Romantic ~ Erotic Stories

                               by Tempest

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in these stories.
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Romantic ~ Erotic Stories

Tales that are by their very nature romantic, with consensual sex, between either an adult male and female, or between a man and a young pre-teen or teenage girl, related or not, and sometimes a mánage à trois with a young girl in the mix. Some stories may have darker elements with non-consensual sex, but with romance the overriding theme.
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NEW The Kidnapping
MF, Mf 15, ff 15/14, con, ped, action, slow, romantic, long.
Jack Norris ex British Army SAS soldier, accepts a job as head of security for the Barrett family. Events, some beyond his control, others of his own making lead him on a whirlwind adventure. He makes decisions he never thought he would make, and a kidnapping turns his life upside down.
Word Count: 35,688
Published: July 16 2018


Trent's Daughters
Mg 5, Mg 10, Mg 11, Ff 14, fgg 14/12/10, Mf14, ped, first, oral, con, romance, long.
Wealthy Trent Bridges, tired of the child whores of Bangkok, decides he wants his own girls he calls his daughters.
Word Count: 37,733
Published: April 23 2018


Mf 13, incest, ped, 1st, anal, noncon, blackmail, con, romantic.
Mich McAlister meets a beautiful but troubled thirteen year old girl.
Word Count: 10,026
Published: March 5 2018


The Foster Child
MF, Mg 12, MFg 12, incest, ped, 1st, anal, con, romantic..
Twelve year old Holly goes to live with the Washington family unaware of the Alex Washington's history with his daughter.
Word Count: 24,925
Published: February 26 2018


MF, Mg 8, Mg 10, Mg12, MFf 13, 1st, ped, incest, mother/daughter, heavy petting, oral, con, ws-(heavy), romantic.
An ex Navy Seal, a lifelong pedophile, has his daughter and twelve year old granddaughter thrust into his life, putting temptation in his way.
Word Count: 22.133
Published: February 2 2018


Paisley's Gift
MF, Mg 8, Mg 10, Mg12, MFf 13, 1st, ped, incest, mother/daughter, heavy petting, oral, con, ws-(heavy), romantic.
Can a 62 year old widower resist the seduction of his neighbor's eleven year old daughter, and does he even want to?
Word Count: 26,657
Published: January 3 2018


A Chance Encounter
Mf 15, Mff 15/15, MFff 15/15, ped, prostitution, oral, mas, romantic.
A chance encounter between an older man and a young girl changes so many lives.
Word Count: 15,285
Published: January 11 2018


MF, Mf 13, 1st, father/daughter, incest, con, romantic.
It was on a hot August morning when a thirteen year old lost her virginity to her father leaving him racked with guilt.
Word Count: 7,811


A Sexual Awakening
Mg 5/6/7/8/9/10,12, Mf16, Mff 16/16, gg 8/8, ff 16/16, incest, ped, 1st, father/daughter, oral, mast, con, petting, romantic.
An unexpected thunderstorm, no pajamas, an inquisitive daughter, a small hand finds something hard. What's a father to do?
Word Count: 16,366
Published: November 14 2017


The Diary
Mf12, 1st, ped, oral, anal, con, romantic
A parcel arrives in the mail setting Brooke off on a journey into her past.
Word Count: 10,455
Published: November 30 2017


The Child Whores
M+g 12, Wg 7, Mg 8, Mgg 12/8, ped, oral, mas, anal, con, romantic.
A twelve year old girl and her younger sister win over the heart of a pedophile.
Word Count: 24,587
Published: November 13 2017


An Unusual Mother & Daughter
MF, Mg 12, MFg 12, Fg 12, incest, ped, mother/daughter, 1st, oral, mast, anal, romantic.
Is a ménage à trois with a mother and daughter even possible? One very lucky man was about to find out.
Word Count: 19,085
Published: October 14 2017


MF, Ff 10, Mf 10, Mf 9, ff 11/9, 1st, oral, anal, con, non-con, rape, adventure, action, romantic.
It's the year 2048, and the landscape of what was the United States of America has changed dramatically. The cities, and their surrounding suburbs and farms, are virtual fortresses protected by the government militia. But the countryside is a no-man's land with rebels and opportunistic thieves and murderers free to do as they wished. Eli Lowell roams the land, scavenging where and whenever he can. His nomadic life changes inexorably one day, when he hears the sound of falling water.
Word Count: 23,243
Published: October 05 2017


Lacie ~An Incredible Young Girl
MF, Mf 13, Mg 8, MFgg 9/9, mother/daughter ped, 1st, anal, oral, romantic.
Lacie, the daughter of Trey's new neighbor, was indeed an incredible young girl.
Word Count: 28,973
Published: September 24 2017


Cassandra's Conundrum
MF, Mf 15, Mff 15/13, 1st, incest, mas, oral, anal, ws, nepo, non-con, con, adventure, romantic
A video of a father molesting his daughter sets Ben off on a mission to rescue the girl, not realizing what he's getting himself into or where it will end.
Word Count: 31,532
Published: June 23 2017


A Love Lost ~ A Love Found
bf 16/15, Mf 15, MF, father/daughter, first, oral, anal, mast, con, slow, action, long, romantic
Mark is devastated when he loses Lisa, the love of his young life, but finds love again and it's not with who he expected.
Word Count: 29,191
Published: May 23 2017


Addison's Journey Of Discovery
Mf 13, Mg 12, Mg 8, 1st, uncle/niece, incest, ped, oral, anal, heavy petting, con, romantic.
A story of a twelve year old girl's journey to discover her sexuality. Addison is sent to stay with her Uncle Henry while her parents visit her sick grandfather. She's not happy to be away from her friends during her school's summer break, but her education doesn't stop at the classroom door.
Word Count: 22,621
Published: May 4 2017


The Hurricane That Was Daisy
Mf 14, 1st, oral, con, romantic
Can Cooper survive his best friend's fourteen year old daughter Daisy, as well as the hurricane of the same name?
Word Count: 10,887
Published: April 4 2017


The Rock Hound & The Magic Stone
Fb 11, bg 11/9, MF, Mf 12, heavy petting, incest, mast, ped, interr, romantic.
A rock hunter finds an unusual stone in a mountain stream, that gives him invisibility and other magical powers. He uses them in ways that surprises even him.
Word Count: 17,405
Published: April 3 2017


Mf, 15, Fsolo, sexual conversations, heavy petting, no penetration, orgasm.
A 72 year old man, befriends the 15 year old daughter of his new neighbor and shares his life experiences with her. She in turn shares herself with him.
Word Count: 9,019
Published: March 28 2017


Lovely Luscious Lilly
Mg 11, MF 18, oral, con, ped, action/adventure, romantic
Silas' contract was to find a runaway girl from a wealthy family. What he didn't bargain for, was the surprise he got when he found her.
Word Count: 11,385
Published: March 10 2017


Elusive Kirsten
Mf 6, Mf 9, Mf 12, MF, oral, con, romantic
He first met Kirsten when she was six years old and instantly fell in love with her, but she eluded him for the next fifteen years.
Word Count: 4,374
Published: February 2 2017


Morgan's Providence
Mf16, solo, oral, con, adventure, romantic
A wealthy man picks up a girl at the bus terminus and offers her a room for the night, not realizing where his act of kindness will take him.
Word Count: 19,406
Published: February 11 2017


The Order
M+f 15, Mf 15, multiple rapes, kidnapping, non-con, oral, con, romantic
A fifteen year old girl disappears and authorities believe her to be a runaway. Her parents think differently, that she was abducted and ask a private detective to find her. What unfolds leads the detective into the dark world of sex slavery.
Word Count: 11,263
Published: January 29 2017


Three Short Stories
Mf 11, Mf 17, ff 17/17, oral, incest, Msolo, non-con/con, romantic
Three short stories.
Word Count: Various
Published: January 25 2017


Two Orphans, Two Hearts, One Love
Mf 14, heavy petting, con, oral, romantic
A lonely man befriends a fourteen year old orphan, changing both their lives.
Word Count: 12,215
Published: January 15 2017

The Girl With A White Bow In Her Hair
Mf 14, MFf 14, Mf 18, con, oral, romantic
A chance encounter with an alluring girl, leads a man on a journey of discovery that leads to unexpected revelations. Naomi was a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.
Word Count: 10,760
Published: January 9 2017

My Daughter Hayley's Awakening
Mg12, Mgg 12/12, gg 12/12, incest, 1st, father/daughter, con, Msolo, romantic.
A father's initial molesting of his twelve year old daughter, creates a watershed moment, setting them both on a journey of sexual discovery and romantic love for each other.
Word Count: 12,860
Published: January 8 2017


The Madrigal Girl
Mf15, con, oral, violence, death, action, adventure, romantic
A hit man kills wealthy entrepreneur Peter Madrigal, whose bodyguard saves his ward, Madison, from certain death that kicks off a hunt for the truth while protecting her from harm.
Word Count: 13,361
Published: December 11 2016


Two Sisters

MF, MFf15, Mg11, Mf15, gg11/11, Msolo, gsolo, oral, cons, anal, incest, romantic.

This story is about two sister's sexual awakenings. Brooke who is 15 and Bess who is 11 willingly engage in sex with their stepfather urged on by their mother.

Word Count: 22,100

Published: September 24 2016


Cecilia and Natalie
MF, Mf15, Ff15, anal, oral, cons, oral, romantic.
This is a romantic and erotic story of a chance encounter between an Englishman and a woman and her young daughter. Their relationship grows and leads to a mánage à trois.
Word Count: 14,507
Published: September 22 2016


The Text

Mf16, cons, romantic.

A strange text from a girl's friend leads to a night of passion where the girl willingly loses her virginity at the hands of her handsome neighbor.

Word Count: 4,350

Published: September 28 2016

The Neighbor

FM+M, Mf15, Mf16, Mff16, oral, cons, voyeur, romantic.

A neighbor, who on the surface, appears to be a pillar of the community turns out to be a blackmailer to get her neighbor to host an orgy for her with five men. She has the tables turned when the man she blackmails seduces her young daughter.

Word Count: 14,500

Published: September 18 2016


My Daughter Alex

MF, FF, oral, cons, father/daughter, insest, romantic.

A father wanted to have sex with his young daughter when she was growing up, gets a second chance.

Word Count: 4,500

Published: October 8 2016


Zoë's Story

Mf7, MF, Msolo, ped, oral, cons, romantic.

A pedophile befriends a little girl but his initial intentions change when he meets her mother.

Word Count: 9,926

Published: October 5 2016


Second Chances

MF, cons, oral, anal, romantic.

A fifty year old widower has an unexpected date with a young woman. A romantic and erotic story of a second chance at love.

Word Count: 18,500

Published: October 19 2016



Mg12, incest, petting, cons, 1st, oral, Msolo, gsolo, romantic, father/daughter.

After an incident in the shower a man starts out on an incestuous journey with his daughter Tara.

Word Count: 15,800

Published: November 17 2016


Unintended Consequences

Mf MF, oral, con, romantic.

A romance between an English Literature teacher and one of his students causes unintended consequences.

Word Count: 9,910

Published: November 25 2016
Edited for grammar and punctuation only: March 1 2017



These stories are works of pure fiction. I do not condone any sexual activity among persons under the legal age of consent willingly or otherwise.
All stories are (c) Copyright 2016/2017/2018 by the author. ALL Rights Reserved! This material may NOT be reproduced in any form for profit or for free without the written permission of the author. You may download them for your own personal use, but if you wish to post them on other non-commerical websites, please get my permission beforehand.

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