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Hey Mickie,
Hey Mickie

Season Three

* * * Starring * * *

Taylor Raynewater
"The New Girl"

Mikala "Mickie" James
"The School Lesbian"

Laney McCoy
"The Best Friend"

Richard Raynewater
"The Dad"

Carolyn Kirkpatrick
"The NEW "Mom""

Jessica "Jessie" James
"Mickie's Hot Cousin"

Maria Cortez
"Lynsey's GF"

Lynsey Panettiere
"Maria's GF "


Grandpa Hal McCoy
"Laney's Grandpa"

*Season Four Summary*

*ALL NEW Episode*

*Episode Seventy Seven*
Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie: Baby, Say My Name
    (Original airdate: 01/01/18)
In the ALL NEW 77th episode of 'Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie' (Winter Premiere), the news of Mischa McCoy (Laney's mother), apparently, still being alive and living somewhere in South Carolina sends shock waves through the household as Christmas concludes. Leaving Laney angry and bitter and the adults of the family searching in vain for answers. Later, Mickie and Jessie find out that their new little sister has something to say about the idea that she's about to learn to crawl. Finally, Sammi and Darcy visit Becky Sue on the set of her new TV show and someone may end up being a star.

*Episode Guide*

(Season Four)

*Episode Sixty Seven* *Season Premiere*
Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie: Baby Talk     (Original airdate: 09/27/10)
In the ALL NEW 67th episode of 'Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie' (Season Premiere), the stunning revelation of Carolyn having another child is explained as the family gathers round to hear the tale. Later, Becky Sue explains how she ended up back in Cleveland and expands on her plans for the future (ones involving Taylor's best friend). Also, Rae and Lynsey get to meet Carrie's colorful mother and Becky Sue gives an interesting invite to Laney and Jessie.

*Episode Sixty Eight*
Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie: Back to the Future     (Original airdate: 10/04/10)
In the ALL NEW 68th episode of 'Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie', Laney and Becky Sue discuss their plans and add a new wrinkle to an already exciting idea. Also, Alex has some plans for Sammi that do not sit well with the girl. Later, Jessie's teasing of Taylor leads the two of them to do something they've never done before. Which results in Mickie's revealing something that could cause some akwardness between her girlfriend and ever horny sister. Finally, Lynsey and Rae flirt with the idea of inviting someone NEW over for a night.

*Episode Sixty Nine*
Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie: Batshit Crazy     (Original airdate: 10/11/10)
In the ALL NEW 69th episode of 'Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie', Sammi's first day back in school is met by an invitation from a person who Lynsey (and Rae) can't stand, though Sammi's raction is the surprising part. Also, Laney and Jessie visit the set of Becky Sue's new series, According to Preppy, and get the low down on the stars and plot. Later, Mickie and Taylor get down to the business of love making as they strive to match their activity with the episode number.

*Episode Seventy*
Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie: Christmas Times a Comin'     (Original airdate: 10/18/10)
In the ALL NEW 70th episode of 'Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie', Christmas time is coming and Taylor is itching to began the preparations with a Christmas tree, though her favorite new member of the family is not so much in favor of it. Also, Later, checking the mail at the kitchen counter brings some interesting situations for the James sisters as one gets a little 'touchy, feely'. Jessie also learns of the impending arrival of her Omaha based ex-boyfriend.

*Episode Seventy One*
Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie: The Life and Times of Sammi and Darcy     (Original airdate: 10/25/10)
In the ALL NEW 71st episode of 'Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie', an empty house early in the morning has Taylor and Becky Sue confused and wondering what happened to everyone. Also, the sudden disappearance of Rae's mother may come back to haunt her and Lynsey when an unannounced visitor arrives to check on the two. Later, Jessie and Taylor stretch while Mickie plays witness to the continuing journey of Sammi and her best friend forever, Darcy.

*Episode Seventy Two*
Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie: Lassie (the cat)     (Original airdate: 11/01/10)
In the ALL NEW 72nd episode of 'Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie', Reggie has an early morning adventure when she makes a new friend and ends up adding a new member to the household. Also, as the family begins the "Christmas Tree putting upping", Taylor and the gang head for the Parmatown mall for some Christmas shopping.

*Episode Seventy Three*
Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie: Friendship (Inc.) Resolution     (Original airdate: 11/08/10)
In the ALL NEW 73rd episode of 'Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie', an episode filled with people fucking up in one way or the other. Including Rae and Lynsey inviting the Von Adams high secretary, Sierra Davenport, over for a night of girl-on-girl fun. Later, the fun quickly turns to insults and violence when Jessie's scum bag EX (Kenneth Longfellow) arrives in Cleveland for a much anticipated visit with the local chapter of Friendship, Inc.

*Episode Seventy Four*
Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie: Third Times a Charm     (Original airdate: 11/22/10)
In the ALL NEW 74th episode of 'Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie', Laney, Jessie and Becky Sue together in an empty house? Need I say more?

*Episode Seventy Five*
Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie: Christmas (1)     (Original airdate: 11/29/10)
In the ALL NEW 75th episode of 'Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie', it's Christmas eve (morning) in snowbound Cleveland and it begins with a surprise that no one saw coming. Later, Lynsey and Rae make plans with Carrie for the following night. Also, the James family spend the evening with friends as they follow a hundred year old tradition.

*Episode Seventy Six*
Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie: Christmas (2)     (Original airdate: 12/06/10)
In the ALL NEW 76th episode of 'Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie' (Winter Finale), Christmas day brings a load of surprises to both the Raynewater and James clan as presents are exchanged and one shocking secret is uncovered. Including the family meeting at Taylor's place early and later at Mickie's for some serious present opening. Also, Rae and Lynsey's holiday takes a turn when not one but two people arrive for a visit and get invited to stay for the evening.

Divide this bitch!

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Hey Mickie
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* * * Guest Stars * * *

Samantha "Sammi" McNamara
"Laney's EX"

Darcy Mulder
"Mickie's Friend"

Marty Saybrook
"Mickie's EX"

Alex Marvel
"Taylor's Friend"

Viera Raynewater
"Taylor's Mother"

Ryan Caldwell
"Alex's Friend"

Mavis Marvel
"Alex's Grandma"

Michael James
"Mickie's Father"

Laila James
"Mickie's Mother"

Becky Sue Martin
"Taylor and Laney's Friend"