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Willa's Wild World

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Former '7th Heaven' star, now the Executive Producer of both 'Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style' & '"Willa's Wild World'.

*Series Summary*
The O.C.'s favorite trouble making little sister, Willa Holland , has just been unleashed on the horny young starlets of Hollywood in this Taboo TV's latest ALL NEW original series, "Willa's Wild World". Following the ground breaking formula of Cumming Out, "Willa's Wild World" promises to take the concept of star-on-star lesbian love to a new level of erotic with Willa being joined in her weekly adventures by fellow hottie, Miranda Cosgrove .

**Episode Guide*

Episode One
Willa's Wild World: Willa and Miranda's Cumming Out  
*Guest Star: None *
Taboo! unviels it's newest creation, Willa's Wild World. Starring Willa Holland, known as the trouble making jailbait Kaitlin Cooper on 'The OC'. In the first episode we are introduced to her young co-host, Miranda Cosgrove who is known as the bratty little sister from 'Drake and Josh'. The two little vixens can hardly wait to start the fun. Soon enough they are both showing off their beautiful young bodies as they bring each other to orgasm in very inventive ways.

Episode Two
Willa's Wild World: Willa's Fabulous Time
*Guest Stars: Emma Roberts (16), Chelsea Tavares (15), Malese Jow (16), Emma Degerstedt (15), Alyson Michalka (18) & Amanda Michalka (16)*
Taboo TV takes us back to the set for another sizzling episode of it's newest creation, Willa's Wild World. This week our host Willa Holland and her ever horny co-host, Miranda Cosgrove, welcome the stars of the hit 'Nick' series, Unfabulous. Including the scorching hot Emma Roberts, fresh off her stint in the big screen Nancy Drew movie, along with her 'un' co-stars, the stunning Malese Jow, cutie Chelsea Tavares and the 'other Emma', Emma Degerstedt. Later, hot new pop group, Aly and AJ (Alyson Michalka, Amanda Michalka) stop by for a little on the set fun as well. It's gonna be hot, so stay tuned.

Episode Three  now a full hour,   moves to 9:00 PM
Willa's Wild World: Willa Gets Desperate
*Guest Stars: Joy Lauren (17), Andrea Bowen (17), AnnaSophia Robb (13), Julia Winter (14) & Taylor Dooley (14)*
In the ALL NEW 3rd episode of 'Willa's Wild World', Willa gets more time as the fuckfest expands to a full hour and moves to a new time (9:00). To celebrate, Willa and Miranda welcome another collection of the hottest young and horny starlets from Sin City to join them this week. Stars of Desperate Housewives, Joy Lauren and Andrea Bowen, join Willa for some serious fun. Later, Miranda gets in on the act with the week's other guests.

Episode Four
Willa's Wild World: Miranda Welcomes Alyson
*Guest Stars: Michelle Tractenberg (22)*
In the ALL NEW 4th episode of 'Willa's Wild World', Willa welcomes popular Taboo! TV guest star, Michelle Trachtenberg for a little fun. Later, Miranda Cosgrove introduces her new co-star Alyson Stoner.

Episode Five   Returns from hiatus
Willa's Wild World: First Timers All Around
*Guest Stars: Nikki Reed (19), Evan Rachel Wood (20), Morgan York (14) & Haley Ramm (15)*
In the ALL NEW 5th episode of 'Willa's Wild World', Willa and her favorite girls, Miranda Cosgrove and Alyson Stoner, return for the sizzling second half of their debut season on Taboo TV. Tonight Willa welcomes Taboo TV favorites Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed to the set for a little...shall we say, first time...the second time around fun? Later, Willa's horny co-stars, Alyson and Miranda, welcome Hollywood newcummers, Haley Ramm and Morgan York, for a little double stuffing action that will leave all four girls moaning long after it's over. Willa and the girls are back...NEXT!

Episode Six
Willa's Wild World: Tricky Sissy
*Guest Stars: Ali Lohan (14), Lindsay Lohan (21) & Amy Diamond (15)*
In the ALL NEW 6th episode of 'Willa's Wild World', Willa and her horny co-stars welcome two of the world's most famous sisters, no not Spears, Lohan. But up first, Willa sends us off to Europe, Sweden to be exact, to visit Alyson and Miranda on their quest to meet Swedish singing star, Amy Diamond. The two nymphets give Amy a working out she'll never forget, involving plenty of tongue action and later a double stuffing of the young girl. Later, Ali Lohan joins our host Willa and reveals her plan to convince her older sister, Lindsay, that her little sister is not a kid anymore. A plan which Willa is all to happy to help with as she welcomes Lindsay to the stage. Of course Lindsay knows nothing of the plan, but she will soon.

Episode Seven
Willa's Wild World: Miranda + Aquamarine = Pleasure
*Guest Stars: Joanna "JoJo" Levesque (17), Emma Roberts (16), Sara Paxton (19) & Chloe Bridges (16)*
In the ALL NEW 7th episode of 'Willa's Wild World', ever horny co-star Miranda visits the stars of the big screen hit, Aquamarine. Emma Roberts, Sarah Paxton and Joanna "JoJo" Levesque all guest star in an hour and episode not to be forgotten as Miranda will have a chance to get down and dirty on the beach to have a wonderful sun soaked foursome with the trio of uber hotties. A bit later and back in the studio, our star Willa and co-host Alyson welcome young Hollywood up-and-cummer Chloe "Suazo" Bridges and go about the task of introducing her to the pleasure of lesbian love.

Episode Eight
Willa's Wild World: You Big Sissy
*Guest Stars: SMOOSH (Asya & Chloe) (13), Kay Panabaker (17), & Danielle Panabaker (21)*
In the ALL NEW 8th episode of 'Willa's Wild World', our lovely host and ever horny hostess, Willa, and her equally horny co-stars, Miranda and Alyson, hook up with two pair of sisters, Kay and Danielle Panabaker and the girls of SMOOSH. First Alyson gets to show the sisters from the band SMOOSH (Asya and Chloe) exactly how much she appreciates their music. Later, the Panabaker sisters visit the studio for a little fun with Willa and Miranda.

Episode Nine
Willa's Wild World: Willa Goes Wild for Hannah Montana
*Guest Stars: Miley Cyrus (14 & Emily Osment (15)*
In the ALL NEW 9th episode of 'Willa's Wild World', TV's sexiest show becomes much like the series that inspired it, 'Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style', as our horny hostess, Willa Holland, welcomes 'CO: HS' & Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus, along with her seemingly ever present co-star and sidekick, Emily Osment. Course don't think that we're gonna leave out WWW co-hosts, Miranda Cosgrove and Alyson Stoner, cause that's not gonna happen as they join Willa in the studio today. Five, hot, horny and young Hollywood starlets naked in front of a camera with sex on the mind, could anything in this world be more of a pleasure to watch? Nope.

Willa's Wild World: Miranda LIVE!
*Guest Stars: Jeanette McCurdy (15) & Taylor Momsen (14)*
In the ALL NEW 10th episode of 'Willa's Wild World', Willa and her ever horny co-host Alyson Stoner close out the sizzling first season with an episode that will leave you wanting more. But first, Miranda, checks in from the set of her new Nick show 'iCarly' for a live webcast with the days first guest (and Miranda's iCarly co-star) Jeanette McCrurdy. Later, Willa and Miranda welcome the headliner of the CW's new series 'Gossip Girl', Taylor Momsen.

*ALL NEW Episode*

Episode Eleven
Willa's Wild World: Abigail Breslin, Anna Popplewell, Georgie Henley  
*Guest Star: Georgie Henley (13) & Anna Popplewell (20) & Abigail Breslin (12) *
In the ALL NEW 11th episode of 'Willa's Wild World', Willa Holland and her horny co-stars return from the land of hiatus with the first new adventure in a long, long time. She's joined by her horny co-stars, Alyson Stoner and Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) and a choice selection of prime teenie bopper ass. This week bringing us Zombieland star, Abigail Breslin and Chronicles of Narnia stars, Anna Popplewell and Georgie Henley. You can't see this action anywhere but here.

Episode Twelve
Willa's Wild World: Dakota Blue Richards, Emma Watson, Rachel Hurd-Wood  
*Guest Star: Rachel Hurd-Wood (18), Dakota Blue Richards (15) & Emma Watson (19)*
In the ALL NEW 12th episode of 'Willa's Wild World', it's more of what you love in girl-on-girl loving with your fave celeb hostess, Willa Holland, and her favorite teenie bopping co-stars, Miranda and Alyson.

Directed by
Willa Holland

Written by

Executive Producer
Mackenzie Rosman

Willa Holland

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(Fall/Spring 2007)

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Willa's Wild World

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