Chris and I go way back.  Hell we grew up together, shared our discoveries about sex with each other, jerked each other off, hell, once we even traded blowjobs just to see what one felt like.  So yes, we were close.  I’ve never known Chris to lie and so when he called asking to meet for a beer and a story, I took my digital voice recorder along.  I’d learned long ago that if Chris had a story it’d be good enough to want to save.


Chris and I met up at a local watering hole with a very liberally applied happy hour and proceeded to soak up some suds.  He and I caught up on current events then began to reminisce about the past.  Finally Chris said,

“Did I ever tell you about Roni’s kinky side?” (Roni was Chris’s ex, divorced almost 30 years ago).


I reached into my pocket and casually took out the recorder, turned it on and placed it between us on the bar.  Chris rolled his eyes and continued.


“You remember that mutt I had that loved to lick our butt-holes while we beat off right?”


I grinned and nodded remembering how that raspy tongue used to blow our loads like fire hoses, then the dog would lick up all the cum like it was his reward.  It sure saved a lot of tissues.


“Well, about the third time I brought Roni up to my room for sex I didn’t realize he was sleeping in the bottom of my closet on a pile of dirty clothes.  Roni and I were hard at it. We’d gotten each other off orally first and I now had her on her hands and knees on the floor pounding my cock into her from behind.  She had her hips cocked back and I was riding her low in the saddle, my knees real wide to drop my cock so it would drag back and forth across her clit as we fucked.  So she starts moaning and groaning and begging me to fuck her harder.  I grabbed her hips and really started pounding into her pussy hard and fast.


‘I swear you’re fucking back at me like a bitch in heat.’



“I whispered to her.  She looked back at me over her shoulder with lust glazed eyes and gasped out between thrusts,


‘Uh. Uh. Uh. Fuck me baby, fuck me hard.  Make me cum Chris. Oh God, this feels so good.  Fuck your bitch in heat, Woof, woof.’


‘Yeah slut, take it bitch, take my fucking cock up your bitch-pussy, show me how a bitch in heat fucks.’


“It was about at this point that the mutt came out of the closet and started sniffing my butt crack.  Then I felt his rough tongue snake in between my cheeks and swipe across my anus and I just lost it right then and there. I hollered out,


‘Oh fuck yes. Here it comes bitch. I’m cumming in your bitch pussy ahhh.’


“I bucked against her ass as I shot blast after blast of cum into her.  My orgasm finally faded and I slowed to a stop but she kept pounding her hips back against me.”


‘Fuck. You bastard, I didn’t cum yet. Don’t stop now.’


“She whined at me over her shoulder.  My cock slipped from her pussy and she wailed in frustration.  The dog was still slobbering away at my ass when I had a brilliant idea.”

‘I’ll get you off like you’ve never cum before baby and all you got to do is admit you’re nothing but a hot wet bitch in heat who needs to be doggy fucked.’


“I reached down and began to rub her clit hard.”

’Oh God yes. Fuck my cunt. I’m your bitch in heat and I need to get doggy fucked bad.’


“I moved back away from her and while still rubbing her clit, pulled the mutt between us and stuck his nose against her snatch and with the first whiff of semen, he started lapping at her pussy, licking up my cum as it dribbled from her.  She squealed and tried to raise up and look behind her but I grabbed the back of her neck and held her in place while the dog lapped at her pussy and made an occasional swipe across her wrinkled ass-hole.  Roni whimpered and moaned as that dog laid tongue to cunt and worked her over good.  It wasn’t long before Roni was right on the edge of a powerful orgasm.  I started asking her shit like,”


‘Are you a hot bitch in heat?  You ready to get fucked bitch? You ready to be bred bitch style?’


“All she could do was mutter and squeal and groan in reply.  Then the dog’s tongue went deep into her pussy.  Roni’s head came up and her eyes rolled back as she screamed,”


‘Oh my fucking God, his tongue is gonna make me cum!’


“I whispered in her ear,”


‘Are you ready to be doggy fucked? He’s been licking you just like he does a bitch he’s gonna fuck.  His cock is hard and sticking out of his sheath and he’s dribbling with need.  He’s about to jump up and mount you and drive you crazy fucking his human bitch.’


‘Oh God. Aiieee. Fuck me. I need to get fucked so bad. I need to cum right now, I can’t fucking stand it.’


“I reached down and grabbed the dog and lifted the front of the mutt up.  He got the idea right away wrapping his front legs around her waist as his cock poked into her cunt.  Roni screamed as he immediately began to pound his dick into Roni’s eager dripping hole.”


‘Shit! He’s fucking me’


“She gasped out then lapsed into moans and grunts as the dog thrust his big mottled cock into her with the speed of a jackhammer.”


‘Fuck this feels so fucking good. His cock is hot and hard and he’s going so damn fast. Oh shit, I love this. Fuck me boy, fuck your bitch.’


“She whined as her hips began to pump back against the dog in a vain attempt to keep pace with his thrusts.  My cock was hard again by that time.  I was so fucking turned on from watching this.  When the dog’s knot popped into Roni’s cunt I moved to her head.  Grabbing a hand full of her bleached-blonde hair, I pulled her head up and slapped my cock against her lips to get her attention.  She rolled her glazed eyes at me and opened her mouth as I shoved my dick into the top of her throat.”


Chris stopped talking and chugged the rest of his beer as I squirmed on my barstool.  I was incredibly aroused by his story and my throbbing erection ached in my jeans.


“Damn Chris, don’t stop now, the story is really getting good.” I joked.


The bartender set two more beers in front of each of us saying,


“These are on me.”


He grinned and winked.  He’d been eavesdropping and had heard everything.  Chris grabbed one of the beers and up-ended it, sucking down half the bottle before setting it back on the bar and belching loudly.  I picked up a fresh bottle and took a sip as Chris continued his tale.


“So there we were, the dog was pounding her pussy for all he’s worth, tongue hanging out and I swear, he had a silly grin on his doggy face.  I’m pumping my cock into Roni’s mouth to the top of her throat every time the dog pounded into her cunt. Roni, by that point, was in a world of her own.  She started to have multiple orgasms that came like machine gun bullets.  I finally grabbed her head and forced my cock down her throat just as I blew my load.  Rather than try to pull her head back, she pressed forward as I spurted my cum past her tonsils.  I pulled my cock from her mouth as the dog did a series of little dance-like steps with his back legs then froze as he pumped his load of doggy cum deep into Roni’s cunt.  Her head popped up, her eyes opened wide as she screamed out,”


‘Oh fuck he’s cumming in me! I can feel every spurt shooting into my pussy! Ahhhhh!’


“Roni began to have a really powerful orgasm, her body began to shake and her elbows collapsed as the mutt’s semen began to dribble from around his cock and drip on the floor.  The dog started to dismount her and wound up as to ass tied to her by his knot.  Roni cried out in pain as he flopped down on his side dragging her down with him by her cunt. And she fell over on her side behind him, panting as fast as he was, covered in sweat, dog drool, and cum.”


‘That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced.’


“She said as she lay there catching her breath.  I looked at her and grinned and said,”


‘Well, he’s still hard in you and will be for about ten to fifteen minutes until his knot goes down if you want to get yourself off a couple of times.’


“She looked up at me then rocked her hips a couple of times and dropped her hand to her pussy and started to finger her clit as she began humping back on the dog’s imbedded cock.  I dropped to the floor beside her and started kissing and sucking her nipples to help her along.  She had three more orgasms before the dog’s knot went down suddenly and his cock slipped from her cunt releasing a flood of dog semen that gushed from her.  I helped her to stand and walk on wobbly knees to the bathroom where she got herself cleaned up.  I went back to my room with a wet rag and did my best to get up most of the dog spunk off the carpet while the dog contentedly lay there licking his shrinking dick.”


Chris stopped and looked at me with a grin and grabbed the partial beer and downed it and started on the second.

“Wow.  That was some story Chris.  Why did you wait all these years to tell me about it?”  I asked.

He looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes and said,

“Well, I was reminded of the story myself when I read in the paper that her Great Dane had won best in show at the kennel club.  You did know, didn’t you, that after she and I divorced, she started raising Great Danes?”

It suddenly dawned on me what he was insinuating and I broke out laughing. We paid our tab and vowed to get together much sooner and called it a night.

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