An Unusual Mother & Daughter
STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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MF, Mg 12, MFg 12, Fg 12, incest, ped, mother/daughter, 1st, oral, mast, anal, romantic.

Is a ménage à trois with a mother and daughter even possible? One very lucky man was about to find out.

Word Count: 19,085


The banging on the door was incessant. Mother and daughter hugged each other as they knew what was about to happen.

"We know you're in there Mrs. Hamilton and we're prepared to wait all day if necessary," a voice shouted from the second floor balcony of the run-down apartment building.

"Let me do it this time Mom. I know you hate it."

"Absolutely not Vicky. There's no way you're doing it." Vicky was referring to what her mother had to do for their last landlord to avoid them getting evicted.

Abby opened the door and Fred Manson, her landlord barged his way in pushing her aside. He was followed by his son Butch, a short fat eighteen year old.

"I'm going to have to evict you Mrs. Hamilton unless you can come up with a month's rent. You now owe for four months."

"Sorry Mr. Manson but money's tight this month and I don't have it. Can't we come to some arrangement."

Fred Manson rubbed his chin. He knew what she was referring to when she said 'arrangement' as his other tenants had done the same although most were skanks and Mrs. Hamilton was by far the most beautiful. When she owed six months there was only one way she was going to pay it off and he looked forward to fucking her and maybe her little girl as well. She certainly gave good head but it was her daughter that he wanted to suck his cock. He'd had sixteen and seventeen year old daughters give him head in lieu of the month's rent but never a twelve year old and the thought caused his cock to swell.

"Tell you what. You let your little girl here suck my dick and we'll forget about this month's rent but you still owe three months."

"That's not going to happen Mr. Manson."

Fred Manson looked at his son and at Vicky. "Okay but your little girl has to give my boy here a hand job as well."

"No way," Abby said.

"Okay then start packing, you're outta here."

"It's okay, Mom, I'll do it," Vicky pleaded. "Please. We have nowhere to go."

Abby dropped to her knees in front of Fred Manson and unzipped his fly and fished his penis out. She almost gagged as she took his cock in her mouth. The least he could do is wash, she thought. As she sucked and rubbed his cock, she looked out of the corner of her eye and saw her baby, her twelve year old daughter standing behind the oaf of Fred Manson's son with her hand around his cock jacking him off. He had his head thrown back and was steading himself against the kitchen table. She watched in horror as he came, spurting his cum on the bare wooden floor. Vicky had her eyes closed the whole time. When he was finished she ran to her bedroom and slammed the door.

Butch Manson had a big smile on his face as he put his cock back in his pants and stood there watching his father get a blow job. He had been promised one but that hadn't worked out, but getting a hand job from the woman's little girl was the next best thing. Maybe he'd get one from her next time. Fred Manson grunted as he came in Abby's mouth. She was thankful he didn't spurt much but it was still nasty tasting none-the-less.

"Swallow it," he demanded as he pulled out of her mouth. She scrunched her face up and swallowed. He zipped his pants up.

"See you next month," he said. "Come on Butch, we got some more calls to make."

With that they left. Vicky came back out of her bedroom.

They gone?" she asked.

"Uh-huh," Abby replied as she put her hand over her mouth and ran to the bathroom. Vicky held her mother as she threw up into the toilet until she dry heaved. After brushing her teeth and rinsing three times with Listerine she turned to her daughter.

"Pack up Vicky, we're leaving."

"Again Mom?"

"Sorry honey but I can't take any more of this and I'm so sorry for what you just had to do."

Vicky hugged her mother. "That's okay Mom, it wasn't that bad. I had my eyes closed the whole time."

"Yes, but I can't hold him off much longer and trust me you don't want his cock in your mouth."

"It's okay Mom, things will get better."

Abby rinsed her mouth out for the fourth time but could still taste Fred Manson's semen. "You're ever the optimist aren't you Vicky," her mother replied as she hugged her daughter.


Two hours later, they loaded the last of their possessions into the back of their old Toyota and headed south out of Bangor.

"Where we going Mom?"

"South honey."

"Florida again?"

"No, I think we'll stop in the Carolinas this time. Remember when we drove north on I-85 and passed through there?"

"Yeah I remember. I liked it there, nice people."


Chapter One

"Mom look out," Vick screamed as the sound of a car's horn ripped the air. Flashing headlights of an oncoming car in her lane stabbed her eyes as Abby woke up suddenly. Before she could act, Vicky pulled the steering wheel to the right as the sound of the horn faded behind them.

"What was that idiot doing in our lane?" Abby asked.

"He wasn't Mom, we were in his, you must have fallen asleep."

"Jesus, I could have killed us. What time is it?"

"Its four o'clock. Why don't you pull over and take a nap."

Abby pulled onto a gravel area at the side of the two lane highway and killed the engine. She reclined the seat and as he heart rate calmed fell into a deep sleep.


The horn of a passing car woke Vicky up. She looked out of the windscreen; it was slowly getting light outside. The clock on the dashboard said 5:27. She could just make out the road sign ahead. It said Charlotte 27 miles. Her mother was still asleep in the driver seat. She thought she looked older than her twenty-eight years. The constant moving around from town to town; the hassle of dealing with low-rent landlords, living from paycheck to paycheck was taking its toll on her and Vicky worried about her.

Vicky stomach rumbled. It had been twelve hours since they last ate and that was a sandwich out of a rest stop vending machine. She woke her mother up.

"I'm hungry Mom," she said as she shook her mother's shoulder.

"Okay honey," her mother replied as she yawned and stretched.

"Where are we?"

"Twenty-seven miles outside of Charlotte."

She started the car and pulled back onto the two lane highway.

"Where do you fancy eating breakfast Vicky," she said as they drove through the outskirts of the city.

"Oh I don't know," Vicky replied. "There," she said a few minutes later, "Chicken-R-Way."

Abby pulled into the parking lot a few minutes after six thirty. There were quite a few cars at the drive through, mainly pickup trucks loaded with all kinds of materials and equipment. Some towed a trailer loaded down with lumber and sheetrock. Men on their way to jobsites to start another day's work. There were only two cars parked, a dark green Honda Accord and a car whose make she was not familiar with. She pulled up next to it.

"What kind of car is that?" Vicky asked.

"Don't know honey but it sure is pretty," she replied as she touched the badge on the trunk lid. I was a pair of wings on a round raised plaque with a large B in the center. After paying, they took their meals and sat at a table in the rear of the dining room. There was only three other diners, an older couple and a man who was sat at a nearby table.

Vicky sat there eating her hash browns and thought about her life. It hadn't been exactly what she had envisioned as a very young girl. When she was six, she dreamed about growing up, meeting her prince charming, getting married and living in a house with a white picket fence and raising two children – a boy first then a girl so her brother could take care of his little sister. Her dream came crashing down when her father was killed by a drunk driver and as he had no insurance they were left with a nice house and a nice car but no means of paying the mortgage or car payment on the meagre pay from her mother's part time job.

The house went into foreclosure and the car was repossessed. Sale of the furniture brought in enough money to buy an old Toyota and so started their life moving from town to town and job to job. Vicky was home schooled as they never stayed long enough in one place for her to attend the local school. But as she sat eating breakfast she had a nice feeling inside that things were about to turn around for them.

She looked at the man sitting at a nearby table and she got a nice tingly feeling in her pussy as he looked at her with his gorgeous pale-blue eyes. He was very good looking with chiseled features; he was clean shaven, well dressed in slacks and a blue shirt with a button-down collar open to the second button exposing a smattering of sandy colored hair. Probably a business man, she thought. He seemed to be writing on something as he sipped his coffee.

Joshua Johnson, the owner of the restaurant, was sat at a nearby table next to the window doing the daily crossword as he was want to do most mornings. He had four restaurants that served breakfast including this one so he rotated through them, checking in with his day shift managers, making sure the dining rooms and kitchens were spotless as the franchise owner expected. The fact that they had let him open three more after granting him his first, was evidence that they were happy with the way he ran them. The remnants of his sausage and egg biscuit lay in the paper wrapper on the brown plastic tray, his coffee cup recently refilled by one of the restaurant's friendly personnel sat to one side.

He would occasionally look across at the young girl at the nearby table; she was an incredibly beautiful girl with amber colored hair fixed in a loose pony tail at the nape of her neck and sparkling green eyes. She looked to be around eleven or twelve – perhaps even thirteen he guessed and, although she was sitting down with her feet tucked underneath her, he figured she was quite tall for her age at around five-five, five-six maybe as she had long slender legs. She was wearing a pair of powder-blue cotton shorts with a matching camisole with spaghetti straps; underneath was a white bra as he could see the thin straps on her bare shoulders and its soft outline. On her feet she wore a pair of pink Keds, no socks.

On one occasion she met his gaze and smiled briefly before going back to her breakfast, a box of hash browns and a plastic cup of orange juice. Her face was a perfect oval with thin amber colored eyebrows long dark lashes; her nose was a little large for her face but not overly so in his opinion with a slight bump a third of the way down.

She had obviously been in the sun a lot as her face had a healthy glow with a small Milky Way of freckles across the top of her cheeks and nose. Her mouth was full with a plump bottom lip and a classic bowed upper. She wore no makeup, not that she needed any, but did have painted finger nails that looked as though they needed to be renewed. Her older sister, well he assumed it was her sister as she seemed to be too young to be her mother, had her back to him so he couldn't see her face but she had the same amber colored hair that hung loose to just below her shoulders. She was filling out a job application in between taking a bite of her biscuit and a sip of her coffee. Both women wore clothes that seemed a little worn but clean.

"Excuse me sir." A voice said. Josh looked up from his crossword to see the same girl he had been admiring a few minutes ago standing in front of him. The twin mounds of her breasts rose and fell as she breathed, her nipples formed small bumps in her top. His penis stirred inside his pants. She looked a little nervous as she kept looking down and couldn't hold his gaze for more than a few seconds. "May I borrow your salt shaker?" she asked.

Josh put down his pen and picked up the salt shaker. "There you go young lady," he said as he handed it to her. He noticed her hand shaking and her finger lightly brushed his as she took the shaker from him. There was no denying the tingle that ran though his body and down into his crotch. He had not been this excited around a beautiful female for a very long time. She turned to leave.

"What's name of the state bird of Maine, nine letters?"

She turned back around. "Scuse me?" she said.

"State bird of Maine, nine letters," he repeated pointing to his crossword.

"Oh, you're doing a crossword. Chickadee, it's the Chickadee. Actually it's the Black Capped Chickadee but you said nine letters. We just moved from there. We also used to live in Phoenix; their state bird is the Cactus Wren. In Florida's it's the Northern Mockingbird, we lived there for a year. Thanks for the salt," she said and started to turn.

"Amber hair, green eyes, nice tan – don't know how many letters though."

"Five letters begins with an V and third letter is a C," she said.

"Victoria but that's too many letter. I give up."

"It's Vicky."

"But Vicky is short for Victoria."

"I did say five letters though," she said.

"Okay, begins with a J, four letters, proper name has six letters and ends in a U."

"That's an easy one, Joshua, Josh for short." Josh knew that he had to get to know this extremely smart and stunningly beautiful girl.

"You and your sister live locally?"

"She's my mother not my sister and we just got into town and we're going to find a place to live; Mom said we're probably going to stay in a Motel 6 while we look. I think we passed one on Montrose as we drove in."

"It's actually on Melville, Montrose is the intersecting highway. That's not a very safe area for a couple of women on their own. I assume it's just you and your mother."

"Yes just the two of us and it's all Mom can afford. We just moved here from Bangor Maine and she doesn't have a job yet."

Just then Vicky's mother walked over. "I hope my daughter isn't talking your head off, Mister . . . ?"

"It's Johnson, Joshua Johnson," he said extending his hand, "but please call me Josh."

She shook his hand, a rather firm grip for a woman he thought. "Abigail Hamilton," she replied, "but please call me Abby."

She could almost be the older sister of Vicky, he thought as she looked so young - mid-twenties possibly but so young to be a mother. Extremely attractive, petite, same color hair but shorter, same gorgeous green eyes but a smaller nose and slightly thinner lips. Most definitely easy on the eyes. His cock got harder and he was glad he was sat down.

"Vicky told me the two of you just moved here and you're thinking of staying at the Motel 6 over on Melville."

"Yes that's right. I think I saw it as we drove in."

"That's a very dangerous area, lots of drug dealing and drive-by shootings." Josh took a business card out of his shirt pocket wrote an address on the back and handed it to her.

"The manager at this SleepWell Inn is a very good friend of mine and he'll set you up with a nice room. It's in a much safer area."

"Oh but we couldn't afford a SleepWell Inn," she replied.

"It's a very quiet period right now and he'd be glad to rent the room. It'll be about the same price as the Motel 6 and I insist," he said as he moved the card closer to her, "as I would never forgive myself if anything should happen to you or your beautiful daughter."

Vicky took the card. "Thank you very much Josh," she said. Her mother narrowed her eyes and frowned at her, a sure sign she wasn't happy with what she had just done.

"Thank you and it was nice to meet you," Abby said.

He watched as the two of them picked up their trays and emptied them in the trash and walked to the counter, both had extremely gorgeous rumps he thought. Abby handed the completed application form to Brenda the day shift manager and left. He watched as they got into an old, battered, dark-blue Toyota RAV4, the rear compartment full of their clothes and personal effects, and drove off. As he got up, he looked over at the table they had been sitting at and smiled as he saw two salt shakers.

"What do you think Brenda?" he said as he handed her his cup for a refill.

Brenda scanned the application form. "Well she's qualified for a shift manager's position but we don't have one open right now, in fact we don't have any open positions. You know how many people we have on our waiting list?"

"Yes I do," he replied. "How about day shift manager here?"

Brenda stood there with her mouth open. "You firing me?"

"Heavens no Brenda. I'm opening a Chi-Chi's in two months over on Glendale and I want you to be the manager."

"I don't know what to say Mr. Johnson," she said. "I wondered who the franchisee was."

"You could say yes."

"Yes, yes of course I'll say yes. Thank you very much."

"Call Miss Hamilton up and tell he she has the job as day shift manager and start her the day after tomorrow. Get her in this afternoon to get orientated. She can shadow you for a day to get the hang of things."

"So soon, what about references and background checks?"

"Leave that to me. I need you over at the new restaurant to oversee the last of the kitchen and dining room installations and to start interviewing for wait and kitchen staff."

"Of course Mr. Johnson . . . and thanks for the opportunity I won't disappoint you."

"I know you won't. You've earned it Brenda."


"He seems like a very nice man doesn't he Vicky?" Abby said to her daughter as they were driving to the SleepWell Inn.

"Nice! Nice! Mom he was gorgeous," Vicky gushed. "Did you see his pale blue eyes?"

"Yes I did and yes he's gorgeous but don't get your hopes up as you know my choice of men hasn't exactly been stellar of late."

"Who's talking about you Mom?"


"Sorry Mom. There it is, turn here," she said as she saw the sign for the SleepWell Inn.

They walked up to the reception desk where the manager was filling out some paperwork.

"I was told to speak to the manager," she said.

"I'm the manager," he replied, "and you must be Miss Hamilton."

"That's right. How did you know?"

"Mr. Johnson called and said to expect you."

"Mr. Johnson's your friend right?" she said.

"Friend. Heavens no. Mr. Johnson's my boss."

"Your boss . . . but."

"He owns the hotel."

Abby took her purse out of her handbag.

"Sorry I don't have a credit card, I hope you take cash."

"There's no charge for the room, Mr. Johnson has taken care of it." He handed her the room card. "Have a nice day and let me know if you need anything." He went back to his paperwork.

Abby stood there for a moment dumfounded.

"C'mon Mom," Vicky said as she pulled her arm. They wheeled their suitcases into the elevator and pushed the button for the fourth floor.

Vicky smiled. "See Mom, told you things would get better." They entered the room, well it was a suite, really, with a living area, bedroom and bathroom.

"Wow, this is nice," Vicky said as she peered into the bedroom. "Two queen-sized beds Mom."

Abby was speechless as she looked around at the furnishings, much nicer than their old apartment. Just then her phone rang. It was one of those pay-as-you-go phones.

"This is Abby," she said as she answered it.

"Miss Hamilton, this is Brenda, I'm the day shift manager at the Chicken-R-Way restaurant you were at earlier."

"Oh yes, what can I do for you?"

"The owner would like to offer you the job as day shift manager starting immediately."

Abby was speechless for a few moments.

"Miss Hamilton, you still there?"

"Yes . . . sorry I was surprised as you said you had no openings right now . . . and aren't you the day shift manager."

"Yes I am, well was. The owner is opening a Chi-Chi's and he wants me to be its manager so my position here is open. Can you come by this afternoon to be oriented and get introduced to the staff?"

"Yes of course."

"Okay, see you at one o'clock then."

"Thank you very much." Abby hung up.

"Who was that Mom?"

"I've got the job as day manager at the Chicken-R-Way restaurant we were at this morning."

Vicky hugged her mother. "That's great news Mom. See, told you, things are getting even better. When do you start?"

"This afternoon."


Chapter Two

Josh walked into the Chicken-R-Way two days later and waited in line to place his order. He could see Abby in the back making sure the orders came out on time. She spotted him and nodded.

"Good morning Mr. Johnson," the cashier said, "you're usual?"

"Yes please Linda." Linda punched in his order.

"That'll be four sixty-five please." Josh handed her a five dollar bill and dropped the change into the March of Dimes box.

"Morning Josh," Abby said as she handed him his order a few minutes later.

"Well good morning Abby, how's the job going?

"Fine thanks Josh. Came as a bit of a surprise to get hired so soon."

"Is he a regular here?" Abby asked Linda after Josh left to find a table.

"Regular? Well I guess he is," Linda replied. "He owns the place."

Josh spotted Vicky sitting at a far table eating her breakfast and doing her school work. She was dressed in a white sateen blouse with a light-blue cotton bra underneath, a pair of cut off denim shorts, ankle socks and pink Keds. Today her hair was fixed in a high pony tail.

"May I join you?" he asked as he stood by her table.

She looked up and a little shudder went through her body. "Oh hello Josh, didn't expect to see you here."

"I have breakfast here some mornings and do my crossword," he replied as he placed his tray opposite her and sat down.

"Your mom homeschools you I see."

"Yeah, it's kinda tough going to school since we move around so much."

"How's the hotel room?"

"Very nice thank you. You didn't tell us you owned it."

"You never asked."

He ate his biscuit as he did the crossword puzzle.

"Einstein's birth place, three letters?"

"Ulm," she replied without looking up."

"Vicky, how old are you?"

"I'll be thirteen a week Saturday. How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-eight."

"Oh, you're the same age as Mom."

"Your mom had you when she was only fifteen?"

"Yeah that's right."

"Wow. It was brave of her to not have an abortion."

"Yeah, Mom told me Grandma begged her to though."

"Well I'm sure glad she didn't as the world is a much better off to have a beautiful smart young lady like you in it."

She blushed a little. "Thanks," she whispered.

"You must let me buy you a birthday gift."

"No, you've been so generous already, what with the hotel room."

"Vicky, if you don't mind me saying so, your clothes, although always clean seem as though they've seen better days. Would you allow me to take you shopping as a birthday gift."

"I don't know. You're right I do need some more clothes. I seem to have stopped growing for a while so wearing the same clothes over and over gets a little boring since I don't have many and you're right, they've seen better days."

"Please, it would make me very happy."

"Okay. I need to tell Mom though."


She opened the hotel room door and Josh carried four bags of clothes and placed them on the bed. One from Victoria's Secret, two from Neiman Marcus and one from Abercrombie and Fitch. Vicky unbuttoned her blouse and took it off; next were her denim shorts, exposing her plain while bikini-cut cotton panties; the elastic in the leg holes had lost its tension and as a consequence he could see the side of her plump vulva. She started to unhook her bra.

"What're you doing Vicky?"

"I'm trying on my new underwear, why?"

"You think it's right for me see you naked?"

"I don't mind," she replied as she dropped her bra on the carpet. She had the most beautiful breasts he'd ever seen. From the purchases in the store he noted that she wore a 32B bra but the tag didn't do them justice. They were perfect swells that stood straight out high on her chest with pink areolas that he could see darken and stipple as she was getting excited at being naked in front of him. Her nipples also got darker and seemed to get larger. As she dropped her panties and stepped out of them he gasped as he saw her vulva with its prominent vee-shaped mons, its upper half covered with a dusting of amber colored hairs. Her cleft formed by her plump labia was deep with its clitoral hood and small wing-like sheath evident. Although most of her body was tanned, there were a white areas where her bikini had been. The contrast of the golden tan against her pale skin was very erotic.

"My God Vicky, you've got a gorgeous body."

"Thanks," she said shyly as she stepped into a pair of dark-blue, bikini-cut panties that had a wide, white waistband with PINK printed around it multiple times. She put her on a matching un-lined cotton bra, hooked it at the front, and pulled it around. She put her arms through the straps and her hands inside the cups to adjust her breasts. She looked in the full length mirror, turning sideways and looking at her butt.

"Very nice," she said, "Mom could never afford to let me shop at Victoria's Secret. Thank you very much Josh."

"You're most certainly welcome Vicky. A beautiful young woman such as you should only wear beautiful clothes."

She sank to her knees in front of Josh; she started to unbuckle this belt; he put his hands over hers and stopped her.

"Vicky, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to thank you."

"You don't have to do this. A simple thanks is enough."

"But I want to Josh. I like you and I've had to do things to get by. So has Mom. I want to do this for you because I don't have to."

He wondered what kind of things she and her mother had had to do and whether she was still a virgin. She pushed his hands away and unbuckled his belt. Next she unzipped his pants and let them fall to his feet followed by his boxers. As she pulled them off his hips, his erection sprang out. She grasped its shaft and, as she put her mouth over the end, he gasped loudly.

"Oh God Vicky, that's so good."

She rubbed his shaft up and down with her forefinger and thumb while she sucked and licked the end. Although she'd never sucked a man's cock before, she'd seen her mother do it several times in lieu of the monthly rent; she remembered to cushion his shaft from her teeth with her tongue, just as she'd seen her mother do it. Josh was moaning softly as she gave him the best oral sex he'd ever had. He felt his orgasm rising in his bowels and spreading through his groin.

"I'm close Vicky." he said as he felt his scrotum draw up.

"Oh God," he cried as his cock swelled and pulsed; he spurted hard into Vicky's mouth. It took her a little by surprise but she quickly swallowed as the next spurt hit the back of her throat and a glob of white, translucent semen spilled out onto her chin. The last few weaker spurts were easily swallowed. Josh looked down at Vicky; she was looking into his eyes as she scooped the errant blob of his cum off her chin; she licked it off her finger and swallowed it.

"My God Vicky, that's the most erotic sight I think I've ever seen. And that blow job was fantastic."

"Thanks, it was my first," she said as she stood up.

"Your first! Did you learn to do it watching porn on the Internet?"

"We never could afford the Internet, I'd watch Mom do it. You have to understand, Mom's not a whore but sometimes she couldn't make the rent money and the landlords threatened to evict us. So she gave them blow jobs instead."

"Oh my God that's awful."

"Please don't tell Mom I told you this."

"Of course not."

"Thanks Josh."



"Can I kiss you?"

She got on tiptoe and put her arms around his neck and kissed him. He could taste his own semen on her lips. It wasn't a French kiss, neither was it a simple peck on the lips; it was a full, chaste kiss that held a world of promise and it thrilled him no end.

"That was very nice," she said, "I'd like to do that again."

"Me too," he replied. "I need to get you back to your mother since she'll be handing over to the afternoon manager soon."

He pulled up his boxers and pants and watched as Vicky put on a new sky-blue silk blouse, a pair of white capris that hugged her figure nicely. He was surprised that a twelve year old girl had such a nice rounded ass. He expected her to be more straight up and down, but he enjoyed looking at it nonetheless. She put on a pair of sky-blue footies and a pair of traditional black and white Converse sneakers.

"Wow, you look gorgeous and sexy."

"Thanks, these clothes make me feel sexy," she said, "I've always wondered what wearing undies from Victoria's Secret would feel like and I love it. Thanks again Josh, you've been so kind."

"This is for you," he said as he pulled an iPhone out of his pocket and handed it to her. Your mother has one as she's a manager and now you can stay in touch with each other."

She had a puzzled look on her face.

"Oh I didn't tell you but I also own the restaurant."

"Thanks Josh," she said; she kissed him again. She loved kissing him as it made her breasts ache and her pussy tingle. She loved the taste of his cum and wondered what it would feel like to have the weight of his body pressing her into the mattress and his cock deep inside her.


Chapter Three

Saturday morning Josh walked into the restaurant and was greeted by Abby. He beckoned for her to come into the dining area where they sat at a table.

"How're you getting on Abby?"

"Just fine thanks Josh. The staff are really nice and they've accepted me with open arms. Also I wanted to thank you for buying Vicky all those clothes, she really needed them. And thanks for getting a phone for her. All I seem to do is thank you."

He place a debit card on the table. "Here take this, I felt a bit guilty for buying her those clothes and leaving you out. There's enough on there for you to get what you need."

"Oh no Josh, I can't."

"You can't or won't?"

"You've been so good to us, I mean hiring me, putting us up in the hotel, which is fabulous by the way. I - we could never thank you enough."

If she only knew that Vicky had already thanked me, he thought.

"Abby, if I didn't think you could do the job then I wouldn't have hired you. In any case, you helped me out of a jam. I'm opening this new Chi-Chi's restaurant and I needed Brenda to be my manager. We didn't have anyone in line to take over here and it would've taken a week to hire someone, time I didn't have."

"How about the evening shift manager? I expected her to be cold toward me for possible stepping line ahead of her."

"Martha didn't want the first shift managers job. I don't think her and her husband aren't getting along to well and the evening shift job keeps her out of the house when he's home. Please indulge me, take the card."

"Well if you put it that way, thanks." She picked up the card.

"You and Vicky are invited to my house on Sunday for a pool party so you may want to go shopping for something suitable."

"Thanks we'd love to come. Where do you live?"

"I'll pick you up from your hotel at say one o'clock?"

"We'll be ready."


At one o'clock Josh pulled up in front of the hotel in his Bentley Flying Spur. It was the favorite four door of the half dozen cars he owned. When he was growing up, he had a fascination for cars, particularly the European cars as he now owned a Ferrari 458 Italia, an old Morgan Plus4 and a 1963 Jaguar E-Type. He special ordered the Bentley.

He had flown to Crew in England and spent a whole day going through all the options. He settled on the four-door Flying Spur in Deep Flame Red with dark tint wheels, burl walnut wood veneer and dark-gray leather with Fireglow stitching. Strictly speaking it was his company car, one of the perks of owning his own business. Inside the lobby Abby and Vicky were waiting in the sitting area.

"Are you two beautiful ladies ready?" he asked. They both got up and picked up their totes. Vicky was wearing a citrus-yellow camisole with white lace accents and a pair of white cotton shorts and sandals. Abby had on a simple white cotton dress with spaghetti straps and white sandals. The dress showed off her gorgeous hourglass figure, her cheeks mounded the rear with no panty line since she was wearing a very thin thong. It was also evident that she had no bra on as her small nipples poked at the material. It was very sexy but also classy. She knew how to dress and she had chosen her clothes carefully.

The debit card that Josh had given her, allowed her to indulge herself with clothes she never could have afforded. She was shocked when they checked out at Victoria's Secret, their first stop. It wasn't the 263 dollars the sales associate rang up; it was when she said the balance on the card was 1,237 dollars.

Vicky's eyes widened as she saw the Bentley sitting at the curb, the same car she saw at the restaurant.

"That has to be the most beautiful car I've ever seen," she said. "What is it and what is that color?"

"It's a Bentley and they're made in England and the color is Deep Flame red," he said as he opened both the passenger doors.

"Can I sit up front please Mom?"

"Sure you can honey." Vicky slid into the leather seat and Abby got in the rear. After closing the doors Josh got into the driver's seat and pulled away.

"God this leather smells good," Vicky said, "and is this real wood?" she added as she ran her hand over the dashboard.

"Yes, it's burl walnut and it all comes from the same tree."

As he drove out of town he looked in the rear view mirror at Abby with a small smile on her lips. He pulled off the three-lane country road and stopped at a set of wrought iron gates. After pressing a button on his sun visor, he drove through the open gates and down the long gravel driveway. As they rounded the bend, the large house came into view. It was styled after an English manor house with a wide curved staircase leading to the front door. As they pulled up, the large front door opened and a matronly looking woman came out to greet them.

"This is Maggie and she's my housekeeper."

"Would you show Abby and Vicky to one of our guest bedrooms so they can change."

"Certainly Mister Josh," she said. "This way ladies."

Josh pulled the car into the underground garage and took the elevator to his bedroom where he changed into a swimsuit and cargo shorts.

"Mom this place is huge," Vicky said as Maggie closed the bedroom door after telling them to come through the great room and out onto the terrace when they were ready. "He must be very rich."

"Hmm, he's not married," Abby said. "I wonder if he's gay?"

Vicky had to suppress the urge to tell he mother that there was no way he was gay. She changed into a two-piece lime-green bikini with string ties at the hips and in the center of the bra top. She admired her ass in the full-length mirror. She was glad that in the last eighteen months it had filled out. It wasn't as full as her mother's but there again she hadn't borne any children.

"Wow Mom you look sexy," Vicky said as she admired her mother's swimsuit. It was a one-piece in powder-blue but the way it was cut it was really a two-piece joined at the side with panels of Lycra. Satisfied with their looks, they walked down the long hallway and descended the oak paneled staircase.

"It must be this way," Abby said as she walked into a large great room also paneled with blond oak, passed the huge, imposing inglenook fireplace, and out through the French doors onto a stone terrace where Josh was waiting. When he saw them come out, he stood up and greeted them.

"I must be the luckiest man on the planet to have two such beautiful women as my guests." He took each by their arms and kissed each cheek. Vicky lingered on his lips just a tad longer than was necessary. Maggie came out holding a silver tray with three glasses. He picked two up and handed them to Vicky and her mother.

"Mimosas to start the afternoon," he said as he took his glass off the tray. "Come, let's sit by the pool. They sat around a large round teak patio table with an oversized canvas umbrella giving shade from the early summer afternoon sun.

"You have a very nice house Josh," Abby said. "How many businesses do you own?"

"Vicky! that's not polite to ask."

"Sorry Mom."

"That's okay Abby, I don't mind. I'm rather proud of the business I've built in the last seven years since graduating from Oxford University in England."

"Oh I adore England," Vicky said. "Downton Abbey, Prince William and Prince Harry. Harry's still single right?"

"I believe he is Vicky," Josh said.

"Sorry to interrupt."

"Apart from the Chicken-R-Way that you work at, Abby, I have three others, two SleepWell Inns, a Lexus dealership, a Chi-Chi's restaurant, and we're due to open a second in a few months that Brenda will be managing."

"That's quite an empire," Abby said.

He was admiring Abby as the two of them talked. She was quite beautiful and it seemed as if she had changed a little from the first time he'd met her. That first time she seemed as if the weight of the world was on her shoulders and it showed in her face and her posture with slightly slumped shoulders. Now that look was gone and she carried herself with more poise and assurance. He admired her figure; she had, for his taste, perfect breasts. He could make out their shape through the Lycra; twin swells that didn't offer any sag with small nipples in their center. He noticed her prominent mons when she walked out onto the terrace. For a twenty-eight year old woman with a twelve year old daughter she had retained a very nice and very sexy figure. He wondered what she looked like naked; his penis did too.

"I'm going to swim," Vicky announced.

"She seems to have a nice tan," Josh said to Abby. "But if you want to swim maybe you need some sunscreen."

"I'll pass I think. Do you mind if we talk work for just a moment?"

"No not at all."

"I see a couple of changes we could make at the restaurant that would improve our customer service and wouldn't cost anything."

"I'm all ears Abby."


Josh couldn't take his eyes off Vicky as she climbed out of the pool; her wet bikini was plastered to her body like a second skin. The cool water had caused her nipples to harden and they now poked at the material of her bra. A small camel toe had formed adding to the discomfort of his erection constrained by his shorts.

She stood in front of him. "Can I get a drink please?" she said.

"Of course you can. If you go back into the house and take a right you'll find Maggie in the kitchen. She'll take care of you."

As she walked away Josh saw that the swimsuit crotch had moved to one side exposing one very delectable buttock, causing even more discomfort. Vicky subconsciously reached behind and adjusted her swimsuit as she walked. His discomfort must have shown because Abby noticed him squirm a little in his seat.

"You and Vicky seemed to have hit it off."

"She's a very intelligent young woman and I enjoy her company," he replied.

"That's not what I meant," Abby said.

"Sorry Abby, I'm not sure what you mean." He was getting very uncomfortable with this conversation. Had Vicky told her mother about the incident in the hotel room? Was he about to be accused of having sex with her daughter?

"She's had to grow up real fast. We've had a tough life since her father was killed by a drunk driver with no insurance. I've had to do things that I'm not terribly proud of as has she." He saw tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

He put his hand on hers. "It's okay Abby, you don't have to elaborate."

"It's just that despite what her life has been like, she's a very loving girl and if she wants to share that love with you I'm okay with that, since I know you'll be gentle with her."

Josh's initial concern that Abby was going to be upset with him now abated. She was almost giving him the green light to have sex with her daughter, something that thrilled and excited him. But he also was very much attracted to Abby and he didn't quite know how to resolve that dilemma. Also there was the fact that he was Abby's employer.

"I didn't know what to say Abby."

"You don't have to say anything Josh."

Vicky came back out with a drink and sat down next to them. She looked at Josh and Abby looking at her.

"What?" she said.

"Nothing really," Josh replied.

"We were just commenting on your misbehaving swimsuit," Abby added, realizing that his answer hadn't satisfied her daughter's curiosity.

"My what . . . oh that," she said blushing. "Sorry."

"Why don't the two of you stay for dinner and spend the night, there's plenty of guest rooms and I'd love to have your company; maybe watch a movie in the home theater."

"We'd love to but I have to open up at six and my car's at the hotel."

"That's okay, you can borrow one of mine. There's a Lexus in the garage you can use."

Vicky looked at her mother with pleading eyes. "Please" she mouthed.

"Okay thanks, we'd love to stay."

"Great, let me tell chef we'll be having guests for dinner. I'm sure he'll throw his usual French fit."


As the movie ended Josh hit the stop button.

"Did you like it?" he asked.

"I can always watch Dirty Dancing," Abby said.

"It was a fun movie, I hadn't seen it before," Vicky added.

"I've got an early start tomorrow so I think I'll turn in," Abby said.

"Me too," Vicky said as she followed her mother upstairs.

Josh poured himself three fingers of his favorite drink, a 15 year old I.W.HARPER Kentucky bourbon and sat in the great room contemplating his dilemma. He was attracted to both women, and being around both of them in skimpy bathing costumes most of the afternoon he was now as horny as heck. He remembered Abby's almost invitation to have sex with her daughter but wasn't sure if she was on any kind of birth control and didn't want the first night of lovemaking to be hampered by the need to stop and put on a condom. So he decided to see if Abby would be interested. She had given him lots of serious looks during the day and she had put her hand on his thigh as they watched the movie. He finished his drink and went upstairs to his room where he undressed to his boxers.

He wasn't sure which guest room she was in; all the unoccupied bedroom doors were wide open; one door was closed and one was slightly ajar; he peeked in that one and saw Vicky fast asleep. A gentle knock on the closed door elicited a quiet "yes." He opened the door and stepped inside, closing the door quietly behind him. The small bedside lamp was on and Abby pulled back the covers revealing that she was naked. Her small breasts were partially illuminated by the lamp; they stood straight up off her chest with firm nipples atop darker pink areolas. He took the invitation and climbed in beside her.

"I didn't know if you would come," she said, "but hoped you would."

"To be honest I was torn. I didn't want you to think that you had to let me into your bed, after all I am your employer."

She put her arm around his neck and pulled him to her. As they kissed, her head tilted and her mouth opened welcoming his tongue. They kissed for almost a minute; she finally broke away gasping with passion.

"I want to feel you inside me Josh. I haven't had sex in a very long time and I'm as horny as can be."

Josh started to open the foil pack he had been holding in his fist. She put her hand over his and stopped him.

"That is so sweet of you Josh. You don't have to if you don't want to as I have an IUD. No idea why I kept it in after my husband died."

Josh put the pouch on the bedside table and cupped her breast, it was a very pleasant palmful; he sucked on the nipple of its twin, feeling it firm up between his lips. She started moaning as he slipped his hand down across her flat stomach and felt the small neatly trimmed pubic bush, happy to see that it stopped short of her cleft as he didn't much care for women with large bushy pubes. She moaned some more and gasped as his middle finger parted her very plump outer labia and slipped in between her smaller inner labia, touching the very wet opening to her vagina.

As he curled his finger and slipped into her, he was surprised to find that she was quite tight. Then he noticed a very thin, almost faded curved line between her mons and navel. He remembered that she was only fifteen when she gave birth to Vicky so she'd obviously had a C-section. He pulled his finger back out of her and moved its tip up her slit and found the distinctive cowl and her small but firm clit.

"God that feels so good Josh," she murmured as he alternatively pushed and rubbed it. He felt her hand slip down between them and she gasped as she felt his hard erection inside his boxers.

"As much as I absolutely love foreplay, I'm so horny right now I have to have your cock inside me."

Josh slipped his boxers off and got down the bed between her legs; he grasped the shaft and started to rub its head up and down her moist cleft and around in circles at the entrance to her vagina. She was leaking, covering the head with her juices. He pushed, feeling her tight vagina dilate and he easily slipped inside her eliciting a loud gasp.

"Oh gawd yes," she cried.

He pushed and the entire length of his penis slipped inside her warm, moist, silken embrace. It was an incredible feeling, being held so tightly inside her, feeling the tip of his cock push against her cervix. He started to stroke in and out of her; she put her long legs around his waist and locked her ankles together, pulling him deep inside her.

"Harder Josh, fuck me harder," she cried. "Gawd this feels so good."

He slammed into her, his ball sack hitting her cheeks pushed together by the bed, drawing her clit down to kiss his shaft sending incredibly arousing shards of pleasure throughout her whole body. Then she tensed up; he could feel her pussy clenching, gripping his shaft as she inhaled sharply as her orgasm slammed into her. Josh stopped thrusting, his cock buried deep inside her, feeling her whole body shudder with ecstasy. He waited for her to breathe for what seemed like an eternity.

Then she exhaled with a loud swoosh and her whole body went limp; her ankles unlocked and fell to her side only her hands held the backs of his shoulders pulling him down on top of her, squashing her petite breasts. She finally calmed as her orgasm waned and then departed, leaving her panting; sweat covering her breasts coating his chest. She opened her sparkling green eyes and looked at him.

"Josh that was absolutely incredible. Thank you for giving me an amazing orgasm. Do you want to cum inside me or shall I give you a blow job?"

"It's been a while since I came inside a woman. Would you do it on top?"

He rolled to one side and lay in his back as she straddled his hips. He watched the incredibly erotic sight of his shaft being enveloped by her inner labia, her plump outer labia, pushed aside, small creases between them and her inner thighs, so sexy. She sat straight up, her breasts pushing out, firm, proud with darkened and stippled areolas and hard nipples like small cupcakes, round and puckered from a baby suckling them.

"You've got incredible breasts Abby, perfect size, perfect shape, perfect nipples."

"Thanks," she said as she lifted; grasping the shaft of his penis she guided its tip to the opening of her pussy and lowered herself onto it. He was once again ensconced in a tight, moist, velvet sheath. She put her palms on his chest to support herself and started scrubbing back and forth. The feeling was incredible as she fucked him with short strokes all the while scrubbing her clit along his shaft. She climaxed again, dropping to his chest, his hands on her cool firm buttocks felt the intensity of her orgasm. She said she was horny and she was certainly demonstrating it as she climaxed for the second time in five minutes.

Josh had to cum as he had been teetering on the brink the whole time. He started thrusting into her, feeling the start of his orgasm spreading through his groin, sending jerks to his leg and bottom. Abby had recovered from her second orgasm and started scrubbing her pussy on his shaft again.

"Almost there Abby," he cried. She felt his cock swell and pulse as he spurted against her cervix, flooding her vagina with his teeming fluid. She was giddy with excitement as she felt him ejaculate inside her, felt the spurts of a man's cum, something she had missed. She rolled off him and lay on his side, clenching her pussy to keep his semen inside of her until she could get to the bathroom. But that would have to wait as now she just wanted to lie beside him in a post-orgasmic glow.

"Now that was good," he said as she snuggled up to his side.

"It was for me too." There was a few minutes of silence between them as Abby pondered whether to push him, to tell her if he'd had sex with Vicky.

"Josh," she said finally.

"Yes Abby,"

"If I ask you a question can I get an honest answer. I think I know what it's going to be."

Josh knew what was coming. "Okay."

"Have you and Vicky had sex?"

He pondered the question and remembered the conversation he and Abby had while out on the terrace earlier that day when she told him she was okay if he and her daughter did things together.

"Yes we did. After shopping we were in your hotel room and she started to take her clothes off. I asked her what she was doing and she just said she was going to try her new underwear on; she said it quite matter-of-factly like it was no big deal for her but it was for me.

"When she had changed into her new underwear she knelt in front of me and started to unbuckle my belt. I thought she was just doing something to thank me for all her new clothes. I told her that a simple thank you was all that was needed. But you know what she said?"

"No I don't."

"She said she wanted to do it because she didn't have to."

"So she gave you oral sex?"


"How was it?"

This is a very strange conversation, he thought. Here's a mother who I've just had sex with, and told her that her daughter gave me oral sex and all she's asking is "how was it."

"Incredible. You angry at me for taking advantage of her?"

She chuckled. "No I'm not angry, and I think it was Vicky who took advantage of you. I sorta knew something had gone on as she looked so happy and pleased with herself. You want to have intercourse with her?"

This conversation's really getting weirder, he thought.

"You think I should? I mean she's only twelve, well almost thirteen as if a few weeks would make any difference."

"Trust me Josh, she's a lot more mature than any twelve year old I've known."

"So should I?"

"Just let her move along at her own pace and if the occasion arises and she wants to then yes by all means. I would much rather you take her virginity than some inexperienced boy. It should be something she will remember with joy and not regret. I'll take her to the doctors after my shift's over one day this week and get her fitted with an IUD."

"You're an incredible woman and mother Abby. I could probably count the number of mothers on the fingers of one hand who would be okay with this."

"Josh you underestimate yourself. We've met and had to deal with some very unpleasant men in our wanderings and I think it's the first time that Vicky has met someone who is caring and generous, as well as so darn good looking as you are and she's seeing that there are men out there that she can trust. We were very fortunate to walk into your restaurant."

"And I was very fortunate that you did."

" As much as I'd love to wake up with you, I've got an early day tomorrow and I have to go to the bathroom before I make a mess of my bed."

"Okay," Josh said as he climbed out of her bed. "I'll wake you at five." He pulled his boxers back on and returned to his bedroom.


Chapter Four

Josh's alarm went off. He opened his eyes and squinted at the display; it said 4:45. He crawled out of bed and after peeing and brushing his teeth her took a quick shower and got dressed.

"Come in," Abby said as he knocked on her bedroom door.

She was just getting out of bed and he watched as she walked to the bathroom; his penis started to grow as he saw the twin globes of her behind moving in sensual counterpoint with the deep cleft in between framing the gorgeous peach of her vulva with its tight slit and small clitoral sheath.

Come down when you're ready and I'll show you where the car is," he said and left.


They rode the elevator to the underground garage. "It's the dark-grey Lexus IS. Here's the key fob." She got inside and he sat in the passenger seat with the door open.

"That left hand button on the rear view mirror opens the garage door and the right hand one opens the gate. They both close automatically."

"I don't know how to get to the hotel," she said.

He pressed Destination button to the right of the center display and pressed the SleepWell Inn Main icon. That'll guide you. Leave the car fob with the night manager."

"Thanks for everything Josh, particularly last night."

He got out, closed the door and watched her drive up the ramp and through the garage doors.


"Crap, crap, crap," she said as she banged the steering wheel. The slow cranking of the starter motor told her the battery of her Toyota was slowly dying if not dead already. She quickly locked the door and went back inside and retrieved the key fob to the Lexus from the night manager. As the display on the dashboard changed from 5:59 to 6:00 she pulled into her allotted parking space at the restaurant.


As the display on the alarm clock on Vicky's bedside table changed from 5:59 to 6:00, she opened her eyes, yawned and stretched. She got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. She sat and peed as she looked at the bidet beside her. She had seen it the night before and decided to try it out. After flushing the toilet she turned on the faucet and waited for the water to flow warm. Ten minutes later, still sitting on the bidet with a stream of water hitting her clit and vagina she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

"Who is it?" She shouted.

"Josh." Came the reply.

"Come in Josh, I'm in the bathroom."

Josh closed the door behind him and walked into the bathroom where Vicky was still sitting on the bidet.

"I see you've found the pleasure of the bum washer," he said smiling.

She giggled and her small breasts jiggled a little.

"Pussy washer," she replied. "I love how it feels as the jet hits my clit. I could get off on one of these."

She looked at the bulge in his pants. "Seems like you're getting off watching me get off," she said.

"God you're so sexy Vicky. I love looking at your breasts; they're gorgeous."

She had a wicked twinkle in her eyes. "You wanna cum on em?"

The question took him aback a little. Then the thought of watching his cum splash onto her perky breasts made his cock twitch.

"I saw that," she said. "I'll take that twitch as a yes."

Josh unzipped his pants and fished inside and pulled his penis out. He walked a little closer to her and started to masturbate. She put her hand down between her legs and started to rub her nubbin with the pad of her finger as she watched him rub his cock. She had seen men spurt before; three times she'd given hand jobs to smelly fat landlords in lieu of a month's rent. When they had insisted that she give them a blow job, her mother steadfastly refused so Abby had to do it. She begged her mother to let her do it instead but she wouldn't hear of it.

Vicky could tell that Josh was close as he had to put one hand on the vanity to steady himself. Her pussy started tingling as she saw his cock swell and cum spurted out and splashed on her chest covering one breast. The second and third hit her other breasts and as he finished spurting his cum slid down her chest, across her tummy and into her crotch where it coated her fingers and clit. She pulled her legs together as she climaxed; the sensation of the water jet on her pussy and her finger covered with his semen, diddling her clit took her over the top.

Josh watched as his semen ran down off the twelve year old girl's breasts, across her tummy and into her pussy; it was an incredibly erotic sight.

"That was so hot," he said.

"Come nearer," she said. Josh moved closer and Vicky took is now slowly softening penis into her mouth and with her fingers squeezed the last of his cum out of the end and swallowed it.

"There, all clean now," she said as she tucked his cock back inside his underwear and zipped up his pants.

"You're an amazing young woman Vicky."

"Thanks," she said as she got off the bidet and headed into the shower. "Turn the bidet off please," she said as she turned on the water.


Josh was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast and doing the crossword puzzle as Vicky walked in.

"Former name of Myanmar, five letters?" he said.

"Burma," she replied as she poured milk over her bowl of cornflakes.

"Twenty-sixth president of the US, eight letters?"

"Theodore," she said with a mouthful of cereal

"But I thought it was Roosevelt."

"That's nine letters."

"Damn you're good."

"How was it with Mom last night?" she said matter-of-factly.

What is it with this family, he thought to himself. The mother asks how sex was with her daughter and her daughter asks how sex was with her mother.

"I'm not jealous if that's what you're worried about Josh."

"Please keep your voice down Vicky, Maggie's around somewhere. How did you know?"

"Sorry," she whispered. "I wasn't asleep when you looked in on me and I listened at Mom's bedroom door."

"This is very uncomfortable for me Vicky. You know it's not every day I have sex with a daughter and then with her mother."

"We're a very unusual mother and daughter. We've been through a lot together and it's drawn us very close. Mom likes you a lot, she told me as much and I figured you liked her too. I saw that you didn't mind her hand on your leg during the movie. So how was it?"

"In a word, incredible."

"Did she ask about us? There's not much that escapes her you know."

"Yes she did and she was okay with it. You need to do any home schooling today?" he said still a little uncomfortable with the conversation. "You can do it here if you want."

"Yes I do, thanks Josh."

Josh's phone rang. "Hello this is Josh."

"Josh, it's Abby. Listen I had to hang onto your car 'cause the battery on my car was dead. Hope that's okay with you."

"Hang on to it as long as you need to, Abby. In fact I can't have my manager stranded when she has to open my restaurant so why don't you keep it as long as you like. That old Toyota seems as though it's seen better days so why don't you get rid of it."

"That's very kind of you Josh, thank you. The Toyota's still got a lot of our personal stuff in the back. I really should start looking for an apartment."

"Listen, I know a good real estate agent who handles apartments, why don't I get her to meet you after you hand over to the evening shift manager and she'll show you around. I'll bring Vicky by at two o'clock, she's doing school work at the kitchen table tight now."

"That would be great, thanks. Gotta go, lunchtime crowd's starting to come in."


At a quarter to two, Josh opened the passenger door of his Bentley and let Vicky out. She was carrying the tote she had on Sunday and her book bag.

"Thanks Josh, you're such the gentleman. I like that."

Inside the restaurant, Abby was in a discussion with Martha, Josh's evening shift manager. She saw them come in and nodded. A few minutes later she came over to where they were sitting.

"Hi guys," she said.

"Hello Mom," Vicky said with a knowing smile on her face. Abby gave her a narrow eyes, frowning face, displeased look.

"It's okay Abby, we've had a little discussion. There's not much that Vicky misses and she's okay with it, although these are uncharted waters for me. The real estate agent's name is Stella and she'll show you around. In fact, there she is now." Josh signaled to Stella to join them.

"Stella, this is Abby who I was telling you about and this is her daughter Vicky. They need to look at two-bed, two-bath furnished apartments and you know the better areas of the city."

"Sure no problem Josh, be glad to."

Josh bid the three of them goodbye and went to speak to his shift manager.

"Everything ready for you Martha?"

"Yes Mr. Johnson, Abby does a good job. She's always left the restaurant in good shape for me."

"Good, thanks Martha."


Chapter Five

Friday afternoon Abby's phone warbled. "This is Abby," she said.

"It's Josh. Would you and Vicky like to stay at my house this weekend? You could drive over after your shift ends and spend Saturday and Sunday nights here."

"Vicky's not here right now, but I'm sure she'd love to and so would I."

"Okay then, see you both tomorrow around five. Just hit the HOME button on the navigation screen."


At four thirty-five Josh heard the garage door opening. A few minutes later Abby and Vicky stepped out of the elevator.

"Hey guys," he said.

Vicky ran over and put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"Thanks for inviting us Josh," she said.

"My pleasure."

Abby was a little more demure and kissed him on both cheeks.

"I need to take a shower and change if you don't mind," she said. "I smell like chicken."

"Go right ahead, the same guest room as before."

She walked upstairs followed by Vicky. They both went into Abby's room.

"Mom can we shower together, we haven't done that for a while?"

"Just shower Vicky?"

"Well we could fool around if you want."

They both got undressed and into the shower. Vicky soaped up her hands and started to wash her mother's back; she slipped a hand between her legs and pushed a finger into her ass; Abby moaned loudly.

"Love it when you do that honey," she murmured.

"You gonna let Josh do you in your ass?"

"I might if he's into anal sex."

Vicky put her hands around her mother and washed her breasts, feeling her nipples get larger and hard. Abby's hand was between her legs, diddling her clit as her daughter massaged her breasts.

"God that feels good. Why don't we shower and then get into bed for a while."

"Okay Mom."

They washed each other, rinsed off and got out of the shower. After drying off they got into bed; Vicky was on her back with her knees raised up beside her chest as her mother lay between her legs; she parted her labia exposing her small clitoral sheath with its nubbin peeking out at the top. Vicky moaned loudly as her mother sucked and licked her clit. Abby looked up over her daughters prominent mound with its smattering of fine, sandy colored hair. She was playing with her nipples, pulling them and pinching them between her fingers and thumbs.

"I'm going to take you by your hand tonight and lead you to his bedroom. He wants to take your virginity. You okay with that?"

"Gawd yes Mom. I've waited all week since you had the doctor put the IUD in me. What's it like to have his cock inside you?"

"You're going to have to wait and see."

"Will you be there too?"

"No honey. This will be a very special night for you and it should be just between the two of you."

"Kay," Vicky replied, her voice betraying both her excitement and her nervousness.

"Come on honey give me an orgasm like I know you can."

"What about mine, I'm horny?"

"Oh I think you need to hold onto that 'til tonight. And don't forget to keep his semen inside until you can get to the bathroom, otherwise you'll be sleeping in a wet bed."


At ten o'clock Josh went up to his room, Abby and Vicky had gone to bed half an hour before. He took a quick shower and got into bed not knowing who was going to come through his bedroom door; the uncertainty excited him tremendously. Ten minutes later there was a soft knock at the door.

"Come in," he said.

The door opened and Vicky stood in the opening. The small bedside lamp only gave an outline of her but Josh could see Abby standing behind her. She whispered something in her daughter's ear and left. The fact that her mother had brought her daughter to him, to take her virginity excited him as nothing had ever excited him before. Not even the opening of his first restaurant, not even when he took delivery of his first Ferrari; they all paled in comparison to this moment. Vicky came into the bedroom and closed the door behind her. Josh got out of bed and sat on the edge.

"Why don't you come over here Vicky and let me see you."

As she walked toward him, she passed in reach of the lamp's illumination. She was dressed in a short pink camisole that came to her navel; it was trimmed at the hem with white lace and she had on a pair of matching boyshorts panties with white lace at the legs. Although she was no stranger to sex, she was biting her bottom lip nervously and held her hands on front of her crotch. Her long amber hair fell across her shoulders and chest.

"My god you're gorgeous Vicky," he said, "and I love what you're wearing."

He held out his hands and she put hers in his. As he pulled her to him and placed a gentle kiss her lips, he could feel her body trembling. She put her hands around the back of his neck, tilted her head and kissed him hard; her mouth opened and her tongue probed his, forming a dance of love in his mouth. It was the sexiest, most erotic kiss she had ever had, not that she'd had many kisses. She had only dated a couple of boys long enough to get past the awkward stage and into the kissing stage. The constant moving made any sort of long term relationship impossible and who French kisses on their first date, unless you wanted to be known as a slut. The fact that she didn't attend school severely limited her contact with boys her age.

All that was forgotten as Josh kissed her; she was lost in his mouth her pussy tingling like crazy. She would give anything if she could stay in his arms forever.

As his hands cupped her pantied cheeks and squeezed, she moaned in his mouth; she felt her panties getting wet as her passion rose inside her. God this felt so good, so right, she thought. She lifted her arms obligingly as he grasped the hem of her camisole and pulled it over her head and off.

"You have the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen," he said as he looked at them, marveled at their perkiness; two firm swells standing straight out, pink areolas darkening and stippling with her arousal. Her nipples felt hard under the pad of his thumbs as he caressed them. They were like small raisins, crinkled and dark, ready to eat.

"Quite perfect," he said. He sucked the end of each one into his mouth and swirled his tongue around her nipple eliciting little gasps. It was his turn to gasp as she found his erection inside the opening of his boxers. She cradled the head in the palm of her hand, his pee hole leaking copious amounts of precum. Vicky's whole body felt as if it was tingling she was so aroused. She'd had his cock in her mouth and remembered how thick it was; now she was getting really nervous at the thought of him penetrating her pussy. Would it hurt? Would she bleed? Would she please him? She wanted desperately to please him; she wondered how many women he'd had sex with. Would she be as good. They were probably older, more experienced women and she was just a twelve year old girl.

"Come to bed," he said. He stood and let her tug his boxers down, watching his cock spring straight out. She climbed onto the California king bed and lay on her back with her knees bent. Josh's cock twitched as her saw the large wet spot in the crotch of her panties. He pulled them under her bottom, which she lifted to help, up her thighs over her knees and off her feet, exposing her vulva with its plump labia; a small arch of flesh, her clitoral hood poked out of her tight cleft at the top and the moist opening of her vagina at its base where it joined her cheeks pressed together by the bed.

He parted her knees and lay between them, his face inches from her pussy. Giddiness came over him as he inhaled her aroma, floral soap with a hint of muskiness, nothing like her mother who had a more pungent aroma. No, Vicky's was nothing like he had ever experienced and he put that down to her youth, she was after all just twelve, a mere child really. The thought of having intercourse with a twelve year old thrilled him to death, so illicit, so wrong, so exciting. He looked up over her mons and between her perky breasts; she was watching him, still chewing on her bottom lip. Her nervousness was palpable.

"I don't know if I love your pussy more than your breasts. They both are stupendous." Her breasts jiggled a little as she laughed. The small jiggle excited him more.

"You're funny Josh," she said as she ran her fingers through his tousled sandy colored hair, her nervousness and trepidation abated for the time being. He looked back down at her vulva; she opened her legs a little wider, opening up her cleft revealing her smaller inner labia forming part of her clitoral sheath like delicate butterfly wings. He could see her urethra and below the small dark opening to her vagina. It looked so small and he wondered if she could stretch enough to let him penetrate her.

Her clitoris was now fully out of its protective hood, small and white and begging for attention. As he licked and sucked it she moaned and held his head, pushing his face into her wet pussy. His face was wet from her secretions and he didn't care as he was lost in the sensation of bringing her to a climax. His hands slipped under her and cupped each petite buttock, feeling how firm they were. Twelve year old buttocks still had the firmness of youth. Her mother's had lost some of their firmness but were still a wonder to behold.

Josh felt her bottom jerking as her orgasm neared; her thighs closed on his head and her hands grabbed fistfuls of linen as she climaxed.

"Oh gaaaawd Josh," she cried as her orgasm crashed into her. She shook uncontrollably; her legs and butt jerked. He held her as she rode her orgasm. Slowly, ever so slowly she calmed and her shaking subsided; the small jerks in her buttocks disappeared; she opened her eyes.

"Wow." Was all she said.

Josh sat up on his haunches, his legs splayed. He pulled her to him, and lifted her legs over his so his crotch was inches from hers with the head of his penis lying on her mons. It looked so large, taking up almost the full width of her vulva. Plump labia parted as he grasped his shaft and ran it down her cleft until he hit her perineum, the head rested against the small, virginal, unsullied opening to her vagina; its bulbous crown looked impossibly large, surely too large to fit inside her without a lot of pain. She was leaking a lot, her juices coated the head of his cock, glistening in the light from the table lamp.

He looked at her staring at him with those gorgeous green eyes. They narrowed as he started to push; she was tight, very tight and as he pushed some more her eyes screwed tight and her teeth clenched as she anticipated the pain of penetration.

"Try and relax Vicky, it'll hurt a lot less if you relax."

Her face calmed as she let the tension go; he felt her tight vaginal opening dilate just as little, allowing the smooth head of his penis to penetrate. He watched as her opening slowly dilated and the head oozed inside until the tight ring snapped around the underside. He was in and there was no blood and he didn't hear any whimper of pain.

"You feel okay?" he asked.

She nodded. "I feel like I'm really stretched. Are you inside me?"

"Yes honey I am. Want to see?"

She lifted herself up on her elbows and peered at his penis penetrating her.

"Gawd it looks so big but it didn't hardly hurt," she said with a big smile on her face. "I asked Mom what it felt like to have your cock inside her pussy and she said 'wait and see.' " She lay back down.

Josh pushed a little, drew back a little, pushed a little deeper, drew back a little and slowly he penetrated her, bumping her end that send a little shudder through her body. He was now held in a very tight, yet very wet silken sheath. He looked at Vicky and it suddenly hit him that he was actually fucking a twelve year old girl, something that a week or so ago he wouldn't have thought possible. Not only was he fucking a twelve year old but he was also fucking her mother. His mind ran wild, would he be able to have sex with both of them at the same time, a classic ménage à trois, the stuff that romance novels had explored for centuries.

"I need to feel your weight on me Josh. It's something I've been dreaming of."

He bent her knees some more until they lay alongside her body, something only a young girl or a contortionist could achieve. It allowed him to penetrate deeper. As he lay on top of her, pressing his body against hers, their pubes merged, his pubic bone pushing against her clitoris sending shards of pleasure through her body. She felt his weight on her, pushing her into the mattress and it felt so good. He put his arms under her shoulder blades with his forearms taking most of his weight and allowing him to curl his crotch and fuck her with short strokes.

She put her hands on his cool buttocks, feeling their muscularity as they moved, fucking her. Something she had thought about ever since she was ten, wondering what it would be like to have the weight of a man on top of her with his cock inside her, fucking her. And when she saw Josh for the first time, she had wanted him so badly, wanted his weight on her, wanted his cock inside her pussy and now it was happening she was thrilled beyond belief.

Josh was the Prince Charming of her dreams.

He could feel how much easier he could slide in and out of her now that she had fully stretched to accommodate his girth. He knew he was going to cum very soon and wanted her to have another orgasm, and orgasm she would remember as he fucked her.

"Cum for me Vicky, cum for me and I'll cum inside you."

His words took her over the top and into another orgasm, an orgasm she would remember forever. She gripped his buttocks and held him deep inside as she climaxed. He felt her body shaking and her legs twitching and her ass jerking. It was much more intense than her first orgasm as he held her shoulders. This went on for a good minute until she finally started to calm and stopped holding him inside her.

"Oh-my-God Josh, that was incredible. I've never experienced anything like that before. I want to feel you spurt inside me."

Josh wasn't far away as he had been holding back waiting for her to have her orgasm. He started hunching again, fucking her with short but powerful strokes, feeling the warmth of his orgasm spreading throughput his groin. He felt his scrotum draw his testicles tight against his body and his shaft swell as semen rushed through it and spurted hard against her womb.

"Oh Jeez Vicky, cumming baby," he cried as more semen rushed out and flooded her vagina. He felt her clench her vaginal muscles gripping his shaft in a velvet vice but he continued spurting. His cock continued to pulse but he was empty, had no more to give, he was spent.

She kissed him. "Thank you Josh, that was incredible. I'll remember this night forever."

He rolled off and lay beside her with his leg draped over hers and his hand cupping her breast squeezing it and playing with her nipple.

"What did you mother whisper in your ear before she left?"

"She said 'Next time I see you, you'll be a woman.' I need to get to the bathroom."

"Use the bidet, I know you like it."

She giggled as she got off the bed and walked cautiously to the bathroom. He heard the water running. A few minutes later it stopped and she came back to bed.

"I've decided that the bidet is the best thing ever invented for women."

"It's also the best thing invented for men wanting to have anal sex," he replied.

"Anal sex?" she said quizzically. "I know what anal sex is but why is the bidet good for men."

"Think about it."

The light bulb went off in her head. "Bum washer," she said. "Would never have thought to use it for that."


"Can we try it?"

"The bidet?"

She punched him in the side. "Anal sex doofus."

"Okay. I'm up for it. Get on your hands and knees."

"Not now doofus."

She turned to him and put her hand behind his neck and pulled his head over and kissed him.

"This is nice, this is very nice," she said. She put her leg over his pushing her pussy into his thigh and flung an arm across his chest and promptly went to sleep.


Chapter Six

As Josh slowly woke from a very deep and very contented sleep and opened his eyes. Vicky was lying on her front with one arm under her pillow and the other at her side. She had kicked the covers down during the night; he followed the knobs of spine down her back. Her back dipped and the rose up to form her gorgeous ass, two beautiful round buttocks with a deep cleft between. She was indeed a thing of beauty from any angle and he counted himself lucky to have made love to her.

Her legs were parted slightly and the peach of her plump vulva filled the sexy gap at the top of her slim legs, its clitoral hood and sheath filling a good half the length of her tight slit. A beam of sunlight streamed in through the window fell on Vicky's hair that was spread on the pillow giving it a glow like amber waves.

She stirred a little. He place a small kiss on each of her buttocks.

"Mmmm that feels nice," she said. She rolled over and looked at him, her green eyes smiling.

"Good morning," she said.

"Good morning kitten."


"Yes you were purring like a kitten." He leaned over and kissed her.

She snuggled up to him. "I've decided I like sleeping with you and the best part is waking up with you. And I like this," she added as she grasped his erection, "your morning woody."

He chuckled.

"On your back," she instructed. "Can't let it go to waste."

"But I haven't washed from last night's sex.

She grasped the shaft. "That's okay, I don't mind."

He watched as she put her mouth over the end; her cheeks indented as she started to suck. The sensation of having an twelve year old suck his cock was something he'd never tire of. There was something about it that was more erotic, more sensual than with an adult. It was the fact that it was so illicit, so wrong by all the norms of society that made it so much more exciting, so much more thrilling. And Vicky was milking his cock for all she was worth. The twist of her hand around his shaft, the long lick from the base all the way to the tip, the gentle suction of his testicle in her mouth all combined to drive him insane with passion.

"I'm close Vicky, very close baby," he said as he felt his orgasm rising from his bowels, tightening his ball sack, drawing his testicles up against his groin. The familiar swell of his shaft as his semen rushed through and spurted into her mouth. The bliss, the tremendous feeling that he would never tire of.

"Good God almighty," he cried as he came, spurting his teeming fluid into her mouth and down her throat, spurting hard, cumming, cumming. Vicky swallowed hard as more of his cum flooded her mouth. There was less cum than the last time she'd given him a blow job so she easily handled it. When he was finished she felt his penis start to soften; she pulled off him, letting it slap against his stomach. She watched as his chest rose and fell; the frequency slowed as he calmed down.

"I love giving you blow jobs, love the taste of your cum."

"Well I'm glad you do because I love it when you perform oral sex on me."


Thirty minutes later, shaved showered and dressed, he went out onto the terrace after grabbing a coffee. Abby and Vicky were sat at the round table deep in conversation. Abby looked up and saw him walking toward them and smiled.

"Morning ladies," he said.

Vicky turned and saw him. A smile lit up her face and her green eyes twinkled; she seemed to have a glow on her face. "Morning Josh."

"What were you girls talking about, it looked to be a serious conversation?"

"I'll give you one guess," Abby said.

Josh chuckled and sat down. You girls want to go out on the boat today? Weather's supposed to nice in the low eighties."

"That sounds like fun," Vicky said.


After a light breakfast, Maggie made them a packed lunch and put drinks in the cooler. He carried it down to the dock and stowed it in the cabin. After helping Abby and Vicky on board he cast off the spring lines and started the engine. Ten minutes later Josh cut the engine and the boat slowly came to a halt in a secluded cove.

"Drop the anchor Vicky." he said, "Yes that's right, that one there."

Vicky threw the anchor overboard and came back to the stern where Abby was sat on the wide transom seat.

"This is nice here," Abby said, "very quiet and secluded."

"Yes, you can skinny dip here, I've done it many times."

"Skinny dip yay," Vicky said as she turned the bra of her bikini around and unhooked it. Josh marveled at how firm her breasts were, they hardly moved as she bent to pick up the swimsuit bottoms and drop them on the seat. He noticed her smooth mons as she jumped in the lake.

"When did she start shaving?" Josh asked Abby who was in the middle of removing her one-piece swimsuit. "You too," he added as he noticed her lack of pubic hair.

"We didn't shave, we had what's called a Brazilian wax job. It lasts a whole lot longer. You like it?"

"God yes, I've never been a big fan of pubic bushes."

Abby sat back down with her legs slightly apart that gave him a good view of her plump vulva with its clitoral sheath in the tight cleft. The bulge in his shorts was obvious.

"You going to keep those shorts on?"

Josh unzipped his shorts and dropped them to his ankles followed by his boxers. Abby admired his erection that bobbed as he picked his clothes up, dropped them in the captain's chair and dove into the water. The cool lake water had its desired effect and his erection started to wane. His cock became erect again as Vicky swam over and put her legs around his waist and arms around his neck, pressing her firm breasts into his chest. The tip of his cock teased her bald pussy.

"You like our bald pussies?"

"Very sexy," he replied.

"It was Mom's idea. It hurt though. The woman put hot wax on and when it set she ripped it off. I like how it feels, smooth, kinda sexy."

She wiggled her bum a little, exciting the end of his cock as it nestled against her opening. A small shiver ran through her body.

"I'm getting a little cold," she said, "can we get out?"

They both swam to the rear of the boat and hauled themselves up onto the swim platform.

"Can we lie down up there on the front of the boat?" she asked.

"Sure, let me get some towels." He went into the cabin and retrieved a couple of large bath towels.

"You want to come and sunbathe Abby?"

"No thanks," she replied, "I burn too easily. I think I'll stay her in the shade."

She watched as he walked along the side of the cabin, his muscular ass caused her pussy to tingle. She wondered if Vicky was going to give him a blow job like she said. It would be hot to watch her daughter with Josh's cock in her mouth. It was strange, she thought. She'd fought against it for so long to keep her daughter away from the lecherous grasp of her landlords and now here she was, getting tingles in her pussy and nipples at the thought of watching Vicky give Josh a blow job. But he was 180 degrees apart from them. He was kind, generous, handsome and downright sexy.

Josh spread the towels out on the foredeck and Vicky lay down on one on her front. He admired her body. For a twelve year old she had a very nice figure. Although she didn't have the classic hourglass figure that her mother did, she had very sensual curves and the way her buttocks swept up from the hollow of the small of her back with the deep cleft between and her plump vulva filling the gap between her slim thighs caused his penis to throb. He lay on his front, trapping his hard, hard erection against the equally hard deck.

Ten minutes later Vicky turned over and looked at Josh lying beside her. She was starting to have deep feelings for him, feelings that were new to her. He was strikingly handsome with his sandy colored hair, brown eyes and his gorgeous ass. She had always admired men's tushes and Josh had an exceptional tush, muscular, firm, sexy. As she lay beside him admiring his body, she remembered what she had told her mother. 'If I get the chance today I'm going to give him a blow job. You okay with that Mom?' Her mother's smile and nod of approval excited her. Excited that they shared the same man without a tinge of jealousy. She wondered if they could share him in the same bed. That thought made her nipples and pussy tingle like crazy.

Josh rolled onto his back; his semi-erect penis lay along his left leg, a small glob of precum glistened in the sunlight. Vicky turned to her side and took his penis in her hand, feeling it swell and harden. Josh opened his eyes and looked at her and smiled. She leaned over and took his penis in her mouth; it hadn't achieved full erection and she managed to get most of it inside, feeling it grow and swell. It was something she had never experienced before. She wanted to experience lots more new things with him, maybe one day have his baby.

His penis was now fully hard as she held the shaft and sucked its head. She looked over at her mother who was watching her daughter suck Josh's cock. Her mother smiled. Vicky had her fist around his cock and was twisting it as she rubbed up and down its shaft while sucking its bulbous her. She would occasionally lick all the way from its root to the tip and push the tip of his tongue in his pee hole causing his butt to jerk.

As she was sucking his cock, Josh reached over and slipped his fingers between her legs, feeling her wetness. He started moaning loudly as she sucked and rubbed his hard, hard erection. Vicky looked at her mother who now had her hand between her legs furiously rubbing her clitoris as she watched her daughter perform oral sex on the man she was slowly falling in love with, something she never thought she would ever do after her husband died.

"Cumming Vicky," he cried as he felt his ball sack tighten and his cock swell and pulse as semen burned through it and spurt out into her waiting mouth, burning, swelling, spurting, spurting hard.

"Ngh, ngh, ngh, ngh, ngh," he grunted as he climaxed, his body shaking as he ejaculated into her mouth. She swallowed hard, waiting for the next spurt, feeling the shaft of his cock swell and pulse in her hand. She almost climaxed herself at the thrill of giving her lover an orgasm, making him cum, making him spurt his cum into her mouth. Vicky looked at her mother who had her eyes shut and her legs closed tight on her hand; Vicky knew she had just climaxed.

"God you give the best blow jobs Vicky. Was your mother watching?"


"Jeez that's so hot."

He lay there with Vicky's leg over his and he hand on his now rapidly softening penis enjoying the nice afterglow of his orgasm and the nearness of Vicky's body. He was rapidly falling for these two women and wondered if a ménage à trois was possible. The thought of sex with mother and daughter at the same time excited him tremendously.

Vicky felt his cock twitch. "What was that about?"

"Oh just had a nice thought."

"Care to tell me what it was?"

"Later." He closed his eyes.

The sound of a boat engine woke him ten minutes later. He put his hand up to shade his eyes and squinted. He saw another boat pulling a woman on a ski headed in their direction.

"We need to put some clothes on," he said.

They scrambled to put their bathing suits back on and managed to get decent just as the woman skier let go of the rope and carved a wide arc in the cove and settled into the water about sixty feet away. She waved as slowed and sank into the lake.

Vicky waved back. "Can I learn to water ski?"

"Do you have a one piece bathing suit?"

"No why?"

"Because you'll be falling a lot and bikini bottoms don't take kindly to water tearing at them."

"Can we eat now?" Abby asked, "cuz I'm hungry."

Josh retrieved the picnic hamper and cooler from the cabin and they sat and ate lunch at the table on the rear deck.


At nine thirty Josh was waiting in bed, waiting to see who would knock on his bedroom door. The wait was exciting. Then came a gentle knock knock.

"Come in," he said, strangely nervous.

As the door opened Vicky came in followed by Abby who closed the door behind her. Vicky walked shyly over to the bed. She was wearing a pair of pajamas with a pullover top and shorts in a very sexy shade of red. Abby wore the exact same pajamas.

"You think you can handle two women tonight Josh?" Abby asked.

"I'll die trying and if I do it will be the way I want to go, making love to a mother and daughter at the same time."

Abby laughed. "We're here to please you," Abby said. "What would you like to do first?"

"I'd very much like to see you two beautiful ladies take your clothes off one by one. You first Vicky."

Vicky smiled grasped the hem of her top and slowly lifted it up, so tantalizingly slow. He gasped as the bottom of her petite breasts were exposed and then her nipples, already hard, and then she pulled it over her head, held it at arm's length in one hand and dropped it. A pole dancer couldn't have done it more sexily. Next she hooked her fingers inside the elasticated waist of her shorts and slowly pulled them down. With a wiggle of her bottom the waistband cleared her hips and she let them fall to the floor where she stepped out of them. She picked them up and twirled them around her finger and threw them at him. Abby did exactly the same thing.

"You girls been practicing?" he asked. "That was one heck of a show."

"What next?" Abby asked.

"You know what would be an incredible turn-on Abby? To watch you go down on Vicky."

Vicky immediately jumped on the bed and lay on her back with her knees bent and legs parted. Josh watched as Abby got between her daughter's legs and parted her labia with one hand while pushing two fingers into her vagina with the other causing Vicky to gasp loudly. Abby slowly licked Vicky's open vulva, pushing aside her plump labia.

Wasting no time, Josh got on the bed behind Abby whose knees were parted exposing her darker pink rosette of her anus and below her gorgeous plump vulva with its long clitoral sheath glistening with her arousal. He bent down and touched her anus with the tip of his tongue. She moaned. He grasped the thick shaft of his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, pushing plump labia apart. She opened her knees wider, allowing him freer access to her pussy. He watched the very erotic sight of the flared head of his cock being hugged by her inner labia, spreading her liquid and his precum, slippery, warm, sexy, enticing. As he positioned the head against the opening of her vagina, she pushed back at him, the tight ring of her vagina slipped over it and he felt the embrace of her vagina, silky, smooth, hot.

"God I love your pussy Abby."

"And I love your cock inside it," she replied.

Vicky was moaning as Josh fucked her mother. He could hear the squishing sound as Abby finger fucked her daughter while sucking and licking her clit.

"She's almost there," Abby said as Vicky's legs started to jerk uncontrollably. Then she climaxed.

"Gaaawd Mom," she cried. She grabbed her mother's head and pushed her face into her pussy. Abby could feel her daughter clenching her vagina, squeezing her fingers.

"Quick get it inside her," Abby said as her daughter's orgasm was waning. They changed places and Abby took Josh's shaft in her hand and positioned it at the opening of her daughter's vagina.

"Fuck my baby," Abby said, "make love to my little girl."

Josh pushed and the head of his cock slid all the way inside Vicky's very slick and very tight pussy. Vicky gasped as he hit the rubbery end, her cervix.

"Gawd I love it when you bump me there, sends nice tingles into my pussy."

Abby was lying beside Vicky with one hand gently squeezing Josh's testicles, feeling his shaft as it slid in and out of her daughter's tight pussy all the while stimulating her own clitoris. Vicky was quickly coming to her second climax; her breaths became shorter and harder panting loudly. Then she inhaled and lifted her bottom off the bed; all her muscles tensed up like violin strings as her orgasm crashed into her, larger and deeper than her earlier one. She let out her breath in one long swoosh; her legs started shaking and she grabbed fistfuls of linen.

"Gawd that was incredible," she said three minutes later after she had calmed down. "Two orgasms, one after the other, don't think I've ever done that before," she said.

"Lay on your back Josh," Abby said, "Vicky and I have a treat for you."

Josh rolled off Vicky and lay on his back. Vicky lay to his left and her mother to his right. Abby grasped the shaft of his penis and took it in her mouth while Vicky took each of his testicles in her mouth in turn, sucking and licking. The feeling was incredibly erotic made even more so by the fact it was a mother and daughter doing it. At the onset of his relationship with these two women, the idea was in the back of his mind - more of a hope than an idea - that he could have a ménage à trois, every man's dream and his was coming true.

The urge to cum was overwhelming but he wanted this to last, to enjoy the sensation of having first Abby take his penis in his mouth, and then the intensely sensual sight of her handing it off to her daughter.

"My God girls, pinch me will you as I've surely died and gone to heaven. This is more than double the pleasure of one of you going down on me; it's ten times more pleasurable."

Vicky looked up at him while sucking his penis and smiled.

"I bet you never envisioned this when you sat down to do your crossword that morning," Abby said.

"Good God no, but am I glad you chose that restaurant that day."

Josh lay there enjoying the view of two very beautiful women give him the best blow job of his entire life, and they were mother and daughter. He tried to hold back his climax but was struggling with a losing battle.

"I'm close girls," he warned.

Vicky stopped sucking on his testicles; Abby was rubbing his shaft with her mouth barely over the head.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God!" he cried.

Abby felt his penis thicken and let the first spurt of cum enter her mouth while choking off the next as she quickly offered it to her daughter who received the second equally large load and quickly swallowed. They alternated letting him cum in their mouths. It was one of the best orgasms he'd ever had and he had never spurted so much cum before. Finally he was done. Abby squeezed the last of his cum out the end and Vicky sucked it off, smacking her lips.

"That is the most cum I've ever seen you spurt," Abby said.

"Well you've only got yourselves to thank for that," Josh replied.

Both women snuggled up to him and soon they were fast asleep. Josh woke some time before dawn and slipped out of bed to go and pee. Abby was awake as he returned and noticed the start of his erection as he looked at her naked body; she had her hand between her legs with two fingers curled up inside her vagina.

"That for me?" she asked nodding at his now rapidly thickening penis.

"You warming yourself up for me," he replied.

"But of course," she replied opening her legs.

He sat on his haunches between and let his penis rest on her mons. With a finger and thumb of one hand she parted her plump labia; with two fingers of her other hand she pushed down on the shaft, guiding it to her vagina. As its head nestled on her perineum she grasped the shaft and pushed it into her vagina, gasping as she did so.

"God I so love your cock," she murmured. "Come on Josh, fuck me."

Josh started stroking in and out of Abby's very wet pussy, bumping her cervix and clit causing stabs of pleasure in her breasts and pussy. She was moaning loudly as he fucked her like a stag rutting a deer. Vicky woke up and saw Josh fucking her mother so she promptly joined in. She squeezed one of her mother's breasts while sucking the other's nipple.

"Oh gaaawd guys," Abby cried as her orgasm slammed into her. Her whole body shook and jerked as she climaxed; jerks and tics ravaged her body as her orgasm peaked and finally started to wane. Josh stopped thrusting into her and pulled out. Vicky promptly grasped the shaft and started to suck on its head, tasting her mother's juices.

"God if that isn't a sexy sight," Gabby said.

Vicky kept on sucking and stroking Josh's penis all the while looking at him. It was a very sexy sight. He could feel his climax was closing in and knew the Vicky would feel his cock swell as the sign he was about to ejaculate. Sure enough, she stopped stroking and said something that caused him to groan with pleasure.

"You wanna cum on my tongue?" she asked with a twinkle in her green eyes. She opened her mouth and put her tongue out.

"Good God Almighty."

It was too much; he grasped the shaft of his penis and stroked it, watching in amazement as a thick white rope of cum blasted out and covered her tongue, followed by a second weaker one and then a third small squirt. The lovemaking session from the previous evening had drained his most of his semen. She closed her mouth and swallowed.

"Mmmm, yummy," she said; she licked her lips.

Abby looked at her daughter and saw how happy she was, how happy both of them were. After dealing with sleaze bags all of their life, the things she had to do to keep the family together, and now they had finally found a good man who respected them and who they both absolutely adored.

"My God Vicky, you are one amazing young woman."

She smiled and put her hands around his neck and kissed him. He could taste his own semen on her lips.

"Okay ladies, I'm cooking breakfast this morning as a reward for that wonderful night of sex."


Josh held two exquisite buttocks in his hands; Abby's legs draped over his shoulders as he humped her pussy. He was deep inside her bumping her rubbery cervix hard on every stroke.

"Yes, yes that feels good," she said, "so good when you hit the end. Fuck me hard Josh."

He pumped her hard, the end of his cock crashing into her cervix eliciting gasps. The room was filled with the squishing sound of his cock slipping in and out of her very wet pussy, his ball sack hitting her cheeks pressed together by the bed and her loud moans.

"Cumming baby," she cried. He put his arms under her shoulder blades and held her body as it quivered with her intense orgasm. All of Abby's orgasms were intense. Their lovemaking hadn't gotten less in the last six months; in fact it had increased. Abby and Vicky spent every Friday, afternoon through Monday morning at his house. Josh and Abby would make love on Friday nights; sometimes with Vicky, sometimes alone. Abby insisted that Josh spend one night alone with Vicky. Their lovemaking was incredible; he was still amazed that he got to have sex with a now thirteen year old girl and Vicky was getting more adventurous, trying new positions, having anal sex on a regular basis which she loved.

The nights when both Abby and Vicky would share his bed was nothing short of an orgy. Sometimes he would fuck Abby from behind while she ate out her daughter's pussy; sometimes the opposite; and Josh's all-time favorite where he would fuck Abby with Vicky licking the shaft of his cock as it slid in and out of her mother's pussy or vice versa.

"How's the apartment Abby?" Josh asked as she hugged his side one leg over the top of his, her wet pussy pressing against his thigh, holding his flaccid cock in her hand, enjoying her post orgasmic state.

"It's perfect Josh except for one thing and that's the school district we're in. Because Vicky had never gone to school it was not something I thought to ask the real estate agent. My six-month lease is up very shortly and since a new school year is starting in a few weeks I thought about moving."

"Yes you could, but furnished apartments are hard to come by as you probably found out when you were being shown around."

"So I guess I need to start looking for furniture as well as a new apartment."

"There's an alternative."

"What's that?"

"You and Vicky could move in with me. There's a very good private school not far away from here. I could drive her there and pick her up every day."

Abby was speechless with her mouth open. "You want us to move in with you?"

"Yes I do. Why don't you want to?"

"Yes of course but I have to ask Vicky and what about my job? I mean if it gets out that I'm sleeping with the boss, well . . . "

"That doesn't bother me but I've been thinking. Now I've opened my first Chi-Chi's and the VP of Blue Bird has asked me if I'm interested in opening a restaurant, my job is getting busier. I want you to be my district manager for my four Chicken-R-Way restaurants. I mean you know their business inside out."

"I don't know what to say Josh. That's a big responsibility."

"I know you can do it Abby."

"Thanks Josh," she said and kissed him. "I love you very much."

"I love you too. Now call Vicky."

Abby picked up her iPhone off the bedside table and called her daughter who was having a sleepover with a girlfriend.

"Hi Mom," Vicky said.

"You know about the school district thing we talked about and us having to move apartments?"

"Yeah, we talked about it a couple of days ago. Why?"

"Josh wants us to move in with him. How do you feel about that?"

"Oh God yes, that'll be great Mom. What about school though?"

"He said he'd drive you every day to a nearby private school."

"That's great, when're we moving?"

"I'll get back to you. Oh and one other thing, he wants me to be the district manager for all his Chicken-R-Way restaurants."

"That's great Mom, I'm so proud of you. Told you things would get better didn't I?"

"Yes you did honey." Abby put her phone down.

"Well," he asked anxiously.

"She said 'yes,' so we'd love to move in with you. Thank you Josh."

"You'll keep your own rooms and the two of you will need to figure out the logistics."


"Yes, the sleeping arrangements."

She chuckled.


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