The Girl With A White Bow In Her Hair
STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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Mf 14, MFf 14, Mf 18, con, oral, romantic

A chance encounter with an alluring girl, leads a man on a journey of discovery that leads to unexpected revelations. Naomi was a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.


"Yes," she said quietly. Toby rubbed the head of his cock from the entrance to her vagina, up and over the bump of her clit, sending shivers of pleasure throughout her body. He guided the crown, gorged with blood, to the opening of her vagina and watched her face as he slowly pushed into her, small frowns of discomfort as she was incredibly tight, even though she was not a virgin. He wondered who had taken her virginity and whether it was a wonderful experience or something quick and unromantic, if the latter, it would have made him incredibly sad, as he loved this girl beyond comprehension.

As the crown of his penis hit the rubbery end of her vagina - her cervix, she gasped. He was all the way inside her, his pubis squashing her clitoris sending even more tingles through her pussy. He slowly fucked Naomi, the girl with a white bow in her hair, with long almost languorous strokes. His cock, from just inside the entrance of her vagina to bumping her cervix in a single motion. Every time his pubis pressed against her clit and his crown bumped her cervix she let out a little "ugh".

But we need to go back in time, as this journey started a month ago with a chance encouter with Naomi, the girl with a white bow in her hair.

Chapter One

Toby Newman sat sipping his usual martini, at his usual table, in his favorite restaurant where he dined every Friday evening. The waiter sat a chilled glass of Absolut martini, straight up with a twist, stirred to perfection on the table - waiting his attention. He was not as ambivalent as Daniel Craig's Bond, who, when asked which way he wanted it in 'Casino Royale', replied 'Do I look like I give a damn?' Toby did give a damn and wanted his martini the classical way - stirred not shaken thank you very much.

James, the maître d', seated a family of four at the adjoining table. A Mom and Dad, and two girls, a twelve year old perhaps and the other a little older, aged fourteen he guessed. The mother, father, and the younger girl all had curly blond hair. Toby's fascination was with the girl who sat at the end of their table, nearest his. Her hair was a mid-brown color, almost amber, it was beautiful, shiny, long, almost down to her waist with a single plait in the middle and a large white bow on top. She was quite pretty, not beautiful but very pretty with a straight Roman nose, sparkling green eyes, full red lips and high cheek bones. She was wearing a heavy cable knit sweater, jeans and a pair of UGG boots, sitting with one leg under her. He sensed that she was tall and slender and she captivated him and he didn't know why.

Toby never married and had no children, so he never gave young girls any thought, it was if they didn't exist in his universe - so why was he taking an interest in this one all of a sudden. She was somehow different, it was almost as if there was a magnetic field drawing him to her. He hoped to meet her but didn't know why.

What also fascinated him, was that she was busy doing needlepoint, her delicate hands skillfully threading the needle and thread through the cloth held in a wooden hoop. I mean, how many people do needlepoint today, let alone a fourteen year old. She must have sensed the intensity of his interest in her, because she would glance over at him from time to time.

She put her needlepoint away as the waitress brought their drinks. The girl with a white bow in her hair took a sip of hers and then pulled her iPhone from the pocket of her jeans and started hitting the keys, probably texting her girlfriend he thought.

All of a sudden my iPhone vibrated on the table. I picked it up and the saw that someone had sent me something via AirDrop. I looked up and the girl was staring at me. I looked at the NOTES icon and saw that it was showing a new note. I opened it and it contained a phone number. I opened Messages and sent a text to the number.

Toby: "Yes?"

A reply came back.

Stranger: "Why are you staring at me?"

Oh shit, I'm in trouble now. God, I hope she doesn't tell her father.

Toby: "I'm sorry."

Stranger: "No you're not. Tell me I'm pretty."

Toby: "Okay, you're very pretty."

Stranger: "I know I am."

Toby: "You do?"

Stranger: "Yes."

Now he was confused. His thumbs hit the keys.

Toby: "Why?"

Stranger: "Because you just said I was."

Toby: "Do you always text with strange men?"

Stranger: "You don't look strange to me."

Toby: "I mean you don't know me."

Stranger: "Oh I think I know you very well."

More confusion. He typed:

Toby: "How is that possible?"

Stranger: "Anything is possible."

Toby: "What's your name?"

Stranger: "Why do you need to know my name?"

Toby: "Because you fascinate me."

Stranger: "I do?"

Toby: "Yes."

Stranger: "Why?"

Toby: "I don't know, you just do."

Stranger: "Gotta go, X." Was the last text.

Toby was very confused by what had just happened, particularly by the X in her last text. A kiss maybe, but she didn't even know him. Toby, a thirty two year old man and the girl, just a teenager. Throughout dinner she would snatch a quick look in his direction, always with a smile on her face. Toby was strangely intrigued by her. Then he froze, her mother was looking at him and said something to the girl with a white bow in her hair. He worried that her mother had seen him looking at her daughter.


Later that evening, Toby was composing a text message to the strange girl with a white bow in her hair, but stopped before hitting the SEND key. This was too dangerous he thought, what if her parents found out.


The next morning he was sat at his desk in his study working on chapter three of his new novel when his iPhone vibrated, chattering across the desk. He picked it up and saw a text from the girl with a white bow in her hair.

Stranger: "Naomi." was all it said

Toby: "Sorry." he texted back

Naomi: "You asked what my name was, it's Naomi."

Toby: "Hello Naomi the girl with a white bow in her hair"

Naomi: "You noticed?"

Toby: "Yes, where are you?

Naomi: "Recess."

Recess, what the heck was recess. He wasn't used to texting as he had to go back and change an autocorrected word.

Toby: "Recess?"

Naomi: "Didn't you go to school?"

Toby: "Oh that recess. How old are you Naomi?"

Naomi: "Why, is it important to you?"

Toby: "It's not, I was just wondering, I figured you were around fourteen."

Naomi: "Good guess."

Toby: "I'm curious as to why you sent me your phone number."

Naomi: "I like you."

Toby: "You don't know me."

Naomi: "You said that yesterday, did you forget what I said?"

Toby had to stop and think. Then he remembered so he typed:

Toby: "You said you thought you knew me very well and that confused me."

Naomi: "You shouldn't be confused. You know that the brain is a very powerful repository of information and it never forgets anything, it's you that forgets what you remembered."

Toby: "Yes, I've read about that."

Naomi: "Bye X."

She was gone and Toby was non-the-wiser at who she was and how she knew his name. He returned to his novel but couldn't get her out of his mind so he closed his laptop and went and made a cup of Starbucks Breakfast Blend in his Bunn single cup machine.

Chapter Two

Two days had gone by and no word from Naomi. Interesting name Naomi. Ruth's mother-in-law in the Old Testament book of Ruth. Not many parents give their daughters religious names these days. Toby wanted so much to text her, to call her, but was concerned as to how it would look - an older man texting a young girl. His need was soon satisfied when his iPhone vibrated it's little dance on the kitchen counter. He picked it up.

Naomi: "Been thinking about me?"

Toby: "A lot."

Naomi: "I'm glad Toby."

Toby: "How do you know my name?"

Naomi: "Told you, I know a lot about you. You wrote two books, I liked 'The Child Bride,' about the older man and a young woman."

Toby: "How about 'Unintended Consequences?' "

Naomi: "My favorite by far."

Toby: "I'd like to meet you."

Naomi: "You're not ready yet, sorry gotta go XX."

"Darn it. What is it about this girl," he said to his coffee mug. She reminded him of Churchill's description of Russia, Naomi was a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.


Two weeks later he was at his usual table sipping his Absolut martini when he saw the man and wife, the parents of the mysterious Naomi the girl with a white bow in her hair walk in. They were seated at a table on the far side of the restaurant. Ten minutes later, the wife passed him on the way back from the bathroom and dropped a piece of paper on his table and walked on - not looking back. Toby opened it, it read:

"We need to talk, text me tomorrow after ten AM - no sooner. 336 555 2367

On Saturday Toby sweated the time from when he awoke from a fitful night's sleep until ten seconds after ten o'clock. He texted the number.

"When and where?

A few minutes later he got a reply:

"Outside Belk's at the mall, eleven."

He was there at ten forty-five, sat on a wooden bench. At five to eleven he saw her walking toward him. She was a very attractive woman probably in her mid thirties, he guessed, with short blond hair, and a slender figure.

She sat down on the opposite side of the bench next to him, an innocent appearance to a casual observer.

She spoke first. "What's your name?"

"It's Toby, Toby Newman."

"Thanks for coming Toby. I guess you're wondering why I asked to meet with you. Well I saw you looking at my daughter the other week and I know she was texting with you. I need to ask you a personal question, is that okay?"

Toby thought for a minute, he was relieved that he wasn't in any trouble with Beth. "Okay," he said finally.

"Do you like my daughter?"

"Well I don't really know her."

Then Beth said something very strange. "You will get to know her quite well."

Toby let it slide for the moment as he wanted to see where this conversation was headed. "I did notice that she has brown hair and the rest of you have blond hair."

"Very observant of you. You see, we adopted her when she was a year old. My husband and I had tried for two years to conceive but with his low sperm count and my problems we eventually decided to adopt."

"But you have another daughter," he said, ignoring the elephant in the room - Naomi.

"The amazing thing about desperately trying to conceive, is that it sometimes has the opposite effect and as soon as we gave up trying, I got pregnant with Chloó. I was adopted too which is why we decided to adopt, it's such a selfish act to raise someone else's child don't you think?"

"Yes it is."

There was a long silence, then she said something that shocked him.

"We are so close and. . . ." she paused as if in a quandary about what she should say next. "I don't know why I'm going to tell you this, as I don't even know you, but we have more than a mother-daughter relationship, if you know what I mean."

"I'm sorry Beth, but I'm not sure what you're trying to tell me."

She paused again. "We are intimate with each other," she whispered.

Toby couldn't quite believe what he was hearing. "You have sex with each other," he whispered.

"Yes, do you find that hard to believe?"

"No I don't, but what about your husband, does he know?"

"Yes and let me explain why. After the birth of Cloe, Charlie lost all interest in me, we stopped having sex - oh God why am I telling you this?"

"It's okay Beth, your secret's safe with me," he said, trying to reassure her.

"Well I am a very sensual person and sex was, is very important to me and I guess Naomi sensed it and instigated it. At first I was very reluctant - as you could imagine, she was only ten at the time, but she is very sexually mature and after a few months I finally gave in. The sex with Naomi is incredible, not like with a man, but different."

Then she dropped a bombshell that changed his life for ever.

"Naomi will want to have sex with you," she whispered.

Toby was stunned into silence for what seemed to him like an eternity. "What, but she's too young and I don't do things like that, it's against the law," he stuttered.

Beth put her hand on his arm. "It's okay Toby. I know it's a lot to take in but Naomi can be very persuasive and all I ask is that you be gentle with her."

There was a silence between them for a good five minutes until she stood up.

"I have to go now. I'm not sure I should see you again, but I feel that it will be inevitable." With that she walked off.

Chapter Three

That evening I couldn't write anything as his mind was filled with visions of Naomi and now Beth who he was inextricably drawn to, like a moth to a flame, a very dangerous flame, a married woman flame.

Toby was reading a book when his iPhone played it's ringtone indicating a text - from Naomi.

Naomi: "Did you like Mom?"

Toby: "Yes I did, very much so."

Naomi: "Do you think you could fall in love with her?"

Toby: "Naomi, she's married."

Naomi: "That wasn't the question."

Toby: "I'm not sure, she is very attractive but  I'm in with love you. Ever since I saw you, your image is seared in my brain."

Naomi: "I love you too, always have always will and it's possible to love two people at the same time. Need to go, homework calls. Love ya."


Two days later, on a Saturday afternoon the suspense was killing him. Why hadn't she texted him.

Toby: "Naomi, I need to hear from you."

He waited and waited and waited, then a text, a strange text.

Naomi: "Can I come and see you?"

Toby: "Now?"

Naomi: "Yes."

Toby: "Okay."


Half an hour later the doorbell rang. Toby's heart skipped a beat as he opened the door to see Naomi standing there, the same Naomi he saw in the restaurant, the girl with a white bow in her hair. She was wearing a white blouse, unbuttoned over a light blue camisole, jeans and pink Keds. He remembered thinking she was tall and he was correct, five-six.

"How did you get here?" he asked as she stepped inside.

"Mom dropped me off," she said as she brushed past him and walked into the living room, a whiff of gardenias briefly wafted past his nose. He admired her slim waist that flared out to a very grope-able bum as he followed her. She wandered around the room, picking up and examining objects before putting them back - as if to get the measure of him. The door to his study was open and she peeked in.

"This where the magic happens," she said.

"Excuse me."

"The magic, you know, the writing?"

"Oh. Yes that's mainly where I write but I also take my laptop out to the pool and write there."

"You have a pool," she said excitedly.

"Uh huh. You swim?"

"Uh huh. Where does the other magic happen?"

"Excuse me."

"The other magic, you know. Do I have to spell if out for you Toby, you're the writer figure it out."

Toby blushed a little and hoped Naomi didn't see it. "Through there," he said, pointing to the open door to his bedroom. She walked in with Toby following like a puppy dog. In his bathroom she spritzed a little of his aftershave and sniffed it.

"You're not very adventurous are you?"

It was if Toby was in the center of hurricane Naomi, who just swept into his life. "What?"

"Your aftershave, not very adventurous. I mean who uses Old Spice these days? I expected Paco Rabanne or Sauvage. I'll buy you some for your birthday. When is that by the way?"

"October ninth," he replied.

After satisfying herself that she had explored all of Toby's life, she stood in front of him, her green eyes examining his face. "You have beautiful brown eyes Toby, so soft and deep. You can kiss me now." That last statement caught him off guard and he simply stood there.

"Well if you won't," she said as she put her arms around his neck and kissed his lips, the scent of gardenias, stronger now. His hands finally found her waist, pulling her too him, firm breasts against his chest. She finally broke their kiss, breathless.

"Wow that's better, you're a great kisser Toby," she said as she walked past him and out to the pool. "This is nice, wish I knew you had a pool I would have brought my bathing suit." She looked around at the secluded back yard. "Don't need one though," she added.

After finally regaining his life from her, Toby took her hand and led her to the patio chairs.

"Sit down Naomi we need to talk."

She sat waiting for Toby to say something but he appeared deep in thought. She broke the silence.

"Mom really likes you. You were all she could talk about when she got back from the mall. She said she told you about us, you know that we have sex with each other. What do you think?"

What is it with Naomi, the girl with a white bow in her hair, he thought. She breezed into my house, into my life and takes over. She's an amazing fourteen year old, he thought, although Toby had no frame of reference as he didn't know any fourteen year old girls, didn't know any girls, period. In spite of his carefully preserved bachelor life being invaded, occupied by the irrepressible girl with a white bow in her hair, he was totally smitten by her. The kiss, the feeling of her full red lips on his, the smell of gardenias on her skin, was intoxicating and he was falling into her life, falling in love with her, a new and exciting yet scary feeling.

"Toby," she said rousing him from his thoughts.

"Sorry, what did you say?"

"I asked what you though about Mom and me having sex."

"Most unusual but I can understand why, your Mom is very beautiful, very sensual."

"She has a great body and I love to explore it in every detail, you'd like it too."

Toby didn't take in that last comment as was getting extremely aroused by Naomi and for the first time he actually pondered what it might feel like to make love to a fourteen year old girl.

"I have to know why the fascination with me, a confirmed bachelor eighteen years your senior. I find you very alluring, very sexy, very pretty, which is not surprising. But what is surprising, is what you see in me, why do you love me?"

She studied him intensely, almost to the point of discomfort. "Toby, I don't think I can put into words what I feel for you. I don't have the writer's advantage, but the moment I saw you across the restaurant, it was if I had some sort of connection with you. It wasn't the love at first sight that you probably write about, it was something greater than that. I know it's probably not a good enough answer, but it's all I have."

Toby took her hand and pulled her to her feet and put his arms around her and kissed her lips, her eyes, her chin. "I want to make love with you but I'm scared."

"I'm not a virgin, if that's what you're scared about," she said.

"No, it's not that Naomi. I live a life that I chose, it's neat and organized, structured. I'm scared that all of that will change as you become part of it, but on the other hand I feel a little giddy at the thought of loving you."

"Come," she said, taking his hand and leading him. She opened the door to his bedroom and to the rest of his life.

He gasped as Naomi came out of his bathroom. She was tall and slender at the waist with a gentle flare of her hips framing a very pronounced mons covered in fine light amber-brown hair, a deep cleft that disappeared in the oh so sexy gap between her long legs. But what really caused the gasp were her breasts, two perfectly formed mounds the size of small bone china tea cups, crinkly areolae and firm nipples. They were the epitome of perky.

She walked over and lay beside him. Toby admired her breasts, he had always been a breast man, treating anything larger than a b-cup with indifference and Naomi's breasts were the height of perfection.

She saw him staring at them. "What?"

"Naomi, your breasts are absolutely perfect and I forbid them to get any bigger."

She giggled. "You are such a dork Toby. Would you like to touch them?"

"Is water wet, is the sky blue, do birds fly? You bet I want to touch them, suck them, lick them, squeeze them, fondle them."

She laughed. "Stop it already, a simple yes is good enough."

"Oh but you are so wrong, a simple yes is not good enough for perfect breasts." Toby leaned over and cupped one in his hand, perfect size, as he kissed the other, little kisses all around the areola, watching it darken and stipple with her arousal, an arousal announced with a quiet moan.

Her hand reached down and grasped his penis, stroking it, rubbing his precum around the crown with the pad of her thumb.

"Oh Naomi that feels so good."

"This should feel better," she replied as she scooted down the bed and took the head into her mouth, her breath hot, her tongue swirling around the smooth glans, tasting his precum.

Toby groaned.

"You want to cum in my mouth," she said, as she looked up at him with a big smile on her face and such sensuality in her bright green eyes.

"I'll take a rain check on that, I want to come inside you."

Naomi straddled his hips, her labia hugging the shaft of his cock. Toby pulled her up until her pussy was at his face. He held her firm cool cheeks in his hands and pulled her down, her vulva over his mouth, his tongue pushing aside her labia, feeling the wetness at the base of her cleft, the small dark entrance to her vagina.

His tongue swirled around her clitoris, aroused, firm, so inviting. Naomi started humping his tongue, her clit bumping his nose sending tingles from her pussy to her nipples that he was gently rubbing and pinching.

"Oh Gawd Toby." she groaned as she climaxed. He was surprised at how quickly her orgasm arrived, flowing over her as she humped his tongue, her fingers in his hair. She slipped down onto his crotch, her hands around his neck, her juices flowing out onto his pubes.

"Damn but you are good with your tongue, that was one intense orgasm," she said finally as her breathing calmed.

Toby rolled her over and knelt between her thighs, rubbing her mons with the palm of his hand. "You ready Naomi?" he said to the girl with a white bow in her hair.

"Yes," she said quietly. Toby rubbed the head of his cock from the entrance to her vagina, up and over the bump of her clit, sending shivers of pleasure throughout her body. He guided the crown, gorged with blood, to the opening of her vagina and watched her face as he slowly pushed into her, small frowns of discomfort as she was incredibly tight, even though she was not a virgin. He wondered who had taken her virginity and whether it was a wonderful experience or something quick and unromantic. If the latter, it would have made him incredibly sad, as he loved this girl beyond comprehension.

As the crown of his penis hit the rubbery end of her vagina, her cervix, she gasped, he was all the way inside her, his pubis squashing her clitoris sending even more tingles through her pussy. He slowly fucked Naomi, the girl with a white bow in her hair, with long almost languorous strokes. His cock, from just inside the entrance to her vagina to bumping her cervix in a single motion. Every time his pubis pressed against her clit and his crown bumped her cervix she let out a little "ugh".

Toby's thrusts were bringing them both to their climaxes, Naomi's arrived first as she pulled him into her with heels around his hips, urging him deeper, but there was no deeper, he bumped against her cervix and every time he did it send shudders through her, until she finally held him inside her preventing him from pulling out.

"Toby, oh Gawd Toby," she uttered between gasps as her second, more potent orgasm gripped her, sending twitches in her muscles, uncontrolled spasms, her pussy contracted holding him inside her, a tight ring around his oh so hard shaft.

Toby's orgasm hit him full force as he realized his cock was inside a fourteen year old's pussy, spurting hard inside her, filling her with his semen, spurting, spurting, with each thrust, ball sack slapping against her cheeks, oh bliss, such euphoria, oh God. Naomi was holding him tight, bucking him, matching his thrusts, little grunts as he pushed into her.

Five minutes went by and every so ofter her leg or arm would give a little uncontrollable jerk, her breathing slowed, a leg over his, her wet, wet pussy ground into his hip. Toby traced around her areola, still dark and stippled from her deep arousal, nipples softening, flattening, God was she gorgeous and he couldn't believe he just made love to a fourteen year old - the girl with a white bow in her hair.

"Toby, that was incredible, the best sex I've ever had, deeper, more satisfying, more fulfilling," she murmured, still in the grip of post orgasmic bliss. "I love you."

He leaned over and kissed her full red lips. "I love you too Naomi. What time is your Mom going to pick up up?" he asked, looking at the clock on the bedside table - nine-fifteen.

"She's not, I'm staying with you tonight, a kind of sleepover," she said with a giggle. "I want to find out what it's like to sleep with a man and wake up with him."

That made Toby think about the last time a female had slept all night in his bed. He had been a guest at the local ladies book club, invited to read his latest novel, 'Unintended Consequences'. One of the newer members, a twenty two year old red head with a killer body had come on to him strong during their coffee break and in a rare fit of acquiescence towards one night stands, he had given her his phone number and a half hour after getting home, she appeared on his doorstep.

She was petite, with very small breasts that would have looked in place on an eleven year old, a small boyish ass, but her crowning glory was a very large pudenda covered in fiery red hair. She was a tiger in bed, insatiable, and by morning with only short naps between sex, he was utterly spent. She left at eight and he didn't get out of bed until three in the afternoon.

Naomi brought him back to the present. "Penny for 'em," she offered.

"What," he replied.

"Penny for your thoughts as you weren't here, you went somewhere else."

"Oh I was just thinking about what we'd have for breakfast."

"Liar, you were thinking about making love with me again tonight and when we wake up in the morning." Toby groaned.

Truth be told, he was looking forward to more sex with Naomi, the girl with a white bow in her hair.

Chapter Four:

After another incredible session of lovemaking, sleep came easy. He needed a good night's sleep as he had never made love twice in one night. As he slowly opened his eyes the next morning, a pair of green eyes looked back at him.

"Morning Toby," she said, her hand resting on his erect penis, his morning woody. Her leg was over his thigh, her wet pussy pushing into his hip.

"Morning Naomi," he replied to the girl with a white bow in her hair, brushing a few strands of her light-brown almost dark amber hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ear.

"Do you always wake up with an erection Toby," she asked as she lifted his penis off his stomach and rubbed the head with the pad of her thumb.

"Generally but more so when there is a beautiful young woman in my bed and that doesn't happen very often."

"I'm surprised."

"How so?"

"Well you're very good looking, and a successful writer. I would have thought you would have a different woman every weekend."

"Naomi, I thought you said you knew me very well, because I'm mainly very picky about the women I take to bed and you are the first in almost a year."

"Hmm, you said 'mainly.' "

"Well there was a one night stand with a lady from the local book club. My ego got in the way of common sense that night."

"Was she good?"

"That's not a question I would answer as it's not good etiquette to talk about things that happen behind closed doors - particularly bedroom doors."

"She smiled."


"I knew you were a gentleman," she said as she lowered her mouth over his penis, taking in almost three quarters of it before he felt it push against the back of her throat. He groaned.

She took the crown out of her mouth with an audible plop. "This is where you get to cum in my mouth," she said, lowering her mouth back down on his cock. For the next five minute she gave him the best blow job he'd ever had. He felt his orgasm rising from his bowels, tightening his balls as semen rushed through his pulsing cock, searching for release, spurting out into Naomi's mouth, down her throat as she rapidly swallowed each string - he spurted, she swallowed, until he had no more to give her. She pulled off his cock, it flopped onto his belly, flaccid and wet.

"Good God in Heaven Naomi, where on earth did you learn to do that?" he asked through his quick breaths.

"I didn't," she replied, "it seemed to be the right thing to do, it just came naturally. I like to bring Mom to her orgasms with my tongue."

That last comment caused an immediate erection.

"You ready for more," she asked as she held his now hard cock in her hand.

"No Naomi, I'm ready for breakfast. I hope you are as good at cooking breakfast as you are at blow jobs."


At noon the doorbell rang and Naomi rushed to let her Mom in. Toby walked over to greet her. "Hello Beth," he said taking her hand. He hadn't seen much of her face before as they were sat beside each other at the mall, but now he realized how beautiful she was, with light blue - almost grey eyes, fine - almost delicate features and a full sensual mouth that he badly wanted to kiss.

"Hi Toby," she got on tiptoe and kissed him on his lips, so soft, so warm, so sexy, a little tingle in his crotch. He could see Naomi looking on, smiling. "How was the sleepover?" she said, without even a hint of a blush, which was more than could be said for Toby, who's cheeks colored up.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you," she quickly added as she noticed his discomfort, her hand on his bare arm, more tingles.

"Naomi is a wonderful, delightful young woman."

"Mom, he has a pool," Naomi said.

"That's nice honey."

Toby said something as if it wasn't him speaking. "Why don't you and Naomi come over next Saturday and enjoy the pool and I'll cook some steaks."

"Oh, I don't want to be a trouble," Beth said.

"Mommmm, come on, it'll be fun. Please," Naomi pleaded with her mother.

"It'll be nice, just the three of us," Toby added. "Oh I forgot, what about Chloó?"

"She's at summer camp, goes every year for a month, and if you're wondering about my husband, he's on a two week road trip visiting all of the company's offices. He does it once a year."

Toby hadn't thought about her husband. "Okay, so you'll come?"

"Yes I will, thanks for inviting us."

Naomi put her arms around his neck and looked up at him. He bent down and kissed her full red lips. He noticed Beth looking on and smiling. He watched as Beth and Naomi, the girl with a white bow in her hair walk to the car. They waved as they drove away.

Chapter Five

Toby spent the whole week in anticipation. He was strangely drawn to Beth and not because she was very attractive, it was something else and it excited him almost as much as having sex with Naomi. On Saturday afternoon Beth and Naomi parked in his driveway as he waited at his open front door.

"Hello girls," he said as they walked up to his. "Glad you decided to come Beth," kissing her on her warm full lips. Naomi also put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"Come on in, bathroom's over there if you want to change into bathing suits."

"We came prepared," Beth said, holding up her bag. "I'll go first," she said as she headed for the bathroom. Toby put his arms around Naomi from behind and kissed her on her neck.

"I love you Naomi, glad you got your Mom to come too, she's beautiful."

"Yes she is," Naomi answered, "and she's good in bed."

"You're dangerous Naomi, very dangerous." Beth came out of the bathroom wearing a light blue one-piece suit, with a plunging neckline, a strappy back that emphasized her slim figure, small swells of her breasts wide apart, with small bumps where her nipples pushed against the material. Her prominent mons forming a gap between her thighs, a sexy gap, a really sexy gap his penis told him.

"Wow Beth, you look stunning in that."

"Thanks Toby, I bought it last week. Okay Naomi, you're next."

Toby followed Beth out to the pool, admiring the way the material clung to her bum, creasing between her cheeks. God was she sexy.

"Naomi tells me you're a writer. Have you had any published?"

"I've had two so far, 'The Child Bride' and 'Unintended Consequences' and I'm working on a third."

"I need to read them. What's the third one about?"

"I'll let you have copies, my publisher always gives be a few dozen, I'll even sign it for you if you want. The one I'm working on is about a wealthy entrepreneur who is assassinated and his ward is on the run with hit men after her."

"Sounds exciting."

"I hope so."

"Do you have any family, brothers or sisters?"

"No, I was an only child."

"How about your parents?"

"They were killed in a car crash when I was four, my aunt raised me."

"Oh sorry about that, must have been tough growing up with that memory."

"Yes it was a little tough but my aunt was very loving and made it easier for me."

At that Moment Naomi walked out to join them wearing a two piece, with a very low cut bikini, that emphasized her prominent mons and a bandeau top with a single strap around her neck, Toby's erection was thankfully hidden under the table.

"Wow Naomi, you look gorgeous," he said as she pirouetted, her gorgeous bum flared out from a slim waist, sexy, very sexy.

"Aren't you going to change into a suit," Naomi asked.

Toby stood up and dropped his cargo shorts, kicked them up, catching them. "Already have," he said, rushing and jumping in he pool, but not before Beth caught sight of the bulge in his trunks. She looked at Naomi who was smiling as if to say I told you so.

His erection now safely in check, helped by the cool water, he climbed out and dried his head with a towel. "You girls going to take a dip?"

"Maybe later," Beth replied. "I need to work on my tan." She joined Naomi, who was already lying on her back on one of the four chaise lounges.

At five, he fired up the gas grille. "Anyone need a drink, beer, soft drink, martini?"

Beth turned her face toward me at the announcement of martinis. "I'd love a gin and tonic," she said.

"Me too," Naomi chimed in.

He looked at Beth, who put two fingers an inch apart. He got the message. Five minutes later Toby came back carrying a tray with two gin and tonics and placed them in front of the girls, who were now sitting at the table. He put his Absolut with a twist of lemon on the table and sat down. He watched as Naomi sipped hers.

"I like it," she announced proudly. He winked at Beth who smiled back.

Beth announced that she needed to use the bathroom, got up and left. Toby moved over and sat next to Naomi. "Do you think your Mom and you would like to spend the night?" he asked.

"I know she would, she really likes you and I know she hasn't had sex with a man in a long long time. I'm already getting wet thinking about it," she replied.

Toby stood up as Beth returned. "I need to get the steaks ready, he said. "Beth, when you've finished your drink would you make the salads please."

"Sure," she replied as she sat back down. She turned to Naomi. "What were the two of you talking about while I was gone?"

"Toby wants us to spend the night," Naomi replied excitedly.

A big smile grew on Beth's face. "Oh my God, really?"

Naomi nodded. "I'm so happy for you Mom."

Beth finished her drink and took the glass into the kitchen, where she held it up. "Refill?"

Toby was busy prepping the steaks. "Over there," he nodded toward the wet bar in the living room. With a fresh cocktail in hand, she came back into the kitchen, placed the glass on the kitchen island and put her arms around his chest from behind and kissed his shoulder.

"Naomi said you wanted us to spend the night. I just wanted to thank you."

Toby washed and dried his hands. He turned around and pulled her to him, smelling the same perfume that Naomi wore - Floralust. She looked up into his brown eyes. He bent down and kissed her full on her lips, her hands held his face, as their mouths opened, tongues searching.

"You guys started without me," Naomi said as she walked into the kitchen. Toby and Beth laughed as noses touched.

"I think I need to fix the salad," Beth said

They all ate nicely cooked ribeye stakes, medium rare for Toby and medium for Beth and Naomi, together with salads that Beth prepared accompanied by a bottle of Saint Émilion, two glasses for Toby and Beth, half a glass for Naomi the girl with a white bow in her hair.

They sat by the pool talking about how Chloó was doing at school and briefly touching on Beth's situation with her husband that cast a cloud over them, quickly dispelled by Naomi's talk of Toby's book 'Unintended Consequences'. He excused himself. In his office her picked copies of both of his novels off the bookshelf and wrote a few words on the dedication page of each.

Back at the pool he presented the two books to Beth. "These are for you."

"Well thank you," she said as she opened the first one, "Unintended Consequences' and looked at the words he had written in perfect copperplate handwriting.

For Beth
A beautiful trapped soul who deserves to be set free so she can spread her wings and soar.

Tears welled behind her eyes as she read the words and when she finished they fell onto her cheeks. "That is so nice of you Toby, I will treasure these," she finally said as she regained her composure. Naomi picked one up and read the words he had written. She looked at him with such intense adoration.


At ten, Toby said he was going to shower. When he was finished he dried off and climbed into bed. A few minutes later Beth and Naomi entered the bedroom giggling like a couple of schoolgirls and disappeared into his bathroom. He could hear the shower running and every now and then laughter echoed off the tiled walls.

Beth was first to emerge. Toby gasped as he saw her naked body, so sexy, small breasts (but larger than Naomi's) on either side of her chest, dark brown areolae with large pink nipples that were almost half an inch long with flattened ends. Her small waist flared into full hips, with a wide protuberant mons forming a gap between her thighs, a sexy gap with her inner labia exposed between her fleshy outer, and almost invisible, a horizontal thin red line just above her mons, the scar from her c-section.

She walked over to his bed, sexy thighs swaying, small breasts jiggling. "My God Beth, you are so gorgeous and sexy."

"It's been a while since a man has told me I'm sexy," she replied as she slipped under the sheets. He reached over and pulled her to him and kissed her full red lips, so soft, so sensual.

"To be honest Beth, I'm a little nervous. I've never had two women in my bed at the same time. I hope I can satisfy you both."

She gasped as she felt his penis. "Oh I think you can, oh yes most definitely. Naomi turned out the bathroom light and got on the bed next to Beth.

"You know what would be a huge turn on for me," Toby said. "Is to watch you two make love."

Naomi needed no further encouragement and lay down between Beth's legs and started to lick and kiss her pussy while Beth ran her fingers through Naomi's thick dark amber hair. Toby watched in amazement, cock hard as a rock, as Naomi pleased her mother, tongue flicking her clit, two fingers inside her vagina curling up, massaging her g-spot.

He leaned over and cupped one of Beth's breasts, a perfect fit in his palm, while he sucked the other's firm, long, rubbery nipple, her darkened areola, puffed and stippled with arousal.

Beth was in her own Heaven, her daughter giving her pleasure between her legs while Toby, her other lover gently sucked on her breasts. She quickly came to her first orgasm, one arm around Toby's neck, pulling him to her breast, the other on the back of Naomi's head, humping her face.

"Oh Gawd," she moaned, as her orgasm, washed through her, muscles twitching, nostrils flaring, wads of sheet inside clenched fists. Slowly her breathing returned to normal.

"I want you inside me Toby, so bad," Beth murmured. Naomi moved over smiling at me Toby pulled Beth to him, the crown of his cock against the dark, moist opening of her vagina. She gasped as he pushed in, her soft, warm, moist, silky-smooth glove welcomed him, enveloped him.

"Gawd Toby, I've waited too long for that," she said as she pulled him on top of her, squashing her breasts against his chest, kissing his neck. Toby felt her heels on his back, pulling him into her. He started long slow strokes, urged on by her thighs clamping his hips. She was not as tight as Naomi as you would expect from someone who had given birth, but her vaginal muscles held his shaft firmly, with little occasional clenches.

Then he felt a hand caressing his testicles, Naomi was laid behind him watching his penis move in and out of her mother's pussy. She put her thumb and finger around the base of his cock and squeezed, rubbing his wet shaft as it plunged in and out of Beth' vagina.

"Good God Naomi, that feels so damn good," he said.

"What's she doing?" Beth asked.

"Her one hand is cradling my balls and her other is around my cock and let me tell you it feels so good."

Toby continued to slow fuck Beth, then he stopped.

"What's wrong Toby?" Beth asked.

"You on the pill?"

"No, oh I was so wrapped up in the moment, I never thought about it. You want to pull out when you cum?"

"I'd better," he replied and carried on a slow, almost languid fuck, his pubic bone hitting Beth's sensitive clit brought her to a second climax as her hard exhaled breaths quickened, moans became louder every time he pushed into her, then the dam of her orgasm broke and flooded her, her head flopping from side to side on the pillow, her hips bucking his crotch, legs pulling him in as far inside her, as she could.

Toby pulled out but did not cum as he knew Naomi wanted him inside her and with her mother watching this time, he knew he would cum twice as hard. Beth smothered him with kisses as Naomi looked on, smiling.

"Good God Toby that was fantastic, two orgasms in one night, that never happened before," Beth said when she finally calmed.

"Well you have your daughter to thank for one of them," he replied.

"I hope you haven't forgotten about me," Naomi said with a feigned pout, opening her legs.

"How could I ever forget my darling Naomi." He knelt between her thighs, knees bent, offering herself shamelessly to him, to the man she desperately loved. Beth sat cross legged watching Toby rub the head of his cock up and down her daughter's moist cleft, rubbing Naomi's clitoris. He gently pushed into her, feeling her vagina dilate to accept his girth.

"It gets better every time," she said as he eased into her, "no pain any more," Naomi said.

"That's because your body is adapting to his cock honey," Beth offered.

Toby slowly fucked her as Beth rubbed Naomi's clit, the pad of her thumb resting on Toby's shaft, feeling it slip past and into her daughter's vagina. She looked up at him, her face full of love for them both. A sad thought crossed Toby's mind. Where was she when he was growing up? He would have married her in a heartbeat and saved her from her empty marriage, her only consolation - Cloe and Naomi, the girl with a white bow in her hair.

Naomi's orgasm was rapidly approaching. Beth's head was laying on her daughter's tummy, alternating between licking her clit and Toby's wet shaft as it thrust into Naomi's pussy. Her breaths were getting faster and harder, nostrils flaring, little 'ughs' in her throat every time he hit her rubbery cervix, her whole upper chest tinged with red of intense arousal. Finally her orgasm hit her, she bucked against his crotch, squeezing her thighs around his waist.

"Gawd, I'm cumming," she said as her mother held her head to her breasts.

"Cum baby, cum for Mom," Beth whispered. It was too much for Toby. He spurted his cum into Naomi's vagina, spurted as hard as he ever had, flooded her with his semen, again and again until he was empty, spent, full of bliss. Beth took his cock in her hand and pulled it out of her daughter's pussy, putting it in her mouth, tasting Toby's and her daughter's cum.

"Good God Beth that is the most erotic sight I've ever seen."

She looked up at him smiling, "I need to get back on the pill as I wanted so much for you to cum inside me. Haven't felt that for a long long time."

Toby lay on his back, Beth on his right, Naomi on his left, both with a leg over his leg, wet pussies pushing into his hips, arms over his chest. Sleep came quickly, all three of them spent and tired.


The next morning Beth was first to wake, noticing they were in the same position as the night before, but with one big difference, Toby's erection. She carefully moved down the bed and lifted his cock off his stomach and slipped her mouth over it. Naomi woke to the sight of her mother with their lover's cock in her mouth. Beth looked up and smiled at her. Naomi saw Toby was still asleep, so she joined her mother, who offered his cock to her. She sucked the crown, her lips sealed under the corona. Toby roused from slumber to the sight of his two lovers taking turns sucking his penis.

"Morning girls," he said sleepily. "I see you started without me."

"I couldn't resist it, I won't let an erect penis go to waste," Beth said as she got up and straddled his hips, lowering her pussy onto his shaft, fleshy labia bulging on each side, her brown inner lips cradling his crown. She scrubbed back and forth, her clit looking down, bumping the purple corona, sending stabs of pleasure through her body. Lifting up she guided his crown to the opening of her vagina and lowered herself, impaling herself on his cock.

Her hands were on his chest as she scrubbed back and forth, eyes closed, brow knitted with concentration, waiting for her orgasm that she felt deep inside. Naomi was cuddled up to Toby, her head on his shoulder, his hand cupping her pussy, middle finger inside her vagina, thumb caressing her clitoris.

Naomi and Beth were both chasing their orgasms that arrived at the same time, Beth groaned as Naomi grabbed Toby's hand at her crotch.

"Oh Gawd," Naomi uttered between heavy breaths, body shaking, toes curling.

At the last minute, Beth opened her eyes, staring off into the distance. "Oh Toby," she said, collapsing onto his chest. As she slowly regained her composure, she started bucking her hips back and forth, bringing Toby to his orgasm.

"Beth I'm cumming," he said. "I'm cumming. Oh God."

Beth felt every squirt of his hot semen inside her, spurting against her cervix. With no thought of pregnancy she wanted to feel his cum shooting inside her pussy.

"Oh God Toby, that felt so good," she said as she rolled off him, collapsing beside him, his flaccid cock flopped onto his leg.

"Mom I hope you didn't get pregnant," Naomi said.

"I think it's a safe time of the month," Beth replied. "Come on I think the shower's big enough for three," Beth said as she walked to the bathroom, her hand cupping her crotch, holding his teeming fluid inside.

They showered, washing each other's bodies, hands caressing breasts, bums, pussies, and a semi-hard cock. After dressing, breakfast was eaten by the pool and at noon Toby kissed them a sad goodbye.

Chapter Six:

I was having dinner with Beth and Naomi one Friday evening at the same restaurant where I had first seen the girl with a white bow in her hair and the conversation somehow got around to adoptions.

"Naomi wouldn't you want to find out who your parents were?" he asked.

She sat in silence for a minute, chewing her food. She finally put down her knife and fork on her plate. "Mom and I have talked about it and she's okay if I wanted to find them but I don't know how to even get started."

"So you definitely want to find out?"

"Yes Toby I would."

"You really need think about this because it's a big step and once you walk through that door, there's no turning back whether you like what you see or not."

"I've thought about this ever since I was six when Mom told me I was adopted."

"Okay, I'll see what I can find out."


The next day Toby made an appointment with a private investigator friend who helped him on occasions if he needed help with a chapter of a book he was writing, getting it from a P.I.'s point of view.

"Hi Tony, good to see you again," Toby said, as he walked into Tony's office.

"Same at ya Toby. Need some help with a book you're writing?"

"Not this time, this is personal. I have a friend who's daughter was adopted when she was a year old and she really wants to find out who her real parents are. Her name is Naomi Kendal Wentworth and she was born on March twenty second two thousand two. The adoption was handled through the Merriweather agency in Raleigh North Carolina and Elizabeth and Charles Wentworth are the adopting couple. That's all I got."

Tony put his pen down. "That should be enough. I'll get back with you in about a week."

"Thanks Tony," Toby said as he shook Tony's hand a left.


Tony Shapiro drove the four hours to Raleigh and as he walked into O'Malley's Olde Irish Pub on State street, he immediately saw Katy sitting at a booth. He slid in beside her. Katy worked at the Merriweather agency and he had used her on a couple of occasions and she was happy with the extra income.

"Hey Katy, good to see you again, it's been a while."

"Yes it has Tony." The waiter came over and Tony ordered a Guinness.

"I guess you have something for me."

"Yes, after you texted me, I dug into the old files and came up with this," she handed him a piece of paper with handwritten notes.

Tony read it carefully and almost choked on his Guinness. "So Naomi's mother was Angela Mary Germaine, sixteen at the time and the father was listed as one Toby Jensen Newman."

"You know the father," Katy asked.

"Well it's the same name as my client but that maybe just a coincidence." He read further down the page. "Wait a minute, what are these names beside Beth Wentworth's name?"

"Well when I was looking through the old files, I saw that Elizabeth was also adopted. So those names beside her's are her birth parents James Edward and Natalie Mary Newman. So how spooky is that, Naomi's father has the same surname as Elizabeth's parents. Could also be a coincidence but you're the Dick Tracey so you figure it out."

Tony finished his Guinness, slipped an envelope containing five brand new hundred dollar bills across the table to Katy, thanked her and left.


The next day, Tony called Toby and asked him to come by his office. Two hours later, Toby was sitting across from him.

"So what you got?" Toby asked.

"Well I'm not sure if some of this is relevant, but I'll let you decide. I've got a couple of questions for you first."

"Fire away."

When you were about eighteen, did you know a girl by the name of Angela Germaine?"

Toby was lost in thought remembering his girlfriend Angela, two years his junior and the first girl he had sex with, remembered it as if it was yesterday, his first love.

"Toby," Tony said, bringing Toby back to the present. "Did you know her?"

"Sorry Tony, yes she was my girlfriend and the strange thing is, her parents moved across the country and I never saw her again. Took me a year to get over that. Why do you ask?"

"I'll get to that in a second. Do you have a middle name?"

"Yes, its Jensen, why?"

"Well it's a good job you're sitting down because Naomi's parents are listed as Angela Mary Germaine and Toby Jensen Newman, so unless there are two more Angela Mary Germaines and Toby Jensen Newmans in the United States, it would appear that Naomi is your daughter."

Toby's face was ashen. "There must be some mistake, the agency got the names wrong."

"I have a copy of Naomi's birth certificate, no mistake. You should be over the moon, we found your long lost daughter."

Toby wasn't about to tell Tony he was having sex with Naomi. "My God, Naomi's my daughter!"

"I have some more news. It turns out that the same adoption agency has records on Elizabeth Wentworth and it turns out that she too was adopted. Her parents are listed on her birth certificate as James Edward Newman and Natalie Mary Newman. I assume the name Newman is a coincidence."

Now Toby was in total shock, so much so that Tony got him a glass of water.

"What's wrong Toby?"

Toby didn't answer for a good two minutes. "My parent's names were James Edward and Natalie Mary Newman. It appears as if Naomi's adoptive mother, Beth, is my sister."

"My God Toby, sorry to have dropped this on you. To find out you have a daughter and a sister in the space of a few minutes would be enough to make any man quake."

"No mistake on that?"

"Sorry, I have that birth certificate as well," Tony handed over his bill. "I feel bad having to charge you for this."

"No, it's okay. Thanks Tony," Toby said as he shook his friends hand and exited his office.


Back home he poured himself three fingers of I.W.HARPER and sank into the living room sofa, pondering what to do next. What to tell Beth and Naomi, the girl with a white bow in her hair.

Chapter Seven

Having slept fitfully on his dilemma, he awoke the next morning with the realization that his whole life had changed again. He couldn't tell Naomi that he was her father, no more than he could tell Beth she was his sister. That part was easy, what to do about sex was going to be unbelievably hard, probably the hardest thing he had ever done.

The girls were due to come round the next day - Saturday, to spend the weekend with him as Chloé was due to come back from summer camp the following week and Beth's husband was due home the following Wednesday. At ten o'clock Toby was sitting by the pool on his laptop when the doorbell rang. He got up and let them in, quick kisses for both that set off alarm bells in both Naomi's and Beth's heads. They followed Toby out to the pool.

"What's wrong Toby?" Beth asked, quickly followed by Naomi.

"Yes Toby, what's wrong, was it something I said or did?"

"No Naomi, it's just that I'm not feeling to good right now."

Beth ever the mother came and put her hand on his brow. "Well you don't have a fever," she said as she sat down beside him and took his hand in hers. Naomi did the same. "Talk to us, please," Beth said.

Toby didn't look at them, his head was on his chest, a terrible burning sensation behind his eyes. Beth lifted up his chin and looked into his eyes. He looked back and the dam broke, he started sobbing uncontrollably. Beth held his head to her breast and Naomi put her arm around his shoulder, feeling his body heave with his sobs.

He had never felt as loved as he did then, with the two women who he loved more than life itself, comforted him. After five minutes he stopped crying, he had no more tears to shed.

"I have to tell you something that is probably going to mean that our relationships will change dramatically, and I fear it will be for the worst," he finally said as he dried his tears. "Naomi, you asked me to see if I could find out who your birth parents were. Well I hired a private detective, a friend who helps me with my stories from time to time and he knew someone in the agency that handled your adoption and they dug through the records.

"Your mother's name is Angela Mary Germaine and your father's name is....." he paused not wanting to go further but he knew he had to. "Your father's name is Toby Jensen Newman."

Naomi and Beth looked at each other then at him with their mouths open. "Yes Naomi, I'm your father." Toby was waiting for her reaction, not wanting to face her wrath.

A huge smile crossed her face and she flung her arms around his neck and kissed and hugged him.

He pulled her away. "You're not angry at me?"

"Good heavens no. I love you and I didn't think I could love you more but now that I know you're my Dad, I do. I just knew the moment I saw you that we had some sort of connection but I couldn't put my finger on it - thought I was crazy, now I know I wasn't."

"I'm so glad Naomi. But you know that we can't have sex."

"You try and stop me," she said determinedly.

"But it's incest, it's unlawful," he replied.

"I don't care, we're going to continue making love and that's the end of that conversation," she said sternly, arms folded.

"I'm afraid that's not all," he said with a big sigh, "and it affects you Beth."

"Me," she said, looking at him quizzically.

"Did you ever know who your birth parents were?"

"No I didn't."

"Would you like to?

She sat for a few minutes thinking about it. "Yes I think I would, do you think your friend could find out?"

"Well, when my friend's contact at the adoption agency was going through the records, he found your adoption papers and your birth certificate."

"Your parents were James Edward Newman and Natalie Mary Newman, the names of my parents, you're my sister."

"No can't be, there must be a lot of people with those names," she blurted, slight anger blended with denial in her voice.

"Yes that's true but the address of my father listed on the birth certificate is the same as my aunt's and Dad lived there when he was growing up as his parents were killed when he was young. Your mother's age is listed as fourteen and her address is in the same neighborhood. Mom and Dad always talked about how they met in junior high and never dated anyone else, getting marred when they were eighteen."

"So I've been having sex with my brother and didn't know it. If you think that makes any difference you're mistaken Toby. I knew there was more than just a sexual connection between us, knew it was deeper than that and now I know why."

"But Mom," Naomi said.

"Oh God, I forgot," Beth replied, putting her hand over her mouth.

"What?" Toby asked.

"We were going to break the news to you this weekend. I'm pregnant, I'm going to have our baby."

Toby's jaw dropped. "You're pregnant?"

"Yes and I wanted it to be a wonderful announcement."

"Beth have you thought this through?"

"Yes Toby. What you don't know is that my husband isn't coming home, he called me and said he wants a divorce. Apparently he was having an affair with his secretary and wants to marry the bimbo."

"But children born from related parents sometimes can have issues," he said.

"All the tests came back okay," Beth said. "Isn't this wonderful we can be one family at last, you - me - Naomi - Chloé and our baby and I know for a fact that Naomi wants to have your baby when she's older."

Toby's head was spinning out of control. He had just told his two lovers that one was his daughter and the other his sister and all they were thinking of was one big happy family. Good God Almighty.


Toby sold his house and moved into Beth's much larger house. The only difficult part was telling Chloé about the new living arrangements. She was upset at first that her parents were getting a divorce, but took an instant liking to Toby. They decided not to tell her that Toby was father to Naomi and brother to her mother as that was too much to dump on a twelve year old. Maybe later when she was older - much older.

Beth and Naomi were two demanding women where sex was concerned, but they managed to work things out whereby they didn't kill Toby. In the later stages of Beth's pregnancy, when they couldn't have sex, Naomi took over. He was the happiest he had ever been and was still shell shocked that, in the space of eight months, he had gone from being a bachelor to living with three women, and shortly a third. Who'd have thought it?

Beth gave birth via c-section to a very healthy six pound ten ounce baby girl. She had blond hair and strangely the same green eyes as Naomi. All three of us were at the hospital and took it in turns to hold her. Chloé was enthralled at having a sister as was Naomi. Toby was over the moon. The three of them finally decided on a name after going back and forth on a shortlist of three - Jensen meaning, origin, and popularity and Natalie, Beth's mother's name. Jensen Natalie Newman, we called her Jen for short.


Naomi got pregnant two months after her eighteenth birthday. She had a difficult pregnancy but on a sunny March day, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, seven pounds eight ounces. All three of us were present at the birth and Chloé, now sixteen was amazed when the baby appeared. Again the naming of our baby was a family effort and we all decided what he was going to be called - Lucas Joshua Newman. We settled into a comfortable life, Chloé fully accepted the fact that both her mother and sister took turns sleeping with Toby and even asked Naomi what it was like, but Beth and Toby drew the line - one daughter sleeping with him was enough.

Naomi took an online college course and graduated from UMass Lowell with a teaching degree in English Literature. She wanted to be a teacher when Lucas started school. Chloó went off to college when she turned eighteen, and Toby started a fourth book.


Toby's third novel was published two months after Lucas was born: The Girl With A White Bow In Her Hair



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