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How I Blackmailed My Sister

Chapter One

"The Execution"

Written by TVM

Copyright 2005


Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) never happened. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: In this the 1st installment in the "Blackmail" series, we meet 14 year old Molly Harris and her 17 year old sister Holly. Molly is your typical 14 year old, horny as all hell with a head full of unfulfilled fantasies. But unlike other 14 year olds, she has one in particular she wants to live out, fucking her older sister. So after some brutal treatment from Holly that includes a bedtime punch to the face, Molly makes up her mind to blackmail her horny sister into fucking her. So under the cover of darkness, Molly takes her video camera and sneaks to the bottom of the stairs and watches in amazement as her sister takes on not one but two people at the same time. And let's just say, both of them aren't guys....HUH? Read on to find out the whole story.

Story Codes: ffm, oral, anal, mast, voyeur


Well here goes, since I have a lot of time on my hands these days I figured I would finally do like I promised my big sister I would do and write a story about our little adventures. When I was 14 and my sister Holly was 17 we weren't exactly the best of friends as you will see. But never the less, I desperately wanted to fuck her. So this is the story of how it all started....How I Blackmailed My Sister.

"Bye Mom, bye Dad see ya monday" My sister Holly said as she waved and smiled at my parents like she meant it. Standing in the front door I could see her cute little ass hanging out of her shorts. Problem is as soon as my parents are gone from view, Holly turns into super bitch.

"Ok Molly bed NOW" She screamed after me as I ran up the stairs, "I don't wanna hear your shit either."

It was almost 10 o'clock on Friday night. My parents had just gone out for the weekend on some silly cruise. So that meant Holly was in charge and I was the one who got the shitty end of the stick.

"Did you fucking hear me I said bedtime" She announced standing in the door way of my bedroom after stomping up the stairs, "hit it now."

"Holly it's friday night" I complained, "Mom and Dad always let me stay up late on the weekends."

"HMMMM let me see are Mom and Dad here" She asked sarcastically, "NO, there not, I am and I say it's bedtime."

"I'm gonna tell Mom how you treat me" I said probably sounding like a 4 year old.

"Go ahead and I'll tell her about the little frigging sessions you have in the shower every morning" She laughed before going back to bitch mode again, "Now get the fuck in bed."

Knowing that she knew I frigged myself in the shower every morning was a revelation. But the more I thought about it the more it turned me on. "You just wanna get me in bed so you can rape me" I said, "You want my little pussy don't you Holly?"

I ran my hands under the waste band of the flannel shorts I was wearing and rubbed my self a little. Feeling my pussy made me so hot, I wanted her right there so bad.

"You know what your a sick little bitch" Holly said moving towards me rapidly and slapping me hard across the face. I fell to the floor with a loud thud.

"The only thing I want right now is cock" She growled pulling me by the hair and dragging me to the bed as I started crying. Pulling me up to my feet then shoving me down on the bed.

"Now if you want some more get up again tonight" She said, "I've got a friend coming over and I don't want you interrupting us."

Right then I knew who it was. Her boyfriend Will, every time Mom and Dad left for the weekend he would come over and spend Friday night. Holly turned to leave the room as I flipped her the bird with both hands. She slammed the door behind her and ran down the stairs to get ready for her little party.

Laying there I couldn't understand how anyone who I loved so much could be so mean to me. I decided then and there, that that was the last time she would ever push me around.

I started to concoct a plan that would get me everything I wanted. I wanted to know what it was like to be with another girl and I wanted it to be my sister.

After about 20 minutes of complete silence I moved out my bed quietly and tip toed to the closet. Having to search for a minute I at last found what I was looking for. My camcorder.

"If Holly was gonna fuck Will she might want to get it on tape" I thought laughing. I opened my door praying it wouldn't creek. Slipped down the hall into my parent's room. Mom's jewelry box was sitting on the night table. I opened it and took out her diamond pendant necklace and dropped it into my pocket.

"Bitch wants to treat me like shit, well two can play at that game" I thought leaving mom's room. I snuck to the top of the stairs and I could hear Will and Holly talking and a little light moaning going on.

"Here goes nothing" I said hitting the power button on the camcorder and then the record button.I slipped down the stairs one step at a time. Again praying they wouldn't creek. Step by step the sounds got louder.

About 5 steps from the bottom you can get a clear view of the living room.So I stopped right there not wanting to push my luck any further and zoomed in on Holly and Will.

I was shocked at what I saw thru the lens.Holly was on her knees sucking Will as he moaned. I zeroed in on my sister sucking Will's big fuckstick. She had her hands on his legs and was going to down on his cock.

"Oh fuck baby" Will moaned, "Make me cum."

Holly sucked harder, now concentrating on his head and using her hand to jack the rest of his cock off. Will grunted and groaned as she kept up the pace and he began to cum. Jerking his cock harder she tried to drain him dry.

I made sure I got this on tape and I pulled away a bit to get the whole scene in. That's when I got an even bigger shock.

"MMMMM let me have some lover" Another female voice said her hand just then coming into view. I hit stop on the camera and looked on as my sister began kissing another girl, trading Will's cum back and forth.

"Holly's a lesbian" I said still in total disbelief.

The girl's face then came into view as they kissed and the cum ran down there lips and on to their chins.

"MMMM Will hunny it taste so good can we have some more" The girl giggled looking up at him.This girl couldn't have been more than a year older than me.

"Meg you can have all you want" Will said as Meg took his cock in her mouth and began to suck his head. I moved the camera back to my face and started shooting again.

"Ok Ok" Holly said sounding impatient,"I wanna get fucked" With that Holly pulled Megan by the arm to the couch.She had Megan sit down and she straddled her lap then looked back at Will. Telling him she was ready, Megan rubbed my sister's ass as Will stroked his cock ready to fuck her.

"Hurry the fuck up Will I need your cock baby" Holly said thru a moan as Megan began sucking one of her nipples.

Will wasted no more time. He shoved his cock in Holly's love hole in one switch motion. Making her moan louder and beg for more. Starting to fuck her pussy, he went harder with each thrust.

By now I had moved down two more steps to get a better view of the action. My pore little pussy was aching for some relief. So while still trying to hold the camera steady I slipped my hand under my waste band and rubbed my pussy gently. It sent sparks thru my entire body as I hit my clit the first time.

"Yeh fuck the shit out my pussy" Holly moaned to Will. I zoomed in on his pounding cock getting a real close-up of him pounding my sisters pussy. Megan sucked Holly's nipples harder moving back and forth from one to the other.

"Oh Holly" I moaned softly ,rubbing my wet young pussy faster,"God I wish I was Megan."

"You love his cock don't you girl" Megan asked my sister as she got fucked.

"God you have no idea how much" Holly moaned, "Fuck me, Will fuck my pussy harder!!!"

Will obliged driving harder and faster into her pussy holding her by the hips. Megan moved up and Holly and her began to kiss passionately. Holly was getting close I could just feel it.

"Yeh here it comes another big load for you girl" Will moaned as he fucked Holly harder, "You want it in your pussy."

"Yeh Will fuck her till you fill her pussy with your hot spunk" Megan moaned beginning to kiss Holly again.
"MMMM I'm gonna cum" I moaned as softly as I could, "Oh shit."

My whole body tensed up and I tried to keep the camera on the action as I clamped my eyes shut from the intensity of the orgasm. It shot thru my whole body time after time.

I leaned back against the wall and tried to catch my breath enjoying the wonderful feeling, I usually get after I have a good cum.

Remembering where I was, I went back to watching the action. Will moaned one last time and slammed into Holly. He began shooting his cum in deep in her hot little pussy as she moaned for more. She then began to cum hard as Megan spanked her ass.

"Yeh cum for me you slut" Megan moaned smacking Holly's ass harder. Will kept pounding his cock home and Holly shook as she came.

Holly finally relaxed hugging Megan and kissing her as Will pulled his cock out of her pussy and spanked it across her ass. His cum splattering all over her. Megan rubbed Will's cum into Holly's ass like lotion, even slipping her two middle fingers in Holly's back door.

"MMMMMM that was so fuckin good" Holly moaned, "Oh shit girl do it to my ass."

Megan smiled and rammed her fingers harder into Holly's ass. Holly spread her ass cheeks more and Megan fucked her fingers harder.

"Fuck girl you know how to make me cum" Holly moaned, "It feels so good like that."

"Yeh you like that?" Megan asked, "You like being buttfucked?" Megan kept fucking Holly's ass faster and harder and Holly begged for more.

"Yes I love getting buttfucked" Holly moaned barely able to breath.

"Are you gonna cum for me" Megan asked pumping her two fingers in and out of Holly's ass a little faster.

My hand had once again found my hot little pussy and I was now teasing my clit slowly. I ran my finger around it in circles, moaning a little as the action got me hotter.

"MMMM yes girl I am gonna cum" Holly moaned louder and Megan kept going faster.

I was getting so hot I wanted desperately to put the camera down and give my wet pussy the attention it was begging for. But as soon as that thought crossed my mind, Holly began to cum again.

"Oh fuckin damn" Holly screamed out as Megan pounded her fingers in and out of my sister's hot little ass.

"Yeh cum for me Holly cum all over me" Megan said to her in a seductive tone of voice, "then you can lick all your cum off me."

Holly wrapped her arms around Megan's neck as she came. Megan's fingers never stopped pumping in and out of Holly's ass for a second. Finally Holly relaxed as the orgasm gave way.

Megan pulled her fingers out of Holly's ass, then rubbed them across her pussy in her cum.

"Here you go lover taste this" Megan said as she pushed her fingers into my sisters mouth. Holly began to suck on them hard getting all the cum and juices off.

Will was setting in the chair to the side of the action now, stroking his cock. While I rubbed my clit harder working on my second orgasm. Holly kissed Megan's sweat covered stomach all the way to the top of her pussy. I had no way of knowing this at the time but it would be one of Holly's first times eating pussy.

"AWWWWW yeh your doin it right" Megan told Holly in an encouraging voice as my sister moved to the floor and spread Megan's legs. Starting to lick her pussy up and down.

"Oh fuck" I cried out softly rubbing my pussy faster. Hitting my clit harder every time, "If my plan works she'll be doing that to me soon."

Holly started sucking on Megan's clit and she moaned her approval out loud. Sucking harder and harder, she made Megan moan even louder. Lifting her hips off the couch and grinding her pussy into my sister's face.

"UH HUH YEH" Megan moaned out, "Make me cum, please make my pussy cum."

With that I started to fuck my pussy with a vengeance. Going faster and having trouble holding the camera steady. My shorts were soaked as my pussy juices flowed down my thighs and I began to sweat.

"OH Holly make me cum girl" Megan said thru ragged breathing. Holly sucked her clit harder and made Megan do just what she needed so bad.

"Oh me too sissy make me cum" I moaned as soft as I could. Pretending that it was Holly licking my hot little love box instead of my hand. Megan jerked and moaned out as she came. Her hole body tensed up at one point. It was so hot.

Right as she came down from her's I took off. Rubbing my little clit hard as the orgasm felt so much better than the first had. It was so much stronger. As it peaked I lost my breath for a second. Finally coming down from it, I hit stop on the recorder.

Knowing I had better get out while they where still going at it. I tip toed up the stairs and back into my room. Putting the camera back in it's bag, I popped the tape in the VCR and rewound it.

I had all the evidence I would need. Holly would do anything I ask now, just so Mom and Dad would never see this tape.

Fortunately Mom had bought me a double deck VCR for my last birthday. As the tape finished rewinding I put a fresh tape in the other deck and hit record as I set back to enjoy the action.

I put the TV sound on mute so I could hear when Will and Megan left. I watched the whole thing all the way through. Making me so hot I made myself cum two more times. So I slipped my cum soaked shorts off and tossed them in the dirty clothes by my door.

That's when I heard Megan and Will's car pull out. Butterflies started bouncing of the walls of my stomach as I knew then the shit was about to hit the fan.

I rushed to the dirty clothes hamper to get mom's necklace out of my shorts. I then slipped it over my head and let it drop down between my tits. So Holly wouldn't see it right away.

Then running to the VCR I ejected the fresh copy of the tape and stashed it in my trunk for safe keeping. Making sure to lock it.

I hit rewind on the original as I heard Holly coming up the stairs right then. She was apparently very relaxed and ready for bed. Whistling softly to herself. I could see her shadow go past my door.

"IT'S SHOWTIME FOLKS" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Trying to obviously to get my sister's attention.

Holly came busting thru the door of my bedroom right as I hit play on the VCR. I smiled devilishly at her.

"What did I tell you" She started, "Now your gonna fucking get it."

"AWWWWW yeh your doing it right" The tape repeated as Holly stopped dead in her tracks. Just then noticing the video playing for the first time.

The look of shock and disbelief on her face was truly unforgettable. I knew then she was mine.

"What's wrong Holly" I asked in a teasing voice, "Pussy got your tongue?"

To be Continued...


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KJ wrote this:
WOW...that was hot. I can't wait to read the rest of it!!

Jalen wrote this:
I just can't wait to read the rest. Unbelieveable!


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