy) mf MF mmf MFF M+F mm f-solo inc ir(several incidents) D/s(lots) bd(w/o sm) mdom spank Mg(once, cons) oral anal 1st(several times) some reluc, but no actual nc

Thought I was kidding, didn't you? This story consists of over 1000 pages in Word! Are you up for it? Well, here it is:

Chapter 1 Girls and Boys
Chapter 2 "...And in this corner..."
Chapter 3 The Dance
Chapter 4 Slow Dancing...
Chapter 5 Home again
Chapter 6 The after action review
Chapter 7 Odd Man Out
Chapter 8 Dinner & Philosophy
Chapter 9 Saturday
Chapter 10 Meet the Browns
Chapter 11 Never on Sunday...
Chapter 12 The Main Event
Chapter 13 The Second Act
Chapter 14 Aftermath
Chapter 15 Sex Ed at the Nellis Residence
Chapter 16 True Confessions
Chapter 17 And now for something COMPLETELY different...
Chapter 18 The Best Laid Plans...
Chapter 19 "Monday morning, you sure look fine..." - Fleetwood Mac
Chapter 20 Girl Talk
Chapter 21 "You've got to bring ass..."
Chapter 22 The Negotiation
Chapter 23 Daddy's Home!
Chapter 24 Brainstorm
Chapter 25 All the wrong places...
Chapter 26 In the beginning...
Chapter 27 Stairway to...?
Chapter 28 Tough times
Chapter 29 Tuesday Afternoon: Boot Camp
Chapter 30 Tuesday Evening: Busted!
Chapter 31 Tuesday afternoon: The Michaels'
Chapter 32 Tuesday evening: The Hardesty's
Chapter 33 Tuesday evening: the Vincent's
Chapter 34 Tuesday night: the Brown's
Chapter 35 Tuesday night: the Nellis'
Chapter 36 Preparations
Chapter 37 Thursday: Lesson Two
Chapter 38 Thursday evening: the Nellis'
Chapter 39 Thursday evening: Hardesty's
Chapter 40 Thursday night: McCormick's
Chapter 41 Thursday evening: the Vincent's
Chapter 42 Thursday night: Nellis'
Chapter 43 Friday: Nellis'
Chapter 44 Friday Night
Chapter 45 Friday night: the Giannelli's
Chapter 46 Friday night: The Giannelli's
Chapter 47 Friday Night/Saturday Morning: the Giannelli's
Chapter 48 Paying the Piper
Chapter 49 Saturday morning: the Vincent's
Chapter 50 Saturday morning: Reach out and touch someone...
Chapter 51 Saturday afternoon
Chapter 52 Saturday afternoon/evening: the Nellis'
Chapter 53 Saturday afternoon/evening: McGinty's
Chapter 54 Saturday evening: Hardesty's
Chapter 55 Saturday evening: Nellis'
Chapter 56 Out with the Vincent Bros.
Chapter 57 Late Saturday Night
Chapter 58 Sunday: Brown's
Chapter 59 Sunday: Nellis'
Chapter 60 Breakfast at Nellis'
Chapter 61 Sunday morning: Giannelli's
Chapter 62 Giannelli's
Chapter 63 Various adjustments in wardrobe
Chapter 64 The shopping trip
Chapter 65 A matter under the heading of old business
Chapter 66 Legal maneuvers
Chapter 67 The knowledgable source
Chapter 68 Closing the books
Chapter 69 Discovery
Chapter 70 Just reward
Chapter 71 Wasted apologies
Chapter 72 The plan
Chapter 73 Home life, version 3.0
Chapter 74 Other closings
Chapter 75 Brothers
Chapter 76 Tuesday morning
Chapter 77 The "new girl"
Chapter 78 It's about forgiveness
Chapter 79 More plots and plans
Chapter 80 Alien family dinners
Chapter 81 What comes of teasing
Chapter 82 On the road
Chapter 83 Wednesday
Chapter 84 Various inquisitions
Chapter 85 Young love?
Chapter 86 Thursday
Chapter 87 Wedding plans?
Chapter 88 The confrontation over housing
Chapter 89 The Perils of Merry
Chapter 90 Helen capitulates
Chapter 91 Age-old arguments
Chapter 92 Various preparations
Chapter 93 Dancing and girl talk
Chapter 94 Voyages of self-discovery
Chapter 95 The "Hen's breakfast"
Chapter 96 Beautification and Advice
Chapter 97 Other preparations
Chapter 98 Various departures and arrivals
Chapter 99 The main event
Chapter 100 Various sideshows
Chapter 101 Initial explorations
Chapter 102 Musical dates
Chapter 103 Deep explorations
Chapter 104 I'M not going ANYWHERE!
Chapter 105 New Ellen
Chapter 106 More matches made (Heaven & Hell)
Chapter 107 A quiet evening at home
Chapter 108 Serious groundbreaking
Chapter 109 Moving on
Chapter 110 Understandings
Chapter 111 A piece of the action
Chapter 112 Childhood's end
Chapter 113 Some confusion over dates...
Chapter 114 Gino's
Chapter 115 The end of an era
Chapter 116 Suites for the sweet
Chapter 117 The ménage
Chapter 118 Familiar territory
Chapter 119 The pool house
Chapter 120 Culminations
Chapter 121 Piece and quiet
Chapter 122 Quid pro quo
Chapter 123 Some minor adjustments
Chapter 124 At the pool
Chapter 125 "How are we gonna handle this?"
Chapter 126 Relatives
Chapter 127 Finally!
Chapter 128 Going with the flow
Chapter 129 Late night vignettes
Chapter 130 The morning after the night before
Chapter 131 More parental complications
Chapter 132 Frankenwho?
Chapter 133 Sunday with the Families
Chapter 134 The Sex Shoppe
Chapter 135 Sunday evening
Chapter 136 Another Monday