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Willa's Wild World
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Willa's Wild World

"You Big Sissy"

Season One: Episode Eight

Copyright © 2008


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Summary: In the ALL NEW 8th episode of 'Willa's Wild World', our lovely host and ever horny hostess, Willa, and her equally horny co-stars, Miranda and Alyson, hook up with two pair of sisters, Kay and Danielle Panabaker and the girls of SMOOSH. First Alyson gets to show the sisters from the band SMOOSH (Asya and Chloe) exactly how much she appreciates their music. Later, the Panabaker sisters visit the studio for a little fun with Willa and Miranda.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, February 5, 2008 @ 9:00 p.m.
(following an ALL NEW 'Cumming Out: Dakota & Twinsanity')

Story Codes: Ff+, ff+, cons, oral, anal, exh, spank

Starring: Willa Holland (16), Miranda Cosgrove (13) & Alyson Stoner

Guest Stars
: SMOOSH (Asya & Chloe) (13), Kay Panabaker (17), & Danielle Panabaker (21)


It was time again for a new episode of the success series Willa’s Wild World on the Taboo TV. It was the show where the sexiest young girls in entertainment had hot lesbian sex on screen. The intro was familiar by now and consisted of teasingly short clips of the three stars’ naked bodies. It made anyone who watched desperate to see more and fortunately soon they would.

Willa made her by now famous descent of the stairs to the cheering of the very enthusiastic audience. Right behind her walked another very familiar girl, Miranda Cosgrove. The two young teens didn’t even make it to the middle of the stage before they started to make out and fondle each other through the very short matching white dresses they were wearing. Willa pulled Miranda’s dress up revealing her soft little ass underneath. As revenge Miranda did the same with Willa and thus they gave the audience the sneak peek of nudity they had come to expect. Willa, being slightly older was responsible enough to stop the kissing.

“Welcome to Willa’s Wild World.” She said to the cheering audience.

She then stayed silent for a while waiting for the cheering to die down. It took some time and the girls used this time to kiss some more. Eventually the audience ceased their cheering and Willa could speak.

“Wow, what a response. I will never get tired of this. As you can see, Miranda is with me today. Again. Good to have you back Miranda. I have missed your sexy little body.”

Willa then turned to her thirteen year old friend and gave her another intense kiss.

“Mhhmmmmm. Nice to see you again Willa. I’m so glad to get to fuck you on screen again.”

“Yep. It’s going to be good, but of course, we’re not going to be alone.”

“That’s right Willa; we have a pair of very sexy guests who will join us here in the studio. It’s not just any pair for you see today we have a theme.”

“And the theme is Sisters!” the two girls said in unison.

This predictably caused an avalanche of applauds from the audience.

“Now, you all remember the two previous occasions were we had sisters on the show. I did a little story on incest together with the Michalka sisters way back in the second episode . It was very much appreciated.” Miranda recounted.

“And I think you remember how I helped poor young Ali Lohan to finally get to fuck her older sister Lindsay. Both of these episodes were very much appreciated so we decided to give you an episode with nothing but sisters. Now, me and my girl here are going to meet our pair of sisters a bit later.” Willa said.

“First however we are going to see what Alyson is up to. Or to be more precise what pair of sisters she is going to fuck.” Miranda went on.

The screen split into two parts, showing Alyson sitting on a leather couch, in room filled with various instruments and other music related equipment. She was wearing white jeans and a tight black t-shirt with the word “groupie” written in glitter across the chest.

“Hi girls! Here I am without any of you for the first time.”

“Don’t worry sweetie, I’m sure you’ll do just fine.” Miranda said and then disappeared as the screen showed only Alyson.

“I think I will. I’m not really alone of course. You know, when I first heard talk about this episode I immediately knew what pair of sisters I wanted to meet. They have a band together and they are just amazing. Unlike other teenage artists these girls actually do their own thing. Here they are, Chloe and Asya of the band SMOOSH.”

The two cute blonde girls walked in and sat down on either side of Alyson in the couch. They were greeted with a brief kiss each by Alyson.

“Welcome to the show girls. You haven’t been much on TV before now have you?”

“No, We’ve been on “Jimmy Kimmel” but we didn’t have to get naked there so it wasn’t as nervous.” fifteen year old Asya said.

“Yeah, this show is a bit different that way; we do require our sexy young guests to get naked. Don’t worry though I’ll get you through this.” Aly reassured.

“This is going to be so cool!” thirteen year old Chloe chimed in.

“I’m glad you think so. Now before we start I just have to add that I really love your music. You play this great indie pop. As you can see I’m your little groupie today.” Alyson said and pointed to her shirt.

“I can tell. I just love sexy groupies such as you.” Asya said.

At the same time she dragged her hand across the word written on the t-shirt and as a result also over Alyson’s sensitive nipples.

“I don’t feel a bra.” Asya remarked.

“That’s right. No bra for you sexy pop stars.” Alyson said.

Chloe followed her sister and started to gently caress Alyson’s little titties through the thin material of the shirt. Alyson felt herself melt under the sexy treatment the sisters were giving her, but she still had some more talking to do before the real fun could begin.

“Now just one more thing. Have you ever done this before?” Alyson asked.

“Oh yes. Asya has taught me everything I know about sex. How to make yourself and other feel really good.” Chloe explained.

Asya filled in.

“We have always been close. We’ve done everything together. This part”

Asya stopped talking briefly so that she could kiss her little sister. It was a short, but clearly very passionate kiss.

“This part is easy for us.” Asya went on.

“Wonderful. Have you ever done it with a groupie like me?” Alyson asked.

“Yeah. One girl, she was a bit older, maybe like sixteen, she performed a strip show for us and then she licked us both. She really loved our music.” Chloe said with a happy smile on her face.

“A strip show huh? I can do that.” Alyson said and got up from the couch.

Alyson’s departure meant that the sisters could close the distance between them. They immediately did so and started to touch each other through their shorts and pants. Asya’s hands quickly found their way inside her little sister’s shirt. The two sisters stared intently at the show Alyson was putting on in front of them.

She started by slowly gyrating her hips around in wide circles showing off just how fit she was. The pants she was wearing clung to her firm butt as she moved it around. Aly was turned toward the sisters when she started to slowly tug at her tight shirt. Little by little she revealed her flat tummy to the sisters. She stopped the movement of her hips and instead started at move her upper torso around in wide circles. She went on pulling the shirt up until it was just under her small tits. She bent her body forward so that her ass was up in the air an a little bit of her ass crack showed, making it obvious that she didn’t wear any panties. Then with one quick move Aly stretched her body out and completely got rid of the shirt.

The sisters were stunned to see a now topless Alyson continue her dancing in front of them. Asya moved in behind her younger sister and started to undress her from behind. First went the shirt, revealing Chloe’s firm young tits. Asya quickly got her hands on them and started to massage them. She had obviously done this many times before and quickly had her younger sister moaning in pleasure. The two sisters kept staring at the sexy groupie dancing in front of them.

Alyson didn’t fail to notice the effect she had on the sisters of course. One of the best things about performing a striptease was to see the effect it had on those watching. Alyson could feel her own little pussy grow even wetter when she observed the two sisters on the couch. Alyson started a regime of very flexible movements with her hips. She shook her little booty better than most in what was an incredibly erotic dance. She showed with her movements exactly how good she was at fucking.

Loose fitting pants were what young Chloe had chosen to wear today and that turned out to be a very good idea. Thanks to this, Asya could easily slip her hand into her younger sister’s pants. She did this and immediately slipped a finger inside little sister’s tight and wet pussy. In response the younger girl let out a high pitched squeal. Asya still kept her other hand working the titties so Chloe was very much satisfied.

Meanwhile Alyson had unbuttoned her jeans. Nothing of her forbidden parts inside those pants had been revealed yet, but it was soon to come. Aly was tantalizingly slow as she moved the pants down, first revealing a bit of ass crack. Jeans with nothing under was not the ideal thing to strip in, but Alyson sure did the best she could with the situation. She kept her back to the camera and moved her tight ass from side to side as she slowly bared more and more of it.

Alyson then turned around and did an equally slow revealing of her bald, wet pussy to the camera. Again young Alyson Stoner was completely naked on camera and she just loved it. With the jeans now discarded she performed a few more sexy moves showing off how agile she was. She then started to creep over to the sisters.

Small squishing sounds were heard from Chloe’s pussy as her older sister’s fingers went in and out. Now right in front of the two sisters Alyson decided it was time for more nakedness. She grabbed hold of Chloe’s pants and quickly pulled the off along with the panties. Finally everyone could see what had only been hinted at, Asya’s middle finger going in and out of her young sexy sister’s tight pussy.

“Mind If I take over?” Alyson politely asked.

“Sure, just make her feel good.” Asya answered, showing her concern for her younger sister.

“I always do.” Alyson promised.

Chloe didn’t mind at all that the two other girls were making decisions about her. She was going to get a licking from a sexy young fan like Alyson and that was more important than anything else right now. Asya moved away from her position behind Chloe. The younger sister briefly missed the contact and stimulation, but she quickly got other things to think about when Alyson made her first lick.

At first Alyson just took a little taste sample of the young girl’s pussy. As expected the taste of Chloe’s pussy was absolutely wonderful and Alyson immediately went in for more of the young girl’s juices. The little pussy was very tight, but there was no problem for Alyson to push her tongue deep into the wetness and wriggle it around, making the young girl moan.

Chloe closed her eyes and started to massage her own tits in response to the wonderful sensation of Alyson’s tongue pushing deep into her pussy. Normally it was her older sister who licked her, but right now it was the very cute groupie who was doing a very good job.

Asya watched in rapture as her sister got licked. It was an incredibly erotic sight to see and naturally in order to really appreciate it was necessary to be just as naked as the two other girls. The tight top came off quickly followed by the short skirt. In just a matter of seconds Asya was naked and ready to join the fun. Like her younger sister she had a completely bald pussy. Almost out of pure instinct Asya pushed two fingers into her own pussy and started to watch the other two.

Chloe locked eyes with her sister. It was if course incredibly hot to see Asya touch herself like that, but Chloe had a better idea. She loved her sister so much and wanted to have her close. Like many siblings the two girls didn’t need words to communicate. Just by looking at her older sister Chloe could convey that she wanted more closeness.

Asya was very happy to be invited. She quickly moved in and started to passionately kiss her sister. They had done this so many times before, but now they were doing it while Alyson licked Chloe’s pussy and the whole world was watching. They had a prolonged session of kissing and touching before they finally broke it off. As good as it to kiss they had a guest today and it was time to think about her.

“I wanna see you lick her. She is doing it so good to me, please make her feel good as well.” Chloe panted.

“That’s so sweet of you, thinking about others.” Asya said and placed a sisterly kiss on the younger girl’s forehead.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they were both buck naked it could have been taken as a sign of normal sisterly affection. Asya had thought it was a damn good idea that had been suggested to her so she quickly moved down to the floor. Alyson noticed her presence and took some time off from the licking to greet her. The groupie pulled her mouth away from Chloe’s pussy and revealed that she had girly juices all over her cute face.

“Hey. I heard you gonna lick me. My pussy is yours, feel free to lick away.” Alyson confirmed before quickly moving her mouth and tongue back to its’ rightful place on Chloe’s quivering pussy.

Asya certainly didn’t need to be told twice. She simply moved in behind Alyson. First of all she just had to take some time to admire the amazing view. Alyson’s Stoner’s naked ass and wet pussy on full display was truly something extra. Asya was well versed in the ways of licking pussy so she simply dove in and dragged her tongue all the way through the pussy and then also up through the ass.

It felt amazing for Alyson, but she was being a professional about it. Right now her main focus was on getting the younger sister off. A constant stream of deep pushes into the tight pussy had brought Chloe quite close. Alyson set out to have some variation so she quickly located the clitoris and started to concentrate her licking on that. It was very small, but fortunately it seemed to have all the sensitivity needed. Every little touch sent a shudder of pleasure through Chloe’s body.

Chloe started to moan louder and louder as Alyson went on. Chloe was just about the same young age as the girl licking her, but she had nowhere nearly as much experience. Alyson was so damn good at this and she did everything right. Chloe started pinching her own little nipples. She felt good and she didn’t know what else to do with her hands. The young pop star had never had sex without her sister and she was very happy her sister was here today as well. Asya’s eyes could bee seen just above Alyson’s tight little ass and she looked directly at her younger sister.

Asya couldn’t believe how cute her sister was up there on the couch, all naked and pinching her own nipples. It was amazing to make little sis feel good, but seeing someone else doing it was also damn hot, especially when it was someone as cute as Alyson. Seeing Chloe so happy made Asya feel really warm and happy inside. Like a good older sister should, she really cared or the well being of her younger sister. Seeing Chloe in this much pleasure made Asya very grateful and she worked really hard in order to reward Alyson.

As nice as the pussy was she started to give more and more attention to Alyson’s tight little puckered hole. It just looked so amazing and Asya could not resist keep dragging her tongue over it. Alyson had her mouth deeply buried in a pussy so she didn’t speak, but she did wiggle her little ass every time Asya licked the hole. This was taken as a sign that it was appreciated and Asya did it more and more. The pussy was not neglected, but the ass got more attention in the form of some really heavy licking.

It was getting harder and harder for Alyson to focus. A wet young pussy like Chloe’s was something to really treasure, but the pleasure from the older sister was very distracting. Alyson was not one to back down from a challenge however. She could tell that Chloe wasn’t far off and decided to make an effort to bring her off. Alyson started to push her tongue as deep as she could into the tight pussy and then on her way out to give plenty of attention to the little clit. This seemed to really work.

It had been good before, but Alyson’s new technique made things amazing for young Chloe. She looked down at Alyson who looked back at her with her big brown eyes. Chloe knew that she should say something about how good Alyson was, but she just couldn’t think of anything. Her young brain was overwhelmed by the pleasure and all she could think of was how good it was going to be to come. She then looked at her sister who was flicking her tongue back and forth in Alyson’s ass. That looked so amazing and it made Chloe come.


Her sexy young little body shock in orgasmic delight. She closed her eyes and leaned back on the couch as the orgasm rushed through her. The pussy rewarded Alyson for her licking with lots of girly juices which she greedily licked up. The presence of the camera only made things better for Chloe. Now the whole world would get to see how amazing it felt to be licked by another girls and that was exactly what Chloe wanted. She wanted to show that she was ready to have sex, despite the fact that she still was just thirteen.

Asya looked intensely at her younger sister as she came. Seeing Chloe thrash on the couch in pleasure was an extremely arousing site, but more than that Asya was simply happy that her younger sister was feeling good. This good deed must not go unrewarded and Asya immediately started to push her tongue up against Alyson’s tight ass hole. The groupie was not longer busy at work so she could freely express what she felt.

“Fucking good idea that. So fucking good. Lick my tight ass. It feels so fucking good when you press your tongue up my ass. You’re such a sexy fucking star and now you’re licking my fucking tight ass.” Alyson growled.

Talking dirty was something Alyson had always loved and she certainly found it appropriate now. Asya sure seemed to like those words coming out of Alyson’s not so innocent mouth. She pushed her tongue hard up against the hole and managed to actually push it in an inch or so. It was an incredibly tight little hole, but Asya had done a good job and now she had finally managed to enter.

Pushing her tongue up a young girl’s ass was something Asya had done before. The girl in question was of course Chloe and it had happened on numerous occasions. It usually took some patience, but eventually it always worked. The tongue wiggled wildly and with every little wiggle it made all of Alyson’s naked body shake and jiggle. The taboo of licking someone’s ass only served to drive Asya on in her intense tongue probing.

Asya had reluctantly abandoned Alyson’s wet pussy by now, but fortunately the pussy would no longer be unattended. Chloe had been watching for a while after the orgasm, but now she was more than ready to join the action again. No verbal communication was needed between the sisters. As always Asya knew what her younger sister needed and quickly acted on it. She moved to the side and gave her sister room to start licking the pussy. The position wasn’t very comfortable, but it was worth it if they could make Alyson feel really good.

One tongue up the ass felt good and with another tongue added to the pussy as well, Alyson was quickly on her way to seventh heaven. She had been quite close before, but this double stimulation was driving her on even quicker. The sisters could really work as a team and Alyson was the one who benefited from that right now. Even though Chloe was very young she still had the required experience to lick pussy and she did a damn good job. Her little tongue was very busy moving all over the pussy, hitting all kinds of sensitive spots.

Not content to just push the tongue in an inch, Asya had started to work her tongue in even deeper. It couldn’t go very far of course, but it still went enough to make Alyson feel mighty good. Alyson, always conscious of how she looked, thought about how damn good TV this must make. Two young and sexy pop star sisters eating her out from behind in both holes. The audience would love this, but even so Alyson was convinced that none of them would love it as much as she herself did. She had held back while licking Chloe, but now it was all about her own pleasure and Alyson decided to let go.


It never ceased to amaze her how good it could feel to have a good double licking from two girls. Alyson flailed with her arms and started to hit the cushions of the couch as she tried to control the overwhelming feeling of pure sexual bliss. She felt how her ass and pussy clamped down on the penetrating tongues.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” Alyson let out before she collapsed on the couch.

She knew that she had a responsibility as the host of the show, but she still needed to let the aftershock of the orgasm take its toll. Fortunately the audience wasn’t left without entertainment as Alyson took a brief rest. The sisters had stayed on with their licking through the orgasm, but now they had time to themselves. They simply did what came natural for them. They did some hot and heavy passionate kissing. Their naked and sweaty bodies pressed together and their tongues swirled around tasting the other. Both of them had the taste of Alyson’s pussy in and around their mouth. Chloe had been licking more recently and because of this Asya also threw in some extensive licking of her younger sister’s cute face.

It didn’t take much for Alyson to get back in the game. She turned around and joined the kiss with her mouth, making it a three way kiss. The sisters generously accepted her into the kiss. Hands were all over other bodies in a tangled mess. Alyson just had to do some serious fondling of Chloe’s body, but after that she moved her hand down to Asya’s still untouched pussy. Alyson dragged her finger through it and brought her now wet finger up to her mouth at the same time as she broke away from the kiss. Alyson held up her wet finger and spoke.
“Looks like someone is in need of some lovin’.” Alyson stated.

“Yes, please. I want to feel good too.” Asya answered.

“How about it Chloe? Wanna team up and make your sis feel good?” Alyson asked.

“Uhu” Chloe answered and nodded vigorously.

“You just get on the couch and we will make you feel sooo good.” Alyson promised Asya.

Feeling a burning desire to get off, Asya quickly obeyed. She spread her legs wide in order to offer her pussy to the two thirteen year olds. Just as soon as she had done this Chloe dove in and started to lap up and down the pussy. She simply did what she had always done and it immediately got to Asya.

“Yess. Soo good sweetie. You know just how I like it.” Asya moaned.

Chloe was a lot like a hungry kitten as she lapped up her sister’s wetness. Alyson took a brief moment to admire the site of one sister eating the other out. It was only a brief moment however, because she very much wanted to join the fun herself. Alyson took one look at Asya’s firm tits that jiggled every time a wave of pleasure swept through her body.

Asya was just about to fondle her own tits, when she instead felt the tip of a tongue on her right nipple. Alyson flicked her tongue back and forth over the pink little nipple a few times before she took it into her mouth and started to suck on it. Asya had a perfect set of firm young tits and Alyson wanted to everything she could to worship the perfect mounds.

“You look so sexy, sucking on my tit like that.” Asya said.

“I know.” Alyson said confidently.

She then moved in and gave Asya a brief kiss on the mouth. The tits were given some fondling by Alyson for the duration of the kiss. Alyson then went back, but this time she took the left nipple into her mouth instead. Asya held her in place by having her hand on the head. It wasn’t needed of course, there was no way Alyson would stop her licking, but it did feel very good to be needed.

Chloe kept up her licking. She knew this wonderful pussy by heart. Every little crevice and every single little secret on how to work it was familiar. It was a long time ago Chloe lost track on how many times she had licked her sisters. Sex came as natural for these sisters as a simple hello came to other sisters. Chloe could have done this with her eyes closed, but she didn’t want that. She wanted to see her beautiful sister all the way.

Asya’s pussy was even wetter than usual. This was very much appreciated by Chloe and she greedily licked up every single drop of creamy goodness from her sister’s leaking slit. Suddenly remembering the cameras, Chloe decided to show off a little. She started to wiggle her tight little ass in what she hoped was sexy way. She loved the thought of people getting turned on by watching her naked ass. Not only could she make people feel good by music, she could also do it by showing off her naked young body.

“You’re making me feel so good. Both of you, you are so fucking good.” Asya moaned in encouragement.

Neither of the younger girls needed to hear it, but they both very much liked the compliment. Alyson had started to move back and forth between the two tits, often without lifting her tongue. The result was a trail of saliva between the nipples. Alyson was very diligent in her work and made sure to let her tongue trail all over Asya’s chest at one time or another. Mostly of course Alyson sucked and licked the hyper sensitive nipples and this never failed to get a sexy little yelp or moan out of the fifteen year old blonde.

Asya was very worked up by now, not just from the licking received, but also from the giving. She loved licking and the taste of pussy never failed to make her aroused. Asya knew for sure that she wouldn’t last as long as the two other girls had. She was far too turned by this whole situation to able to hold off her orgasm.

As the oldest and most evolved girl Asya had the largest tits of the three. That didn’t mean that she didn’t like the younger girls tits. She really loved them in fact. She could not touch her sister, but Alyson was close and Asya used this opportunity to feel her up. Alyson’s tits were still small and firm, but Asya was sure that they would be quite impressive in a few years. They were good enough to touch right now however and Asya did this as much as she could. She moved her hand back and forth between them, touching the nipples and softly caressing the soft flesh.

Having Asya’s hands fondling her tits felt really good for Alyson. It made her feel very sexy and desired. She tried to make Asya feel the same way by doing some pretty intense licking and sucking. She started to focus more on the sensitive nipples and sucked the right one into her mouth and made sure to really suck it hard. It was supposed to give an intense rush of pleasure and judging from the moans coming from Asya it worked.

“You’re soo good. Please make me come. I wanna come soo good and give my sister something to really taste.” Asya whimpered.

Chloe had been greedy in the beginning, just licking up all those lovely juices, now however she started to pay more attention to bringing her sister off. Naturally she focused on the clitoris, which she starting to gently suck on. She knew from her vast experience that this was what was needed to get her sister off. It only took a short time of intense clit sucking before Asya had her orgasm.


She felt wave after wave of intense pleasure radiate from the two parts of her body being stimulated, the clit and the right nipple. She shook her head sending her blonde locks flying as she convulsed in bliss. Her younger sister always gave the best orgasms and this time Alyson was added to the mix, making things even better.

Chloe pulled away from the pussy and was immediately met by Alyson who started to kiss her intensely. After the kissing Alyson started to lick Chloe’s face clean from her sister’s juices. Chloe loved to have her face covered in her sister’s sweet juices, but feeling Alyson’s hungry tongue lick them away was also pretty damn good.

Alyson made sure to lick Chloe’s face clean and then she took a few swipes up and down Asya’s pussy. There was no way that Aly was going to end this without having tasted both the sexy sisters. She then turned to the camera to fulfil her duties as a host.

“That’s all from me here with the sisters of SMOOSH. Two very cute and sexy and talented sisters. Be sure to check out their music, it is really good.” Alyson said and waved good bye.

The two sisters were kissing intensely in the background, completely unaware of the outer world. Alyson made a move to join them before the view changed back to Willa and Miranda in the studio. They still had their dresses on, but they were licking each other’s fingers. It didn’t take much imagination to figure out where those finger’s had been. The studio audience knew of course, because they had seen how the girls had fingered themselves while they watched Alyson and the sisters.

“Hi, welcome back. Now I know you are all anxious to get going.” Willa said.

“The theme of today’s show is as you already know sisters. It is now time to bring in a pair of very sexy actress sisters.” Miranda went on.”

“Here they are; nineteen year old Danielle and sixteen year old Kay Panabaker.” Willa announced.

The two sisters walked down the stair hand in hand. Like the two hosts the sisters wore matching dresses. The difference was that the sisters had a flowery pattern on theirs. They were met by the two hosts and they all exchanged chaste and polite kisses on the floor before all settling down on the couch. The two guests sat in the middle with Danielle being flanked by Miranda and Kay by Willa.

“Welcome to the show girls. We’re so happy to have you here.” Willa said.

“Thanks. It’s good to be here.” the sisters answered in unison.

“You and Miranda co-starred in “Yours mine and ours”. How was that? Willa asked Danielle.

“Very good. We played sisters, so we have actually been involved in fake incest.”

“Yeah. A group of us girls’ used to get together during the breaks in the shooting in that movie. We had a lot of mock incest orgies.” Miranda explained.

“That’s good to hear, but now it’s time for some real incest. How does that sound?” Willa asked the sisters.

The sisters didn’t use words to answer. Instead they turned to each other and started to make out. It was obvious they had some previous experience doing that. Both hosts were perfectly happy to just watch the sisters for now. It was a very hot sight to see these two very sexy teenagers feverishly make out, clad only in very short dresses.

After some time of heavy kissing, Willa decided it was time to give the sisters a helping hand. She moved close behind Kay and pulled her dress up, revealing a bare pussy and tight ass underneath. Willa then, with a little help from Kay, pulled the dress all the way off revealing the tits as well. Miranda quickly caught on and did the same to Danielle, quickly making her as naked as her younger sister.

Not wanting to be more clothed than their guests, Miranda and Willa simultaneously stood up and stripped. They had chosen dresses that would make stripping very easy; all that they need to do was to pull the dresses over their heads and get rid of them. Their naked bodies were very familiar to the viewers by now, but that didn’t make it any less exciting of course. The audience cheered for the naked girls. The sisters made some fondling and touching of each other, but then they quit their kissing and turned to the hosts instead. As much as they liked to be with each other, right now they both wanted to take the chance to fuck other girls.

“We are four so I think we might need the bed for this.” Willa said and walked towards the huge bed on the stage.

The other’s girls eagerly followed, giving the audience a temporary view of four wiggling teenage asses. Willa threw herself on the bed and was quickly joined Danielle who initiated a kiss. They both did some serious kissing for a while before Willa resolutely made Danielle lay down on her back. The guest happily accepted this and prepared for the pleasure Willa was about to bring. Miranda and Kay had been doing some light kissing as they sat together on the edge of the bed, but they got very much inspired by what the older girls were doing.

“Why don’t you lay down next to your sister and I will make you feel so good.” Miranda suggested to Kay.

Kay happily complied and moved over to be next to her sister on the bed. They shared what was supposed to be a quick kiss. Kay was just about to lay down on her back next to her sister, but Danielle stopped her since she wanted to go on with the kissing. Kay was on all fours as she kissed her sister, and Miranda quickly decided that this position would work just fine. She moved in from behind and dragged her tongue up Kay’s exposed slit.

Willa made her move at almost exactly the same time as Miranda did her first lick. She pushed her tongue deep in between the pink folds of Danielle’s inviting pussy. From now on the hosts started to do some serious licking. This situation was ideal for all involved. The sisters could do all the kissing they wanted whilst Miranda and Willa had free access to do their licking.

Licking from behind was by far Miranda’s favourite position when it came to licking. That way she had access both to ass and pussy. It was easy to add some variation and Miranda did just that by giving Kay’s tight ass the occasional lick. Every time she did, Kay moved her ass up against the tongue. This was a sure sign that she liked it and Miranda made sure to keep her guest happy by doing more and more licking of the ass.

With Danielle on her back Willa had to do her licking the classical way, but that sure wasn’t bad. Not with such a wonderful, juicy and tasty pussy as Danielle’s to lick. The older sister was quickly increasing in wetness thanks to Willa’s very skilled effort. Not only did Willa pleasure Danielle. She also provided a great view of her naked ass and exposed pussy to the all the horny viewers around the world. Willa loved to be eaten out from behind, but she also really loved the thought of everyone staring at her exposed privates.

At first Kay had been irritated that her sister wouldn’t let her lay down, it was just like her older sister to always try to decide. Right Now however Kay was very happy about her situation. Miranda’s tongue felt amazing lapping up her pussy from behind, but it almost felt even better whenever it moved over the ass. Normally it was Danielle who had her tongue buried up Kay’s ass, but Miranda sure was doing a damn good job. Kay couldn’t wait to reward Miranda with the juices of orgasm.

Danielle could never really get enough of kissing her younger sister. It had all started out very innocently about five years back. Kay had come knocking on Danielle’s door. She had been very nervous and it had been hard to find out what she really wanted at first. Danielle had persisted however and after a while she had found out that Kay wanted to learn how to kiss. According to Danielle there was only one way to learn and that was practise. She had offered to practise with her younger sister and ever since then the two Panabakers had done so many sexy things together. The sex had come very naturally as one kiss got very heated and led to groping and then to removal of clothes.

Making out naked on TV with two other girls eating their pussies was a bit different from what they usually did, but the two sisters felt perfectly safe as long as they had each other. Kay really loved her older sister’s tits. They were as perfect as any tits could get according to Kay. She loved touching them and that of course was what she did right now. She had learned every trick on how to make Danielle feel good and one of them was to very gently pinch her nipples at random intervals. This always made the older sister cry out in pleasure. Kay had her hand on Danielle’s left breast and made sure to add the occasional pinch, making Danielle twitch in pure pleasure.

An ass like Kay’s was really worth licking. Miranda just couldn’t get enough of it. She had started to give every other lick to the ass and every other to the pussy. This made for a good rhythm and Kay had nothing to say about it except for muffled moans of delight. In order to be steady Miranda had a firm grip on Kay’s buttocks. It was for purely practical reasons but Miranda started to get the feeling that Kay really liked it. To try her theory Miranda started to at first gently squeeze the buttocks. This was so good that Kay actually took a break from kissing her sister.

“Yesss. That’s it maul my ass and fondle it like that. I love when you touch and lick it.” Kay moaned.

“She is a real little ass girl my sister. She let’s me do anything I want to her sexy ass. Lick, fondle, fuck, spank, whatever it is she let’s me do it.” Danielle revealed.

“Hey!” Kay said, slightly upset at the revelation.

“Relax little sister. I was just telling her what you like.”

“Ok, then.” Kay said before the incestuous kiss started again.

Miranda was very much amused by this little exchange and she really liked the information she got. She moved her focus even more to the ass. From now on the pussy only got the occasional lick, while the ass got a lot of licking and tongue probing. Miranda managed to push her tongue up against the tight hole and to enter the tight hole. Doing this was something she had done on many girls before, but it always felt equally hot to be able actually enter the ass of another girl.

Danielle was a very caring older sister. Her number one priority was always to make her younger sister feel good. She could be a bit bossy from time to time, but it was always with the best interest of Kay in mind. Danielle understood that Miranda’s increased focus on the ass would leave Kay’s poor pussy neglected. This was unacceptable for the responsible older sister and she decided to make a little sacrifice.

“Willa, why don’t you lick my sister’s pussy? I wanna see her get off and after that you can do me.” Danielle instructed.

Willa looked up from the older sister’s pussy with her face covered in pussy cream.

“You are so thoughtful. That’s so sweet.” Willa said in an uncharacteristically emotional tone.

“I just wanna se her come and feel good.” Danielle went on.

“I’m on it.” Willa said and moved over.

Miranda had heard the conversation and she prepared for Willa’s arrival by moving to the side. This gave Willa perfect access to lick Kay’s juicy pussy from behind and Miranda could attack the ass from the side. The two hosts now launched a double assault on Kay’s sensitive privates. Getting a full licking from two such experienced girls sent Kay reeling with pleasure. On top of this Danielle started some serious fondling of her breasts. Miranda had provided a damn good licking before and that had brought Kay quite close to orgasm. Kay braced herself for the incoming orgasm and simply waited for it to happen.


Her moan was a bit muffled due to her continued kissing with Danielle, but it was still very obvious that she had indeed come. This was especially true for Willa who was licking the pussy during the orgasm. She kept her tongue busy gathering all that sweet, sweet pussy cream. Willa could never get enough licking a girl to orgasm and she thanked her lucky star for this opportunity to taste the sexy Kay.

Kay felt her entire body tighten up as she had her orgasm. She felt how her ass clamped down on Miranda’s penetrating tongue and she felt how her pussy pulsated thanks to Willa’ tongue. The sisterly kiss got even more intense during the orgasm. Normally Danielle was the direct reason for Kay’s orgasm, but this time she was the indirect reason thanks to her suggestion to Willa and her intense kissing. Kay made a mental not to herself that she would thank her sister for this.

The orgasm ebbed out and Kay removed herself from the group so that she could do a little recuperation and get some well needed rest. Kay’s absence didn’t stop the action, instead things changed back to Willa licking Danielle. The O.C star was not one who left things undone. She had started licking the pussy once and she was not about to give up until she had brought her guest to one hell of an orgasm. This left Miranda temporarily out of the action, but that wouldn’t last for long.

“You were so selfless about making your sister feel good so I’m going to let you decide where you want me.” Miranda said to Danielle.

“Ohhh. I dunnooooohhhh.” Danielle answered.

She was having serious trouble thinking straight and it was all due to Willa’s renewed efforts to get her off. Right now the host of the show worked to quickly bring Danielle off. She did this by focusing her efforts on the swollen clit. She sucked and nibbled it without mercy and it was quickly getting to Danielle. Willa really had reached perfection in her licking and the guest was sure that she would soon get to feel the same feeling of tongue induced orgasm as her sister had.

Without any real answer from Danielle Miranda decided to take an initiative of her own. She knew from experience that Danielle would really like it. Those orgies on the set of “Yours, mine and ours” had been really intense and thanks to them Miranda knew what every one of those girls liked. Of course, they all liked hot lesbian sex with other young girls, but there were a few things that were special to each and every girl. In Danielle’s case it was that she liked a bit of a rough treatment of the nipples. Kay already knew this, but Miranda had found it out all on her own. With this in mind Miranda started to lick the perfect nipples and throwing in the occasional light bite.

Danielle started to squirm and moan from the treatment she was receiving from the two hosts. This was the first time Danielle was with Willa and right now she very much regretted that it hadn’t happened earlier. Unfortunately their paths hadn’t crossed before. Not until now at least. Willa was quickly making up for lost time. She kept pushing her tongue deep into the pussy. She knew exactly what to do and every lash of her tongue sent jolts of pleasure throughout Danielle’s body.

Kay hadn’t forgotten how selfless her sister had been before. It had been an incredibly sweet gesture to let the two hosts lick her first and now Kay had set out to thank her sister. Her read headed sister looked incredibly sexy moaning and squirming on the bed with two girl licking different parts of her body. Kay decided to add herself to the mix and she moved in towards her sister’s free nipple.

“You were so sweet before, letting these sexy sluts lick me first.” Kay whispered to her sisters.

“I just wanted to see you come. You are so fucking sexy when you come sis.”

“Mmmmm. I love your tits. I wish I had tits like these.” Kay complimented.

“You will, just a year or so. Not that you need it, your tits are already perfect.” Danielle said with warmth in her voice.

Kay didn’t know how to respond to that, so she decided to end their little conversation and to start the licking. She did just like Miranda and took Danielle’s erect left nipple into her mouth. At first she was very gentle, tasting it and feeling it in her mouth. Here she was on TV licking her own sister’s nipple. The taboo in the situation was a rush. On the other hand it didn’t feel wrong for Kay to sexually satisfy her own sister. It felt like a testament of the love they shared and like the most natural thing in the world.

Danielle’s moans quickly grew louder and louder. Here she had no less than three younger girls serving her sexual needs with both passion and skill. She really couldn’t wish for anything else. Having a good career was nice, but the fact that it had led her here was even better. Both girls serving her tits knew how she liked it rough and they fulfilled that need by using their teeth from time to time. This kept Danielle on edge all the time. She never knew when the bites would come.

The three girls servicing Danielle had steady eye contact with each other. They looked at the other and made sure to keep up in the pace. They also did some serious flirting with their eyes in what was a successful effort to turn each other on even more. None of them could look at Danielle. She kept throwing her head back and forth in the throes of pleasure that went through her body with every lash from the girls. The attention of three girls soon got to Danielle and she shot off in an earth shattering orgasm.


She thrashed on the bed in orgasmic delight and felt how the orgasm affected her body and mind. The threefold effort made things even better than a regular orgasm. Danielle wished that she could remain in this orgasmic state forever. The three girls licking her kept it up all throughout the orgasm, making it even better and longer lasting. Daniel felt one last wave go through her and then she lay back on the bed with a serene and satisfied smile on her face.

Miranda and Kay had been close together, both licking a nipple. Now they instead met in an intense kiss. They really got into the kiss and made out with passion. This sexy pair was right in the field of vision for Danielle and she instantly got her energy back. She thought her younger sister was so damn sexy and seeing her making out with young Miranda reminded Danielle of the reason they were here, to have as much hot lesbian sex as possible. Not wanting to waste another minute, Danielle made an offer.

“Come here Miranda. I wanna lick that sweet little pussy of yours. Sit on my face and I will make you feel so good. You’re going to get your reward for making my sister come so good.” Danielle said.

“Yay!.” Miranda exclaimed.

There was no hesitation, she moved over and placed her legs on each side of Danielle’s head. Miranda was positioned so that she could see how Willa just finished licking the last remnants of the orgasm from Danielle’s pussy. Miranda knew that Danielle was ready so she simply lowered herself onto the waiting tongue and was once again treated to the skilled tongue of Danielle Panabaker on her pussy. The older girls started working her tongue deep into Miranda’s aroused pussy and soon enough the younger girl was panting heavily.

Having some routine, Willa knew what to expect when she finished her licking of Danielle. As Willa expected Kay was there wanting to taste her sister’s orgasm from Willa’s mouth. This was achieved when the two started to make out. The kiss ended and Kay took a few swipes of her own sister’s pussy out of old habit.

“So, I guess you wanna come just like the rest of us?” Kay asked.

“Uhu.” Willa answered and nodded to make her point clear.

“Ok, just lie down and enjoy what I’m about to do.” Kay promised.

Willa was quick to comply, laying down on the bed and spreading her legs in order to provide maximum access for Kay. The youngest Panabaker sister quickly ceased the opportunity and moved in. she plunged her tongue deep into Willa’s pussy and started to lick vigorously. Kay wanted to taste Willa’s orgasm as soon as possible so she started a regimen of intense and quick lick on all of the sensitive spots.

“Ohhh fuck yes. Fuuck that’s good.” Willa moaned in response to Kay’s licking.

Normally Danielle loved to hear the moans of pleasure of another girl, but right now it only served to awake her competitive spirit. She loved her sisters, but there was no way she was going to let her younger sister make her girl come first. Danielle pushed her own tongue deeper into Miranda’s tight little pussy. The previous licks had been tentative, but now the older sister started to put a real effort into bringing her girl off as soon as possible.

“Mhmm. Yeah. Thaaaat’s sooooo good.” Miranda moaned.

The informal competition between the two sisters was now in full swing. They were both eager to get their girl to come first. Neither of them were above using dirty tricks. Kay reached up and started to fondle Willa’s tits. This seemed to really work, since Willa started to moan louder and louder. Kay didn’t just touch the tits, she also let her hands move around Willa’s firm young body to explore other sensitive parts. The flat stomach, the toned thighs and the ticklish feet all got their fair share of attention from Kay’s roaming hands. All this touching didn’t mean that Kay forgot her main task of licking pussy. She kept doing that with full focus and attention, hitting all the right places with her tongue.

Danielle also had a card up her sleeve. She was looking right up Miranda’s tight ass and there was no way Danielle wasn’t going to take advantage of that. She did briefly consider licking the ass. It was a mighty good idea, but Danielle wanted to keep her tongue on this lovely sweet pussy. Instead she took a finger and quickly wet it in her own mouth. She could have wet it in Miranda’s very wet pussy as well of course, but she wanted this to be a surprise. Suddenly and completely without warning Danielle pushed her wet finger up into Miranda’s tight ass.

“Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiii!!!” Miranda squalled at the sudden invasion of her ass.

She really should have expected something, but she had been so focused on what Danielle’s tongue was doing to her pussy. It had been a very nice surprise though. Danielle’s finger reached quite far up the ass. It also wiggled around in the most amazing way. Miranda started to rock back and forth, reeling from the intense stimulation to both ass and pussy. Her jet black hair was flowing in all directions and her small, firm tits jiggling in the most delightful way for the viewers. She could feel how Danielle pumped her finger in and out of the tight ass hole and how the tongue swirled around the pussy.

Kay had heard Miranda’s squeal and she had quickly figured out what Danielle had done. That very thing with a sudden finger up the ass had happened to Kay on more than one occasion so she knew exactly how that felt. Kay didn’t want to do any less than her sister so she also wet her finger. Willa could see what was about to happen and she welcomed it. She hoisted her sex ass up in the air so that Jay could push her finger in.

“Uhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhh!” Willa moaned as her ass got penetrated.

Willa knew what was coming, but it was still overwhelming to feel a sudden intrusion and double pleasure. With Kay’s finger busy up her ass, Willa’s tits were left neglected. This was not acceptable so the host literally took the problem in her own hands and started to paw and massage her tits. She could feel how she was getting closer and closer to orgasm with every push Kay made up the ass.

It wasn’t Willa who reached orgasm first however. It was Miranda who had a finger up her ass for a longer time and a tongue deep in her pussy. Danielle had been working really hard. Miranda’s ass was so tight that a single finger was more than enough to give pleasure. The first thing Miranda felt was a small tingling in her pussy and then it spread throughout her body and developed into a full blown orgasm.


She had been moving a lot before, but now she became absolutely wild. An enormous amount of pleasure flowed through her tiny body and her pussy creamed Danielle’s face. Thanks to the fact that Miranda was moving so much, that cream spread all over the red head’s face. Miranda could see the other couple through her orgasmic haze. It really served to heighten the pleasure to see two other so sexy girls all naked and sweaty, making love. The fact that one of them was younger sister of the girl that had just licked her was a bonus. Miranda slumped forward on the bad and managed to end up right next to Willa.

The younger host of the show was a girl with tremendous sexual energy. The fact that she had just had a huge orgasm didn’t matter at all. She quickly got involved in the sex again, by taking Willa’s nipple onto her mouth and sucking it hard. Willa looked very grateful and she put her hand on Miranda’s head, holding the younger girl in place. There was no way that Miranda would leave of course; she worked really hard with her mouth in order to get her friend off.

“Mhhhmmmmm. So fuuuuuuucking close!” Willa mooned.

Kay was disappointed that she hadn’t managed to make Willa come before Miranda. She took it on good stride though and focused on what the important thing really was, to bring Willa pleasure. Kay had a good idea of what to do and she did just that by inserting another finger in Willa’s ass. It was a snug fit and it made Willa arch her back and moan even louder. Kay licked up and down over the clit and fucked her hard with the two fingers.


She clutched on the under laying bedspread and shook wildly. Kay had done a damn good job and the addition of Miranda’s now very familiar mouth on her nipple had made things even better. Willa was extremely happy about her decision to have Miranda with her in the studio today. Especially now as the raven haired Lolita kept sucking her nipple throughout the orgasm. Willa lay back on bed with a very juicy pussy for Kay to lick.

The younger Panabaker sister took a few last swipes of Willa before she was pulled away and met by her sister in another kiss. Danielle still had Miranda’s essence in her mouth, so they shared the taste of two girls in their kiss. From the heat and intensity in their kiss one might think that they had been separated for a real long time. They had a very rapt audience who looked on in amazement.

“Wow, there’s just no stoppin’ in these two.” Willa said.

“Yeah, they sure seem to like each other.” Miranda answered.

Willa then reached down from the bed and took out two strap-ons. She gave one to Miranda who immediately started to strap it on.

“Now, Alyson didn’t get to do any double stuffing today. Instead, me and Miranda are going to do it.” Willa explained.

This of course caused lots and lots of cheering and whistling from the audience. The two sisters knew what was going on in the background. They liked it and looked forward to it, but right now they were focused on each other. They just kept kissing as they waited for Miranda and Willa to get ready.

“Damn, they look good together.” Willa commented.

“Yeah, they are so sexy. Hey I have an idea.” Miranda said.

She then leaned in and whispered something in Willa’s ear. The host’s nodded in response to whatever Miranda was saying and then addressed the sisters.

“Hey. Listen. Why don’t you two get in a 69 and me and Miranda will give you some pleasure from behind.”

“Yes, that is so fucking perfect.” Danielle exclaimed.

She moved around so that her face was aligned with her younger sister’s pussy. She then dove in dragging her tongue along the slit of Kay’s juicy pussy. The younger sister didn’t even get the chance to have her say, but that didn’t matter. She loved doing the 69 with her sister and now she was going to get to do that with the additional pleasure provided by Miranda and Willa. That sounded like a sweet deal to Kay and she wasn’t about to complain. She did what she had done so many times before, dragging her tongue up and down the slit of her older sister’s pussy.

The two sisters were both lapping each other’s pussies vigorously by now. They were on their sides, so the two hosts had the opportunity to do what they wanted. Miranda moved in behind Kay and Willa behind Danielle. They both lined up their well lubricated fake cocks to the sister’s asses. Willa gave the signal and at the same time they started to push in. Both the sisters were far from being new to taking it up the ass and both the hosts were very skilled. This in combination meant that the entering went by smoothly.

“You making progress over there?” Willa asked.

“Yeah, no problem. I’m in.” Miranda answered.

“Good to hear, now let’s fuck these sexy sisters all the way to Orgasmville.” Willa said.

With that the two hosts started to at first slowly move their toys in and out of the sisters’ asses. Both of the Panabakers loved how the getting a good fuck up the ass. There was only one thing they liked more and that was the sisterly 69. With both these things at the same time, the sister’s were naturally very happy. They licked up and down each other’s wet slits like they had done so many times before in private. Thanks to the fucking, the sisters were pressed close together and their naked bodies rubbed together. Both could feel how the other’s hard nipples pressed into the stomach.

“I think it is time to speed things up a little and give these sexy sisters a real hard fucking. You with me on this Miranda?”

“Sure, thing, let’s do some hard ass fucking.” Miranda agreed.

With that the hosts sped up their fucking. They both had a lot of experience in the field and they put it to good use. Tight asses clenched together with every thrust in. the toys went in and out of the guests’ assholes in a very quick pace. The hosts were almost completely in sync, so both sisters got the same sensation at once.

“Fuck, this is hot. I’m really starting to understand why Alyson loves it so much.” Miranda moaned between thrusts.

“Yeah, it is fucking sweet giving it to some girl’s ass.” Willa grunted.

Danielle loved hearing the two sexy hosts talk. It made her very hot to hear how these sexy girls enjoyed fucking her and her sister’s asses. The ass fucking was amazing with hard thrusts in and out all the time, but one thing was even better for Danielle. It was the fact that she was a in a 69 with her own sexy little sister.

The 69 was the position the two had used more than any other. Usually both of them desperately wanted both to lick and be licked and in situations like that 69 was the obvious choice. As sisters they got a lot of chances to fuck and they took them all. They both had intimate knowledge on how to please the other and they put that knowledge to good use with their tongues.

Kay whisked her tongue furiously up and down her older sister’s juicy, wet pussy. She would never tire of this, giving her sister endless pleasure. The intense pleasure that came from Miranda fucking her ass was somewhat distracting of course, but Kay would never let anything distract her from licking this wonderful pussy to a wet and creamy orgasm.

The four naked girls grunted and moaned as they pleasured each other on the bed. Together they made a wonderful sight of naked teenage flesh. Their smooth young bodies were moving in perfect unison now and they looked like one well oiled fucking machine. Nothing mattered to these sexy young girls except the intense sexual pleasure they felt. The fact that they shared this with all who wanted to see only added to the pleasure. These modern girls weren’t shy about their bodies and didn’t mind showing off.

The youngest of the sisters was the first to come. Her tight sixteen year old body started to shake as the pulses of orgasm shot through her. Miranda quickly noticed and slammed the cock all the way up the ass in order to heighten the experience even further. Danielle once again got to taste the very familiar taste of her sister’s orgasm. She quickly worked her tongue up and down Kay’s slit, savouring all those fluids released. The pleasure was intense, but there was no way it was going to make her stop the licking. Instead Kay increased her effort to give Danielle retribution.

The work Kay’s tongue had done before was amazing, but what she was doing now was even better for Danielle. Her little sister thirsted her tongue deep in to the wet folds all the time and Danielle knew that it wouldn’t be long before she too would come. Willa’s pounding into the ass was relentless and would have been enough ion it’s own to make Danielle come. Kay really gave it everything in her licking and soon enough it paid off when orgasm hit Danielle as well. Her mouth was no longer buried in her sister’s snatch, so she could freely express her pleasure.

“WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOHHHOOO!” Danille screamed as the full force of her second orgasm of the evening swept over her.

This one was even stronger than the first one, much due to the fact that the pleasure came both from the toy up that ass and the tongue in the pussy. Danielle suddenly felt a second girl, lapping up the orgasmic juices in her pussy. She quickly deduced that it must be Miranda. She was one hell of a sexy little vixen in Danielle’s experience. Having this girl lust so much after her pussy juices was an additional boost to the older sister’s already high arousal. Willa did a few last thrusts as the orgasm rolled through Danielle’s body.

Willa pulled out and simply watched the other girls. Miranda and Kay eagerly lapped up the juices the orgasm had released in Danielle’s pussy. The two girls seemed to be really hungry as they licked the very content young woman on the bed. Willa would have loved to join the happy threesome on the bed, but she had something else to tend to. Being a host had the perk of getting to fuck any girl she wanted and getting money for it, but it also entailed some responsibility.

“Well, that is it from us here in the studio. I hope that all this incest and ass fucking have made all you people out there happy. I have to agree with what Miranda said back in the second episode, that incest can be something really good. Especially between two sexy sisters. We actually have a little time over, so we are going to let Alyson finish this. Over to you Aly.”

The view shifted back to the room with Alyson and the sisters of SMOOSH. They had followed everything that took place in the studio, but that didn’t mean they had been content just to watch. All three of them were very busy. Asya was on her back on the floor. She was moaning and squirming from the sensations of Chloe licking her pussy. The younger sister was on all fours with her tongue buried in her older sister’s pussy. Alyson was also very busy. She was now wearing a small strap-on and she was quickly moving it in and out of Chloe’s exposed asshole.

“Hi, Willa. You know me. I don’t wanna go without fucking some girl up her tight ass.” Alyson said with an exasperated voice.

“Yeah. I hoped we would get this in, before we end. Damn Aly you look sexy fucking a girl. I love how your tits jiggle with every thrust.” Willa complimented.

“I know.” Alyson answered with a cocky smile.

“Now, I’m just going to make this little girl come once more.” Aly then went on.

“You do that. I’ll be watching.” Willa said and leaned back fingering herself.

Alyson had already fucked Chloe’s tight ass for some time. The fake cock was small, but Chloe had a very small and tight ass. It filled the ass up perfectly and gave the younger of the sisters a lot of pleasure. Alyson could tell that from the juices running down Chloe’s legs. Asya was focused enough to watch and give encouraging comments.

“That’s it you sexy groupie. Fuck my little drummer sister’s tight ass. Fuck her good like I have done so much.” Asya said.

Again, Chloe didn’t have much power, but that didn’t matter. Her older sister knew what was needed, a good ass fucking. Aly had really wanted to fuck someone up the ass and Asya had decided it would be Chloe. Asya had helped this along licking her younger sister’s ass in preparation for the fucking.

“Doing good, Aly. Let her have it hard. She likes that.” Asya encouraged.

Alyson slammed the cock into the tight ass in a quick pace. Chloe’s ass was so incredibly tight and defiling it with a sex toy was very arousing for Alyson. She held on to the thin, young girl for support as she did her fucking. Aly’s thighs smashed into Chloe’s ass with every thrust. The younger sister started to breath deeper and suddenly she erupted in orgasm.


She had lifted her mouth from her sister’s pussy. The pleasure was so intense that she couldn’t do anything but letting the orgasm rip through her young body. She could feel how her ass clamped down on the invading toy as the pleasure of the orgasm took hold of her. The long time of fucking, took its toll and Chloe simply collapsed on the floor. She did make a few lazy lashes with her tongue on Asya’s pussy, but other than that Chloe was all spent. Alyson pulled out with a plopping sound and turned to the camera.

“There you go, another ass fucking. This is all for this time. Be sure to catch our next episode here on the Taboo TV. It’s going to be something special. Bye for now.”

Alyson waved as the camera zoomed out. Chloe could be seen eating her sister out. The last thing that the viewers got to see before the screen faded to black was how Alyson again joined the sisters by starting to make out with Asya.


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