Addison's Journey Of Discovery
STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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Mg 8, Mg 12, Mf13, 1st, uncle/niece, incest, ped, oral, anal, heavy petting, con, romantic.

A story of a twelve year old girl's journey to discover her sexuality. Addison is sent to stay with her Uncle Henry while her parents visit her sick grandfather. She's not happy to be away from her friends during her school's summer break, but her education doesn't stop at the classroom door.

A note to the reader. I move between first person perspectives for Addison and her Uncle Henry quite frequently. I do this so each character can tell the story from their point of view. On occasions, I also switch to a third person perspective to give the reader a more focused overview. I do this to make the story more immersive. I hope this doesn't distract from the story.

Chapter One

At twelve years old, Addison's life was crazy. What with school, after school activities and a social life, it was tough for her to find time to do anything else. With summer break a week away, things would settle down and get less hectic, and maybe she can find time to do what she's always wanted to do - learn to ride a horse. Then, two days before school was done for the summer, her mother told her that she needed to go and stay with her Uncle Henry at his cabin on the lake, as her mother and father had to visit her Grandfather Dave, as he had some sort of medical emergency. She wasn't told what it was, but she thought it sounded serious. She hadn't seen her Uncle Henry in over a year, and was not happy to be shuttled off at the beginning of summer, missing all her friends.

When she told her best friend Becky, that she was being sent to stay with her uncle, Becky was very disappointed that they wouldn't see each other for a while. Becky asked her what he was like. She told her that he was a real cool dude, tall, slim and craggy. He had a shock of grey - almost silver hair, and a goatee beard, and he always seemed to be dressed in a leather jacket and jeans. She told Becky to visualize Kris Kristofferson, and said she would be on the right track.

"He sounds sexy Addy," Becky said.

"I hadn't thought of him that way Becky, but I guess he is, in a rugged kind of way."

Addison's father wanted to drive her there, but she convinced him that she would be safe on the Trailways bus, and that he didn't have to drive the 150 mile round trip to take her there. Her Uncle Henry would meet her at the bus depot.

On a warm Tuesday morning, a few days after school let out, Addison's father dropped her off at the bus depot in town.

"Dad, I'll be okay, stop worrying," she said.

"No talking to strangers on the bus, Addison" he said. He really was a worrywart.

"Dad, why don't you call me Addy like everyone else does?"

"Because you've always been my Addison, my little girl and always will be."

"You're so sweet. Bye Dad," she said, kissing him on his cheek. She hoisted her backpack over her right shoulder and walked up the steps of the Trailways bus, where she handed her ticket to the driver and took the window seat at top of the steps. There were only ten people on board as the bus pulled out of the station. She put her iPhone ear buds in, and settled back for what was going to be a three hour journey.


Chapter Two

I SAW MY UNCLE WAITING in the bus station as we pulled in. He was dressed as I remembered him the last time I saw him, in a leather motorcycle jacket, blue Levis, a Stetson, and a pair of crocodile leather cowboy boots with silver tips and high heels. I waved, and as he saw me, a big grin lit up his craggy face. The driver opened the door and I was first out. I ran over to him, dropped my bag and hugged his barrel chest.

"Uncle Henry, so good to see you."

"It's been much too long Addy," he said in his gravelly voice. "My you've shot up since I last saw you. I'm six foot and the top of your head is almost level with my chest."

"Makes kissing you easier uncle," I replied, as I went onto tiptoe, pulled his head down, and planted a big kiss on his chin.

I picked up my backpack, and we held hands as we walked to his old beat up Ford pickup; it had as many dents and scratches, as lines on my uncle's face. It all came back to me now; I remembered how much fun he was to be around, always treating me like an adult; I liked that about him.

"Bout time you got a new truck isn't it uncle?"

"No, I'm never going to part with old Bessie here."

"Wasn't Bessie that widow you were dating last time I saw you?"

"No that was Brenda," he said, as he fired up the flathead V8. I loved the sound of its exhaust - a deep rumble that vibrated through the seat, making my pussy tingle.

"You still dating her?"

"Heavens no! She kept dropping hints that she'd like to move in with me. Dropped her like a hot branding iron."

"Who you dating now?"

"Her daughter Maggie," he said proudly, with a smile on his face.

"Her daughter! How old is she?"

"I think she's thirty three, divorced, nice girl."

"Uncle Henry, a thirty three year old isn't a girl any longer!" Just then the old truck rumbled over a cattle grid, it seemed as if the whole truck was about to fall apart.

"Nah, she's just a filly, nice rack though."

My uncle never seemed to be without a female companion. Mom would always tell me whenever he had a new female friend, and it seemed as if it was every six months. But Maggie seemed a little young for Uncle Henry; I knew he was much older than Mom, I think she said he was sixty five.

"What did Brenda say about you dropping her and dating her daughter?"

"She doesn't know. I'm sure the wheels'll fall off if she ever found out. But to be honest, I'm getting tired of her. Might find me another filly to join my stable."

"Uncle Henry, you're too much." As we pulled into his driveway, he hit the brakes; they squealed in protest as he brought the old truck to a stop. I followed him into the house. There was a faint smell of pipe smoke in the air.

"You still smoking that old pipe?"


"While I'm here, could you please smoke it on the back porch?"

"Okay Addy, anything for my little niece."

"I'm not little anymore, I'm almost thirteen and almost five foot," I said, as I took my denim jacket off.

I noticed that Uncle Henry was looking at my breasts. I wasn't wearing a bra under my camisole and I'm sure there were a couple of bumps showing as I felt my nipples rubbing against the cotton. A lot of the girls in my grade started wearing padded training bras as soon as their mothers would get them one. I was okay with my breasts - well for the moment that is; at least I was through the breast buds stage, and now had real breasts, although they were still small. I couldn't wait for them to develop and get bigger, although Mom said not to hope too much, as she only wore A-cup bras. His gaze was furtive, and I didn't know why he was looking at me that way, he'd never looked at me like that a year ago that I could remember.

"No you're not Addy, you're growin' up fast." I took my backpack to the solitary guest bedroom and unpacked. I hadn't brought a lot, just a dozen pairs of panties in my favorite boyshorts style. Most of my panties were cotton ones from the Pink line at Victoria's Secret, in grey, sky-blue, and white. I also brought half a dozen tee-shirts, some camisoles, shorts, a one piece and a bikini swimsuit, two pairs of jeans, some shorts, the pink Keds I was wearing and a pair of New Balance sneakers. I changed into a pair of shorts and headed for the kitchen.

"Hope you stocked up with the list I sent you," I said, as I searched the fridge. I pulled out a Sprite and joined him on the back porch, where he was lighting his pipe with an ancient Zippo lighter, a Harley Davidson badge on the case.

"You still riding that old Harley uncle?"

"Yup, they'll have to put that old piece of iron in my casket, so's I can ride it in Heaven."

"What're we havin' for dinner?"

"How 'bout a nice ribeye steak and baked tater?"

"Sounds great. Is the lake warm enough to swim yet?"

"It would be a quick dip, still a little on the cool side."

I WAS GLAD THAT MY niece had come to stay with me for a while, although I was worried about my father's health. My sister Nancy had agreed to keep me informed on how he was doing. The last time I saw Addy, she was a lanky eleven year old, as I remember. Skinny as a beanpole, flat chested, hips like a boy, but I remembered her gorgeous ass. Back then she didn't do anything for me, I didn't find her sexy or desirable. But boy, had she developed in the last year! I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra, as I could see her nipples poking the cotton of her top. Her waist was still narrow, but flared out to her ass, and it was more gorgeous than ever. I wondered if I could do anything with her. I liked women, particularly the ones with Rubenesque figures, but Addy excited me more. Maybe it's because the thought of sex with such a young girl was so illicit, so dangerous, so wrong, and, as she was my niece, incestuous. I wondered if I could get to see her naked - skinny dipping perhaps? Yup skinny dipping it would be.


AFTER DINNER, WE SAT on the porch, Uncle Henry smoked his pipe and I sipped a glass of red wine he had poured for me, well it wasn't a whole glassful, just a quarter of a glass.

"What're we doin' tomorrow?" I asked.

"We can take a boat ride to that little cove I took you to last time, if you want. The temperature's supposed to be in the eighties. Maybe we'll skinny dip."


"I don't mind if you see my bare ass."

"But I mind uncle," I said, although if there was any part of a man's body I liked looking at the most, it was their tush.

"So are we on for tomorrow?"

"Sounds good. I think I'll turn in early tonight," I said. I got up and sat on his lap; he put his arm around my waist - a little too high, as he grazed the side of my breast, but the strangest thing happened - my pussy tingled. That had never happened before.

"I love you Uncle Henry."

"I love you too Addy. I know you didn't want to come and stay with me, your mom told me as much, but I'm glad you're here."

"Me too." I kissed him on his cheek. I loved his aroma, a mixture of leather, his cologne and pipe tobacco.

I got up. "Night," I said.

I heard "Goodnight Addy," as I walked back in the house. In my bathroom I brushed my teeth, and peed. Each of the two bedrooms had its own bathroom, which was nice, as I could leave all my stuff on the vanity. I undressed and put on a pair of cotton sleep shorts and a tee-shirt. Six months ago, with the help of Becky, I had found the joy of masturbation. I climbed into bed and slipped my hand inside my shorts and cupped my pussy. My middle finger slipped between my labia and found my clit. I loved to masturbate in bed at night, as it made me relax. I fast diddled my clit and quickly brought myself to a nice orgasm. I closed my eyes and slipped easily into my dreams.


Chapter Three

I was up before dawn the next day. I emptied my bladder and headed for the kitchen. As I passed my uncle's room, I peeked in. He was on his back in bed, still asleep as I could hear him snoring lightly. I crept over and looked at him, long, tousled, silver hair lying on the pillow, and a nice erection sitting against his stomach, outlined by the cotton sheet. Dare I? I'd never seen a man's penis before, well not for real, just on the Internet. The thought of looking at it made my pussy tingle. Dare I?

I dared.

I carefully lifted the sheet off his chest and peeked under. His cock was big, a ruffle of foreskin covered the bulbous head. I started to reach in to touch it, to see what a man's cock felt like, but he stirred. I snatched my hand back, quickly dropped the sheet and tiptoed out of his room.

I was sitting on the back porch sipping a glass of orange juice, when Uncle Henry joined me.

"Morning Addy," he said, "you're up early." He walked over and planted a kiss on the top of my head.

"Mornin' uncle. I was always an early riser. I like this time of the day."

"Me too," he said. "Thanks for making a pot of coffee."

THEY SAT QUIETLY NEXT TO each other, enjoying each other's company; the sky in the east was starting to glow red as the sun's rays bounced off the high, wispy cirrus clouds. As it got lighter, the Loons started diving for food, sending out multiple ripples across the glassy surface of the lake, each ripple colliding with others, and finally lapping against the wooden bulwark as a single wave.

Addison stretched her legs straight out, and put her bare feet on the middle rail of the porch railing. She had always thought that her legs were one of her best features, long and slim, with delicate ankles and small feet. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see her uncle sneaking furtive glances in her direction, and he wasn't looking at her face. Addison looked down and saw that her cotton sleep shorts were pulled tight into her crotch, forming a small camel toe. She quickly readjusted her shorts and wondered if it was her crotch he'd been looking at.

I DIDN'T KNOW WHERE all of this was coming from. I mean, he's in his sixties, and he'd never looked at me like this before, in fact I'd never seen any man looking at my body that way; well, not that I was aware of. I was confused. Had I done something to warrant his stares? Was it something I was wearing? Then it dawned on me; when I got off the bus yesterday afternoon he looked at my breasts, and now he was looking at my crotch. He was looking at my body. Wow! That's a new one. I guess he must find my body exciting in some way.

"I'll cook breakfast today," I offered, "French toast okay?"

"Sure honey, I'll just sit a while if you don't mind."

"Okay," I said. I kissed his brow and left for the kitchen.


After breakfast, I went back to my room and changed into my light blue bikini bathing suit. Over the top, I pulled on a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt. I didn't bother with shoes. Grabbing a big bath towel, I headed for the dock where Uncle Henry was waiting. He helped me aboard and we motored out into the middle of the lake. Ten minutes later, I dropped the anchor in a secluded cove. I dipped a tentative toe in the water.

"How is it?" he asked.

"Not bad but a tad cool," I replied, "I think I'll sunbathe for a while before going in." I spread the bath towel on the foredeck, dropped my shorts and pulled my tee-shirt over my head. I lay on my tummy and turned my head, looking out across the lake. Through the dark lenses of my Ray Bans I could see him casting glances at me from time to time. Hmm, was he looking at my body again? That's interesting I thought. I didn't think Uncle Henry was sexy or anything, and he did have a lot of female friends, and I was only twelve, but . . .


THE SIGHT OF MY niece's body, clad only in that skimpy bathing suit, was sending a powerful message south, I felt the stirrings of an erection. I wanted to touch her really bad. I had an idea. I went into the cabin and searched the various cubbyholes until I found what I was looking for.

"Addy, I have some sun screen that I think you'll need, as I don't want you to burn," I said as I exited the cabin.

"Kay," she replied.

I squeezed a dollop of lotion and started to rub it on her shoulders. She unhooked her bra for me to rub lotion on her back all the way down to the top of her bikini bottoms. I now had a raging erection inside the constricted confines of my pants, at the sight of the white, creamy lotion on her body, looking for all the world like my cum. I adjusted my cock so it was lying against my stomach, giving it a little relief. I told her I was finished with her back. She fastened her bra and rolled over. I squirted more lotion on her tummy, my cock pulsed at the sight of the white cream. I rubbed it on her skin, coming perilously close to pushing my fingers under the waist of her bathing suit to grab a feel of her plump pussy.

Her legs were so sexy, long and slim, and the sight of her young pussy coddled in the blue material of her bathing suit, outlining her pussy lips, was more than I could stand. I went to the rear of the boat and took my shorts off.


"UNCLE, WHY DID YOU stop?" I asked. He didn't reply so I got up. He was standing on the rear of the boat naked. His white ass, a stark contrast against the rest of his tanned body. As he jackknifed and dove in, I caught a quick glimpse of his erection. Did rubbing the lotion on my body make his cock get hard. I didn't know I could do that. It was a new feeling for me, that I could cause a grown man to have an erection. How cool was that. I got up and dove in after him.

"Darn, the water's cold," I shouted. I felt my nipples get really hard. I swam over to where he was treaded water. I put my legs around his waist and held onto his neck.

"Love you Uncle Henry."

"Love you too Addy." We swam for a while and I watched as he got back onto the boat, his cock was no longer erect - probably caused by the cold water, but it was still quite fat, lying against his thigh. He was totally okay with walking around in front of me naked. I wasn't too sure I was okay with it, but the tingling I was starting to get in my pussy, as I looked at him was real alright.

I got out and wrapped the towel around me and sat on the transom seat. I watched as he puttered around the boat, putting things away; watching his semi hard cock, the foreskin now drawn back, exposing the crown, pointed at a 45° down angle, sway from side to side as he walked. He turned and looked at me; I immediately looked away.

"What's wrong Addy, not seen a naked man before?"

"No uncle, I haven't."

"Well look at it as part of your education," he said. I must admit, I did like looking at his naked body. He only had a small bulge for a stomach, but his arms and legs looked sinewy, and he had a barrel chest. I kept getting unconscious tingles in my pussy, as I made furtive glances at his cock.


Late afternoon, my uncle, now with his shorts back on, steered the boat alongside the dock. I jumped off and secured the two spring lines as he called them. He had showed me earlier how to tie a proper knot, so It wouldn't come undone. He took my hand and helped me onto the dock.

"I'm going to take a shower uncle."

"Where're you takin' it to Addy?"


"You said you're gonna take a shower, and as it belongs to me I'd like to know where you're takin' it."

"Uncle Henry, Mom always said you had a funny sense of humor," I said. "I'm not taking it anywhere." I added. I finished showering, and, as I stepped out of the shower, I realized I didn't have a towel, I'd taken it earlier and it was probably still on the boat.

"Uncle Henry," I shouted. I got no response. Then I heard the water turn off in his bathroom through the adjoining wall.

"Uncle Henry," I shouted again.

"Yes Addy."

"Could you please get me a bath towel and hand it to me."

"Okay," he replied. I heard my bedroom door open, and, before I could put my hand around my bathroom door to grab it, he came in and he was naked. I tried my best to cover my breasts and crotch with my hands and look at his face, but my gazed kept wanting to shift south. He stood there with the towel in his outstretched hand. I waited for him to drop it, but he didn't, he just stood there with a smile on his face. I had to determine which hand I was going to use to grab it; I decided to keep my pussy covered. In the few seconds it took to grab the towel, both my breasts were exposed, and as he looked at them I saw his cock twitch. I watched in amazement as it slowly got harder; I couldn't take my eyes off it; It slowly rose from hanging straight down until it was almost horizontal. He then turned and left.

"Thanks uncle," I shouted after him. I had to sit on the toilet as I was getting a little light headed. I was amazed that a two second glimpse of my tits had cause him to have an erection. Was I a slut? I got dressed and in the privacy of my bedroom called my best friend Becky. I told her what had happened.

"No you didn't!"

"I did Becky, swear to God. Am I a slut? I mean I couldn't take my eyes off it."

"No you're not Addy. Just last week, I was in my two-piece bathing suit by our pool. Dad kept looking at me, and guess what?"

"C'mon Becky, what!"

"He had this big bulge in his shorts. Dad got an erection looking at my body."

"But why's my uncle getting an erection?"

"Honestly Addy, you're so naïve at times. He thinks you're sexy, men don't get erections for no reason. He was excited looking at your tits."

"But I hardly have any, yours are bigger than mine."

"Addy, you and I are going to sit down when you get back, and have a girl to girl talk. Some men like looking at young girls."

"You mean my uncle's a pedophile?"

"Well strictly speaking he's only looking, If he had sex with you, then he'd be a pedophile. I mean Dad's not a pedophile, he just gets aroused looking at my body. I'm sure he gets aroused looking at Mom naked as well."

"Does your pussy tingle when you know he's looking at you, cuz mine did. Every time I caught him looking at me it tingled; it tingled when I saw his erection. I didn't do it, it just happened; is that normal?"

"You know Mr. Jones our English Lit teacher?"


"Well, my pussy tingles every time he looks at me, cuz I think he's so sexy."

"But I don't think my Uncle Henry's sexy."

"Addy, it's your pussy telling you that he excites you, you liked looking at his cock. Look, tonight in bed, think of his cock while you masturbate and I'll guarantee you'll get a good one. Gotta go, talk at ya later."

"Bye Becky, and thanks for this little talk." I hung up.

I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY luck that Addy hadn't locked her bathroom door. The look on her face as I stood with the towel in my hand was priceless. I knew she was in a quandary as to which hand to grab the towel with, and I wasn't going to make it any easier for her. I only got a brief look at her breasts, but they were stupendous. Petite, the size of small half lemons with darker pink areola and nice little soft nipples. I had to have this girl, and one way or another I was going to.

Chapter Three

You want to go out on the boat again today Addy," I asked. Skinny dipping was on the agenda, and I intended to get her naked today.

"Okay," she replied. As I readied the boat Addy brought a cooler on board filled with food and drinks for a picnic.

"Cast off honey," I shouted over the sound of the inboard. Ten minutes later we were anchored in the secluded cove. As Addy dropped the anchor, I shucked my clothes. Her eyes widened as she saw my cock hanging down between my legs.

"Come on Addy, get naked, it's skinny dippin' time."

"I can't uncle, I'd be too embarrassed."

"Addy, either you take your bikini off, or I will." I started toward her, but she dove into the lake. I jumped in after her. She tried to swim away, but I was too fast for her. I caught up and dove underwater, and, before she could react, I pulled her bikini bottom off. As I surfaced, I threw it onto the boat, where it landed on top of the Bimini top - out of her reach.

"Uncle! that was not nice," She shouted. She sounded a little miffed at me.

"C'mon, take the top off," I shouted, "I've already seen your tits." I swam up to her, and put my hands behind her and unfastened the bra clasp. She offered just a little resistance. It too joined the rest of her bikini on the Bimini top.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it? Doesn't if feel good to be naked in the water?"

TO BE HONEST, Uncle Henry was right, it did feel good. The water felt cool on my pussy and my nipples were as hard as they'd ever been. The feeling of the cool water and being naked in front of my Uncle Henry, was very arousing, even though he couldn't see anything at the moment. I put my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, my ankles locked together. It felt good to feel my breasts squashed against his barrel chest. Something kept bumping the cheeks of my ass, then I realized it was the end of his cock - Uncle Henry had an erection and I'd caused it again.

I was worried that I was starting to like this, worried that he'd look on me as a slut. My pussy tingled and my breasts ached, another unusual sensation, but if Becky was right, it was exciting me. I pushed off and swam back to the boat as I was getting a little cold. After I got back on board, the sun quickly warmed my body, as I lay back down on the towel on the foredeck. The thought of my uncle seeing me naked, exposing my most private parts, sent sparks from my pussy to my nipples. If anyone had told me three days ago, that I'd be lying here stark naked with my naked uncle looking at my body, looking at my breasts and pussy, I would have said they were crazy.

I HAULED MY SELF back on the boat and looked at my twelve year old niece lying naked on her back with her legs slightly parted. My cock was now fully erect, the coolness of the water had made my erection wane after Addy had pushed away from me, but it was back with a vengeance. I looked at her sensuous body; she had perfect petite breasts, spaced far apart, with dark-pink puffed areolas, like smaller mounds on top, with a hard beaded nipple in the center of each. They never flattened, they stood straight up, proud, sexy as Hell.

Her pussy was stupendous, water glistened on her mons made more prominent by her slightly concave tummy. It was hairless, with a sexy cleft, formed by plump labia, leading down to merge with her butt crack between her cheeks, pushed together by the hard deck. God was she beautiful, so sexy, and so desirable. At sixty five years old, I had the erection of an eighteen year old. I was so hard it hurt. A Viagra pill couldn't have made it any harder, and I did need to use them occasionally, particularly with the younger, more energetic fillies. In the shade of the console, away from her gaze, I masturbated to relieve the pressure in my balls. I came hard, spurting long ropes of cum, and as the last of my cum hit the water, I watched it drift away and sink.


WHEN UNCLE HENRY CAME back and sat on the foredeck next to me, his cock had lost its erection. Strange, I thought. Then it hit me, he must have masturbated where I couldn't see him. The thought of watching him masturbate and spurt his cum excited me, excited me more than when I watched it on the Internet. All of these strange new feelings were a little overwhelming, it was if I was starting to realize what effect I was having on my uncle, and the new things that turned me on. I think I found out more things about myself in the last few days, than in the last few years. As I got more and more aroused, it made me feel like I was all grown up.

We sat naked and ate the lunch I had prepared, ham and cheese sandwiches, with salt & vinegar potato chips and soft drinks. It felt really weird, it was if sitting down naked, eating a picnic was an everyday occurrence. We both sat cross-legged, with only a bag of potato chips between my legs hiding my pussy from him. He kept looking at my crotch to see if the bag had moved any after I took out a chip. Of course my breasts were on full display and I was proud of them. I was loving being naked in front of him, my pussy was tingling like crazy and my nipples were as hard as beads and had been that way ever since he pulled my bikini top off, and it wasn't just from the coolness of the water.

"I like being naked," I said, "makes me feel really free."

"Told you so. Can I ask you something Addy?"

"Sure uncle."

"Does my erection embarrass you?"

"It did at first, but not any more. I like it when you look at my body and it makes you hard." Damn! I can't believe I just said that, what the heck's come over me?

"Well well Addy, Here I was, thinking you were a little prude and all the time you were loving seeing me naked and getting naked as well. I must say you've got a gorgeous body Addy, I've never seen a twelve year old's tits before, and you know what, I like small tits. For someone who usually likes his fillies full figured with a big rack, it's a revelation. You have the most gorgeous pussy. All my women have had big bushes, but I never knew that a bald pussy could be so darn sexy. I think I'll ask my new dates to shave."

As he was talking I could see he was getting excited using the words tits and pussy in front of me. His cock started to rise, and after a couple of minutes he was fully erect again. I was amazed, that a 65 year old man could get another erection after just masturbating. No wonder the women liked him.

"Can I ask you a question uncle?"

"Of course you can."

"When I was lying on my back a while back, did you get an erection?" I said, my pussy tingling again.

"I sure did, a much harder one than Viagra gives me."

"Did you have to . . . you know go and . . . ?"

"Did I go and jack off? Is that what you're asking?"

This time at least I had the decency to blush. "Yes."

"Honey, you wouldn't believe how my balls hurt."

"I didn't think you could get another . . . you know . . . erection so soon."

"You really don't understand the effect you have on me, do you?" he said, "even before you got naked. You'd better be careful when you get home, as some men might get the wrong idea." He stood up, his cock sticking straight up against his stomach, the foreskin pulled back from the purple rim of the head, his ball sack tight. I couldn't stop looking at it. He turned and dove into the lake. I finished my lunch and tried to retrieve my bathing suit from on top of the Bimini, but I couldn't reach it. I wrapped my towel around me, I was going to give my Uncle Henry a heart attack if I kept parading around naked, even though I was starting to like it.

I watched him as he climbed back on board, his erection had almost gone, but his cock still looked fat. Then a thought crossed my mind, and I have no idea where it came from. I wondered if I could have sex with him. I knew he wanted to, with all his erections, but whether he would was another thing, after all I was his niece, and sex with me would be illegal. And there was the question of could he? My pussy's opening was small compared to the size of his cock. Would he be able to penetrate me? Would it hurt? I even blushed at my own thoughts. This was a whole different side to me that I wasn't aware of, and it both scared and excited me. I needed to talk to Becky again.

WOW MY NIECE REALLY surprised me. I didn't think she would take to skinny dipping so fast. I also didn't see any signs of embarrassment seeing my erections, and damn I'd never had so many, even after jacking off only ten minutes before. She sure has a killer body though, never thought I'd like the sight of such small tits, as I liked my women with big breasts. I wondered how much further she would let me go? Her attitude had done a 180° turn since she arrived, I think she's realizing what effect she has on me. I retrieved her bathing suit from atop the Bimini and handed it back to her. I watched as she put it on, such a sensuous sight watching a woman put her underwear on - almost as good as watching her taking it off.


I started the boat after she had pulled the anchor up. Ten minutes we were back at the dock. She tied the boat off and headed for the house. I put my shorts back on and carried the picnic cooler and her towel back to the house. As I followed Addy, I looked at her perfect ass. Last year it was gorgeous, now it was stupendous. I loved the way her cheeks moved against each other as she walked.

LATER THAT NIGHT, AFTER we had all gone to bed, I was lying in bed trying to bring myself off, but it just wasn't working. I had been thinking of Uncle Henry masturbating on the boat. My pussy ached at the thought of watching him do it. I had an idea. I walked to my uncle's room; the light was still on, so I pushed open the door. He was watching television with the sound down low; he was naked.

"Hey Addy, what you need honey?"

"Can we cuddle for a while uncle?"

"Sure honey, jump on the bed." I got in bed and snuggled up to him, with my head against his shoulder and my arm around his chest. I noticed his cock, lying against his thigh, was getting larger and rising up.

"Doesn't take long for you to get an erection does it?"

"Not where you're concerned honey, you do it to me every time." After a few minutes it was fully erect lying against his stomach. I watched intently as he grasped it and started to idly rub it. My pussy was leaking into my jersey sleep shorts. I hugged him tighter.

"This is nice uncle."

"The cuddling or watching me touch my cock?"

"Both, it would really turn me on to watch you masturbate," I said. As he grasped the thick shaft between his thumb and forefinger, I ran my fingers through the thick mat of silvery-gray hairs on his chest, hoping it had the desired effect. His breathing became a little raspier as he stroked his cock, the ruffle of skin got pulled back, exposing the bulbous head. My pussy was really aching now and I had to squeeze my thighs together and clench my cheeks to stop myself from leaking.

He breathed faster, matching the speed of his stokes. I looked up, his eyes were shut tight and his brow furrowed. Looking back down his hand was almost a blur as he stroked his cock. Then he stopped.

"My gawd Abby," he groaned. I saw the shaft of his cock thicken, then a jet of white cum, shot out of the end. I gasped. He spurted some more, his cum spattering on his stomach and pubes, permeating his pubic hair. His breathing finally slowed and his hand, covered with semen, rested on his thigh. I got off the bed and went to the bathroom, where I wetted a washcloth. Back in his bedroom I cleaned the cum off his hand and wiped most off his stomach, the cum in his pubic hair would have to stay until he showered. I dropped the washcloth in the sink.

"Thanks uncle," I said, "that was fantastic, the first time I've seen a man masturbate, well apart from the Internet." I kissed his cheek and went back to my bedroom. This time, I gave myself a very intense orgasm, as I remembered his cum spurting out of the end of his cock.


Chapter Four

Uncle Henry was already up as I wandered into the kitchen. I poured a glass of orange juice and joined him on the back porch.

"Morning uncle," I said shyly.

"Mornin Addy, sleep well?"


"So!" he said, waiting for an answer

"So what?" I watched a pair of Loons diving into the lake.

"Was it what you expected?"

I tried to play coy, as I could feel my face flush. "What?"

"C'mon Addy. You know what I mean. You watched me jack off last night, you do remember don't you?"


"Don't tell me you're embarrassed."

"Dunno," I replied meekly. "I guess it was. Much better than watching it on the Internet."

"Addison! You've done and seen more than most twelve year olds these past few days. And, you've made your uncle a happy, happy man. Come over and give me a big hug." I put my glass down and went over and sat on his lap. He put his arms around me and pulled me to him.

"I love you honey."

I kissed him on his mouth. He pulled back and looked at me with a quizzical expression, as if he wondered why I had kissed him on his mouth. I didn't know why I did it, but it felt really good to kiss a man on his lips.

"That was a nice kiss Addy, I'd like more of those," he said. I kissed him again and got off his lap, but not before feeling the start of an erection, my pussy tingled again.

ADDISON WAS A VERY confused twelve year old. Last night she'd plucked up enough courage watch her uncle to masturbate in front of her, something totally out of character and something she would never have had the nerve to do, prior to coming to stay with him. Neither was walking around naked in front of him, even her own mother had not seen her naked since she was eight years old. Finding out that she could excite her uncle with her young body, brought out her more sensual side - a side of her that wanted to experiment, try new exciting things. These new feelings, discovering her sexual side, were exciting to her. This visit with her uncle is going to be a watershed moment in her life, when she transitions from a twelve year old young girl to an twelve year old young woman.


AFTER BREAKFAST WE sat on the back porch, Addy had a glass of orange juice and I was nursing a mug of coffee. I had a surprise in store for her. Her mother had told me that it was Addy's wish to learn to ride a horse during the summer break, and that she was disappointed at having to come and stay with me. I had a good friend who ran a riding school, and I had called him up to see if Addy could come by and learn to ride.


"Yes uncle."

"I have to go and talk to a good friend this morning, will you come with me?"

"Do I have to? I thought maybe I'd sunbathe on the dock."

"It'll only take an hour, and you can sunbathe when we get back."

She sighed. "Alright," she said. I smiled to myself.

AS UNCLE'S OLD TRUCK rattled and groaned down the long driveway, I saw several horses in a paddock, and wasn't sure what was going on, why we were here. The truck screeched to a stop in front of a large two story house. Straight ahead was a large stable, and a tall, lanky man strode out to greet us. I got out of the truck as Uncle Henry hugged the man and patted his back.

"Thanks for letting us come by Frank," Uncle Henry said.

"No problem Henry." Frank said. "Is this your young niece, that you told me about?"

"Yes, this is Addison, but everyone calls her Addy. Addy this is Frank who owns the stable and he's going to teach you how to ride. Still want to go and sunbathe?"

"No way uncle," I said as I shook Frank's out stretched hand. "Oh-my-God, I can't believe this. This for real? I'm going to learn to ride a horse?"

"It's real Addy, c'mon let's go," Frank said, "I'll introduce you to Chestnut." I was overwhelmed by my uncle's thoughtfulness. I wondered how he knew I wanted to learn to ride, Mom probably told him. Chestnut was a very gentle horse, which Frank told me was perfect for first time riders. Frank was very good, gently chiding me when I did something wrong, and congratulating me when I did something right. Uncle Henry sat on the fence watching me the whole time, with a big smile on his face.

Frank made us lunch, simple egg salad sandwiches and cold lemonades. I spent another two hours in the afternoon riding, and, by the time we needed to leave, I was already into a slow gallop.

"So what do you think Addy?" My uncle asked me.

"Fantastic," I replied, "thanks for doing this for me. Can I come ride again soon?"

"Sure honey, we can come each afternoon the rest of this week, can't she Frank."

"Of course she can, she's a natural rider."


Later that evening, after a nice dinner of roast chicken, herb mashed potatoes and vegetables, I sat next to him on the sofa watching television.

"You're a great cook uncle, that was a very good meal."

"Thanks Addy, you can thank the Navy for the meal, I was a cook for quite a few years."

"Also thanks for arranging the horse riding." He had his arm around my neck and his hand rested on my shoulder. As I snuggled in closer, it caused his hand to slip and his fingers rested on the top of my breast. I froze, not knowing what to do. Then he started to move his hand, gently massaging my breast. I felt my breasts swell and my nipples perk up. I had never had anyone touch my breasts before, and the sensation was amazing. I had touched them, but this felt completely different.

"You okay with this Addy?" he whispered.

"Uh-huh," I answered almost robotically. The tingling in my pussy intensified, as his finger rubbed and pressed my nipple; I saw his erection inside his pants.

"It might be better if you take your top off honey," he said.

"Kay," I replied, and, almost robot-like, I lifted my camisole over my head and dropped it on the floor. His hand returned to my breast, and now my top was gone my breasts and nipples were more sensitive to his caress. In spite of his large hands, his touch was gentle. My breasts had never felt so big and firm, it seemed as if they had swelled, and my nipples were like little hard beads. He gently moved me down on the sofa, and, as he took my entire breast in his mouth, I moaned with pleasure. I could feel my panties getting wet; I squeezed my legs together; my pussy throbbed.

Then, I felt his hand on my tummy. He slipped it lower, his fingers edged under the elasticized waist of my cotton panties. My body trembled with anticipation of him touching my most private place. No one had ever touched my pussy before.

"Relax Addy, I'm not going to hurt you," he whispered. I was still trembling. "You want me to stop?"

I heard my little voice. "No." He slipped his hand inside my panties and as he cupped my pussy I gasped. God it felt so good. He pressed his middle finger into my slit, pushing my pussy lips aside. I was a little embarrassed as he touched the opening to my vagina, feeling my wetness, but I was so turned on.

"Very sexy," he whispered, "you're wet, I like that you're aroused. Does this feel good?'

I heard my little voice again. "Uh-huh." I shuddered as he entered my pussy with his finger. I knew from my own explorations, that my hymen had all but disappeared, and now his finger was fucking me. My breasts ached as he sucked them, first one, then its twin. He licked around my nipples, taking them between his lips and squeezing them, all the while curling his finger inside my wet pussy.

"God you're so sexy Addy, I've wanted to do this ever since you stepped off the bus," he said. "I love your pussy and your breasts, so sexy, so very sexy" His whispered words sent sparks of pleasure through my nipples to my pussy. As he withdrew his finger, I clenched my cheeks; I didn't want him to stop it felt so good. But what he did next felt even better. As he pressed my clit I almost lost it. I never knew it could feel this good to have someone else touch it. If I had known, then I would have begged Becky to do it. Maybe when I get back home . . .

As he rubbed my small bump with the wet tip of his finger, it was driving me crazy; I felt little jerks in my bottom and my legs, I knew I was going to cum really quick. The pleasure mounted inside me, and, as he both sucked my breast hard and pressed my clit, I came. I couldn't control my body, my legs automatically snapped together trapping his hand. He hugged me with his free arm, holding me tight until I finally calmed down.

"Was it good Addy?" he asked as I opened my eyes. All I could do was nod my head. I finally released his hand and watched in amazement as he put his fingers to his face and sniffed and tasted them.

"Eww," I said in disgust.

He offered his finger to me. "Go ahead Addy, you'll be surprised at how nice you taste.

"No way uncle!"

"Trust me honey, go ahead and taste." I tentatively touched the tip of his finger with my tongue. I was surprised, it tasted okay. I smiled.

"See I told you, you'd like it."

I looked at the bulge in his pants. You're hard," I said, stating the obvious.

"Yes I know, and who have I got to blame for that?"

I blushed a little. "Me," I said - it was almost a whisper.

"So what are you going to do about?"

I was puzzled. "What?"

"You caused my erection, so now you have to take care of it. I need some relief."

I now understood what he wanted me to do, make him cum. I was not sure I could do it, I'd never touched a man's cock, let alone made someone cum. He took my hand and led me to his bathroom where he took off his pants and boxers, his large erection bobbed out straight.

"What do I do?" I asked nervously. He put his hand around the shaft and stroked back and forth.

"You've seen me do it before, just like this," he replied. Standing beside him at the vanity, I gingerly put my hand around the shaft, my fingers couldn't completely encircle it. I was shaking, as I felt his hard cock under soft skin; I brushed the bulging veins that ran down its whole length. As I pulled the ruffle of skin that was covering the end of his cock, the purple ridge of its head came into view. The head was bigger than the shaft, and there was a white liquid coming out of the end. I wondered if it was his cum. As I rubbed the pad of my thumb over the end, spreading the sticky liquid, he gasped. He was holding onto the edge of the vanity as I rubbed his cock, steadying himself; his breaths were getting faster and harder. Then, I felt his cock swell in my hand; it pulsed as his white cum spurted out of the end. I was so shocked I let go.

"No don't stop!" he shouted. Startled by his words, I quickly grasped his cock and started rubbing again, as more cum spurted out and splattered into the bowl. He groaned with pleasure; I kept rubbing until he was done; he placed his hand over mine, stopping me.

"Did I do it right?"

"You did good Addy, very good," he said, "sorry I shouted at you."


I WAS A LITTLE UNCERTAIN that Addy would let me do anything with her, but when she didn't move my hand as I rubbed her breast, I was a pleasantly surprised. As small as her tits are, I love them. Her tiny nipples got hard and her areolas puffed up the more I rubbed them. What really surprised me, was when she let me put my hand inside her panties and feel her small pussy, but boy was she wet. I hesitated at first, asking her to jack me off, as I thought I was pushing it too much. To my amazement she agreed, and it was incredible to watch her small hand grasp my cock and bring me off. I had just received an incredible hand job from my twelve year old niece. My thoughts took flight, what other things were possible, as I drifted off to sleep.

THAT NIGHT IN BED I brought myself to an orgasm, but it was not nearly intense as Uncle Henry had given me. My thoughts took flight, what other things were possible, as I drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Five

After breakfast I called Becky to fill her in on what had been going on.

"You didn't!"

"Yup, the first time skinny dipping and the first time seeing a naked man with an erection." Then the other night I watched him as he masturbated."

"You've gotta be kidding me Addy. This is not the Addy I know. What's gotten into you? Is it the water?"

"I know, I even surprised myself," I said. "There's more."

"No way, not possible."

"Oh yes. We sat on the sofa watching television, and his hand touched my breast and started rubbing it over my camisole. When he asked me to remove it, it was as if it wasn't me doing it. I tell you Becky, to have someone else rub your breasts, is totally different than when you do it yourself, much better. Then he slipped his hand down the front of my panties and brought me to an orgasm." There was total silence on the other end of the line.

"Becky, you still there?"

"Yes, I just find what you're telling me so incredible. Is that all as I'm getting wet just listening to you."

"No it's not all." I heard a groan on the other end of the line. "When I'd had my orgasm, he had this big bulge in his pants, and he told me that I had to take care of it, so I jacked him off."

"Oh-my-God Addy, that's unbelievable. We talked some more and then I hung up. I went to find my uncle. I looked out back and saw him fishing off the end of the dock. I joined him.

"Uncle Henry."

"Yes Addy."

"Would it be okay if my best friend came and spent a couple of days with us?"

"I guess it's okay, but you know we can't skinny dip or do those other things."

"She knows all about us."

"Addy! Didn't I tell you not to say anything, you'll get me thrown in jail." He was quite pissed off at me.

"It's okay uncle, we have lots of secrets and I think she'd like to skinny dip and stuff. She's much more adventurous than I am."

"Then I guess it's okay."


LATER THAT AFTERNOON AFTER taking Addy for her riding lesson, we waited for the Trailways bus to arrive. I was still worried that Addy's friend knew about the things Addy and I had been doing, but the more I thought about it, without physical proof, it would just be one person's word against another. The bus pulled up, and a very pretty girl got off and smiled at us. From what I could tell with a quick glance, she was a little more developed than Addy, a little taller as well. Addy had told me she was a year older, thirteen; which probably explained the difference. They were two totally different girls. Addy had dark-burgundy hair, with bright green eyes, and was lanky, whereas Becky had blonde hair that was fixed in a pony tail, gray eyes and had a little more meat on her bones. The two girls hugged.

"Becky, this is my Uncle Henry. Uncle this is Becky."

"I put out my hand. "Howdy Becky, nice to meet you." She ignored my hand and hugged me around my waist.

"I've heard all about you Henry," she said. If I was the blushing type, I would be as red as the side of a barn by now. I picked up her case and we all squeezed into my pickup, with Addy in the middle. The two girls didn't stop talking the whole way home, 95% of their conversation went right over my head.

In the house I put Becky's case in Addy's room, as they would have to share the queen-sized bed. As it was well past six, I ordered pizza. We sat around the large kitchen table, the girls with soft drinks and me sipping a cold Bass ale.

"We've decided that we want to go to that cove we went to before," Addy said. I saw a slight blush on her face but detected none on Becky's.

"Okay Addy, then I'll let you and Becky fix the picnic. We'll leave around ten." After supper we all sat around watching television, until ten thirty when the girls said they were going to bed. I got a kiss from both of them. I stayed up until eleven and turned in. As I passed the door to their room, I could hear them still talking. I shook my head and went to bed.

Chapter Six

At ten o'clock, Addy and Becky brought the picnic cooler to the dock and I stowed it in the cabin. Addy let go of the two springer lines and I motored out into the lake. Being mid-week I would be surprised if anyone would be in the cove; I wasn't disappointed. I killed the engine, and Addy showed Becky how to drop anchor. I watched as the two girls removed their outer clothes. Addy was wearing the blue two-piece bathing suit she wore before and Becky had a similar one in yellow. She was definitely more developed than Addy, with larger breasts and a more rounded ass, but her pussy mound was amazing. She had a small pooch of a tummy, it didn't merge with her mound, as there was a crescent shaped flat area between. She was very sexy and quite desirable. My cock agreed wholeheartedly with my assessment.

The two girls jumped in the water as I shucked my clothes and sat on the transom swim platform with my legs hanging in the water. Addy was the first to shed her bathing suit, throwing it over at me. I dropped it on the transom seat. There was a fit of giggles as Becky followed suit. It found its way on top of Addy's. Becky dove under, and I was treated to the wonderful sight of a very sexy butt crack disappearing under the water. She came up beside Addy, put her hands on top of her head and pushed her under. The squeals echoed off the side of the boat. I had a nice soft erection watching the two girls play. After fifteen minutes, Addy swam over to me and climbed onto the swim platform and sat down beside me.

Becky was a little more reticent to get out, but after treading water for a few minutes she plucked up enough courage to get out and sit beside me, catching a quick look at my now semi-erect cock as she did so. Her breasts were beautiful, small but full, with dark-pink areolas and red nipples. They jiggled just a little, as she pulled herself onto the swim platform. They were perky standing straight out off her chest. As she sat, her little pooch of a tummy was very sexy, and didn't hide her mound. She had a smattering of blond hair stopping at the indent at the top of her slit. All in all, Becky was very sexy and desirable. The girls sat, swinging their legs back and forth in the water.

"This is very nice Henry," Becky said, "nice boat and nice lake."

"How did you like skinny dipping," I asked her.

"Nice, but I've done it at home in our pool when my folks weren't there. This is different though. I know there's no one around, but it's in public, sorta exciting."

The girls swam some more until it was time for lunch. Addy took the picnic cooler onto the foredeck and Beck sat down with her feet to one side hiding as much of her pussy as she could. When Addy sat down cross-legged, Becky frowned at her. I didn't hear what Addy said, but Becky got up and sat back down cross-legged, facing Addy. I strolled up with my semi-hard cock flopping from side to side. Becky stared open-mouthed, as I sat down on my feet in front of them, my cock lying along my thigh.

As Addy handed Becky a ham sandwich on a paper plate, she placed it in her lap, covering her crotch, but she didn't know that I could still see pussy underneath. I put my plate on the deck beside me. I had no intention of covering up my erection. I was having a ball with Becky and it was going to get better. Throughout lunch I kept looking at Becky's pussy. The way she was sitting, opened her labia, giving me an amazing view of the inside of her pussy, bright pink with her small inner lips forming a sheath, hiding her clit, but I could plainly see the dark opening of her vagina. It looked surprisingly large for a thirteen year old, I wondered if she was a virgin.

After lunch the girls sunbathed on the foredeck and I lay on my back on the transom seat. An hour later, I was roused from my nap by the sound of splashing, as both girls dived in. I got up and jumped in after them. I swam to Addy and hugged her back, my now erect cock pressing into her butt crack. She wiggled her butt at me.

"I like Becky," I whispered, "she's a sexy little filly. Nice tits and pussy."

"I'm jealous. She's got bigger tits than me."

"I love yours Addy. Most of my lady friends have big tits, I mean big as in C's, D's, and double D's, but since I've seen yours, I find I like smaller ones better; they don't sag and I love how perky they are. Watch this, Becky won't know what hit her." I dove under and swam underwater to where Becky was treading water. I grabbed her feet and lifted her up in the air; she did a 180 and splashed back down on her back. She squealed with delight.

"C'mon Becky let's get him," Addy shouted. The two girls swam over to where I was treading water. Addy grabbed me around my neck; Becky tried to grab me around my waist but her hand slipped and she grabbed my cock by mistake. Horrified, she swam away.

"C'mon Becky, help me," she shouted. "What's wrong with her uncle?"

"She accidentally grabbed my erection," I whispered. Addy started to giggle furiously.

"What's so funny!" Becky demanded.

"You, silly."


"You get all uptight because you grabbed my uncle's erection, yet you told me you gave Tony Moss a hand job." Becky blushed.

"You didn't did you?" Addy said, "you never touched his cock."

"No," Becky said bowing her head.

"Uncle Henry, I think Becky needs some instruction on how to give boys a hand job don't you? I nodded my head and swam to the swim platform. I hoisted myself onto it and sat, dangling my legs in the water. Addy swam over and sat beside me. We both looked at Becky, who was treading water.

I LOOKED AT BECKY and cocked my head toward Uncle Henry, indicating for her to come and sit by him. She finally took the cue and swam over and got on the platform and sat beside him.

"You hold it like this." Uncle Henry said as he took the shaft of his erection in his hand. "Then rub it up and down," he added, rubbing his cock. Becky looked at it wide-eyed, as she tentatively reached over and took his cock in her hand and delicately proceeded to jack my uncle off. I put my arm around his waist and laid my head against his arm, as I watched my best friend giving her first hand job. The more she rubbed his cock, the bigger her smile became. I could feel my uncle's heart beating faster, and his legs and arms twitched. Then I remembered something.

"When he cums Becky, don't stop, keep going," I told her. I could tell Uncle Henry was close as he was gripping the edge of the teak swim platform with both hands. Then he gasped.

"Oh Jeez," he said. I looked at his cock in Becky's hand and saw it swell, a long rope of cum spurted out of the end and splashed in the water, followed by another and another, the last of which just oozed out and covered Becky's hand. He put his hand over her wrist and stopped her.

"That's okay honey, you can stop now I'm done," he said panting.

She let go and held her cum covered hand away from her body as if it was alien. She leaned down and washed it off in the lake, watching it sink.

"Was I good Henry?" she asked, a tentative smile on her face.

"Very good Becky," he said, "some boy's going to be over the moon if you do that to him."

HENRY PUT HIS ARM around her shoulder and pulled her head to his chest. His penis lay between his legs, slowly getting smaller, but still quite fat. Henry moved his hand a little lower, and, as his fingers brushed the side of her breast, she gasped quietly, but didn't try to pull away or stop him. It was the move he had pulled on his niece, the night they sat on the sofa. He slowly moved his hand over her breast, not quite a palm-full, cupping it, squeezing it gently. She looked up at him and smiled, snuggling closer, her hand rested on the upper part of his thigh, near his cock that was now starting to get bigger again. Addy's uncle never ceased to amaze her, as she watched his growing penis. For a 65 year old man to get another erection shortly after cumming, she thought was just short of unbelievable.

Henry lifted his hand and rubbed Becky's nipple with the tip of his finger, causing it to swell, and firm up under his touch. Addy was getting nice tingles in her pussy, as she watched her uncle pleasure her best friend. Her nipples started to grow and harden as she watched like a voyeur. Henry's finger was circling Becky's nipple causing her areola to darken and stipple. She was getting aroused. The slight embarrassment she displayed, as she gave him a hand job earlier, had now been replaced by arousal. Addy knew what was coming next, and her Uncle Henry didn't disappoint her.

He moved her against the padding on the back of the boat and took her whole breast in his mouth. Becky moaned quietly, her eyes closed. He worked first one breast, then its twin, his cheeks indented as he sucked. Then he made his move; his hand slid off her hip and cupped her pussy. She gasped - loudly this time.

"You okay with this Becky?" he asked her.

"Uh-huh," she whispered, barely audible. Her plump labia was hugging his middle finger in a sensual embrace. As he curled his finger and pushed it inside her vagina; she let out a load moan. Her eyes were shut tight, as she experienced a man's finger inside her pussy for the first time.

"You want me to stop Becky?"

"Nuh uh," she murmured. He started moving the tip of his finger around her clit, occasionally pressing it, causing loud gasps to escape her lips. She was starting to buck his hand as her breathing quickened. Little ticks in her legs, announced that her orgasm was very close. She grabbed his erect penis in her hand and squeezed it as she cried out.

"Oh yes, yes, yes." Her whole body shook, as she climaxed. She turned and buried her face in his shoulder, her bottom lifted off the platform, bucking his hand clamped between her thighs. Addison had her hand between her own legs, diddling her clit, and, when Becky cried out, she too climaxed, clamping her hand between her legs, as she watched and heard her best friend's orgasm. Slowly the two girls calmed, and as Becky opened her eyes, she realized she was holding Henry's cock and squeezing it hard. She let go of it.

"Sorry Henry," she said, "didn't mean to squeeze that hard."

Henry smiled. "That's okay Becky, how was it?"

"Amazing. It never feels like that when I do it."

I OPENED MY EYES and saw Becky squeezing my uncle's cock, it looked uncomfortable, the head was bulging over her fist.

"Did she hurt you uncle?" I asked, concerned.

"Nah, I've had worst," he replied. "Brenda raked the head with her teeth one night when she was giving me a blow job, now let me tell you, that hurt."

"C'mon Becky, let's get back I the water," I said as I got up and dove in. Becky followed suit.

"You coming uncle?"

"I think I just did," he replied. Becky and I giggled furiously. We watched as he eased himself into the water and swam over to us.

"Let's get him Becky," I shouted, as I grabbed him around his waist. Becky swam up and hung onto his arm. We tried to pull him under but he was too strong so we swam off. I was facing Becky as we trod water.

"I was amazed you let him do that. It was good wasn't it?"

"Incredible," she answered.

"When he did it to me, I couldn't believe how intense my orgasm was. I've been thinking about something."

"What's that?"

"When we get home, we need to do that . . . you know bring each other off. Whatcha think?"

"I'm game, but why wait 'til we get home." We both giggled.


That night in bed, both of us were naked and I brought Becky to an enormous orgasm. She said it was as good as my uncle had given her. Mine was just as intense. We both agreed it was much better than masturbating.

Chapter Seven

Becky had to go back home today, as her parents had arranged to visit her great aunt. In a way I was sorry to see her go, but it meant I had my uncle all to myself. Just before noon, we all drove to the bus station in my uncles rickety old pickup. Becky gave both me and my uncle a big hug, and whispered something in his ear. We watched as the bus pulled away, waving at her. After the bus had disappeared, I turned to my uncle.

"What did she say uncle?"

"She just said "thanks", that's all." He drove me to the stables to resume my riding lessons. I missed Becky already, but had a lot to look forward to, wondering what my uncle was going to do with me next. The thought sent sparks of electricity through my breasts and pussy.


That evening, as I lay in bed remembering the orgasm Becky had given me the night before, my hand slipped between my legs, but before I could start masturbating, Uncle Henry pushed my door open. He was wearing just a pair of boxers.

"Care for a cuddle?" he said.

"Uh-huh," I replied. He came over to the bed and I pulled the covers back.

"You always sleep naked?" he asked.

"Only in the summer," I replied.

"In that case . . . " he dropped his boxers and climbed into bed.

HENRY LAY BESIDE HIS niece, his arm around her, pulling her head into his shoulder. Cupping her right breast, he moved his palm around in small circles, exciting her nipple, making it grow and harden into a bead. His hand slid down her body, across her flat tummy; his mouth found her breast and sucked her nipples, first one, then the other. Addison gasped when she felt his hand cupping her pussy; he pushed his finger into her cleft, her labia, plump with arousal, hugged his finger in a sensual embrace; he moved the tip down, feeling her wetness. She gasped again as he pushed a finger into her vagina; followed by a second finger; she gasped louder this time, and, as he added the third finger, her body shook with a surprise climax. She clamped her hand over his, stopping him from moving, her pussy was so sensitive, it was almost painful.

"Stop, please stop for a minute," Addison murmured through her rapid breathing.

He started to pull his hand away. "No don't!" she said, " just wait a minute."

"It's okay Addy, I've got something better," he said, as he shuffled down the bed between her legs. Addison couldn't image anything better than having her uncle's fingers inside her. Henry's face was inches away from her pussy, as he parted her plump outer labia, revealing her thin, still developing inner lips, and her small pink clit peeking out of its protective hood. As he pushed the tip of his tongue into the opening to her vagina, coating it with her secretions, he heard her gasp; she ran her fingers through his silver locks.

Henry lapped at her plump vulva, licking from the small crack where her cheeks were pressed together, all the way past her urethra, to her awaiting clit, now firm and out of its hood. Slowly, very slowly he licked around it with the very tip of his tongue, flicking it occasionally eliciting little gasps; she clutched his hair, pushing his face into her crotch. Her second orgasm was fast approaching, her body twitched, and her breathing quickened. As he pushed three fingers into her vagina, it pushed her over the top.

"Oh gaaawd," she cried.

He lags snapped shut on his hand, his fingers still inside her, as her body shook uncontrollably. For a full three minutes, her body twitched and small tremors like aftershocks ran through her. She finally calmed, and, as her muscles relaxed releasing his hand, she opened her eyes. He rolled to her side and smiled at her.

"Better?" he asked.

"Sooo much better," she murmured, "I've never, ever had such an intense feeling. Thanks uncle, you're the best." She leaned over and pulled his head to her and kissed him, tasting her own juices on his lips.

"You got me very wet."

"Yes and I love your taste, so much different to my other lovers. Yours is young, sweet yet slightly tart as well."

"Please hug me," she said. Henry spooned her back, his erection pushing in between her cheeks and pulled the covers up over their cooling bodies. He heard small snores, as, totally exhausted and in a post orgasmic stupor, she had fallen asleep. He smiled.

Chapter Eight

I WOKE EARLY THE NEXT morning, and lay with my head supported by my hand, watching my sleeping uncle. The outline of his erection was visible under the cotton sheet, and I knew he hadn't cum last night, as he made sure I had my orgasms. I needed to return the favor. I lifted the sheet, exposing his erection lying flat against his stomach. I carefully put my hand around the shaft and lifted it straight up. I wanted to see what it felt like in my mouth. I'd seen videos on the Internet of women giving men blow jobs, so I was no stranger as to how it was done, but didn't know what it would feel like to have a man's cock in my mouth. I pulled his foreskin back, and slowly lowered my mouth over the end. It was so big, all I could get in was about a third of it before I started to gag. I had no idea how the women on the Internet got all of it in. Some of it must go down their throats. But how without gagging?

I settled for what I could get in my mouth, and started to bob up and down on it, just like I'd seen in the videos. I could feel quick little movements in his body, like I did when I was near my orgasm, but I wasn't prepared for what happened next. I felt his cock thicken in my hand, and, not realizing he was about to cum, I kept sucking him. Suddenly my mouth was full of his cum; I quickly pulled off of his cock, as more cum spurted out. I put my hand over my mouth, stifling a cough, and ran to the bathroom, where I spit his cum into the sink. I then coughed, it was if I had drunk something that went down the wrong way. I grabbed a glass and filled it with water, and washed my mouth out. It wasn't as if his cum tasted bad, I just wasn't prepared for it. I brushed my teeth and went back into the bedroom, where Uncle Henry was propped up on a pillow, the sheet pulled up to his waist.

"Good morning Addy," he said.

"Mornin' uncle," I replied. I felt a slight flush on my cheeks.

"Sorry about that Addy, I was in the middle of a wonderfully sexy dream about you, when you woke me."

"S'okay, you caught me by surprise."

"I hope I haven't sworn you off oral sex for the rest of your life. You were so darned good."

I perked up at his compliment. "I was?"

"Oh yes honey. It'll take time and practice to learn not to gag. Even Brenda can't take me down her throat, and she's way to rough. You have a very delicate touch, and your mouth is so soft."

I think I was glowing with pride. "Thank you uncle."

He got off the bed and walked to the bathroom, his cock was not erect but was still thick, hanging straight down with a ruffle of skin partially covering the end. Without bothering to close the door, he lifted the toilet lid and seat. I watched as he held his cock in his right hand and started to pee, leaning his head back. I was strangely drawn to the sight of the stream of urine pouring from the end of his cock into the bowl. It was fascinating to watch, as I'd never seen a man pee before. When he finished, he shook his cock a few times and flushed the toilet. As he was washing his hands, he looked over and saw me staring.

"Never seen a man take a leak before?" he asked. I shook my head.

"My, my Addy, this visit is one big education isn't it?" I nodded again.

"Well to be honest, I've never seen a woman pee either, care to enlighten me." I just sat there mortified. No one had seen me pee since I was three years old.

"C'mon Addy, not shy are we?" I slowly got off the bed and went to the bathroom. I lifted the lid and sat down. Even though my bladder was half full, I couldn't pee. Then he knelt down in front of me, and all of a sudden my pee gushed out, spraying the front of the bowl. I felt my face flush as my uncle watched me urinate.

"Wow, that's interesting," he said, "a lot different to when I pee, no wonder you have to sit down to do it - no control. No painting in the snow for you." He laughed.

When I was finished I wiped, and got up. I closed the lid and flushed. After I had washed my hands, I went to my room and put on a clean pair of panties and a sky blue camisole. In the kitchen, Uncle Henry, now dressed, was making a pot of coffee.

"What you want for breakfast Addy?"

"Scrambled eggs and sausage with toast please."


AFTER BREAKFAST I SAID we needed to go into town to buy groceries. We got in my pickup truck and drove the ten miles into town. I parked on Main Street. We walked hand in hand window shopping. Addy stopped at a jewelry store and gazed at the handmade items in the window.

"Which one do you like?" I asked. She pondered for a while, her finger pointing at different pieces. It stopped on a delicate silver filigree necklace.

"That one," she said. We went inside and the store owner removed the necklace from the window and fastened it around Addy's neck. Addy looked in the mirror on the counter.

"Looks very nice on you," the owner offered.

"You like it Addy?" I asked. She nodded her head. The owner cut the price tag off, and, after paying for it, we left. All the way back to the truck, she kept touching it.

"Thanks uncle," she finally said, "I love it." We drove to the supermarket and filled the shopping cart with groceries. After putting the bags behind the seats, we set off for home. About half way home, Addy made a request that made my heart sing and my cock twitch.

"I've been on the Internet at the house, and I was wondering if we could try intercourse. I'm not even sure we can, as you're so big, but I'd like to try. Becky said she had sex with her boyfriend, unless she was bragging again, but he's only thirteen so you're probably bigger than him."

"If you're sure you want to," I replied, "then we can try."

"Thanks uncle." She smiled the whole way home.


That afternoon, I took Addy to her horse riding lessons. She was getting very good and was even jumping, but only low fences. That evening after dinner, she went to her room and took a shower while I did the same. When she came down, she was wearing a sexy pair of white, lace string bikini panties with a matching camisole top that came to her navel. The gusset of her panties hugged her plump vulva with a small, very sexy camel toe.

"Wow!" I said. "Very, very sexy Addy."

"You think so uncle?"

"I know so honey. Come over and sit on your uncle's lap." She walked over and plopped down on my lap, my cock fortunately not hard yet, but it would be soon, that was something I was sure of. I turned her around and she laid her head back against my shoulder, with my arms around her resting on her hips. I could feel how narrow her small bony hips were, and was still not sure I could penetrate her without hurting her. I did have some K-Y gel that I used when I had anal sex with Maggie. I slipped my hands under her top and cupped her petite breasts, feeling them swell and her nipples harden. Her aroma was so sexy, a mixture of little girl and jasmine soap. I quite liked the scent of young girls. Addy and Becky smelled a lot different than my older female friends.

Addy was breathing faster as I massaged her breasts. I slipped one hand inside the front of her small lace panties and immediately felt the heat of her arousal. The cotton gusset was already wet with her secretions. Her small clit was out of its protective hood. I rubbed it with the tip of my finger, wet and slippery with her juices. After just a minute, she came, her orgasm was quiet, but beautiful none-the-less, she squeezed my hand between her thighs, and I felt little puffs of her hot breath on my neck as her body trembled. She finally quieted.

"That was a good one uncle," she murmured. "Can we go to bed now?" I lifted her up in my arms, all 90 pounds of her, and carried her to my bedroom, where I sat her down on the bed. She removed her top and panties and lay on her back. I quickly shucked my clothes and sat on my feet between her legs, with the head of my cock lying on the mound of her pussy. It looked so huge, almost spanning the entire width. My fears returned.

"You sure about this Addy?"

"Yes, I think so uncle."

"Now you have to tell me if I'm hurting you in any way, okay?"

"Uh-huh." I grasped the shaft and moved the head up and down her cleft, it didn't open. Pushing a little harder, her plump labia yielded and hugged the head in a sensual embrace. She was very, very wet, which was good, because the combination of my precum, that was now oozing out the end, her juices, and the K-Y gel would make her slippery. I moved the head down to the base of her slit, to the entrance to her pussy. My cock still looked huge as it sat between her legs. I took the tube of K-Y and squeezed a generous blob on my fingers.

"What's that uncle?"

"It's a gel to lubricate you."

"What do you use it for?"

"When I have anal sex with one of my girlfriends."

"You've had anal sex! What's it like? Can we try it?"

"Maybe Addy, maybe later. Let's see if we can have regular sex first."

"Kay." I put some on two fingers of my other hand and pushed into her vagina. I felt her clench up, grabbing my fingers.

"Sorry uncle," she said, "but it was cold." She relaxed and I smeared the gel around the opening. Taking the remainder, I coated the head of my cock. I started pushing against the tiny opening to her vagina, but she would tense up every time I tried to penetrate her.

"Relax Abby, just relax honey."

"Kay." I pushed some more, and I felt a little progress, as she had taken my advice and relaxed some.

"That's good, don't resist me." I pushed a little harder and could feel her vagina dilating. Suddenly the head popped in.

She cried out in pain. "Ouch, that hurt," she said.

"You want me to stop?"

"No! don't you dare," she said, "it hurt like Hell as you went into me, but it's better now. Gawd you feel so big inside me." I pushed in just a tad and then pulled back. It was like taking three steps forward and two steps back, but I was making progress, but God was she tight. I had never experienced anything like it before. I could hardly believe I was fucking my twelve year old niece; that I had my cock inside such a young girl, no more than a child really.

"You okay honey?"

"Uh-huh," she replied, "how far in are you?"

I pressed her tummy until I felt the head of my cock inside her.

"Right here," I said, indicating with my finger. She strained to look down.

"Wow, that's a lot." I kept up the three steps forward, two steps back routine, until I hit the rubbery end of her vagina, her cervix. She had taken all but an inch of me. Then she put her long legs around me, hooking her ankles on my hips, allowing me to go deeper.

"Wow! I feel so full. Are you all the way inside me?" she said as she clenched her pussy.

"Yes I am Addy, and I'm amazed that I could, but you're so tight, and please don't clench your pussy as it hurts."

"Oh, sorry uncle."

"I still can hardly believe that you took all of me inside you," I said.

She smiled with pleasure. "See, told you we could," she said with great pride.

"That means I'm no longer a virgin doesn't it?"

"Yes Addy, you're not a virgin any more."

HENRY STARTED THRUSTING IN and out of her, being as gentle as he could as she was still so tight, all the while stimulating her clit with the pad of his thumb. The combination of the new feeling of having a cock inside her, as well as her uncle rubbing her clit, was bringing her close to her orgasm. As her uncle's cock hit the end of her vagina for the sixth time, she cried out.

"Gaaawd, uncle, stop, stop!" she demanded, as she dropped into the most intense orgasm she had ever had. She squeezed her legs together to stop his thrusts, her whole body shook uncontrollably, as if she was having an epileptic fit. Henry watched, in awe of her orgasm, none of his female friends ever had such intense orgasms. She finally calmed, her legs and arms dropped to her side, and she lay there for five minutes, with her uncle's erection buried deep inside her, little twitches like mini aftershocks came and went. She finally opened her eyes.

"Oh my God, that was amazing, it was really, really, really good." He smiled at her and twitched his cock. Her eyes got big and her mouth opened.

"I felt that," she said, "and you're still hard. Haven't you come yet?"

"No honey I haven't, and I'm not going to come inside you, as I don't want to risk getting you pregnant. I'm going to practice what is called coitus interruptus."

"What's that?"

"It's where at the last minute I pull out and cum on your tummy." She smiled at the thought of watching him cum again, as she never tired of it. Henry started thrusting again, and after a few minutes he felt the stirrings of his orgasm gaining strength, as his balls were drawn up tight in his sack. As he felt his cock start to swell, he pulled out; his cock flopped onto Addy's tummy and thick ropes of cum spurted out, again and again and again. When he was finally spent, her entire mons and part of her stomach was covered on his cum, some even puddling in her navel.

Since turning sixty, Henry's output of cum declined, until he was only spurting about a tablespoonful. There had to be three times that covering Addy's mons and tummy, there was even some puddling in her belly button. Addison looked down at her body and could hardly believe how much cum her uncle had spurted.

"Gawd uncle, that's a lot of cum. You never spurted that much when you masturbated," she said, as she rubbed it around her tummy, feeling its stickiness. She put some on her fingers and rubbed it on her breasts.

"Oh my God Addy, that is so erotic. I'd love it if you'd let me cum on your tits some time."

"That would turn you on?"

"You wouldn't believe how much. Come on, let's shower together, I'll wash you, and you can wash me."


Chapter Nine

The following morning, Addison wandered into the kitchen where Henry was sitting at the kitchen table sipping a mug of coffee. She walked over to him and put her arms around his neck and kissed him on his cheek.

"Morning uncle," she said sleepily.

"Good morning Addy, how are you this morning?"

"Sore," she replied, taking a container of orange juice from the fridge.

"To be expected, you were so tight. Sorry."

"Don't be sorry, it's a nice kind of sore. When can we do it again?"

"Whoa there Addy, you need to take it easy for a while, let the soreness go away before even considering having sex again."

"But I liked it uncle."

"I guess no horse riding today huh?"

"Probably not. Can we go swimming again?"

"Sure honey. What do you want for breakfast?"


Two hours later, they motored slowly into the same cove they visited before, but there was another boat already anchored, a large pontoon boat with a cabin and upper sun deck.

"I guess no skinny dipping today," Addison said, as she dropped anchor. Henry picked up a pair of binoculars off the console and looked at the other boat.

"There appears to be a family of four," Henry said, "a man and his wife and two girls. One looks to be around your age, and the other quite a bit younger."

"Let me see uncle," Addison said. Henry handed her the glasses. After adjusting them she looked at the other boat.

"Uncle Henry, the girls are skinny dipping," Addison said excitedly. She quickly removed her bathing suit and stood naked on the foredeck.

"Let me see Addy." Henry saw the girls on the swim platform, and behind them standing at the console, was their father, and he was looking through his binoculars. He put them down said something to his wife and daughters. Henry saw them look over at the father and nod their heads. He waved at Henry to come on over.

"He wants us to join him, you okay with that Addy? It means he'll see you naked."

Addison thought for a few seconds. The thought of strangers looking at her naked body sent stabs of pleasure from her nipples to her pussy. A new found pleasure.

"I'm okay with it."

"Pull up the anchor then," he said as he started the engine. A few minutes later, Henry slowly backed up to the rear of the other boat, and killed the engine when their swim platforms were about six feet apart. Addison dropped the anchor.

"Hi there neighbor, my name's Duncan," the man said, "and this is my wife Irene, and our eldest daughter there is Zoë, she's thirteen, and her eight year old sister is Elizabeth, but we call her Lizzy."

"I'm Henry and this is Addy, my twelve year old niece. Thanks for inviting us over, we come here a lot to skinny dip."

"You're welcome Henry, why don't you and Addy come aboard." Addison was the first to dive in, Henry quickly followed suit. As Addison pulled herself on board, Henry was treated to the sight of her small rosette and her plump peach of a pussy between her legs. He was glad he was wearing loose fitting cargo shorts as he knew he would be having erections around three young naked girls.

Henry shook Duncan's outstretched hand. "Nice to meet you Duncan, you too Irene. Girls pleased to make your acquaintance." Addy walked over to Zoë and they started chatting as if they had known each other for a while.

"Come and sit down Henry," Duncan said, pulling a canvas director's chair from inside the cabin. Henry sat opposite Duncan and Irene. He fished his sunglasses out of his pocket and put them on. The anonymity of the dark lenses allowed him to look at the girls, without it being obvious he was ogling them. As he chatted with Duncan and Irene, he stole looks at their two daughters. He noted that Zoë was a little taller than Addy and her breasts were larger; her narrow waist flared out to hips that were a little wider than Addy's, her plump pussy, was open as she sat cross-legged, causing blood to flow south.

He took a quick look at Lizzy, who was flat chested, but her little nipples were very sexy. What amazed him the most was the size of her pudendum; her mons was plump and wide, and, although she was lying on her side, she still had a sexy gap at the top of her legs. Duncan told him that he was an orthopedic surgeon and his wife was a doctor at her family practice.

"So you're okay with your girls being naked in front of strangers?" Henry asked.

"We're a very open family, we are usually don't wear clothes at home, and the girls are encouraged to ask questions," Duncan replied.

"But you're wearing clothes now," Henry noted.

"Yes, in public we find it best, as we don't want to offend people who may be uncomfortable seeing naked bodies," Irene said, "but if you're okay with nudity then we can shed our clothes."

Henry didn't immediately respond, as he was concerned with their daughters seeing his erection. Irene noted his discomfort.

"Henry, if you're worried about getting an erection in front of our daughters, then don't be, they've seen erections before and we have explained what causes them. It won't bother them, but they may look, so I hope you won't get embarrassed."

"Yes, that was what was bothering me, thanks for putting me at ease," Henry replied. Duncan and Irene went inside the cabin. Henry removed his cargo shorts and dropped them by the side of his chair, his penis wasn't fully erect but he knew it would be soon. Zoë and Addison looked over at him and whispered in each other's ears.

"Oh good, everyone's getting naked," Zoë said.

Lizzy, looked up and saw his erection and went back to reading her book. She now sat cross-legged on the deck, and Henry saw her labia open up like a little flower. Henry's penis was now fully erect.

Irene was the first to come out, and Henry quietly gasped to himself. She had a perfect hourglass figure, full breasts, that jiggled as she walked, with fairly large, dark brown areolas and flat nipples; she had a very prominent mons, completely hairless; her long, thin inner lips showed between her plump outer labia. She noted his erection standing straight up and smiled. A few minutes later Duncan appeared, sans erection, with two beers in foam sleeves. He handed one to Henry.

"Hope you like Coors," he said. Henry nodded. Addison came over and stood next to her uncle and whispered in his ear.

"Do you think I could have a drink?"

"Could Addy have a soft drink please," he said.

"Sure," Duncan said, as he disappeared back into the cabin. A minute later he came out with a Pepsi and handed it to Addison.

"Thank you," she said, looking at Duncan's rising erection. She went back and sat by Zoë, cross-legged. Duncan turned and walked back to his seat. Irene looked at her husband's erection and smiled.

"Sorry to be personal, but how old are you Henry?" she said.

"Sixty five," he replied.

"Oh my, you are in great shape for your age," she said, looking at his erection, "and virile too, if you don't mind me saying."

"I try to stay in shape," he said.

HENRY HEARD A SPLASH followed by a second as Zoë and Addison dived in and swam away from the boat. As I watched the girls swim, I noticed little Lizzy still sat cross-legged on the deck, her little pussy still opened up like a flower. God, she was so fucking cute, but too young to fuck, even if she would let me. I wondered if the father was doing anything with Zoë. I needed to find out from Addy when we get back to the house. Zoë and Addy got back on board; they seemed inseparable, it was as if they had bonded. I sat in the chair and sipped the Coors. Irene kept giving me furtive looks that I managed to not respond to. I had too many years at this game and married women, even those as gorgeous and sexy as Irene were dangerous.

An hour later, Irene announced that if we wanted to stay for something to eat, we were welcome. Addy was a little miffed when I respectfully declined, but was thrilled when I told them of my friend's riding stable. Zoë begged her mother to let her take lessons, to which she agreed. I gave Irene the phone number and told her Addy rode three times a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We wished each other goodbye and promised to stay in touch. We were invited to come and have dinner at their house sometime.


Back at my house, I needed to find out if Zoë was being molested by her father. "Addy."

"Yes uncle."

"What did you and Zoë talk about, seemed as if the two of you hit it off?"

"Yes, I like her a lot. She asked if she could come and have a sleepover. I said yes, hope you're okay with that."

"Yes that's okay. Now what did the two of you talk about?"

"She asked if you did anything with me."

"God Addy! I hope you didn't say anything."

"Of course not uncle, I'm not stupid. I asked her why, and she said her dad keeps trying to get her to do things with him. She said he gets into her bed at night and puts his finger in her pussy. She doesn't like it."

"Hmm, so he's molesting his daughter. Has she told her mother?"

"No, he told her if she did, he'd go to jail and she would have to go into an orphanage."

"What a bastard." I decided I needed to talk to Zoë when she came to stay the night.


Chapter Ten

Two days later at noon, Irene dropped Zoë off at the house and left.

"What would you like to do today Zoë?"

She thought for a few seconds. "Can we swim off the end of your dock Mr. Meadows?"

"Of course you can honey, but please call me Henry okay?"

"Kay," she replied as she took Addy's hand and they walked to the boat dock. I pulled a few soft drinks and a couple of beers from the fridge and put them in a cooler with ice. The girls were splashing around in the water when I got there. There were no neighbors nearby and I would often swim naked, so I dropped my shorts and boxers and walked to the end of the dock.

"Your naked Uncle Henry," Addy said, "is it okay if we take our costumes off?"

"Sure you can, only passing boats can see us." Both girls took off their bathing suits and threw them up on the dock. I jumped in and swam over to them. Addy put her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and kissed me on my mouth. I saw Zoë watching us. She swam over and clamped her legs around my thigh. It was all I could do to keep my head above water.

"One at a time girls, or I'll drown."

Addy let go of me. "You first Zoë," she said. Zoë replaced my niece, and as she put her head on my shoulder, I felt her small breasts pressing against my chest. I held her compact butt in my hands, feeling how firm her cheeks were. As I squeezed her, she snuggled closer. My cock was now fully erect from holding this sexy little angel in my arms. The very tip kept hitting her between her legs in her butt crack, just an inch away from her pussy as I trod water. I wasn't sure if she knew what it was.

"You okay Zoë?"

"Uh-huh," she replied, "this is nice."

"I have to ask you something honey."


"Addy told me about your father wanting to do things with you. You want to talk about it?"

"I don't like him touching my pussy, and he keeps wanting me to suck his . . . to suck his . . . you know."

"Yes I know what you mean honey. Why haven't you told your mother?"

"He said bad things would happen if I did, that he'd go to prison and stuff."

"So your mother doesn't know what he does."


"Zoë, will you do something for me?"


"Tell your mother what he's doing to you. I'm sure your mother would put a stop to it and he won't go to prison. Will you do that for me please?"

She thought for a minute. "Kay, and thanks for talking to me." She kissed me on my cheek.

I kissed her on her small mouth, such a chaste kiss. She looked at me, blushed a little then smiled.

"Okay I need to get out as I'm getting tired." I squeezed her compact but oh-so sexy ass; she let go and swam to Addy. I hauled myself back up the ladder and walked to the end of the dock, my erection bobbing. The girls were looking at it, and Zoë whispered something in Addy's ear. I sat on one of the director's canvas chairs and watched them swim and splash each other.

Ten minutes later, they climbed up onto the dock and walked over to where I was sitting. Zoë lay down on her tummy as Addy whispered in my ear.

"Zoë says you've got a nice cock uncle. She said it's bigger than her daddy's." I smiled, my cock said thank you and rose to attention. Addy bent over and kissed the end, and lay down beside Zoë.


I was rudely awakened to the sounds of giggles and water being splashed in my face.

"C'mon old man," Addy shouted.

"Oh boy, are you two in for it now," I said as I jumped in. As Addy tried to swim away, I grabbed her ankle and pulled her back. I pushed her under with my hand on top of her head. Zoë was roaring with laughter and splashing water at me.

"You're next young lady," I shouted. She too tried to swim away, but I caught up with her and grabbed her leg. As she struggled trying to get free, my hand slipped between her thighs from behind, and grabbed her hip, her pussy pushed into the crook of my elbow. I put my other hand around and grabbed one of her breasts. She giggled furiously as I hoisted her up in the air; she splashed back down and swam over to Addy and whispered something to her. Addy's mouth dropped open. I was sure she told Addy where I had grabbed her. I'd had enough fun, so I climbed back onto the boat dock with another erection.

The girls followed and each grabbed a Pepsi from the cooler. Zoë brought me a beer and handed it to me, looking down at my erection, a little blush spread across her cheeks, so darn cute.

"Sorry Zoë, didn't mean to grab you like I did."

She blushed some more and looked down. "S'okay Henry, I sorta liked it."

"But . . . I thought you didn't like your dad touching your privates."

"You're different, you don't force me to do stuff. Addy told me that you do nice things with her."

Oh my God! "She was told not to say anything, it was supposed to be our secret."

"It's okay Henry, I won't tell, I promise. I told her my secrets too."

I pulled her to me and hugged her. "Zoë, you are such a beautiful young woman and if I can tell you a secret, you're very, very sexy. You have a gorgeous body."

She blushed a little more. "Thanks."

She went and laid on her back beside Addy, her feet toward me. I wasn't sure if it was deliberate on her part, but she opened her legs just a little, enough to give me a nice view of her plump pussy. For the first time I noticed she had thin inner lips between her plump outer labia. Very, very sexy. My cock had stayed hard ever since I grabbed her crotch and breast; it was pointing straight up in the air, and I could see Zoë shade her eyes with her hand and look in my direction.


After we ate dinner, of roast chicken, roasted potatoes and peas, we sat watching television. Both girls had on a thin cotton sleep shirts that came to just above their navels and matching cotton panties, Zoë's in powder blue, and Addy's in lime green. They lay on their tummies on the floor, both girls waving their legs up and down, bent at the knee. I compared their bodies, Addy had a slim waist but her cheeks were nicely rounded, while Zoë's behind was a little wider. My erection strained inside the constraints of my shorts, as I looked at where the thin cotton of her panties had worked its way into her butt crack and how the gusset coddled her plump pussy in the shape of a peach. God she was so sexy and desirable. I looked over at Addy, the crotch of her panties had somehow got moved to one side and a plump labium was visible, the cotton of her panties bunched up in her cleft. I could feel copious amounts of precum plastering the inside of my boxers. There would be no intercourse tonight, so I got up and went to my bathroom and masturbated into the sink.

WHEN HENRY RETURNED, the girls were gone, the television still on. He sat for ten minutes, finishing off his Kentucky bourbon. Turning off the television and killing the lights, he climbed the stairs. Henry heard noises coming from Addy's room so he peaked in. The small beside lamp was on and both girls were naked. Zoë was lying on her back with her legs open, knees bent, feet on the bed, her pussy fully open, exposing her clitoral sheath. Henry's cock swelled as he watched Addison with her head between Zoë's thighs, licking her pussy.

"Does that feel any better?" Addison asked.

"No, feels the same as before," Zoë said, "you sure you're doing it right?" Zoë replied.

"I think so," Addy said, "I'm sure this is how my uncle did it."

Henry poked his head around the door. "Need any help girls?" he asked.

Zoë immediately covered her crotch with both hands as Addison looked back at him.

"I don't think I'm doing it right uncle, could you show me please?"

"Well I think that's up to Zoë don't you think?"

Addison looked at Zoë. Zoë looked at Henry and gave him a hesitant nod. He switched places with Addison who lay beside Zoë a foot away from her pussy. As Henry snuggled down between her legs, Zoë reluctantly removed her hands from her crotch. Zoë's vulva was gorgeous, plump, moist, small inner labia like wings folded back, exposing her clitoral sheath, the small red bead hidden in its protective hood, and at the bottom of her cleft, he saw the dark entrance to her vagina.

He touched Zoë's clitoral hood with the very tip of his finger and gently massaged around it, slowly her small clit emerged.

"See Addy, that's her clit, that's why you weren't getting her aroused; you have to be gentle with it, as it's very, very sensitive. You okay with me doing this Zoë?" Henry asked her.

"Uh-huh," she replied.

As he slowly massaged it with the tip of his tongue, her clit got larger and firmer. Zoë started to breathe faster, nostrils flaring as she exhaled. When Henry inserted two fingers into her very wet vagina, she let out a loud gasp.

"Can I do it uncle?" Addison asked. Henry reluctantly switched places with her, moving up next to Zoë. He watched Addison, as she pleasured her new found friend and sex buddy. He really didn't need to look, as Zoë's reaction told him Addison was doing it right. Zoë's eyes opened and looked at him. He leaned over and kissed her on her mouth, her small lips were so soft and sexy. She closed her eyes. Henry moved down and took the whole of her breast in his mouth and sucked gently. Zoë moaned and put her hand on the back of his head urging him. As Henry sucked on her nipple and ran his tongue around her areola, he glanced down at Addison, who was looking back at him with her twinkling green eyes; she smiled, all the time licking Zoë's clit.

Zoë suddenly arched her back. "Oh my gawd," she cried. Henry watched as her body trembled and legs twitched uncontrollably. Poor Addison, her head was trapped between Zoë's thighs as she climaxed. He was sure it was the most intense orgasm of her young life. Slowly her orgasm subsided, she released Addison's head and her legs and arms straightened and fell to her sides. He felt little aftershocks come and go. After two or three minutes, she opened her eyes, eyes misted over with the after effects of such intense bliss.

"You okay Zoë? Henry asked.

All Zoë could do was nod her head and smile.

"You did a good job Addy, I'm proud of you. I'm going to bed now girls. Addy, now it's your turn to show Zoë what to do." I heard them both giggling furiously as I left their room.


Chapter Eleven

AFTER BREAKFAST THE NEXT morning, as I was putting the dishes in the dishwasher, I heard Addy on the phone. A few minutes later she came back into the kitchen.

"That was Mom, she said grandpas much better and they wanted to swing by and pick me up." My heart sank, was it to be over so soon?

"What time do they arrive?" I asked tentatively, hoping she said never.

"They're not, I told them I wanted to spend the rest of the summer with you," she said, rushing over and jumping into my arms.

"Thanks Abby, that makes me very happy."

". . . and we've not had anal sex yet," she whispered in my ear. Oh my God. Have I created an insatiable monster?

"How was Zoë last night?"

"She was great, not as good as when you do it, but great." Just then Zoë walked in from the rear porch.

"I'm staying the rest of the summer," Addy said excitedly, "which means we can have more sleepovers."


We spent the rest of the morning playing in the lake. At noon, I went in to fix lunch. Afterwards, I drove the girls to Addy's riding lesson and to let Zoë meet Frank. At four, I drove Zoë back to her house, and, after having a few words with Irene, I whispered in Zoë's ear.

"Don't forget what I asked you to do honey." She nodded.

"I like Zoë, she's such as sweet girl," I said as the old truck bounced and creaked.

"Me too," Addy replied. "What did you whisper in her ear uncle?"

"I had a little chat with her yesterday about what to do about her father molesting her. I told her to tell her mother all about it."

"I hope she does," Addy said.

"Me too honey, me too."


At nine o'clock, Addy sidled up to me on the sofa.

"Don't forget what you promised me uncle," she said.

I acted dumb. "What was that honey?"

She punched my arm. "You know what, you doofus." I smiled.

"Go take a bath and remember to do what I told you."

"Kay," she said and bounce off the sofa and up the stairs. I turned everything off and went and took a shower in my bathroom. When I was done and dried, Addy was already in my bed, waiting for me. I noticed the tube of K-Y gel on the night stand. Damn! This girl is amazing. I got onto the bed.

"Now Addy, you have to really relax for me okay?"


"Turn around honey and lie on your tummy." She did as I asked. I lifted her bottom up until she was on her knees. Her gorgeous ass was high in the air with my cock between her legs, the end resting against her pussy. I was really turned on by the sight of her little anus, like a pink rosette nestled between her cheeks; turned on by the knowledge that I was about to have anal sex with a twelve year old girl. I picked up the tube of K-Y gel and squeezed a large dollop onto the palm of my hand. I scooped some up on the finger of my other hand and rubbed it on her anus. She clenched her buttocks.

"Oh, that's cold uncle."

"I know honey, now relax." Her cheeks relaxed and I pushed a finger into her anus, spreading the gel around the tight opening. I pushed a second finger in and rotated my hand, her sphincter relaxed.

"You ready Addy?"

"Uh-huh," she replied, with a little hesitation in her voice. I spread the rest of the gel on my cock, around the flared end. I grasped the shaft and positioned the end against her anus. The bulbous head looked huge against her small rosette, it pushed her cheeks aside. I pushed a little. Her tight sphincter resisted at first, but as I applied a little more pressure, it yielded and the head of my cock popped inside.

"Oh, I felt that. Are you inside me?"

"Yes honey I am, how does it feel?"

"Like I need to go to the bathroom."

"That's normal honey. Now I'm going to push some more okay?"

"Uh-huh." I pushed a little more and slowly my cock oozed into her tight ass, the K-Y gel doing its job, providing lubrication.

"I'm all the way in now Addy," I said, as my groin pushed against her cheeks. I was amazed at the sight of her buttocks hugging my erection, it was so erotic, so illicit, so wrong, but so damn good.

"Wow, it feels different than when you're in my pussy, nice but different." I reached round and started to rub her clit as I stroked in and out of her tight anus. It felt so good to have my cock buried inside my niece. I could feel her clenching her buttocks as I fucked her in the ass. I slowly increased the pace, my ball sack slapping against her pussy, strumming her clit with my middle finger. Her breathing increased as she approached her orgasm. Then.

"Oh my gawd uncle, I'm cumming," she said, as she climaxed, body shaking, fists holding wads of cotton sheet. She bucked back against me, as I thrust into her, my crotch slapping her cheeks. Then as her orgasm faded she dropped to the bed, taking me with her. I supported my weight on my elbows as I fucked her ass. I was on the cusp of my orgasm; then it slammed into me, my cock swelled and I spurted hard into Addy's tight, tight ass. God it felt good, as I unloaded my cum into a twelve year old girl's ass.

I was done, no more semen, I was spent. My cock rapidly softened and it finally plopped out, leaving a red opening. I saw a trickle of cum run down between her legs and then her anus closed up. I rolled off her and pulled the sheets over us. She snored lightly, she was asleep. I smiled, how sweet.


Chapter Twelve

I was sitting on the back porch sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee, watching the Eastern sky slowly change from dark blue, to pink, to red as the sun rose over the lake. The water was like glass, only disturbed by a small solitary fish taking a gnat from the cloud that hovered over the surface. I heard the fridge door open and close. A minute later Addy walked out carrying a glass of grapefruit juice. She was wearing some sleep shorts and a tee-shirt, her auburn hair a tangled mess.

"Morning uncle," she said sleepily. She came and sat on my lap.

"Well good morning Addy, I take it you slept well. How'd you feel today?"

"A little sore. I think we need to wash the sheets today, as I leaked all night."

"Well, what do you think of anal sex?"

"It was okay, but I much prefer regular sex."

"To be honest Addy, I do too. Anal sex once in a while is okay though, and now you've experienced all kinds of sex.


At eight, my phone rang. "Hello this is Henry."

"Henry, this is Irene, hope I didn't wake you."

"No, I've been up since dawn. How can I help you?"

"I need to ask a big favor of you. My regular sitter is sick and I've no one else to look after my girls, and I was wondering if I could drop them off at your house on the way to my practice. I shouldn't be back to pick them up any later than four."

"Not a problem, I'd love to take care of them and I'm sure Addy will be happy to see Zoë again."

"Thank you Henry," she said and hung up.

"Addy, that was Irene, she's going to drop her girls off for the day."

Addy's eyes lit up. "That's great, uncle."


Half an hour later Irene dropped the girls off. Zoë immediately went over to Addy and they headed off for the dock. Lizzy came over and stood by me.

"Hi Henry," she said. I knelt down in front of her and put my hands on her narrow hips. She was such a cute child, no curves whatsoever, just straight up and down. Her angelic face had a dimple in each cheek; her nose was small, but her lips were quite plump, very sexy and very kissable.

"Will you kiss me please?" she said shyly.

I took her small face in my hands and kissed her gently. It was so erotic. It turned me on no end, as I'd never kissed an eight year old girl before. It was the most chaste yet sensual kiss ever.

"Wow Lizzy, you're a great kisser. I bet the boys chase after you." She blushed.

"Are we skinny dipping today?"

"If you want to honey."

"I'll get undressed here if that's okay, as I don't want my dress to get dirty."

"Sure honey. Follow me to my bedroom." She took off her dress and put it over the back of a chair. Next came the plain white undershirt, followed by her white cotton panties. I loved to look at Lizzy's pussy, it was so plump, and the small slit, indented at the top was so sexy. It joined her butt crack between her legs.

"Okay, you can join the others now."

"I need to pee first," she said. I showed her to my bathroom and waited to see if she asked me to leave.

She didn't.

She sat on the seat and I watched as a stream of urine gushed out of her slit. When she was finished she pulled a couple of sheets of toilet tissue, and, instead of wiping herself, she handed them to me. The partial erection inside my pants came to full attention at the thought that I was going to feel an eight year old girls' pussy. I took the tissue and folded it, rubbing it in her slit from the back between her cheeks to the front, and as I passed over her clit, she gasped quietly. I wiped again and as I touched her clit she gasped again. She held onto the sides of the seat and closed her eyes. I dropped the tissue into the bowl, and proceeded to rub her tiny, tiny clit with the tip of my finger. I had no idea if an eight year old girl could have orgasms, but I guess I was going to find out.

A minute later, her small body shook as she climaxed, and the sweetest little "mewls" escaped her lips. After about thirty seconds she opened her eyes, and smiled at me. She leaned over, put her hands on my shoulder and kissed me on my mouth.

"Thanks." Was all she whispered, got off the toilet and left to join the other two girls. I just knelt there for a while, trying to make sense of what just happened. Did an eight year old girl, just a child really, seduce me? I finally quieted down, my erection almost gone, as I got up, shucked my clothes and joined the girls on the dock.

As I sat down, Lizzy looked over at me and smiled, a slight blush tinged her cheeks. I was still shocked that this eight year old had seduced me. She sat cross-legged facing me, her small labia parted, folds of pink flesh covered the small opening to her vagina. I wondered if she would let me do more. I didn't need to wonder, as half an hour later, she came over and stood next to me.

"You need something Lizzy," I asked.

"You made me feel good."

"Do you do it to yourself, what I did? Do you do it with your finger?"


"How long have you been doing it?"

"Couple of years, Zoë showed me," she said, twisting around and playing with her hair. But it's better when you do it to me. Will you do it to me again?"


"Not now, maybe after lunch."

"Okay honey." She smiled and ran and jumped in the lake. I followed close behind and swam up to her and grabbed her, I could almost span her behind with one hand, she was that small. She put her arms around my neck and legs around my waist, holding on as I trod water.

"You've got a big cock, it was all Zoë could talk about."

"Is that so Lizzy. I like both you and your sister, you're both very beautiful and very sexy."

"Sexy? But I'm only eight and I don't have any boobs."

"You don't have to have boobs to be sexy. Your pussy is sexy, it's nice and plump; your bottom is sexy too, and I love these little nipples. I rubbed one with my finger. I felt a little swell under her nipple, she was developing breast buds already and she was only eight. A very sexy and desirable eight year old.

"See, you're developing breasts already."

"I am!"

"Yes honey. Feel under your nipple, feel that little bump." She rubbed her nipple.


"That's what's called a breast bud. You know what a bud on a plant turns into?"

"A flower."

"Yes that's right Lizzy, and your breast buds will get bigger, and before you know it, you'll grow breasts, just like your sister." Her mouth opened wide and a big smile lit up her face.

"Zoë," she shouted as she pushed off me and swam to the ladder and climbed onto the dock.

"Zoë," she shouted as she ran to where Zoë and Addy were sitting on chaise lounges.

"What is it Lizzy?" Zoë asked.

"I'm growing breasts," she said excitedly, "here feel." Zoë felt the small buds under her nipples.

"You sure are Lizzy. Mine didn't develop until I was ten." The three of them chatted excitedly as I got out of the water.

"Come to the house in twenty minutes, I'll have lunch ready."

"Kay," they all chorused.


Of course I had to remind them to come and eat. We all sat at the kitchen table eating tuna melt sandwiches and lemonade. When Zoë and Addy were finished, they both kissed me on my mouth and ran giggling out onto the back lawn, two sets of cheeks moving seductively.

"No swimming for an hour," I shouted after them, "and don't forget the sunscreen." I sat and finished my sandwich, Lizzy beside me, sat on a tall stool, swinging her legs. She had finished her lunch and sat with her head propped up on her hands, her elbows on the table, smiling at me. I felt my erection stirring and before long my cock was as hard as wood.

"You know what an erection is don't you Lizzy?"


"And you know what causes an erection?"

"Uh-huh, it's when a man looks at something sexy." I got up and walked round the table, my erection bobbing from side to side.

"See what you do to me. You're so sexy, I get an erection looking at your naked body."

"She stared at my cock."

"I caused that?"

"Yes Lizzy you did, because you're so sexy. I get erections looking at Zoë and Addy as well." I could see a look of pride on her face.

"Will you make me feel good now," she asked.

"Sure, come with me." I looked out the window and saw that the girls were sunbathing. She held my hand as I led her to my bedroom and shut the door.

"On the bed sweetheart." She ran and jumped on the bed, bouncing once. I got on and opened her legs and lay down between them. I carefully parted her labia, revealing a bright pink cleft, a small dark shadow at its base, the opening to her vagina. I probed a little and felt the remnants of her hymen around the opening. I touched the top of her cleft, her clitoral hood. A tiny, tiny pink bead appeared. As I lowered my face to taste her pussy, she put her hands on my head.

"What are you going to do?" she said with trepidation in her voice.

"Do you trust me Lizzy?"

She looked at me for a few seconds. "Uh-huh," she said tentatively.

"Then lie back honey." She laid back on a pillow and watched me. I licked her entire cleft from where her cheeks were pressed together, all the way up to the top, letting the tip of my tongue rasp across her clit, causing her to gasp loudly. She held my head in her hands and pushed my face into her crotch.

"You like that then?" I said.

"Uh-huh," she murmured. I placed a little kiss on her clit and licked around it.

She giggled. "Your beard tickled my bottom," she said. I flattened my tongue and lapped at her pussy, she was seeping a little creamy fluid, telling me she was aroused. As I licked her cleft and pressed her clit with my tongue, she started to breathe quicker. I looked up, and at the angle I was looking at, her chest in profile, I could see her breast buds, and smaller areolas, puffed and darkened from arousal. Little beaded nipples stood out. My cock swelled and pressed into my stomach against the mattress.

As her climax neared, she was actively fucking my tongue, bucking her crotch against my face. Then she cried out.

"Oh, oh, oh." She grabbed fistfuls of my hair and her thighs clamped the sides of my face, holding my tongue against her pussy. Her whole body shook; she was holding me so tight I was afraid she would break a bone. She finally started to calm down, her hands released my hair and fell to her side, as did her legs. I rolled to one side and spooned her, my erection trapped between our bodies.

After five minutes of little aftershocks, she opened her eyes.

"Good?" I asked.

"Better than good," she replied, "the best ever." She put her hand between us and felt my cock. Her little hand grasped the shaft.

"It's very hard," she said, "but soft as well." She felt the end that was covered in precum. She rubbed it around the head and the shaft.

"Sticky, isn't it," she commented. She didn't realize how close I was to cumming.

"Careful," I said.

"Sorry, did I hurt you?"

"No honey, but I'm close to cumming, and it'll get messy."

She looked up at me and smiled. Is this eight year old girl going to deliberately make me cum? This girl that seduced me into giving her an orgasm. My God, where were eight year old girls like this when I was growing up? She pulled away a little so she could see my cock. The sight of her small hand holding my huge erection was too much, my cock swelled and cum rushed down the shaft and spurted out, splashing onto her chest, spurting hard, spurting semen onto Lizzy's chest. It ran down across her tummy into the gap between her legs, and into the cleft of her pussy.

She held her cum covered hand up, mouth wide open, and a look of incredulity on her face. I was breathing hard.

"Wow," was all she could muster. "Wow."

"I did warn you Lizzy."

She looked at me and smiled, telling me she knew exactly what she was doing. Oh dear, boys had better watch out, they'll be no match for her guiles.

"I think I made a mess," she said finally, "I think we need to shower."

I scooped her up in my arms and got into the shower. I soaped up and washed her front and back. As I ran my fingers between her legs, she gasped. Damn! this girl is insatiable. She held onto my shoulders as I brought her to another orgasm, I had to pick her up and hold her as she shuddered. I turned the water off as I didn't want a cold shower, although I probably needed one, so did she. When she was able to stand without help, I turned the water back on and she washed me, paying attention to cleaning my semi-erect cock.

Before rejoining Zoë and Addy on the dock, I put my finger to my lips.

"Our secret, okay,"

"Kay," she replied, crossing her heart with her finger.

"Where have you guys been?" Zoë said. Addy said nothing, and gave me a knowing smile.

"Finishing lunch," I said, "I was still hungry so I made another tuna-melt."


Four o'clock rolled around way to quick. I had everyone dressed, me included, when Irene drove up. She came inside and indicated she needed to talk to me by pointing to the outside. She followed me out to the back porch while the girls talked.

"I want to thank you for what you told Zoë to do. I had no idea what Duncan was up to. He's moved out and I'm going to file for divorce."

"I'm glad I could help. Zoë is such a sweet girl as is Lizzy."

"I don't know what it is about you, but both girls absolutely adore you, Lizzy especially."

"Thank you," I replied, "is your sitter any better, because if she isn't, then I'd be glad to take the girls again."

"Thanks very much but tomorrow's Friday and I don't work on Fridays, but we'll see if she's any better by Sunday." She turned to leave.

"Oh by the way, Lizzy has found out that she has breast buds," I said, "so expect a lot of questions. I'm sure you'll have the answers, you're the doc."

"I'm sure she had some help," she replied, smiling.


The rest of the summer went by way too quick for my liking. I looked after Irene's daughters several more times. Zoë showed little interest in any more sex with me, but she and Addy would shut themselves in Addy's bedroom on several occasions, so I'm sure they satisfied each other. Lizzy on the other hand developed an insatiable appetite for sex. She would insist I bring her to an orgasm with my tongue any chance she got, and she became quite adept at giving me hand jobs, but, as much as I tried, she wouldn't take me in her mouth.


With Addy back at school, my life settled back into its normal routine, that is until I received a phone call from Irene Thursday evening.

"Hello Irene, how are you?"

"I'm fine Henry, hope you are too."

"What can I do for you?"

"The girls are spending this weekend with their father and I was wondering if you would like to come and spend the weekend with me. We could go skinny dipping in my pool."

"I'd love to Irene."

"Okay, why don't you come over at say, six on Friday evening."

"Okay, see you at six on Friday," I said and hung up.

This was going to be an interesting friendship. I wondered if Lizzy or Zoë could be brought into our bed.


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