A Journey to Thailand

by The Wizard Whitebeard

My latest book had brought me over $200,000. It was a lot of work but a lot of money for a year's work. My agent had successfully sold the next two books. He told me about his experience with other successful writers. Some had become distracted and had a tough time meeting deadlines. He recommended that I get away somewhere.

I had a lot of money, but not a fortune. I had an idea to stretch the value. After making some inquiries, it turned out to be possible to rent a veritable mansion in Bangkok, Thailand. For the equivalent of $1,200 per month, I had the use of a walled, 12 room air conditioned house, complete with both a large outdoor pool and a small indoor one. The house had a small garden area and the entire property was surrounded with a high wooden fence.

The agent that arranged the property suggested I acquire a few staff. In my mind, this would allow me to focus on my work for the four or five truly productive hours per day I needed to produce quality work. I planned to spend the remainder of each day relaxing and recharging.

It sounded like a dream come true.

The day after I moved in, a man named Burat stopped in, a reference from the housing agent. He recommended a combination maid/cook who would live in what turned out to be a servant's apartment which was part of the house but separated from the main living area. We discussed what kind of meals and schedules I liked to follow and an outline of household duties this person would assume. He had a couple of girls in mind but once we had narrowed the details which included some Western cuisine and a strong working knowledge of English, he seemed to settle on a particular individual. He said he would send her later that day for an interview.

He then broached the next topic by asking what I intended when I was not actively working. I explained my plan. He asked if I desired any companionship? Possibly, I admitted. It would have to be managed to limit distractions during my working periods. We both knew what he meant by companionship. This was Bangkok, after all. He asked the type of companions I preferred. I told him female and young. The younger the better. He smiled and told me that I should consider a governess. The governess would be responsible for acquiring one or more companions, caring and instructing them when their services were not required.

He named a lordly sum, another $500 per month, all inclusive. If he was asking $500 I could probably negotiate half that, but I told him I would pay it gladly if the services he offered met my needs. He told me the cook and governess would both be over later that day.

I did some writing, made a small lunch from some meager supplies I had picked up on the way over the day before and took a quick swim. Sometime in the mid-afternoon in the heat of the day, there was a knock at the front door. There I met two girls, both in their early twenties. I ushered them in to comfortable chairs in the front sitting room, well lit by large windows.

Lalana, the cook, had cared for a number of transient Americans and was familiar with every dish I could think of, plus of course she intended to provide samples of native dishes. She told me that she would require my opinion frequently so she could refine her menus to my tastes. She laid out a written schedule of her intended cleaning duties which included a number of household maintenance items such as the pools. She also stated that she would require a household budget for groceries and other supplies. She was so polite I immediate took a liking to her.

The other girl was Mai. Mai was slender with smooth skin and long silky black hair. She explained that her job would be to bring in serving girls to provide me personal services. They would bring food and drink, fetch and clean up for me, and make sure that at all times I would be relieved of any stress. She understood that I was in Thailand to work and to relax when I was not working.

I asked how many additional girls she would have in the house. She said we would start with a couple and perhaps add one or two more if needed; young girls that would take instruction well. As Lalana had asked with the food, Mai requested that I discuss her performance frequently so she could tailor her services to my desires.

Lalana sat there and listened intently, but did not react. I asked her if any of this was a problem? She assured me that she had been told she would be cleaning for and feeding up to half a dozen people. She obviously knew all about the additional services Mai would be providing. She accepted the circumstance and perhaps was pleased.

Both girls spoke accented but fluent English.

After accepting both their services, they checked out the servant apartment. They told me there were ample accommodations for their needs. Mai offered to help Lalana go shopping. I armed them with a couple hundred dollars, but in Bahts, and off they went. It was pocket change to me, and I had Burat's number if it turned out to be a scam.

I went back to work. The girls actually came and went several times that afternoon with groceries, personal affects and I don't know what else.

I found out what else.

Delicious aromas wafted from the kitchen that evening and about 8 p.m. I was informed that dinner would be served when I was ready. In the dining room, the table had been set with tablecloth, both American utensils and chopsticks, several glasses for water, wine, etc., and plates.

I sat down. Mai came in. She told me that two girls, Nim and Mali, would be serving dinner. The two girls entered and were introduced. Mali was 13 or 14. She was small but had shapely hips and small firm breasts. Mai said Nim was 11. She had just started her development toward womanhood. Both girls had beautiful large eyes and long black hair. I wondered if all Thai girls had that hair. The girls were both wearing thin, colorful skirts and white blouses. Their feet were bare and they appeared to have bathed recently, since their feet were clean. As they approached me, I could smell soap and a touch of jasmine.

I asked Mali and Nim to tell themselves about me. To my surprise, they each spoke English fairly well. They were both students in a local girls' school, but they were on summer break. Their families encouraged them to find work and the idea of serving a rich American apparently was an attractive proposition. They seemed enthusiastic.

Mai ushered them back to the kitchen. Mali came back and poured first water, then a sweet, white wine. She retreated. Nim brought in a small plate of something fried on a serving tray that were egg rolls or spring rolls. There were sauces in little dishes. Nim stood to the side as I ate. She carefully picked up my dinner plate and returned to the kitchen.

Mali came back with a fresh plate. Nim brought some dish of noodles and chicken in a sauce. It was delicious. Once again, Nim waited nearby but did not hover. She only returned to refill my water glass once.

Finally, Mali came back to clean my spot while Nim fetched yet another, smaller plate. The plate contained a honey pastry that reminded me of Baklava. The glasses were removed and a cup of deep, rich coffee was poured. I admit I had trouble finishing the last crumbs.

The final plate was cleared and Mali swept up a few food bits I had dropped. Mai came in to pour me a second cup of coffee. She asked how the girls did. I told her how pleasant the entire meal had been, including the quality of the food. She said that Lalana would be pleased.

Long after working hours, I found I was too sleepy to read or focus much on anything. Mai suggested I take a quick dip and then retire for the evening. We had moved to the living room and the indoor pool looked inviting. I went to my room for a pee and changed into swimming trunks. The pool did feel good. Only the accent lights were lit. I lolled around in the warm water, digesting the fine meal with my eyes closed.

A few minutes later, I heard some slight splashing from the pool's stairs. When I looked, I saw the heads of Mali and Nim slowly approaching. They said nothing but were soon on each side of me. As they snuggled up, I saw that neither one had a stitch on, although I couldn't see much more than that under the water in the dim light.

They each put an arm over my shoulders to prevent drifting. Nim put her hand on my graying chest and started running her hand over the thatch of hair. Mali stroked the side of my face, turning my head so she could look in my eyes. She got closer until her lips brushed mine. Then she pushed her face against mine and I gave me the most sensuous kiss I have had in years. As her tongue lightly massaged mine, I heard her breathe get faster and deeper. I experienced some discomfort as my trunks became a taut tent. The kiss must have lasted over a minute. By now, Mali's little nipples were pointed and poking me in the side.

Nim had continued her stroking but was covering a greater area. Soon she was past my naval and playing with the waistband of my trunks. Mali began mirroring her caresses. They looked each other in the eyes. Having reached some mutual agreement, they each took a side of my trunks and pulled them down to my knees, then moving my ankles, completely off. Mali put the trunks on the side of the pool.

I was shocked to find Mai there, who picked up the trunks and neatly folded them. She asked if I would like a nightcap? Sure, I said as Nim began to stroke me under by scrotum between my balls and anus. I didn't think my penis could get any harder. I was wrong. Mai returned with a brandy snifter on a tray and two shots of something on the side. She handed me the snifter and the a shot glass to each girl, which caused them to cease any stroking.

I sipped my brandy. Mali downed her drink in one gulp, then said, "ahhhh". Nim took a sip of hers and coughed. Mali scowled. Nim downed the remainder with a large gulp. I found my brandy had disappeared as well.

Mai placed the empty glasses back on the tray and set it on a small poolside table. She clapped her hands. "Time for bed girls." Mali gave me a quick kiss. The two of them made their way back to the stairs as I followed. My penis remained horizontal as I rose from the water.

Mai escorted us to my bedroom. I climbed in to bed and each of the little girls joined me, one on each side. Mai turned out the light and bid us a good night's rest. She shut the door as she left.

Once again, I had left the room's accent lights on but low. Both girls resumed their earlier activities with Mali's kisses getting longer and deeper. I slowly worked my tongue in and out of her mouth and each time her tongue curled around mine. I started stroking her breasts and along her back and butt. She rolled her leg over mine and I felt a damp trail as she slid her vulva along my leg.

Nim moved from caresses to tongue as she slowly licked and lightly sucked my nipples. Her face moved towards ours. She stretched her neck and nibbled my ear. It tickled and I laughed. Nim, now on her knees so she could reach, took the opportunity to kiss me. Who knew an 11 year old could kiss like that? My penis was now a rock. My God! I asked where they had learned to kiss like that.

Mali told me that Mai taught at their school. The one for girls? It turned out that in addition to English and some traditional academic subjects, Mai taught the girls several classes specifically for men and opportunities like this one. They practiced kissing on each other. I expressed my incredulity. Nim took Mali's face in both hands and gave her a deep, sensuous kiss. Mali's nipples, which had smoothed a bit, immediately became erect again. Nim claimed to have top marks in all her classes. Apparently the only class that was theory only was in actual intercourse. No men were allowed in the school.

Clearly, Nim had had enough verbal intercourse. She returned to kissing me. She still had trouble reaching over my somewhat portly shape. Clever girl. She threw her leg over the top and straddled me. The kisses became insistent as Nim's pussy started to push down on my cock. Mali told her to wait a minute. Nim continued to kiss as I ran my hands over her body, but stopped pushing so hard. Mali started licking her fingers and applied the spit to Nim's nether regions. After a couple of minutes, Nim's bare pussy was shiny and slick. Mali had turned around to minister to Nim and I saw that she was completely hairless as well.

Mali whispered to Nim, "Okay!" Suddenly, Nim spread her legs and pushed. My penis sank in to her vagina at least two inches. Nim grimaced and sucked in air. Then she relaxed and started moving up and down. My cock sank deeper and deeper until it plumbed her depths to over four inches. It only moved in a little each time. Nim was incredibly tight.

I couldn't hold it any longer. I had my penis sunk into the pussy of a little 11 year old Thai girl. My balls tightened and I started ejaculating deep in Nim's womb, over and over again.

Nim collapsed on top of me. Mali rose up and first kissed Nim lightly on the lips, then me, lingering for a long time.

My cock remained stiff, but not rigid. Eventually it slipped out of little Nim and I felt my semen drip down. I reached Nim to my side. Mali cuddled up on the other side and soon we were all asleep.

The sun woke me early. I recalled the pleasant events of the previous evening. Mali was curled in a ball against my back. She had taken the entire sheet for herself. It was wrapped around her. Nim lay on her back eyes closed, breathing deeply with a relaxed smile on her face. She didn't budge as I eased over her out of bed. Her legs were slightly apart giving me a bird's eye view of her cunt. My semen had dribbled down her butt and dried there. A faint brownish stain looked like dried blood. I realized that Nim's slight wince last night must have been me breaking through her hymen. My penis started to stiffen.

I climbed in to the shower. I completed my tasks with a shave and clean teeth. When I returned to the bedroom, the girls were on their way out of the room, Mai leading the way. She glanced back and her eyes jumped to my cock, then back to my eyes. She told me breakfast would be served in a bit but coffee would arrive shortly. Fifteen minutes later as I was tying my last shoelace, Mali returned. She had scrubbed and dressed in a plaid skirt this time. With a smile on her face and a quick bow, she handed me a mug of steaming, black coffee.

Breakfast was served at one of the larger poolside tables. There were several fruits, fried ham and some kind of shredded potatoes. As with dinner the night before, Mali and Nim took turns serving food, clearing dishes and keeping my coffee mug full. All the portions were small so in the end, I was sated but not stuffed.

Mai came in to check with me as I finished. I told her I would be spending the morning at least working in the study. She told me the girls would be in and out in case I needed anything, but I would otherwise be undisturbed.

I got to work. The den/study had nice lighting, thick carpets and floor to ceiling tapestries. The silence encouraged by this environment was very conducive to writing. Nim came in a couple of times to refill my coffee mug. In no time at all, Mali brought a cloth covered tray with a plate of sandwich, chips and a pickle of some sort. I glanced at my watch and was surprised that the morning was gone. I was making so much progress that I didn't really stop to eat. I just munched as I worked.

The coffee disappeared and was replaced by an ice filled glass of some kind of tropical ade. It wasn't lemonade, but some other fruity, cool drink. Time passed and I continued to write. I wordsmithed a final revision of the current chapter and realized that I had only started it that morning. I looked at my watch. It was almost 4 p.m.; past my theoretical stopping time. Even so, I had written an entire chapter in a few short hours! I was really happy with the writing, too. I would review it tomorrow but I thought this chapter would only require a few continuity revisions near the completion of the novel.

Nim came through on her next circuit to check my drink. I snagged her with my arm and told her I was done for the day. She smiled and gave me a kiss.

I stopped by the bedroom to change from jeans to shorts. Lalana was arranging some flowers on the dresser. From the condition of the bathroom, everything had been thoroughly cleaned hours before. The bed had had its sheets completely changed. She told me she would be spending a few minutes picking up the study now that I had vacated. I cautioned her to leave the desk notes as she found them.

I picked up the book I was reading from the living room and headed out to the yard. I stretched out on a lounge chair. Mai and Mali brought a table over. Nim followed with some kind of alcoholic tropical fruit drink, which she placed next to me. Mali and Nim had changed from their blouse and skirt outfits to simple shirts made of some chiffon material. It was white and sheer. I could see that neither wore anything else. As I tried to focus on the book I was reading, the girls brought some cloth covered beanbag chairs out from the house. They plopped on the ground next to me and lay back to enjoy the sun. The shirts were long but when Nim stretched her arms behind her head, her shirt rode up, exposing everything below her belly button. As if on cue, she pulled her ankles underneath, splitting her cunt wide open.

Mali had arranged herself towards me as well. She appeared to have something on her chest. She started to brush it off, then I realized she was brushing around her little breasts. She moved to scraping the nipples now and then. Her eyes closed, head fell back as she relaxed and she started to gently lick her lips.

Her left hand rolled her left nipple as her right hand moved to her smooth crotch. She spread the lips until her clitoris poked out, which she started to wiggle with her middle finger. The girls must have been a bit upwind because I suddenly smelled the pheromones coming from between Mali's legs. My cock sprang to attention. Mali's legs flexed as her hips started to push up and down in a slow rhythm.

At some point, Nim had noticed Mali's actions. She stopped Mali long enough to pull the shirt over Mali's head. Mali returned to her left breast and clit. Nim took Mali's right breast and started gently sucking on the nipple. Mali's rhythms got progressively stronger. Her breaths got shorter. Mali spread her knees wide as suddenly she tensed. Her right middle finger was furiously rubbing her clitoris as she experienced a series of tremors. They ebbed and Mali relaxed.

Nim took my hand and pulled me out of the lounge chair. "Quickly, now," she said as she pulled down my shorts. I knelt down over Mali and positioned my cock on the entrance to her vaginal tunnel. I felt Nim pushing my butt and spreading my knees between Mali's, forcing hers wider and my butt to go down. Of course, as I fell down, I fully entered Mali. "Oh!" she exclaimed. I started pumping her as fast as I could. With each thrust, Mali pushed back and soon the return of her tremors told me she was having another orgasm. I felt my climax growing. I slowed down to see if Mali wanted me to finish inside her, but to my surprise, Nim's hand started lightly rubbing my anus and balls. I immediately orgasmed, filling Mali with spurt after spurt of semen.

When I was done, Mali looked up in my eyes, and with a smile gave me a kiss. I slowly pulled my limp cock out. As I watched, I saw my semen mixed with pink leaking out of her vagina.

Nim had gone in to the house briefly for a warm, damp washcloth and after also kissing me, she daubed off my penis. I saw it also was tinged with pink. Then she carefully cleaned Mali's pussy which apparently was still a bit sensitive. Mali just lay there in what was obviously a deep afterglow.

Nim disappeared again and returned with some cool drinks for the three of us. I spent the afternoon alternating between reading and swimming nude with the girls. Mostly we just played water games. At that point I was pretty spent. I admit though, it was amazingly enjoyable.

This time dinner, served in much the same manner, was highlighted by a barbecue pork rib platter. I made a mess of myself with the sauce. Mai suggested the girls take me back to my room to clean me up.

Once in the room, I discovered the girls liked barbecue sauce. Their idea of cleaning me up was to lick me clean, removing various articles of clothing along the way. I assure you, the clothing removal was totally superfluous.

I told them I thought a shower would be much more effective. By now, they too were naked. I headed for the bathroom. Nim trailed after me. She told me she had to pee. I asked her where exactly her pee came out. She pointed but invited me to watch. Rather than sit on the stool, she braced one foot on each side of the rim and squatted down. I had a full frontal view. Soon, a column of urine spewed out, then down into the basin. It diminished to a trickle which spread along her butt cheeks before dripping down. She pointed at the toilet paper, now out of reach, but I picked her up and marched her ahead of me into the shower. I told her we would rinse her off properly. In the shower, I lathered my hair, then hers. She scrubbed her hair thoroughly and we both rinsed. I helped her with her long tresses. Then I got the bar of soap off and took care of the remainder of my dinner stickiness. I ran the bar up and down her smooth body, making sure to get her butt and pussy squeaky clean. Finally, I rinsed us both off with my hands. Her smooth skin glistened.

Mali waited outside with two large fluffy towels. Nim was completely encased in hers. Mali jumped past us in to the shower and a few minutes later, she too was wrapped in a towel.

We returned to the bedroom and the big bed. On hands and knees, Mali positioned one of her petite breasts over my mouth, where I started lightly sucking. Both her nipples stood out, the one I could feel with my tongue and the one I rolled in my fingers. Soon she crawled further toward the head of the bed, straddling my face with her crotch. She looked down at me expectantly. I took the cue and started licking her clitoris with my tongue. As I pushed harder and faster, she bent over to support herself once again with her hands.

I couldn't see Nim but I soon felt something warm surrounding my cock. I paused for a minute and peeked through Mali's crotch. There I saw Nim flicking her tongue up the base and around the tip of my penis. She saw me peeking. "I got top marks!" she proclaimed. She used one hand to hold my stiff cock in position and started using the other one to stroke my balls and the spot beneath them. I returned to Mali's pussy.

Mali started her rhythmic movement as she approached orgasm. She sat up again and rubbed her breasts. I could feel myself getting close. This time Mali gave a quiet scream as she arched her back. I tried to tell Nim I was about to come in her mouth but Mali monopolized my own mouth.

I felt the first squirt push into Min's mouth. I'm not sure what kind of reaction I expected but Min started pumping my penis with her hand. My eruption seemed to go on forever.

Mali collapsed on to the bed next to me. I looked down at Min who sported a Cheshire Cat grin to see what kind of a mess we had to clean up. She hadn't spilled a drop. "I can see why you got top marks young lady."

The days followed much the same pattern. I could not believe the amount of work I completed during my writing hours. The quality was superb too. I spent a lot of time proofreading but very little on revision.

A few Thai dishes appeared but the fantastic meals were mostly Western. I have no idea where they got the quality beef. Lalana ended up baking her own hamburger buns since they couldn't be had locally.

After a couple of weeks, we had a visit from the local constabulary. Even in a place like Bangkok, fucking little girls was verboten. The man in charge blustered in followed by two of his flunkies. He claimed to know of Mai and her school. Fortunately, the girls both claimed to be what they did most of the time, servers.

I spoke to Mai off to the side. She told me he was just looking for a little something. I dropped 2,000 baht (50 or 60 USD) on the coffee table and called the man's attention to it. I asked him if he had dropped it. He looked around for his men who had wandered off. With a smile, he said that yes, he thought that he had. He scooped up the money which quickly disappeared. He called to his men in Thai, then wished me a good day. He suggested that he might check on things about the same time next month. I smiled and invited him back.

I must say that I achieved all my objectives. I had planned six to nine months to turn out the first draft of the next book. Our routine continued, but I completed my book in only three months. Rather than a draft, I was pretty sure the editor would be ready to forward the book on with a minimal review.

Nim didn't change much, except perhaps to become randier. She liked to fuck more than Mali. Mali on the other hand had an orgasm every time.

One day, Mai came for another of our "feedback" chats, which had been exceeding good every time. She asked about my schedule. I was due to return to the States to meet with my editor and publisher for a couple of weeks, but I didn't see any reason to change the current arrangements.

Mai told me that when I returned, she would be bringing in another girl. "Okay" I told her, "but why?" She called the girls and had them face each other. I could see that the good food was starting to put a little bulge on Mali. Mai told me that Mali would soon be too big for me to enjoy. Very big. Oh!

"What about Nim?" Nim had not yet reached menarche, so I hadn't knocked her up too. Yet.

I told Mai that Mali was an excellent worker and could stay as long as I stayed in Bangkok. Mai said she would choose a suitable addition and that both Mali and Nim could train her in specifics while I was away.

Mai had just the girl in mind. Very young. With top marks.

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