The Child Whores
STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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M+g 12, Wg 7, Mg 8, Mgg 12/8, ped, oral, mast, anal, con, romantic.

A twelve year old girl and her younger sister win over the heart of a pedophile.

Word Count: 24,587

Chapter One

Lexie's cheeks bulged obscenely as Jeff's cum flooded her mouth. Although the fourteen year old girl had her lips clamped tight around the underside of the head of his cock, a little semen leaked out between the corner of her mouth and the head of his shaft; it ran down to her chin where it started to form a long strand with a gravity defying glob of translucent white cum on the end. Alex saw her neck swell as she swallowed several times to empty her mouth. The glob of semen and the strand that was hanging precariously off her chin, finally parted company and the glob fell to her left breast where it ran down and collected on her nipple.

Lisa, Lexie's little ten year old sister, who looked like a smaller version, wasted no time and scuttled over the floor and took Lexie's firm nipple into her mouth and sucked off the errant glob of Jeff's cum. She swallowed and proceeded to lick Lexie's breast, removing the trail of semen.

"You're a very good girl Lisa. Now Lexie, thank your sister for cleaning you," the Master said.

The older girl baulked at having to give her baby sister, as she called her, any praise at all. Lisa had just sat there on her butt as Lexie had done all the work sucking Jeff's cock. Her jaw muscles were still aching from the ten minutes it had taken him to finally cum. She thought he was never going to spurt but the Master had trained her well. He had groomed her from the age of seven to give men pleasure in any way they wanted. Both girls had been procured from a private foster care agency for a large amount of cash

He started her sexual training a few months after she arrived with her little sister when he penetrated her ass; first with his fingers then finally with his cock and it had hurt, she was sore for days afterwards but he had told her not to complain.

He took her virginity at ten years of age and that started the sessions with other men. She had her regulars and then there was the occasional stranger like the man who had been standing watching her give pleasure to Jeff. Jeff would usually come once a month and every time it was the same - a blow job with him cumming in her mouth. All the men paid handsomely for sex with her. She resented Lisa's addition to the sessions as her master collected extra money and she did hardly anything. Although she resented Lisa, she still loved her and tried to protect her as best she could.

Lisa was what's known as a fluffer. If there were more than one man her job was to warm them up as they watched the current customer having sex, going back and forth between them keeping their cocks hard with her mouth as she had been doing to Alex and the others until she was needed to clean up her older sister. All the customers were only known and addressed by their first names.

For the most part Lexie was okay with the sex; she got a little pleasure out of it, mainly how it gave her the power over men, something that most girls her age didn't have or even understood. To make a man spurt, knowing that she had caused it made her pussy tingle with pleasure. If any of her seventh grade classmates knew what she did on the weekends they would piss in their panties.

Lexie had to keep her comments to herself whenever her school friends talked about what a man's cock felt like when he spurted. They had no idea even though they said they did. For the most part she didn't much care for what she was doing, but her love for her little sister pushed her dislike into the background.

"Come on now Lexie, it's only good manners to thank your sister."

"Thanks," she said in as unemotional voice she could muster.

"You're welcome Lexie," Lisa said. Lisa loved her sister and would do anything for her even though she sometimes didn't appreciate it. The Master had trained her well and she had been promised her first customer tonight – Alex whose cock she had been keeping hard for the last fifteen minutes. She was glad it was going to be him as he was young and good looking unlike the majority of the Master's customers, many of whom were middle aged or older, not good looking and a lot had pot bellies. Also, his cock tasted nice, not like some of the men who didn't even bother to wash before coming to the mansion. The Master had taken her virginity just two weeks ago. It had hurt a little and she bled a tad, but she was glad that it was over with and she could now service customers just like her older sister did who she looked up to.

Lexie wiped the trail of cum off her chin with the back of her hand and got up off her knees.

"Thank you for letting me please you Mr. Jeff," she said as she bowed her head like an obedient geisha. It was something she was taught to do at an early age. She moved to the next man and knelt on the folded towel at his feet.

"Good evening Mr. Phil," she said. "What is your pleasure?"

"Hello again Lexie," he replied; he was obviously a regular of hers. "I'd like you to suck me and let me cum on your face."

"It'll be my pleasure Mr. Phil."

Before Lexie went to work on her next customer, she glanced over at the new customer that Lisa had been keeping hard. He was unlike the majority of her customers, he was handsome and young looking, in his late twenties maybe. As she looked at his muscular body it made her pussy tingle, something that had never happened before. This was new territory for her, looking at a man with desire in her heart. She wished she was going to have sex with him instead of her little sister. Maybe she'd ask Lisa to get him to ask for her next time.

Lisa went back and forth between Alex and the last customer of the evening. Alex didn't know his name but he had a very fat cock and he was not sure Lexie could get it in her mouth. He didn't know if he was to receive a blow job or not; there was a folded towel at his feet but as each man had one they may be just for Lisa's use. Alex watched as Lisa struggled getting even the head into her mouth so she just rubbed the shaft and sucked on the head, keeping him nice and hard.

Alex looked over at Lexie servicing her second customer of the evening. She was on her knees and he was astounded to see that she had almost all of Phil's cock in her mouth and down her throat. Even though he had a shorter than average cock, for a fourteen year old that was nothing short of amazing, he thought. As she pulled off and gasped for air, thick and thin tendrils of spittle stretched between his cock and her lips. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and went back to sucking him.

"Almost there Lexie," he said.

On cue, Lexie pulled off Phil's cock and knelt there with her eyes closed, mouth open and tongue out ready to receive whatever cum Phil decided to deposit there. His eyes were open and he gritted his teeth as he furiously jacked his cock. He grunted once, stopped stroking his cock and pointed it at Lexie's face. The first rope of thick white semen hit her square in the face covering her left eye, nose and cheek. As it hit her face she flinched automatically, closing both eyes even tighter and turning ever so slightly away. She didn't move any when the second rope covered her tongue. The last few weaker spurts landed in her hair and on her right breast. The large glob of cum started to run off her breast and down across her tummy.

Lisa scampered over and sucked the glob of semen before it ran into Lexie's sparse pubic hairs. Alex watched in amazement as Lisa cleaned all of Phil's cum off her older sister's face. When she was done, Lexie stood up.

"Thank you for letting me please you Mr. Phil," she said as she bowed her head in obedience.

A door opened and the man who had escorted Alex to the house wheeled in what looked like a doctors examination table complete with leg stirrups. It was placed next to Lexie's last customer and the casters locked. The man retreated and closed the door. Lexie walked over and stood in front of her customer.

"Good evening Mr. Mike," she said. "What is your pleasure this evening?" Lexie kept glancing down at the man's fat cock with a look of concern on her face that he was either not going to be able to get it inside her and if he did she knew it was going to hurt. The man was probably not a regular customer, Alex thought because he was a little annoyed that he was made to go last.

"I want to fuck your cunt," he said gruffly.

Lexie nodded and got onto the examination table and put her legs in the stirrups causing her plump vulva to open up revealing a small clitoral hood and sheath and the dark opening to her vagina. Alex was glad for Lexie's sake to see Lisa walk over to Mike and hand him a tube of K-Y gel. He squeezed a large glob of gel onto the end of his cock and handed the tube back to Lisa. Without any foreplay to get Lexie's vagina ready to accept him, he grasped the thick shaft of his cock and placed its head against the opening of her vagina. Alex was sure he was going to split her wide open, his cock looked so big next to her small opening.

He pushed and Lexie stifled a cry as her vagina stretched obscenely around the large head. Alex's jaw dropped as he watched her vagina dilate as he penetrated her. Her eyes were screwed shut with pain as he pushed into her, burying his cock inside her. Fortunately for Lexie's sake, he ejaculated on the third stroke and immediately pulled out of her. His semen oozed out of her gaping vagina and collected on a towel under her bottom. Her whole vulva including her very plump labia and the entrance to her vagina were flaming red and raw from being stretched so much.

She lay there for a few minutes recovering from being penetrated by a thick penis, then got off the table obviously in a lot of pain. Lexie stood unsteadily in front of Mike with the last of his cum running down the inside of her thigh.

"Thank you for letting me please you Mr. Mike," she said but didn't bow her head in obedience immediately but stared at him with hate in her eyes. After a few moments she bowed her head to satisfy the Master. The man stared back at her, red-faced, turned and left the room, embarrassed that he ejaculated so soon. Lexie walked stiffly and sat down.

This last customer had reminded her of what she had been considering for the last year. She had started to think about getting out of the business as she missed what her school friends did, hang out at the mall, have sleepovers, or go see a movie. She was also concerned that now the Master had taken her young sister's virginity, she would have to start having sex with the customers and she shuddered at the thought of Lisa having to let a horrible man like Mike fuck her. She knew the Master wouldn't let her get hurt as she was only ten, but he had allowed Mike with such a fat cock to penetrate her, so she wondered what he would allow to happen to Lisa.

"Okay Lisa," The Master said, "Your turn to please Mr. Alex." Lisa scampered over and stood in front of Alex smiling broadly.

"What is to be you pleasure Mr. Alex?" she asked.

"Can I cum in your mouth please," Alex replied.

Lisa was surprised that he said please, something no customer had done but was also a little disappointed as she had hoped her first customer would fuck her and cum in her pussy like her big sister. But she didn't complain as it was her job to make sure the customers were happy and satisfied. This would be the first time she had performed oral sex on a man. The Master had several women customers who loved for the fifth grader to suck their clits and put her small hand all the way inside their vaginas. She liked doing that and some even left big tips for her if they liked what she did.

She dropped to her knees onto the folded towel to protect her from the hard flagstone floor of the Great Hall. Alex's cock was still rock hard from her earlier ministrations. She grasped the shaft, her fingers didn't come anywhere near touching, and put her mouth over the bulbous head and sucked.

Alex groaned and watched her cheeks indent as she sucked the head. She was still a little amateurish, he winced a little as her bottom teeth raked his frenulum.

"Lisa, what did I teach you," the Master said.

"Sorry Master," she said. "Sorry Mr. Alex."

Alex smiled at the incongruity of the situation. Here was a child with an innocent face and an adult penis in her mouth. She was quite beautiful, long wavy blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and just a little shape to her naked body, with a nice ass, rounded cheeks that in profile rose up from the small of her back. If he could, he would take her home with him and watch as she flowered into a teen then into adult all the while catering to his sexual mores.

With her tongue now cushioning his sensitive frenulum from her bottom teeth, she continued to suck his cock all the while looking into his eyes. The Master had told her that it was very important to maintain eye contact with the customers as she sucked their cocks. She could only get around two inches inside her small mouth, its head and an inch of his shaft but it was enough as he was rapidly approaching his climax as she rubbed his shaft with her hand.


It was a chain of accidental events that brought Alex to this place. Over a period of three months he had been corresponding with a man who he'd never met. The man, who Alex only knew by the name Tom, finally gave him all the information he needed to tap into the Dark Web's child pornography sites. Alex had long been a pedophile, starting when he was sixteen and sat Wendy the seven year old daughter of his mother's friend. The first time he caught sight of the little girl's pussy he was hooked. He wanted so badly to molest her, to put his fingers inside her, to lick her plump pussy but the fear of the girl telling her mother was too much so he just watched, then relieved himself by ejaculating into the toilet of the downstairs half-bath. Before he left that night he tucked a pair of Wendy's panties in his pocket. He would use them over and over, wrapping them around the shaft of his cock as he masturbated, remembering what her plump pussy with its tight slit looked like.

Tom had told him of a man called the Master who had a veritable harem of girls aged between seven and fourteen who whored for him. Tom told him that he had visited the Master's large country mansion several times and that if he had the money, and wanted to fuck an eight or ten year old girl, it was possible. He told Alex to go and buy a burner phone, one that he could use once and dispose of. Once Alex had procured one, he gave Tom the number of the phone and a few days later he received a text message on the phone telling him that on the following Saturday afternoon he was to drive to a hotel near a small town two hours away, check in and await further instructions.

On the Saturday afternoon, Alex checked in and waited in his room. He assumed they were double checking to make sure he wasn't the law or being followed. An hour passed before anyone contacted him. There was a knock at the door and a young man in his twenties walked in and started scanning him with a device that detected hidden sound or video recording devices. Satisfied Alex was clean he put the scanner in his pocket.

"Okay Mr. Alex, turn off your cell phone and follow me," he said. Alex followed the man to a waiting car and they both got in the rear seat.

"This will be necessary," the man said as he put a blindfold on Alex.

They drove for twenty minutes and slowed as Alex heard the sound of a garage door or automatic gate opening. As the blindfold was removed he saw that he was in a large underground garage. He was escorted to an elevator that took him up to the main floor. As he stepped out he was greeted by a tall, distinguished looking middle-aged man.

"Welcome to my chateau Mr. Alex. I am the Master. It's my understanding that you were referred to me by one of my customers and that you wish to meet one of my girls."

"Yes, but I'm sorry all this is new to me so I'm not sure what the procedure is."

"That's quite alright, please come with me."

Alex followed the Master to a desk at the far side of the room, right next to a huge ornate marble fireplace.

"Please have a seat," He said. "I must admit you are a lot younger than the great majority of my customers. May I ask how old you are?"

"Yes, I'm twenty six."

"And If I may, how long have you had a longing for young girls?"

"Since I was sixteen."

"Have you had sex with any young ladies before?"

"No, this will be my first."

"Well I can assure you Mr. Alex, that you will not be disappointed."

Alex sat down and a large ring binder bound in red leather was placed in front of him. He opened it to the first page that contained a schedule of prices. There was a sliding scale from a simple hand job for two hundred dollars, all the way up to two thousand for vaginal intercourse bareback.

He leafed through the dozen or so pages, each page contained a photograph of a girl naked, with her vital statistics, age, height, breast size. Some of the girls had restrictions such as no intercourse or hand jobs only or no ejaculating in her mouth. In all there were twenty girls aged from eight to fifteen, six were what were called 'No Restrictions'.

"As you can see Mr. Alex, we have a wide variety of girls for your pleasure. We even have a separate schedule for performing oral sex on the girls. This is for my female customers or older gentlemen who, how shall I put it, can't quite cut the mustard but still want to savor a young girls sex. If you want to pleasure a girl and bring her to an orgasm before she pleasures you, then by all means add that to your list of requirements."

"You most certainly do Mr. . . sorry, but how do I address you?"

"Just address me as Master. I'm sure you have some questions."

"Yes, I was wondering how these girls are so obliging, I mean why would they do it?"

"Well I have a core group, the ones with 'No Restrictions' on their profile that live here with me. They are either orphans or were adopted when they were quite young. Over the years I've groomed them and they have lived a lavish lifestyle and each girl has had a substantial sum of money put into a trust for when she reaches eighteen."

"How about the others?"

"They are brought in as needed by my customers and they receive the total amount of the money I receive so they are quite willing to masturbate a man for two hundred dollars, or suck a penis for five hundred. You see I don't run this as a profit making business. I am very wealthy as you can probably tell by my surroundings and I get my satisfaction from grooming my girls and of course from having sex with them from time to time."

"We only place one requirement and that is for our own safety and the safety of our young girls. You have to allow us to take a photograph of you in a compromising situation with one of our girls."

"Oh, but that leaves me open to all sorts of things."

"Mr. Alex, we could surreptitiously film you with one of our girls and you would never know it."

"Hmm, I guess you're right," Alex replied.

"Okay, which one is to be your first, I think I know which one it will be?"

Alex flipped the pages and found Lisa, the ten year old.

"This one," he said.

"I guessed right," the Master said. She has just received her first cock, mine I'm happy to say, and she's a very willing little girl. Is it to be the full monty - you want to fuck her?"

"No I think I'd like to cum in her mouth first and then maybe I could come back tomorrow and have intercourse with her."

"Very well then, Lisa it will be. I trust you brought cash as we don't accept credit cards." He chuckled.


He felt his scrotum tighten and his cock swell as cum spurted into the child's mouth. It was too much for her to swallow and some came down her nose and ran over her lips and chin and dropped onto her flat chest. She pulled off his cock as ropes of Alex's cum hit her in her eye and across her cheek and nose; the last spurt got tangled in a gooey mess in her blonde hair. She snorted his cum up her nose and swallowed; she coughed as she wiped a glob of semen out of her eyes with a finger, putting it in her mouth.

"Sorry Mr. Alex," she said meekly, "it was my first time."

He looked down at her, tendrils of his semen, lay across her cheek and nose and was slowly running down her chest and tummy.

"That's okay Lisa, you did your best and I should have warned you."

"Lexie, get over there and clean up Mr. Alex's cum off your sister," the Master ordered.

Lexie sighed loud enough for the Master to hear and walked over to where Lisa was standing. She quickly licked the rest of the cum out of her younger sister's eye and off her nose and cheek and chin. Having done what the Master had ordered she walked back and sat down.

Lisa looked up at Alex and smiled as she took his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean. She picked up the towel, stood up, and tried cleaning the cum out of her hair as best she could. It only made it worse, thick tendrils of the sticky fluid coated the strands and matted them together.

He bent down and whispered in her ear. "I'm coming back tomorrow and have asked for a private session with you."

"Thank you Mr. Alex," she whispered back. She left to go and clean up. Lexie got up to leave.

"And where do you think you're going young lady?" the Master said.

"To shower," she replied.

"Come over here," he commanded. She walked over to where he was sitting.

"Over my knee," he ordered.

"But . . ." she whimpered.

"I heard that sigh and your reluctance to clean your sister so now you must be punished."

She lay across his lap, legs open exposing her full vulva with her clitoral sheath poking out of her slit and her dark-pink anus. She cried as the first slap hit her cheek. Alex looked over at Jeff and noticed he had an erection, he was getting off on her pain. Alex got no such pleasure.

"Quiet," he said to Lexie. The next five slaps were met with her mouth closed tight, only small whimpers escaped her lips. When the Master was done, both of her cheeks were rosy red. She got up and stood before him and looked down at her feet.

"Thank you for my punishment Master. I deserved it."

"Very well Lexie, you may leave now."

Alex walked over to where the Master was sitting.

"When I come back tomorrow to be with Lisa, is there any time restriction and can I have sex with her in private?"

"Of course you can go to her room if you wish. However, if you want to spend the night with her, the fee will be double as there will be no restrictions on how many times you'll have sex with her. I trust that is acceptable."

"Yes that'll be fine. Please have your car pick me up at say seven thirty tomorrow evening."

A woman who had shown Alex to the guest room where he had gotten undressed escorted him back there and left him. He was surprised that given the extent they had gone to maintain the location of the house secret, they had not asked him to leave his cell phone in his hotel room but merely asked him to turn it off. After he got dressed he turned on his cell phone and noted the GPS coordinates and turned the phone off.

The woman, who had waited outside the bedroom escorted him back downstairs where the same man that had accompanied him to the house took him back down the elevator. After blindfolding him, he was taken back to his hotel.


Chapter Two

The driver picked him up promptly at seven thirty the next evening and went through the same routine. When he was inside the great room, he handed the Master an envelope stuffed with five thousand dollars in cash. The Master didn't know it, but Alex was probably worth more money than him, having made billions in real estate development. The Master also didn't know, that after getting back to his hotel the previous evening, Alex had called Andy, his head of private security, and given him the Master's description and the GPS coordinates of his mansion. He was sure that when he walked into his office one day next week there would be a manilla folder waiting on his desk with a dossier on the Master. Alex Walker never got himself into any situation without having a full knowledge just who he was dealing with and what his weaknesses were.

The woman who had escorted him to the guest room the previous evening, showed him to Lisa's room in a separate wing of the mansion. As he entered Lisa's bedroom she came and jumped into his arms. She put her arms around his neck and he supported her, his hands cupping a pair of pantied cheeks pressing her bare chest against his.

Hello Mr. Alex," she said.

"Please call me Alex tonight," he replied.

She cocked her head to one side. "Kay."

He quickly got undressed and lay on her bed, patting the mattress beside him.

"Come and lie with me," he said.

She came and lay down beside him, hooked her thumbs in the waist of her panties and pulled them off. She opened her legs, giving him full access to her ten year old vulva. Lying between her legs with his face inches from her crotch, he could see her pussy up close. Its slit was closed but her small clitoral hood was poking out at the top and her little nubbin was visible.

At the bottom, where her slit joined her butt crack, he could see a small amount of white cream. It appeared as if she had been masturbating waiting on his arrival as he also saw a trace on her tiny clit. With both thumbs he parted her plump labia, revealing very moist folds of skin that would eventually develop into her inner labia. As he licked the cream from the tiny opening to her vagina all the way to her clit she moaned quietly. She held his head gently as he sucked and licked her clit. She gasped as he found one of her small nipples on her flat chest and pinched it between his thumb and forefinger.

Lisa started moaning loudly as he strummed her tiny clit with the tip of his tongue and more cream trickled out of her vagina. He felt little jerks in her bottom and legs as she neared her climax. Her breathing was becoming very rapid and her head was moving from side to side on the pillow; she grabbed fistfuls of his hair, pushing his face into her very wet pussy. Then she climaxed.

"Alex, Alex, oh God Alex," she cried as her orgasm took control. Her whole body shook and her behind came off the bed as she arched her back. She stayed like that, shoulders and heels touching the bed, her breathing stopped for a good twenty seconds. Then she relaxed, dropping back to the bed and exhaling loudly. She lay there for a few minutes as her breathing returned to normal. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. He got over her leg and lay beside her.

"That was the best one ever," she said as put her arms around his neck and kissed his lips. "Thank you." They lay there for a few minutes.

"I want you on top Lisa," Alex said.

She climbed on top of him and straddled his waist, positioning her pussy on top of his cock which was lying flat against his stomach. He watched with excitement as her plump labia pooched out either side of his shaft coating it with her cream.

"I'm going to let you set the pace Lisa, lift up and guide the head of my cock to your pussy."

She lifted her butt and grasped the shaft of Alex's cock with her finger and thumb and positioned its head right at the opening to her vagina and inch by inch slowly lowered herself. Alex was mesmerized at the sight of the bulbous head of his cock filling the gap between Lisa's slim thighs, tendons standing out as she supported her weight. She had a concentrated look on her face and was biting her bottom lip as she started to lower herself. The head of his penis entered her vagina, inverting her plump labia; she kept lowering herself, impaling herself on his cock. Although she was not a virgin, her vagina was extremely, almost painfully tight but her slick creamy secretions eased his entry and as she finally took all of him inside her; she was sitting on his crotch.

Alex was thrilled beyond words as he saw the root of his cock enveloped by her labia and the tight skin of the opening to her vagina. He was actually fucking a ten year old girl, something he had wanted to do for years. Although he was a very wealthy man, it wasn't as if he could just Google to find out where to have sex with underage girls. He had made a few very discreet enquiries through a third party that had led nowhere. It was only when he started to email with Tom that he managed to get where he was now.

Lisa was supporting herself with her bent legs either side of his waist and her hands flat on his chest. Looking into his eyes she started to rise and fall. It was, he guessed, her first time on top as she kept lifting up too high causing his cock to come out of her vagina and slap against his stomach. Each time she would put her hand between her legs and guide it back into her.

"Lisa honey, instead of lifting up and down just curl your pussy back and forth," he instructed.

She started to curl her crotch and the action caused her exposed clit to dip and contact the shaft of his cock sending sparks of pleasure into her pussy. She smiled at the effect. Lisa continued to fuck Alex's cock at the same time pleasuring herself. She could feel an orgasm rising, spreading warm feelings throughout her groin. The Master had drummed into her never to cum before the customer so she slowed a little.

"What's the matter Lisa, why have you slowed?" Alex asked.

"Master said the customer must cum first."

"No honey, I want you to cum first then you can feel as I spurt into you. Can you do that for me?"

"Uh-huh," she said and continued to curl her crotch. Alex could see the intense concentration in her face as she chased her orgasm. Then she dropped to him, her head lying on his chest as she climaxed.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes," she cried as her orgasm hit her. He could feel the hot puffs of her breath hitting his chest as she panted. Her hands held his shoulders as her whole body shook with her second orgasm of the evening. Little jerks of her bottom and legs like small aftershocks came and went as her orgasm faded and finally left her panting and limp. After a few minutes she raised herself back up and started to fuck him again.

Alex was so excited and aroused at finally getting to ejaculate inside a young preteen's pussy that he knew it wouldn't be long before he climaxed. It took just another minute as he felt his whole groin glow with pleasure and his cock swell. She reacted with a slight jerk of her body and a gasp escaped her lips as the first spurt of cum hit her cervix. She beamed as she felt the next and the next as Alex filled her immature womb with his teeming fluid.

When he was finally done he opened his eyes and looked at her smiling at him.

"I felt all of your spurts," she said proudly. "It was good, very good." Then, as his cock started to soften she felt his semen leaking out.

"I'm leaking," she said as she pulled off his cock and sat on his stomach. He watched as his semen seeped out of her still-dilated vagina and covered his stomach, pooling in his navel. When all of it had drained out of her she got off him.

"That's okay Alex," she said, "I'll clean you up."

"No Lisa, I'll do it." A voice from the bathroom said. Alex looked over and was shocked to see Lexie emerge from the bathroom where she had been watching her little sister have sex with the new customer. Alex watched and groaned softly as Lexie licked up and swallowed all of his cum off his stomach. She took his flaccid cock in her mouth and sucked it clean.

"You've been there the whole time?" Alex asked.

"Yes. You see we have a curfew and all bedroom doors are automatically locked at nine o'clock so I told Lisa I would hide in her bathroom."

"Why did you need to do that?"

"Because I wanted to meet you. Almost all of our customers are either middle-aged or old and none of them are what you would call good looking. When I saw you, I thought how handsome you were so here I am."

"I saw you last evening with that Mike guy. That must have hurt."

Alex saw tears welling up in each eye and start to run down her cheeks. He pulled her to him and held her while she sobbed.

"Yes it did and I'm afraid for Lisa, if she has to go through that I'd never forgive myself for letting it happen. After last night, Lisa and I have talked a lot and we want to get away from here. We wondered if you would help us."

"Don't you girls go to school during the week?"

"Yes," Lexie replied, "we're driven to and from a local private school."

"So why don't you run away?"

"To where? This place is the only place we've known for almost all our lives. We came here when Lisa was three and I was almost seven so we've nowhere else to go. We both thought it was a good life, we got lots of stuff given to us as well as all the clothes we needed. We lacked for nothing. For the most part I enjoyed the sex, that was until last night with the Mike guy."

Alex looked at Lisa and Lexie, two sisters brought up for the sole purpose of satisfying men's desires to have sex with young girls and he started to feel guilty that his money and his urges and desires was fueling this whole situation. He decided to turn his guilt into action, not just to rescue these two beautiful girls but to put an end to the Master's whole sex for sale organization.

"Okay, I'm going to help but it's going to take some planning. Can you girls hang on for say another few days?"

"Yes, we go back to school tomorrow, to the Hartford Academy in town."

"Okay. Let me set some wheels in motion and I'll arrange to have you picked up from school. Is there a back entrance you can use?"

"Yes, it opens on to the sports field and on the other side is a quiet country road."

Alex handed a burner phone to Lexie. "Take this and make sure no one finds it. It's set to vibrate so be careful where you hide it okay. There will be no calls, just texts and they will tell you what's going to happen and when we're ready to pick you up okay?" Lexie put her arms around his neck and kissed his lips.

"Thank you Alex, this means a lot to Lisa and me. I've got a question though, won't the Master come looking for us and where will we stay? Although the Master has put money into a trust for us we can't touch it 'til we're eighteen."

"He'll have more important things to worry about than you two, trust me. As far as living accommodation, I have lots of room at my country estate and I'm very rich so money's no object. I'll take care of the both of you."

They both slept together, Lexie on one side and Lisa on the other.


Chapter Three

The next morning, Alex woke up to Lexie sucking on his morning erection, her lips sealed around the head and Lisa's small hand rubbing up and down his shaft.

"Well this is a very nice wakeup call I must say with my two angels administering to me."

Lexie looked at him and smiled, keeping her lips tight on his cock, her cheeks indenting as she gently sucked its crown.

"Morning Alex," Lisa said as she continued to rub his cock. It wasn't long before he felt the stirrings of his orgasm, its warm feeling spreading throughout his groin. His scrotum started to tighten, drawing his balls up against his crotch.

"Cumming girls," he said. He felt his cock swell, as did Lisa.

"Get ready Lexie," she warned.

Alex's cock spasmed as cum spurted into Lexie's mouth; she easily swallowed it as well as the second, third and fourth spurts but retained the last in her mouth. He looked on in amazement as Lexie kissed Lisa's open mouth, giving her little sister the last of Alex's semen. She accepted it and swallowed. Alex groaned.


Fifteen minutes later, with Alex now dressed, the bedroom automatically unlocked at six thirty and after Alex was being escorted downstairs to the garage where his driver was waiting, Lexie sneaked back to her room and messed up her bed so the maid wouldn't know she hadn't slept in it.


Alex walked into his office at ten o'clock on the following Wednesday morning and sat at his desk. He looked at the thick manilla folder sitting in front of him.

"Someone's been burning the midnight oil for the last four days," he said to himself.

He started to read the dossier on one Charles Magnusson III aka the Master. He was fifty three years old and had inherited wealth from his father. It was noted that his net worth was around three and a half million. The mansion was constructed by him, modeled after a French chateau and was staffed with two cooks, a housekeeper, three housemaids, two gardeners, a driver and one security person. Alex guessed the last one was the man who had met him at his hotel room.

There was a separate mini dossier on each of the members of his staff. Alex had given instructions to Andy, his head of security, to see if there was any member of the staff who was vulnerable to some coercion, either outright blackmail or of a monetary persuasion if he ever needed to get to the Master. At the turn of events of the last weekend, it turned out he did. All except one was rock solid with handsome salaries way above what would normally be paid to say a cook or gardener, thus retaining their loyalties. The one who was vulnerable surprised him - it was the woman who escorted him to the guest bedroom to get undressed and also to Lisa's room.

Her name was Hilda Gilchrist and she was fifty two years old. Her eldest daughter Maureen who was twenty eight was in the middle of a nasty divorce and her ex-husband-to-be was demanding custody of their two children - Matthew who was six and Daisy who was nine as well as possession of the family home. He had found out that Maureen had been dealing cocaine to support herself and her children.

She wasn't a user and only got involved with some shady people because her husband who she was legally separated from was always late with child support. Alex picked up his phone and called Andy his head of private security.

"Yes boss."

"This Gilchrist woman is the key. I think we need to film one of Magnusson's session this coming Sunday and use her to get our camera crew in. I noticed a gallery high above the Great Room that they could use."

"Okay, I can arrange that. I'll set it up this afternoon."

"Andy, are you sure you can convince Maureen's husband to agree to drop his demands as everything hinges on that to get her mother's cooperation?"

"Oh yes I'm sure. You see when he and his wife split up he started seeing someone else."


"She only just turned fifteen."


Later that day, after Andy had met with Maureen and convinced her that he could fix the divorce issue if she agreed to convince her mother to help him bring down her mother's employer. The gift of fifty thousand dollars in cash went a long way to sweetening the offer and get her out of the drug dealing business. Maureen called her mother while she was meeting with Andy and after much discussion her mother agreed to meet with her and Andy.

They met with Hilda in a cafe in the nearby town. At first, she was very reluctant to even meet with Andy, let alone talk about her employer but he convinced her that her employer was going down with or without her help. The gift of fifty thousand dollars in cash, together with the promise of not only fixing her daughter's messy divorce but the offer of the position of housekeeper in Alex's large country estate clinched the deal. As it happened she really liked all the girls, Lexie and Lisa especially and always felt guilty at what she was doing but the money overcame her guilt, up until now that is.

It was agreed that Hilda would let an independent camera crew in through the rear of the mansion at the next session on the upcoming Sunday night and take them up to the gallery. As it turned out, the gallery in the French chateau was used by the king to secretly look at potential bed mates and it had a secret staircase that led from the kitchen at the rear of the house.

She agreed to keep Lexie and Lisa out of the activities by telling the Master that Lexie had started her period and that Lisa had an upset stomach from eating an undercooked egg for breakfast. After the event was over, she was to let the camera crew out and act normal as if nothing had happened.

The plan was to upload the video of the proceedings, with the bodies and faces of the girls digitally removed, to a hosting website on the Internet the next day. Alex knew that no national or local television station would touch the video. The hope was that it would go viral and that some news outlet would pick up the story. Once that happened more mainstream news outlets would follow suit. He texted Lexie and told her of the plan and that she and Lisa were to go to school as normal on Monday but that a car would be waiting at the side of the road across from the sports field to whisk them away to a new life.


Chapter Four

On Sunday evening at six o'clock, Hilda unlocked the back door to the kitchen and let the two man camera crew in.

"This way, follow me and be quiet," she said. She unlocked the door to the staircase.

"This leads to the gallery that overlooks the Great Room. When the session is over come back down and I'll let you out."

The cameraman thanked her and went upstairs and set up their equipment. The crew had been told in advance what was going to happen so they wouldn't be shocked but shocked they were at what they saw. Being the professionals they were, they kept filming anyway.

Saturday night usually had the most guests, but Sunday was also popular, particularly with the regulars. There were three men and one woman tonight. The men's ages ranged from mid fifties to one distinguished looking gentleman who was in his seventies.

"I recognize him," the sound man whispered, "that's Charlie Evans, he's a State Appellate court judge."

The three men and the woman were all naked but the older man wore a simple one piece gown with no opening front or back, just loose sleeves. The woman, who was in her late forties, was quite slim with small breasts and a large clitoral hood and inner labia that hung down from her plump outer labia. She appeared to be quite proud of her body and was enjoying the looks she got from the three men.

A seven year old light-skinned African-American girl was acting as fluffer tonight. She had short black hair and was keeping the two men nice and hard but was having trouble with the older man. She held the hem of his gown up at his waist with one hand and was jacking his flaccid cock with the other. She had all of it in her small mouth and was sucking furiously, but no matter how much she tried she couldn't get it up. He eventually got tired of her attempts to get an erection and dismissed her.

"Look at that will ya," the cameraman whispered, "old electric chair Charlie can't get it up."

"Mr. Charles is first I believe," the Master said. The security man wheeled in the examination table and a ten year old girl stood in front of Mr. Charles.

"What is to be your pleasure Mr. Charles?" she asked.

"Hello Charlotte, I want to eat your pussy and make you cum," he said proudly.

Charlotte got onto the table and put her legs in the stirrups. Charlie knelt down on the padded cushion.

"Well I'll be darned Freddy," the sound man whispered, "they're using kneelers. I guess Charlie's praying for an erection."

"That's enough chit chat Lenny, remember we're here as professionals."

"Sorry," Lenny said and pointed his directional microphone toward where Charlie Evans was kneeling.

He parted the girl's plump labia and started to lick her slit all the way from her anus, that he dwelled on for a minute, to her clit that was now visible in its protective hood. Freddy zoomed in with his Sony FDRAX1 4K video camera for a tight closeup of the judge's tongue lapping at the ten year old's pussy. The judge put two fingers inside the girl's vagina and started to finger fuck her. Her juices were flowing freely, covering his fingers and hand.

Charlotte was moaning and turning her head from side to side and putting on a good impersonation of Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. The judge was a regular and always asked for Charlotte. To make sure the judge was a happy and regular customer, the Master had taught Charlotte how to fake an orgasm if she couldn't cum naturally.

She had never had a real orgasm at his hands, and so in the three years she had been servicing him she had been quite good at faking it. The judge hadn't had sex for many years and so wasn't tuned in to the other signs that a woman was climaxing. Charlotte carried on with her moaning for five minutes and then faked her climax. The camera crew thought she took it a little over the top but the judge seemed happy. He got up, and not waiting for Charlotte to give him the customary thanks, was escorted out by Hilda. He was always the first and always left after he was done as he didn't want to see the other men with erections fucking the girls as it reminded him of his impotency.

"Mr. Trevor is next," the Master announced. As Charlotte left, a twelve year old walked in and stood in front of the fifty five year old. He was bald-headed and had a large belly that almost hid his penis. The African-American girl had just left him after keeping his erection alive. It stood straight out, all eight inches of it. Lenny, the sound man gasped quietly. Even the woman cast a sideways glance at Trevor's large member.

"Jeez," she said softly.

"What is to be your pleasure Mr. Trevor?" Mia asked.

"I want you to suck me Mia and make me cum." he said.

"It will be my pleasure," Mia replied.

She knelt on the folded towel and took his eight inches in her hand and put her mouth over its end, taking in about four inches. Although his cock was long, it was not very fat and she could easily get her lips around its shaft. For a twelve year old, she was expertly sucking and stroking his large member, rotating her hand around the shaft and occasionally taking one of his testicles in her mouth or licking the shaft from root to tip.

He was close and she knew it as she could see his scrotum tighten and his cock swelled as cum jetted out the end. He was spurting so much cum, Mia couldn't keep up with it, her cheeks bulged there was so much in her mouth. She had to pull off to swallow or she would choke. He still kept spurting, his cum covered her face and was in her hair.

"Good God," Freddy the cameraman whispered softly, "even Peter North couldn't shoot that much."

Trevor wasn't finished, it was if he had an endless supply of semen. The last four or five spurts hit her small breasts, coating them with his white translucent semen. When he was done, his eight inch cock quickly deflated and disappeared under the folds of his large belly. The woman stood there open mouthed as did the other man, hardly believing what they had just witnessed.

The African-American girl quickly scurried over and stood there, not knowing where to start. She started licking Trevor's cum off Mia's breasts before it ran down into her crotch. As she sucked and swallowed, more cum dropped from Mia's cheek and landed in the black girl's hair. It took her a good three or four minutes to get Mia somewhat clean, all the while Trevor stood there proud as a peacock.

"Thank you for letting me please you Mr. Trevor," Mia said and walked out of the room to take a shower.

"Mrs. Helen is next," the Master announced.

Helen walked over and got onto the examination table and put her legs in the stirrups. The African-American girl stood in front of Helen.

"What is to be your pleasure Mrs. Helen?" the black girl asked.

"I think you know Laquita, I want you to lick my pussy and fuck me with your hand," Helen replied.

The black girl sank to her knees and sucked on Helen's very large inner labia. They were like brown-edged, pink lettuce leaves with her very large clitoral hood at the top of her gash. As Laquita sucked on its hood her clit emerged and got larger at her ministrations. As Laquita lifted her head up to catch her breath, Lenny gasped quietly at the sight of Helen's oversized clit. It resembled a small penis with a head like a real one. The black girl continued sucking on Helen's large clitoris while forming a vee with her right hand and pushing it onto her wet vagina.

A lot of creamy white secretions was leaking out of Helen's vagina, easing her penetration. Slowly Laquita pushed her fingers into Helen's vagina, gathering her cream. The last customer stood there with his mouth open watching Laquita push her whole hand inside Helen's vagina. She stopped as she hit Helen's cervix, her hand, wrist and part of her forearm was now inside Helens body. She started to breathe faster as Laquita, fucked Helen with her hand while sucking her small penis-like clitoris.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, that's it girl. Ahhh," Helen cried as she climaxed; her body shook with her intense orgasm, her back arching on the table; she grabbed Laquita's head and pushed it hard into her crotch. As Laquita struggled to breathe Helen relaxed as her orgasm started to fade. The small black girl withdrew her hand and arm out of Helen's vagina, leaving it gaping with ridges of flesh lining her shaft. Laquita stood up, her whole face was covered in Helen's cum as was her hand, wrist and forearm, the white cream was stark contrast to her dark skin. She gave the ritualistic thanks.

"Thank you for letting me please you Mrs. Helen," Laquita said; she turned and left. Helen got up stood there interested to see what the last guest was going to do.

"And finally Mr. Alfred," the Master said, "it's your turn. You requested Lexie, but unfortunately she's indisposed so I have taken the liberty of substituting Holly who I feel will more than satisfy you."

Holly came into the room and walked over and stood in front of Alfred. She was a beautiful thirteen year old, tall with slender legs. Her long red hair was tied up in a pony tail high on the back of her head. She had petite breasts, her darker-pink areolas and small red nipples were in stark contrast to her milky-white skin. There was a smattering of red hairs on her prominent mons. Her small clitoral sheath was lying just outside the tight slit formed by her plump labia.

"What is to be your pleasure this evening Mr. Alfred?" she asked.

"I would like to cum in your ass Holly," Alfred said with a big smile of anticipation on his face. A small frown ran across Holly's face but she walked over and put her forearms on the table and spread her legs in the same stance as a man waiting for his annual prostate exam. Alfred walked to the table, his short but fat cock swaying from side to side, knelt on the kneeler and spread Holly's cheeks exposing the red rosette of her anus. Alfred proceeded to push his tongue against her tight sphincter licking and sucking it while probing her vagina with his fat fingers.

Soon his fingers were wet with Holly's juices. He stood up and kicked the kneeler out of the way and coated the large head of his cock with her juices. Grasping its shaft in his fist, he placed the head against her tight ass and pushed. Her anus didn't dilate at first as Holly was tense. Then she relaxed and as she did so the head of his fat cock slipped inside. Freddy zoomed in for a very tight shot of Alfred's thick cock sliding into Holly's tight ass. The HD camera recorded every detail, the couple of stray red hairs around her anus, the tight slit of her vulva with the dark opening of her vagina and the large veins running down Alfred's cock.

He started pumping her quite hard, a little too hard for a thirteen year old Freddy thought. Every time Alfred pushed into Holly's ass, he almost lifted her off her feet; her heels came off the floor as his cock slammed into her and even her small firm breasts moved. Freddy got a scene of her face as she turned her head to look at him fucking her ass. The Master thought he was being a little too aggressive with her.

"Not so hard Mr. Alfred, remember she's only thirteen years old."

Alfred wasn't happy but valued his visits there and didn't want to jeopardize that.

"If you want to Alfred, you can fuck me in my ass as hard as you want." Helen piped up.

Alfred ignored her. His face was red as he concentrated, chasing his orgasm. Drops of sweat fell from his nose and splashed on Holly's cheeks, running into the crack of her butt, merging with her anal juices. With a final thrust into Holly's ass, he grunted several times, threw his head back and shouted as his cock swelled and flooded her bowels with his cum.

"Argggghh," he cried as he collapsed on Holly's back, panting hard. After a few minutes when his breathing had slowed, he pushed off her and his now flaccid cock slipped out of the thirteen year old's ass. The camera recorded every detail, her gaping red rimmed anus with Alfred's semen oozing out and running down both sides of her slim thighs. Holly stood up and faced Alfred.

"Thank you for letting me please you Mr. Alfred," she said as she bowed. She turned and left, walking awkwardly, followed by Laquita.

Lenny and Freddy quickly and quietly packed up their gear and went back downstairs and waited behind the closed door. Ten minutes later Hilda opened the door to the stairs and let them out the back door.


Chapter Five

The videographer worked through the night editing the video to blur all the girl's faces. The DVD sat on Andy's desk at eight o'clock Monday morning. Andy called Alex.

"Alex, this is Andy. Got the DVD from the camera guys and am ready to upload it an anonymous hosting website."

"You sure it can't be traced back to us as it's child pornography?"

"Positive boss."

"Okay do it and you, and only you pick Lexie and Lisa up after school as promised."

Ten minutes later the video was on a website where anyone could upload videos anonymously. Of course the police could get a court order and compel the website to disclose the IP addresses of the people uploading it as well as those downloading it, but Andy had used a browser that concealed his IP address. The video was titled:

Millionaire Charles Magnusson's Brothel of Child Whores

Within an hour it had gone viral. Of course the people downloading it didn't realize that they could now be prosecuted for possession of child pornography. Two hours later a national Internet news station put the following up on their website.

A video purported to show millionaire Charles Magnusson III conducting a session at his mansion in the country where men were shown having sex with underage girls, was uploaded anonymously to a hosting website this morning. The video which we cannot link to here because it is classified as child pornography, shows Magnusson providing girls as young as seven, to men who then had sex with them. One man, identified as a State Appellate Court judge Charles Evans, was shown performing oral sex on what appeared to be a nine or ten year old girl. Requests for comments to Mr. Magnusson's office were declined.

Two hours after that, the same website posted an update.

Following a video that was uploaded to an anonymous website purporting to show Charles Magnusson III conducting a session where men had sex with underage girls, five deputy sheriffs raided his sprawling French chateau style country mansion. The local sheriff's department refused comment.

The five o'clock news of a local affiliate of a major network carried the same story but his time they had their news helicopter circling the site showing agents removed boxes of material. Shortly after the sheriff's deputies got there, a private motor coach arrived and the news feed showed four what appeared to be young girls with towels covering their heads being shepherd into it.


That same morning at seven thirty, Lexie and Lisa took their personal effects and put them in their backpack, hiding their school books under their beds. As they were leaving their rooms, Hilda handed Lexie a sealed plain manilla envelope.

"Give this to Mr. Walker, he'll know what to do with it and I'll see you girls later."

"Who's Mr. Walker?" Lexie asked. She was puzzled by her comment about seeing them later but let it pass for now.

"He's Alex," Hilda replied.

"Oh, okay," Lexie said. "Bye Hilda." She put the envelope in her backpack.

The two girls got into the waiting car and twenty minutes later were dropped off at their school.


When school let out, Lexie and Lisa walked across the sports field and got into the back seat of a black Cadillac Escalade. They held each other's hands as the vehicle whisked them away from a life they had both known for the last seven years. They had put all their trust in a man who they barely knew and who'd had sex with both of them. Their biggest fear was that they were exchanging one life for another of the same. They looked out of the windows as the countryside flew by.

Three hours later, the vehicle pulled off the road onto a wide paved driveway and stopped at a pair of modern-looking iron gates. The driver pressed a button on his sun visor and the gates swung open. Five minutes later the vehicle slowed and the driver once again pressed a button on the sun visor and a pair of garage doors slid open revealing a ramp. As he drove down the ramp, the doors closed automatically behind him. He drove across a large underground garage and pulled up in front of a pair of stainless steel doors to an elevator.

"This way girls," the driver said. They followed him to the elevator. Inside he pressed the button for the floor marked:

Bedroom Level

They followed him down a long carpeted hallway to the end where there was a large window overlooking a lake. He opened the last door to the left.

"This is your bedroom Lexie," he said as he walked inside. Lexie and Lisa still holding hands followed behind.

They found themselves inside a very large bedroom with a large king-sized bed to one side facing a small sitting area with a round table and two armchairs. The sitting area was three sided and jutted out from the wall of the building with three floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the large lake. To the left of the bed was a dresser and on the right side a writing desk with an iMac sitting on it. All of the furniture was very modern.

There were two other doors; the driver, who had told them his name was Andy, opened one.

"This is your walk-in closet Lexie," he said, showing her the built-in storage shelving, hanging rails and banks of drawers. He opened the other door.

"And this is your private bath," he said. It had a large claw foot tub, glass shower enclosure, double vanity, a toilet and a bidet.

"What's that?" Lisa asked, pointing to the bidet.

Lexie nudged her arm. "Shush," she said with a slight blush to her cheeks.

Andy opened the door to the bedroom opposite Lexie's.

"And this is your bedroom Lisa," he said. "It's a mirror image of your sister's. Please make yourself at home. Please come downstairs in half an hour. You can take the elevator, just push the button marked Main Level, or take the stairs if you like." With that he left.

Lisa ran and jumped on her bed. "This is much nicer than at the other place," she said. Lexie was looking at the door lock.

"No curfew Lisa," she said. "This is a regular door lock."

Both girls explored their rooms. Lexie finally explained to Lisa what a bidet was.

"So it's to wash your pussy?" she said giggling furiously.


Half an hour later, Lexie took Lisa's hand and they walked to the end of the hallway, passing the elevator, where it opened up onto a large landing. A wide staircase curved in a gentle arc from the landing to the large two-story foyer below. It had blond oak treads with open risers supported by two polished stainless steel beams and curved frosted glass panels supported between polished nickel posts As they reached the bottom, Alex stepped out of the elevator. Lisa immediately ran over and launched herself at him. He caught her, each hand cupping a nice firm pantied cheek, her arms curled around his neck and she kissed him on his lips. Lexie was a little more ladylike as she walked over and put her arms around both Alex and her sister.

"Everything go smoothly at school?" he asked.

"Yes thank you Alex. Hilda gave me an envelope for you, it's in my room."

"Okay, I think I know what it is. Your rooms okay?"

"Yes, lovely thanks," Lexie said, "and no automatic locks."

"Absolutely not. You are free to come and go as you please. There's an indoor pool downstairs as well as a home theater."

"A pool," Lisa sad excitedly. She let go of his neck and dropped back down.

"You girls hungry?"

"Yes," they chorused.

"Come on follow me." They followed him through a large dining room with a long glass topped table and upholstered chairs and into kitchen where there was a hive of activity preparing the evening meal. Andre, the chef was busy concocting some new dish he wanted to try but his sous chef Claire, a beautiful eighteen year old was sitting waiting on his instructions for vegetables.

"I have two very hungry young ladies Claire," he said to the sous chef. "Fix them a quick snack – make it light or they'll not want dinner."

"How about a grilled cheese sandwich?" Claire offered.

The two girls sat at the large kitchen table and scarfed down the food. Afterwards they came back into the foyer and saw Alex in the great room. It was two-story room with ten foot high doors across the back opening onto a terrace that overlooked the swimming pool and the gardens that swept down to the lake. Alex pressed a remote and the doors opened, each one folding back onto its neighbor and disappearing into recesses in the side walls. The effect was to create an open space such that the great room and the terrace became one as both floors were polished, stained concrete.

"Wow," Lexie said as she walked out onto the terrace followed by her little sister. They sat at the large teak table and looked out over the swimming pool and the lake beyond. A butler came out and placed a glass of lemonade in front of each of the girls and a martini in front of Alex.

"Thank you Martin," he said to the butler. He raised his glass.

"Here's a toast to your new lives," he said. The girls sipped their drinks.

"I'm sure there're a lot of things you need so speak up."

"We need clothes," they chorused.

"Then tomorrow is dedicated to shopping," he replied. "Anything else?"

Lexie looked down at her drink. "Ahem, I need . . . I need a prescription refill," she said quietly.

"Let me guess, you need birth control pills."

She blushed a little. "Uh-huh."

"That's okay Lexie, you can be open with me, it's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of."

Just then Hilda walked onto the terrace.

"Hilda," both of the girls said in unison.

"Hello girls, told you I'd see you later," Hilda replied.

"Hilda's joined our staff as housekeeper as our previous one got married and left," Alex said. "Hilda, why don't you show the girls around the rest of the house as I need to make a few phone calls before dinner."

Alex went to his study and closed the door. He called Andy, his head of security.


"Yes boss."

"Do you know a good and discreet forger?"

"As a matter of fact I do, my cousin Ernie. He can forge anything except passports as he can't replicate their embedded security chips. What do you need?"

"I need guardianship papers for Lexie and Lisa with me as their guardian. I'm pretty sure Hilda managed to get their birth certificates."

"No problem, what else?"

"They need passports, so can you get a photographer to come by the house tomorrow morning at say nine to take photos of them for the application forms and don't use the video guy as he may conclude I've got my own harem."

"Will do boss."


After dinner Lexie, Lisa and Alex watched a movie in the home theater with Lexie on his left and Lisa on his right, both girls snuggled up to him with each of their hands on a thigh.

"Can we sleep with you tonight?" Lexie asked when the movie ended at nine thirty.

"You know you don't have to just because you think it's what I want. You are now free of the Master with your bows of obedience. You are free to do as you please."

"I know," Lexie replied. "Lisa and me have talked about it and we really enjoyed sleeping with you the other night."

"Is this what you want Lisa?"

"Yes Alex, we both like you a lot. You're different to the other men we've had sex with."

"How different honey?"

"Well, you're young for one, you smell nice, and you were the first man to give me an orgasm . . . and I like you."

Alex chuckled. "Well thank you sweetheart, I'd like it very much if you and your sister would sleep with me."

"Should we mess up our beds to show we slept in them," Lexie asked.

"No that's not necessary as Hilda changes the bedclothes and cleans the rooms upstairs. Her two assistants, only clean downstairs and are not allowed upstairs. Only Hilda knows we have sex, so be careful what you say when you're downstairs. You can cuddle like we did tonight, or hug me as I like your hugs, and you can kiss me but no groping." Lisa giggled at that last comment.

"The staff have been told that you're daughters of my distant relative who died in a plane crash a month ago so if anyone says they're sorry for your loss, just say thanks okay."

The two sisters followed Alex upstairs to his master suite. It was similar to the girl's rooms but much bigger with a California king-size bed. It had his and hers walk in closets and a large bathroom with a double, all-glass shower, an oversized claw foot tub, a double vanity, toilet and bidet.

They all got undressed while the tub was filling. Alex was admiring the two girls' bodies. The two were quite different due to the almost four year age difference as well as where they were in puberty. Lexie's was developing nicely; she was well on her way to womanhood. He guessed she had A-cup breasts as they looked to be the size of small half lemons sitting high on her slightly bony chest. Her pink areolas were slightly puffy and just a tad darker than her skin with red nipples the size of raisins and looked just as good to eat.

Her bottom was developing a nice flare and she had a quite prominent mons rising up between her bony hips that stuck out like small peaks. He could see a small tuft of blonde hair at the top of her slit, just above her clitoral hood. He loved her plump vulva filling the gap at the top of her slim thighs.

Lisa, was, well as straight as a bean pole, well almost as her hips had started to develop and, from a front view, were now wider than her waist. In profile, she had a nice behind, two gorgeous globes that rose up from the small of her back. Her chest was as flat as a pancake with tiny, tiny nipples like small beads. Her ribs showed through her skin as did her bony hips. But what he liked the most about Lisa was her vulva; it filled the gap nicely between her thighs. The crescent-shaped area under her small tummy flattened and then rose again into the broad, vee-shaped pad of her mons. Her slit was tight with just the small ridge of her immature clitoral sheath at the top. Both girls saw him admiring their bodies with a very erect penis that set off a fit of giggling.

"Okay, I'll get in first," Alex said, "and then you girls can figure out where you want to sit."

The tub was slipper-shaped with the tall floor-mounted faucet at its mid point. Alex climbed in and sat at one end of the tub with his arms resting on the rim. Lexie stepped in next; Alex's cock twitched as her labia parted. She sat facing him at the opposite end leaning her back against the padded cushion. Lisa was last in and lay between her sister's legs. Lexie's foot could just reach Alex's crotch and she started to play with his cock under the water. Lisa, not wanting to lose out in the fun, moved forward and sat on his thigh with her arm around his neck.

He picked up a bar of soap and, after soaping up his hand, proceeded to wash Lisa's back and chest, paying particular attention to her small but very sensitive nipples. She moaned a little as he rubbed them, feeling them get very hard. She laid her head on his shoulder. Lexie moved down the tub and grasped Alex's cock and squeezed.

"We both saw you looking at us while we got undressed. Was it me or Lisa that made you hard?"

"You both did. You're both very sexy in your own ways. I love how skinny Lisa is and I love her little hard nipples. I love how you're developing into a beautiful and sexy young woman."

He had stopped rubbing Lisa's nipples and she opened her eyes.

"Wash me Lexie," Lisa said, "I like it when you do that."

Lisa stood up facing Lexie, who soaped up her hands and proceeded to wash Lisa's waist, and bottom, slipping her fingers between her cheeks and giving her anus a good cleaning. She cupped her sister's pussy and washed it as well.

"Your turn to wash me Lisa," Lexie said.

Lexie knelt as her younger sister washed her firm breasts. Alex noted that although they were soft, they never moved as Lisa's small hands washed them. Alex was enjoying the show, watching Lisa's hand wash Lexie's crotch and butt crack.

"Our turn to wash you Alex," Lisa said as she finished washing her sister. Alex stood up and enjoyed the sensation of two pairs of hands washing every inch of his body. Lisa was in front of him so she washed his penis and testicles with great care, making sure she drew back his foreskin and washed around the rim. His cock twitched as he felt Lexie's fingers washing around and inside his anus.

"That's nice Lexie, I like it when you do that." Prompted by his liking it, she pushed her finger all the way inside his ass. By the time they were done he was really clean. They rinsed off, got out of the tub and dried each other. Lisa was first into bed, running and jumping. She bounced once and lay on her back with her legs open, almost begging Alex to come and fuck her. Lexie looked at Alex and rolled her eyes.

Lexie got between her younger sister's legs and started to lick her still damp pussy while Alex lay beside her and kissed her. Feeling her small mouth open, he pushed the tip of his tongue inside where it was met by hers. Soon they were locked in a passionate kiss, something she had never done before and it was making her light-headed. She broke their kiss gasping.

"Oh my God," she said, "I didn't know kissing could be that good."

Lexie stopped sucking on Lisa's little nubbin, looked up and smiled. Alex kissed down her neck and chest and took her small hard nipple in between his lips and nipped it, causing Lisa to gasp. Lexie's ministrations to Lisa's clit was having its desired effect. Her little bottom was jerking and bucking against her sisters mouth. She was holding Alex's neck with one hand as he kissed her, moaning into his mouth.

Then he felt her tense up as she climaxed, her whole body shook with her orgasm; with one hand she gripped her older sister's head between her slim thighs and inhaled sharply, holding her breath for what seemed like an eternity. Then she let it out with one long sigh and her body went limp. She was breathing hard into Alex's mouth.

Finally, she calmed down and released Lexie's head from between her thighs and let go of Alex's neck.

"That was good guys," she said, "can we do it again?"

Alex groaned. "I think your sister needs a little attention first sweetie.

"Okay," she replied with a sigh. Alex pondered whether this ten year old was getting to like her orgasms too much. Lexie lay with her legs open and Lisa shuffled over and got between them; she started to lick her sister's open slit all the way from the opening of her vagina to her clitoral hood and its occupant. Alex knelt behind Lisa and lifted her hips up so she was kneeling with her butt pushed up in the air. Grasping the shaft of his cock, he proceeded to rub its head up and down her very wet slit. She stopped administering to her older sister and looked back at him. She smiled.

When Alex was satisfied the head of his cock was wet enough, he positioned it against her tiny vagina. He still could hardly believe that his adult penis could fit inside this ten year old's small pussy, but he had and he loved it. He pushed a little, feeling her dilate. She stopped licking Lexie's pussy to enjoy the sensation of being penetrated from behind, something new for her. He pushed some more and her vagina fully dilated and admitted him. She gasped loudly as his bulbous head penetrated her.

"He's got his cock in my pussy Lexie," she said to her sister proudly and went back to sucking Lexie's now engorged clit.

Alex pushed a little more and a little more until the head hit the rubbery end of her vagina. She was wet and the ring of skin was stretched tight around the root of his cock, his loose ball sack was lying against her pussy. He could hear Lexie moaning as Lisa was bringing her to a climax all the while he was stroking in and out of Lisa's pussy. The sound of his ball sack hitting Lisa's pussy together with Lexie's moans filled the room.

"Oh gaaawd Lisa," Lexie cried as she orgasmed; she grabbed Lisa's head and pushed it into her crotch while bucking her. Her whole body trembled as her orgasm coursed through her. Alex was still stroking in and out of Lisa as he heard Lexie moaning with pleasure, enjoying the feelings running through her young body. She eventually calmed and released her little sister's head. Alex pulled out of Lisa's pussy, his cock covered with her cream and whispered in her ear.

"I'm going to fuck Lexie now," he said, "would you like me come in your mouth or in her pussy?"

Lisa thought about it for a moment. "My mouth, please cum in my mouth so we don't make a mess of the bed."

"Are you sure, you're not going to choke this time are you?"

"I don't think so."

"Why don't you get a washcloth from the bathroom just in case."

She got out from between her sister's legs and headed for the bathroom. Alex took her place. Lexie was still in the afterglow of her orgasm with her eyes closed and didn't know he was going to have sex with her until the head of his cock penetrated her.

She gasped. "Alex," she murmured, "you want to give me another orgasm?"

"That's my intent," he replied as he pushed all the way inside her. This was the first time he'd fucked Lexie and it felt totally different than with Lisa. Lisa was very tight, almost to the point of being painful if she happened to clench her pussy, which she had done once. Lexie while tight, was easier on his penis and her more developed inner labia gave a whole new sensation as he stroked in and out of her. She wrapped her long slim legs around his waist and encouraged him to fuck her, curling her pussy up to meet his inward strokes. Sex with any other fourteen year old, if he ever got the chance, would feel different he mused. She would probably be a virgin and, if not, would not have had many sex partners.

Lexie on the other hand at the ripe old age of fourteen, had probably had more cocks inside her in the seven years with the Master than most women did in their lifetime so she knew how to please, how to make a man feel special. He had seen how mechanical she was when she was being fucked at the Master's house. Her customers didn't care if she didn't show any pleasure, as all they wanted to do was enjoy the sensation of putting their cocks in her pussy and fucking an underage girl. But now, he felt she was more loving, more caring and wanted to please him; she was enjoying it, probably for the first time in her young life. She was not far from another orgasm as he felt her vagina contract and her body twitch. As she climaxed he felt a wetness on his crotch as she spurted a little, not much but she definitely spurted. She held him tight inside her with her ankles at his back.

He lay down on her, supporting his weight on his forearms, feeling her body shudder and jerk. After a few minutes she started to calm and ran her fingers through his tangled mop.

"That was good, very good," she said. "I didn't get many orgasms when I was with the Master, I got good at faking them like Charlotte did, but with you and Lisa it's different; I look forward to sex with you; I actually enjoy it."

"How is it different?"

"Because I don't have to have sex with you, I choose to and that's the difference. I like sex with you and I like you, I like you a lot."

Alex was a little sad in a way. Her time at the Master's place had made her grow up too quick. Although she was only fourteen, still a child really, she acted and thought like an adult. The Master had stolen hers and Lisa's childhood. At least he's paying for it as Alex had watched on the local news as he was being led away in handcuffs.

"Come on Alex, fuck me some more."

"Lexie, please don't use that word. What you did at the Master's house was to fuck. From here on out we don't fuck, we make love." He saw tears well up in her eyes. She pulled him down to her and kissed him.

"Thank you Alex, thank you."

"I should tell you honey, that in order to not mess up the bed, your obliging sister has asked me to cum in her mouth and not in your pussy. Lexie burst out laughing, her small breasts moved just a little.

"Well that's nice of her," she said still laughing.

"What's she laughing at Alex?" Lisa asked as she returned with a washcloth.

"Nothing honey, nothing at all."

Alex continued to stroke in and out of Lexie, feeling the warmth of his orgasm start spreading throughout his groin. He knew he was near. Bathing with two beautiful girls, getting washed by them, having his cock buried in ten year old Lisa's tight pussy and now in her older sister's pussy was overloading his senses.

"Almost there Lisa," Alex said through the misty haze of his partially closed eyes.

Lisa knelt beside Lexie ready to accept his load and he hoped for her sake that she could take it. He felt his cock swell and quickly pulled out of Lexie's pussy, putting his hand around the root of his cock and squeezing off his cum. Lisa's mouth was open, tongue out, waiting for him. He placed the head of his cock on her tongue and released the pressure on his shaft just a little to spurt some into her mouth. She closed her mouth around the head of his cock and swallowed quickly then opened her mouth to receive some more. Alex released pressure again and spurted some more into her waiting mouth.

It was a little painful having to hold back his ejaculate but it allowed Lisa to take all of his cum without spilling any. As he finally released the grip on his shaft, the last of his cum spurted into her waiting mouth. She put her mouth around the end of his cock and sucked, taking the last of his semen. As she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, the look of achievement on her face was priceless.

"Well done Lisa," Lexie said. She had been lying there watching the show. She looked at him and gave him a knowing smile as she knew what he had done. Alex lay down beside Lexie and she rolled to her side and draped a leg over his. He felt her very wet pussy pushing into his thigh. Lisa did the same and they all fell into a deep blissful sleep.


Chapter Six

Lexie was awake first the next morning. She quietly slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom to pee. Lisa joined her shortly. Alex woke to the sound of two girls whispering. He pretended to still be asleep as they came back into the bedroom and got onto the bed. He had his normal morning erection and Lexie lifted it off his stomach and offered it to her sister who closed her lips around its head and started to suck. Lexie put her thumb and forefinger around his shaft and rubbed up and down while Lisa sucked its head. It was reverse roles of the morning they woke up in Lisa's room at the Master's house.

The girls worked in unison to bring Alex to his climax.

"He's cumming Lexie," Lisa said as she felt his cock swell. The first spurt of cum filled Lexie's mouth and she quickly swallowed just in time as the second, slightly smaller spurt entered her mouth that she easily swallowed. The rest were smaller and she swallowed them easily. When he was finished Lexie sucked him clean and smacked her lips. Alex was still amazed that a fourteen year old girl was so very good at letting him cum in her mouth; she seemed to be really enjoying it.

"I love the taste of your cum," she announced.

"My God, you girls are going to be the death of me." Lexie and Lisa giggled and jumped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Alex heard tinkling noises as Lisa relieved herself. Lexie came and stood in the bathroom doorway.

"Where are our clothes?" she asked.

"Oh, I asked Hilda to take them last night and have them laundered. They should be in your closets."

He watched as two very sexy but two different rumps run from the bedroom. He got up, peed and stepped into the shower. When he stepped out he was greeted by two now fully dressed young girls.

"You know what today is don't you Alex?" Lexie said.

He feigned ignorance.

"Shopping day," they both chorused.

Before they went down for breakfast, Lexie gave Alex the sealed envelope Hilda had given her. He opened it and looked inside. There were two pages from the ring binder he had looked through on his first visit, one was for Lexie and the other for Lisa. There were also their birth certificates as well as an SD card marked Mr. Alex. Hilda had done well; there was now no trace that he had ever been there or that Lexie and Lisa even existed. He noted that Lexie's fifteenth birthday was just a month away

The girls sat at the kitchen table eating bowls of cereal when Alex placed an iPhone next to each of them.

"I've put my phone number in them as well as each of your numbers. There's also a number for Andy my head of security so if you need help, call him first night or day and he'll come and get you."

Both girls thanked him. He sat sipping a cup of coffee watching them eat. Lisa just wanted to get un-hungry, Lexie on the other hand savored every mouthful.

After breakfast a photographer was waiting in the foyer to take their photographs.

"Why do you need photos of us?" Lexie said, ever the cautious one.

"So we can get passports for you guys."

"Passport, I've never had one," Lexie said. "Where are we going?"

"Where would you like to go, Europe, the Caribbean, Australia?"

"Can we go to England?" Lisa asked. "I like to read books by Jane Austen and Emily Brontë."

"Sure we can, but I think you girls need clothes first."

"Yay, shopping," Lexie said.


Ben, Alex's driver, had come with them to shop for clothes and Alex was glad he did, because there was no way he was going to carry ten large bags of clothes. Each girl had one of Victoria's Secret's largest and Alex was surprised at their different tastes in underwear. Lisa obviously didn't buy any bras and her choice of panties was basically plain colored ones in full and bikini cut. Some had flowers printed on and some had little red hearts, typical for a ten year old.

Lexie on the other hand, had selected nice, sexy lace ones in bikini and boyshort style with matching bra's. She wore a 30A cup, and as she was sorting through the piles of bras and panties Alex got an erection that he managed to keep covered with a shopping bag. Their shopping expedition took almost all day, stopping for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, and by the time they headed for the car, each girl had complete wardrobes from top to bottom. Alex's Visa card took a hit to the tune of twenty-five hundred dollars.

It took a good two hours for the girls to put away all of their clothes, and by the time they were finished, their walk-in closet hanging rails, shoe racks and drawers were almost full. They walked downstairs holding hands and out onto the terrace where Alex sat sipping a martini. An iced pitcher of lemonade with condensation running down the outside was sitting on a silver tray along with two glasses. Lexie was wearing a sky-blue, silk blouse over a white cotton bra, a pair of designer jeans with fashionable rips at the knees and a pair of red Keds. Lisa was less fashionable with a simple white ribbed cotton top, a pair of white shorts and pink Keds.

First Lexie and then Lisa, put their arms around his neck and kissed him on his mouth.

"Thank you for all the clothes Alex," Lexie said, "they're all beautiful."

"Yes I love all my clothes, thank you very much Alex," Lisa said.

"You're most certainly welcome girls." Lexie bent and whispered in his ear.

"Lisa and me have talked and she agreed that I should sleep alone with you tonight."

"Okay Lexie, thank you as you girls were wearing me out." She giggled and went and sat down next to her sister.


That evening at nine o'clock, Alex sat on the edge of his bed naked, waiting on Lexie to come out of the bathroom. They had both kissed Lisa goodnight after she got into her bed for the first time. The bathroom door opened and Lexie switched off the light and came over and stood in front of him her blonde hair tumbled to her shoulders as she released the white Scrunchie and shook her head looking for all the world like a sex siren ready to seduce him which she was, albeit a fourteen year old siren.

She was wearing a pale-blue camisole with spaghetti straps and trimmed in white lace that came down to her hips. He recognized it as the one he had picked out for her in Victoria's Secret. Alex could see she was wearing a soft, blue lacy-bra and a matching pair of lace panties; her plump vulva was just visible below the hem of her top; it filled the gap between her slim thighs. There was a small camel toe in the cotton gusset of her panties.

He noted a little nervousness in her, which surprised him. Here was a fourteen year old girl who'd probably had oral, anal and vaginal sex with hundreds of men, yet she stood in front of him, biting her bottom lip, holding her hands together in front of her crotch moving them from side to side; she stood on one foot with her other foot tucked behind her ankle. The pose belied the experience.

"God you are stunningly beautiful Lexie. What did I deserve to get to make love to a gorgeous young woman like you?"

"You gave me and my sister a new and better life."

"Come here," he said beckoning her with open arms. She walked over and put her arms around his head. Alex had two handfuls of her firm pantied cheeks and his face rested between her breasts. He could feel and hear her heartbeat that was almost double a normal rate.

He looked up at her. "Why are you so nervous Lexie?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's because we're spending our first night together alone. I've never slept alone with a man before. In fact that night we all slept together was the first time I slept with anyone beside Lisa."

Alex lifted the hem of her camisole and pulled it up; she raised her arms and he pulled it completely off and dropped it on a chair.

"That's the one you picked out," she said.

"Yes, I remember and now I know why I liked it as it makes you look very sexy. I don't know if you noticed, but I had an erection the whole time we were in that store watching you pick out underwear."

"I'll let you in on a secret," she said. "My panties were wet the whole time as I imagined wearing them for you and letting you take them off." He reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She let it slide off her arms.

"I absolutely love your breasts," he said as he put his hands on her hips. "I love how firm yet how soft they are; I love your puffy areolas and these little guys," he tweaked each nipple in turn, "your red nipples. I could suck on them all day long."

She giggled causing her breasts to jiggle just a little. He took each of her breasts into his mouth in turn and sucked, swirling his tongue around her nipple, feeling it firm up and the small shudder in her body as she responded to his touch and started to become aroused.

"And I love this," he said as he squeezed her pantied ass. "You've got a very sexy ass." He slipped his thumbs inside the elastic waist of her lace bikini-style panties and slowly eased them down over her bottom and hips, letting them fall to her ankles. She stepped out of them and he picked them up and put the crotch to his nose and inhaled, savoring her slightly musky aroma mixed with a little sweat. There was a sizable wet spot in the crotch. They joined her bra and camisole on the chair.

He pulled her down onto his lap, her knees on the bed and her pussy pressed against his erection which was standing straight up against his stomach. Lexie put her arms around his neck and kissed him, titling her head and opening her mouth. He probed her mouth and found her tongue and pressed her even tighter against him, squashing her breasts against his chest. They kissed for two minutes, Alex could hear her moans in his mouth as he squeezed her naked cheeks.

Finally Lexie broke their kiss and gasped for air, panting with ardor.

"Wow you kiss so good," she said. "You literally took my breath away and made my pussy tingle."

He put his hand under her legs, feeling her wetness.

"You ready to make love?" he said. She nodded and climbed off his lap and lay on the bed on her side. Alex joined her and grasped the shaft of his cock and rubbed its head along her moist slit; she lifted her leg slightly to give him access. She gasped loudly as he penetrated her, feeling how tight she was. It was like being held inside a velvet sheath. He held her around her waist and rolled her onto her back; she put her legs around his waist pulling him deep inside her.

As he stared into her face, he saw something different. She had a look of intense love for him, something he had not seen before.

"You know I'm falling in love with you don't you," she said.

"But I'm an old man and you've got your whole life ahead of you."

She jabbed a finger in his ribs. "You're not old," she said, "and I want to spend my whole life with you and have babies with you."

Coming from any fourteen year old girl, he would have dismissed it as a crush or mere puppy love but Lexie was no ordinary fourteen year old girl. With all she had been through in her young life she was a fourteen year old woman and he could sense that she meant every word of what she said.

"I believe you Lexie and if anyone had told me a month ago that I wanted more from a fourteen year old girl besides sex, I would have said they were crazy. I want to share in your life Lexie, be there when you graduate high school; see you off to college; celebrate at your graduation; be there at the birth of our first child."

She pulled him down on top of her. "Make love to me Alex."

He started to curl his crotch against her, pushing all the way inside her until he bumped her end then pulling half way out. With his half strokes he was feeling his orgasm rising inside his groin, spreading its warmth.

"Sorry Lexie, but you've got me so aroused tonight I'm very close to cumming." She didn't hear him as she was wrapped in the sensation of his cock plunging deep inside her and the love she felt as he held her tight and the promises of things to come. Her climax sneaked up on her and grabbed her, shaking her body and jerking her butt and legs.

"I love you Alex, oh gaaawd this is so good," she cried as she pulled him deep inside with ankles on his back and her arms around his neck. He felt her shaking and her hot breaths puffing on his neck as she rode her orgasm, milking it for all it was worth. As she released her grip on his back, he started to thrust into her again and it didn't take long for his orgasm to grab him. He felt his cock swell, as did she, and he spurted hard, flooding her young vagina with his teeming fluid. He kept thrusting and spurting until he was completely drained and exhausted.

He lay there on top of her with his softening cock inside her. She clenched her pussy to try and keep his cock inside her but it only served to push it out. She cupped her pussy to keep his cum inside her.

"You need to use the bidet Lexie?"

"Yeah," she said, "you spurted a good amount and it's starting to leak out."

He rolled off and she got up still cupping her pussy and walked awkwardly to the bathroom. Alex lay there with his flaccid cock on his thigh glistening with her juices. Five minutes later she came back out and lay beside him and started to suck his cock clean. As she was sucking and licking it he got another erection.

"Gawd Alex! another one so soon?"

"It's all your fault, you've got me so aroused tonight."

She giggled. "Let's see if I can get more out of you," she said as she sucked and licked the end of his cock. Alex was moaning loudly as she got three quarters of his cock in her mouth. She kept trying to get the head down her throat but the gag reflex stopped her. Then she concentrated really hard and as the head started to enter her throat and she started to gag, she swallowed hard and slowly she took more and more down her throat. Finally all of his cock was inside her mouth and part way down her throat. She pulled off and gasped for air as thick strings of spittle stretched from her lips to the head of his cock.

Alex was amazed that a fourteen year old girl could get all of the six inches of an adult's cock in her mouth and down her throat.

"My God Lexie, how on earth did you manage that?"

"I don't know," she said with a modicum of pride in her voice. "Did it feel good?"

"It was amazing."

She continued to suck and lick him and he could feel the stirrings of another orgasm. He felt his ball sack tighten and his shaft swell as he climaxed for the second time in less than ten minutes. It was short but good and Lexie felt a small amount of cum spurt weakly into her mouth. She opened her mouth and showed him the teaspoon of his cum sitting on her tongue.

"Jeez, I've never done that before."

She closed her mouth and swallowed. As she snuggled up to him, he soon fell into a deep post orgasmic slumber. She lay there until sleep claimed her too, wondering what the future would bring. She wasn't sure what the future held, but what she was sure of was that she was happier now than she'd ever been. She also had a new feeling and that was the extreme excitement she got as she gave pleasure to a man, something she never got at the Master's house.


Chapter Seven

As Alex stirred from an extremely deep and satisfying sleep, he felt a weight on his hips. He opened his eyes to see a most erotic sight, Lexie straddling his hips with her plump labia hugging the shaft of his morning erection.

She smiled. "Good morning my lover, I didn't want to start without you but for some reason I'm feeling very horny this morning."

She lay down on his chest with her head on his shoulder.

"How did my two time lover sleep?"

"Like a baby sweetie. You look beautiful this morning."

"No I don't, my hair's a mess and I need a shower."

"You always look beautiful to me no matter what."

She lifted and guided the head of his cock to the opening of her vagina and, in a single movement, impaled herself on his stiff member.

"God I love how your cock feels inside me," she murmured.

She lay on his chest with her arms under his shoulders and proceeded to curl her pussy, scrubbing her clit along his shaft as his cock slipped in and out of her tight but wet pussy. Lexie's juices, unlike her sister's cream, were clear and copious. Soon his crotch was soaked. She increased her pace as she felt her climax near and the small jerks in his butt and legs told her that he wasn't far behind. He was bucking her as she fucked him with his hands on her cheeks urging her on.

"Cumming baby," he cried as he felt his shaft swell with his cum.

"Me too, me too," she said as her orgasm slammed into her taking her into overdrive as she furiously scrunched her pussy against his pubic bone, squashing her clit and sending pangs of pleasure throughout her whole body. She felt his cock swell and spurts of his cum as he flooded her. His semen was leaking past his cock and into his pubes.

Finally her orgasm started to fade and she stooped fucking him, her body went limp on top of him. They both were covered in sweat and panting hard. With her head on his chest she could hear his heart thumping. He slowly calmed and squeezed her cheeks and ran his hands over her back and cupped her shoulder blades.

"Jeez that was intense," he said. "I can't believe we both came at the same time."

"I know," she replied. "Gawd I love sex with you, it's like nothing I've ever experienced and I love feeling you spurt your cum inside me."

They lay there for ten minutes. Lexie felt her back cool as her sweat evaporated. Their groins were stuck together with his semen that had leaked out and with their sweat.

"I definitely need a shower now," she said.

They got up and went to the bathroom and got into the shower together and washed each other.


Half an hour later Lexie and Alex walked into the kitchen where Lisa was sitting at the large table eating a bowl of Cheerios as Claire, his sous chef, whispered in her ear.

"Morning Mr. Walker," Claire his sous chef said as she got up. "Your usual cup of coffee?"

"Good morning Claire. Yes, a cup of coffee would be nice. I'll take it on the terrace." He kissed Lisa on her cheek. "And good morning to my little angel." She stopped eating. "What were you and Claire cooking up as you both seemed to be having a nice conversation," he whispered in her ear. She just smiled and carried on eating.

Alex sat on the terrace sipping his coffee and watching the thin blanket of mist on the lake start to burn off as the warmth from the morning sun heated the water; steam rose from the heated swimming pool. Lexie came out and sat beside him with a glass of grapefruit juice in her hand.

"It's very nice here," she said as she sipped her juice. "Do you get many people on the lake?"

"I would hope not as I own it."

"You own that lake? But it looks so big."

"It's three square miles and we can go out on the boat if you like."

"That would be nice," she replied.

"What's up with Lisa and Claire?"

"I think Lisa has a bit of a crush on her," she whispered.

"I'm all for it," Alex said, "but you need to talk to Lisa and tell her that Claire is not allowed upstairs but if Lisa wants to visit her in her bedroom then to be discreet."

"Okay, I'll talk to her. I'm not sure Claire knows what she's getting herself into."

Later that day, Alex pulled Claire aside and had a private chat.

"Claire, Lexie tells me that Lisa has a sort of crush on you."

"Oh I'm sorry Mr. Walker, I would never do anything to jeopardize my position here."

He put his hand on her shoulder. "Claire, I like you a lot and you do a very good job. I had a feeling that you liked girls and not boys and if you want to encourage Lisa then all I ask is that you be discreet about it."

She blushed a little and looked down at her feet. "Thank you Mr. Walker, I won't embarrass you."


Later that evening, Alex was sitting in his office as she saw Lisa come down the stairs and start to head for the kitchen and he assumed the staff quarters beyond. It was Ben, his drivers, night off and he was out of the house. He quietly followed Lisa as she went through the kitchen and entered the staff quarters. He watched as Claire hugged and kissed Lisa on her mouth. As Claire led Lisa to her bedroom he quietly made his exit. At least with the possibility of Lisa and Claire becoming lovers it took the pressure off him.


Over the next two months, Lexie and Lisa slipped into their new life with Alex. The girls mainly slept in their own bedrooms with frequent forays into Alex's room, either as a pair or alone. It seemed to Alex that the girls had worked out some form of an informal schedule and they always asked him beforehand if it was okay to come to his room that night. Of course he agreed and enjoyed the surprise as the door opened as he never knew if it was to be Lexie, or Lisa, or both.

He enrolled both girls in a local private and very expensive academy requiring special uniforms as they had a strict dress code. White blouse, gray pleated skirt, knee-high socks and black pumps for the girls and white shirts, grey pants or shorts, grey knee-high socks and black shoes for the boys. Both wore the same maroon school blazer with a crest on the breast pocket. They both enjoyed their new school, quickly making new friends as well as staying in touch with their old friends.

It was a nice warm late May morning and Alex was sitting on the terrace enjoying his cup of coffee when Lexie joined him.

Morning gorgeous," he said.

She came, bent down and kissed him. Morning Alex, how was Lisa last night?"

"Insatiable as always," he replied. She giggled.

"What would you girls like to do today, boat ride maybe?"

"Maybe tomorrow as I've arranged to meet up with my school friends at the mall and Lisa and me want to catch a new movie. Is that okay?"

"Of course it is Lexie. I told you many times that you're free to come and go as you please, just let me or Hilda know where you're going and what time you need to be picked up."

"Thank you Alex."

"Let Ben know when you need to leave. Just pick up any phone and push the button for Chauffeur or Housekeeping."

"Yeah okay, I know the drill."


After breakfast, Lexie and Lisa came downstairs. Ben was waiting for them in the foyer, the Bentley was parking out front. Lexie and Lisa kissed him and said they'd be back around five o'clock.

"Here this is for you Lexie," he said as he handed her a Visa debit card with her name on it. "Use it to buy what you or your sister want. You can also get cash out of the ATMs, the PIN is 2386."

"Thank you so much Alex," she said, turned and followed Ben out to the waiting car.


Andy dropped Lexie and Lisa off at the mall; it was a Saturday morning and the mall was starting to fill up with tweens and teens, mainly girls hanging out. Ten minutes later, they met up with Tina and Chloë, a couple of their old school friends. Lexie brought them up to date with where they were living now. She told them the same story that Alex had used, that they were now living with their late parent's distant relative at his country estate. Both of Lexie's friends jaws dropped as she showed them a photo of her and Lisa on either side of Alex.

"My God, he's a hunk," Tina remarked.

"He could fuck me any day of the week," Chloë said. Lacie smiled as did Lisa.

"Take a selfie of us all Lexie?" Chloë said.

"Lisa's better at taking photos than me," Lexie replied.

Lisa quickly took out her iPhone and took a selfie of all four of them. She showed one girl how to transfer it to her iPhone via Airdrop. They window shopped for a while, had lunch at Chick-fil-A in the food court and parted company. Lacie and Lisa walked to the mall entrance to cross the parking lot to go to the movies. They weren't aware that a man was following them, it was Jeff, one of Lacie's regulars at the Master's house. He happened to be at the mall purely by accident as he lived two hours away and would normally shop at his local mall. But his local store was out of the item he wanted and they had told him that their store at this mall was holding it for him.

He had escaped scrutiny by the authorities because for some reason, the Master's insurance video of him having sex with an underage girl had somehow got mislaid. And although there was the meticulous log that the Master kept showed the dates of his visits and requests for Lexie, he was only referred to as Mr. Tony and there were no records of her. With his regular sex sessions with Lexie now at an end, he had taken to abducting and raping girls in the basement of his house. When he saw Lexie, he remembered the blow jobs she used to give him.

Half way across the parking lot he caught up with the two of them.

"Well hello Lexie and Lisa," he said, "nice to see you two again."

The two girls were shocked to see one of the Master's customers. Lexie at least had thought about it being a possibility but if it did she was sure the customer wouldn't want it known that they'd had sex with her.

"What do you want?" Lexie demanded moving Lisa behind her.

"Well that's not a very nice way to greet an old customer is it?"

Lexie started to walk away but he grabbed her by her arm.

"Come on Lexie, I just want to talk and you know, get a blow job. I'll pay you."

"I'm not in that business anymore," she replied, trying to free her arm.

"Oh yes you are. Once a whore always a whore, I'm going to do something I've always wanted to do and couldn't afford, and that's to fuck you in your tight little cunt." He pulled out a knife and put it to her throat.

"Come with me if you don't want your throat cut." He had her arm behind her back and started to frog march her toward his nearby van.

"Run Lisa, run" Lexie shouted to her young sister. Lisa watched dumbstruck, rooted to the spot as Jeff pushed Lexie into the back of his van. She quickly pulled out her iPhone and snapped pictures of his license plate. As the van was driving away, she called Andy, Alex's head of security.

"Hello Lisa, how can I help?" he said as he answered his phone.

"Lexie's been abducted by one of her old customers from the Master's house."

"Where are you Lisa?"

"Mall parking lot near the cinema. I've got his license plate number."

"Okay Lisa, give me the number and wait there I'll be there in ten minutes."

Lisa gave him the number and as he drove to the mall he called his contact in the state DMV. With Jeff's home address he called Peter, his number one man and told him what was happening. Peter was a good half hour away so Andy said he'd take care of it. Andy saw Lisa standing in the parking lot with tears streaming down her face holding her own and Lacie's purse.

"Get in honey," he said as he opened the passenger door.

"I'm scared," she said, "what's going to happen to Lexie?"

"It's okay Lisa, your quick thinking in snapping a photo of his license plate helped a lot. I know where he lives."


Jeff pulled into his basement garage and closed the overhead door. He dragged Lexie out of the back of the van kicking and screaming.

"Scream all you want Lexie cuz no one's gonna hear you."

He frog marched her into the basement bedroom and slammed the door shut.

"I'm really going to enjoy fucking your cunt Lexie and it won't cost me a penny. And you know what, I'm going to keep you here as my sex slave and fuck you whenever I want. I've wanted to fuck you in your cunt and ass ever since I saw you."

He started to undress as Lexie looked around the room for something to use as a weapon. There was just an old bed and nothing else. Tony was now naked and started toward her. She tried to kick him in his crotch but missed. He grabbed her by her arms and twisted it behind her back. Holding her by one arm he proceeded to tear at her dress, ripping the buttons off. He let go of her and tore the dress off. She stood there in just her bra and panties. He pushed her down onto the bed and straddled her waist.

As he went to pull her panties down, she grabbed his scrotum and squeezed as hard as she could. He screamed in agony as her grip on his testicles increased. Unable to move and with extreme pain throughout his whole groin area, all he could do was to weakly lash out at her. She kept moving her head to avoid his slaps and in doing so lost her grip on his balls. He fell backwards onto the bed. Lexie tried to get off the bed but he managed to grab her ankle.

"You fucking whore. I'm not only going to fuck your cunt and your ass but you're a dead whore. You're gonna join the other fucking cunts in my back yard."

As he pulled Lexie toward him, the door burst open; Andy ran in, Beretta 9mm in his right hand, and hit Jeff on the back of his head rendering him unconscious.

"You okay Lexie?" he said.

"Yes I'm fine, but how on earth did you find me?" Just then Lisa walked in and ran over and hugged her sister.

"You've got your sister to thank for that. She snapped a picture of his license plate and I have a contact in the DMV so I got his address. We took a chance that he brought you home rather than parking somewhere."

Lexie hugged her little sister. "Thank you Lisa, you just saved my life. Andy, I think he's killed some girls and buried them in his back yard. That's what he said he was going to do with me."

"Come on," he said, "let's get you out of here while I'll deal with this scumbag."

Lexie put on her dress and held it closed with one hand; she took Lisa's hand in her other and they walked out and got into the back seat Andy's black Escalade. Andy grabbed Jeff under his arms and dragged him into the garage where he tied him to the bumper of his van with some stout cord he found hanging on the wall. He opened the garage door and, after seeing the three mounds in the back yard, got back into his vehicle where he made a call to Peter.

"Peter, it's Andy. Listen, I want you to use one of those burner phones we have and call the state police and give them the address I gave you earlier and tell them there are bodies buried in the back yard and they'll find the killer tied to the bumper of his van in the garage. Got that?"

"On it boss."

While Andy had been on the phone, Lexie called Alex who was in a business meeting and told him what had happened. He immediately cancelled his meeting and told her that he'd meet her at home.


State police pulled up in the driveway of Jeff Bozeman's home and were surprised to hear him shouting for help. They were even more surprised to find him naked and tied up to the bumper of his van, exactly as the caller had said. Their cadaver sniffing dog confirmed that there were indeed three bodies buried in the back yard. They would later be identified as those of three girls aged ten, eleven and thirteen who had gone missing over the last month.


Alex came up from the basement and went out onto the terrace. When Lexie saw him, she stood up and ran to him and flung her arms around his neck. He put his arms around her waist and hugged him.

"You okay Lexie honey?"

"I'm fine now thanks. If it wasn't for Lisa I hate to think what would've happened to me."

Alex looked over Lexie's shoulder and smile at Lisa who was sipping a lemonade. "Good job Lisa," he said.


Chapter Eight

For the next few days, neither girl asked to sleep with him and as Lexie had told him she'd started her period that didn't surprise him.

On Friday night at ten o'clock, Alex entered his bedroom to find Lisa sitting on his bed naked.

"Well this is a nice surprise Lisa,"

"I was missing you Alex and you never asked me to sleep with you."

"Lisa, I told both you and Lexie that you are free to do what you want and I didn't want to impose myself on you just because I wanted to have sex with you. Knowing both of you, I know you'd say yes to please me even though you maybe didn't want to."

"But doesn't that apply to me as well?" Wow, this is one sharp ten year old, he thought.

"Good point, but as I would never say no because I always want to have sex with both of you, it doesn't really apply does it?"

"I guess. So we can have sex tonight?" she asked. "I'm squeaky clean, I even used the bidet - Lexie showed me how to use it."

"We sure can honey. By the way, how's Claire?"

"You know?"

"Lisa, there's not much that escapes my attention."

"She's sweet and quite innocent," Lisa said. Alex was not surprised. The eighteen year old sous chef was no match for ten year old Lisa.

"Okay Lisa, you know how to be discreet. Claire can never know of your old life or the things we do together."

"Alex, sometimes I think you think I'm stupid." Alex felt the stupid one.

Alex got undressed and lay down beside her. He still found it amazing that this ten year old had more sex partners than most women did in their lifetimes and that she wasn't in the least bit traumatized by it. He put that down to her constant grooming from a very early age that told her that sex was good and okay. He sucked her little nipples, something that gave her such pleasure. Her small hand found his cock and squeezed it; she rubbed the palm of her hand over its crown spreading his precum.

"What would you like to do sweetie, go on top or under me?"

"Can we do it doggy style like we did the first night here?"

Lisa assumed the position with her head on the pillow, knees bent and her small ass pushed up high. He got one of the pillows, folded it in half and put it underneath her.

"Here sweetie, just lay in this it'll be more comfortable."

She settled onto the pillow, supporting her tummy but still allowing Alex access to her pussy. He lay behind her, his face inches away from her butt. Her cheeks were spread a little and he could see her dark-pink anus and her plump vulva in the gap at the top of her thighs, looking like a small peach. He put the tip of his tongue at her anus and pushed.

"Ooo, that feels nice," she murmured, "is that your finger?"

"No honey that's my tongue. You did a good job with the bidet as you're nice and clean."

As he pushed, her anus dilated a little and the tip of his tongue entered her; he tasted a mixture of sweetness and soap. He had a thought.

"Being as though you're so clean, you want to see if I can put my cock in your ass?"

"If you mean like anal sex then yes, I'd like to try it. One of the girls at the Master's house had a regular who liked to fuck her in her ass and she said she liked it." What fifth grader even knew about anal sex let alone was asking him to do it, he thought?

He reached over to the bedside cabinet and took a tube of K-Y gel out of its drawer and squeezed a dollop on the end of his cock.

"What's that?" she asked.

"It's a gel that makes it easier for me to penetrate you."

As he pushed the head of his cock against her anus she jumped a little.

"It's cold," she said.

He pushed and her anus's sphincter dilated and the head popped right in.

"Ooo, that feels different," she said, "like I'm going to poop."

"That's normal honey."

He pushed some more and his cock slowly entered her until the entire length of its shaft was buried in her bowels. As he started to stroke in and out of her, she started pushing back at him, actively fucking him. Soon they were in a synchronized rhythm, as he pushed in, she pushed back. He could see her hand between her legs rubbing her small nubbin.

Her ass was so very tight and it wasn't for the K-Y gel he could never have penetrated her. With his hands on her small hips he wasn't pulling her back toward him, as she was doing it for him. The excitement at fucking a ten year old girl in the ass was extreme and he could feel that his orgasm wasn't far away. Lisa was also close to her orgasm as she was furiously rubbing her clit and moaning loudly.

"Cumming Alex," she cried as her whole body started to shake and jerk. He couldn't wait any longer; he felt his cock swell as he flooded her bowels with his semen, spurting, spurting, spurting until he was empty. Lisa was still in the throes of her orgasm as his waned. Finally, after another minute, she started to calm and pulled her cream covered hand from between her legs.

"Gawd that was good," she said. "I felt you spurting in my ass."

"Did you like it?"

"Not as much as you know . . . real sex when you're in my pussy but yes, it was good." She reached back and felt his rapidly deflating cock start to slide out of her ass.

"I need to get to the bathroom," she said.

Alex picked her up, her small frame was almost weightless in his arms, and carried her to the bathroom where he sat her on the bidet. He turned on the water and held his hand over the jet until it was warm enough. She sat there with the jet of water spurting into her ass and washing his semen out. When the water ran clear he turned it off.

"I love my bidet," she said. "I could sit on it for ages. Lexie said she got an orgasm one time from the water jet."

He dried her off, and after cleaning his cock, carried her back to bed. She snuggled her back against his front and pulled his arm around her.

"Put it down there," she instructed. "Hold my pussy in your hand."

He did as instructed and in five minutes she was asleep, snoring lightly.


Chapter Nine

In one more week, it would be Lexie's fifteenth birthday. Alex had asked her to draw up a list of people she wanted to come to her birthday party. She gave him a list with eight names, seven girls - two from her old school and five from her new school and Andy. It didn't surprise him that she had included Andy as he had saved her life. Of course Lisa was at the top of her list. It was going to be a pool party at the outside pool.

Andy had arranged for a company to come in and erect a large canopy on the terrace to provide cover from the sun and a place for a large table for the food. Andre his chef was going to prepare the food, simple hot dogs and hamburgers but with his special twist. Claire, the sous chefs, was in charge of the birthday cake.

Alex had taken Lisa shopping for a gift. After two hours in the jewelry store, she finally picked out a simple gold locket on a chain. Alex had the company that took their passport photos to provide miniature ones to go inside. He knew what he was going to get her but kept it a secret from everyone.

Invitations were sent out. Ben was to rent a stretched limo and pick up all the girls and bring them to the estate. The day of the party was organized chaos. The kitchen was a hive of activity with Andre and his usual French histrionics. Claire was busy with the cake and Alex was banned from the kitchen. Upstairs Alex, peeked in on Lexie and hugged her.

"Happy birthday Lexie," he said. I hope this day is one you'll remember."

"Thanks Alex, for everything, I can never repay you for what you've done for me and Lisa. I love you."

"I love you too Lexie," he replied and turned to leave. She grabbed his arm.

"After everyone has gone tonight, will you make love to me?"

"Thank you Lexie, I'd love to. It'll be a second birthday present from me."


Nine girls all giggling like crazy were playing with Andy in the pool, who was enjoying the heck out of all the attention he was getting. They all had two piece swimsuits in a variety of colors from neon orange to lime green to black. It was all Alex could do to keep his hands at bay and his constant erection hidden in a pair of very loose cargo pants. Despite pleas from Tina and Chloë to come and swim he steadfastly refused. Lexie saw the two girls flirting with him and walked over to them.

"C'mon girls leave my guardian alone," she told them, "he's off limits." The two girls groaned.

"But he's so darned handsome," Chloë said. The three girls went back to the pool.

Ten minutes later, Alex heard a fit of giggles as a neon-orange swimsuit top splashed on the terrace. Then a black one followed by a yellow one. Soon all the girls were topless and Andy was ecstatic amidst a sea of teenage boobs. Alex enjoyed the display of pre-teen and teenage breasts ranging in size from small lumps to one girl who must have worn a B-cup. Lexie looked over at him enjoying the view and smiled.

Alex's excitement at looking at so many girls breasts was cut short by Hilda, who, in her best schoolmarmish voice, instructed them to get dressed as the buffet was ready. There was a smattering of moans as the girls found their tops and put them back on. Tina and Chloë were the last, making sure Alex got a good look at their naked breasts. They finally put on their tops after getting dagger looks from Lexie.

After everyone had eaten, Lexie opened her presents, an assortment of small gifts, bracelets, charms for the bracelets, stuffed animals. Lexie was gracious with every one, taking her time to admire them, thanking and hugging the girl who had given it. Lisa was last to give Lexie her present and there were tears in her eyes as she opened the locket and saw their two photographs. She hugged and kissed her little sister and then looked over at Alex.

He just shrugged his shoulders and opened his hands as if it to say 'What'. Lexie walked over and hugged him around his neck and whispered in his ear.

"You don't need to give me a present as what you've given me already is enough." She saw small tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

"Thank you for that Lexie, that was so sweet of you but it's your birthday, I had to get you a gift. Come with me." He took her hand and led her to the far side of the pool. Everyone followed.

"Close your eyes honey."

She closed her eyes and he nodded to Andy who spoke into his cell phone. There were ooos and ahs as Alex's new hire, Tom his stable manager, led an American Quarter horse pony in Palomino coloring out into full view.

"Okay Lexie, open your eyes."

She gasped and started crying as she saw the pony and hugged Alex's neck. Everyone applauded.

"Is he all mine and how did you know I wanted to learn to ride?" she asked.

"He sure is honey and Tom is my new stable manager and he'll teach you to ride. I must admit, I did a little sneaking on your computer and saw that you were doing a lot of Google searches for riding schools. What you didn't know, is that when I had the house built I added a stable but never had the opportunity to get a horse. You gave me that opportunity."

"Thank you, thank you Alex. I love you a lot."

All of her friends gathered around her and congratulated her.

"Time to cut the cake," Claire shouted. All the girls ran over and admired Claire's creation.

"It's gorgeous Claire," Lexie said, "thank you very much."

After they had eaten their fill of cake, they danced to the music of a DJ. When a slow dance started up, Lexie came over and took Alex's hand and led him onto the dance floor. She looked up at him with so much love in her eyes. Chloë nabbed Andy before Tina could, much to her chagrin.

"I love you," she mouthed.

That last comment shocked him and he didn't quite know what to say in reply so didn't; he thought she looked a little disappointed. When the music stopped, she got on tiptoe and kissed him on his lips.


At nine o'clock, Lexie waved goodbye to all her friends as Ben drove them off in the limo. She put her hand over her mouth and tears welled up in her eyes as she entered Alex's bedroom and saw the half dozen candles, their flickering flames casting soft light on the walls and calling.

"Happy birthday Lexie," Alex said as he walked in behind her and put his arms around her.

"This is so romantic, thank you and thank you for a wonderful birthday party."

"Well I think all new fifteen year old's should be made love to in candlelight. What say we both take a bath together?"

They walked into the bathroom where a bathtub full of water with candles on the floor awaited them.

"Oh this is so romantic," she said.

They got undressed and stepped into the tub; Lexie sat with her back to him with her head on his shoulder. He reached around and cupped her petite breasts, feeling her nipples turn into little beads in his palms.

"This is so nice Alex. I've never been happier than I am right now and it's all thanks to you."

He continued squeezing and massaging her breasts, feeling small tremors in her body as she responded to his touches. As Alex slipped one hand down across her flat tummy, she opened her legs to give him free access. His middle finger found her clit and as he started to rub around it her breathing increased and her legs started to twitch.

"You sure know how to turn me on," she murmured through her ecstasy. The bath water started to move around as her body jerked and her grip tightened on his thighs.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes that's it," she cried as her bottom came off the bottom of the tub and her feet pushed against the end of the tub causing her shoulders to push back against his chest. He held her tight as the first orgasm of the night grabbed her.

"That was a good one," she said after she calmed. She got out of the bath and he lay there watching her dry herself. His cock twitched as she bent over with her back to him to dry her legs, her plump vulva still aroused from her recent orgasm filling sexy the gap at the top of her thighs, its clitoral hood and partial sheath sitting in her slit. Very, very erotic

"If that's not the sexiest sight I've ever seen then I don't know what is."

She wiggled her ass at him. "You like my ass?"

"No, like is a word that is used casually to describe a dress or a meal and should never be used in the context of describing any part of you. I adore your ass and your gorgeous pussy."

She chuckled. He got out of the tub as she finished drying and, wearing a white terrycloth bath robe, she disappeared into the bedroom. When he was dry he hit the drain handle on the tub and walked off as it slowly emptied. Lexie was lying on top of the sheets with her head propped up on a couple of pillows and one bare leg bent at the knee. She kept moving it from side to side, moving the flap of the robe away and exposing her pussy. Its plump labia opening and closing as she moved her legs. It was positively winking at him and she knew exactly what she was doing.

"In a strange way Lexie, I'm sort of glad that you've had the sexual experience that you have because no other fifteen year old could be as sexy as you are."

She smiled demurely. "I'm glad I can turn you on. Why don't you come over here and show me how much you love me?"

Alex walked over to the bed, his semi-erect cock swaying from side to side; she couldn't take her eyes off it. He got on the bed and opened the flaps of the robe and for a minute said or did nothing; he just sat there admiring Lexie's sexy, sexy body. Pert breasts standing proud wide apart with darker-pink areolas puffed, with what looked like tiny goose bumps topped with small red nipples. He admired her small innie in her slightly concave tummy. But what always took his breath away was her prominent mons rising up between bony hips and her full vulva filling the wide gap between her slim thighs. Her cleft was parted, labia plump and red engorged with blood, with her long clitoral sheath leading down to the dark opening to her vagina.

"You like what you see?" Lexie asked smiling.

"LIKE, like, no I absolutely adore your body. You have the sexiest breasts I've ever laid eyes on, and your pussy is exquisite."

Alex shuffled between her legs and lifted her knees over his hips, the end of his penis lay on her mons. She reached down and with her thumb and finer guided the tip to the very moist entrance to her vagina.

"Time for my second birthday present," she said as she pushed his penis inside her vagina. He'd had sex with Lexie many times but for some reason tonight felt different and he couldn't put his finger on it. It wasn't that she was now fifteen, fourteen - fifteen no difference really. Then it hit him; he was falling in love with her. He started thrusting in and out of her vagina slow at first; she was tight; wet; it was like a smooth silken glove gripping the shaft of his cock. The feeling was incredible and unlike the previous times he'd had sex with her, he loved her, cared for her, wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and that made it more intense.

He could feel Lexie's arousal intensifying; her butt jerked as did her legs that were wrapped around his waist.

"Faster," she whispered.

He increased the pace of his thrusts urged on by her heels on his back and her hands on his buttocks.

"Yes, that's good," she said. "God I love it when you fuck me."

Her breathing got faster and faster; she was now panting, puffs of hot breath hit his neck.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh," she cried as the head of his cock slammed into her rubbery cervix. The room was filled with the squishing sound of his penis sliding in and of her vagina and the slapping of his loose ball sack against her cheeks.

"Oh yes Alex, that's it, I'm cumming," she cried as she climaxed. She clenched her vagina squeezing his cock, her arms tightened around his neck; he could feel her heartbeat thumping in her chest. As her orgasm hit her, her body trembled and she bucked her pussy against him, pressing her clit against his pubic bone sending pulses of pleasure into her pussy and nipples.

As her orgasm started to wane, Alex felt his spreading through his groin; his scrotum drew tight and he felt his cock start to swell as semen burned up its shaft.

"I love you Lexie," he said. "Love you so much baby."

She squeezed him tight as she heard the words she had longed for. She felt his cock swell and the first of spurts of his hot cum flood her pussy. She wished she was fertile and that his teeming fluid that was spurting inside her womb would make her pregnant. Alex finally was done, he was just dry humping as he had no more semen to give; sated; empty; happy beyond words.

"So you do love me," she said as she snuggled up to him, feeling his semen leaking out into the gusset of a pair of panties she had just put on.

"Yes I do Lexie and I only realized it tonight. I want to marry you some day when you're old enough; I want to have children with you."

"You make me so happy Alex," she said as she hugged him. Contented beyond her wildest dreams, she drifted off to sleep.


"I do," Lexie said.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride," the minister said smiling. The whole two story foyer erupted in applause as Alex took Lexie into his arms and kissed her. Lisa, her maid of honor, was crying she was so happy for her sister.

Lisa was a little sad when, a year after Lexie's sixteenth birthday, her sister told her that she was moving into Alex's bedroom. Lexie was worried that her little sister would be jealous but was relieved when Lisa told her that although Alex loved them both, she always sensed that he favored her. Lexie told her that she and Alex could still have sex whenever Lisa wanted to and that she would be happy to share their bed with her from time to time. Lisa said that it wouldn't be necessary; she confided in her older sister that she and Claire the sous chef had struck up a relationship. Lisa had asked Alex if it was okay and he'd given it his blessing as long as Claire did not come upstairs so Lisa spent as much time in Claire's bed as she did in her own.

When Lexie went off to college, she told Lisa to make sure Alex was taken care of sexually while she was gone. Lisa was happy to be a surrogate lover and she and Alex had sex on a regular basis although Claire was kept in the dark but she had her suspicions. He told Lisa he would always love her but his heart belonged to her older sister Lexie, and she was happy with that.

A year after Lexie graduated from college, she gave birth to identical twin girls. They named them Alexis and Alicia.


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