A Sexual Awakening
STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.
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Mg 5/6/7/8/9/10,12, Mf16, Mff 16/16, gg 8/8, ff 16/16, incest, ped, 1st, father/daughter, oral, mast, con, petting, romantic.

An unexpected thunderstorm, no pajamas, an inquisitive daughter, a small hand finds something hard. What's a father to do?

Word Count: 16,366

Published: December 14 2017

Five Years Old

Several weeks after Gabby had her fifth birthday party, Simon was lying in bed. It was one o'clock in the morning and the thunderclaps that shook the house had woken him up. He lay there waiting for the next flash of lightning; he started counting under his breath after the room was lit up in a blaze of light.

"One-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, three-Mississippi." The house shook with another thunderclap when he got to six-Mississippi. The approaching storm was just over a mile away. When he was a little boy he hated thunder. It scared him and when his mother told him it was God who was angry at something, it made him more scared. He would dive under the covers and put his finger in his ears but he could never escape the feeling that the thunder was somehow stealing his breath from his lungs.

Thunderstorms had figured big in his life. He remembered on one particular night; he was ten years old and the thunder was so loud it shook the house so he ran to his sixteen year old sister's bedroom and slipped under the covers and hugged her back. As he put his arm around her, his hand found her breast and it felt warm, soft and yet firm in his small hand. Then he felt something pressing into the palm of his hand, something soft and rubbery but was slowly getting firmer. He started to pull his hand away but his sister put it back and squeezed it against her breast.

"No don't take your hand away Simon, that feels good," she murmured.

Then he got the strangest feeling as his small penis started to get hard pressing into his sister's butt. She put her hand behind her back, and, after searching inside his pajama bottoms, she found his small erection and put her hand around it and started to rub it.

"So my little brother's got a stiffy huh," she said as she squeezed and rubbed it. The feeling was overwhelming as his big sister masturbated him. She felt a small jerk and her hand got a little wet with his semen.

"Did that feel good Simon?" she asked.

All he could do was say, "Hmm."

As he grew older his fear of thunderstorms disappeared and when he was sixteen, another thunderstorm brought his eight year old sister to his bed.

"I'm frightened Simon," Sara said, "can I sleep with you?"

"Sure you can kiddo," he replied, lifting the covers.

He spooned her with his hand around her small waist and his now slightly erect cock pressing into her back. He never forgot the wonderful smell of a young girl – the feel of her small body pressing against his and her tiny nipples under his palm.


"Daddy-Daddy I'm scared," Gabby said as she came padding into his bedroom wearing her usual long, white, cotton nightgown covered in small red hearts over a pair of plain white cotton panties. She was holding the right ear of her favorite stuffed animal in her hand, dragging its furry feet across the wooden floor. It was a rather tattered bear that he had given her for her fourth birthday and she and Henry, as she called him, were inseparable. Henry was about half the height of her and Simon had no idea where the name Henry came from. His left ear was already missing as she had used it to drag him everywhere; now she was using the other ear and Simon had no idea what she would use next after that came off which inevitably it would as night follows day.

"Henry is frightened too Daddy. Can we sleep with you?"

He pulled back the covers. "Of course you can sweetie. I'll keep you and Henry safe and sound."

Gabby climbed onto the bed and snuggled up against his back. "Thank you Daddy. Henry says thank you too don't you Henry?" She moved the bear's head up and down in a nodded assent.

Simon hadn't counted on the storm and his daughter sleeping with him, so he started to get out of bed to put some pajamas on as he always slept naked. The last thing he wanted was his daughter feeling his penis pressing against her bottom during the night or worse yet grabbing it unconsciously.

"No don't go Daddy," she said, "you have to keep me and Henry safe and sound." She put her arm around his waist, and to his horror he felt a small hand grab his penis. He froze, not knowing what to do. His five year old daughter had her hand around his penis that was quickly reacting to the overt stimulus and was started to lengthen and thicken. Her body jerked, and she squeezed his penis as the room lit up with a flash of lightening.

"One-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, three-Miss . . ," he counted. She squeezed his penis again as a thunderclap shook the house.

"It's okay Henry," Gabby said, "Daddy will keep us safe. Close your eyes."

His heart was thumping in his chest as his five year old daughter held his rapidly growing penis in her small hand. He heard the thunder start to weaken as the storm moved away. His penis was now fully erect and Gabby still held it as she snored lightly. He breathed a sigh of relief that she was asleep but his erection wouldn't go away. Finally after fifteen minutes, with his penis still in his daughter's firm grip, his eyes slowly closed and he slipped into a deep sleep.


Simon awoke at dawn with his daughter still holding his penis that was now fully erect again, his usual morning woody. Fortunately she was still asleep so he carefully removed her hand and got out of bed. He rummaged through one of the drawers in the tallboy and found some pajama bottoms and put them on. After peeing he got back into bed and snuggled up to Gabby's back, bending his knees slightly to keep his erection away from her bottom. She was hugging Henry. Sunlight streamed in through the window and fell on her gorgeous long auburn hair that was spread out like a fan on the white pillowcase.

He still couldn't free his mind of the sensation of his five year old daughter holding his erection. It was incredibly erotic and stimulating, but he also knew it was terribly wrong. But if it was so wrong why did his body tell him it liked it so much? He put it down to a natural auto-reaction.

Simon loved his daughter beyond comprehension; he'd do anything for her, die for her if necessary, yet the nascent thought of incest, of having sex with his daughter excited him. But wouldn't incest damage her emotionally? He struggled with the dichotomy.

"Morning Daddy," Gabby murmured sleepily, tearing him away from his thoughts. He put his arm around her.

"Morning sweetheart." He kissed her on her neck smelling her little girl smell that he remembered from his kid sister.

"Henry says thank you for keeping us safe from the storm don't you Henry?" She moved his head up and down nodding agreement.

"I'm glad Henry's safe," Simon said.


"Yes honey?"

"What was that hard thing I was holding last night?"

He froze. He had no idea what to tell her. Maybe if I brush her off she'll forget about it, he thought.

"Oh I don't know sweetie, maybe it was my wrist."

"No it wasn't Daddy, it was down here," she replied as she let go of Henry and put her hand between their bodies and found his erection poking out from the opening in his pajamas.

"There it is again," she said as she squeezed it. "What is it Daddy?"

"It's called a penis and you shouldn't be touching me there Gabby," he said drawing her hand back up.

"Why not Daddy?"

"Because that's Daddy's privates and you know what we talked about, not letting anyone touch you between your legs, touch your privates?"

"But you're my Daddy and you've touched my privates when you gave me a bath."

"But I don't bathe you anymore, you're old enough now to bathe yourself."

"I don't mind you touching me there," she countered.

She grabbed Simon's hand, and before he could resist she lifted her nightie and put his hand on her plump pantied pussy. The effect on him was instantaneous and caused a tectonic shift in his perception of his little girl. It was an incredible rush as he felt the plumpness of her pussy through the thin cotton and the heat it radiated. His finger traced along her tight cleft; blood pounded in his head as he felt how plump her labia were. Then she gasped as the tip of his finger touched the tiny nubbin of her clitoris; he watched as she closed her eyes and started to mewl. She lay there as the pad of his finger gently rubbed and pressed her little nubbin through the thin cotton of her panties. He knew what he was doing was wrong, illegal but he just couldn't help himself; it felt so good and he was making her feel good too.

"Gotta pee Daddy," she said as she jumped off the bed and ran to his bathroom; she sat on the toilet but nothing happened. He cupped his face in both hands. "What have I done?" he said to himself. I just committed the cardinal sin of all fathers, I've just molested my daughter. I touched my little girl's pussy and I'm now on the slippery slope to incest, he thought.

He knew he had crossed a threshold that he never should have gone near, but the excitement, the incredible feeling he got from touching Gabby's small pussy was telling him that he loved it and he knew right away that he was going to do it again. The thought that she might tell someone was in the far recesses of his mind.

"Can't pee Daddy," she shouted from the bathroom.

He knew what she had felt when he touched her clit. It was a new sensation, one that she had never experienced before. His little girl had never had an orgasm and as he rubbed her tiny clit she was starting to experience the beginnings of one.

"It's okay honey, come back to bed," he shouted. He had now calmed back down and his penis had started to soften.

She ran and jumped on the bed, knocking Henry onto the floor. Simon picked it up and gave it to his daughter who he knew would have a lot of questions for him.

She hugged Henry. "It felt really good when you touched me down there, but then I felt like I needed to pee but I couldn't. Why was that?"

At five years of age it was a little early for a birds and the bees talk, he thought, but maybe just the basics.

"Well sweetie, you know that little button near your pee-pee?"

She hoisted her nightie and pulled her panties down. She parted her labia and looked at her pussy.

"I think I do," she replied as she touched herself.

He resisted the incredible temptation to actual touch her and show her where her clitoris was. His penis throbbed as he saw the bright-pink inside of her vulva with the dark red opening of her tiny vagina.

"Yes honey that's right, now pull your panties back up. If you rub it then it makes you feel nice and tingly and if you keep rubbing it you'll get what's called an orgasm. It might feel like you want to pee but you won't."

She seemed satisfied for the moment with what Simon had told her; she gave him a quick kiss on his cheek and jumped off the bed and ran to her room dragging Henry behind her. He sat there contemplating what had just transpired. He was now a pedophile and had committed an incestuous act with his five year old daughter. He tried to rationalize it; she hadn't minded in the least, in fact she seemed to enjoy it so what's the harm in that? After all incest was an act that society had stigmatized. In ancient Egypt, sex between brother and sister, father and daughter, mother and son, uncle and niece, and other combinations of relations were practiced among royalty as a means of perpetuating the royal lineage.


Two days later, just after Simon had tucked Gabby in and had read her a bedtime story, he heard her shouting from bedroom.

"Daddy-Daddy, come here quick."

Simon ran upstairs thinking she was somehow in trouble. As he entered her room he gasped as he saw her lying on her bed with her head propped up on a pillow and her nightie pulled up to her waist. Her panties were at her knees and she had her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy.

"What is it Gabby?"

"I'm not doing it right; it doesn't feel like when you did it."

"Gabby I shouldn't be seeing you like this, cover up please," he said, more to satisfy himself that he had acted like a good parent. He looked at her bald pussy with its prominent mons and tight slit. She had her finger where the opening to her vagina was and was rubbing it.

"No Daddy, it felt good when you did it the other day but I can't do it the same as you did."

Simon was torn, he knew he shouldn't, she was his five year old daughter for heaven's sake. But the sight of his little girl with her fingers in her small bald pussy was just so overwhelmingly sensual he couldn't resist.

"Please Daddy, I don't know how to do it," she pleaded. With a raging erection inside his tight jeans, he got onto the bed and parted her legs wide, causing her plump vulva to open like the petals of a flower with her small clitoral hood, its small button on display and there it was - the tiny red opening to her vagina with its almost full hymen. He got close to her pussy, smelling her unique aroma, slightly acidic, overtones of floral soap and a hint of muskiness.

"Give me your hand honey."

She obligingly moved it onto her tummy. He took her small middle finger and touched her tiny clitoris. She shuddered.

"Can you feel that?"

"Yes and it feels really nice," she replied.

He continued using her finger to gently rub around her tiny clit and pressing it.

"See honey, that's how you do it." He let go of her finger and she started to masturbate by herself. The image of his five year old daughter masturbating was incredibly erotic and he could feel his erection straining inside his jeans, screaming to be let out, aching for relief. He watched Gabby bring herself to her first climax; her body started to shake and she grunted – something he found profoundly sensual. Then he ejaculated inside his underwear, he had no control as he spurted semen, plastering the inside of his boxers. It was the first time he had cum without any external stimulation. He got off the bed and walked on unsteady legs to his bathroom and closed the door, leaving Gabby snoring lightly cupping her pussy, her panties still at her knees and her nightdress scrunched up at her waist.


Six months went by; six months of utter torment for Simon watching his little girl walk around the house in just her cotton panties; it was nothing new as she'd always done it and he'd taken no heed as it was just his daughter after all. Don't all five year olds walk around their house wearing just panties, he thought? He'd asked his friends who had children of the same age and was told it was quite normal, boys wore their Jockeys and girls their panties. But after the incident in his bed that stormy night and her insistence that he show her how to masturbate two days later, their relationship had changed dramatically. Not from her perspective, after all she was only five years old and looked on him as her daddy. But from his point of view, feeling her holding his erection in her hand, feeling and seeing her pussy; watching her masturbate, it had been a tectonic shift.

She wasn't just his daughter, his little girl any more; she was an object of his desire, a sexual being, sensual although she didn't know it. He paid way more attention to her body than he had ever done before. He looked for little camel toes and one day he saw the ridge of her tiny clitoral hood at the top of her slit outlined in the thin cotton of her lemon-yellow panties. It was so sexy.

Then one morning as he was taking a shower, Gabby appeared in his bathroom and opened the shower door. Simon turned the shower off.

"What are you doing in here Gabby, Daddy's taking a shower." He didn't have anything to cover up with and the thought of covering his crotch with both hands seemed silly so he just stood there with his penis, semi-erect from washing it.

"Daddy look," she said. She was holding Henry, her bear, in one hand and his ear in the other, "Henry's other ear came off." She was standing there in her white, full-cut cotton panties - the ones with the little hearts all over, looking at Simon's rapidly growing penis. He had no control and if he was honest with himself, he was getting excited exposing himself to his five year old daughter. He looked on it unashamedly as part of her sex education. That rationale made him feel more comfortable.

"That's your penis isn't it?" she said with a little pride in her voice that she had remembered what he called it.

"Yes sweetie, it's Daddy's penis."

"But why is it getting bigger?"

This wasn't the sort of conversation he had planned having at the moment, explaining what an erection was standing naked in front of his daughter. But he had no choice and anyway he was getting excited.

"When it gets bigger it's called an erection and it has to be hard so it can go inside a woman's vagina."

The response was inevitable. "What's a vagina?"

"It's that little hole between your legs next to where you pee from."

Her next response wasn't what he expected. She dropped Henry and his detached ear on the tiled floor and pulled her panties down. He watched as she opened her legs and started feeling with her finger. A smile crossed her face as she obviously found it and put her finger inside her vagina; Simon's cock twitched.

"Found it Daddy. I thought that was where I peed from. But it's too small for your penis to fit inside."

"You're only five, Gabby; when you get older and bigger it will get bigger too."

"Okay," she said and pulled her panties back up, picked up Henry and his errant ear, turned 'round and left.

"You need to fix Henry's ear," she called back as she exited the bathroom.

Simon closed the shower door and masturbated. It didn't take long and he spurted a quite large load of cum against the shower stall wall.


Later that day after Simon had managed to sew Henry's ear back on, sticking himself with the needle half a dozen times, much to Gabby's delight.

"Silly Daddy," she said, "you're supposed to stick the needle in his ear," she said after he had stuck himself for the third time.

"There we go honey, Henry's all better now."

She kissed him on his lips, something she had never done before. "Thanks Daddy, you're the best Daddy in the whole wide world."

She sat on his lap cuddling Henry while she watched cartoons. Simon had his arms around her naked chest and was gently rubbing her tiny red nipples that were now quite hard like little beads. She put her head back onto his shoulder and closed her eyes.

"That's nice," she murmured, " you make me feel really nice."

She wiggled her bottom as she felt his penis start to grow inside his thin cotton shorts. He wasn't wearing any underwear as he was want to do on occasions. It was lying alongside his leg and as it started to get erect it pressed against her pussy.

"So, you like daddy rubbing your nipples?" he asked.

"No silly, I meant this," she said as she moved her bottom back and forth along his shaft. Only his cotton shorts and her cotton panties separated her vulva from his penis. He could feel himself getting wet. He kept rubbing her nipples as she scrubbed her pussy on his penis. She grunted once as she climaxed.

"Daddy," she cried.

It was too much, he came hard, flooding his shorts with semen, sticky and hot. He put his fingers between her legs and felt her panties; she was wet and it wasn't from his semen. His little five year old daughter had cum in her panties. A few minutes later she opened her eyes, turned and kissed him.

"That was nice Daddy, you made me feel nice. Was that your erection I was sitting on?"


"I'm all wet, I think I peed. I need to change my panties."

She got of his lap and saw the big wet spot in his shorts. "Did you pee as well Daddy?"

Realizing another barrage of questions would follow he said, "No honey that was Daddy's cum."

Ten minutes later, with Gabby wearing fresh panties and Simon in underwear and shorts, she seemed to be satisfied for now with his answers to what cum was and where it came from and what it did; she was happy to know that she couldn't get pregnant and hadn't peed herself. She went back to watching cartoons, this time lying on the floor on her front. Of course that didn't help Simon any, as the cotton of her panties was scrunched up in the deep cleft between two gorgeous buttocks, his penis twitched as he studied the sexy little creases where they joined her slim thighs. He decided that contrary to popular conception, five year old girls could be extremely sexy – Gabby proved that beyond a doubt.

Six Years Old

It was Autumn and the trees had already started to turn from green to yellow. Soon they would turn to gold and red and their full majesty would be on display before they started to fall. Then the task of cleaning up would start. Simon loved this time of the year with cool nights and warm days but was not in love with the constant raking. The fan on the central air-conditioning kicked on and the noise of the old bones of the house creaked and groaned as they expanded woke Simon up. As he slowly came awake, he was aware that his daughter Gabby was in his bed and she was holding his morning erection through the opening of his pajama bottoms that he now always wore to bed. The feeling of his little girl's tight grip on his shaft was incredible sensual. He squinted and saw the inquisitive look on her face.

Simon pretended to be asleep and lay there enjoying the attention his daughter was giving to his erection. He watched as she rubbed her finger over the end where precum had leaked out. She put it to her nose and sniffed. Satisfied she wasn't offended by its smell, she touched the tip of her tongue to it and tasted it. She didn't react so he assumed she was okay with its taste.

She continued examining it; she let go of it and giggled quietly as it slapped back against his stomach; she did this a few times. What seemed to fascinate her the most was his foreskin, as she would cover the end of his penis with it and then pull it back, exposing the crown with its purple rim. After about five minutes of examining it, she seemed satisfied with what she had seen. What she did next almost made Simon climax; she placed a little kiss on the head of his cock, jumped off the bed and ran back to her room thinking that he had been asleep the whole time.


"Morning Daddy," she said as she padded into the kitchen unaware that he knew what she had done. He decided to play along to see where this was headed.

"Morning sweetheart," he replied. 'You know I had this wonderful dream last night and I can't remember what is was about but it felt so very, very good."


At seven o'clock Simon finished reading his daughter a bedtime story and kissed her.

"Nite nite, don't let the bed bugs bite," he sing-sang.

"Don't go yet Daddy."

He returned and sat on the edge of her bed. "What is it sweetie?"

"You remember when me and Henry was in your bed when I was frightened by that thunderstorm?"


". . . and you rubbed me between my legs and made me feel good?"

"Yes honey."

". . . and later you showed me how to make myself feel good – to give myself an orgasm?"

Simon wasn't certain where this conversation was going but he had a fairly good idea and his cock did too as it started to get hard.

"Yes Gabby."

"Well . . . it's nice when I do it but it didn't feel as good as when you did it."

Now he was sure what she was going to ask him to do, and he had long since abandoned any vestiges of decency where parenting was concerned. He was completely besotted sexually with his daughter.

"Yes honey."

"Would you do it, would you give me an orgasm please?"

"We need to have a conversation before I agree to do that."

"Yes Daddy."

"You love me don't you Gabby?"

"Of course I do."

"If anyone ever found out what we do together . . . you know touching each other's privates. I would be put in prison for a very, very long time and you would never see me again and would have to go and live with your Aunt Annabel."

He thought he had put it to her a little too strong as she teared up.

"No Daddy, please don't go away."

"I won't go away sweetheart if you don't ever tell anyone. It has to be our secret okay?"

"Okay Daddy, me and Henry won't say a word, will we Henry?" she said, as she shook Henry's head from side to side. Simon decided that the next of Henry's appendages to part company with the rest of his body would probably be his head.

He got in bed beside her and put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to his side. He slipped his other hand under her nightshirt and found the waist of her cotton panties. He slowly edged his hand under the elastic waistband and cupped her plump vulva. It felt so small in his hand, a tiny smooth, soft, hairless, vee-shaped pad. She opened her legs to give him freer access; that simple act made the blood in his head roar with arousal. My little girl wants me to fondle her, he thought. The idea excited him beyond comprehension.

The pad of his middle finger slipped along her tight slit feeling the small mound of her clitoral hood. As he pushed into her slit, her plump labia parted hugging his finger in a sensual embrace. Lower yet he felt the very small opening of her vagina.

She was wet.

Oh my God, he thought, my six year old daughter is getting wet with arousal. He drew the moisture up to where her small clit was now out of its hood, larger, firmer. She started moaning as he massaged it and pressed it.

"Yes Daddy," she whispered, "that feels really, really good. Don't stop."

She started to mewl like a kitten and then suddenly she climaxed for the first time on his finger. Her legs closed around his hand and her small frame shuddered as her orgasm consumed her. He held her, kissing her head.

"I love you very much Gabby," he whispered as she calmed and her breathing slowed. She looked up at him with so much love in her eyes. "How can this be so wrong", he asked himself?

"I love you too Daddy," she whispered. "Thank you, that was so much better than when I do it."

Simon kissed her on her lips for the first time. It was the epitome of sweetness and innocence. He had kissed many women but nothing came close to kissing his six year old daughter. He felt her mouth open just a tad but her tongue stayed inside. He wondered what it would be like to French kiss his daughter; something else to look forward to.

He knew there and then when he touched his daughter's pussy that there was no going back. He had crossed that line in the sand, that chasm that separated a normal father-daughter relationship and an incestuous one. She was not just his daughter any more, she was his lover.


Seven Years Old

Simon was amazed that over the period of two years Gabby had gone from your normal five year old with no idea of sex to a young girl who knew what sex was and that it was something that gave her pleasure. In fact to his knowledge, five year old girls had no concept of sex let alone having any preconceived ideas. Sex to most five year olds, in fact sex to most ten year old girls, was something outside their sphere of knowledge. But Gabby was different and that fateful thunderstorm that had caused her to find his bed and find his erection had changed her young life. Now, she was not just growing up physically but also experiencing the different aspects of sex that most girls her age never did. Not since that incidence where she examined his penis while he pretended to sleep had she touched his penis again. It was if she had satisfied her curiosity. But six months after she turned seven that changed.

Simon had regular sex with Gabby – letting her take the lead – never forcing his needs on her. She would come to his bed whenever she felt the need for sexual relief and ask him to masturbate her with his finger. He had, on a few occasions tried to get between her legs to bring her to an orgasm with his tongue, but she had pushed him off saying it was icky.

It was a Saturday afternoon and she had been playing with her friend Emily in their backyard pool. Emily's mother had just picked Emily up and Gabby had gone to the main bathroom to shower. Simon opened the shower door and stepped inside. Showering or taking a bath with her was a regular occurrence, one which they both enjoyed.

"Gabby can I ask you a question?" he said.

"Uh-huh," she replied as she washed herself.

"Why don't you let me kiss your pussy?"

"Cuz it's nasty. I pee from there."

"But you're nice and clean now. You wouldn't believe how much better your orgasm would be if you let me do it with my tongue."

"You promise?" she said.

"I promise," he replied.


They finished showering and dried themselves off. He followed her to her bedroom admiring her small, naked buttocks moving seductively. He absolutely loved Gabby's bum with her small globular cheeks, a dimple above each, and the very sexy cleft between. It was the only part of her body that had any curves as she was straight as a beanpole. He couldn't wait for her to enter puberty and start to develop breasts and more rounded curves.

She jumped on the bed and lay on her back with her legs open. She had never been self-conscious of her body and since the thunderstorm incident being naked around him was considered normal. She would come into his bathroom while he was showering and get in with him or sit on the toilet and pee – an act that Simon felt was so erotic. Or, she would wander into his bedroom and sit cross-legged on his bed and talk to him while he was getting dressed.

He got on the bed and lay between her legs, his face inches away from her small pussy. Simon loved looking at his daughter's pussy; to him it was a wonder of nature with its wide prominent mons, smooth, hairless, rising up between the twin peaks of her bony hips. Her tight, tight slit with its short clitoral hood peeking out and the dark indent where it merged with her cheeks pushed together by the bed – the entrance to her tiny vagina. He inhaled smelling her, a mixture of her sex, jasmine shampoo and floral soap. He gently parted her plump labia with his finger and thumb exposing her small clitoral sheath and the tiny red opening to her vagina with its partial hymen. Apparently her love of swimming was slowly causing it to shrink.

As he touched her tiny clit now out of its protective cowl with the very tip of his tongue, it was if she had stuck her finger in an electrical outlet; her whole body jerked.

"Oh," she said as if surprised that it felt so good.

She shuddered as Simon put his mouth over her plump pussy and kissed it. He gently pushed an exploratory finger into her small vagina.

"Ooo, yes Daddy that feels good," she murmured as he pushed his finger up to its first knuckle past her hymen. He didn't venture any father as he just wanted her to feel what it was like to be penetrated. He knew she had put her finger inside herself but his was about twice the girth of hers. Happy that she didn't felt any pain, he left it in there.

As he continued to kiss her whole pussy and lick and suck her small nubbin, Gabby started moaning and moving her head from side to side. He felt her small hands on his cheeks, pulling him against her pussy. He could feel her juices coating his finger inside her vagina. Small tics and jerks came and went as she approached her orgasm. Then, without warning she climaxed; she grabbed small fistfuls of his hair and her thighs closed around his face.

"Daddy–Daddy," she cried as her orgasm grabbed her; her body was racked with jerks and tremors; as she inhaled through her nose he heard small snorts. He cupped her small buttocks with his hands and held them as her orgasm waned and finally left her body, limp, her chest rising and falling with her breathing. Finally she returned to normal; her breathing soft and regular; she released her grip on his head with her hands and thighs and opened her eyes.

"Was that good?" he asked.

She smiled. "It was more than good Daddy. Did you like it?"

"Gabby, I love everything about you. I love your little nipples and your small pussy. I love experiencing your orgasms. I can't wait for you to enter puberty."

"What's puberty?" she asked. Simon had explained what cocks and pussies were and what they were for but had never discussed what would happen to her as she entered puberty. He lay beside her and she snuggled up to him, resting her head in the crook of his arm.

"Did you learn about how caterpillars turn into butterflies at school?"


"Well puberty's sort of like that. It's the stage you'll go through to change from a girl to a woman."

"When will I know?"

"When you enter puberty you will start to develop what's called breast buds under these," He explained as he touched each of her nipples in turn.

"Over time they will get bigger and eventually you will have real breasts."

He touched her mons. "You'll start to grow hair here and under here," he said as he touched her armpit.

She giggled. "That tickles."

Simon knew she probably wouldn't grow much hair on her pussy as her mother only had a smattering and he didn't much care for a lot of hair as it got in the way of giving oral sex.

"Thanks Daddy, I love you."

"I love you too honey."

She lay there and I could see that she was thinking of something as occasionally her brow would knit and her eyes would narrow.

"Daddy," she said finally.

"Yes honey."

"You know that time when I sat on your lap and you made me cum while you rubbed my clit?"

"Yes I remember, why?"

"Can I see it . . . you know – see your cock when you cum?"

Simon's excitement was at an extremely high level. This was another milestone in Gabby's sexual awakening and it thrilled him no end.

"You want to watch me masturbate, watch me cum?"

"Can I?"

"Of course you can."

Simon grasped his shaft and started to stroke it. Her eyes were riveted on his penis as he masturbated. He palmed the precum that was leaking out and rubbed it around his shaft making it more slippery and sensitive. His breathing started to increase as he got more and more aroused, the sight of his seven year old daughter watching him masturbate inflamed his senses. Gabby put her hand to her mouth and gasped as the first rope of his pearly white cum shot up in the air and dropped back onto his fist and arm. Subsequent ones splattered onto his stomach and pubes, getting tangled in the hair.

As his breathing slowed he looked at Gabby who still had her open mouth covered by her hand. She looked at him and smiled.

"Wow," she said, "that was amazing. "Does that much come out every time?"

"Not every time. It was a lot this time because one very sexy little girl was watching."

"You think I'm sexy? I'm only seven Daddy."

"You may only be seven years old but with what we do together and your beautiful body, you are very sexy."

"Can I do it next time . . . you know make you cum?"

"I look forward to it."


It was but two days later when Gabby sneaked into his bed sometime in the early morning hours. As he slowly roused from very deep slumber he became aware that she was sitting cross legged beside him and she had his morning erection in both hands and this time she was actively rubbing it. He looked over at her; he nightdress was up around her thighs and he could see her plump little pussy coddled in a pair of lime-green cotton panties. She had a very focused look on her face as she masturbated him; a furrowed brow, narrowed eyes and her little pink tongue kept poking out the corner of her mouth. She was so darned cute.

"Morning Gabby," he said.

"Morning Daddy," she replied without taking her eyes off the job in hand.

"That feels really nice to wake up to."

"Am I doing it right?" she asked.

"Move your left hand up a tad so you rub the end. Also get some of that liquid that's coming out of the end and rub it on the shaft. Oo, yes that's it sweetie, that feels much better."

She stopped for a few moments while she rested; she leaned over and kissed the end sending shards of pleasure throughout his body. He moaned loudly.

"You like it when I kiss it?" she asked.

"God Lord yes honey. I would like it even more if you put daddy's cock in your mouth but make sure you put your tongue over your bottom teeth."

She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out a little ways. "You mean like this?"

"Yes sweetheart, just like that."

He watched as she put her mouth over the head of his penis and sucked it like it was a lollipop. Her little cheeks indented as she sucked him. She started stroking his shaft as she sucked on its head, a combination that accelerated his climax. As much as he wanted to, he didn't want the first time she gave him head to be spoiled by cumming in her mouth.

"Daddy's about to cum baby, you may want to take my cock out of your mouth."

"Kay," she said and pulled off of him just a few seconds before he grunted a few times as he felt his cock swell; cum rushed through it and spurted out of the end. It shot up in the air and landed on her one fist that was still holding his cock. Subsequent spurts landed on his stomach. The final cum oozed out onto her hand. She jumped off the bed and ran to his bathroom where he heard running water. Then a tinkling as she peed. She came out a few minutes later carrying a damp washcloth and proceeded to clean his cum off his stomach.

"How was I?" she said a few moments later after dropping the washcloth on the floor and snuggling up to his side.

"You were perfect Gabby, just perfect.

"I like it that I can make you cum and I like it when you do it to me."

"I like it too sweetie."

Eight Years Old

Gabby's and Simon's sexual activity was confined to mutual masturbation for most of her seventh year and for four months of her eighth year. She hadn't let him cum in her mouth but had sucked the small amount of semen that was left on the head of his penis most times she masturbated him. To Simon, the highlight of their sexual adventure was when he watched her masturbate. It was an amazing feeling watching his daughter pleasure herself for his pleasure.

Gabby masturbating while Simon watched started when they got in bed for one of their mutual pleasure sessions where she would bring him to his orgasm and then he would do the same for her, only this night she suggested something different. Simon was thrilled that she was taking the initiative and suggesting different things.

"You wanna watch me masturbate tonight?" she asked to which he eagerly agreed.

He watched intently as she lay back with her legs open wide, soles of her feet touching and cupped her pussy. She curled her middle finger, entering her vagina gathering moisture then moving it back up to her waiting clit. She had her eyes closed as she diddled her clit, curling her finger, rubbing herself with its pad. Faster and faster she rubbed, her eyes shut tight, breathing fast, legs and butt jerking as she chased her orgasm.

Then she cried out, "Daddy–Daddy," and it thrilled him no end. She snapped her legs together trapping her hand that had stopped moving, just keeping pressure on her clit. Her whole body shook with her orgasm, legs jerked uncontrollably, head flopped from side to side as a long moan escaped her lips. He lay there with his hand rubbing his erection as his daughter came down off her orgasmic high.

"Oh gawd," she finally said as she calmed down. "That was so good knowing you were watching me do it."

"Gabby, that was incredibly sexy. I love your orgasms as they are all so intense. I'm so close to cumming would you let me do something I've been wanting to do for a while?"

"You know you can do anything with me. You do know I want you to take my virginity don't you?"

"I would love to honey, but I think you're a little too small right now."

She looked a little dejected. "Okay," she sighed. "What you wanna do?"

He got between her legs and lifted hers over his hips and moved her closer such that the head of his cock sat on her mons. It looked huge, easily filling the width of her vee-shaped pad. Grasping the shaft he rubbed the head up and down, passing over her clit sending sparks of electricity into her already aroused pussy. He watched as her plump labia bulged obscenely as the bulbous head of his cock parted her cleft. He stopped when the head was at the tiny opening of her vagina. She tensed up.

"Don't worry Gabby I'm not going to penetrate you as you're still too small for me."

He let the head of his cock sit right at her opening and started to masturbate. She watched as he stroked his cock while its head was almost pushing inside her. She could feel herself stretching a little. The feeling was incredible, it was if he was fucking her. Then she heard him grunt a few times and his hot semen spurted inside her vagina, filling her. She could see the excess oozing out between the head of his cock and the slightly stretched opening of her vagina. She immediately climaxed.

"Daddy," she cried, "fuck me daddy."

Simon collapsed on top of his daughter as the last of his cum dribble out into her pussy. She could feel his hot breaths on her neck. He finally relaxed and started to lift back up but she put her arms around him.

"No, don't get up. I like to feel your weight on me," she said. "That felt amazing. It was if you were really fucking me."

Gabby had started to use the words fuck and fucking more often in the last six months and it excited him.

"Thanks for letting me do that sweetheart. It was incredible. I hope I didn't hurt you as the urge to penetrate you was so great."

"No Daddy, you didn't hurt me but I felt your cock start to stretch me. How much of it was inside me?"

"Not much, maybe just the tip."

"Oh," she said with a little disappointment in her voice.

"Cup your pussy to hold my cum inside and go to the bathroom and clean up or you'll leak all night and you don't want to sleep on a wet bed."


A few months after her eighth birthday her sexual awakening led her to having sex with her best friend Emily. Gabby confided in Simon that during a recent sleepover at Emily's house, Emily had asked her if she made herself feel good.

"I said "You mean do I masturbate?" I asked her, as it was obvious that she hadn't heard it called that so I had to tell her what it meant. "Yes that's what I do," she said. I told her that it was much better if it was done with a tongue instead of a finger."

"You didn't tell her that did you Gabby. What did I say about keeping what we do a secret."

"Oh sorry Daddy. She never asked how I knew."

"Well if she does, just tell her you saw it on the Internet or something."

"Kay. Sorry Daddy I wasn't thinking. You mad at me?"

"No honey I'm not mad but be very careful in future okay?"

"Kay. Anyway, I asked if she wanted to have a sleepover here next weekend so I could show her what it felt like. I thought you might like to watch us."

"You thought of me? That was so sweet of you. Thank you honey."

"Of course she can't know you're watching so I'll leave the door open. It'll be extra nice knowing you'll be watching us."


Saturday noon rolled around and Emily's mom dropped her off. The two girls immediately went upstairs and changed into their swimsuits. Simon watched as they both came out of the house; Emily wore a modest one-piece mid-blue suit and Gabby wore the one he had helped her pick out – a two-piece lime-green string bikini. He loved the way the two triangles of material coddled her plump little pussy and sexy bum. The material was thin enough that he could see the outline of her nipples and something he hadn't notice before. At first he thought it was that her areolas were a little puffy but it wasn't that, they were her breast buds.

"My little girl's entering puberty and is growing breasts," he said under his breath. He decided a little conversation was in order when Emily had left. He was over the moon at the thought of watching his little girl grow into a young woman. Gabby flirted with him which was not unusual for girls her age so Emily gave it no heed. But when Emily wasn't looking, Gabby would lift her bikini top giving him a quick look at her nipples. He wondered if she had noticed the subtle change in her body. Emily was a little flirt too but not as brazen. When she got comfortable being around him she would give him a shy smile.


After he had cooked dinner on the grille, hot dogs, coleslaw, and baked beans, the girls headed upstairs to shower and get dressed. Oh how he wished he could shower with the two of them. The thought of washing two nubile bodies and having two pairs of hands on his cock caused another erection. He really needed to go and get some relief, but the thought of watching two nine year olds pleasuring each other would be worth the wait.

Half an hour later they came back downstairs and they lay on the floor on their fronts watching television while Simon admired their small bums. He could see Gabby had on a pair of the lemon-yellow bikini-cut panties she had bought from Victoria's Secret under her over-sized Ugly Kid tee-shirt. Emily's were plain white from what he could see. Then she moved a little and the crotch of her panties got stuck in her bum crack and one of her cheeks was on display for his pleasure. He sat there with a very hard erection concealed in his loose cargo pants watching a very sexy sight until she reached behind and pulled the cotton back over the offending cheek. Damn!

At eight-thirty the girls decided that it was time for bed. Gabby gave him a knowing smile as she kissed him goodnight. Emily surprised him with a quick peck on his lips followed by a blush. He wondered if Gabby had put her up to it as she told him early that Emily thought him sexy. Sexy, he thought. Do all eight year old girls think in those terms or is it just the sign of the times? As promised Gabby left the door open and as Simon crept upstairs he heard Emily ask if they should close the bedroom door.

"No, Daddy's bedroom is downstairs and he never comes up here at night," she told her.

He watched as Emily got undressed. She pulled her top over her head and Simon was surprised to see that she too had breast buds but more pronounced than Gabby's. She pulled her plain white cotton panties down and he was treated to the sight of her nice little plump pussy with its very tight slit. Unlike Gabby's that had a pronounced clitoral hood, Emily only had an indent at the top.

"Lie on your back with your legs open," Gabby told her.

He watched as Emily lay down and when she opened her legs wide, her slit opened like a flower exposing her small clitoral sheath and the dark opening to her vagina just before her cheeks pressed together by the bed. Simon had already removed his pants and boxers in his bedroom so he stood there naked from the waist down rubbing the shaft of his cock watching his eight year old daughter between her friend's legs licking her pussy.

"Gawd Gabby that feels so much better than my finger," Emily murmured.

"Told you so," Gabby replied.

Emily was moaning loudly now as Gabby sucked and licked her small clit. Simon could see moisture leaking out of Emily's small vagina and running into the cleft between her cheeks.

"Mmm, that feels good," Emily moaned as Gabby put her finger inside her tiny vagina.

Gabby looked across at her dresser mirror and saw the reflection of Simon standing outside the bedroom door stroking his erection. She smiled. Emily's legs were starting to jerk and she was lifting her butt of the bed actively bucking Gabby's finger inside her pussy. Then she stopped breathing and froze.

"Oh gaaawd Gabby," she cried as her orgasm slammed into her. She started shaking and jerking uncontrollably as her orgasm took over her body. Her legs closed on Gabby's hand, her finger still inside her friend's pussy. This went on for thirty seconds until her orgasm slowly released its grip on her and she started to calm down and her breathing returned to normal.

"Wow!" Emily said as she opened her eyes, "that was fantastic. Thank you Gabby now it's my turn."

As Emily brought his eight year old daughter to her orgasm, Simon climaxed and ejaculated into a washcloth he had brought from his bathroom. He had to lean against the door jamb to steady himself. When his orgasm was over he returned to his bedroom and put his boxers and shorts back on. He sat in the living room watching television until ten o'clock when he went to bed.


"Did you enjoy watching?" Gabby asked quietly the next morning. "I saw you in the mirror masturbating."

"Good God yes. I couldn't believe how intense Emily's orgasm was."

"I gave her two more before we fell asleep."

"You think you like sex with a girl more than me?" Simon asked, feeling her out to see what her sexual preferences were.

"No way Daddy. It was nice having sex with Emily. It was different but nowhere near as good as it is with you."

After breakfast when Emily's mother had picked her up. Simon sat down with his daughter in the kitchen.

"Take your tee-shirt off sweetheart."

"Why?" she asked as she was pulling it over her head.

He rubbed her small breast buds.

"Careful Daddy, my nipples are a little tender today."

"You know why honey?"


"Here feel this," he said as he took her hand and placed it on her left breast. "You're growing breasts Gabby, you've started to enter puberty like we talked about."

She gently rubbed around her areola, feeling the small bump underneath. "Wow, I am aren't I," she said excitedly. "Can we go shopping for a bra?"

"You're not really large enough for one just yet. But as soon as they grow a little larger then we can." Simon was excited at the thought of seeing Gabby in her very first bra.

Gabby and Simon spent the rest of the day by the pool. Gabby skinny dipped while he looked on, enjoying her body and feeling so lucky to have found a lover in his own daughter.

Nine Years Old

Gabby's breasts developed slowly over the next nine months – much to slowly for Gabby's liking. But in the two months after her ninth birthday she seemed to put on a spurt and now had small beasts just a little larger than walnuts. One Saturday morning after breakfast he called her into the kitchen.

"You want to go shopping for your first bra today?"

She got all excited. "Can we Daddy?"

"Yes sugar we sure can. Go get ready."

They walked into Victoria's Secret and up to a young sales associate.

"Hello Miss . . . Heather," he said after looking at her name badge. "My nine year old daughter here needs her first bra. Can you help her with the correct size?"

"Yes we can do that, what's your name honey?"

"Gabby," Gabby replied.

"Okay Gabby come with me." She walked to the changing rooms with Gabby in tow.

A few minutes later they came back out. "Your daughter needs a size 28A."

Gabby picked out a white one-piece edged with a small sky-blue bow in the middle. He told her to pick out five other ones and matching panties. With Simon carrying the shopping bag they headed for the food court.

"I can't wait to put one on for you Daddy," she said as she munched on her chicken nuggets.

"I can't wait either as they all look so sexy."


Gabby bounded upstairs as soon as they had entered the house. Simon followed close behind. He tipped the contents of the shopping bag on her bed as she got undressed. She pulled on a pair of white cotton panties trimmed in sky-blue with a small sky-blue bow at each hip. She picked up the matching bra.

"How do I put this on?" she asked looking for a fastener.

"Just pull it over your head to your waist and put your arms through the straps," he said. "Yes that's right now pull it up to cover your breasts."

He watched as his nine year old daughter pulled the bra up and adjusted her small breasts inside it. The material was stretchy and it conformed to her small breasts. Although these so-called training bras weren't supposed to provide any support, not that she needed any, they were there for her to get used to wearing one and to cover up her breasts so they don't show as prominently under her tops. He found it very sexy indeed. She looked to him for approval.

"Yes, very sexy Gabby, very sexy indeed. I love it."

She smiled. "Thanks for taking me shopping Daddy."


That evening she came to his bedroom dressed in just her new bra and panties. She lay down beside him.

"You wanna fool around?" she asked, knowing what his answer would be.

"What did you have in mind sweetie?"

She pulled her bra up exposing her small breasts. "You can suck on these if you want."

Needing no further encouragement he leaned over and took each small breast into his mouth in turn and sucked gently.

"Hmmm, that's nice. I'm glad I finally have breasts."

"Me to honey. I now have something to play with."

She giggled. As he sucked on each small breast in turn, he slipped his hand under the waist of her panties and cupped her pussy. His finger felt wetness at the entrance to her vagina.

"Mmm, you're wet already," he murmured.

"I've been wet ever since you took me shopping for undies. These are the ones you liked the most."

"Thanks for wearing them for me."

As Simon continued to suck her small breasts, the pad of his middle finger was massaging her small clit now firm and wet from her juices he'd collected. He would insert his finger into her vagina and return to her clitoris. She was moaning and small tics and jerks randomly came and went as she climbed the slope of her orgasm. Simon loved his daughter's orgasms as they ran the gamut from just gentle sighs, through small grunts, to outright shaking and jerks of her body. Tonight he wondered which one she would grace him with.

He didn't have to wait long as the small jerks of her leg and bum increased and her legs opened and closed on his hand that cupped her pussy. She moaned as her head flopped from side to side. Then her orgasm hit her and she cried out.


He loved it when she called him 'Daddy' as she orgasmed. Her little body shook as he held her with his free hand. After a while she started to calm as her orgasm waned and released his hand from between her legs. As she snuggled up to him, her hand found his erection and squeezed it. Without any encouragement she shuffled down the bed and put her mouth over the end and started to suck. Simon lay back and enjoyed the incredibly sensual feeling of his nine year old daughter sucking the head of his cock while rubbing its shaft.

"Oh God Gabby, you don't know how good that feels sweetie. You do it so good."

Gabby continued sucking his cock, taking just the head inside her mouth with her lips under the rim and rubbing her fist up and down the shaft.

He almost climaxed as she pulled off his cock and said, "I love sucking your cock Daddy." He groaned.

As she expertly sucked and fisted his penis, he could feel the warmth of his approaching orgasm spreading throughout his groin. His ball sack tightened, drawing his testicles up against the base of his shaft. He knew he was close and debated whether he should tell her. Deciding it was not right to suddenly cum in her mouth he said, "I'm close Gabby."

She never stopped; he felt his cock swell as the first of his cum surged up its shaft and into his daughter's mouth. She quickly pulled off and let the next loads of cum splash onto his stomach. He looked at her with his cum in her mouth.

She swallowed.

She didn't just swallow, she licked her lips, smiled and said, "Sorry Daddy didn't think I could take it all."

He pulled her to him and kissed her, tasting his own cum on her lips. "That's okay honey. I was surprised you let me cum in your mouth."

"I just wanted to see what it felt like. I kinda liked it. I've tasted you before and it wasn't bad at all. Maybe next time I'll take all of it in."

"Oh baby, I do so love you. You're not just my daughter, you're also my lover. I'm such a lucky father."

"I love you too Daddy. You know my best friend Emily would love to do the things with her daddy like we do."

Simon was now starting to get worried again. Had Gabby let something slip to initiate the dad-daughter conversation? He decided to find out.

"So tell me, how did you two get 'round to that conversation?"

"She asked me if I had a crush on you and I said I did."

"She asked me if I ever did anything to get you to . . . you know . . . do things with me."

Simon's heart was beating almost out of his chest. "I hope you said no," he said.

"No, I said I did try, but you ignored me."

His heart rate slowed. "Thanks for keeping our secret."

"Daddy! I'd never tell, you know that."

"Yes honey. It's just that I get nervous at times. Go on with what you and Emily talked about."

"I asked what she had tried. She said she would walk around the house wearing just her panties – she doesn't have any real breasts yet, just buds. Her daddy told her to go and put some clothes on. Then she got him to see her naked."

"How did she manage to do that?"

"She was in the bathroom and screamed that there was a spider in the tub. Her daddy came running and as soon as he saw she didn't have any panties on he quickly turned his back to her and told her to cover up. He must have said something to her mother because she sat her down and told her that she knew what she was doing and to cut it out. Daddy I feel so sorry for her as she really wants to have what we have."

Ten Years Old

Gabby's tenth birthday was a watershed moment. After all her friends had gone home and the caterer had cleaned up and left, Simon sat on the sofa sipping a ten-year old scotch. Gabby was upstairs taking a shower. Simon's erection had raged all afternoon, hidden in the loose cargo pants. He had resisted quite a few attempts to get him into the pool with the girls, several of the pleas were from his daughter's friend Emily. He chuckled.

"What's funny Daddy," Gabby said as she entered the living room and plopped onto the couch beside him, snuggling up to his side. He could smell the jasmine shampoo in her still damp hair and floral soap on her skin. He was utterly in love with his daughter and it wasn't a father's love, it was that of a lover. He still marveled at how an innocent grasp of his erect cock in the middle of a thunderstorm had morphed into a love affair. He counted himself so lucky.

"Daddy," she said dragging him back from his thoughts.

"I was thinking of Emily trying to get me into the pool. There was no way I was going to shuck my shorts."

"Yeah I know. I figured you had an erection looking at all that skin. She kept asking me why you wouldn't swim."

"And what did you tell her?"

"I said you were probably embarrassed to let us see your erection."

"You didn't?"

"Don't start panicking Daddy. I told her I'd seen the bulge in your pants last time she was at our pool so she knows she turns you on."

She reached down and felt his erection through his pants. "You wanna go to your room and fool around?"

"That thought did cross my mind."

"You know what I'd like to do?"

"What's that?"

"I loved it the time you spurted into my pussy – felt like you actually had it inside me."


Gabby followed him to his bedroom and they both got undressed and into bed.

"You want me to suck you Daddy?"

"Oh yes."

Gabby lay beside him and reached over and wrapped her hand around the shaft of his cock; her fingers not quite touching.

"I can't believe how big you are. I'm never going to be big enough for you to put it inside me."

"You're still young Gabby, give it time as I can wait."

"But I can't wait. I'm so horny lately, I have to change my panties three times a day you get me so wet."

"I'm over the moon that I can turn you on, but you get me hard almost every time I'm around you."

She smiled; she lowered her mouth over the head of his cock and started to suck. He watched as her cheeks indented; her tongue just visible cradling the underside of the head as she pulled up a little until half of the head was outside her mouth. Then she lowered her head until the entire head was inside her mouth with her lips sensually hugging the underside of its crown.

Gabby kept this up, all the while looking at him and smiling with her eyes. She watched as he closed his eyes and started to breathe faster. She felt his legs start to twitch and jerk, a sure sign that he was getting near to his climax.

"You ready to cum?" she asked.

"Uh-huh." Was his reply.

She lay back and lifted her knees to the side of her chest, giving him free access to her pussy. He got up and sat on his haunches; grasping the shaft of his cock he swiped it up and down her open cleft, bumping over her clitoral hood sending sparks of pleasure into her pussy.

"God you're so wet," he said.

"Told you; you turn me on," she murmured.

He place the tip of his cock against the opening of her vagina, pushing aside her plump engorged labia and started to stroke himself. She watched as he closed his eyes; he was breathing hard now; his legs shaking as his climax neared. Then he cried out.

"Dear God Gabby, cumming baby."

She felt the first spurt of cum hit her vagina, flooding her, making her even more slick. Then he seemed to lose control of his legs for an instance, and, as the next spurt entered her vagina, she felt a quick stab of pain as her vagina dilated and the head of his cock penetrated her. Another spurt of his cum and his cock slipped in an inch. With the feeling of him penetrating her for the first time and his hot semen flooding her vagina, she climaxed.

"Daddy – Daddy – Daddy," she cried.

He looked down and was mortified to see that he had penetrated his ten year old daughter. He started to pull out but she stopped him.

"No!" she cried. "Don't take it out."

He sat there with the head and an inch of his shaft inside his daughter's pussy and watched as she slowly inched herself forward taking more and more of his cock inside her. After a short while, she felt the tip press against the end of her vagina. She had taken almost all of him inside her. She pushed up on her elbows and craned her neck to see his cock inside her, the tight ring of skin surrounding his cock had a slight reddish tinge to it where her hymen had torn and bled.

She smiled. "I'm no longer a virgin Daddy," she said proudly.

"Sorry baby, I didn't mean to go inside you. I hope I didn't hurt you too much."

"It hurt when you first went inside me but it quickly went away. Gawd I feel so full."

After ejaculating, Simon's penis now started to deflate and Gabby clenched her vagina trying to keep him inside her but it only served to expel him followed by a flood of semen that ran down where her cheeks were pressed together and pooled in the bed. He looked down and saw a very faint tint of red; the lips of her pussy were red and engorged.

"I'm afraid I made a mess of your bed," she said.

"It's our bed Gabby," he replied.

She smiled. "Okay our bed, but it's still a mess. Let me go clean up and put on a pair of panties; we can sleep in my bed tonight."


"Thanks for my other birthday present," she said as she got off the bed cupping her crotch.

"Other present . . . oh I get it. You're welcome," he said.


He woke at dawn. Gabby was still sleeping, puffs of breath moved a few strands of hair that lay across her face. He gently moved them behind her ear and kissed her lips. She stirred slightly. After showering back in his bathroom, he dressed and pulled the soiled sheets of the bed and headed for the laundry room. After turning on the Whirlpool front loader he went into the kitchen and made a cup of Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee in the Keurig and sat at the table on the pool deck. An hour later Gabby came out with a glass of orange juice in her hand.

"Morning Dad," she said as she bent over and kissed him.

He ignored the use of 'Dad' instead of 'Daddy' and asked, "How do you feel this morning sweetheart?"

"Sore but good. In fact very good," she replied. "So this is how it feels to not be a virgin anymore? I like it, I like it very much."

"Look Gabby, I didn't mean to penetrate you last night, it was an accident."

She leaned over and put a finger to his lips. "Shush. I know you didn't mean to but I'm glad you did. It was a wonderful feeling after the initial pain of having your cock inside me. We gotta do it again," she said as she moved her bottom on the chair's cushion. She frowned. "But not for a while."

"After breakfast how about I draw you a bath and you can soak for a while."

"I'd like that, thanks Dad."

He let the use of the word 'Dad' pass again.


A few hours later Gabby came out of the master suite wearing a new pale-blue camisole top over one of her plain white bras, a pair of pink cotton shorts and pink Keds.

"That feel better?" he asked.

"Much better thanks Dad," she replied.

He opened his mouth to ask her about the dad thing but let it drop.

"You were going to say something?"

"No, it was nothing important."


Two nights later, she got into their bed as she had taken to sleeping with him every night. He liked falling asleep with her after making love or just cuddling, and he liked waking up with her. It reminded him of sleeping with her mother, something he missed terribly after she died. She snuggled up to his side and put her leg over his and her arm across his stomach. He could feel the wetness of her pussy as she pressed her crotch into his thigh.

"I'm not sore any more Dad," she whispered.

"Oh that's good to hear honey," he replied nonchalantly.

She dug him in his ribs. "That's not what I meant."

"Oh it wasn't?"

She grabbed his semi-hard cock and squeezed. "You know what I meant you doofus."

He made his way down the bed and between her open legs and to her awaiting pussy, so sexy, so lush. As he got his face close to her pussy he noticed a few auburn colored hairs on her mons.

"You're growing pussy hairs." he told her.

"Where?" she replied as she strained to see.

"Here, and here and here," he said pointing them out.

She sank back to her pillow while he parted her labia with his finger and thumb noticing the complete absence of her hymen inside the red opening of her vagina. He counted himself extremely lucky to have been the one to take her virginity. After three or four minutes of sucking her clit and kissing her entire pussy, her vagina was coated with her creamy moisture.

"I'm ready Dad," she murmured, "put it inside me."

He got up, and after swiping the head of his cock up and down her cleft a few time, positioned its head at her small opening, still marveling that he had managed to penetrate her with very little pain and bleeding. He looked at her; she stared at him and smiled. He pushed a little feeling tight ring of skin resist his forward motion. As he looked down at his large adult cock sitting at the entrance to his ten-year old daughter's vagina, he still had trepidation that he could penetrate her again without hurting her. After all she was still a child.

He felt her curl her pussy up, causing the head to penetrate a little; the tight ring of skin now covered half of the large helmet-shaped head of his cock. With the look of determination on her face she curled her pussy some more and the head popped in. He saw a slight frown on her face that was quickly replaced by a big smile of accomplishment.

"You okay?" he asked.

She nodded. "Wonderful," she replied. "I love having your cock inside me. Makes me feel so grownup."

"I'm sure there are not many ten year old girls who've had intercourse."

She draped her legs over his hips and beckoned him to lie on top of her. Her hands held his hips as he slowly pushed into her until he bumped her cervix.

"I think that's the one thing I like the most," she said, "when you bump my end."

Simon slowly withdrew then plunged into her bumping her cervix eliciting little "uhs". Slow withdrawal – thrust in, slow withdrawal – thrust in. He kept up the slow melodic rhythm; he could feel her hot breaths on his shoulder getting a little harder and quicker.

"Gawd I love sex with you Dad," she said between breaths.

He could feel her body trembling a little as she responded to his stimulation; her clit dipped and was rubbed by his wet shaft as he plunged into her sending sparks of pleasure into her pussy. Her small breasts felt full and heavy as they were squashed against his chest. She loved the feel of his body; the movement of his hips as he humped her; his weight pressing her into the mattress; the tension in his muscles. She could feel the start of her orgasm in the pit of her stomach, spreading warmth; her pussy was alive, tingling; her small breasts throbbed.

"Cumming Dad," she cried as she climaxed.

He felt her hands grasp his hips and hold him deep inside her as she fell into her orgasm's grip; her body jerked and shook uncontrollably; moans escaped her lips; beads of sweat formed on her brow and her breasts.

Finally she calmed enough to speak, "Wow Dad, that was amazing. I don't think I've ever cum that hard before. Okay now I need to take care of you."

He pulled out of her and rolled to her side. She shuffled down the bed and raised his cock, wet with her juices, off this stomach and lowered her mouth over its large head and sucked.

"I still find it hard to believe that you managed to get this in my pussy," she said as she looked at the bulbous head. "I can only just get it in my mouth."

She continued sucking the head and stroking the shaft. Then she surprised him again as she licked all the way from the root of his cock to the tip; then she put each of his testicles in her mouth and sucked gently.

Simon groaned. "My God Gabby, you're incredible."

"Saw it on the Internet," she said proudly. "Feel good?"

"Good's not the right word."

Simon watched as his ten year old daughter, his ten year old lover expertly sucked and stroked his cock. He felt the very familiar stirrings in his groin; warmth spread throughout his body, blood pounded in his temples and his scrotum drawing up tight. Gabby now had one hand stroking his cock and the other cradling his scrotum, squeezing it occasionally all the while sucking and licking the its crown. Then he felt that wonderful feeling in his anus spreading through his groin.

"Cumming soon Gabby," he said.

"Hmm," she said as she carried on sucking and stroking his erection.

She felt his cock swell and pulse and semen rushed through and spurted into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. She knew what to expect this time; she had her throat closed off and was breathing through her nose but the thick rope of cum still made her jerk a little. But she kept her lips closed tight around the underside of the crown as he spurted again. Simon watched his daughter's cheeks start to swell as she contained his cum as it flooded her mouth. Then it was over and she pulled off of his cock and swallowed hard.

"If that's not the most erotic sight I've ever seen then I don't know what is," he said as he watched his daughter swallow his semen.

"Told you I'd take all of your cum this time," she said rather proudly.

Twelve Years Old

One Saturday night while snuggling together in bed, Gabby somewhat surprised him.


"Yes honey."

"I'd like it if I could go on top tonight."

"I think I'd like that too Gabby," he replied.

She straddled Simon's hips and lowered herself down onto his erection that was lying on his stomach; her plump labia pooched out either side of his shaft exposing her small inner labia and clitoral hood. Her pussy was hugging his cock in a sensual embrace.

"God that looks so erotic," he said.

She started to scrub along his shaft, her clit dipping to contact his cock sending shards of pleasure into her pussy.

"I think I like this," she said as she moved back and forth along his now very wet cock from the juices leaking out of her vagina.

After a few minutes of pleasuring herself, she lifted up and grasped the shaft of his cock with her thumb and finger and positioned its head against the opening to her vagina. He watched as she ever so slowly lowered herself, impaling herself on his rod, her small inner labia inverting, drawing them inside her. She had a slight frown on her face as she lowered herself as if she expected some discomfort; it changed to a smile as their pubes met. She had taken all of him inside her and could feel the tip of his cock pushing ever so pleasurably against her cervix.

"Wow, you've taken all of me inside you," he said. "You've never managed to do that before."

"I know," she replied rather proudly.

She started to scrub back and forth. On a few occasions as she moved too far forward his cock came out. She put her hand behind her back and guided it back inside her. Simon was tweaking her nipples as she slowly fucked him. The sensation of having his cock completely buried inside his daughter's pussy was incredible. Their lovemaking had come a long way in seven years he thought. He counted himself to be one very lucky father.

Gabby was moving faster now, with her palms on his chest for support she scrubbed back and forth. Then she stopped and dropped to his chest as she climaxed.

"Oh God – oh God – oh God," she cried as her orgasm crashed into her. She had her arms around his neck with her small breasts squashed against his chest as her body shook. He felt her ass jerk as he held two exquisite buttocks in his hands. Finally she calmed and pushed back up.

"I think I like it on top," she said.

She looked down at where they were joined.

"Oh my God, I'm bleeding Dad. I just started my period," she said.

She lifted off and saw the small amount of blood on his cock.

"I'm sorry Dad. You haven't cum yet."

"That's okay sweetie, we knew this would happen sooner or later. Let's go take a shower and afterwards you can grab a pad for your panties."

After they both showered and dried off, Gabby put a pad inside a fresh pair of panties and they both got back into bed.

"At least none got on the sheet," she said as she snuggled up to his side. Her hand found his flaccid cock; it started to harden as she squeezed it.

"You know what this means don't you Gabby?"

"What?" she replied.

"No more intercourse until we get you on birth control."

"Oh no!"

"Sorry but I don't want to get you pregnant and I hate wearing a condom."

She brought him to full erection and took it in her mouth as she rubbed his shaft, twisting her hand as she did so. It didn't take long before he felt his cock swell and semen burned up its shaft and flooded her mouth. She sucked the last of his cum of the crown and swallowed.

"You know what this means Dad?"

"No, what?"

"You get more blow jobs."

Simon groaned.


Simon made an appointment for that afternoon with the OB-GYN in the family practice where his own doctor worked. He had primed Gabby on what to tell the doctor, that she had been having her periods for three months and they had been very irregular. That would get a prescription for the birth control pill. He really didn't want to put the onus on Gabby to remember to take the pill every morning but he couldn't very well ask for an IUD to be fitted so he could have sex with his twelve year old daughter.

"Everything go okay?" he asked as she came out of the doctor's office.

"Yes, she gave me this," she said handing him a prescription for Loestrin.

"Okay, let's go and get it filled."


Sixteen Years Old

For the past four years Simon and Gabby had been having regular sex. For the most part Gabby had been very careful to take the pill every day. She had only slipped up the once and that was early on and fortunately she didn't get pregnant. When she turned thirteen, she had asked if she could move all her clothes into the master suite as she slept with him every night. Simon was thrilled and agreed only on one condition and that was if they ever had a guest she would have to move back to her room. The only guest they ever had was his sister who lived on the opposite coast and she only ever visited once a year around Christmas time. They were sat on the sofa watching television after having eaten a very nice dinner that Gabby had cooked.

"You're becoming a very good cook Gabby, that meal was amazing. The flavors in that stew were incredible."

"Thanks Simon," she replied.

He couldn't remember when she had started calling him 'Simon' but he thought it was about the time she moved into the master suite.

"I was talking to Emily the other day and she's still hung up on losing her virginity," Gabby said after a commercial break came on. "I think she's gonna make a big mistake with the guy she's dating right now."

"Why's that?"

"Well after the last girl he dated, he dumped after she let him fuck her and I'm afraid he'll do the same with Emily. I don't want her to be labeled a slut at school."

She was quiet for a moment. "Would you consider . . . "

"The answer's no Gabby," he said cutting her off.

"Please Simon. It's not like it's illegal or anything, she is sixteen."

"I don't know Gabby. Wouldn't you be jealous?"

"No I won't. I know you love me and it's only for one night. You'd love her body, she's nice B-size tits. Will you at least think about it?"



The more Simon thought about it, the more the idea of having sex with Emily grew on him; after all she was a beautiful young woman. He'd admired her body a few weeks ago as she and Gabby swam in the pool. She had filled out nicely from the beanpole she used to be. He told Gabby that he agreed to have sex with Emily and she thanked him profusely. Sex that night with his daughter was a bit more intense.


"You absolutely sure about this Emily?" he asked as she sat on the sofa with Gabby on his other side smiling.

"Yes Simon I am, and when I asked Gabby if she'd be there as well I was thrilled."

That last minute change had thrilled Simon no end. The thought of having sex with both Gabby and Emily at the same time just blew his mind. It's not many men that get to have sex with two sixteen year olds at the same time – well it's not many men that get to have sex with a sixteen year older, period.

"Did you get one of those morning after pills like I said?"

"Yes I did."

"Okay, as we've all showered why don't you and Gabby go and get in our bed and I'll join you shortly."

He watched two sexy rumps as the girls walked to the master suite. Ten minutes later her walked into the master bedroom and was greeted with the incredible sight of his daughter French kissing her best friend. Both girls had their mouths open and it was obvious tongues were at play. Emily's hand cupped Gabby's right breast while Gabby had her hand inside Emily's panties, and judging by the outline of a knuckle moving up and down Gabby was working on her friend's clitoris.

They stopped kissing and turned and looked at him as he said, "Well I see you girls couldn't wait." They both giggled and went back to kissing.

Emily watched Simon get undressed out of the corner of her eye. As he dropped his boxers and his cock sprang out she gasped into Gabby's mouth. Gabby stopped kissing and looked over at him and smiled. She whispered in her friend's ear, "It's big isn't it? Don't worry you'll stretch."

He got onto the bed and moved Emily onto her back. He looked up at Emily's pert breasts standing up off her chest with small red areolas and red nipples that stood up, firm; quite beautiful he thought. Hooking his fingers inside the waist of her panties he tugged them down; Emily lifted her bottom off the bed and he pulled them off. He looked at her pussy with its prominent vee-shaped mons covered with a smattering of dusky-blonde hairs. Her plump labia had parted and he could see her long clitoral hood that started almost at the top of her cleft and extended all the way to the opening of her vagina that was already leaking. Gabby had prepared her well with her attention to her clit.

Simon parted her labia even more and lapped all the way from her vagina to her clit causing moans of pleasure. Gabby, who had been sucking on Emily's nipples, looked at Simon as he lifted Emily's knees over his hips. She smiled as he swiped his cock up and down Emily's cleft a few times; her plump labia oozed aside as his bulbous head pressed into her, rubbing her clitoris sending sparks of pleasure into her pussy.

With Simon working on her pussy and Gabby on her nipples Emily was rapidly getting very aroused. He placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her vagina and pushed gently.

She gasped and said, "You feel so big Simon."

"You can take him Emily," Gabby said then continued sucking Emily's nipples.

Simon pushed some more and started to see the tight circle of skin dilate a little, allowing half of the crown inside her very, very tight vagina. She gasped as her pussy dilated more, allowing him to penetrate her, the tight circle of skin gripping the underside of his crown.

Gabby looked at where Simon and Emily were joined. "He's inside you," she said.

"Really," Emily replied. "I only felt a small twinge."

He pushed a little more and, as his cock slipped inside her, gripped by a wet, silky sheath, he bumped her end; a small gasp escaped her lips. Then he withdrew feeling her vagina clench; it was such an erotic experience Emily's pussy holding on to his cock not wanting him to pull it out – something furthest from his mind. She was very wet and slippery as he thrust in and out of her, withdrawing almost all the way – just the crown remaining inside; then he thrusting into her in one continuous stroke until he bumped her cervix again; small "uhs" escaped her lips every time he did so.

Simon kept on fucking Emily as Gabby sucked on her nipples and rubbed her clit with her middle finger, feeling her father's cock slide past as he thrust into her. Gabby was diddling her own clit with her free hand and was groaning with Emily's nipple and areola in her mouth. Emily was close to her climax as Simon fucked her harder.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh," she cried as he slammed into her. Then.

"Oh God – oh God – oh God – oh God," she cried as her orgasm crashed into her; her legs started to shake and he felt her vagina clench his cock then release only to clench again. She had her arms around Gabby's neck pulling her, kissing her as she moaned into her mouth. She slowly started to calm; her breathing slowed and small jerks like small aftershocks came and went. She opened her eyes and saw Gabby smiling at her.

"Good?" Gabby asked.

"Oh yes," Emily replied, "more than good, incredible."

"You're not a virgin anymore," Gabby offered.

"Yay," Emily said, "finally." She felt Simon's cock still hard buried inside her. She looked at Gabby.

"This is the good part," Gabby said, "you get to feel him cum inside you and let me tell you, it's an incredible feeling."

Emily looked at Simon who started thrusting into her again as he chased his orgasm which was not far off. Emily watched his face as his brow furrowed and beads of sweat formed on his brow and upper chest that was flushed with his intense arousal. She felt his arms tremble as he climaxed.

"Oh God," he cried as he buried his cock deep inside her pussy and held it there.

Emily felt the first spurt of his cum as it splashed against her cervix; her eyes opened wide as the next flooded her fertile womb. Three more spurts and he was done, empty, sated. He collapsed on top of her, panting, swallowing trying to lubricate his parched throat; licking his dry lips. At last he calmed and rolled to her side as his now flaccid cock slipped out of her. She felt his cum start to leak out into the tight crack between her cheeks pressed together. She clenched her pussy and cupped it to keep his semen inside until she could get to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, Emily exited the bathroom to the sight of Gabby with Simon's now swelling cock in her mouth.

"Save some for me," Emily said as she jumped on the bed and lay beside Simon opposite her best friend. Gabby offered his cock to her; she took it in her mouth, tasting her own juices mixed with his semen. Simon wasn't sure he could climax again so soon, but the sight of his daughter and her best friend performing oral sex on him was too much. He felt his cock swell and pulse as a small amount of cum entered Emily's mouth which surprised her. She swallowed it.

"Your first blow job Em," Gabby said. "Now you can give one to Dave." Emily giggled.

The three of them lay there, both girls had a leg over each of Simon's legs, pressing their wet pussies into his thighs and luxuriated in their post orgasmic bliss until they all drifted off to sleep.


Gabby woke at dawn the next morning to see her best friend with Simon's morning erection in her mouth.

"God Em," Gabby whispered, "you used to be the shy one and now look at you."

"I didn't know I would like sex so much. Last night was incredible. Your dad was so nice and so gentle. Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure Em."

"How long have you and your dad . . . you know . . . been doing it?"

"You mean intercourse?"


"You have to promise me that you never ever discuss this with anyone and if you do, I'll deny it and I'll not be your friend anymore."

"Of course I would never do that to you."

"We first had intercourse when I was ten."

"Oh – My – God. Ten!!? Didn't it hurt a lot – I mean he's so big?"

"Actually it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would."

"God Gabby, you're so lucky to have a dad like Simon."

"I've never told you this but he's not my real Dad. He married Mom when I was three years old. I never knew my real dad."

"But you always called him 'Daddy.' "

"I know and he's been the best dad a girl could ever wish for."

"Who's the best dad?" Simon said as he woke to the sight of Emily stroking his cock and occasionally sucking its crown.

"You are doofus," Gabby replied.

"Emily, you going to just play with that or are you going to get serious with it?" Simon asked.

"Emily's flying solo today Simon," Gabby replied, "I'm just a spectator."

That wasn't exactly true, as Gabby fondled and squeezed his testicles while Emily sucked and stroked his cock with the occasional advice from Gabby. It didn't take long for Emily to bring Simon to his climax and as hard as she tried she couldn't swallow his cum fast enough and it came down her nose. She snorted and swallowed.

"Sorry Simon," she said.

"Takes practice Em," Gabby offered, "better make sure you don't snort when you blow Dave."


Gabby's life turned out just as she had wished when she was ten years old. She never dated either in high school or throughout college and a lot of her classmates labeled her as a lesbian but her best friend Emily knew better. Gabby loved Simon intensely and when she graduated from college, she and Simon sold the house and moved across country to be near his sister Annabel.

"Simon, what an unexpected surprise," his sister said as she opened her front door and found him and Gabby standing there. "Come on in."

Annabel was a life-long lesbian and had settled into the Northern California lifestyle many years ago.

"And what brings the two of you to the Left Coast as you always called it?"

"Gabby and I are getting married, and we intend to buy a house in the area," he said.

Even that shocked an almost un-shockable Annabel. "You and Gabby are an item? But you're forty-one and she's what – twenty-one – that's a big age gap."

"I don't care about the age difference Annabel," Gabby piped up. "Simon and I have been lovers ever since I can remember."

"Well who am I to judge you two," Annabel said. "I'm thirty-nine and have just met a very beautiful and very sexy nineteen year old. Her name's Veronica and you'll get to meet her next week as she's on spring break and is coming to spend some time with me. You guys have a place to stay while you look to buy?"

"No sis we don't," Simon replied. "I thought maybe we could crash with you for a week or so?"

"No problem, take the spare room."


Two weeks went by and Gabby and Simon had settled into the spare room and had inserted themselves into Annabel's life. On a unseasonably warm Friday afternoon, Veronica turned up with a backpack over her left shoulder. Annabel kissed and hugged her.

"Veronica darling, you have to come and meet my big brother Simon and Gabby the love of his life."

At first Veronica was taken aback at the age difference between Simon and Gabby but soon warmed to her personality. The two of them, being close in age, hit it off immediately and were soon deep in conversation about the latest fashions and politics, which Simon stayed away from. East and West coast politics where zillions of miles apart.

Over dinner at a local restaurant called Californian Fusion, which, in spite of the pretentious name, Simon thought was actually quite good he and Gabby announced that they were pregnant and were going to have a baby girl. They had already decided on a name – Claire.


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