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Welcome to Thinker's Tales! I'm your host, Thinking Horndog -- otherwise known as T. H. Barker, if you arrived here based upon the purchase of one of my e-books. I assume that you got here through the good offices of ASSTR.ORG -- but if not...

Be warned! This is adult entertainment! If you're not into graphic depictions of sex, this is the wrong website for you! If you're too young to be legally reading this, move along!

A bit about me...

I do a bit of everything; I'm not pigeonholed by genre. Pay attention to the story codes, if certain things squick you! I DO, however, attempt to insert a bit of romance, so if you're just looking for stroke, you might become impatient with me - but I DO get to the hot stuff, eventually... On the other hand, my proofreaders tend to be female, and if THEY like my work...

By day (and half the night, sometimes), I'm a professional computer geek. This page, however, is proof that "He knows all about computers" is a fallacy - I am NOT a webmaster, by any stretch of the imagination, although I have a rather broad background in operating system and database administration. I've been around since the 1950's, so the only place I'm young is between the ears. Nobody's less happy about that than me...

I take a while to write, so I'm not exactly prolific. But I strive for quality... Enjoy!

I publish both on free sites and via e-books. 'Why?' you ask? Well, it's like this:

I started out writing stories about teenagers discovering their sexuality. That's not pedophilia and it's not illegal (writing is okay, although making videos is a no-no) -- but media hooraw over pedophiles (which is a case of media outlets being self-serving, looking to shock viewers and therefore obtain ratings) has led e-book publishers to put terms of service in place that indicate that no character under 18 can even BE AWARE of sexual activity going on between adults in their vicinity, let alone actually discovering sex on their own -- and the First Amendment be damned! So I can't publish some of my content as e-books.

Another item would be this: I am the owner and host of the popular Swarm Cycle Universe -- and this is the primary site where it is hosted. I'm proud of it and proud to associate with the authors who have flocked to the Swarm Cycle universe in order to create fine adult science fiction. I hope you enjoy it!

Then there is the fact that some stories just aren't long enough to publish as an e-book -- making a book cover for 5000 words is ludricrous, in my humble opinion. I'll never make more than beer money from e-books, I figure -- and much of what I DO make gets re-invested in content for book cover creation. If I published every short story as an e-book, I'd go broke on covers. On the other hand, I feel that e-books have the potential to reach a wide audience.

Last, but not least, I started this way, and I believe that readers should get decent erotic content for free if they want.

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   December 25, 2017      I finished a short story last night and decided to put it out there as a Christmas present to my readers. Take a look at 'Allie,' and my new e-book, 'Reconstruction,' under "What's New?" I should mention that if you like my e-books, Smashwords is having an After Christmas sale and you can find several of my e-books offered at a discount there until New Years. Check out the sale at my page, here: A selection of my e-books -- somewhat limited by content -- are also offered at Barnes & Noble and Kobo -- search for them under 'T. H. Barker.'ALL of my books are at Smashwords, however. They are my primary distributor.

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