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Marty Callem
"The Hoolywood Hottie"

"Marty's NEW Friend"

"Marty's Other NEW Friend"

Butt Fucking Little Girls

Episode One


Written by CJ Ames

Copyright 2010


Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) never happened. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: In ALL NEW Pilot episode of 'Butt Fucking Little Girls', Marty Callem, a sitcom star and Hollywood hottie finds herself leaving town to get away from her "secret lover" and thinks only a trip back to her old home town will do. But when she arrives she finds that she can't run away from her problems as they travel just as well as she does. Later, a impromptu meeting with Marty and two horny little preteen's has the "Hollywood hottie" forgetting about her troubles back in LaLa Land and indulging in a little anal delight with her two new friends.

Story Codes: Fff, anal, oral


"She's not gonna like this and who the fuck can blame her" I said as I filled up my suitcase and checked the schedule to make sure my flight was on time. It was. "But then again after what I'm gonna do I'll never have to put up with her shit again."

My name is Marty Callem (for the record), and the girl I'm referring to is my current secret lover, Natasha Rainfield, an actor much like myself. But being a Hollywood hottie (it's what I'm called), it's not good to be gay as a three dollar bill and have no interest (we're talking none here folks) in the opposite sex. For all the talk about gays and lesbians being excepted in Hollywood it's still a work in progress, so I'm still in the closet. Natasha is to as a matter of fact. Neither of us wanna take the chance of ruining our entire career just so we can be ourselves. So in secret is where we are and plan to stay.

Which prevents me from doing anything about the crap she does to me or did to me. Cause she won't anymore. The cruel words, the threats against my career and the constant verbal abuse when I'm not in the mood to satisfy her every desire. Well tonight she's gonna get a lesson in treating someone right. Cause I'm leaving her ass, literally. I zipped my suitcase and turned off everything in the apartment, not sure in that moment if I was turning out the lights on my career or not, considering Natasha's threat I could be. I locked the door, the one she no longer had a working key for, and a few minutes later tossed my luggage into the passengers seat of my Tesla roadster and peeled out of the parking structure and was bound for LAX before Natasha knew what hit her. She'll be mad I remember thinking, but she couldn't do anything about it what so ever. At least nothing that would make me come back to her.

See, I had moved to Hollywood from a small town called Harland in Eastern Kentucky, when I was barely 16, to take a job on a sit-com that turned out to be a major hit. Well for three years it was, until the star and my favorite person in this world, aside from my family, died unexpectedly. The series is now on what's called hiatus or hold and no one knew when it would be back in production. Giving me the perfect excuse to skip town on that whore of a girlfriend of mine and stay gone for a while. Besides Mama and Daddy had been begging me to come home anyway, so this was as much for them as me.

2 hours later I was working on a t-bone steak, high over Albuquerque headed back home. I was already coming back to life and feeling like the world wasn't so bad anymore as we winged our way east to the mountains. By the time I landed and I checked my cell phone for messages I was on top of the world and so ready to see my Mom and Dad and eat some good home cooking and hopefully sleep in my old bed. Still the same house too, despite my success ($125,000 an episode) Mom and Dad still lived in the same cramped house on Blanchard Court and I'm guessing intended to stay there.

"You have 16 new messages" My Voice mail said as I took a seat in the VIP lounge of the Bluegrass Airport in Lexington. Knowing who it was already. "First unheard message...Hey babe, it's Derek, well I got some news for you and I don't wanna tell you on voice mail but...well I know you and Natasha are knocking the boots. I'm OK with it Mar. Where are you? Call me please."

"How the hell did he find out?" I asked and realized that that must be the oldest of the messages. It was, slowly but surely I made my way through message after message of people dropping the news that they now knew I was gay or at least in a relationship with Natasha or 'some girl' as most of them said. The Executive Producer of my series, the director (gay himself), my 'sister' on the show and well almost everyone important in my life now knew. "Natasha...I hate you."

"Last unheard bitch, you left me and I told you I'd do it, I TOLD YOU, SO FUCK YOU FAGGOT" Natasha screamed into the phone like a psycho. "You fucked me over and now you're career is shit. What did you think you can just dump me and I'm not gonna do anything about it?"

"Goodbye" I said simply as I deleted her ranting message and sat there crying for a long time. The phone vibrating in my hand as I looked down and saw it was the number of my Executive Producer, and thinking this was the end. "Hello?"

"Marty, baby are you OK?" Danny asked. Throwing me for a loop.

"I'm fine, are you?"

"Natasha you're psychotic girlfriend, I guess, called and informed me of a lot of things" Danny said. "You and her are involved?"

"Yep" I said simply. A small silence on the other end of the line.

"OK, I can deal but this hurts" He said as my heart sank. "Why you didn't feel you could tell me of all people is beyond me. Kid I've been your biggest supporter since day one. You wanna explain yourself?"

"You mean you're mad cause I didn't tell you and not because I'm gay?" I asked in shock.

"Damn straight" He said as I smiled. "Where are you?"

"Home, or near home in Kentucky" I said. "I'm going to visit my parents for a while and get away from that psycho Natasha."

"Well Miss Rainfield...she hit you?"

"Once, accident" I said. "I think. Mostly just cruel words and stuff. It's over seriously."

"I'm gonna contact her parents and see that she gets help" He said.

"How did you know her parents?" I asked.

"Marty, Natasha has been on the show several times" He said as I blushed from my own stupidity.

"I'm gonna take a couple of weeks and get my head together OK?" I asked.

"You do just that and don't call Natasha no matter what you do" Danny said. "Let her wander what happened to you for a few days that will serve her sorry ass just good."

"You know it Danbo" I said as he laughed at the mention of his set nickname. "Talk to you later?"

"Tomorrow, talk to you then" Danny said as I hung up and just hoped now for some peace. I started to feel good again with the knowledge that my job was secure at least with Danny in my corner it was as good as secured, if we come back that is.

It'd be good to see the folks anyway, so maybe this would end up being a good thing. Because at least here at home you just feel like instead of the insanity of Hollywood where everyone is trying to be someone else. So much so that I barely remember the 100 mile or so drive from the Lexington airport to my hometown south of there.

But I was definitely in a better mood the moment my car crossed the county line heading into my hometown. God what a beautiful place the east coast is, especially my hometown, tucked away in the hills, and so private and secluded that you truly can come back here and not have to worry about the crazed paparazzi and their insane desire to take every picture they can of you. Which is the way it is in Hollywood, making it a true miracle that me and Natasha had never been discovered. But Harland was vastly different, even it was a bit too conservative for me, I still loved it.

Growing up around her was a dream come true. Good friends and great stories is all I remember. And oh yeah great sex too, especially that.

Speaking of great sex, my first time, that happened almost 8 years ago (I'm 19 now) and it was a very special night with my best friend Mary Ann. We made love endlessly for the next two or three years, mostly at the old clubhouse deep in the woods behind my parents house. You could moan as loud as you wanted there and no one was gonna hear you and trust me we both tested that theory every time we got together. With that thought stuck in my head and the images of Mary Ann and me covered in sweat as we grinded against each other in an endless series of orgasms, I wondered if the old clubhouse was still in place.

"Hey there's the turn off" I said as I pulled into what used to be Eddie's Filling Station, only to find it now vacant. "Weird."

Turning the car off and getting out I got my first taste of that fresh mountain air as I stretched and relaxed against my car. Looking to the right I spotted a very familiar image, an old wooden arrow pointing to the left and into the woods to the right of Eddie's place. I had almost completely forget about that being the back path to the clubhouse.

Looking back as I heard some giggling, I spotted two cute angels coming down the street in a hurry, practically running I noticed as they giggled and seemed to be pawing each other as they ran by me on the other side of the road. Stopping to make sure no traffic was coming they ran across the two lane blacktop and into the woods. God those two were cute I thought as I got one last glimpse of one of their tight little asses.

"Wanna get your cherry popped sweet baby?" I asked under my breath as I eyeballed them before they were out of sight. That vision coupled with my thoughts from earlier made me yearn now for a good cum. I quickly grabbed my bag out of the trunk and locked the car up with a plan in mind, my feeldoe (strapless cock) was in my bag so at least I could have some sense of reality I figured, and the old clubhouse would be so perfect to do this. A few orgasms later (maybe more) I'd feel like a new woman. Following after the hot little twosome I had seen earlier I disappeared into the woods and followed the by now over grown path to the clubhouse and hoped I wouldn't get lost on route. Around one more corner and there it was off in the distance, still in good shape with what looked like a freshly painted sign above the door and maybe even some new roofing. Good to know someone was keeping it up.

"What the hell? Someone forgot their clothes" I giggled as I came down the path and noticed a shoe then a shirt and then a sock and two more shoes, then a pair of pants and another shirt, a training bra and another set of pants and another training bra. I stopped as I heard an unmistakable sound, the sound of moaning, I moved closer and it got louder. Laying on the steps was one pair of panties and hanging on the door knob was another pair. "Don't tell me those two cute little angels from earlier are into girl love."

I knocked as I heard the moaning stop as whoever was inside scrambled around for some reason and I heard one say, "I told you we'd get fuckin caught."

"Go away please" Another voice pleaded as I opened the door and found two terrified girls hugged up in the corner. "Look please don't hurt us whoever you are...?"

"Hey?" I said as I kicked off my shoes and took my jacket off and laid it on top of my bag as my eyes locked on to the two naked little angels in the corner. Noticing the place looked remarkably similar to the last time I was here, sofa-couch in the corner, floor length mirror by the door, the only thing new being the rather expensive looking light beige plush carpet from wall-to-wall. Those thoughts passing as I zeroed in on the thoughts of what I would like to do to these little angels. "Don't be scared I won't tell anyone if you be nice to me."

"You some old pervert?" The Dark haired one -that turned out to be named Molly- asked.

"Of course she isn't dumbass" Cally (a cute redhead) said as I laughed. "She can't be much older than us, right?"

"Nope, I'm not" I lied, "15 and I like you."

"I'm Cally and that's Molly" Cally said. "I'm 11 and so is she."

"More reasons to like you" I said as I admired their slim beautiful bodies. No titties and soooo smooth all over.

"In that case I might like you too" She said as we exchanged playful grins. "You heard us huh?"

"MMMMMM HMMMM who was licking whose pussy?" I asked as both of their eyes opened in surprise. "Don't give me a line about you not liking it, I know what it sounds like so come on just be honest."

"I was" Molly said.

"Does she taste good?"


"Stop being four years old" I said with a playful shove as she smiled and Cally laughed. "Did her pussy taste good?"

"She says it does" Cally said with a devious grin as Molly blushed. "She does too."

"So you like pussy too?" I asked Molly.

"I dunno" She shrugged.

"How do you put up with her?" I asked Cally.

"It's not easy" She said as we laughed. "She does like it, ever since the first time we did it she wants it all the time."

"Shut up" Molly demanded to her friend.

"Why?" I asked, "Not like I'm gonna tell anyone, I told you I'm harmless unless you want me to be more."

"Huh?" Cally asked.

"Well I'm really good at licking pussy myself" I said confidently, "And really good with a feeldoe so if you wanted to we could all have some fun."

"That sounds fun" Cally said with an interested smile.

"She's gonna make us do it even we do say no" Molly demanded.

"Oh yeah I'm sure I can make you do it" I said as I rolled my eyes. "A little paranoid about our love of pussy are we?"

"Bite me, I'm going home then" Molly said in a huff.

"Good then go, Cally and me will have some fun" I said as I looked to Cally and asked, "Whatta ya say pretty?"

"I got nothing better to do" Cally said as Molly got up and walked towards the door in a fit. I noticed she stopped with her back to us and looked into the floor length mirror as I, before Cally could change her mind too, took my shirt off and tossed it aside and followed with my bra as quickly as I could. "WOW you got nice titties. They're big."

"MMMM HMMMM" I said as I motioned her closer and she moved in front of me and let me place her hands on them as she looked amazed at how bouncy and firm they were. "You like?"

"I hope mine are that big one day, they feel so good" Cally said as I smiled and leaned forward and kissed her gently, "Is that OK?"

"MMMMMMMMM I like kissing girls it feels good" Cally said and looking nervously to Molly, who just then turned around and looked back at us. "But Molly says I'm gay if I do it"

"So then be gay. I like girls who like girls" I said as I rubbed her nipples gently as she cooed. Stroking my hand up and down her sweaty flat chest and over those beautiful rippled abs as she smiled and offered no resistance and looked down as I stopped at the very top of her slit and asked for permission before going any further. "Can I touch your pretty pussy?"

"You want too?" She asked as I nodded and she agreed with an excited smile and nod of her head. I moved my finger to it and expertly started to work her folds with my fingers. Circling my now wetted finger around her clit as she squirmed and let out a loud moan as she urged me to continue. "MMMMMMM so good, it feels good."

"You like licking pussy Cally?" I asked as I stroked a finger in and out just a little bit at a time as she moaned and moved her hands to my titties and squeezed them softly as I kissed her lips and encouraged her. "Huh baby? Talk to me Cally."

"MMMMMMM uh huh I like pussy Marty, it tastes good" She said as I kissed her again and quickened my pace in her pussy. Caressing her face as she closed her eyes and moaned and turned her face into my hand and I knew she was in love with the pleasure that was filling her beautiful young body now. She squeezed her fingers into my titties over and over until I stopped. "What? I was feeling good, why did you stop for?"

"Come here baby" I said as I crawled behind her and leaned against the couch and had her turn and sit between my thighs. Her leaning back into my arms as I seriously went to work on this little angel's baby smooth pussy. Using one hand to expose her clit and my other hand to work it expertly as she began to squirm in my arms. The look of pleasure on her face as she reached behind her and stroked my new nude body was amazing to watch. I had her near orgasm in only seconds before I slowed to a more gentle pace. "You want me to lick your sweet baby smooth pussy?"

"Uh huh, please make me cum?" She asked as I nodded and we both crawled to the middle of the floor and she laid back and looked up at me. I got on my stomach and felt the rush of hormones surging through me as I circled my arms under her thighs and we held hands as I went to work and I showed her how good it could be to have your pussy licked. She squeezed her thighs around my head as she moaned her approval of my tongue work over and over. Molly still standing by the door I noted and rubbing at her bald pussy slowly as she watched. I quickened my pace on Cally's sweet pussy and made her cum a moment later as she squeezed my fingers in hers and shook in her first of many orgasms.

"MMMMMMMMMM Marty I love you" Cally moaned as I licked her cum up and rose to greet her. Kissing her softly as she grinned and said, "MMMMMMM thank you for licking my pussy."

"Very welcome my favorite little girl" I said as she kissed me again.

"I already like being your little girl" Cally said. "You make me feel so good."

"You got your cherry huh?" I asked as a moment later as I slid a finger into her vice grip like cunny.

"Yeah and it hurts when you touch it" She said as I pulled my finger out.

"It's a lot better without it, that way you can really feel good" I said as I stroked my hand up and down Cally's flat sexy stomach. "You want me to make you feel really good again?"

"Yeah MMMMMMM please?" She cooed as I smiled and couldn't believe my luck at having such a horny and eager young girl in my hands.

"Well how about we take care of that whole hole cherry problem first and then I promise you I'll make you feel so good you'll be shaking" I said as I kissed her softly. "How about it sexy?"

"But it'll hurt really bad" She said.

"Maybe but I'll be gentle" I said as I reached for my bag and a moment later pulled out the feeldoe. "See it's not some scary thing, it's a fake cock."

"Cool" She said as she took it and stroked it with her hand and giggled as she said, "Look I'm jerking it off."

"You're a natural" I said as we laughed. "It'll be so much fun and since your party pooper friend won't make you feel good I will."

"Really good?"

"MMMMMMMMMM ten times better than you've ever felt" I said as her eyes opened. "So good you'll love me even more."

"OK, but you said it was gonna hurt" She said as I took the feeldoe back and stood as I slipped out of my shorts and panties and laid them aside. "Does it?"

"Only one way to find out" I said as I slipped the knob of the feeldoe into my pussy with shaky trembling hands as I looked at the horny little angel on her knees in front of me. Whacking her playfully on the forehead with the cock as she giggled and I quickly slid it into her mouth a little and said, "There you go baby be a big girl and suck it."

"MMMMMMMMM" She moaned as she started to do just that and my knees got weak at the amount of lust I felt in that moment. My hand on the back of her head as she bobbed it up and down on my fake cock and got it wet for her little pussy and hopefully later if I was lucky enough, her other hole. She sucked on it like she had been doing it all of her life as I finally had to pull her away and hold her tongue out as I spanked it on her tongue. "That was fun."

"Yeah it was" I said as I dropped back to my knees and kissed her again softly. "MMMMMMM now you wanna let me take care of you?"

"Make me feel good like you promised?" She asked with a smile as I nodded and had her lay back on the carpet onto her back as I got between her legs.

"You'll feel so good you won't believe it angel" I said as I lined my fake cock up with her hole and before she could say anything I gently pushed the head inside and started to work. She moaned and grimaced as the first sensations stormed her body and I began to stroke the cock in and out ever so gently and sinking it deeper in the hole. She was already clutching at the carpet under her naked body as I sunk inside deeper and made her pussy spasm just a bit as it closed around the cock. Then came my first bit of resistance as she moaned and then groaned. "Calm down baby girl that's your cherry, once I get past it you're gonna feel good OK?"

"It does feel good some" She said as I drew back and surged back in and sailed through her cherry as a thrill surged through me. "MMMMMMM OWWWWWW MMMMM."

"MMMMMMMMMM fuck yeah got me a cherry" I moaned as I sunk all the way in and stopped as she looked at me in shock as I smiled. "It's OK it'll stop hurting."

"But it's hurting bad" She whined as I drew back out and surged back in and heard her moan as I did it again and again. "It's not hurting so bad now MMMMMMMM."

"Yeah sweet baby I'm gonna take away all that pain" I moaned as I leaned forward over her body and putting my hands by her shoulders as I started to fuck her like I had promised. Her body shaking with the shots I was giving her and her moaning now growing louder with every shot to her once virgin pussy, her hands now on my big titties as she squeezed them and moaned. "That feel good like I promised huh Cally?"

"MMMMMMMM oh yeah so good in and out" She moaned and I believe instinctively began to buck her hips up to me and meeting my thrusts as her moans grew louder and I noticed her then biting her lip and trying not to moan out loud as I went harder into her pussy and started spanking my thighs louder as they smacked against hers.

"MMMMMMMM oh no sweet baby girl no biting your lip you gotta moan for me" I said as she laid her head back and I saw her eyes roll back in head as she felt her pussy spasm so good it was making her body shake and she did just what I had said. She moaned out loud and let me feel her pleasure as she squealed a time or two and no longer cared who heard her. I slammed away harder as I felt my own pussy tingling and spasming with the incredible sight below me. I then noticed that Molly was still standing by the door and watching in awe at what her friend and I were doing. "MMMMMMMM Cally my sweet baby, tell Molly how good it feels up in your pussy."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Molly sooo good, it feels really good in there, she's doing it good to me" Cally moaned as I drilled it harder one last time and said as sweat dripped off my naked body onto Cally's, "You're taking it so good you gonna cum for me too?"

"MMMMMMMMMM I love your titties, a few more times and I think I will please keep going fast" She moaned as she squeezed my titties more and more as her pussy spasmed hard around my pumping fake cock. "MMMMMMMMMM so deep I love it so much."

"You can come sweet baby I won't stop till you do it" I moaned as she clutched harder at my titties and arched her back and moaned louder. Her body shaking from the shots I was delivering. "MMMMMMMMM yeah yeah take it sweet baby, here it comes, pussy spasming good, ohh ohhhhh is that it?"

"OHMIGOD YESSSS" She moaned as she squeezed my titties over and over as she experienced the first real orgasm of her life as I smiled and felt mine taking off too at the sight of this angel under me in such pleasure. Both of us moaning as one and feeling each other shake in a wonderful body numbing orgasm. Calming and settling down before I pulled out of her and folded my knees under me. "MMMMMMMMMMMMM I'm still feelin so good."

"See I told you I'd make all that pain go away" I said as she smiled.

"MMMMMMMM WOW" She said as I giggled.

"That looked like it felt so good" Molly said as she sat down now by Cally.

"OH man it did" Cally giggled. "Soooo good."

"For me too I cummed soo good" I said as Cally smiled. "So Molly you still wanna be a party pooper and leave or you wanna feel that good too."

"Yeah can you do it to me too?" Molly asked as I knowingly smiled and felt another huge rush of adrenaline flow through me as I moved in front of Molly and leaned down and kissed her as she smiled. "Lay back?"

"Yeah lay beside Cally" I said as I stroked my cock now covered in Cally's cum as Molly spread her legs and looked up at me nervously. "You got a cherry for me too?"

"Yeah you gonna pop it?" She asked as I laughed and she flipped me off.

"Now I like you too" I said as I returned her 'bird flip' and we both laughed. "Now it might hurt some but it feels so good after I promise I'll take all of the pain away OK?"

"OK just do it I need to cum so bad" Molly said as I smiled and lined my cock up and found it easily sinking in and out a little bit and knew she'd no doubt been experimenting. I slid in and out a little more as she moaned and did like her friend had done and moved her hands to my titties and squeezed them for a moment as I smiled and moaned in reply and started to fuck her slowly. Her cherry suddenly appeared in my path and I stopped and gently pushed against it as Molly groaned. "That's it, it hurts."

"It won't in a minute" I said as I drew back out and the same way I had done to her friend I surged forward and sailed right through it as I moaned, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yeah there's me another cherry, oh god that's sweet."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM" Molly moaned as her only response to my breaking of her cherry and seeing no signs of pain or words of complaint I started to pump in and out of the second tight hole I had gotten on the day as I leaned forward over her body like I had done to Cally and started to fuck her hard. Her moaning growing louder as Cally kissed her cheek and neck now and down to her shoulder as Molly moaned loudly and clutched at my titties. Her eyes closed as she took in all of the pleasure and shook gently from my ever harder shots to her sweet pussy. Pulling out as far as I could and plunging back inside, I knew by now her pussy walls were spasming around the cock and from the way she was squeezing my titties she was as much as telling me it was feeling so good for her. I did it harder and harder and wanted to see her body shake as she moaned louder and louder with every thrust in her pussy. Her body now covered in a thin film of sweat as I went faster and faster in and out and Cally kept kissing all over her friends neck and shoulder now and seemed to be having as much fun as me and Molly. "MMMMMMMMMMMM sooo good sooooo good."

"MMMMMMM OHHHH yeah baby I know it is" I moaned as I pounded down into her now and to my surprise felt her beginning to tense up as my cock rocketed in and out of the hole and she moaned in an almost urgent voice as her hips began to buck against mine and she looked up at me and moaned out loud. A pleasure soaked smile on her face as she bucked her hips harder and squealed once and then again as her orgasm began and I watched in awe of seeing this sweet baby in pleasure. She shook and moaned for a few long moments and just like it had begun it was over before I really even knew it. I slowed as she slumped to the floor and let Cally kiss her softly as I pulled out and took a breather. "God you babies are wearing me out."

"God my pussy feels so good now" Molly moaned as she kissed Cally again and Cally asked me. "Can you make me feel good again now? It was so good and I'm horny again."

"Well Yeah of course my horny angel" I said as I motioned for her to follow me. I got up and moved onto the couch and sat down as she joined me but looked confused. "You know what riding is?"

"Horse riding?" Cally asked as I laughed.

"Riding cock" I said as I got her to stand on the couch and cross her legs over my thighs and rubbed her sweet bald pussy as I had her lower down. I put my hand on her flat chest and told her, "Just start bouncing on it my angel."

"MMMMMMMM WOW it feels different" She moaned as she started to bounce gently on the head and put her hands on my shoulders as I balanced her with my hands on her chest. Watching as I moaned with her as the cock began to disappear inside her sweet pussy for the second time on the day. She moaned as she did just as I said and bounced up and down, now getting it deeper with every bounce on it. Moaning out loud with a smile on her face as she took it all in her pussy for the first time and I stopped her as she sat on my thighs with the cock buried deep inside her. "MMMMMMMM that feels like really big in me now. Can I do it hard?"

"You can do it as hard as you want my horny little girl" I moaned to her as she did just that and started to bounce all the way up to the top of the cock and then impaling her young body on it as she came down and I felt her body shake as she landed on my thighs. I stroked my hands over her smooth sweaty skin and took hold of her waist and started bouncing her young body more aggressively as she squealed. "MMMMMMMM that's it Cally, bounce for me, come on do it as hard you want. Making her pussy feel good again huh? Talk to me Cally."

"MMMMMMMMM so good in my pussy bouncing on it, am I doing it good like you wanted?" Cally asked as I smiled and felt my pussy start to spasm as she crashed down onto my thighs time after time and I held her by the waist and bounced her to the very tip of the cock and then let her fall back down. Her pussy walls being worked to perfection as she rode up and down the cock in her now. Squealing as she clutched at my shoulders and dripped with the wonderful sweat of pleasure as I watched her with a smile. Her moaning getting louder with every bounce now.

"So good come on baby, cum for me now, you did it so good, time for my babies pussy to cum again" I moaned to her as I took shot after shot to my thighs and moaned as my own pussy started to cum as I clutched my fingers into her waist and within seconds she was doing the same thing as she moaned out loud as she bounced a few more times and hugged me and rode out her wonderful orgasm. "Oh yeah my sweet babies pussy got to feel so good again huh?"

"SOOOOOO good, soooo good, nothing will ever feel better than that" She moaned as I kissed her lips and suddenly had an idea that I knew would never work but I was so horny at the moment that I decided to go for broke. "MMMMMMMM."

"I know what feels better than that" I said as she looked at me.

"What could feel better than that?"

"It's called butt fucking Cally and it feels so wonderful you'll never want me to stop" I said as she smiled.

"MMMMMMM I like that already" She moaned as I smiled and kissed her, "Does it feel good for you two."

"MMMMMMMMMM yes it feels sooooo good for me to butt fuck little girls like you and Molly" I moaned as Molly joined us with an interested smile.

"You're leavin me out again" Molly said as we both looked at her.

"No no my baby, I promise I'll butt fuck you too" I said as I kissed her softly and stroked her still sweaty chest, "Will you lick Cally's pussy for me while I butt fuck her first? Make it feel extra special."

"MMMMM I'm so lucky I getta be butt fucked first" Cally said as I kissed her and couldn't believe how horny it made me to hear her say that. "Will you Molly please? I'll do it for you too when she butt fucks you."

"This is gonna be so much fun" Molly commented as I agreed.

"Will you two get in a 69 for me?" I asked as Cally excitedly lifted off my cock and her and Molly moved a few feet away on the floor and laid back on the carpet. I stroked my cock (feeldoe) and crawled over to her and kissed Cally softly before guiding by the arm to turn her back to me and get on top of Molly. Adjusting them so we were directly opposite the mirror by the wall. Cally eagerly slid over Molly's loving mouth and we both watched as Molly started to lick her friends pussy as my hands shook with anticipation. Cally moaned as she settled down on top of Molly. Watching Molly lick pussy was still the most wonderful site in the world. She pressed her tongue into Cally's tender folds just right and already had her moaning as I finally moved forward and lining my cock up with Cally's puckered little asshole. Thankfully I could still watch Molly working some serious magic on Cally's pussy in the mirror. Cally looked back at me as she moaned from Molly's tongue work and said, "Come on hurry you said you'd do it, please butt fuck me."

"MMMMMMMMMM oh yeah my baby I'm going to and right now" I said in a moan as I pressed my cock head at her asshole and moaned loudly as it slipped into her butt. Seeing Molly below us licking Cally's pussy gently made her relax as I started working my magic wand in and out of her asshole ring and heard an even louder moan coming out of Cally's mouth as I looked down at her and knew she was liking it already. "OH yeah sweet baby it's feeling good huh?"

"MMMMMMM WOW" She moaned in a whimper as I started stroking now deeper and deeper with every stroke as I moved my hands to her shoulders to keep her in place on top of Molly and started really sawing in and out. Seeing Molly in the mirror licking over and over Cally's clit now like a good girl. "MMMMMMMMM I never had a butt fuck before."

"MMMMMMMMMM really baby?" I asked in a moan as my cock got about half way in as I sawed harder and faster as it got deeper all the time. Hearing her moan out loud as the startling sensations of a sandwich made her body shake. She looked back at me and watched every stroke I made as I dropped one arm to my side and let her watch as she moaned to me, "MMMMMMMMM no never in feels so good."

"You're a lucky little girl huh Cally?" I moaned with a smile on my face and waited for her reply as I plowed deeper in her sweet little asshole, finally pressing my thighs against her ass cheeks as I stopped for a moment and encouraged her to reply to me. Watching Molly licking some more on Cally's clit and then starting to lick her pussy up and down. "Huh my sweet angel are you a lucky little girl?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM god sooo lucky to be butt fucked" She moaned as I started again with long smooth strokes deep in her ass as her moaning got louder and louder and I held her shoulder tighter as she watched me deliver shot after shot. My thighs spanking at her ass cheeks and now making her body shake with sweat dripping off me and the moans of pleasure filling the air. Molly had now closed her lips over Cally's clit and was sucking it. "MMMMMMMMMM so lucky, it feels sooooo good like this."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yes it does baby girl I'm lucky too you know why?" I moaned as I pounded now deep in her ass and saw that Molly was sucking harder and harder on Cally's clit. Cally moaned out loud as she squirmed on top of her friend.

"MMMMMM soooo good, why are you lucky?" Cally asked as she moaned back to me and still watched every shot of my cock up her little asshole.

"Cause little girls are so sweet to butt fuck" I moaned as she shook from the shots to her back door and held on to Molly's thighs as she squealed and I knew we were both gonna cum any second as my pussy was spasming wildly already and I knew hers was. "You're such a big girl Cally for taking it so good my baby."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM I wanna be a big girl" She moaned as she squeezed her thighs around Molly's head and moaned intensely as I plowed in and out of her backdoor and smacked my thighs at her ass cheeks loudly. Watching them jiggle as I did and making sure she was watching me too as more sweat dripped off my body and I fought my orgasm as hard I could to keep from cumming not wanting this to end just yet. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHH my god yessss does it feel good to butt fuck little girls?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM god yess sweet baby it does feel so good for me butt fucking little girls" I moaned as she screamed and started shaking all over and that sent me over the edge too as I closed my eyes and pumped hard into her little asshole and loved the sound of my thighs smacking her ass cheeks as my orgasm stormed into me and I knew she was cumming too. God I thought it would never go away it felt sooooo good. I finally felt mine subside and her go limp in front of me as I slowed and pulled out of her asshole and sat there breathing ragged, unable to comprehend what had just happened. "Oh god fuck baby girl you are so sweet. You OK?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM god yesss that was so good I'm still cumming in my butt" She said as she rolled off of Molly and laid there panting and completely covered in sweat. "Molly did it so good to my pussy too."

"Yeah I can tell" I said as Molly sat up and I saw her lips and chin glistening with Cally's cum. "You look so cute."

"You tired huh?" Molly asked.

"Why is there something you wanna do now?" I asked as I kissed her softly.

"MMMMMMMM if you can Yeah, I'm so horny now, can you do me the way you did Cally?" She asked with a hopeful expression as I reached down and squeezed her ass cheeks and said, "No, no, good little girls asked nicely to be butt fucked, Molly."

"Please I need to be butt fucked like Cally" Molly begged as I kissed her.

"And why would I wanna do that?" I asked Molly as I stroked her flat chest.

"Because butt fucking little girls feels so good right?" She asked as I kissed her and nodded my head yes.

"MMMMMMMMMM she's so lucky" Cally said as Molly turned with a smile and without any resistance got into a 69 with Cally as she lowered her pussy down to Cally's eager mouth. Moaning as Cally started licking her pussy and Molly laid forward on her elbows and looked back as I moved in behind her and lined my cock up with her asshole. Hearing some small moans escaping her mouth as I sunk my cock into her ass and found it was slightly less tight then Cally's was as I started to pump in and out slowly. My hands sliding up the smooth skin of Molly's back to her shoulders as I started to go faster and faster and get it deeper in her tight little ass as she whimpered and started to grind back to me a little.

"MMMMMMMMMMM so fuckin sweet" I moaned as I got the cock ever deeper in Molly's ass as she began to moan louder and laid her head down on Cally's thighs. I could see Cally's hand on Molly's stomach and knew she was licking her pussy good now as I plowed Molly's butt ever deeper and finally sunk all the way home. My thighs pressing against Molly's ass cheeks. "I don't think little Molly wants to go home anymore huh my baby?"

"NOOOOOOOO sooo good in my butt" Molly moaned as I pulled all way out and plunged back in as she moaned out loud and again and again as I did this over and over again. Building to a nice rhythm as my thighs again started to spank off the little girls ass cheeks as she moaned out loud now and took all I could pump into her tight little ass. "MMMMMMMMM please do it fast in my butt."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM oh yeah I'll give that sweet baby what she wants" I moaned as I started pounding away at her ass now faster and faster as she moaned louder and louder and shook from the shots I was now giving her. My body was covered in a thick film of sweat as was both of the girls 69ing for me, so much so that every time I slapped my thighs into Molly's ass cheeks sweat flew off both of us. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Molly's lucky too now huh baby?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM sooooooooo lucky, so good in my butt" She moaned as I pounded harder and watched her look back at me as I again dropped an arm to my side so she could watch. My moaning getting louder as I drilled deeper in her ass and held her with one hand tighter as I slammed away and felt my pussy about to spasm out of control once more as I watched her face show the intense pleasure of the moment. "MMMMMM OH god I love it so much, is it still good to butt fuck little girls?"

"MMMMMMMMMM god if it didn't baby would I be working so hard to do it?" I asked in a moan as my pussy exploded finally and I pumped her little asshole with wild abandon as the moans of pleasure filled the air again. I could feel her shaking in orgasm as I drilled my rubber cock hard into her and heard her scream as the orgasm peaked and she started cumming in her friends mouth a moment later as my cum began to leak out and I slowed finally in her ass as she went limp on top of Cally. I moaned one last time as I pulled out of her butt and sat there in a daze at what I had just done to these two horny angels. Molly rolled off of Cally and lay still jerking from the effects on the floor and moaned lightly. Cally rose, her beautiful body glistening with a thick film of sweat now as was I, both of us dripping.

"Thank you for working so hard to butt fuck us" Cally said with a knowing smile that killed me.

"MMMMMMMMMM" I said as I kissed her softly and stroked my fingers through her hair, "It's worth all that hard work to butt fuck little girls like you my sweet angel."

"What about me?" Molly asked as she rose and grinned at me and kissed me softly as I leaned down.

"You too!"

To be Continued...


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