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These are some of the comments I've received from my readers.


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My Dear Tempest you have done it again. A clever plot magnificently developed, with a beautiful progression to a very pleasant ending. Thank you again.

Made me cum really good. ty soo much for telling me about it I envy that guy. I totally loved it.

Nice easy read and quite up to your standard of excellence.

Thank you for a wonderful story. Mitch is a very good guy and Autumn is an absolutely lovely girl, inside and out. Excellent character development and a story that flows well. Thanks again.

Absolutely loved this story it made me cum several times real good.

Just read your recent story and loved it. The way you respect minors reflects my feelings but sadly not my actions since I'm too old and infirm but I get a lot of pleasure just reading and imagining.
Thanks a lot

I loved it. I always had a thing about red heads especially young ones. Thanks

Another awesome story pal you did good. Her uncle should have gotten raped in prison and more then 20 years but still a damn good story.

The Foster Child

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Another great story to read, but so many continuity errors can make for a confusing read and gets in the way of the story.  (Author note: I think he is referring to the flashbacks at the very start).

This is a wonderful story and depicts emotions and relationships that are too good to be true. Even so, you write so well that your reader can lose himself or herself in the heaven on earth that you create. Thanks again.

Great story. Thank you, for taking the time to develop the characters and the plot so well. I'm not at all "bi" but it's not possible to not love all four of the main characters. If I could have another daughter, I'd hope she would be Holly. Thanks again.

Absolutely love this story. As comforting fiction is the best.
As the disclaimers warn though, don't anyone try this stuff in real life. It would severely damage so many lives.

This is a great story!
I really enjoy your work, there are very few authors on this site that make a story first with the erotica included.
Thank you so much!

The Girl Stories

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The Girl In The Water

Another one of your masters!! Just the way I like it. With a very sensible ending that brought happiness to the parties.

OMG this story is soo well written made me soo hard this man is very lucky but kinda sad at the end I'd love to do this so bad.

My friend, this was a very sweet story. I loved her boldness, and how it astonished Ian. Is there any wonder why I like your stories so much? You are a consummate story teller.


The Girl On the Train

This is a delicious little story. The characters are well drawn and appealing and the situation is credible. I hope you'll continue to develop this.

So nice to read stories about older men and young girls.  I think about being with my 2 granddaughters all the time. 

A sexy and arousing story. Having a young girl who is innocent is always nice but having one who is aware and wanton can also be nice. All train rides should be so fulfilling. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome story...Love these short stories but sometimes I do wish they were longer. :) Looking forward to more of them. Thank you.

Good story you did well. Keep up the good writing.

The Girl On the Bus

Sexy,arousing little story. I have met a few people on buses but not like Katy. My loss lol. Thanks for sharing.

I am loving your 'The Girl' series! Makes me hard and horny instantly. I like the little girl innocence of it all.

I am getting used to the very short ones and of course I love your stuff. More please

The Girl On the Bicycle

I really enjoyed your Girl on the bike, I think the way it was told that it was just long enough! Very enjoyable!

Always enjoy your stories. I relish those with a bit of a twist at the end. The girl on the bicycle was just sweet. I am a sucker for a happy ending. Jenny must have been wearing contacts. I still don't know if her eyes are blue or green, but I dig the golden flecks. Author's note: They were deep-blue and Jenny doesnt wear contacts. :)

Love this series. Can't wait until the next installment!


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Awesome story. Very well written and wasn't rushed. Erotic and sexy with the descriptions of what was happening. Giving the background of Izzy and Senitra and what was happening in their lives was nice to know. Towards the end where you gave us Senitra's thoughts was also nice. Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to your next story. Take care.

Loved it. I had to stroke all the way through it. Nice story to it too.

Thank you for alerting me to Senitra.  Reading this story was an erotic and satisfying experience.  Thank you for taking the time and care to develop the Senitra and Izzy and Colin to the point that your reader feels that he knows them, if, in fact, he in not nearly one of them.  Izzy is a great gal.  Senitra is a great girl.  Colin is a very, very lucky good guy; so good that it is easy to enjoy his pleasures with him.  I sure wish Senitra were mine, even though I'm considerably older than Colin.  Thanks again for a delightful and satisfying read.

Paisley's Gift

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This is the best story I have ever had the pleasure of reading! Thank you so much. Keep up the great work!

What a beautiful concept: two mothers and their daughters loved by the same older man. It could only have been written by a masterful storyteller. Thank you, my friend.

I love this story. I am close to Toby's age and have had the pleasure of working with girls 13 and 14 years old but never the pleasure that Toby had. It has always been my fantasy to hold a young girl like that and please her and teach her how to please a man.

Another truly great story! I have read everything you've published in ASSTR. I would love to read more of your work! Are you published in any other sites on the net?

You are very quickly becoming my #1 erotic author
Keep up the great work, your considerable effort in writing these stories is greatly appreciated
Thank you

I absolutely love this story read it 3 times and had a happy ending each time. I'd loved to have been this fella your writing is soooo great thanks.

A delicate story beautifully woven and delivered with such taste and feeling

What a wonderful story. Truly enjoy your writing!
When ever I see you and a couple of other writers I get a big grin because i know, I am going to look forward to some well done erotica. It's writers like you and Renpet keeps me visiting
Keep the stories coming

Another lovely story. Very sexy, erotic, arousing and loving. Thank you for sharing.

Be patient get more. Love the way you guided young women including your daughter into a meaningful sexual relationship. Wonderful story devoid of the usual hard almost unwilling violation of young girls. I applaud you.

A Sexual Awakening

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Wow!Loved it!

Loved the and the way it progressed slowly with love and care.

Lovely story, full of empathy and love and good naturedness. Just the way I like it to be!!!!

A magnificent story Tempest, I think your best yet! Thank you!

That is the hottest story I have ever read. I am an author, and I think it is also very well written. Thank you.

Thanks for a great and well written story. Nicely paced and described I was unable to stop once I started.

Another very loving, sexy, erotic and arousing story. The addition of Emily was a nice touch. Thanks for sharing.

You don't leave out details. Good story.

The Child Whores

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Love the sex, but the romantic aspect makes the sex better. Thank you.

Lucy's Seduction of Her Father

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OK, second time I have written you in regards to one of your stories. Don't know why I steered away from reading your stuff for so long. I guess I tend to be more of a hardcore raw type in regards to these stories, but I have read three of yours now; this one, Voyeurs, and the one I first commented on. All I can say is great work. I really like the set up of this one and the plot twist at the end with mom being behind the seduction of the dad. Again, really good stuff and thanks for taking the care you take in writing these stories.

The Diary

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I have read many of your stories and surely enjoyed them. This has got to be the best so far. Your descriptions of young Brooke and her body were beyond arousing. The story of their short time together and their love for each other just add to the sexiness of the story. As with your romantic stories this one has a beautiful ending. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to your next effort.

An Unusual Mother And Daughter

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A brilliant story kept me going to the very end. I felt every move the mother and daughter made - keep writing

Wonderful, sexy, POSITIVE story. Thank you.

Fantasy? Of course.
Do things like this happen in real life? Seldom and only partially.
An enjoyable read? Right on! A great way to dream and appreciate life and all its nuances. I buy lottery tickets with no real expectation of winning millions, but have the enjoyment of dreaming.
Excellent story.

Great story. I was expecting him to marry Abby and Vicky both, get them both pregnant and the girls make him promise that if the babies are girls that he'll take their virginity.

Short Stories

These are reader comments on my Short Stories

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The Voyeurs

Wow! What a red hot story. Though told through the eyes of a 13-yr old girl, it was no problem putting my old man self in her place. Wonderful.
Thank you.

Another great one, you sure pump them out quickly.
As usual its a start to finish story with no chance of taking a break and coming back to it.
Too good to split up, has to be read in a one shot!
Happy New Year and I look forward to a lot more in 2018.

Great little story and will be watching for more of this one.

The Date

Real good. Short and snappy but it had a heart.

Having read a few of your stories. I find them well written and very enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

Wonderful story. Left me with great anticipation of the possibility of another chapter to this story. Your work has always aroused my senses with your clear, concise telling. Please always continue what you do in telling the stories you tell.

The Park

Very nice! love the mother daughter relationship. Hope to read some more of this soon

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