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Willa's Wild World
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Willa's Wild World

"Willa Goes Wild for Hannah Montana"

Season One: Episode Nine

Copyright © 2008


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Summary: In the ALL NEW 9th episode of 'Willa's Wild World', TV's sexiest show becomes much like the series that inspired it, 'Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style', as our horny hostess, Willa Holland, welcomes 'CO: HS' & Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus, along with her seemingly ever present co-star and sidekick, Emily Osment. Course don't think that we're gonna leave out WWW co-hosts, Miranda Cosgrove and Alyson Stoner, cause that's not gonna happen as they join Willa in the studio today. Five, hot, horny and young Hollywood starlets naked in front of a camera with sex on the mind, could anything in this world be more of a pleasure to watch? Nope.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 @ 9:00 p.m.
(following an ALL NEW 'Cumming Out: Dakota & Twinsanity')

Story Codes: Ff+, ff+, cons, oral, anal, exh, spank

Starring: Willa Holland (16), Miranda Cosgrove (13) & Alyson Stoner

Guest Stars
: Miley Cyrus (14 & Emily Osment (15)


It was time for a new episode of the sexiest show on TV, Willa’s Wild World. The booming voice of the announcer was heard as the familiar stage was shown.

“Welcome to the ninth episode of Willa’s Wild World. Today all our sexy hosts will be in the studio. Here they are now. Miranda Cosgrove, Alyson Stoner and our wonderful star and producer of the show, Willa Holland.”

The three stars descended the stairs to the great applause of the audience. They were all wearing extremely short skirts and tight tops that left their tummies bare. Miranda’s top was red, Alyson’s blue and Willa’s purple.

“Welcome to another episode of my very own show, Willa’s Wild World. Today for the first time all three of us hosts are here in the studio.” Willa said and pulled the other two girls close.

First she turned to Miranda and gave her a kiss and then she did the same to Alyson. The audience was very enthusiastic about seeing all their favourites on the stage and it seemed like the applause would never die down.

“We have a special treat for you today. There are two girls who Willa has wanted to have on the show from the beginning. I’ve even once caught Willa masturbating while looking at these two girls that will visit us today.” Miranda went on.

Willa made a guilty face, indicating that what Miranda said was indeed true.

“Ok, it might have happened the way Miranda described it. But the whole truth is that she very quickly joined me when she caught me.” Willa said.

“Of course I did. Didn’t think I would leave you all alone when you’re naked and horny, now did you.” Miranda exclaimed.

With that they shared another kiss, this time including some serious fondling by Willa.

“Too bad that happened before I joined the show.” Alyson said with a fake pout on her cute face.”

“Poor girl. On the other hand you can count yourself lucky that you get to be here today for the real thing.” Willa said.

“Ohh, you bet I’m going to get lucky.” Alyson said to Willa, before turning to the audience and addressing them.

“There will be no report form the outside world today. Only us girls and our two sexy guests in the studio. We’re going to have a lot of time to really have our fun with today’s sexy guests.” Alyson said in a chipper tone.

“I think we’ve made you wait long enough. It’s time to bring them in. Here they are now, from Disney comedy Hannah Montana, 14 year old Miley Cyrus and 15 year old Emily Osment.”

Again thunderous applauds broke out as the two girls entered the studio. Miley was wearing a black short skirt and a golden sparkling top that hugged her curves closely, showed lots of cleavage and left a hint of midriff bare. Emily was wearing a similar outfit, but she had a white skirt and a silver top. They walked down the stairs hand in hand and smiled and waved to the enthusiastic audience. The three hosts welcomed their guests with brief kisses before they all sat down on the big white couch in the middle of the stage.

“Welcome to the show, girls. I’ve wanted to have you on the show ever since we started, but now it’s finally time.” Willa said.

“Yeah, We’ve been looking forward to this as well.” Miley said.

“Ohh, yes!” Emily agreed and nodded for emphasis.

“Me and Miles have been watching your show together, all the episodes. And we had a lot of fun doing what you did on the show, but with each other.” Emily went on.

“So, does that mean the two of you are girlfriends? Or are you just fooling around?” Miranda asked.

“We are girlfriends.” Miley said with a proud smile on her face.

“You make such a cute couple. It must have been hard for you to actually watch the show without getting distracted.” Alyson chimed in.

“Ohh, yes. Some times we missed parts of the show because we were going down on each other,” Miley admitted.

“That is actually the only good reason to miss any of the show. If you are licking your girlfriend’s pussy.” Willa said.

“Good then, so you’re not gonna punish us for that?” Emily asked with a mischievous grin.

“No, no. Don’t worry.” Willa giggled.

“But what if we want to be punished?” Emily said.

“Really? You are quite a naughty girl aren’t you?” Willa asked.

“Mmmm. You don’t know half it.” Emily answered and leaned in towards Willa.

They met in a kiss right in front of Miley who just giggled at her friend’s behaviour. The kiss quickly intensified into frenching. This seemed to be the signal to get things going. Alyson and Miranda had been on the sideline, but they made up for this by being the first to undress. In an almost simultaneous move they pulled their tops over their heads to reveal their perky little tits. They were already next to each other so they could easily start kissing and fondling each other’s tits.

“Hey, What about me?” Miley said in an indignant tone.

“Poor baby. Are you getting left out of the smoochies?” Emily said as she broke the kiss with Willa and instead kissed her girlfriend.

Willa watched the two kiss and she had to agree with Alyson. They were indeed a very cute couple. Just as she thought this Willa was pulled into the kiss by Emily who apparently wanted a three way kiss. Willa of course was more than happy to oblige. The passion rose and the next natural step was of course to do some undressing. It was Emily who took the initiative. She extracted herself from the kiss and proceeded to pull her silvery top over her head, revealing her round soft tits.

“Wow, those are some good tits.” Alyson commented.

“Yeah. They look just delicious.” Miranda chimed in.

“Thank you girls. But you’re not going to be happy with just looking, now are you?” Emily asked.

“No way.” Alyson said as she closed in.

“Let’s move over to the bed, I think we might need a little more space if we are going to enjoy you properly.” Miranda suggested.

She and Alyson grabbed one of Emily’s hands each. The three topless teenagers made their way over to the huge bed, their tits jiggling as they walked. Emily threw herself flat on her back in the bed. Miranda and Alyson got up on the bed creeping over to Emily. This made it obvious to everyone that, not surprisingly, neither of them wore any panties. Their smooth pussies were clearly visibly under their ridiculously short skirts.

“Come on, I wanna feel some tongues on my titties.” Emily demanded.

“Just what we were thinking.” Alyson answered.

The two hosts moved in at exactly the same time, taking Emily’s pert nipples in their mouths. Alyson on the left and Miranda on the right started their licking and sucking of the titties they so desired. It was obvious just how much they liked it, because both their pussies showed clear signs of arousal. They had worked on quite a few girls together by now and they knew very well that this was the perfect start.

“Looks like they have moved quickly.” Willa said as she broke away from the kiss.

“Yeah, guess we caught up in our kissing.” Miley said.

“Yep, we better catch up.” Willa said and grabbed hold of the hem of Miley’s top.

Miley obediently stretched her arms up in the air and Willa peeled off the top.

“Mmmm, soft round tits.” Willa said as she fondled Miley’s newly freed boobs.

“Yeah. Pretty good for a 14 year old huh?” Miley said proudly.

“You have all reason to be proud.” Willa answered.

She then leaned in and started to flick her tongue back and forth over the right nipple. Miley leaned back, but held her hand on Willa’s head so that there would be no interruption. Willa loved top do this, especially doing it to one of the girls of the supposedly so wholesome Disney Channel. Those hypocrites claimed to be so morally upstanding, yet they had the hottest jailbait prancing around on their shows. Willa didn’t believe that any girl was as wholesome as some wished to believe. The very sexy moans emanating from Miley proved this beyond doubt.

Miley was enjoying herself tremendously. Not only did the sensation of Willa’s tongue on her sensitive nipple make Miley feel amazing. She could also watch her girlfriend getting worshipped in pretty much the same way. Miley and Emily locked eyes and shared a brief look of love. Willa switched to the left nipple and that felt just as good. It was obvious to Miley that Willa knew exactly what she was doing. It seemed like that tongue was made for this.

“I love what you’re doing Willa. I’m so wet for you.” Miley moaned.

“That was exactly what I wanted.” Willa said and moved up for a kiss before going back to the nipples.

Over on the bed things were starting to progress. Miranda kept lavishing attention on Emily’s pert nipples, but Alyson had moved away. She was now in the perfect position between Emily’s wide spread legs. The only barrier between Alyson and Emily’s forbidden paradise was that tight white skirt. Alyson considered pulling it down, but decided against it. Instead she simply pushed it up so that it was around Emily’s midriff. Emily’s bare pussy looked mighty inviting and Alyson dove right in with her tongue. She pushed her tongue deep in and started a regimen of intense licking. As always, the taste of another girl’s aroused pussy drove Alyson wild.

“Mhhhhmmmmmmmm.” Emily moaned.

Emily didn’t think anything needed to be said. Alyson’s deep probing felt great. No tongue would ever feel quite as good as Miley’s, but Aly came pretty darn close. She had an energy and intensity in her licking that drove Emily wild. Of course Miranda’s expert treatment of her nipples made things even better for Emily. Miranda looked extremely cute as she flicked her tongue back and forth over the nipple, with a sweet yet naughty smile on her face. These two slightly younger girls worked very well together and Emily felt like she was treated like a goddess.

Miley was also in high spirits. Her tits and received a royal treatment from Willa, but now she wanted to give something back. She gently pulled Willa up for another kiss. They let their tongues swirl around and touch for a while. Then Miley wanted to see some nude flesh. She had seen Willa’s delicate, naked body many times on TV, but nothing was quite as good as the real thing. She started to let her hands roam all over Willa’s still clothed body, touching the round tits, the bare stomach and that wonderful ass.

“I’m guessing you want me naked?” Willa correctly guessed.

“Oh, yeah. You are so beautiful. I wanna see all of you.” Miley responded.

“I’d be glad to show you.” Willa said and got up from the couch.

“Are you gonna strip for me?” Miley asked eagerly.

“Good idea.” Willa said with a bright smile.

She started to roll her hips thus making her sexy ass jut out. She also started to move her hands all over her body, but with focus on the tits. She grabbed hold of the top and started to slowly move it up. Bit by bit her naked flesh was shown. First the gentle curves of the underside of the tits. Then the protruding, brown nipples and then finally those lovely globes were completely freed as Willa threw the top at Miley.

“Wohooo!” Miley exclaimed.

The dance proceeded with Willa hooking her thumbs in her skirt. Again she moved slowly as revealed more and more. First, just a hint of ass crack and then slowly the firm ass was revealed in all its naked glory. She moved a little quicker, but still teasingly slow as she revealed her perfectly bare pussy. Once this show was done she wiggled out of the skirt in a very sexy way. She stepped out of the discarded skirt and spun around to showcase her naked body to both audience and Miley.

“Excellent show. Now if only there was a way for me to thank you.” Miley said as she pretended to think of a way.

“I think I can come up with something.” Willa said as she seductively moved closer to Miley.

“And what would that be?” Miley asked.

“Well, the first thing that we need to do is to remove that silly skirt.” Willa answered.

Miley was very eager to get naked and raised up from the couch a little so that the skirt could be removed.

“You do it.” Miley said in a voice dripping with hornyness.

Willa simply grabbed the skirt and yanked it down to Miley’s feet.

“That pussy looks just delicious.” Willa commented.

“Yeah. Emily certainly thinks so.” Miley said and looked over to her girlfriend who was lost in ecstasy.

“I bet she does, but now it is all mine.” Willa said with an evil grin.

“I still haven’t thanked you for that strip tease, so how about we make it a 69?” Miley suggested.

“Exactly what I was thinking.” Willa answered.

Miley laid herself down on the couch, getting ready for what was about to happen. She looked at Willa naked body and glistening pussy, thinking just how much she wanted to taste it. It didn’t take long before Willa assumed the proper 69 position. She slowly lowered her pussy towards Miley’s outstretched tongue. Miley was more than ready and started to lick as soon as she could. Willa’s juices tasted wonderful and Miley started to quickly move her tongue up and down the slit. Not long after this Miley felt the wonderful sensation of a tongue on her pussy. Willa relaxed on top of Miley as the 69 really started to get going with eager tongues licking wet pussies.

Emily was very much in her own little world of pure pleasure, but she did notice what her girlfriend was up to. Those two naked bodies locked in a 69 was a heavenly sight for Emily and it increased her already significant arousal even more. If Emily had been insecure, she might have felt jealousy about seeing her girlfriend in such a situation. Fortunately this was not the case and Emily could feel enjoy how sexy the two girls on the couch looked. She had been highly aroused long before the show started, but now that arousal had reached extraordinary levels. She felt a very familiar tingling in her pussy. She knew exactly what that meant and sure enough soon she erupted in orgasm.


Her body shivered as she was overcome by the powerful sensation of orgasmic relief. Alyson’s deep probing tongue had hit just the right spots and for that Emily was very grateful. Her chest was heaving, making it difficult for Miranda to do her thing. She still managed though and managed to keep her tongue on and around the right nipple all throughout the orgasm. Emily looked down and saw Alyson eagerly licking the juices resulting from the orgasm. That was such a sexy sight that Emily’s orgasm was prolonged by quite a lot. The last remnants of orgasm shot throughout her body before she could relax.

“Wow, they did a good job on her.” Miley commented in a brief pause from the licking.

“Yeah, that’s the reason I hired them. They can work magic on a girl.” Willa answered.

Miley didn’t really feel the need to elaborate any further on the subject. At least not with a dripping wet pussy, mere inches from her face. She reached out with her tongue and resumed the licking and felt how Willa did the same right after. Willa’s pussy had made Miley’s face quite sticky by now, a fact that Miley thoroughly enjoyed. That didn’t mean she was content however. She had lots more she wanted to do to this pussy before she left it. She had observed Willa’s clitoris earlier and now she started to focus her attention on it. She let her tongue swirl around the little knob, causing muffled moans of delight from Willa.

“Fuck, those two look sexy.” Alyson commented.

“Yeah, my girlfriend is a smoking hottie.” Emily said in a tone of pride and affection.

The three girls on the bed were curled up together with Emily in the middle. Normally they would have just kept going after Emily’s orgasm, but here they had lesbian live show to watch mere yards away. Aly and Miranda were both gently fondling their tight pussies, while Emily let her hands travel both over her own body and the bodies of her lovers. For the moment they were very much happy about watching the other girls fuck.

Willa knew very well that she had an audience of three horny girls watching. She cast them a few winks, but still remained focused on her most important task which was to give the lovely brunette under her an orgasm. Willa had felt how Miley had started to focus on the clit. Willa was all for reciprocity so she decided to do the same. Everything about Miley was cute and somehow that was true for the clitoris as well. It was a pink little bud that looked just adorable. Willa gave it plenty of attention with her tongue. She combined this with long licks along and through the slit.

“Seeing Miley lick like that has kinda made me in the mode for pussy.” Emily said.

“Lick me!” Miranda screamed out a mere second before Alyson did exactly the same.

“Sorry Aly, she was first.” Emily said to a now pouting Alyson.

With Alyson still pouting Emily felt like she had to add something more.

“I’ll make it up to you later, ok.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” Alyson said, now in a good mood.

As Alyson scooted off the bed, Emily turned to Miranda.

“I just realised we still have our skirts on. That won’t do.”

“Well, it’s not like the skirts are covering our naughty parts.” Miranda said, referring to the fact that they both had their pussies very much exposed.

“True, but I still prefer complete nudity.”

“Me too.” Miranda answered.

They both quickly discarded their skirts.

“Now, I was in the mood for pussy.” Emily said.

Miranda assumed a position on all fours, with her face turned towards the 69 and her lovely tush up in the air.

“Licking from behind huh? I love that.” Emily said, before quickly moving in to take her first lick of Miranda’s pink pussy.

Meanwhile, Alyson had moved over to the 69. She moved her hand across Willa’s smooth back until she reached the ass which she began to fondle. Alyson however was the kind of girl who wanted to do more than fondle. She got up on the couch behind Willa’s ass and greeted Miley with a small wave. She then moved on to her real objective. She pulled Willa’s ass cheeks apart and without hesitating dragged her tongue through the ass crack. Up and down she went; licking ass as if it was what she was born to do. Alyson knew from experience just how much Willa loved having a young girl’s tongue up her tight ass. Sure enough it didn’t take long at all before Willa started to moan in orgasm.


Willa had been pretty close thanks to Miley’s excellent tongue work, but having a tongue added to her ass was just too much. Those two tongues had given her a wonderful release and she felt as if her entire body was glowing from the orgasm. But even pleasure of this magnitude couldn’t tear Willa away from doing what she had been determined to do. She was intent on getting Miley off and tasting her orgasmic juices. With this in mind Willa increased the intensity and literally attacked Miley’s sensitive clit with her tongue. Miley too had been close and now her pussy released its treasure in the form of delicious juices for Willa to taste.

“YYYYIIIIIIIIIHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” Miley screamed, exposing herself as the country girl she was in the moment of orgasm.

Miley had been briefly jealous that no one licked her in the ass, but the force and skill of Willa’s tongue soon put those feelings to rest. Now she could simply enjoy the bliss that Willa had brought. During the orgasm Miley locked eyes with her girlfriend who was watching in rapt attention. Having Emily watch her made things even better and Miley loved the fact they could enjoy this together. Miley thought Emily looked incredibly sexy with the juices from Miranda’s pussy on her face and that heightened Miley’s already significant arousal. The orgasm slowly faded away and post orgasmic bliss spread throughout Miley’s body.

“Hope you liked the show.” Willa said to Miranda.

“Oh, yeah. That was awesome:” Miranda answered in a slightly laboured voice.

Alyson sat down on the couch next to a still panting Miley and started to gently caress Miley’s naked body, making the girl utter small moans of pleasure.

“I haven’t had my pussy licked yet.” Alyson said with a cute pout on her lips.

“Really? And now you want my help with that?” Miley said.


“I don’t think I can manage to get up from here just yet, but my tongue is more than ready for you. So why don’t you just come over here and ride my face.” Miley said with a horny grin on her face.

This was exactly what Alyson had hoped for. She had learned that it paid off to be forward when it came to sex and that certainly proved true here. She got up on the couch and positioned herself right above Miley’s face.

“You ready for this?” Alyson asked.

Miley answered by pulling Alyson down on her mouth and starting some seriously intense licking. She let her tongue shoot off in all directions, thoroughly exploring Alyson’s wet folds. There was nothing quite like being pinned down by a delicious pussy. It was as if Miley had no choice but to lick. Of course given the choice Miley would still be licking, but she was a bit turned on by the thought of an inescapable pussy licking. All the previous action had left Alyson quite wet so Miley had a lot of yummy juices to taste.

Willa was left out of the action at the moment, but was quite OK with that. Her two little protégés seemed to very much enjoy the treatment they were receiving from today’s guests. Willa sat on the bed next to Emily and Miranda, enjoying the sight of the two couples in action. She was slowly fingering herself, not with the intention to bring herself off but only to keep herself in a nice state of arousal. She especially enjoyed watching Emily’s naked ass, wiggling back and forth as she licked Miranda. That ass looked so soft and inviting that Willa knew she just had to take some kind of action. Then suddenly Willa remembered the comment Emily had made in the beginning of the show about wanting to be punished.

“Hey Emily, I think you might deserve a punishment after all.” Willa said in a smug tone.

“Ohh yeah? What for?” Emily said in a defiant tone before going back to licking Miranda.

“I don’t know. How about for having such a deliciously spankable ass?”

Emily didn’t answer; instead she simply wiggled her ass in a very enticing way. Willa moved into position and let the first strike fall: It left a faint pink mark. Emily pushed her ass out and wiggled it again, begging for more. Willa started a series of slaps on Emily’s soft ass, making sure to cover every part of it. Emily let out muffled moans into Miranda’s pussy, but did nothing to make it stop. Willa was in an excellent position to observe Emily’s pussy and she could definitely see an increase in wetness. She could even see a drop making its way down Emily’s thigh. Willa wasn’t the kind of girl who let anything go to waste so she scooped it up with her finger and brought to her mouth, at the same time keeping up with the spanking.

It used to be a secret that Emily liked to be spanked. It was a secret that she had only shared with her girlfriend. Obviously it wasn’t a secret anymore as Emily got spanked in front a few horny girls, a live audience and the cameras. That didn’t bother her though. It was the direct opposite in fact. She got immensely turned on by revealing her naughty desire to the world. She imagined all those out there getting off on watching her get spanked. Every blow Willa landed stung, but that only served to heighten her pleasure and arousal. It was getting hard to concentrate on licking Miranda’s juicy pussy, but Emily still managed. It tasted wonderful and Emily really wanted to get the cute little girl off. She let her tongue play over every little crevice, making Miranda moan and sigh in pleasure.

Miley could glance in the corner of her eye how her girlfriend got spanked and she obviously heard the smacks loud and clear. Emily really was a naughty girl. Miley had lost count on how many times she had spanked that wonderful ass. She might have joined in the spanking if it wasn’t for the fact that she was very much busy. Alyson was now humping her face and Miley did her best to meat Alyson’s incoming pussy with her tongue. Much of her face was smeared in what was now a mixture of the juices from Willa and Alyson. Alyson kept yelping out the sexiest little noises and Miley could hardly wait before she would bring Alyson to her much deserved orgasm.

Alyson was getting lost in ecstasy as she rode Miley’s very cute face. She looked down in to Miley’s eyes and loved the look the brunette was giving her. She seemed to be urging Alyson to come, even though she didn’t speak. Not only did Alyson get her pussy stimulated. She also played roughly with her own tits, squeezing them and pinching the nipples. Due to her young age they were still pretty small, but they were very firm and sensitive. Other girls loved to play with them, but with no other girl available Alyson had to take care of it herself. She looked over at Miranda and saw a scrunched up look on her face. It was a look that Alyson knew intimately. It was a sure sign that Miranda was about to come.

Indeed Alyson had drawn the right conclusion. The constant and skilled work done by Emily’s tongue had brought Miranda to the edge of orgasm. She was panting heavily by now, waiting patiently for release. She heard the constant smacks as Willa’s hand hit Emily’s butt and that sound did even more to fuel her arousal. Emily started to pay more and more attention to the clit and it didn’t take long after that until Miranda felt her body convulse in an incredible orgasm.


“Good work, you got my friend off so now you don’t have to be punished anymore.” Willa declared.

Emily was exhausted from the licking and spanking so she collapsed on the bed. She lay on her stomach, leaving her butt exposed and she had a very special reason for that.

“My but is so sore, but I was a naughty girl so I deserved it. I just wish someone could kiss it and make it all better.” Emily said and looked at Willa with her best puppy dog eyes.

Even a tough girl like Willa couldn’t resist that plea. Of course she couldn’t resist that butt either. It was just as beautiful as before, but now with a pink hue. Willa assumed a position on her stomach, with her head right above the ass in question. She licked her lips at the prospect of licking this amazing ass and then placed a wet kiss on the right buttock. She then placed another kiss on the left one, before proceeding to rain kisses all over the pinkness. Emily started to let out small, happy sighs as her butt was given this very loving treatment. Willa wasn’t the kind of girl who kissed ass in the figurative sense, but she did love to do it in the literal sense. This was especially true when the ass in question was as soft and round and sweet as this one.

Seeing Miranda get off was a thing that always helped Alyson along as well. She was pumping up and down on Miley’s face by now, clamping her tight little ass together with every push. She was far gone into the land of pleasure and had closed her eyes in order to avoid a sensory overload from all the pleasure she was receiving. Miley’s tongue hit spot after spot of stimulation, sending Alyson jolts of pleasure. Miley’s face was well lubed up by Alyson’s juices by now and it was soon to become even more so. One final push as Miley’s tongue reached deep into Alyson’s pussy set the orgasm off.

“YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS. I’M CUMMMMMMMMMING!” Alyson screamed out, slumping forward on the couch.

Miranda who had been left out of the action for some time turned to the camera.

“Now it seems that we all have had our orgasms. That however was just the beginning. We still have haven’t broken out the strap-ons and I know that Alyson is itching to get some ass.”

“Ohh, yeah.” Alyson confirmed in the background.

“But before we do that we have something else to show you. It is a very special little clip that we have been saving. It is the audition that I did in order to become a co-host of the show. As you know Willa is the producer so the decision was hers. Obviously I made it, but now we’re going to see exactly how that happened. Roll the clip.”

The screen showed a small office with a desk and a couch. Willa was sitting behind the desk, wearing jeans and t-shirt and Miranda was sitting on a chair in front of the desk. She was wearing a flowery dress and looked very confident.

“So, Miranda. What makes you think that you would be right for this job?”

“Well, I have been on TV and in movies for years now, so I have that experience.”

“Yes, that is important, but you do know that this job requires quite a bit more than just being on TV.”

“Ohh, yes I know that. One reason I should be on is that I’m not shy about my body.”

With that Miranda rose up and pulled the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She was completely naked underneath and was cleanly shaved.

“You certainly aren’t shy.” Willa said with an approving smile.

“No I’m not. This brings us to the next reason why you should hire me. I have a very sexy body. First off all observe my perky breasts. Now I haven’t had them for long, but they have come in quite nicely as you can see.”

As she said this Miranda rolled her tits in her hands.

“I certainly agree there.” Willa said.

“Next, I have a firm and soft stomach.”

Willa nodded.

“But this is the good part. A cleanly shaved pussy, just aching for action all the time. And it tastes good as well. I have a few friends who will back me up on that. And last, but not least this, my softly rounded little ass.” Miranda said and spun around.

Willa looked intently at Miranda’s bare back side.

“Very, very good. You certainly have the confidence and the body I’m looking for. There is one more thing however.”

As she said this, Willa rose from her chair and walked around the desk. She pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing that she like Miranda had not bothered with a bra. She then removed the jeans, becoming just as naked as Miranda. The younger girl looked in rapt attention at Willa’s naked body.

“The last thing I need to know is whether or not you have the technical skills needed to be on this show.”

“I think I have exactly what you are after.” Miranda said in a cocky tone.

“Do you now? Then why don’t you come here and show me.” Willa said in a very suggestive tone.

“I’d be glad to Miranda said and moved closer.”

Seeing as she was slightly shorter than Willa she had two choices. The first was to reach up for a kiss and the second was to go directly for those inviting pointy nipples. Miranda choose the latter, enveloping Willa’s left nipple in her mouth and slowly sucking on it. Willa uttered a soft, approving moan. Miranda increased the power in her suction and the she brought her tongue in as well, flicking it over the sensitive nipple.

“Mhhmmmmm. You got this part down for sure. But now I want to see if you can bring me all the way.”

“Really?” Miranda said as she slowly sunk you her knees.

“Yes, really. The last test is to see if you can get me off.”

“I figured as much.” Miranda said.

With that she went to work. She started out by slowly dragging her tongue up Willa’s pussy. This was just the first taste and Miranda just kept at it. Lick after lick up and down Willa’s moist slit. With every lick she used more force and pressed her tongue deeper and deeper into Willa’s wet folds. She gently pushed Willa back to sit down on the couch, before renewing her attack. The younger girl went up and down with her tongue, but spent extra time on Willa’s clit.

“You’re doing good baby.” Willa said in encouragement.

A lesser girl than Miranda might have been satisfied with words like that. Miranda however was not content with doing good. She wanted this job badly and even more than that she wanted to give Willa one hell of an orgasm. Fortunately Miranda knew just what to do. She inserted a finger in the pussy. This in itself was good and made Willa moan in delight. This was just the beginning however. After a few thrusts Miranda pulled the finger out. She then looked up at Willa with a mischievous grin and wagged her finger slightly.

“You are going to put that finger back in me I hope.”

“Yes, that I promise, but not in your pussy.”

Willa didn’t seem surprised, but she seemed very delighted. She lifted her ass slightly from the couch, giving Miranda easier access.

“I’m gonna make you cum so hard you’ll hire me on the spot.” Miranda confidently promised.

“Oh, I expect nothing less.”

Miranda looked at Willa’s puckered hole. She dragged her finger through Willa’s pussy once more for extra lubricant before she pushed it into Willa’s tight ass. With that she started to vigorously move her finger in and out of the ass at the same time as her tongue flicked back and forth over the clit at tremendous speed. Miranda worked harder than ever before and put all her skill, experience and energy into what she was doing.

“Mmmmm. You’re getting me closer little girl.” Willa moaned.

While that was a fairly good assessment Miranda didn’t want to be known as a little girl. She wanted to be known as a confident Lolita with the lovemaking skills to make anyone jealous. She put her mouth around the clit and sucked as much as she could while her tongue kept swirling around. At the same time she added another finger to Willa’s ass. It took some force to push it in, but Miranda knew that Willa wouldn’t mind. Willa had been quite wet even before she started and by now her pussy was soaked in juices. Miranda kept going tirelessly. Willa’s sexy moans drove her on and told her that she was doing the right thing. It took some time, but then suddenly Willa erupted in orgasm.


Willa’s entire body pulsated as the orgasm went through her. The intensity Miranda had brought had paid off. Willa had not expected such force and determination from such a sweet looking little girl as Miranda, but here she had been proven wrong and she was very happy about that. The release was tremendous and it resulted in quite a lot of creamy goodness for Miranda to taste. She did so eagerly, dragging her tongue up and down the slit to get it all. As soon as Willa’s orgasm had passed by Miranda collapsed on the floor, panting heavily. Willa also needed some time to relax, but she regained her energy much quicker.

“Wow, you really give it all now didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Miranda confirmed, not really able to say more.

“I don’t even have to think about this anymore. You’re hired.”

Miranda seemed to have a at least some spare energy, because she came up from the floor and met Willa in a cum drenched kiss. The two made out fiercely on the couch celebrating the new partnership. With that the view from the office faded out and we were once again back in the studio. All five girls were huddled together on the bad, having watched the clip on the studio TV.

“That’s how it happened. I knew instantly that I had made the right choice.” Willa said as Miranda beamed proudly.

“That was super hot. I know I’m worked up again.” Emily said.

“Same here.” Miley agreed and kissed her girlfriend.

This first kiss in some time between the girlfriends quickly evolved. Soon they were locked in a passionate make out with their hands going all over each other’s naked bodies. Emily fell back on the bed and quickly had Miley right on top of her. With the two guests occupied, Alyson and Miranda time to prepare for the next event. Willa opened up her famous toy box and handed a pink strap-on to Miranda and a purple one to Alyson.

“Hey, Lovebirds. I hope that you are ready for some ass action.” Willa said.

“I think we are, aren’t we?” Emily said to Miley.

“Yes indeed. We’ve been waiting for this.” Miley confirmed.

“That’s good to hear. Because me and Miranda here are going to pound your asses so hard you won’t know what hit you.” Alyson said in what was supposed to be a menacing tone.

“Really?” Emily asked with an eager smile.

“Are you sure your ass is ready for more action?” Willa asked.

“Ohh, my girlfriend’s little ass is always ready for action.” Miley said and made everyone giggle.

“Then maybe you will do the honours of getting her lubed up?” Willa asked.

“Of course. It is always a pleasure.” Miley answered in a polite tone.

Emily assumed a position on all fours with her lovely ass sticking up in the air. Miley spread her girlfriend’s ass cheeks and moved in to drag her tongue along the ass crack. She had done this many times before, but it had usually been for a fucking that Miley herself was going to deliver. This time someone else was going to be fucking, but Miley wasn’t jealous. She very much looked forward to watching how her girlfriend get plowed in the ass. Miley loved the preparations as well. She was intimately familiar with every part of Emily’s body by know and the ass was one of her favourite parts. She started to focus on the puckered hole and went back and forth over it with her tongue, making sure it was wet enough. She even pushed her tongue as hard as she could up against the sphincter, trying to prepare for the much bigger things that soon would enter there.

“I think she is done now. So who is the lucky one getting to nail my girl in the ass?” Miley asked.

“That would be me.” Miranda said and moved up on the bed.

“Mmmmhhm. Come on and make me feel good Miranda. I’m so fucking ready for it.” Emily commanded.

“Here we go then.” Miranda said as she got up on the bed behind Emily’s ass.

She took hold of the cock and slowly guided it into Emily’s very wet pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh. Hey, weren’t you supposed to fuck my ass?” Emily asked as she remembered what was supposed to take place.

“Don’t worry sweetie I will. I’m just going to lube it up a little extra. In fact I’m all done by now.”

Miranda did indeed pull out of the pussy with a wet plopping sound. She then lined the cock up against Emily’s exposed asshole. She was just about to ask Emily if she was ready when Emily moved back, thus forcing the cock into her ass. She pushed quite far back before moving forward a bit and than back again. Miranda was surprised at first, but soon caught up. d. She grabbed hold of Emily’s hips and started to push the cock in.

“Wow, you were eager.” Miranda said.

“Once I heard I was getting fucked in the ass I just couldn’t wait you know.”

“Vixen.” Miranda said as she thrust the cock in again.

Ok, I think it is time to get the two of you started.” Willa said to Alyson and Miley.

“Where do you want me?” Miley asked

“Just be wherever you want. Any position with your ass ready for a good pounding will do.” Willa explained.

“Ungh. I uuh want youhhh in front of meeeeeeeee.” Emily grunted.

“Sure thing girlfriend. She is getting you real good in the ass isn’t she?” Miley asked.

“Uhu. So fucking gooooooood.”

Miley assumed a position on her side with her front facing Emily. Alyson applied some form of professional lubricant to her plastic cock and then moved in behind Miley.

“Let’s see. I think I’m going to start out by feeling you up with my finger.” Alyson announced as she was in position.

She sucked a finger into her mouth and moved it down to Miley’s delicate tight ass.

“Mmmm. Give it to me.” Miley demanded.

Alyson simply pushed the finger in past the sphincter and let it wiggle around a little inside.

“Nice and tight.” Alyson commented.

“Yeah, I don’t get it in the ass quite as much as Emily. But on those few occasions I usually love it. Still Emily is the queen of ass.” Miley said and winked to her girlfriend.

“I bet she is. I’m hoping I get to fuck her some day.” Alyson whispered.

“If you do a good job on me I’ll recommend you.”

“Guess I better start then.” Alyson said.

She grabbed hold of the fake cock and pushed it in between Miley’s ass cheeks. The guest lifted her slender leg up in the air in order to spread her ass cheeks and make it easier for Alyson to find her way. Very carefully Alyson applied pressure and soon enough she saw the top of the dildo pop into Miley’s tight hole. She pushed it in for a bit, withdrew and then in again. She worked with slow moves in and out as she gradually penetrated deeper and deeper into Miley’s back door.

Emily, being much more used to ass fucking had quite a different experience. Miranda hadn’t held back in the least. She had been quite quick to get the cock deep in and from there she just kept going in a steady, comfortable pace. Emily had waited patiently for Miley’s fucking to start. She wanted to see every detail of how that happened. Now that she had seen that she and Miranda could get into the really hard stuff.

“Ok, Now I want that thing all the way up my ass.” Emily requested.

“Ýour wish is my command.” Miranda said as she applied more pressure to her thrust.

If it was deeper she wanted, that was what she was going to get, Miranda thought. She didn’t get to do quite as much ass fucking as her friend Alyson, so now that she had the chance she wanted to do the real thing. No holding back, just one real good hard ass fuck. Miranda went with her instincts and increased not only pressure, but speed as well. It didn’t take long before she had hammered the plastic cock all the way in. She now started to go in and out almost all the way out. Each time Miranda bottomed out inside Emily their bare bodies met, Miranda smacking her hips down on Emily’s still sore ass.

“Fuuck yess. DO it hard just like that. Fuck me haaaaaaaard.” Emily moaned

“Come on, Aly. Fuck me hard as well. I want to feel just as good as Emily.” Miley demanded.

Seeing Emily so thoroughly enjoy her ass fucking had given Miley increased courage. She wasn’t as used to this as Emily, but she was very much willing to learn. Alyson did as she was told and pressed harder. The plastic cock went further into Emily with every thrust. It was an adjustment, but Miley felt that she quickly got used to it.

“Push it all in. I can take it.” Miley said.

“I love watching you do this.” Emily said to her girlfriend.

“You do, do you? Seeing your girlfriend getting it deep up her ass from another girl?”

“Ohhhhh, fuck yes I do. I’m gonna do your ass so hard when we get home.”

Alyson really enjoyed listening to this dirty talk between the girlfriends. She was very happy to be a part of it. She had been careful in the beginning, but now she had started to follow Miley’s wish and fuck her deeper and harder. She managed to get the cock about ¾ of the way in. Still with every thrust she made the cock got deeper and deeper. Alyson used her considerable agility to move her hips back and forth while her upper body remained still. This gave her the chance to paw Miley’s lovely tits from behind, a side activity that she very much enjoyed.

Willa had been content with watching for some time. Seeing two pairs of young, sexy teenagers fucking ass was awesome to see and Willa had kept fingering herself as the action unfolded. Now, however she wanted to take part in the action. She had already put on a black strap-on and she knew exactly where she wanted to use it.

“Hey, Emily. I was thinking about fucking your girlfriend in the pussy with this.”

“Yeah, fuck her good with that thing.” Emily eagerly agreed.

Miley was just a tad offended that Willa hadn’t asked her, but she quickly put those feelings to rest when she started to think about how good it would feel to have Willa fuck her. Miley watched as Willa took a position in front of her on the bed. They started to kiss again, feeling the same tingling sensations as when they had kissed in the beginning of the show. They locked lips and let their tongues do a wild dance with each other. Miley had expected Willa to do her fucking once the kiss ended so she was surprised to feel the top of the fake cock on her pussy. Miley’s pussy was soaking wet but now so it was no trouble at all for Willa to push the thing in. Once Willa was in, she started a steady rhythm of fucking.

“Fuck that feels goooooood.” Miley moaned.

Seeing her own girlfriend getting double stuffed like this sent Emily soaring in arousal. It was the most erotic sight she had ever seen. Miranda had managed to keep up her hard and deep fucking in the ass. Emily doubted she would ever sit again, but the feeling of that huge thing going deep into her ass was well worth it. Miranda’s steady pounding and the vision of her supposedly so sweet and innocent getting fucked hard in both holes was just too much for Emily to handle. She felt her entire body start to shake as an earth shattering orgasm roared through her.


Miranda pulled out and leaned back, exhausted from the energy intense feat she had performed. She watched Emily reeling from orgasm and felt immensely proud that she had helped in achieving that. It was a very powerful feeling to fuck such a sexy and horny girl in her lovely ass, but seeing the result was almost better. There seemed to be no end to Emily’s powerful orgasm, her pussy hadn’t even been touched by Miranda during the fucking, but it was flowing over with tasty juices. Miranda couldn’t resist and leaned in and dragged her little tongue up and down the slit to savour the tasty treat.

Seeing her girlfriend get fucked and enjoy it had the same effect on Miley as it had on Emily. Miley had managed to catch most of her girlfriend’s orgasm and she had definitely heard it. She knew that part of the reason for Emily’s strong orgasm had been watching her and she was happy that she had brought her girlfriend pleasure without even touching her. Miley recalled one time when she and Emily had phone sex. They had said very dirty things to each other and turned each other on so much that they both had a screaming orgasm at the same time, listening to each other over the phone.

Alyson too had noticed Emily’s intense orgasm of course. She thought it was sexy of course, but there was another feeling as well, competitiveness. She was the expert on ass fucking, not Miranda and now she was very much determined to outdo her friend in ass fucking. She let go of her restraints and started to slam the cock into Miley’s ass. No protests where heard, so Alyson just kept going, giving the hardest possible ass fucking she could give. She was very much confident that no girl could take it so hard without having a super intense orgasm. Alyson was indeed the expert on ass fucking and it didn’t take long before she with the combined effort of Willa brought sweet Miley Cyrus over the edge.


Miley was locked down between two naked bodies and felt like she might have fallen off the edge of the world is she hadn’t. There was no part of her nether regions that wasn’t stimulated thanks to the two plastic cocks filling both her tight holes. All through the orgasm she looked intensely at Emily, sharing this moment of bliss with her girlfriend. She just kept, screaming, not caring if she wouldn’t be able to sing for days. These feelings were just too good and she had to let them out somehow.

Two plopping sounds were heard as Alyson and Willa pulled out of the now satisfied guest. They had barely done this before Emily scooted over. Without saying a word, she laid herself down and took Willa’s glistening strap-on into her mouth. She took it quite deep, before she proceeded to lick it clean from Miley’s flavour. This was a taste Emily was hooked on. Once that was done she moved on to the real thing and started to lick up the residual juices from Miley’s pussy. Small hoarse moans, escaped Miley as she felt her girlfriend licking her. Emily just kept going, unable to get enough of Miley’s pussy.

“There really isn’t much to say after something like this. I think the action has spoken for itself.” Willa, now without a strap-on said to the audience.

“I would just, like to add, that I am still the best ass fucker, even though Miranda did a decent job.” Alyson said with a smirk.

“Decent, didn’t you see what I did to Emily’s sweet ass.” Miranda answered

The two girls both started to talk at the same time, trying to win the argument of who did the best job. The two girls who had been fucked and could possibly serve to settle this was far to into their own little thing to notice or care about the bickering. Willa made a sign to the technician, signalling that he should cut off the sound for the two co-hosts.

“I know exactly where this is heading; my two very competitive co-hosts are going to go on with this debate forever. I might have to eventually have to stop them by tying them down and fucking both their tight asses to prove who’s really in charge here. Anyway it is time to sum up and…” Willa said before being interrupted.

The interruption came in the form of a heavy orgasmic moan from Miley. Emily had got so carried away by getting to lick her girlfriend’s pussy that she had carried on far longer that it took to merely lick it clean. She had just kept going and going, eventually bringing Miley another orgasm.

“Looks like those two just can’t stop. Can’t blam’em though. That pussy of Miley’s is mighty good that’s for sure. Anyway, that’s all we have today. We’ll soon be back with another sizzling hot episode of Willa’s Wild World, only here on this channel. Till then, take care and have lots of fun with both yourself and your girlfriends.”

The camera zoomed, showing a waving Willa, a bickering couple and one couple locked in a deep and a passionate kiss.


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