The Foster Child
STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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MF, Mg 12, MFg 12, incest, father/daughter, ped, 1st, anal, con, romantic.

Twelve year old Holly goes to live with the Washinton family unaware of Alex Washington's history with his daughter.

Word Count: 24,925

Published: February 26 2018

Chapter One

"But Mary, we've done our job as parents raising our daughter Cathy, why do you want to start all over again with a foster child?"

"We're not starting over Alex, don't exaggerate. The girl's twelve years old for heaven's sake. Anyway, it'll be good for us, I don't work, and you work from home with your writing, so we can devote whatever time is needed to take care of her."

"But . . . " Alex knew it was pointless trying to dissuade his wife. Once she got an idea in her head, there was no stopping her; she was like a freight train. He had no idea where fostering came from; he thought that she just had too much time on her hands. The idea of having a twelve-year-old girl in the house terrified him.


"Let me help with dinner mom," Cathy said.

"I've got it Cathy, why don't you and Daddy go set the table," her mother replied.

"Mom's so darned stubborn," Cathy said as she laid out the place settings in the dining room. She looked forward to their weekly dinners as it gave her time to catch up with things and let her parents know what was going on with her life. She also couldn't let a week go by without seeing and hugging her father.

"Tell me about it sweetheart," Alex said putting the last of the salad plates on the table. "You know what her latest crusade is?"

"Don't tell me it's putting up a building in the backyard to take in stray animals? She mentioned that one to me a week ago."

"Heavens no. I'm glad I managed to dissuade her from that one. The neighbors would have disowned us."

"So what's the latest?"

"She wants us to be foster parents of all things. I mean we're in our forties; who wants to raise another child at that age?"

"That's not such a bad idea Daddy. I mean she doesn't work, and you're at home all the time with your writing."

"You been talking to your mother?"

"No, why?"

"Those were her very words."

"But Daddy think about it. Mom needs something to do, something worthwhile in her life. After I left for college, she seemed to be so . . . well, so lost."

"The foster child is a girl, and she's twelve years old."

There was an awkward silence between them for a few moments.

"Oh," Cathy finally said.

"Yes, 'oh' about sums it up doesn't it?" he replied.

"You think that's such a good idea, I mean . . . "

"You don't have to say it honey; I know where you're going."

"Going where?" Mary asked as she came in from the kitchen carrying a bowl of Caesar salad.

"Oh, nothing honey; Cathy and I were just chatting."

"How's my grandson Stewart doing?" Mary asked. "It's his fifth birthday soon, and you need to let me know what to get him."

"Stewart's just fine Mom. He's spending the weekend with his Daddy."

"You and Charlie should get back together and get married."

"Mom! We've had this conversation a dozen times before, and nothing's changed; we're staying friends for the sake of Stewart; I don't love him, never really did. He was just a boyfriend. When I found out I was pregnant with Stewart, we both thought the right thing was to raise him together but apart. You should be glad that he didn't dump me when he found out I was pregnant."

"But . . . " she started to say. Alex cut her off.

"Mary that's enough okay. Cathy's twenty-one years old and I'm sure she knows what's best for her and our grandson."

They finished their salads in stony silence.

Mary was the first to speak, "Did Daddy tell you that we're going to be foster parents?"

"Yes Mom, he did."

"Isn't it a wonderful idea?" Mary said as she finished serving the pot roast. "I can take Holly to school and pick her up, and Daddy can help her with her homework. It'll be like old times when we raised you."

Cathy sighed. "Yes Mom."

Mary huffed. "Well don't get all enthusiastic about it."

"Well, I'm not so sure it's going to be the cakewalk that you think it'll be Mom. I mean . . . the fact that this girl–it's Holly right?"

"Yes her name's Holly, and she's the most beautiful little girl you've ever seen . . . besides you, that is of course."

"But Mom; what I was going to say was, what's her story? I mean was she taken out of a bad situation? Is she an orphan? She might be beautiful and adorable but what if she's broken emotionally?"

"Oh I'm sure you're exaggerating things Cathy," Mary replied smiling. "When she sees that we love her and want what's best for her, she'll be happy."

Cathy looked at her father and sighed. After dinner, Mary was busying herself in the kitchen and Cathy was in Alex's study.

"Daddy, what are you going to do?"

"What can I do honey? Your mother's made up her mind, and you know when that die is cast there's no turning back."

Cathy sighed. "You know, if you try and do things with her as you did with me, and she tells mom or worse still tells her foster care worker, you could end up in prison for a very long time, and I'm not sure I could live with that."

"I know honey, I know; you don't have to spell it out."

"It was different with us Daddy. I wanted to do things with you. Heck, I even initiated some and I have no regrets whatsoever. I will always remember the night we made love for the very first time when you took my virginity. I was thirteen years old, and it was magical."

Alex stood and hugged his daughter. "I love you Cathy, always have and always will."

"I know Daddy, and I love you too. Can I offer some advice?"

"Sure you can honey."

"Make sure you're not alone with her. I don't mean just alone in another room, I mean alone in the house."

"I know Cathy. I'll have to wait and see what she's like. We haven't met her yet; you never know, she may not be appealing to me. Also, I'm forty-one, and a twelve-year-old girl probably doesn't want anything to do with an old man."

"Daddy you're not old. You may be getting on in years, but you're still sexy as hell. When I was twelve, and you were thirty-one, I thought you were the sexiest man alive. Every time you hugged me, my nipples and pussy would tingle. I'll always remember the first time you kissed me on my lips; I thought I was going to pass out."

"We have lots of good memories don't we? I remember the first time I saw you naked. You were eight I think; I came into your bedroom without first knocking, and you'd just come out of your bathroom, and you just stood there, not trying to cover up or anything. I was stunned at how gorgeous your body was. You had small breasts buds, but you didn't have any hair on your pussy. I just couldn't take my eyes off you."

"Yes, I remember that. My pussy was tingling like crazy; to think my Daddy was looking at my naked body. I was so excited.

"I'll always remember the first time you gave me an orgasm. I was eight, and I sat on your lap watching cartoons on television. I was wearing that yellow summer dress and a pair of plain white cotton panties, and you started rubbing my nipples through my dress; it felt so good. But it was nothing compared to the feeling I experienced next as you slipped your hand inside my panties. It was as if I'd stuck my fingers into an electrical outlet as you rubbed my clit."

"Yeah, I remember that. I was worried you'd stop me or maybe tell your Mom. I couldn't believe how wet you got as you climaxed."

"I still have those panties; they're at the bottom of my underwear drawer. That time I held your erection for the first time made me feel so grown up."

"I guess not many nine-year-olds get to hold a man's penis," he said.

"Mmm. You should have warned me what would happen if I kept rubbing it."

"I know, but the feeling of your small hands around my cock was amazing. It was a good thing your Mom was out grocery shopping. I had to get you in the shower and wash that dress. My cum was all over you."

The door opened. "What're you two talking about?" Mary asked.

"Nothing important Mom."

"You guys ready for dessert? Mary asked. "I baked an apple pie."


Chapter Two

"Do I have to?" Holly asked. "What if I don't like them?"

Holly stood in Sister Agnes's office and had just been told that she would be leaving the convent and going to a new foster home. She had been in and out of foster homes, and to her, it seemed like forever. Some were pleasant comfortable surroundings, where the parents seemed to be genuinely interested in her wellbeing, and then there were others where it was apparent to even a ten-year-old that they were only doing it for the money. That wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the blatantly sexual overtures that a few of the fathers used trying to get her to 'do things' with him as one put it.

Ever since she started puberty–enjoying the attention of older men, there were only a few who she would like to 'do things' with, and they were not the slightest bit interested. She thought it ironic that the men who wanted to, were the most repulsive to her; they were fat, ugly, smelly or just downright not her type. This was going to be the fourth foster home, and she hoped, she prayed (even though she wasn't the least bit religious) that the father would be her type and be a willing partner.

"Holly, now you know that you can't stay here forever," Sister Agnes said. "You've been here for two years, and I'm sure you'll like Mr. and Mrs. Washington. They're a very nice couple and have a nice house. You'll have your own room with your own bathroom. Mr. Washington is a famous author you know."

"Why can't I go and live with my big sister instead?"

"Now Holly, we've been through this before. Your sister is in no shape to take care of you. She's been in and out of rehab for the past three years which is why you're here."

Holly sighed. She knew she couldn't stay at the convent forever, and to be honest, she didn't know if she could take any more of their strict rules and them pushing religion on her every day. They didn't administer physical punishment but being without her iPad for a month after she got drunk on the sacramental wine really sucked.

Holly felt so alone. After her parents were killed in a car crash when she was four, she was put in the care of the state's foster care system, not something any child should have to endure. When she was seven, she vividly remembered what happened at one foster home. It was late, after ten o'clock, and she was asleep. The first thing she remembered was waking to the smell of alcohol on the father's breath as he lay beside her. He was wearing just his underwear, and an erection caused a rather large bulge in the front.

"C'mon now Holly, be nice to me," he said, slightly slurring his words. When she thought about it years later, she was surprised that someone so drunk could get an erection.

"Go away, leave me alone," she replied.

He would have none of it and lifted her nightshirt. "Just wanna quick look at your pussy," he slurred.

She tried to stop him from tugging at her cotton sleep shorts, but he was persistent. He managed to pull them down exposing her pussy.

"C'mon Holly, I know you want me to. Just a quick feel."

She screamed as he forced his hand between her legs, groping her pussy. Her screams brought his wife into the room. Two days later she was removed and put into a temporary foster home until a more permanent home could be found for her.

In the next two years, she stayed with two families. The last one when she had just turned ten she thought was the best. They had another foster child Megan, a fifteen-year-old girl who sort of took Holly under her wing so to speak. Holly learned more about sex from Megan during her stay there, than she ever thought possible. The family had Internet access, and they didn't police Megan's use too strictly. The first time she saw a naked man with an erection she was shocked. She knew about sex, she'd had sex-ed lessons at school, but she didn't realize how big a man's penis could get. As they watched porn videos, Holly started to get nice feelings in her pussy, strange feelings. She asked Megan about them.

'You've never masturbated and got an orgasm?' She had asked, surprised that her ten-year-old friend didn't masturbate. She proceeded to show Holly how to give herself an orgasm. A week later, Holly had walked into Megan's bedroom without knocking and found her friend giving Tim, her foster-parents sixteen-year-old son a blowjob. She had seen it on the Internet, but it was nothing like watching it in person. She watched fascinated as Megan brought Tim to a climax, letting him ejaculate into her mouth. Later she asked Megan what his cum tasted like to which she replied, 'it's okay, but I've tasted better.

That whole summer Holly learned more about life and men in particular than she ever had done before. Megan taught her how to flirt with men as well as older boys. When the thirty-year-old brother of the mother came to stay for a few days, Holly watched as Megan used her charms on him, noticing the telltale bulge in his pants as she would bend over in front of him, giving him a good look at her plump pussy coddled in the gusset of her lime-green panties. 'That was fun wasn't it,' Megan said after he had quickly left the room. She was sorry to leave that family as they were moving across the country as the father had got a new job in Los Angeles.

Holly was ten years old when she was put in the Blessed Heart Convent. It wasn't too bad at first, at least she wasn't on the move every six months or so; but there were only two other girls there, and they were younger and no fun to hang out with. They were always saying 'we shouldn't do that' or 'we shouldn't be here, we'll get into trouble with Sister Agnes.' They were no fun at all.

"When do I get to meet them?" Holly asked Sister Agnes.

"Tomorrow morning, she replied. "They'll be here at ten o'clock. Now, why don't you go and start to pack."

Holly closed the door to Sister Agnes's office and went back to her room. It was a small room, no bigger than eight by six with a small window overlooking the courtyard. She had a single bed, a desk with a chair and a wardrobe. She wondered what her new bedroom would be like; it had to be better than this. Sister Agnes said she'd have her own bathroom. That will be nice, she thought, much better than the communal showers she used now.


Chapter Three

Saturday morning at ten o'clock, Holly was sitting in Sister Agnes' office with her small suitcase by her side. She was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. Sister Agnes came into the room followed by Holly's new foster family – Alex and Mary Washington. The woman was quite attractive and looked younger than forty-one Holly thought; the man was very handsome with sandy-brown hair and a small pigtail; He was not too tall, but he seemed to have a muscular body judging by his bare sinewed forearms. He had the most beautiful pale-blue eyes she'd ever seen; he reminded her of a young Paul Newman. She stood up.

"Holly, I'd like to meet Mr. and Mrs. Washington. Mary and Alex, this is Holly Merchant."

Mary was the first to come over and hug her.

"Very nice to meet you Holly," she said. "You can call me Mary."

Holly nodded, all the time looking over Mary's shoulder at Alex. He seemed reticent to hug her, just putting out his hand.

"Hi Holly," he said. "I'm Alex." He couldn't hold her eyes for more than a few seconds; he bent and picked up her suitcase.

"Time to go now Holly," Sister Agnes said. "Come and give me a hug if you will."

Holly hugged Sister Agnes. "Thank you Sister," she said. Mary took Holly's hand and walked to their car with Alex trailing behind. All the way home, Mary was talking up a storm; telling Holly how much she was going to like her room and that she was going to enjoy taking her shopping and asking what food she loved, what she ate for breakfast. All the while Holly could see Alex looking at her from time to time in the rearview mirror. She wasn't too sure what to make of him.

As the overhead garage door closed, Alex retrieved Holly's small suitcase from the trunk and followed Mary and Holly as they climbed the stairs to the first floor.

"Well here we are, home," Mary said smiling proudly.

Holly looked around the large kitchen with its stainless steel Wolf six burner gas cooktop, separate large Sub-Zero fridge and freezer. The island was large with an enamel farmer's sink and was covered dark granite. It was the most beautiful kitchen she had ever seen in person. It was like the ones on the cooking shows she watched on television.

"I'll show you to your room Holly," Alex said, "it's this way, upstairs."

She followed him through the huge living room with twelve foot high ceilings, with its leather couches and club chairs all deeply buttoned and a large flat-panel television. They walked side-by-side up the wide curved staircase from the two-story foyer to the upper level. He started to open a bedroom door then stopped, as he realized it was his daughter's old room where they had made love on her bed.

"I think you'll like one of the others better as it has a nicer view."

He went to the last door in the hallway, opened it and stepped inside and placed her suitcase on a queen-size bed.

Compared to her room at the convent, this room looked huge but was only fifteen by fifteen with ten-foot ceilings. In addition to the bed, there was a dresser, a small round table with two side chairs by the two large, almost floor to ceiling windows that looked out over the rear garden. She was happy to see that they had a nice size swimming pool.

There was a flat panel television on one wall. Wow, Holly thought, I've got my own television now I can watch what I want instead of what the sisters wanted me to watch back at the convent. She noticed a writing desk and chair near the walk-in closet; she was thrilled to see a brand new iMac on the desk. She hoped they had Internet access as she had none at the convent.

"This is your bathroom Holly," he said as he opened the door.

She peered inside to see a single vanity, a clawfoot tub, glass shower and a toilet. She didn't know what a bidet was and was too embarrassed to ask. He saw the quizzical look on her face.

"It's a bidet Holly, Google it," he said too embarrassed to tell her; shunning any intimate conversation about how a bidet was used to wash a woman's pussy.

"You have WiFi?" she asked.

"Yes, let me connect your iPad for you." He opened her iPad and put in the name and password for their router. "There you go."

"Thanks," she said as she took it from him.

He still couldn't keep eye contact for more than a few moments at a time, and it started to bother her; did he not like her? Did she embarrass him in some way?

"I'll leave you to unpack," he said as he turned to leave. "Oh, I almost forgot." He reached into his pocket and pulled out an iPhone. "This is for you. Both mine and my wife's numbers are in the Contacts app."

"Thanks Alex."

"You're welcome Holly," he said and left, closing the door behind him.

She explored her new bedroom and decided she liked it, liked it a lot. She also decided she liked Alex, particularly his pale-blue eyes, but his strange demeanor still bothered her.


Alex went to his study and closed the door. It had started again just as he knew it would. Why couldn't Holly have been ugly or fat or undesirable? Why did she have to be so beautiful? The first time he saw her at the convent, he knew straight away that she was going to be trouble for him. She was gorgeous with long ash-colored hair, alabaster skin, twinkling green eyes; he tried to imagine her breasts inside her pale-blue blouse. It was a loose blouse, very chaste; probably chosen by the nuns so as not to excite the priests. She wore a bra, he'd seen the outline through the material of the blouse, but the loose blouse couldn't hide the small swells of her breasts; he guessed them to be a delightful palmful. Even though her jeans were baggy, probably at the insistence of the nuns, they couldn't hide her cute butt as it flared out slightly from her narrow waist.

His mind wandered back to when his daughter was almost Holly's age.


Chapter Four

Alex opened the door to his daughter Cathy's bedroom. He usually would have knocked, but for some reason he didn't that day. As the door swung open, he stopped dead in his tracks. Cathy had just come out of the bathroom and was naked as the day she was born. At twelve years old she had already developed small, but lovely breasts the size of half-lemons. Her areolas were light-pink, and her nipples were like little beads. It excited him that she stood there naked, making no attempt at covering herself up; her arousal was evident by the darkening of her areolas. He even noticed that she was starting to grow pubic hairs. He turned and left, throwing a quick "Sorry" over his shoulder.

Fifteen minutes later, he was sitting on the sofa in their large living room reading a USA Today. His erection had just started to soften when Cathy came down the stairs wearing a plain pink cotton camisole over a white bra and a pair of white cotton shorts. She walked over to him and plopped herself down beside him. His erection came alive again. She sat there for a few minutes not speaking, only the rustle of the newspaper broke the silence.

He spoke at last. "I'm sorry Cathy," I should have knocked. I hope I didn't embarrass you."

"S'okay Daddy," she replied. Another two minutes passed without either of them speaking.

"Did you like what you saw?" she finally said, her voice betraying her nervousness.

"Honey you have a beautiful body and I'm glad you didn't cover up."


"Yes honey."

Cathy was excited beyond imagination that her Daddy thought she had a beautiful body. She wished her breasts were bigger like those of her friend Chloë.

"You don't think my tits are too small?"

Alex put the paper down and turned to face her. "No I don't, they're in proportion."

"What's that mean?"

"It means they are the perfect size for your body. Any bigger and you'd look like the bimbos on television with their silicone implants. By the way, when did you start growing hair?"

"A couple of months ago. You think I should shave?"

"I don't think it's really necessary for a twelve-year-old to shave her pussy."

She giggled. "I meant under my arms Daddy." She noticed the slight flush on his face.

"Oh . . . sorry, I . . . "

"S'okay Daddy," she said. Her pussy tingled as she remembered him looking down at her pussy when he saw her naked.

"Will you kiss me? I liked it when you did it before."

He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. She felt giddy as his lips touched hers; she slipped her tongue out and touched his lips. She subconsciously put her hand on his thigh feeling the tip of his hard erection; it was quickly removed.

"Sorry Daddy," she said.

"That's okay honey; it felt good." Alex had dreamed of this moment for a long time, ever since his daughter entered puberty and started to grow breasts and develop nice curves. Up until then, she had been straight as a beanpole, only when she was lying on her front on the floor watching television did she have any shape. The way her buttocks rose up sensually from the dip in the small of her back, and her tight cleft visible in the plain white cotton panties she wore excited him no end.

As she grew and developed, it was getting increasingly difficult for him to hide his erections and he knew Cathy saw them as she would look over at his crotch. Her mother stopped her from wearing just a plain top and cotton panties around the house, telling her that she was not a little girl anymore.

"You want to do anything?" she asked innocently.

"A game of Scrabble?" His offer was rewarded with a punch to his arm.

"Doofus," she replied. She got up, pulled the newspaper out of his hands and threw it on the floor. Climbing over him, she straddled his hips and sat on his lap, feeling the hard rod under her. It thrilled her that she could make her Daddy hard. I did that, she thought; my Daddy got an erection seeing me naked and talking about it.

She put her arms around his neck, tilted her head and kissed him. This time, her tongue was not tentative, she thrust it into his mouth searching for his, finding it, dancing with it. When he sucked her bottom lip, she almost swooned.

"Where on earth did you learn to kiss like that," he asked.

"My older cousin Jeff."

"Is that all you did . . . you know . . . just kiss?"

He's jealous, she thought. My Daddy's jealous that I may have fooled around with Jeff.

"Just kisses. I wanted to know what it felt like to French kiss. My best friend Chloë said she did it with her cousin. We tried it with each other, but it wasn't the same."

Alex could feel his boxers getting damp from precum as Cathy squirmed on his lap. He put his arms around her and cupped her firm buttocks. She was well toned from her soccer games.

"I'm not wearing any panties," she whispered in his ear feeling his cock twitch.

Where on earth do young girls learn this, he said to himself? It must be in their genes because no sex-ed class would teach them the guiles of seduction. He unbuttoned the top of her shorts and drew the zipper down; he could feel the shudder that ran through her body.

"Still want to fool around?" he whispered.

"What about Mom?"

"She won't be home until late. So do you?"

"You want to don't you?" she said as she wiggled her butt some more feeling how hard he was.

"Uh-huh," he replied.


Chapter Five

On Monday afternoon, there was a small knock on Alex's study door.

"Come in," he said.

The door opened, and Holly's face appeared. "Can I come in?" she asked.

"Sure you can Holly and thanks for knocking first."

She came in and closed the door behind her. Alex was sitting at his desk; he swiveled around.

"What is it Holly?"

In the week she'd been here, she found herself attracted to Alex, and she had thought about why he was acting the way he was; trying to avoid being alone with her; couldn't hold her gaze. She was no fool; she'd seen the way some men acted when they were near her; the way they couldn't look her in the eye because she knew what they were thinking.

The visiting priest, father Henry, came to mind. He acted the same way, staring at her body whenever he thought she wasn't looking, the tell-tale tent of his erection in the front of his robe told her he wanted her. The feeling that grown men wanted her thrilled and excited her. There wasn't anything she could do at the convent though. But now she was in a real home she wondered if Alex would start anything with her.

She stood nervously. "You don't like me do you?" She didn't think it was true but wanted to see what he said.

"That's not true Holly."

"Then why are you so uncomfortable around me?"

Mary had just brought her home from school; she had on the uniform of the private academy where they had previously enrolled her. She had been with them for just over a week, and it had been difficult for Alex. Holly reminded him so much of his daughter Cathy and that was the problem. He first gave his daughter an orgasm when she was twelve, and he remembered it as if it was yesterday. It started many years of sexual relations with his daughter.


Cathy stood up allowing him to pull her shorts down exposing her preteen vulva. His cock twitched again as he saw his daughter's pussy close up for the first time since she was four years old when he bathed her. She kicked her shorts off and straddled him. Cathy could hardly believe that she sat straddling her Daddy's lap with her pussy in full view. She felt his cock twitch again.

"I felt that," she said, excited beyond words that the sight of her pussy turned him on so much. She wondered what his penis was like, she'd seen the shape of it through his pants, but she wanted to touch it, hold it, put it in her mouth. That last thought made her wet. Alex couldn't wait any longer; he slipped his hand between her legs and cupped his twelve-year-old daughter's pussy for the very first time. The dusting of small hairs tickled the palm of his hand. He watched as he pressed his middle finger between her plump labia, seeing them ooze aside, her still developing inner labia – her clitoral sheath hugged his finger as he probed deeper between her legs. She gasped loudly as she felt him touch the opening to her vagina. She was wet, very wet and her juices were creating a wet spot on his khaki pants.

She moaned as he penetrated her up to the second knuckle, curling his finger, massaging the inside of her vagina, wondering if a twelve-year-old had a G-spot. He retreated, pulling his very wet finger out of her vagina and curling it, sliding up through her cleft searching for her clitoris, finding it, rubbing it.

"Gawd Daddy, that feels so good. So much better than when I do it." My Daddy's finally having sex with me, she thought. How incredible is that? I'm going to cum for the first time with Daddy's finger on my pussy.

The thought of his little girl with her hand in between her legs rubbing her tiny clit with her finger excited him. He wondered what she thought about as she climaxed. He hoped it was her Daddy. She was starting to buck as he diddled her firm nubbin faster, flicking it with the pad of his finger. Her head was on his shoulder and her arms around his neck; he could feel the hot puffs of breath escaping her nostrils and hitting his neck. While he flicked her clit, his other hand was clutching a delightful cool buttock. He felt her climax approaching as she was jerking uncontrollably. Then it hit her.

"Oh m'god oh m'god," she cried as she orgasmed.

She was bucking his hand as he furiously flicked her clitoris. I'm giving my little girl her first orgasm with my finger, he thought. How amazing is that? Alex held his daughter as her orgasm took hold; it was if she was having an epileptic fit. After what seemed like ages, he finally felt her start to calm. She stopped moving and started snoring lightly. How cute was that? He thought. My baby's all tuckered out from having an orgasm. He lifted her up, her small frame was light in his arms, and he carried her upstairs and put her into her bed. Before turning off the light, he kissed her brow.

"Sweet dreams my darling."


"I'm sorry Holly but it was never my idea to be a foster parent, it was my wife's idea. I thought we had finished raising a child when she got this idea into her head. My wife can be as stubborn as a mule sometimes."

"So you don't want me here!"

"That's not true honey. I didn't say that. When Mary said what she wanted I went along with it. Of course I want you here."

"Can I get a hug please?"

Alex couldn't refuse her; she was so beautiful and sexy. He'd seen the clothes she wore around the house. Mary had taken her clothes shopping the day after she came home with them. He'd seen the tags in the trash can, underwear from Victoria's Secret that Sister Agnes would probably have a catatonic fit if she knew. Bra size 28A, panties small. She liked to wear camisoles with spaghetti straps, a soft cotton bra underneath and cutoff denim shorts that emphasized her gorgeous rump. He had asked his wife why all the sexy clothes and she told him it was Holly's idea; said that she wasn't allowed to wear anything like that in the convent. He wondered if she was doing it for him. That thought excited him. He opened his arms, and she came over, stood between his knees and put her arms around his neck.

"It's okay, you won't break me," she said sensing his reticence to hug her.

He put his arms around her and hugged her, feeling her firm breasts pressing into his chest. Fortunately, he was sitting down, so his erection was well away from her. He inhaled, smelling her perfume Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande. He recognized it as his daughter used to wear it. It was mixed with a little sweat, probably from gym classes and fresh floral soap, she had washed her face when she came in from school.

He was in heaven.

"See, I didn't break," she said as she stepped back; her green eyes smiled at him. "I liked your hug; you can hug me as much as you want. I didn't get many at the monastery."

She turned around. "Got homework to do," she said and left. Alex sat there stunned. He quickly got up, went to his private half bath, closed the door and ejaculated into the sink.


Chapter Six

Things settled down in the Washington household. Mary was busy with taking Holly to school and picking her up in the afternoons; busy cooking and cleaning and generally fussing over her. Alex spent most of the day ensconced in his study working on his new novel, the third in a series of four. The first two climbed to the top of the New York Times bestseller list in two short weeks. The new novel continued to follow the exploits of the main character Sam Hyde, an enforcer for the Gambino family.

He chuckled as he uploaded a new story to He wondered what his readers would think of him if they knew. Alex Washington, a highly successful author who wrote erotic stories under the pen name of Tempest on the side. His new upload was about a man who falls under the spell of a twelve-year-old temptress who's in foster care of him and his wife. He heard his wife calling him.

"Can you get Holly's dirty clothes as we need to do a wash?" she said. It was her Saturday morning ritual, laundry. He had no idea why Saturday and also no idea why the morning, but he knew not to question his wife's habits.

"And tell Holly to come down and get some breakfast."

"Okay," he said with a sigh. He went upstairs and was about to knock on Holly's door when he heard noises from inside her bedroom. He put his ear to the door and heard little ughs and finally a long moan. Holly was masturbating, causing an immediate reaction as his penis sprang to attention. He stood there for a few minutes listening to the noises of a young girl masturbating and trying to imagine her lying in bed; was she naked or was her hand inside her panties. His rumination was cut short by his wife shouting up the stairs.

"Alex, what's keeping you? I need her clothes; I'm about to turn the washing machine on."

Then he heard the toilet flushing. He knocked on the door.

"Holly," he said through the door, "Mary's about to do a wash, and I need your clothes from the hamper."

"Just a minute," she replied.

She opened the door. "It's okay you can come in now."

He walked into her bedroom noticing the bedclothes in disarray and the distinct smell of sex in the air. She had a bath towel around her torso; it came to mid-thigh and was knotted in front. After pulling all of her dirty clothes out of the hamper he left and went downstairs.

"Put the whites in and turn the machine on," Mary said, "I've already put soap in. Leave the others on the floor."

Alex walked into the large laundry room and dropped the pile of clothes on the floor and started to sort them. He threw a couple of white tops into the washing machine and was about to close the door when he saw a pair of her plain white cotton panties partially obscured by her pale-blue nightshirt.

He picked them up and felt the wet spot in the gusset. At first, he thought she had wet herself, then he sniffed them, and there was her unmistakable aroma, a mixture of her perfume – Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande, sweat and the slightly musky sweetness of her vaginal fluid. The thought struck him that these were probably the very same panties she wore while masturbating a short while ago. The liquid was still warm. He quickly tucked them into his pocket, closed the washing machine door and turned it on.

"All done," he said to Mary.

"About time," she replied curtly.

He was walking through the living room when Holly came downstairs. As she smiled at him when he passed her, something caught her attention. She looked back over her shoulder and saw a portion of her panties sticking out of his pocket. She knew they were hers as she saw the words PINK on the wide waistband. They were the ones Mary had bought her at Victoria's Secret. What on earth is he doing with my panties in his pocket, she thought. Then she saw him enter the downstairs half-bath and it suddenly hit her. He was going to masturbate with her panties. Her nipples and pussy tingled as she conjured up a vision of him holding her panties while he masturbated. Did he have them wrapped around his cock as he came or did he cum in the crotch? That last thought caused her face to flush.

Holly was sitting at the kitchen island eating a bowl of Cheerios when she saw Alex come out of the half-bath and walk to the laundry room. She heard a sound, the click of the washing machine door lock as he pushed the Pause button. He opened it and dropped her panties inside. He had a trace of red on his cheeks as he looked at her.


Chapter Seven

Monday afternoon, Alex was in his study working on his laptop when he heard a knock on the door. "Can I come in?" Holly asked.

"Sure Holly, come on in."

Holly came in wearing her usual after school, around the house clothes; the clothes that gave Alex an erection every time he saw her. A camisole that came to the top of her thighs over a soft cotton unlined bra and plain cotton shorts. The shorts emphasized her long, slim, tapered legs and their leg openings were loose enough for him to catch a glimpse of her panties. Today she wore a pair of lemon-yellow ones.

"Can you help me with my English Language homework Alex?"

"Sure honey," he replied adjusting his shorts.

She came over and sat beside him; he could smell fresh floral soap on her skin and jasmine shampoo in her damp hair. She'd just taken a shower, and he tried to imagine her naked body with water cascading over her, running off the tips of her small breasts and across her mons and down the inside of her thighs. The vision caused his erection to pulse and push at the constraints of his shorts. He closed the lid on his MacBook but not before she saw the name of the story he had just uploaded and the name of the website.

"What's the question? He asked.

"I'm struggling with sentence structures, and I figured that you being an author could help?"

"Of course, I'd love to help. Let me see the questions."


Twenty minutes later, Holly went back to her bedroom and fired up the iMac. After typing in the URL for the website she'd seen on his laptop, she clicked on New Stories. At the top was The Foster Child - Chapter One and the author was Tempest. She started to read it and realized what kind of story it was,

"So he's a successful author yet he writes erotica on the side," she said to herself.

As she continued reading it became clear that it was a story about her as his description of the girl was eerily close to hers. Only the names had been changed. She wasn't Holly but Chlöe, and Alex was David. It confirmed her suspicions that Alex was sexually attracted to her which was why he acted the way he did when he was around her. She could feel her pussy tingling with excitement as she read.

I was almost asleep when I heard the bedroom door open. I opened my eyes and could see by the light of the full moon streaming through the window that she was wearing a white, soft cotton bra and matching bikini cut panties. She stopped as she neared my bed and unhooked her bra and let it fall off her arms; she tugged her panties down and stepped out of them. My cock pulsed as I saw her naked body for the first time standing there trying to pluck up enough courage to get into my bed.

She was slim, but her hips flared out a little from her small waist to give some shape to her body; exquisite breasts, petite the size of small half-lemons. Small bumps of slightly puffed areolas sat at their center with small beaded nipples atop each. What really made my cock pulse and throb was her vulva with its raised mons, hairless, plump labia with its tight cleft, her clitoral hood and sheath peeking out. God, she was sexy and so desirable. And desire her I did. I wanted to make love to this girl, caress her breasts, suck on her pussy and penetrate her.

Disappointment racked my body as she picked up her underwear and turned heading for the door. I saw her hand on the handle, but when she didn't turn it, my excitement returned. Chloë turned and walked back to the bed; she dropped her underwear on the floor and slipped under the covers. I felt a hand, damp with nervousness touch my erection, tentative at first then as boldness grew, she grasped it and squeezed. Good God this felt so good.

I reached over and cupped a breast, petite but firm, feeling the bump of her areola and hard nipple in my palm. She gasped as I squeezed it.

"God this is so hot," she said to herself. She pulled the hem of her camisole up and over her head and dropped it on the floor. After removing her bra, her hand slipped inside her cotton panties and cupped her pussy. She moaned as she felt the wet opening of her vagina, her plump labia hugging her finger. She continued reading as she diddled her clitoris with one hand while squeezing her breast with the other.

"You're so beautiful Chloë; you have a very sexy body. Can I kiss you?"

"Yes," she whispered. I tilted her head and kissed her lips. I felt the tip of her small tongue briefly touch my lip. It was the most erotic kiss I'd ever had. I slipped my hand down across her slightly concave tummy and touched her mons and cupped her vulva. This was heaven on earth. She groaned into my mouth as my middle finger parted her plump labia, feeling her wetness, she moaned again as the tip of my finger found the small opening to her vagina. I wondered whether I could penetrate such as small opening, have sex with a twelve-year-old. Surely it was not possible, but I could only hope.

"Please," she whispered, "I want you to." She squeezed my shaft; precum coated her palm. She moved to her back and opened her legs invitingly. As I nestled between her legs, the helmet-shaped head of my thick cock lay between her legs. It sat on her buttocks where they were pressed together by the bed, at the small entrance to her vagina. I was still uncertain if I could penetrate her since she looked so small.

"Yes," she murmured as she curled her pussy up against me, her labia bulged as the head pushed against her vagina.

"Now," she urged.

I pushed, feeling the tight ring if her vagina yield a little.

"Yes, more," she said.

As I pushed, she curled her pussy some more and with a slight whimper, the head of my cock slipped inside her. I was finally inside my twelve-year-old goddess's pussy. God, she was tight and wet and I was in heaven.

It's as if he's actually fucking me, she thought. I've never read anything as hot as this. She put her hand between her legs and felt the gusset of her panties; it was wet where she was leaking. As she diddled her clit faster and faster, she felt the edge of her orgasm getting closer.

I started pushing into her; it was like being held in a wet velvet glove. Slowly, inch by inch I pushed into her until I bumped her end, her cervix.

"Yes," she murmured, "that feels good."

I withdrew until I saw the purple rim of my cock head, only the head remained inside her.

"No, stay inside me," she said urgently, thinking I was going to pull out of her.

I stroked back in, hitting her end again eliciting a small grunt. Back out and stroked in again.


Back out and then a long stroke in.


As I fucked Chloë, I could feel her buttocks twitch and jerk as I held them, each a perfect handful. She was near her climax, and I held back so she could feel me spurt inside her. Her body started to shake and tremble.

"Yes David, fuck me, fuck me," she cried as she climaxed.

Holly came hard as she read the story and furiously flicked her clit.

"Oh gawd," Holly cried; her legs snapped together trapping her hand. Her body shook and convulsed with the intensity of her orgasm. She had never had such an intense orgasm before. Small tics and jerks, small aftershocks came and went as her orgasm slowly faded. She pulled her hand out of her panties; it was wet as were her panties. She had to read the rest of the story.

"You haven't cum yet," Chloë said as she finally calmed and her breathing returned to normal.

"I wanted to experience yours, and it was amazing."

"The best ever," she said. "I want you to cum inside me; I want to feel you spurt."

"Do have your periods yet?"

"No, I don't. Please cum inside me; you won't get me pregnant."

David started to fuck her with long strokes, feeling her hands on his buttocks, urging him on. She felt his cock swelled tightening her grip on his shaft and then she felt the first hot, wet spurt of his cum flooding her pussy, followed quickly by four more filling her, flooding her. She couldn't contain it all; some leaked passed the tight ring of skin that gripped his shaft and ran down between her cheeks and formed a damp spot on the sheet. He collapsed on top of her, his chest heaving.

"I felt you spurt inside me. It was an incredible feeling," she murmured.

He rolled off her; his rapidly deflating penis slipped out of her followed by a river of his cum that puddled in the depression in the bed. She hugged his side as she slipped into sleep.


After changing her panties, she went back downstairs. Alex was sitting in the living room reading a book.

"Did you manage to get your English homework done Holly?

"Yes thanks," she said, blushing and looking away; she went to the kitchen where Mary was making dinner.

"You okay Holly? You look a little flushed," Mary said as she put the back of her hand on Holly's brow. "But you're not running a temperature."

"I'm fine thanks," she replied and opened the fridge to grab a Sprite enjoying the cold air on her face chasing the blush away.


There had been a role reversal. Now it was Holly's turn to avoid looking at Alex, and he was fascinated as he looked at her nervousness and slight embarrassment. He wondered what had changed. After dinner as they sat in the living room watching television, he enjoyed looking at Holly's body. She had developed lovely breasts, and he longed to see them, to touch them, to fondle them. His imagination ran riot trying to visualize them inside the cups of her bra; what did her pussy look like: did she have any hair; was it plump; did her clitoral hood show in her slit?

Holly was still excited that Alex had taken her panties; she was sure he had masturbated with them otherwise why take them to the bathroom and then return them to the wash? She wondered again if he had just wrapped them around his cock while he did it or did he cum in them. That last thought made her pussy tingle. God that would be so hot to watch, she thought. Fancy that, Alex was turned on by a simple pair of her panties. What would he be like if he saw her in them? She tucked that thought into the back of her mind. Later that Saturday, after Mary had put Holly's clean clothes on her bed, Holly had picked up the pair of panties that she had seen Alex take to the bathroom and rubbed the gusset across her lips, imagining that his cum was still there.


Chapter Eight

Sunday morning just as dawn was breaking, Holly climbed out of bed, and after peeing started to head downstairs to get a glass of orange juice. As she approached the top of the staircase, she froze. Looking across the living room into the kitchen, she saw Alex standing at the open fridge door drinking out of the carton of orange juice.

He was naked with his back to her.

She admired his firm ass and thick muscular torso and thighs. He put the cap back on the carton and dropped it back into the door bin. As he turned and walked back across the living room, Holly's nipples and pussy started to tingle as she saw his thick penis hanging down, swinging from side to side as he walked. Her heart skipped a beat as he looked up at her and smiled; he continued walking and entered the master suite, closing the door behind him.

All thoughts of getting a drink vanished as she ran back to her bedroom. She got back into bed and scrunched up a pillow and started to hump it with her hand inside her pajama shorts and started to masturbate. Her orgasm came quickly and hard with the image of Alex's cock so clear in her mind.


An hour later, Holly came into the kitchen where Mary was busy making breakfast of waffles.

"Where's Alex?" Holly asked.

"Out on the terrace," Mary replied. "Here take him his coffee, it just finished brewing."

Holly had put on the pair of shorts with the loosest leg holes and wore a pair of lemon-yellow panties, the bikini style; she loved how they coddled her pussy making it seem plumper. She poured herself a glass of orange juice and took it and his coffee out onto the terrace. The sun was well up, and there was a slight mist over the swimming pool. The tree frogs started their morning chorus as a cloud of jet-black crows swung low over the field of corn that backed up to the house cawing loudly.

"Here's your coffee," Holly said as she handed the steaming mug to him.

"Thanks Holly," he said taking it from her. She sat opposite to him at the round teak table; she curled her toes under an empty chair and pulled it to her and rested one leg on it. It had the desired effect, the leg opening of her shorts gaped and from where he was sitting part of her panties was visible, and she could feel her pussy straining at the gusset the elastic at the leg openings forming deep creases where her pussy met her thigh making her labia seem plumper. It was all she could do to remain calm and not let him know she had done it deliberately.

"About this morning," they both said at the same time. He chuckled.

"Holly I hope I didn't embarrass you," he said, casting a quick glance at her plump pussy coddled in her lemon-yellow panties. His cock twitched. "I sleep naked and just needed a swig of OJ."

She had a tinge of red across her cheeks. "S'okay," she replied nervously, "I didn't mind. I had the same thought when I woke – a glass of OJ."

"Sorry, I didn't expect you to be up so early."

"No it's okay, really I didn't mind," she said. There was a little awkwardness between them for a moment.

"I guess you didn't see many naked men at the convent."

She giggled nervously. "No, I didn't," she replied. As they chatted an easiness settled over their conversation as if the dam of their discomfort had broken and their relationship had taken on a new dimension.

"How was it? I mean how was life at the convent?"

She was thrilled that he was now taking an interest in her – not just visibly but also personally.

"It was okay. I mean the sisters treated me with kindness but religion wasn't far away, and then we had the visiting priests."

"I guess they paid you no attention. I mean all the stories I've read about Catholic priests and altar boys."

"Well, there was one, Father Henry. I guess he was an exception."

"You mean he liked young girls?"

"I don't know about that, but he had a tent in the front of his robe on more than one occasion when he was near me." She blushed a little talking to him about something so blatantly sexual.

"Hmm, interesting. I've been thinking about writing a novel about a priest and a young girl. Maybe you could help me out with it."

She looked away. "Oh, I'm not sure I could."

"You swim Holly?"

"Yes, they had a small pool at the convent."

"Well my daughter Cathy is coming by this afternoon and is bringing my grandson Stewart; they're both going to swim. You care to join us?"

"I'd love to. Mary bought me a bikini when we went shopping for clothes."

Alex's cock twitched at the thought of seeing her in a bikini.

"I want to thank you Alex, well you and Mary really for buying me all the clothes and my computer and iPhone. But most of all for letting me come and live with you."

"I'll be honest with you Holly, you know it wasn't my idea, but I'm glad you're here. I like you Holly; I like you a lot."

"Thanks," she said as she looked into his face, his pale-blue eyes twinkled, "I like you a lot too." Those last few words caused a slight blush to creep across her face. She picked up her glass and started to sip, thankful for the cold juice that brought normal color back to her cheeks.


Alex sat sipping a beer by the pool as Holly came walking out of the house; he gasped quietly as he saw that she was wearing a lime-green string bikini. It didn't cover a lot and for that Alex was eternally grateful to his wife for allowing Holly to get it a couple of days ago when he said it was time for a pool party. The bra had a thin string around her neck, each end attached to the apex of a triangle of material that covered each breast; the two triangles were tied in the middle with a bow. The triangles offered no support, not that she needed any, just a cover for her modesty; he noticed the small bumps of her nipples pushing at the material. The bottoms were the same, two triangles tied at each hip with string. The string bikini was indeed living up to its name, and his erection decided it liked it, liked it a lot.

"You look gorgeous Holly. I love the bikini, very sexy." He saw a slight blush on her cheeks.

"Thanks Alex. I asked Mary if it was okay to get it. You don't think it's too small?"

"Heavens no. It's perfect for your petite body."

Alex sat with his loose cargo shorts covering his erection admiring Holly's perfect body. The swimsuit left little to the imagination, and his estimation that her breasts would be a palmful was about right. Holly sat on the chaise rubbing sunscreen into her exposed flesh; Alex sat watching wishing it was he who was doing the rubbing.

He gasped quietly again as his daughter Cathy came walking outside with Stewart in tow. She was wearing a royal-blue bikini that showed off her slender figure. He couldn't believe he'd had sex with her multiple times, explored her body for hours on end and that she'd given him many, many blowjobs. She came over and kissed him on his lips; Holly noticed that it lingered a little longer than a simple peck.

"And this must be Holly," Cathy said. "You were right Daddy; she's beautiful." Holly got up, and Cathy gave her a big hug.

"I'm Cathy, Daddy's daughter and I'm so glad to meet you at last. And this is my son Stewart. Come and hug Holly Stewart."

"Do I have to mommy she's a girl," Stewart said.

"He's a little shy that's all," Cathy said. "Give him half an hour, he'll come 'round."

Holly noticed that Stewart had the very same color eyes as Alex yet Cathy had brown eyes. Cathy sat on the chaise next to her. Alex had taken Stewart inside to change.

"So are you all settled in?" Cathy asked her. "I hope Mom isn't doting on you too much as she can be a little overbearing at times."

"No, she's fine. She fusses around me a bit, but it's nice after spending time in the convent. I love it here. My room's very nice, and Alex helps me with my homework."

"And how you getting along with Daddy?" Holly saw a look of concern on her face and in the tone of her voice.

"Just fine. I like him a lot. I don't think he wanted to be a foster parent, but he's getting to like it."

Holly thought that Cathy gave her a strange look. Over the years living with so many families, she had learned to read people's faces and what maybe they were thinking. She had noticed the lingering kiss on Alex's lips and the way she framed the question. It crossed her mind that Cathy somehow knew that she had a big crush on her father. Alex came back out with Stewart now changed into his swimsuit with inflatable armbands.

"Come on Stu, Mommy's going to help you swim," Cathy said as she took her son's hand.

The two of them walked to the shallow end.

"I'm going in," Holly said, "want to join me?" She got up, and Alex looked at her rear end, two perfect globes inside a triangle of fabric, the shadow of her butt crack barely visible. He decided that maybe the cool water might tamp down his ardor a little. He stood, unzipped his cargo shorts and stepped out of them. Cathy was busy teaching Stewart to swim with her back to him as he walked to the pool with a noticeable bulge in his swimsuit. Holly was watching him out of the corner of her eye, and her pussy tingled knowing she had caused his erection. The thought that she could turn him on was intoxicating, like a drug and she couldn't get enough of it. Alex jumped in and went over to where Holly stood with her arms on the coping facing the pool watching Cathy. Their legs touched as he put his arms on the pool's edge facing the other way.

Mary looked out of the kitchen window at Holly and her husband talking. She noticed how close he was to her; they were almost touching; she smiled. Her husband is an acclaimed author and a very smart man, but when it came to his wife, it was if he was on another planet. She was entirely confident that he had no idea that she knew about his relationship with their daughter, but her feminine instincts knew better. She knew they were having sex when at twelve years old she sensed a change in Cathy's attitude. She was making more attempts at being near her father, brushing against him, giving him doe-eyed looks. It was familiar territory as she had done the same with her father.

And she was okay with that since she knew Alex would be gentle with her and not force her to do anything that she didn't want to do. She also knew that Charlie wasn't Stewart's father; anyone with a bit of sense could see that Stewart had the same pale-blue eyes as her husband whereas Charlie and Cathy both had brown eyes. The pleadings for her daughter to get married to Charlie was just a sham.

Now there was Holly. She had her concerns when she first met her that her beauty would prove too much of a temptation for her husband but she was already committed, and she couldn't very well tell the foster care representative that she couldn't take Holly in because she was too beautiful and would be too much of a temptation for her husband to molest her, now could she.

When the foster care went through, Mary didn't know that Alex would want to have the same relationship with her that he had with his daughter, but it was becoming evident to her that he did. She was concerned of course that if Holly didn't feel the same way it could quickly turn ugly. Now as she watched the interaction between her husband and their foster child, her fears were starting to be alleviated.

Over the past week or so, she had questioned her own feelings about her acquiescence to allow her husband to have sex with Holly. With her daughter, it was different since she had a very loving relationship with her own father for many years. But with Holly it was different, and she had made peace with herself – believing it was better that he had sex within the family as opposed to sneaking off to a hotel room with someone she didn't know since she knew her husband's libido was much stronger than hers.

Being a famous writer and good looking to boot, would make him a target for any woman who was looking for a conquest. She was sure that he got hit on at the many book signings he attended. She only knew of one affair though, and it happened early in their marriage when Cathy was just a year old. She had conveniently ignored it so they could stay together and raise their daughter as one family. After that incident, he seemed to be more into being a father to Cathy than chasing women.

She watched him as Cathy got older and noticed that he took a lot of interest in her, more so than just a fatherly interest. She had asked Cathy when she was nine if Alex had ever molested her when she was younger, although she couched it in terms her daughter could understand; words like 'did daddy touch your privates?' which is what she had told Cathy what her genitals were during the talks about what was okay behavior and what was not. All she said was 'Daddy likes to touch me, and I like it when he does.' Satisfied that Cathy was not being abused, she dropped the subject.

Mary knew she didn't have a big sex drive whereas her husband did and she accommodated him even if she wasn't in the mood. She knew he didn't marry her for sex, but knew he loved her very much, loved her for her kindness, her generosity and above all because she wanted children. After Cathy was born, they were both disappointed that she couldn't conceive again.


"Was that me?" Holly asked. She was nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof and was about to take the conversation with Alex to a level it hadn't been to before.

"Was what me?" he asked. "I'm not sure what you mean Holly."

"Did I . . . did I cause . . . you know . . . your erection?"

The question thrilled Alex no end. "Yes, you most certainly did. You have a gorgeous and very sexy body, and that bikini . . . well."

"I take it you like my swimsuit then."

"Like it! Like it! I think it's the sexiest one I've ever seen and the temptation to pull on those bows has almost been too much to resist."

She blushed slightly and was glad he couldn't see her face.

"I got it with you in mind." she blushed again and this time noticed Cathy looking over at her, so she turned around.

"I'm flattered that you thought of me when you picked it out."

Just then Mary called from in the kitchen. "Alex, I need you."

He hauled himself up, thankful that the cool water had softened his erection some. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist as headed into the house. Cathy left Stewart and came over to where Holly was leaning on the pool edge.

"What were you and Daddy talking about?"

"Nothing in particular."

"I saw you blush. Did he embarrass you?"

"He just said he liked my bikini."

"Well it doesn't leave much to the imagination does it?"

"I guess not," Holly said shyly.

"You like him don't you?"

"At first I thought he didn't want to be a foster parent – he acted kinda funny around me."

"How do you mean – funny?"

"He seemed to be sorta embarrassed whenever I was near him. Then we had a little talk, and I realized he really liked me. He doesn't treat me like a kid but more like an adult."

"Can I ask a personal question?" Cathy said after a few moments of silence.


"You have a bit of a crush on Daddy?"

"Uh-huh," she said quietly.

"Daddy's a very sexy man, and I can understand it. I did when I was your age."

"You did?"

"Uh-huh. Let me ask you something. Would you ever act on it?"

"Dunno, I might. I'm scared. I've never felt like this before," she whispered again.

"I know what it's like to be your age, hormones raging, realizing the effect you have on men. It's like a drug isn't it?"

"Uh-huh. I like you Cathy. You seem to know how I feel."

"Been there done that Holly. What were your other foster parents like?"

"Most were okay, but there were a couple of foster families I stayed with that I didn't like. The father of one was always trying to get me alone and touch me . . . you know . . . touch my pussy and tits and stuff. They took me away from them when I told his wife what he tried to do. Then in another home, the father got drunk one night and tore my sleep shorts off and grabbed me . . . you know grabbed my pussy. I screamed, and his wife found him on my bed in just his underwear. I never did like him; he was fat and smelly. Not like Alex at all."

"Wow! That must have been tough."

"Yeah, it was. It was having to go to another home that bothered me as I never knew what to expect."

Have you thought about . . . you know . . . letting Daddy do stuff with you?"

"I guess," she replied hesitatingly. "He hasn't tried anything though."

"What would you do if he did?"

"I dunno. I like him a lot, and sometimes I wonder what it would be like if you know . . . if he would kiss me."

"Daddy's a very good kisser, but you know kissing can lead to other things. What do you feel about that?"

"I'm not sure. You know I've thought about it. It's a little scary, but it sorta thrills me to think that I'm attractive to him."

"Oh let me tell you, I've seen that look in his eyes when he didn't think I was watching him. He desires you; I know that for a fact. I can tell he very much wants to do things with you – he has the same look that I saw when I was your age. How do you feel about that?"

"Kinda nice to feel that he wants me."

"You do know that if you did anything with Daddy and if anyone ever found out he would go to prison for a very long time."

"Yes Cathy, I'm not stupid. I would never let that happen – ever."

"I'm glad to hear that."

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure honey."

"I noticed that you kissed him on his mouth and it wasn't just a quick peck."

"All I'll say Holly is that Daddy and I have a very special relationship."

"Mommy, Mommy. Help me swim," Stewart shouted flailing around, his armbands keeping him afloat.

"Okay honey, coming."


Cathy was in her parents' bedroom showering after her swim. She had just stepped out of the shower when her father walked into the bathroom.

"Daddy, where's Mommy?"

"She's busy with Holly; they're cooking dinner. I locked the bedroom door."

He walked over and put his arms around his daughter and pulled her naked body to him; they kissed.

"God I've missed you Cathy," he said as he broke their kiss.

"It's been a while since you came to my apartment. I miss our lovemaking too."

"I do too honey."

"Do we have a few minutes?" she asked as she unbuckled his pants.

"I think so," he replied as she tugged his boxers down and sank to her knees.

Cathy took her father's penis into her mouth and part-way down her throat, holding it there for twenty seconds before pulling off, long thick and thin tendrils of spittle stretched from her lips to its head.

"Oh my God, you give the best head."

Cathy continued sucking her father's penis while rubbing its shaft with her fist, twisting it. She felt his shaft swell and pulse; she knew from countless times she had given him head that he was cumming. She knew to withdraw his cock until just the head was inside her mouth allowing room for his cum. The first spurt hit the back of her throat, and she easily swallowed it; same for the subsequent spurts; he held onto the vanity as his legs started to buckle.

"Good?" she asked as she wiped her mouth with the palm of her hand.

"You're always good honey."

"Be careful with Holly Daddy," she said as she rinsed her mouth with Listerine, wouldn't do to let mommy taste Daddy's cum on her lips, she thought. He didn't respond.

Chapter Nine

"Do you have to go Mary, can't your Dad handle it?" Alex asked his wife. She had just told him that she needed to go visit her mother who was moving from home to an assisted living place.

"No Alex, Daddy is not well, and he gets all confused with the paperwork. I'll only be gone for about three days. You can handle getting Holly to and from school and the cooking."

"Yes I can Mary. Have a safe trip."

"Thanks honey. I'll call you when I get there."

Alex's worst nightmare was coming to pass, being alone in the house with a twelve-year-old girl. Even after the talk they'd had at the pool the day before, he still wasn't sure Holly was even interested in doing anything with him. Two hours later his mind was put to rest when his phone warbled; it was his daughter.

"Hey Cathy, what's up?"

"Mom just called and said she had to go and move grandma into an assisted living place and she'd be gone for three or four days."

"That's right and what you told me to avoid is coming to pass."

"Well, after you went into the house yesterday, I had a little girl to girl talk with Holly."

That peaked his interest. "Oh you did, did you?"

"I'm jealous Daddy. She has a big crush on you like I did at her age. I asked her if she'd thought about doing things with you and she said she had. She's very aware of what would happen if anyone found out. Holly's very mature for a twelve-year-old."

"I'm surprised you're okay with this, after all, I'd be cheating on your mother and you."

"And what we did together wasn't cheating on Mom?"

"I guess you're right. Thanks for telling me what you and Holly talked about. Love you."

"Love you too Daddy and be careful okay?"

"Sure honey, bye."


At ten o'clock Thursday morning, Mary kissed her husband goodbye and drove off. Alex was on tenterhooks the whole day, puttering around the house, doing nothing in particular, moving a photo frame from one end of the fireplace mantle to the other, then moving it back again. At three thirty he was standing beside his Ferrari 458 Italia leaning on the roof. The car was a gift to himself after he received the three quarter million advance on his third novel and he loved its color – Rosso Fiorino – a deep metallic red. The car reminded him that he hadn't worked on the book for almost three days now. He saw Holly with two other girls come out of the main entrance.

"Who's that gorgeous man standing by that red car?" Tracy, one of her new friends asked.

"God I could let him grope my tits any day of the week," Ashley the second girl said.

"That's my foster Dad," Holly said.

"You've been holding out on us Holly," Tracy said. "Why didn't you tell us you lived with a hunk?"

"Yeah," Ashley said. "When're you gonna invite us 'round to swim. I could wear that teensy bikini I bought, ya know, the one Mom doesn't know about."

"I'll talk to him," Holly replied. "Maybe this Saturday."

Holly ran over and put her arms around his neck and kissed him on his mouth.

"That's for the benefit of my two friends over there," she said. "Gotta make 'em jealous."

He looked over and smiled at the two girls; that started them whispering to each other.

"Hop in," he said holding the door open for her. As he started the car and the V8 engine roared into life with its raspy exhaust note, a group of six boys stood with mouths open watching them. Holly waved to them as they drove off.

"This is nice Alex. What kind is it?"

"It's a Ferrari Italia."

"Is it fast?"

"Oh yes," he replied. As he cleared the school zone and entered the highway he punched the accelerator, and the car leaped forward, pushing her back into her seat.

"Wow, this is fun," she said as she hung onto the grab bar in the door panel.

He parked the car in the four-bay garage, and they entered the house. Holly dropped her school bag on the floor and put her hands around his neck.

"Yay, we have the next three or four days alone," she said excitedly. "Can I invite my two friends you saw outside the school to come 'round on Saturday for a pool party?"

"I don't see why not. Why don't you text them and see if they need picking up? Tell them around one o'clock okay?"

"Kay," she said as she wandered off into the living room. She came back a few moments later. Ashley said her mom would bring both of them over."

"Why didn't you go and take a shower and put on your nicest dress."

"Why Alex?"

"Because we're going out on a date. I'm taking you to dinner."

Holly jumped up and down with excitement and then took off running upstairs to her room.

"Be ready by six," he shouted after her.


At six-fifteen, Holly came back down. She was wearing a light-gray, sleeveless sheath dress that had a scalloped-shaped dip at her throat. It emphasized her behind as it clung sensually to her still-developing curves and thighs as it ended at just above her knees. It was backless with a single strap holding the sides together under her shoulder blades. It was apparent she wasn't wearing a bra and Alex couldn't see a panty line, so he had no idea what she was wearing, but it excited him to know that later that night he was going to find out.

Her hair was fixed up in a swirl on top of her head looking like a cinnamon bun. He noticed the simple diamond stud earrings Mary had bought her as well as the Minnie Mouse watch with its well-worn strap that she told him she'd had for as long as she could remember. She was carrying a small purse with white beads; simple plain black pumps finished the ensemble.

He stood there open-mouthed. "My God Holly, you look stunning," he said as she twirled around for him.

"You like it?"

"Like it? I love it! You look so darned sexy."

She blushed a little. "I'm glad you like it. Are we going in the Ferrari?"

"You betcha."


Twenty minutes later they sat a small table in a charming Italian bistro that he had taken Mary to when they were dating. The waiter came over to take their drinks order.

"I'll have a Grey Goose martini straight up with a lemon twist and the young lady here will have a very small glass of Chardonnay."

The waiter left. "So I can have some wine?"

"Yes, because I'm going to get you drunk and take every advantage of you."

She giggled. "This is very nice of you Alex. I've never been on a date before."

"Never? Really?"

"Nuh-uh. Dating at the convent was frowned upon. They held a dance every month where boys were invited, but it was very supervised."

"I'm sure it was."

Their drinks arrived, and Alex ordered for both of them. Holly sipped her very small glass of wine throughout dinner, feeling very grown up. Her pussy tingled as she looked across the table at Alex. He was very handsome she thought, and she wished her friends could see them together.

"Would you mind if I took a selfie of us to post on Instagram?"

"Not at all."

She came around the table and crouched a little, so her face was level with his and snapped a picture with her iPhone. She showed it to him.

"My friends are going to be sooooo jealous," she said as she posted it on Instagram with the caption 'My date with Alex.'


"You want me to sleep with you in your bed tonight?" he asked as he held her in his arms in the living room. He saw her slightly shocked reaction and for a few moments thought he had pushed it too far too soon. Then he relaxed as she replied.

"Yes," she answered. It was almost a whisper; a slight blush tinged the top of her cheeks.

"Come," he said as he took her hand, feeling how damp it was; she was trembling slightly as they climbed the stairs. When they got to her bedroom door, he stopped.

"Why don't you go ahead and get undressed and get into bed. I know you're not wearing a bra, but I'm intrigued as to what panties you're wearing so leave them on."

"Kay," she whispered; she opened her bedroom door and stepped inside.

Ten minutes later, Alex, wearing just a pair of boxers knocked on her door.

"Come in," she said.

As he entered her bedroom, he gasped loudly as she saw her sitting on the edge of her bed, naked except for a frilly lace thong that barely covered her vulva. She had her arms bent protectively in front of her breasts with her hands holding her neck. He walked over to her and stood in front of her. She noticed the large bulge in the thin cotton of his underwear; she wondered what they were going to do? Were they going to have intercourse, the thought of which made her nipples and pussy tingle but she wasn't sure she could take him inside her – the tent in his boxers looked huge?

He sensed her trepidation. "Don't worry Holly we're not going to have intercourse tonight."

Alex took her hands in his and pulled her up. "My God but you have the perfect breasts," he said as he moved her arms aside. She had half-lemon sized swells high on her chest that stood straight out with dime-sized areolas that were already stippled and darkened from her arousal. He dropped to his knees; her breasts were now at eye level. Putting his arms around her waist, he drew her to him and kissed each nipple in turn, feeling them swell and harden. Her ash-brown tresses tumbled onto her shoulders as she released the clip. Her fingers ran through his hair as he kissed and sucked her breasts; they ached and felt heavy with passion, and she felt herself leaking into the small gusset of her panties.

"Ah, now I know why I couldn't see a panty line through your dress; you're wearing a very sexy thong." He hooked his fingers inside the small elastic sides and pulled her panties down; they fell to her feet. She stepped out of them as he looked at the vee-shaped pad of her mons with a very light smattering of ash-brown hair; her vulva, full with plump labia that filled the sexy gap at the top of her legs; sexy creases at the confluence of her labia and thighs.

"You are so beautiful Holly, and you have a gorgeous, gorgeous body."

"Thanks," she whispered.

"Sorry but I leaked a lot," she said as he picked her panties up. He brought them to his nose and sniffed. His eyes closed as he enjoyed the heady aroma of her sex; musky, sweet with a trace of sweat.

"My God you smell heavenly. Smells the same as the panties that were in the wash Saturday morning. Had you masturbated while wearing them that morning?"


"You wouldn't believe how you turned me on that morning as I heard you masturbating and then when I felt the wetness in your panties I couldn't stand it any longer, I had to get some sexual relief."

"I noticed," she said, "part of them were hanging out of your pocket as you headed to the bathroom."

"Busted," he said. "Why don't you lie on the bed sweetie?"

Holly climbed onto the bed and lay on her side. Alex lay beside her. He put his hand on her neck and kissed her; she tilted her head to get full mouth to mouth contact. Her tongue found his, and they started a little sensual dance, first in her mouth and then in his. He finally broke off after an intense minute.

"Jeez Holly, you kiss so well. I bet they didn't teach you that at the convent."

She smiled.

They kissed again, and his hand slipped off her neck and cupped her breast; it was a perfect palmful, and he felt her nipple, like a small raisin. He gasped in her mouth as tentative fingers traced the outline of his penis in the stretch cotton of his boxers, feeling the fat shaft, the rim of the head and the wet spot where he had leaked precum.

"You can take them off if you like." He rolled to his back, and she tugged at the waistband; he lifted so she could pull them all the way off. His erection now lay on his stomach. He watched as she lifted it up and put her hand around it, fingers not quite touching; she felt looseness of the skin and the three hard yet soft columns with their bulging veins. It was apparent to him that she had never had a man's penis in her hand before.

"It's so big," she said.

"I'm just average," he replied.

She touched his testicles, feeling how heavy they were in their loose sack. That's where babies come from, she thought. She wondered if he knew that she had started her periods a year ago and what he would do to avoid getting her pregnant. The thought of having his baby, although an impossibility, excited her. All the while she as examining his penis, he was fondling her breasts, marveling how young, how firm they were.

He gently moved her onto her back seeing how her firm breasts kept their shape, with hard nipples at their tops. So very sexy. He bent her knees and nestled between her thighs, his head mere inches away from her vulva. Her clitoral cowl was prominent at the top of her cleft; plump labia hugged her thin clitoral sheath that stretched almost to the depression, the opening to her vagina.

"You have a gorgeous pussy Holly."

"Thanks," she whispered.

Alex parted her plump labia with a finger and thumb, exposing folds of bright-pink skin glistening with the moisture of her arousal. Her delicate inner labia, her clitoral sheath were like small wings of a butterfly folded open revealing her urethra and there at the very bottom of her sheath the opening to her vagina, moisture leaking out and running into the crease between her cheeks pushed tight together. She gasped loudly as his tongue touched the entrance, gathering her moisture and licking all the way up to her small nubbin, her clitoris nestled in its cowl.

He felt her shudder as he gently flicked it with the tip of his tongue. Her whole body shook as he placed his mouth over her vulva and sucked.

"That feels soooo good," she murmured. She ran her fingers through Alex's tousled brown hair as he continued to suck and kiss her clit. He felt her pussy clench, and a moan escaped her lips as he penetrated her with two fingers, curling them up and rubbing the inside of her vagina. She was wet, very wet. He could feel her body start to jerk as her orgasm bore down on her. She arched her back off the bed as she climaxed. It was as if her whole body was wound as tight as a spring, muscles tensed, eyes shut tight, brow knitted, hands balled into fists holding clumps of his hair. She wasn't breathing.

Then, with a loud swoosh she exhaled and dropped back to the bed; her muscles finally achieved release, and her legs and arms flopped to her sides. She was panting hard, and beads of perspiration on her brow and the underside of her breasts gathered together; soon her brow glistened with sweat as did her breasts. She calmed and the small tics and jerks, the aftermath of her orgasm finally left.

"My God Alex, that was insane. I've never had an orgasm as intense as that one."

"I'm glad," he replied and rolled her to her side and spooned her back. She pulled his hand around her waist and put it on her breast. He squeezed gently.

"This is nice," she said, "very nice indeed." Her voice trailed off, and she was soon snoring lightly. He pulled the sheet over her rapidly cooling body and fell into a very deep, serene sleep.


Chapter Ten

Holly awoke the next morning as the sky started to lighten. She lay there remembering her intense orgasm from Alex's tongue the night before. She looked at him on his back snoring lightly. She had a man in her bed for heaven's sakes. She had slept with him and now woke up beside him. What would Ashley and Tracy say if they could see her now? Then when she remembered the conversation with Cathy about what would happen if anyone found out about her and Alex, she chastised herself, she needed to be discreet.

If someone would have told her that an orgasm from a man's tongue would be double the intensity as from her finger she wouldn't have believed it.

She carefully got out of bed so as not to disturb him and went to the bathroom where she sat on the toilet and peed. After wiping herself, she got back in bed and lay there with her head propped up on one hand and studied him.

Alex was a very good looking man, and his toned body gave her tingles. For the first time, she noticed a few gray hairs on his temples. He certainly didn't look like he was in his early forties, he had a few crow's feet at the corners of his eyes, and those were only visible when he smiled which he did a lot. She loved his ponytail as it gave him a bit of a rebel look. He had a slight stubble that she had felt the night before when she cupped his cheek as she kissed him.

The sheet had been kicked off during the night, and his penis lay to one side. She watched as it slowly started to grow bigger and she jumped a little as all of a sudden it rolled and lay on his pubes. She watched in amazement as it slowly grew longer and got fatter until after a minute or two it was rock hard to her touch.

Holly had read about men's morning erections on the Internet, and now she had witnessed one. He was still fast asleep, his chest rising and falling in a slow rhythm. She moved closer and carefully put her hand around the shaft and lifted it off his stomach. After it seemed like ages she drew up enough courage; she lowered her mouth over its helmet-shaped head and closed her lips around it. Her pussy and nipples were tingling like crazy as she realized she had his penis in her mouth, something she had thought about ever since she had seen him naked that early morning as he crossed the living room.

She licked his pee hole tasting his precum; it was nothing she was familiar with. Slowly she rubbed up and down the shaft pulling his foreskin over the head and back again. With her other hand on his thigh, she could feel his butt jerk a little. The tics and jerks got more frequent, and Holly could feel his body start to tremble; his hands grabbed balls of linen. More precum had leaked into her mouth which she let fall from her lips onto the head of his penis where she smeared it along his shaft causing it to be more sensitive.

Then she felt his cock swell.

"Oh my God," he cried as he climaxed. She felt his hot semen spurt into her mouth followed by a second. She was swallowing as fast as she could, trying to keep up with the fluid flooding her mouth; her cheeks bulging to accommodate it; she made a mental note not to have her mouth full with his cock the next time. As the last of his cum dribbled out, she squeezed the shaft and licked it off. His quick short breaths slowly calmed, and small tics and jerks like small aftershocks came and went. He opened his eyes and saw Holly smiling, holding his semi-erect cock in hand.

"Jeez Holly, they teach you how to do that in the convent?"

She giggled. "No, I've been watching women do it on the Internet. Did I do it right?"

"I should say so. You were fantastic. Come up here and get a cuddle."

She lay beside him, and he put an arm around her shoulder; she nestled her head on his chest, her hand held his rapidly softening cock.

"What prompted you to do that? I mean you've probably never seen a man's penis before let alone held one."

"Dunno. I guess I wanted to see what it felt like and the men on the Internet seemed to like it a lot. You gave me a very nice orgasm last night, and I wanted to make you feel good."

"Can I ask you something Holly?"

"Uh-huh. And I'm a virgin if that's what you wanted to know."

"No that wasn't it as I assumed you were. I wanted to confirm that you were having your periods. My daughter was eleven when she started, but I know every girl is different but I assumed you had, given how your body has developed."

"Yes, I started when I was ten and a half. I guess you're concerned about getting me pregnant when we have sex."

"Yes, that was my concern. Would you be open to going with my daughter to see her OB-GYN and have an IUD fitted? I assume you know what that is."

"Yes I do, and that would be okay with me. But."

"But what?"

"That means we can't have sex while Mary is away."

"I don't much care to wear them, but I have some condoms."

Her eyes lit up. "So we can then . . . you know?"

"Yes, we can."


Holly seemed to float like she was on cloud nine all the next day in anticipation of sex that evening. She would suddenly put her arms around Alex's neck and kissed him.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"No reason," she replied, "I just felt like kissing you that's all. I didn't get many kisses growing up."

That last comment tugged at his heartstrings. He cooked them a nice pot roast with whipped potatoes. He allowed Holly half a glass of a nice French Burgundy. At nine o'clock he took Holly's hand and led her to the master suite. She went into the bathroom to undress as he quickly got undressed and into bed. Before she turned the bathroom light off, she was instantly silhouetted in the doorway, and the gap at the top of her slim legs looked so sexy filled with her plump vulva.

She walked to the bed, and from the light of the small lamp on the bedside table; he could see that she was only wearing a pair of pale-blue satin boyshorts trimmed in white lace; her plump pussy coddled in its gusset. Alex couldn't help but stare at her small breasts that stood out high on her chest, firm, pert with darkened areolas and little pink nipples.

"I know I've said this before Holly, but you have an incredibly sexy body, and I think your breasts are gorgeous."

"I think they're too small," she replied.

"Nonsense," he replied. "Come and lie down beside me."

She got onto the bed and lay on his left side. He pushed his knee in between her legs, feeling her vulva inside the cotton gusset of her panties pushing against his thigh, soft and warm. He reached over and palmed her left breast, feeling how firm it was and sensing the hardening of her nipple.

"A perfect palmful," he said, "so firm yet so soft and I love the way they stand up with not the slightest hint of sag. A young girls' breasts are a thing of beauty."

He leaned over and took each into his mouth in turn. As he sucked and swirled his tongue around her nipple, she caressed the side of his face. She was slowly but surely falling in love with Alex. She even amazed herself at how far she'd come in the short time she had lived with him, from a girl in a convent where the only sex she knew was at the end of her finger to one who had performed oral sex on a man and was about to lose her virginity to him.

She had her eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of having her breasts sucked and licked when she felt his hand on her tummy moving down, lifting the elastic waist of her panties and slipping lower. A loud gasp escaped her open mouth as he cupped her pussy and slid his middle finger in between her plump labia, its pad finding the wet opening to her vagina.

He curled his finger and penetrated her. "Yes Alex, that feels good," she murmured. She felt a second then a third finger enter her vagina, stretching her more than she's stretched before. Even the handle of her hairbrush never stretched her this much, and it felt so good. The thought of his fat cock penetrating her dampened her ardor some, but it was soon rekindled as he rubbed and pressed her small hard button.

She moaned. "Gawd yes, do it harder," she said.

As he massaged and pressed her clitoris, her hand found his erection inside the opening of his boxers and squeezed it.

"Mmmm," he murmured.

He got up and tugged his boxers down and off; he put his fingers inside the waist of her panties and tugged; she lifted, and he pulled them off; they joined his boxers on the floor. Lifting her legs over his hips, he fished under the pillow and found the foil pack. Holly watched as he opened the pack with his teeth and pulled out a pink condom. She had never seen one before, and she watched in fascination as he rolled it onto his cock.

Grabbing the shaft in his right hand, Alex swiped its helmet-shaped head up and down her very wet cleft. He had purchased the lubricated condoms so it would be easier to penetrate her. Resting the head against the opening of her vagina it reminded him that she was only twelve years old, just a child really as he looked at the size of his cock and the small opening of her vagina. Would it stretch enough for him to penetrate her with causing a lot of pain; would she bleed? All these questions caused him to doubt what he was about to do.

Blood pounded in his temples as he heard her speak.

"Put it in me," she said. "I want to feel your cock stretching me. I want to feel it inside me."

He pushed a little, feeling her dilate some. He pushed a little harder and could see the tight ring of skin, white with tension, half way down from the tip of his cock. He looked at Holly's face; her brow was furrowed, and her eyes squinted. He felt sure he was hurting her, so he started to ease the pressure.

"No!" she said. "Don't stop now."

He pushed some more and with a slight wince, the head popped in. God was she tight as the ring of skin stretched more than it had ever stretched before was now like a rubber band around the underside of the crown.

"You okay Holly?" he asked concerned that he had hurt her.

"I'm fine; it hurt a little as you pushed in but I'm okay now."

"That's good because you're incredibly tight."

She clenched her pussy.

"Ow, don't do that as it hurts," he said.

"Sorry-sorry-sorry," she said.

Alex pushed a little more and slowly, very slowly he inched his cock inside her until after a good minute he bumped her end.

"Wow," she said, "that feels good – stuffed – but it feels so good."

He looked down and saw that their pubes were connected, she had taken the entire six inches inside her.

"You've taken all of me inside you Holly, want to see?"

She lifted up on her elbows, and, craning her neck, saw that his cock was entirely inside her. "No wonder I feel so full. Did I bleed?"

"Not that I can see," he replied.

She dropped back onto her pillow as he started to fuck her. He fucked her with languid strokes, being careful not to go too fast. But it appeared as if it was not enough for Holly.

"It's okay Alex; you don't have to be so gentle with me. If you want to, you can fuck me a little harder."

She pulled him down on top of her and put her arms around his neck, enjoying the weight of his body on hers. It made her feel so grown up to have a naked man lying on top of her with his penis buried deep inside her. He started to hump her, slowly at first then increasing the tempo. He had his hands under her shoulder blades, feeling the small nuances in her body telling him she was getting very aroused; small jerks and tics; the increase in her breathing and the grip of a hand on the back of his neck and on the small of his back.

"Yes that feels good," she murmured as the tip of his cock bumped her cervix. "I love the feeling of your cock inside me Alex."

Her breathing was getting rapid and short, more like panting. She was actively fucking him now; curling her pussy against his strokes; urging him on with her heels on his calves.

"Yes – yes – yes," she cried as he humped her, squashing her clit with his pubic bone.

He was close to cumming. "Cum with me Holly," he whispered in her ear.

That tipped her over the top into her orgasm as she climaxed.

"Oh gaawd," she cried, "cumming Alex."

He felt his cock swell as semen coursed through its shaft and spurted into the condom. Then Holly contracted her vagina, cutting off his spurt. It was agony as the pressure built up. Then she started to relax as her orgasm began to ebb and he exploded spurting hard, spurting, sweet release at last. The pain of being stopped from ejaculating slowly went away.

She kept hugging him, and he could feel dampness on his shoulder. He lifted a little and saw tears in her eyes.

"You made me so happy Alex. Making love with you is an incredibly emotional experience."

He wiped a tear away. "You're an incredible young woman Holly."

"I'm falling in love with you Alex. There's a pressure in my chest as I think about you and how much you care for me and how you treat me."

Alex hadn't expected this response, but he guessed he should have expected it as she's just twelve years old and girls of that age have a very romantic outlook on life. He had to treat her with kid gloves.

"I'm flattered Holly, very flattered. You do know that a love affair will be tough to keep going inside my marriage as well as difficult to keep secret."

She sighed. "I know, I guess you're right, but I can't help the way I feel about you."

"I care for you a whole lot, and it's not just about the sex."

She put her arm around his neck and kissed him. Her mouth opened and her tongue searched for his. He was drowning in her kiss. This twelve-year-old was stealing his heart. She finally broke their kiss.

"Wow Holly, you're a great French kisser."

She blushed a little. "Thank you," she whispered.

They hugged each other and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Chapter Eleven

Cathy picked Holly up the next day to take her to her own OB-GYN to have an IUD fitted as both Alex and Cathy had decided it was the best method since remembering to take the pill every day was somewhat onerous for a twelve-year-old.

"How are you and Daddy getting along?" Cathy asked as she drove.

"I'm falling in love with him," Holly replied.

"Wow! I know Daddy's a very sexy and good looking man, but I didn't expect this. You know it will be tough to keep a love affair going inside his marriage, and it will be challenging to keep it secret."

"That's what Alex said, but I can't ignore my feelings. He's so gentle in bed, always making sure I'm okay."

"So you guys had sex yet?"

"Yes, last night, and Cathy it was the most incredible feeling I've ever had."

"I know how you feel. I'm going to tell you something that you must swear to keep a secret. Can you do that?"

"Of course."

"Daddy took my virginity when I was thirteen, and it was a magical experience."

"I sorta thought you'd had sex with him. I see the way he looks at you."


"You know, you and Daddy could use my apartment, he has the key," Cathy offered as she drove Holly back home.

"Won't you be jealous though? I mean using your place to make love."

"Don't worry about that; I thought maybe you'd be jealous."

"What do you mean Cathy?"

"Daddy and I still have sex on occasions."

"I sort of figured you did, and you don't have to worry about me. I've never had a jealous thought in my life. Growing up, being shuffled from home to home I've never had the time to feel jealousy."

"Wow Holly, you are a remarkable young woman."


That night as Holly walked with Alex to her bedroom, she thought about what it would be like to have sex without a condom – what would it feel like to have him spurt his cum inside her? The thought sent a shudder of pleasure through her body. She got undressed in the bathroom and joined him in bed. He had laid a towel on the bed.

"What's the towel for?" she asked.

"Sex without a condom can be gratifying and pleasing but can also be messy, and we don't want to sleep on a wet bed."

She lay on her back on the towel and opened her legs invitingly. She chuckled quietly.

"What was amusing?" he asked.

"I was just thinking what would Sister Agnes think of me, naked lying on my bed with my legs wide open and about to be made love to."

"I'm sure she would probably tell you to go and say a few hundred Hail Marys."

Alex sat on his haunches and draped her legs over his thighs, his thick cock lay on her mons leaking precum into the sparse ash-brown hairs. He swiped the head up and down her cleft, feeling her wetness.

She was very aroused. "Put it inside me," she whispered; it was almost a plea.

He placed the bulbous head against the small wet opening of her vagina, still marveling at how much she had stretched to accommodate his girth. He looked into her eyes as he slowly pushed, feeling her very tight pussy dilate a little. Small, quick furrows on her brow told him she was hurting a little.

"Is it hurting too much Holly? Are you still sore from last night" he asked concerned that he was hurting her, the tight ring of skin was stretched obscenely around the head of his cock.

"Just a little," she said, "but don't stop, I want to feel you filling me up. It felt sooo good last night after you were inside me."

He pushed a little more; her eyes narrowed, and she winced a little as the head popped inside her.

She breathed a sigh of relief, "I'm okay now you're inside me. It's just that you're so big and I have to stretch so much."

Alex continued pushing into her until he bumped her end. She still found it surprising that a twelve-year-old girl could take his full length. His daughter couldn't take all of him inside her until she was fourteen.

"Lie on top of me Alex; I like to feel your weight."

He moved his legs down, bending his knees, cradling her hips and lowered himself onto her small frame, feeling her petite breasts swell out against his chest. She put her arms around his neck, and they kissed. Her mouth opened welcoming his tongue; he groaned as she sucked his tongue. As he humped her, she responded with curls of her pussy. Her breathing increased until she started panting, her nostrils flared as she breathed out; he felt puffs of hot breath on his shoulder.

"Yes, that's it Alex," she said between breaths. "Gaawd I love how your cock feels inside me, filling me up."

She was actively fucking him, curling her pussy to meet his thrusts. Then she froze; she held him deep inside with her heels on the back of his thighs; her whole body tensed as she climaxed. Then she started shaking as her orgasm washed over and through her.

"Oh gaaawd Alex," she cried, "so good, so good."

He held her tight as she calmed and her breathing returned to normal, and her muscles relaxed.

She had her arms around his neck as she looked into his eyes. Tears welled up and ran down the sides of her face.

"I love you so much Alex," she said as she sobbed gently with happiness.

She put her hand on his chest feeling his heart pounding. "You love me too don't you," she said.

"I didn't realize it until now," he said.

She pulled him down and kissed him. "I want to feel you cum inside me, to feel your spurts."

Alex started stroking in and out of her very tight pussy, lubricated with copious amounts of his precum and her juices. He knew he wouldn't last long and her silky wet glove was milking him, squeezing his shaft but more gently this time. Both he and she felt his cock swell and pulse as the first of his cum spurted out against her cervix.

"Oh gaawd yes, I felt that," she said as another spurt hit her end.

He kept thrusting into her as his teeming fluid flooded her small vagina until he was just dry humping her. She felt his cock start to soften, and as she clenched her pussy trying to keep him inside her, it had the opposite effect and ejected him. She felt his cum running out into the slit between her cheeks where they were pressed tightly together by the bed; his semen puddled on the towel.

Rolling to one side, he put his arm across her chest and cupped her left breast, feeling the bulge of her areola and the small bead of her nipple in the palm of his hand; he kissed the corner of her mouth.

"I felt all your spurts," she said. "I liked it."

"Why don't you cup your pussy and go to the bathroom before you leak some more."

He heard noises in the bathroom, the toilet seat being lifted then running water, then Holly.

"Gawd Alex, that's a lot of cum," she shouted, "you'd put Peter North to shame."

"Peter who?" he shouted back.

She came back into the bedroom. "He's the guy who . . . Oh never mind. If you don't look at porn then you'll not know what I'm talking about."

She pulled the towel off the bed, balled it up and dropped it on the floor; she got into bed and hugged his side, draping one leg over his, pushing a still wet pussy into his thigh and grasping his flaccid cock in her right hand.

"So you do love me," she said after a few minutes. He had turned toward her and was caressing her breast and nipple.

"Hopelessly," he replied. "I thought it was the sex you know. For a grown man to have sex with a twelve-year-old girl is an extreme turn-on–well for those men who are lucky enough to have sex with girls. I guess if people knew what you and I do, I would be labeled as a pedophile . . . the lowest of the lowest of the human race."

"I don't think of you like that Alex. You've just made love to me in a way that no boy ever could."

"Yeah, but society doesn't look on a man's lovemaking ability with an underage female as a redeeming quality."

Then she said something that surprised the heck out of him.

"Fuck society."

"Holly, as much as you would love to ignore what society thinks, it's not possible. We need to keep our love affair under wraps."

"I had a nice conversation with Cathy on the way back from the doctor's office, and she offered her apartment for us to meet . . . and before you say anything, I know that you and she still have sex, and I'm fine with that."

"Wow! Holly, you are one amazing young woman."

"Thanks, and don't forget you have three sexy young women at your pool tomorrow – but keep your hands off them – well two of them that is."


Chapter Twelve

At two o'clock Ashley's mother dropped her daughter and Tracy off at Alex's house for the pool party. Alex had no idea what tornado-like three pubescent girls could wreak on his home. He stood open-mouthed as they splashed in the pool for ten minutes before Ashely shouted,
"Topless yay."

And all three shed the tops of their bikinis. Alex was greeted with not only the sight of Holly's breasts, of which he was intimately familiar, but with Ashley's that were a tad larger but less firm as they jiggled as she ran and Tracy's that were just still breast buds but she was not shy at showing them off. All three girls were at ease with each other's bare breasts as if they had done this before. The three of them giggled as they whispered, all the time looking at Alex's obvious erection inside his Speedo that he made no attempt to hide but also made no effort to flaunt it either.

All three tried to get him in the pool, some from Ashley in particular that were blatantly sexy, but Holly had warned him ahead of time about her friend.

Holly whispered in his ear, "Thanks for not brushing off Ashley, she really has the hots for you."

"I would never do that to your friend; I hope you know that Holly."

"Yes I do and thanks," she replied. "I love you Alex," she whispered.

"Love you too Holly."

She went back to the pool where Ashley and Tracy were giggling and whispering to each other.

"What you two talking about?" Holly asked as she jumped in the pool.

"I think you're in love," Ashley said.

"What makes you think that?" Holly asked.

"It's pretty obvious," Tracy added, "we've seen the way you look at him."

"And we don't blame you," Ashley said, "I think I'd fall in lust with too."

"Okay girls, lunchtime," Alex said as he got up, his erection outlined in his Speedos.

Hot dogs, coleslaw, and Pepsis were the order of the day, and the three girls sat around the teak table with its large canvas umbrella shading them from the fierce midday sun. He couldn't take his eyes off Ashley's and Tracy's breasts. Holly looked at him with a knitted brow and narrowing eyes as if to say look but don't touch.


At six o'clock Ashley's mother picked up Tracy and her daughter but not before both girls had planted a big kiss on Alex's mouth.

"That was fun," Alex said as he closed the front door.

"What did you think of Ashley's boobs? They're bigger than mine aren't they?" Holly said.

"Yeah, but I get to play with yours," he replied, and tonight I'm going to play with them big time." Holly giggled furiously.


That night when they went to bed, he shuffled down and opened her legs. Her plump labia was closed, but her sizable clitoral hood was poking out at the top of her slit puffed and pink. He parted her labia; the inside was bright pink, quite a contrast to her alabaster skin, which he thought very sexy. Holly watched his face as his tongue brushed her little nubbin, she closed her eyes and gasped.

He continued sucking her pussy and licking her clitoris, and he could feel her arousal through small tics and jerks. Then he had an idea.

"Holly, why don't you get on top tonight, I think you'll like it."

"Okay," she replied excitedly.

Alex lay on his back, and Holly straddled his hips, her pussy pressed down on his erection, her plump labia pooched out each side of his shaft; it was if her pussy was hugging his cock in a sensual embrace.

"Good God Holly, that is one very sexy sight. It's like your pussy is hugging my cock."

She looked down and was amazed to see that her pussy was indeed hugging his cock. She felt so adult; she was no longer a twelve-year-old girl; she was Alex's lover.

"Why don't you put it inside you," he said.

He watched as she lifted and took his cock between her thumb and finger and positioned its head at the entrance to her vagina. She had an intense, concentrated look on her face as she slowly started to lower herself onto his penis. It was replaced by an occasional look of concern as she readied herself for some discomfort that never arrived. Slowly, carefully she lowered herself, impaling herself inch by inch onto his erection until their pubes met – she had taken all of him inside her, and the feeling of the tip of his cock pushing against her rubbery end excited her no end.

Alex reached up and tweaked each of her nipples. "Told you I was going to play with your tits tonight," he said, "and play with them I will."

She giggled, and her breasts remained firm.

"Ashley may have bigger tits, but yours are so much firmer. I saw that her ass jiggled as she ran too."

"Yes, she doesn't exercise much. Our basketball coach is always onto her to do more."

Holly slowly started to move back and forth, scrubbing her clit along his shaft, sending sparks of pleasure into her pussy. She closed her eyes and picked up the pace, scrubbing back and forth, back and forth; he held two very firm breasts in his hands as she fucked him. Moans now escaped her lips as she moved faster and faster, fucking him. Then all of a sudden she climaxed.

"Oh – m'God," she cried as she collapsed onto his chest. He held two very firm buttocks in his hands as she orgasmed. He could feel her heart beating against his chest as her body spasmed and her legs jerked uncontrollably. Slowly she calmed; her breathing slowed, and she pushed herself back up and opened her eyes and smiled.

"Now THAT was good," she said. "I liked it that I could control everything."

"My turn," he said as he rolled her over while staying inside her.

She put her long legs around his neck taking his cock deeper than it had been before, pushing hard against her cervix. He started to fuck her with long strokes. She held the sides of his chest as he plunged deep inside her, bumping her cervix that elicited "uhs." Slowly he felt his orgasm rising from his bowels and spreading throughout his groin. She could also feel his growing urgency as he fucked her faster and faster.

"Yes Alex, cum inside me," she whispered. "Spurt your cum into my pussy."

Her words took him over the top, and his cock swelled as cum jetted inside her, flooding her with his teeming fluid, spurting hard, grunting as he came. Then it was over; his orgasm waned and finally left. She tried to keep his cock inside her but it rapidly softened, and she expelled it. He rolled to her side and cupped her petite breast while she clenched her pussy, keeping his cum inside her.

"Making love with you is incredible. I love how responsive you are; it's as if we've been making love forever."

"I love it too Alex. Until I came to live here, I always wondered what it would be like, but nothing I imagined ever came close."

She went to the bathroom to clean up; when she returned she snuggled up to him, saddened that this might be the only time they had to make love for a long time.


Chapter Thirteen

Mary pulled into the garage at three o'clock the following day.

"How was your Mom?" Alex asked as he took her case out of the trunk.

"Well, she didn't want to go obviously. She said, 'How will Daddy manage on his own?' I told her that he would be fine as we had arranged for someone to come in every day to check up on him, make him one hot meal and generally clean up. The assisted living place is only five miles away so Daddy can take a cab every day to go visit her."

"It's best if he also moved in there," Alex suggested.

"I know it would, but you know Daddy he likes his independence."

Mary unpacked her small case and took some clothes to the laundry room where the sheets off Holly's bed were in the washing machine.

"Hmm, Alex must have forgotten to turn the machine on," she said as she started to put her few clothes in with them. As she went to close the door, she saw a small stain on the sheets. Looking closer and sniffing it, Mary realized it was dried semen. So he's been having sex with Holly, she said to herself. She sighed, I should have expected it, she thought. I wonder how this is going to play out.

Alex was in his study when his phone warbled; it was his daughter Cathy.

"Hi Cathy what's going on?"

"Just called to see how things went the last few days with Mom gone."

"Wonderful, thanks honey."

"Then I take it that you and Holly slept together."

"Yeah we did, and it was great. Thanks for getting her fitted with the IUD. You know how I hate wearing a condom."

"Listen Daddy, why don't you bring her 'round to my apartment on Saturday? You can stay as long as you want."

"You sure you're okay with that Cathy?"

"Yes Daddy, just use the guest room okay."

"I would never use your bed I hope you know that."

"Yes, I do. I Just needed to remind you."


Saturday afternoon, Alex and Holly drove off ostensibly to take her to the mall as far as Mary was concerned.

"So Cathy's okay with this?" Holly asked as they drove to Cathy's apartment.

"Yes she's okay. Don't worry."

They both were surprised when Cathy answered the door.

"I thought you'd be gone," Alex said as he kissed his daughter.

"I have a few things to do here before I leave," she said. "I thought I might join you," she whispered in his ear. "Let me handle Holly."

Alex's heart started to beat a little faster at the thought of a three-way with his daughter and Holly.

"Okay honey," he replied.

They both went inside; Cathy took Holly aside while Alex fished in the fridge for a beer.

"Holly, how would you feel if I joined you and Daddy in bed?"

"Oh," Holly replied.

"If you're not comfortable then I can leave," Cathy said picking up on Holly's reticence.

"No, it's okay. You just surprised me that's all. I've had sex with a girl before. She was the daughter of a foster family I stayed with."

"It's going to be fun," Cathy said. She returned to the kitchen where Alex was sipping a beer.

"Holly's fine with it Daddy. You think you can handle two females at the same time?" she said with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her lips.

"I may be over forty, but I'm not over the hill."

Cathy chuckled. "Why don't you go and start and I'll join you. And use my bedroom."

Alex took Holly's hand and walked her to Cathy's master suite where Holly got undressed in the bathroom while Alex stripped and got onto the bed. A few minutes later Holly came out of the bathroom and lay on the bed. Alex put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him and kissed her. A simple kiss on the mouth turned in a passionate French kiss. All the while he was squeezing her breast.

She finally broke the kiss panting. "I've waited all week for this," she said as Cathy entered the bedroom naked.

"I've waited a whole month," she said as she climbed on the bed on the other side of Alex and started to perform oral sex on him. Holly watched in amazement as Cathy took all of her father's cock into her mouth and down her throat.

"How do you manage to do that?" Holly asked. "All I can get in my mouth is half of his cock."

Cathy pulled off his cock, long thick and thin strands of spittle stretched from her mouth to his cock; they broke as she pulled up.

"Takes practice to stop the gagging sensation," she replied.

She went back to sucking her father's cock and testicles as Alex continued kissing Holly as he cupped her plump pussy. His middle finger found the wet opening to her vagina; he curled it up inside her causing her to gasp. Cathy looked up and saw her father's finger inside Holly's vagina.

"Wow Holly! You've got a gorgeous pussy, and Daddy's trying to keep it for himself."

Alex got off the bed. "All yours Cathy," he said.

Cathy got between Holly's legs and draped her legs over her shoulders giving her free access to Holly's pussy.

"Gawd, she tastes divine Daddy," Cathy said.

Alex didn't reply for a few seconds as he was too busy eating out his daughter pussy from behind.

"You taste good too honey," he said at last, as he licked his fingers that a few moments ago had been inside her pussy.

He got on his knees and positioned the head of his cock against the opening to Cathy's vagina; grasping her hips, he thrust into her. She groaned into Holly's pussy. Holly watched Alex, her lover, the man she'd fallen in love with, fuck his own daughter while she ate out her pussy. There was not one ounce of jealousy, and in any case, Cathy was no threat to Alex's and her relationship.

The room was full of moans and the sound of Alex's crotch impacting his daughter's rear, and slurping sounds as Cathy licked and kissed Holly's plump vulva.

"Gawd Daddy, I'm coming," she cried as she climaxed. Holly held her head as her body shook with the intensity of her orgasm. After a short while, she calmed and got up.

Alex pulled out of her pussy. "Time to change places," he said.

Cathy switched places with Holly who proceeded to suck and lick Cathy's now very wet pussy. Alex carefully pushed into Holly's very tight but well-lubricated vagina. As he stretched her and penetrated her, she gasped.

"This is new," she said. "We've never done it with you behind me."

"Then you're in for a treat Holly if Daddy's going to do what I think he will."

"What's that?" Holly asked.

"You'll have to wait and see. You might like it or not. I love it."

Puzzled, Holly went back to eating Cathy's pussy. Alex looked at his daughter and smiled. He put his thumb on his shaft, getting it nice and wet with Holly's juices; he looked at her small dark pink anus between her firm cheeks and placed his thumb at the entrance and rubbed in circles, getting it wet and slippery. Holly stopped what she was doing and was about to say something when he pushed his thumb all the way into her rectum until the palm of his hand rested on her right buttock.

"Ooo," she said. "That feels good."

Cathy smiled. "I thought you would. Maybe you can have anal sex with him sometime. I love it when he does it to me."

"Hmm," she replied. "That's something to look forward to."

Alex continued fucking Holly from behind while moving his thumb inside her rectum. She was rapidly approaching her climax; she could feel it rising.

"I want to feel the weight of you on top of me as I cum," she told Alex. She lay beside Cathy on the bed and Alex entered her again as his daughter watched. She was running her hands through Holly's ash-brown hair as Alex lay on top her humping her. She curled her pussy up against his stroked, feeling her clitoris get squashed against his pubic bone sending sparks of pleasure throughout her body. Her breasts were squashed as he pressed down on her but still keeping his full weight off her using his forearms.

It didn't take long for her to climax as Cathy had been bringing her close then backing off.

"Oh – m'God, oh – m'God," she cried as she orgasmed. Alex kept thrusting into her bumping her cervix, making her orgasm more intense.

"Cumming," he cried

Then he felt his cock swell as he spurted inside her, spurted hard, flooding her fertile womb with his semen. Their bodies shook, and Cathy lay there enjoying both their orgasms as she diddled her clit and brought herself to a second orgasm. The room was filled with moans as three people enjoyed intense pleasure. Holly was the last to get out of bed; she had laid there watching Cathy get up first, admiring her body, with smallish breasts, light pink areolas and red nipples, small waist but a gorgeous behind – two sexy buttocks and long tapered legs.

She'd seen Alex naked before and wondered how often he'd had sex with his daughter, and when it started; she wondered if her pregnancy was an accident or intentional. She did the math and Cathy would be sixteen when she got pregnant and was dating and apparently having sex with her boyfriend at the time. The thought of Alex getting her pregnant excited her.

"We have to do this more often Daddy as I miss you."

"I know honey, and it was great having you in bed with Holly and me."

"I'll let you in on a secret, Holly's the first girl I've had sex with," she said, "but I'm sure I wasn't your first was I Holly?"

Holly blushed a little and said in hushed tones, "No you weren't."


Chapter Fourteen

A few days later, Mary needed to get things off her chest; things that had been bothering her ever since she confirmed that Alex and Holly had been having sex together. She had formulated a plan that both gave Alex and Holly time alone together and also let her spend more time with her parents. She knocked on his study door and stepped inside, closing the door behind her.

"Do you have a minute honey?" she said. "We need to talk."

Alex closed the lid of his laptop and swiveled his chair around.

"Sure Mary, what is it?" He had no inkling of what his wife wanted to talk about. He hoped it wasn't some new hair-brained scheme.

"After my visit to help Mom into an assisted living place, I realized how I missed her and Daddy. I know I drive up to see them now and then but Daddy is almost seventy and who knows how much time he has left. His health is just okay for his age, and he likes his independence, but he has never really taken to having a stranger come and fuss over him."

"So what are you getting at Mary?" He knew she liked to ramble on sometimes and skate around the subject.

"I'm thinking that every other week I'd stay with Daddy so he only has to put up with the home help the other weeks and I could visit Mom every day."

This was an unexpected thing, and it thrilled him that he and Holly could sleep together more often than he had ever hoped. He didn't want to sound overly keen.

"You sure about this? I mean I can certainly take care of getting Holly to and from school, and I'm not too bad in the kitchen."

"I don't think you've set off the smoke alarm for a while. I'll prepare a menu for the days I'm not here with ingredients stocked."

"Okay, I think I can manage."

"One more thing Alex."

"What's that Mary?"

"I would really prefer if you and Holly didn't sleep in our bed."

Alex's mouth dropped open and he froze, not knowing what to say.

"Come on Alex; I'm not stupid. I can see the two of you looking at each other."

"But . . . but how long . . . I mean how long . . ."

Mary cut him off. "I knew the two of you had sex while I was away last time."

". . . and you . . .?

"Mind. No Alex, I've never minded as long as we stayed a family. While we're into telling truths, I knew that you and Cathy were having sex ever since she was twelve."

"But . . . but you never said anything."

"I knew what it was like to have a crush on a father. It may come as some surprise for you to know that Daddy and I started having sex when I was twelve. That's why I didn't say anything or try to stop you and Holly having sex since I know how gentle you can be, and I mean, look at Cathy, she's a well-adjusted young woman."

"I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything. Just be gentle with Holly as she's such a sweet child. Oh, and by the way, this doesn't mean you can ignore me; I mean I know I don't like sex as often as you do but I still have my needs met occasionally."

She stood up and hugged and kissed him. "I love you Alex."

"You know I love you too don't you."

"Yes honey I do," she replied.


Chapter Fifteen

After Mary had picked up Holly from basketball practice and Holly had taken a shower, she knocked on Alex's study door where he was banging away at this new novel.

"Come in," he said.

Holly came in, shutting the door behind her and gave him a hug and a kiss. He could smell shampoo on her still damp hair and floral soap on her skin.

"I've got some good news Holly," he said.

"I know," she replied.

". . . you know, how?"

"Mary told me in the car on the way home of the new arrangements."

"She did? What did she say?"

"She told me that she was going to stay with her father every other week and if even the slightest whiff of our relationship ever got out, she would personally kill me. I think she really meant it Alex."

"No honey, that's just her way of emphasizing something that's very important to her. She said the same to me when she got her mother's special recipe for apple pie; she said 'I'll kill you if you ever give this recipe away.' "

"So that means we can sleep together," she said.

"Yes but with one caveat. We have to sleep in your bed. At least your bathroom has a bidet."

She had a puzzled look on her face. "What's that got to do with it?"

"You did say you wanted to try anal sex didn't you?"

"Yes, but?"

"A bidet can also be used to clean other places than your pussy."

A light bulb went off in her head. She smiled. "Crocodile Dundee movie – bum washer."


"I'd like to try something else I saw on the Internet," she said.

"And what's that?"

"Have you heard of water sports?"

"Oh yes."


The next Sunday afternoon, Mary kissed Alex and Holly goodbye and headed for the airport to spend a week with her parents. That night Holly took Alex's hand and led him to her bedroom.

"I spent fifteen minutes on my bidet, so you think I'm clean enough for you," she said.

"Clean enough to eat," he replied.

"I was hoping you'd say that."

They both undressed and got onto her bed. "You want me on my back?" she asked.

"On all fours," he instructed as he plumped a pillow and put it under her stomach, pushing her bottom up. He lay behind her and parted her firm buttocks, exposing her plump peach-shaped pussy and her dark-pink anus. She moaned as he licked her cleft, feeling that she was already wet with arousal. He pushed his tongue into her cleft, pushing her plump labia aside; she gasped as he touched her firm clit. Licking higher he touched the tip of his tongue against her anus causing a sharp intake of breath.

"Gawd that feels good," she murmured

As he licked around her anus, he sensed that she was playing with herself. Sure enough, when he put his hand between her legs, he found hers cupping her pussy, her middle finger stroking her clit.

"I'll take care of one hole if you'll take care of my other," she said; she giggled softly.

Alex reached for the tube of K-Y gel that he'd set out on the bedside table. Squeezing a blob on to her anus caused another sharp intake of breath.

"That's cold," she announced.

"Sorry about that," he replied as he slowly worked the gel around her anus finally pushing his finger inside her butt.

"Oooo, that feels good," she murmured as she continued diddling her clit.

He worked his finger round and round, stretching her anus. When he was satisfied, she was ready to be penetrated he squeezed some more of the gel on the end of his penis and guided it to puckered opening. Slowly he pushed into her; at first, he made no headway but as he pushed harder her anus dilated and the head popped inside.

"Gawd Alex, you got your cock in my ass already," she said.

"You like it?"

"Uh-huh. Feels different but nice."

As he held her hips, he maintained a steady pressure until his cock was finally buried deep inside her bowels.

"Wow!" she said. "Now that feels a lot different. I think I'm going to like anal sex."

"It's a good alternative for when you have your period."

"Hmm, hadn't thought about that."

He continued thrusting in and out of her very tight ass as she diddled her clit. He felt the small jerks and spasms in her body as she slowly brought herself to her climax. Alex was thrusting faster now that she was thoroughly lubricated, his ball sack hit her hand between her legs. The incredible feeling of pleasure as she rubbed her clit and his hands holding her hips, thrusting his cock into her ass was too much sensory overload – she climaxed.

"Oh God Alex," she cried; she was still furiously rubbing her firm clit as her orgasm hit her. He could feel her body shaking as her orgasm raged. Slowly she came down off her double high and released her hold on her pussy.

"Gawd that was sooo good," she said after her breathing has calmed.

Alex started thrusting again, chasing his orgasm, searching for relief. It didn't take long as he felt his ball sack draw up tight, then the warmth spreading through his groin. Both of them felt his cock swell as semen coursed through its shaft and jetted into her ass. He was thrusting hard as he spurted, flooding her bowels with his cum. All too soon he was done, and his rapidly softening penis was expelled along with his cum. The sight of his white semen dribbling out of her anus onto the pillow almost caused his erection to return, but he was done.

She put her hand between her legs and felt his cum. "I think I need another trip to the bidet," she said.

As Alex rolled to her side, she got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Five minutes later she came back and climbed into bed and snuggled up to him.

"That was really good," she said as she kissed him. "I love you very much."

He kissed her back. "I love you too sweetheart. I feel so blessed to have three women in my life who I love so much. Love for my wife is different to my love for my daughter and different for my love for you."

She pulled the covers over them and snuggled up to his side, slipping a hand over his chest and hugging him.

She kissed him. "Goodnight," she said.

"Goodnight Holly."



The arrangement with Mary spending alternate weeks with her Daddy carried on for the next two years; two years of Alex and Holly sleeping together, making love, exploring each other's bodies and finding new ways to have sex. Then one day Alex had a bombshell dropped in his lap. He and Cathy were lying in her bed on a Thursday afternoon after having over an hour of making love. Cathy had left her office two hours early that day so she and Alex could have time together.

"Mmmm, that was very nice Daddy," she said as she swallowed the last of his cum. He had given her two orgasms in the space of the last twenty minutes with his penis buried deep inside her. When he had asked if she wanted him to cum inside her, she had said she preferred it if he'd cum in her mouth as she loved the taste of his semen.

"I never get tired of making love to you Cathy and to cum in your mouth is the icing on the cake."

She was quiet for a while. "How are you and Holly doing?" she asked.

"It's been great honey. Ever since Mary decided to spend alternate weeks with her parents, it's worked out fine. Holly's a little sexual dynamo. You know what she insists we do when she's on her period?"

"Oral sex?"

"No, anal sex."

"You and she have anal sex!?"

"Yeah, can you believe that? It started when she was twelve; she had seen it on the Internet and wanted to try it. I didn't think she'd like it, but she loves it."

"I know you like to do it," Cathy said, "but the one time we did it I just didn't much care for it."

"I know honey, but at least I got nice blowjobs while you were on your period."

"Yeah, I know."

"I'm worried about her though."

"Why's that Daddy?"

"Well, she's fourteen going on fifteen, and she's been talking lately about having my baby when she turns eighteen."

"Wow! I know she's madly in love with you and you with her. What do you think about it?"

"I'd love to have a son to carry my bloodline on, but you know that you can't decide ahead of time what the sex of the baby will be."

She was quiet for the longest time.

"What is it honey?" he asked. "You've gone quiet all of a sudden."

"You already have a son Daddy. Stewart's your son."

Now it was his turn to be quiet. "I had no idea . . . I always thought Charlie got you pregnant."

"Daddy, you're a very smart and intelligent man, but I sometimes wonder. Didn't you ever wonder why Stewart has the same color eyes as you?"

"Well . . . err . . . no, not really. Why did you let me think Stewart was Charlie's son?"

"Can you think of the uproar that would have caused? As soon as I told Charlie that Stewart wasn't his, he would have been on a witch hunt to find out who I'd been having sex with. And what was I supposed to tell Mom? That I had been cheating on my husband?"

He leaned over and kissed her. "Thanks for telling me sweetheart. You've made me very happy."

"So what are you going to do with Holly?"

"Well she's hell bent on having my baby, and your mother already knows that Holly and I have sex."

"She does! My God . . . and she didn't mind?"

"No, and that surprised the shit out of me. Oh, and another thing, she knew that you and I had sex when you were young."

"Jesus Daddy. Do you think she knows that Stewart's not Charlie's son?'

"No, I don't think so."

"How do you think she'll take to Holly getting pregnant?"

"I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there."



"I think Jasmine is a wonderful name Holly," Mary said as they shopped for baby clothes. "Alex seems over the moon about the baby."

"Yes he is," Holly replied, holding up a pale-pink cotton one-piece. "What do you think of this one Mary?"

"Aw, that's so cute. Let's get that one as well. I don't think I've ever told you this, but after Cathy was born, I couldn't conceive again, and I so wanted another baby, and now you're giving me one."

"Ouch," Holly winced. "I'll be glad when she's born as she's a little kicker."


"Push," Alex said, as he held Holly's hand.

Holly pushed some more, and as Alex saw his daughter's head appear he promptly passed out, collapsing in a heap on the delivery room floor.

Twenty minutes later he was holding little Jasmine Mary Merchant in his arms still embarrassed at the episode in the delivery room.

"She's so beautiful," he proclaimed, "just like her mother."

"Come on Alex, let me hold her," Mary said.

He handed Jasmine off to his wife and sat next to Holly on her bed in the recovery room.

"You've made me so happy Holly; I love you."

"I love you too Alex. Maybe in a year or so we can have another."

Alex groaned.

Two weeks later, Alex's new novel was published. It was titled 'The Bishop and the Foster Girl.' Within a month it climbed to number one on the New York Times bestseller list. The dedication page had just ten words:

To a very special person, you know who you are.


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