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It's the year two thousand and forty-eight, and the landscape of what was the United States of America has changed dramatically. The cities, and their surrounding suburbs and farms, are virtual fortresses protected by the government militia. But the countryside is a no-man's land with rebels and opportunistic thieves and murderers free to do as they wished. Eli Lowell roams the land, scavenging where and whenever he can. His nomadic life changes inexorably one day, when he hears the sound of falling water.

Word Count: 23,243


Eli Lowell put his arms through the straps of his backpack and hoisted his hunting rifle over one shoulder. He had just stopped for a quick snack before heading off again along the dusty road. The highway sign at the side of the road was riddled with bullet holes but he could still make out the State highway - 1605. He had just left the small hamlet of Round Peak after refilling his canteen in a nearby creek.

As he walked, his mind wandered and he thought back on the events of the last eleven years. He had already come to terms with the events that had reshaped his country. It all started in two thousand and thirty-seven. The cities were in turmoil with gangs roaming the streets unfettered; the understaffed police force unable to do anything. Rioting was common place and stores had their windows permanently boarded up and no one except the criminal element ventured out after sunset.

Winston Smith won the presidential election with a landslide that year, on the promise to get tough on crime and clean up the streets. As soon as he took office he started making presidential decrees that were blatantly unconstitutional. But a weak Congress, under constant pressure from their constituents to do something about the crime wave, went along with his policies.

Over the next three years, crime started to decline but President Smith told the people that for them to be safe on the streets and in their homes, they had to agree to sweeping changes. Slowly they signed away a lot of their God-given rights. In fact, by the time President Smith's second term was over, most of the Amendments to the Constitution had been abolished. With the demise of the Second Amendment, all guns were banned, public speech or publications had to be approved ahead of time by the Department of Truth. Elections were a sham, as anyone running for any office had to be approved by the Department of Re-Education and only those who backed the administration were given permission.

As President Winston Smith started to consolidate his grip on power, it was obvious to the senior managers of the most successful companies along with engineers, scientists, chemists and doctors that the United States was changing and not for the better. They started to leave the country to either Canada or Europe taking their knowledge with them. It started as a trickle, but as more and more of their freedoms were being taken away it became a flood. As a consequence, all of the scientific gains of the last thirty years slowly disappeared and life fell back into that of the early twenty-first century. When the government realized there was a brain drain, they started putting restrictions on emigration. As a result there was a thriving underground railroad akin to the one that smuggled slaves out of the south in the eighteen hundreds. It ended across the border in Canada of Mexico where people with money were free to travel anywhere in the world.

The final nail in the coffin of democracy was the abolition of presidential elections. Winston Smith was now president for life. Ten years after his initial election, the landscape of the cities and suburbs had changed dramatically. CCTV cameras were on every corner of every street in the cities and suburbs. There were checkpoints on all major roads leading into the city center as well as the large suburban areas and outlying farms that fed the populace.

Everyone was required to carry a photo ID at all times and were subject to a search without probable cause. In fact, every law was stripped of the phrase 'probable cause'. Courts dispensed Draconian punishments for any crime against the government, particularly acts of civil disobedience, and there was no ability to challenge the sentences as all Appeals Courts along with the Supreme Court had been abolished. By the time people woke up to the fact they were now living in what was essentially a police state, it was too late. They were however safe in their homes and on the streets, as crime was an aberration.

The job of keeping law and order was the job of the government militia as all police forces had been disbanded. The uniform of the militia of Oceania, formerly known as the United States of America, was a brown shirt, similar to those worn by members of the early Nazi militia founded by Hitler in Munich in 1921. The patch on the arm of the shirt carried the insignia of Oceania, a bald eagle with a saber in its beak and a skull in its claws.

Then came the revolution. A loosely knit army of men and women, many of them survivalists and ex-National Guard members met in secret with the Mexican army over a period of six months to craft a plan to take back the country. The fighting had raged on for almost a year until both sides fought to a stalemate but not before millions of people, largely civilians were killed, all by the heavy-handed methods of the Brown Shirts. The government held almost all the cities, well defended by the militia. But outside their heavily guarded perimeters, it was a no-man's land with skirmishes where the government could see soft spots in the revolution. It was not safe to roam the countryside.

However Eli Lowell had no fear of the Brown Shirts or the rebels. He had resigned himself to his fate a year ago, two days after his twenty second birthday, when his parents were killed in the explosion that tore into their house after a rocket from a government Apache gunship hit it. There was no rhyme or reason for the attack. But Eli had a sneaking suspicion one of the neighbors who'd had run-ins with his parents over a period of three months had told the Brown Shirts that they were hiding rebels in their basement.

The day it happened, he was on his way home after visiting a friend's house when he heard the explosion followed by a plume of smoke. He ran as fast as he could, and as he rounded the bend in the country road and saw his home burning, he sank to his knees and cried. A day later, he scavenged what he could from the partially intact basement of the still smoldering rubble and packed them in a rucksack and headed out of the small town he had called home, never to return.


Chapter One

Six months of roaming the countryside of western North Carolina, a beautiful and wild land nestled against the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains, had inured him to the hardships of life on the road. During and after the uprising, almost all those who survived the fighting, except those hardy or foolish enough to stay, had fled to the cities and suburbs. He scavenged whatever he could whenever he could. Being somewhat limited in carrying capacity, he had to pick and choose what he took. High on the list was food, preferably canned or dried food, water being plentiful from the many streams, rivers and lakes that dotted the area. Next was ammunition for his hunting rifle, a Ruger bolt action in .270Win caliber fitted with a Weaver Super Slam scope and his SIG Sauer 45ACP semi-auto sidearm. Both were extremely lucky finds in an abandoned homestead he had come across three days into his nomadic existence. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble cutting a thread on the end of the barrel to accept a sound suppressor. Gunshots tended to attract the wrong kind of attention so the suppressor was an invaluable addition. Cash was still the currency and would buy you almost anything if you had enough.

It was midday and the early summer sun was beating down on him, the wide-brimmed floppy hat kept the glare out of his eyes. He had been walking since eight o'clock and needed a rest and a snack. Earlier in the day he had been walking through a small town, deserted except for the few feral dogs that roamed the streets. He came across a gas station on the other side of town and decided to investigate.

He peered inside the QuickMart and saw that the shelves had been stripped bare. But at the rear of the store stood a vending machine that for some reason was facing the wall. He turned it around and to his surprise it was full. He broke the glass and helped himself to the contents, candy bars, assortment of Nabs and about thirty one dollar bills and a few fives and tens. He only took a half dozen bags of potato chips as any more would take up too much space in his rucksack.

Eli sat down on a grassy bank at the side of the trail, and as he went to pull a packet of Nabs out of his rucksack, the sound of water falling over rocks wafted up from below on a gentle breeze. He checked his canteen, it was almost empty.

Picking up his rucksack, he half-walked half-slid down the steep slope on the opposite side of the road. He stopped himself just in time from falling over the edge of the cliff. A wide shallow stream ran from his left and cascaded over the edge of the rocky cliff he was standing on. The water cascaded over rock outcrops and plunged into a large pool some forty feet below. Something white laying in the grass at the side of the pool caught his attention so he lifted the pair of Zeiss Terra ED binoculars from his chest and focused.

They were women's clothes laid out as if they had just been washed and were drying in the sun. A pair of white panties, a powder-blue lace bra, a yellow sun dress and next to them a backpack. He saw something to the left and panned over. It was a woman stepping into the pool and she was naked. She looked to be in her mid to late twenties, tall, slim, dark brown naturally wavy hair with petite breasts spaced far apart; her perfectly straight nose and strong jawline hinted at Polish or Eastern European heritage.

Eli was very surprised to find a woman alone. She would be vulnerable to the opportunistic men who roamed these lands as well as the rebels and Brown Shirts, as they looked upon women as mere spoils of war to be enjoyed and then discarded. He watched her for a while; she picked up a bar of soap off a large rock and proceeded to wash herself. After she had washed her hair and rinsed it, she floated on her back enjoying the midday sun on her body. Eli noticed that she had a small batch of brown pubic hair on her mons and a largish clitoral hood and sheath protruding from between her plump labia; the sight caused an immediate erection. She was only the third woman he had seen on his travels but was by far the most beautiful.

He let his binoculars fall back to his chest and looked for a way down. On the other side of the stream he could see a path that wound its way in a zig-zag fashion down the cliff entering a small grove of trees at the bottom. Eli slung his rucksack on the opposite shoulder to his rifle and waded across the shallow stream and walked down the path. As he exited the grove of trees he was surprised to see that he was right next to the clothes he had seen from above ten minutes earlier. He heard a twig snap and instinctively reached for the SIG in its holster on his belt.

"That would be an extremely bad move," a woman's voice said. He raised both hands and turned in the direction that the voice came from. Not ten feet away was the woman he had seen earlier through his binoculars; she was in a very professional stance, feet planted firmly, with a Beretta 9mm in a two handed grip.

She was naked, water droplets twinkling with sunlight ran down across her breasts and dripped off her nipples. More droplets of water glistened in her pubes. To Eli, it was if it was all happening in slow motion. The one thing that caught his attention, apart from her gorgeous body, was her piercing green eyes.

"Sorry," he said, "I'm not here to rob you. I'm just a fellow traveler."

"Rob me, probably not as I don't have much, but rape me - there's a high probability of that happening. Good job I got the drop on you. You know you shouldn't have the sun in front of you when you use those binoculars. It's the reflection you know."

"Miss, I'm not here to rape you. I was just passing by and the noise of the water caught my attention." He unscrewed the cap of his canteen and turned it upside down. A small amount of water ran out.

"See, I was just going to fill it up and be on my way."

"You could have done that up top and been on your way already."

"I saw you washing yourself and . . . well I just had to come down and introduce myself."

She lowered her gun. "Turn around while I get dressed," she said.

Eli burst out laughing.

"What's so funny," she demanded.

"Well I thought it really funny that you asked me to not watch you get dressed while standing there stark naked." She too burst out laughing, breaking the tension between the two of them.

"I'll tell you what," he said. "I've seen you naked and now you can see my bare ass." He dropped his rucksack on the ground, pulled his rifle off his shoulder and laid it beside the bag and started to unbuckle his belt.

"What're you doing?" she asked.

"Well I need to bathe too, and clean some clothes; what better person to mind my gear than an ex-military."

She opened her mouth and started to say something but he cut her off.

"The stance, the professional two-handed grip. Most women don't know how to handle a weapon so it's pretty obvious you were trained," he said as he pulled his cargo pants down.

A small, almost inaudible gasp escaped her lips as his erect cock sprang out as he dropped his boxers. It had been a long long time since she'd seen a man's cock and looking at his made her pussy tingle. He took a bar of soap and dirty clothes out of his rucksack and walked to the pool. She admired his very nice ass as he waded into the water and proceeded to lather up.

She was fully dressed when he came walking back up from the pool. She admired the way his thick cock swayed from side to side as he walked. He laid his cleaned clothes on the grass to dry and dried off with a small towel. She watched as he dressed, putting on clean underwear and a tee-shirt.

"Well now we've seen each other naked," he said, "I guess introductions are in order." She laughed.

"I'm Eli Lowell," he said stretching out his hand.

She shook it. "Alex," she replied. "I could give you my last name but why bother. And you're right, I'm ex-military. Used to be a Brown Shirt but I quit when I saw how they treated innocent people."

"Didn't think they let people quit."

"They don't. I went AWOL while on a raid."

"So your name's on their blacklist?"

" 'Fraid so." He studied her. She was a very attractive woman and he liked her no-nonsense attitude. Most women in the situation she was in a while back, would never had stood there stark naked. He liked her, he liked her a lot. It had been a year since he'd had sex and he missed it. He wondered . . .

"Listen, it would be good for both of us if we travel together, I could watch your back and you could watch mine. What're your thoughts?"

She thought about it for a while. She liked Eli, liked his sense of humor and he did have a great looking body; he made sense in what he offered and she hadn't had sex in a long while and she missed it. She wondered . . .

"Sounds like a good idea, I'm up for it." Eli sat and ate one of a dozen packets of peanut butter Nabs, he had found in the vending machine earlier that day. He offered a packet to Alex.

She took it. "Thanks, haven't eaten peanut butter for ages. Used to love PBJ sandwiches as a kid." They sat quietly for an hour and then packed up their things and headed back up the trail to the top of the waterfall. After filling his canteen in the stream, they headed off.


Chapter Two

The late afternoon sun to their left was casting long shadows on the dirt road. Up ahead in the distance Eli spotted a camper trailer off the side of the road; there was no sign of the vehicle that had towed it there. He lifted his binoculars and scanned the area for any activity.

"I don't see anyone, but it may be wise to circle around and use those woods to the right for cover."

"I agree," she said.

They moved off the road and into the woods, circling around to come out twenty feet from the side door of the trailer; he checked with his binoculars again.

"I don't see any movement. Do you want to approach while I cover you with the Ruger or you cover me?"

"I'll go," she replied, pulling her Beretta out of the holster on her belt. She slowly crept toward the trailer while Eli, on one knee, watched through the scope. He saw movement to the left; it was a man coming out of the trees zipping up his fly. Eli kept the man in the crosshairs of the scope as he walked toward where Alex was looking through the trailer window. She reached for the door handle and was about to open it when she heard the click of a gun's hammer being cocked. She turned around and saw a balding middle aged man with a big gut training a shotgun on her.

"Well now there, aren't you a pretty lady," he said. "I'm going to enjoy fucking you. You like it in your cunt or up your ass?"

"You're making a big mistake buster."

"No, you made the big mistake by trying to get into my camper. Now get your fucking clothes off bitch."

As he raised his shotgun, he never heard the phutt of Eli's suppressed rifle - the bullet traveling above the speed of sound, arriving first; it entering his chest cavity and destroying organs as it fragmented. He collapsed in a heap. She carefully walked around the trailer to make sure there was no one else lurking.

Eli was prying open the dead man's hand and removing the pump action shotgun when she returned. He tossed it to her.

"Thanks," she said. "Did you have to do that?" Nodding in the direction of the dead man.

"I saw him raise the shotgun and I didn't want to take a chance of losing my companion on the first day." He leaned his rifle against the camper and dragged the corpse into the woods. When he returned, Alex was already inside.

"Damn this guy was a slob," he said as he surveyed the interior. "Let's get this place tidied up, I don't want to sleep in this mess."


An hour later, all the unwanted junk had been tossed into the ditch. They had found a nice cache of canned food, a few Sternos and buckshot shells for the shotgun. Thankfully the bed looked and smelled okay, as if it hadn't been slept in much. As the sun dipped below the horizon, Alex and Eli sat on the trailer steps eating warm soup out of the pan/bowl of a Colemans campers utensils set. It was the only hot meal either of them had had in a week or more.

"You got any family left Eli?"

"No, my folks were killed when an Apache gunship leveled our house."

"Was it intentional?"

"I think a neighbor who my folks had been having trouble with, told the Brown Shirts that they were hiding rebels in their basement. Overkill if you ask me."

"That's one of the reasons I quit them."

They finished their soup and locked the door.

"Eli, can I ask you something?"

"Sure you can."

"I know we've only just met, but I've not had sex in I don't know how long and I'm as horny as Hell seeing you naked today. Would you . . . ?"

"Have sex with you?"


"Sorry Alex, but I'm gay," he said watching her expression. He couldn't keep it up any longer and burst out laughing.

She punched his shoulder. "That was very mean of you."

"Sorry Alex, couldn't help it. God yes, I'd love to have sex with you. To be honest, the sight of you naked with that Beretta in your hands made me hard. If that wasn't the sexiest sight I'd ever seen then I don't know what is."

"I noticed," she replied smiling.

They both quickly got undressed and onto the bed. She took the initiative and put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Their mouths opened and tongues joined in a dance. She moaned into his mouth as he cupped her petite breast and squeezed it, feeling her puffy areola and hard nipple in the palm of his hand. It was his turn to moan as she found his erection.

"Eli, I more than most women love foreplay, but I just want you to fuck me tonight. Would you do that please?"

He needed no more urging. He got between her legs and grasped the shaft of his cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down her very wet cleft, pushing her plump labia aside and settling its head at the entrance to her very wet vagina. He didn't get the chance to push as she curled her pussy at him, causing his cock to enter her.

"Oh God, I've waited for that for way too long," she said.

He started to fuck her, the feeling of having his cock inside a warm moist tight pussy after so long masturbating was an incredible turn-on and he had to hold back as the urge to cum was so great. She was near her climax and suddenly remembered that he wasn't wearing a condom.

"Don't cum inside me, I don't want to get pregnant," she whispered.

As he plunged into her, bumping her rubbery cervix, she climaxed.

"Oh gawd, oh gawd," she cried as her orgasm hit her. The feeling of having a man's cock inside her as she climaxed was too much. She clamped her legs around his back and held him inside her as her body shook and jerked.

"Hold me Eli, hold me tight."

He pushed into her as far as he could, his hands holding her shoulders from behind, pressing her petite breasts against his chest. She finally stopped shaking; she calmed and released him, moving her feet to his side, allowing him to continue fucking her. It had been so long since he'd had sex that his orgasm came quick; as he felt his ball sack start to tighten and his cock swell, he pulled out and spurted cum onto her stomach, spurted hard. When he was done he rolled to her side. She leaned over and kissed him.

"Thanks, I needed that," she said.

"No more than me," he replied. They lay there in their post-orgasmic euphoria.

"Do you have any relatives still alive Alex?"

"No, all my relatives except my father were killed in the first six weeks of the war; he was killed ten years before."

"Oh I'm sorry. Did you have a lot of friends growing up?"

"I had one best friend and when I was eight years old she swore me to secrecy and told me a secret. Her name was Samantha but everyone called her Sam. Her father was an upstanding member of the town council and a pastor at our local Baptist church. Oh you should have heard his sermons, typical Southern Baptist, full of fire and brimstone telling everyone who didn't repeat their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their savior that they were surely going to Hell.

"He ruled his family with a rod of iron. Even his wife Eleanor was not spared the occasional slap across her face. He was particularly strict with Sam's brother Ethan; he'd remove his belt at the drop of a hat if Ethan would start to talk back, or shirked his chores, or turned his homework in late. He scared me the few times I was at Sam's house even though I knew he'd never lay a finger on me. But I noticed one curious thing - I never saw him get angry or hit Sam even though she gave him many reasons. I would ask her why he spared her the punishments he doled out to her mother and brother. She'd just shrug her shoulders and said nothing.

"Then one day, when she was having a sleepover at my house, she told me why her father spared her the punishments. She told me that whenever she did something wrong, he'd tell her to come to his study later that evening to receive her punishment. He would lock the door and tell her to take off her dress or whatever outer garments she was wearing. He'd sit in his chair, unzip his fly and pull out his cock; she was made to stand in front of him wearing just her panties. She knew what to do as she'd done it many times before - kneel between his legs and suck his cock until he came in her mouth.

"Sam told me that a week before he stopped her sucking his cock and ordered her to bend over the back of the armchair. She said she was terrified as he pulled her panties down and spread her cheeks, exposing her ass and pussy. He took her panties and stuffed them in her mouth. She said she felt something hard pressing against her anus, and screamed as he penetrated her. She said she begged him to stop but he wouldn't and kept on fucking her in her ass until he climaxed. 'I'll always remember his grunts as he came in my ass,' she told me."

Eli sat there listening in silence to the story of Alex's friend.

"Sam was told to put her panties back on and get dressed. The following evening she was told to come to his office even though she hadn't given him any reason to punish her. She was terrified he was going to fuck her in her ass again as she was still sore from the evening before. He made her do the same thing, remove her dress, suck his cock and then bend over the back of the sofa. He slapped her behind as she started to clench up. Her legs were spread wide as he forced her feet apart with his. As he spread her cheeks, she said she felt the head of his cock against her pussy. He rubbed the head up and down her cleft and then spit on it.

"She said the pain was excruciating; she screamed through her panties as he pushed inside her dry pussy. She lay there limp as he raped her. It took him five minutes to cum. Later as she got undressed to get into the bath tub, she saw all the blood mixed with his semen in the gusset of her panties. Two days later she was to receive her punishment again." Alex made the gesture of quotation marks with her fingers as she said punishment.

"Sam broke down crying as she told me what she did. She took her father's pistol out of the drawer in the bedside table of their bedroom and hid it underneath his desk. After he had sat down, but before he could unzip his fly, she bent over and retrieved the revolver. The look on his face was one of total surprise she said as she calmly put the barrel to his temple and pulled the trigger. She said he just slumped back in his chair; she had never fired a gun before and dropped it; she picked it up and put it in his hand."

"She killed her own father!?"

Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she nodded. He held her and comforted her until she stopped crying.

He looked into her eyes. "It wasn't your best friend, it was you wasn't it?"

She nodded. "I've never told anyone about that and to finally tell someone has lifted a load off my shoulders." She snuggled up to him and fell asleep.

Chapter Three

Eli opened his eyes to see Alex rubbing his morning erection. She looked over at him.

"Good morning Eli. You always get morning woodies?"

"Not normally but having great sex and waking up with you made certain of that."

"You want me to suck you?"

Alex, as much as I'd love you to, I really gotta pee bad. I'll take a rain check though."

"Okay, maybe tonight."

Eli got off the bed and looked out of the windows before he opened the door. He took three steps and started to relief himself. A few seconds later, Alex came out and squatted beside him and started to pee. For some unknown reason he thought it very erotic.

"As they say, the family that pees together stays together." Alex burst out laughing. When she had finished she wiped with a piece of toilet paper she had found in the camper.

"Where did you get that from?" he asked. "Toilet paper's almost as valuable as paper money."

"There's half a dozen rolls in there along with soap and shampoo. I can finally wash my hair with something other than soap."

"We have to find a way of carrying more stuff. Let's hope we find a deserted supermarket and get a grocery cart assuming there are any left."

After breakfast of canned peaches, they packed their things and headed off.

"The idea of stringing those toilet rolls around my neck was good, if not very glamorous," she opined.


The early morning sun started to burn off the mist lying in the fields either side of the dirt road as they walked slowly along side by side.

"What's that?" Alex said pointing to the hill to their right.

Eli raised his binoculars to his eyes and scanned along the ridge line. "I don't see anything, where is it?"

"See that large clump of trees just to the right of that rock outcrop?"


"Look directly up and a little to the left."

He panned up from where she was describing

"I see it, it looks like a log cabin mainly hidden by the pines just below the top of the hill but I don't see a road or path leading to it. Damn Alex! I've no idea how you spotted that with your naked eyes."

"C'mon, let's go take a look," she said as she set of up the hill, shotgun in hand. Eli soon caught up with her.

"Slow down, we don't know if there's anyone living there."

"You're right," she said as she slowed to a walk. As they got a little nearer, Eli indicated for Alex to go around the left side of the cabin. She moved off and he slowly crept around the right side. They both met at the front door.

"That's why there was no road or path on the back side, it's on the front." The dirt road wound its way down the hill and disappeared into a small copse of loblolly pines. The front door looked like it hadn't been opened for quite a while as vines had grown up the door and jamb. Eli took out his hunting knife and cut them back. With his SIG 45 in his right hand he opened the door. The squeak from the rusty hinges startled them both. When he had regained his composure he pushed the door open and stepped inside.

It was quite a spacious main room, the double hung windows were dirty but still admitted enough light to see. The back half of the room had a vaulted ceiling the other, the front half, had a second floor, a set of stairs led up to it from the right hand side of the front door. The room had beautiful rustic furniture covered in a thin layer of dust as did the heart pine floor. To their left was a kitchen with rustic wooden cabinets and a granite countertop.

"Whoever had this place built didn't spare the money."

"I wonder why no one has found it," she pondered.

"I think it's because from the rear it's almost invisible, the logs blend in with the trees and I bet that the entrance to the long dirt road at the front is not obvious."

"Do you think we could stay here for a while?"

"If we can find enough food and water."

She turned on the sink faucet. Nothing came out.

They looked in the kitchen cabinets and drawers, they were full of things you would expect to find in a well equipped kitchen, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans. When she opened the refrigerator, she recoiled at the smell of rotting food; she quickly closed the door.

"Well that was a bad idea," she said as she waved her hand in front of her face trying to waft the smell away. Eli turned a knob on the stove and immediately turned it off as he smelled propane.

"There must be a propane tank somewhere, buried probably as I didn't see one. If we're in luck it will have a decent amount of gas in it. Should be enough to cook with if we're careful with how much we use."

"Look," she said pointing at a large old fashioned washing machine in the corner. "I've only every seen one of those in the old Sears catalogs. It's a hand cranked washing machine with a wringer."

They investigated what was behind the last door. As he opened the door it revealed a set of stairs. When they reached the bottom, they were amazed to see a fully stocked cellar with shelves full of lots of canned goods as well as food preserved in Mason jars.

"Good God," he said, "this place is a gold mine. We could live off this for months, maybe years if we could manage to grow our own food."

"Look, here's an AR15 and a whole can of ammo," she said as she picked the rifle off the shelf."

"I'm still very curious how this place wasn't picked clean. Let's go down the access road and investigate."

As they were about to leave, Alex noticed that one of the bays of shelving seemed to be misaligned with its neighbors. She went over and pulled on it and it swung open. Behind it was another smaller room.

"Why are they storing car batteries down here?" she asked.

Eli walked over and looked at the array of zirconium/nickel dry batteries all connected together and then to an electrical box on the wall.

"Solar power, there must be solar panels on the roof. And look over there, that's a hybrid water heater, it's part solar part electrical."

"Hot water! Oh my God, I haven't bathed in hot water for . . . since I don't know when." They went back upstairs.

"Let's look upstairs," he said as he headed for the staircase. There were four doors opening off the balcony that overlooked the great room. The first three were bedrooms, one quite a bit larger than the others - obviously a master, and the fourth a bathroom with two vanity sinks, a claw foot tub and a toilet. Both sinks had regular faucets for hot water but nothing came out of either of them.

"What's that awful smell?" she asked.

"The toilet and sink traps have dried out and that smell is coming from the septic system. He flipped the light switch, nothing came on. I'll have to find why the water's not on. Probably because there's no power to the well pump."

"It'll be nice to bathe in a tub instead of a stream or pond," Alex said.

"Compared with what we've been used to, this is luxury," he replied.

She opened one of the medicine cabinets.

"Oh God, more shampoo and pain relief tablets. We gotta stay here Eli." She opened the doors of the vanity and found tampons and pads; she had used the last ones with her last period and was worried as to what she could use instead.

Back downstairs, they looked into the half-bath with a toilet and vanity.

"Thank the Lord I don't have to squat any more," she said smiling.

"Okay and we need to clean this place up when we get back."

Alex left the shotgun leaning against the wall next to the front door and hoisted the semi-auto rifle's sling over her shoulder and followed Eli as he headed down the dirt access road. After about a half mile, they came to the copse of pine trees. It took five more minutes walking before they exited the trees. The road ended at a deep ravine with the remnants of a wooden bridge lying on the banks of a wide river at the bottom.

"Well here's our answer," she said. "The bridge must have gotten destroyed in the war, that's why no one found the log cabin. There's no way to get across here and you'd have to walk for miles and miles in either direction before finding a place to wade across. This is big. As long as we don't draw attention to ourselves from the road at the rear of the cabin, we should be safe here. This is the most excited I've been since going AWOL."

"Come on," he said, "let's get back and clean the place up."


Eli came up from the cellar. "Flip the light switch Alex." She turned on the overhead light.

"Very biblical," she said.


"And God said. 'Let there be light.' "

"Okay smart ass, now try the water." She opened the cold water faucet and nothing came out for half a minute. Then cloudy water started running that quickly became clear. She cupped her hand and tasted some.

"Very drinkable."

"Good. I'll go and run the others and flush the toilets."

After eating a hearty meal made with ingredients from the cellar they relaxed on the sofa. Earlier, Eli had made sure that the three windows at the rear of the cabin were boarded up with some plywood he'd found in a small outbuilding so the light wouldn't attract any unwanted attention.

"You want to sleep together tonight Eli?"

"Love to. Am I going to get what I missed this morning?"

She chuckled. "That's a possibility."

They headed upstairs to the larger of the three bedrooms, the one with the queen-size bed. Soft flickering light from the small bedside lamp caused shadows to dance on the walls. Eli was already in bed when Alex came into the bedroom from the bathroom. She got in beside him and lifted his erection off his stomach; as she looked into his eyes, she lowered her mouth over the end, her cheeks indented as she sucked. He groaned loudly.

"Jeez Alex, didn't think you were going to do that."

She smiled and flicked her long hair over the back of her neck and started to rub her hand up and down the shaft of his cock. While she was sucking him, he slipped his hand between her legs and started to rub her clit. With his cock in her mouth she started to moan.

"I've got an idea," he said. She pulled off his cock with her lips tight around its head causing a loud plop.

"What, weren't you enjoying it?"

"God no, but come and straddle me." She let his cock go; it slapped back against his stomach. As she straddled him, pushing her vulva against the shaft of his cock, her plump labia bulged out either side as if they were hugging it in an erotic embrace.

"Jeez, if that's not the most erotic sight I've ever seen, I don't know what is," he said. She looked down and started to scrub back and forth on his shaft; every time she scrubbed forward, her clit dipped and slid along his wet shaft sending shards of pleasure into her pussy. She had her hands on his chest and her eyes closed, as she concentrated on the incredible feeling of her clit rubbing along the shaft of his hard erection. The light from the flickering LED bulbs caused shadows to dance on her breasts as they moved sensuously.

Eli was rapidly approaching his orgasm but fought it off so he could see her have hers. She started scrubbing faster, causing her now extremely sensitive clit to send signals to her brain. She stopped.

"Oh my gaaawd," she cried. She collapsed onto his chest, squashing her breasts, her body shook as her orgasm took over; her breathing was fast and hard, hot puffs of breath hit his neck. She had her hands around his neck, pulling him tight. His arms were around her back, his hands cupping her cool cheeks. Slowly, slowly she came down of her intense high and pushed back up.

"Damn! That was intense. I've missed having sex with a man, doing it yourself doesn't even come close." She looked down at his stomach. "You haven't cum yet."

"I wanted to wait for you to have yours."

"Thanks for being considerate."

"Oh there was something in it for me," he said. "It's such an erotic sight watching you. You're so intense."

"Now I'm going to get some excitement watching you cum," she said.

She started to scrub back and forth along his shaft, her wetness made his cock slippery and more sensitive. He watched as her plump labia seemed to hold the shaft in a sensuous embrace, feeling his climax fast approaching.

"Cumming Alex," he cried, as the first spurt of cum jetted out and splashed on his stomach followed by three more, weaker ones, the last oozed out and coated her clitoral hood.

"Wow, that was a lot," she said. She got off the bed and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later she came back with a damp washcloth and cleaned the cum off his stomach. She dropped the cloth on the wooden floor, got back into bed and snuggled up to him with her arm across his chest.

"I'm glad we found each other Eli."

"Me too. Goodnight."


Chapter Four

Sunlight streamed in through the still dirty bedroom window that looked out on the dirt access road. They had cleaned the insides but didn't have a ladder to clean the outside. Eli sat up and stretched. He looked at Alex still asleep. Her petite breasts with their puffed areolas and soft nipples rose and fell with her steady breathing. His erection stirred as he remembered last night but there were things to do today, no time for morning sex unfortunately.

He got out of bed, taking care not to wake her, and went to the bathroom were he relieved himself, brushed his teeth, something he hadn't done in a while, and splashed cold water on his face. After grinding beans they had found in the cellar, he turned on the coffee maker and went back upstairs.

Back in the bedroom, Alex had just woken up. He walked over and kissed her.

"Morning Alex."

"Hello Eli," she replied yawning. What's on the agenda for the day?"

"Well while you were cleaning the bedrooms yesterday, I found a map of this area and there's a small village about five miles away. I thought we could investigate to see if there's anything worth scavenging."

"Sounds like a plan." She got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. He admired how her buttocks moved sensuously with a deep cleft between flowing into her plump vulva. He quickly got dressed and went downstairs and poured a mug of coffee. Half an hour later Alex came downstairs.

"I smelled coffee, haven't had a cup of coffee in over a year. They sat on the front porch and drank their coffee and looking out at the meadow that ran down to the ravine they had found the previous day, a couple of deer appeared from the pines and ran across not twenty yards away.

"I need to go hunting and see if I can bag a deer. That'll feed us for quite a while. I thought I saw some large bags of salt in the cellar so we could preserve the meat and we have the freezer compartment in the fridge."

"I'm thinking," She said, "that this place may have been built by survivalists given the fact that there's so much non-perishable food in the cellar, not to mention the washing machine."

"You're probably right Alex."


After a breakfast of canned baked beans, they set off back down the slope to join the dirt road they had come in on. They took a right and headed for the small village he'd seen on the map. Suddenly they heard the sound of a helicopter off in the distance. The whomp whomp of the helicopter's blades got louder so they hid in a culvert that diverted rain water under the road. They watched as the helicopter passed overhead and disappeared in the direction of the village. Five minutes later it returned in the direction it had come from.

"Probably dropped off a small group to scout the area," she said. "It's standard procedure if they suspect a group of rebels have been reported in the vicinity. The scouting group can radio back for air support if they find any."

"Then we need to be careful to not be seen."

Half an hour later, they came upon the outskirts of the small village. They stayed off the main street, keeping to the rear yards of the houses. They checked each one, but scavengers had already stripped them clean. As they approached the center of the village, they heard a young girl crying and men jeering. There was a small overgrown garden area in the center of the square with a statue of a Southern soldier from the civil war of the eighteen hundreds. Eli was surprised that it was still standing, as most tributes to that war had been removed together with the last vestiges of Southern history, during the political correctness movement of the early twenty-first century.

Four Brown Shirts were taunting a disheveled and very dirty young girl. Eli estimated she was around ten or eleven. Her clothes were mere rags; she wore a faded yellow dress that had the bodice ripped half off and her dirty cotton bra had lost one of its straps. The Brown Shirts were pushing her from one to another and one of them had his cock in his hand and was shouting at her to come and suck it.

"We've got to do something," Alex said, "or they'll take it in turns to rape her for sure."

"How do we avoid them radioing in for reinforcements?"

"See the dark haired one on the left, he has the radio on his belt. Do you think you can take him and the radio out?"

"Sure, you want to circle round the back of them and take the others out. Signal me when you're in position."

He watched as she stealthily moved to his left and, keeping the abandoned cars between her and the Brown Shirts, circled around behind them. Using the statue's large stone base as cover she signaled that she was ready. He looked through the scope and it seemed as if they weren't a minute too soon. The Brown Shirt with his cock out had just torn the remnants of the girl's dress off, and one half of her bra was torn, exposing her small breast; he was trying to push his cock in the girl's mouth but she had it clamped shut. He aimed at the radio on the Brown Shirt's belt and squeezed the trigger.

The radio exploded as the bullet traveling at the speed of sound ripped through the plastic shell and tore into the man's gut. The other three looked over in surprise as the radio exploded and the man screamed and dropped to the floor. They froze for a few seconds which gave Alex time to drop two of them. The third, the one with his now rapidly softening cock hanging out of his fly, put his hands up in the air.

Eli ran over where Alex now had her AR15 slung over her shoulder and was training her Beretta on the remaining Brown Shirt while she comforted the distraught girl who was now sobbing.

"Well Mike, didn't think we would meet again," Alex said to the Brown Shirt.

"You know this guy?"

"Oh yes, he's one of the reasons I left the militia. He likes to rape young girls; boys too if he can't find any girls."

"What do you want to do with him?"

"I'd like to shoot his dick off and leave him but that would only mean more Brown Shirts would come looking for me. Why don't you take the girl away and I'll deal with him."

Eli went to comfort the girl but she shied away, clinging to Alex, her arms around her waist.

"I guess you'd better take her," Eli said. "I'll take care of this piece of shit."

Alex put her Beretta back in its holster and, putting her arm around the girl walked off. She stopped a few minutes later and knelt down in front of the girl, who had now stopped crying.

"What's your name honey and how old are you?" Alex asked her.

"My name's Eve and I'm ten," the girl replied, then flinched as she heard the gunshot.

Alex put her arms around her. "It's okay sweetheart, no one can hurt you now. Did any of those men hurt you?" Eve shook her head. Alex rearranged her bra to cover her exposed breast; she stood back up as Eli joined them. Eve hid behind Alex, peering around her, looking at him.

Eve told Alex that was scared of all men since a Brown Shirt had killed her father and then her mother and older sister after raping both of them. She had managed to escape and hid in the attic of a neighbor's abandoned house until all the Brown Shirts had left.

"Eve, you don't have to be scared of Eli, he's a good man."

"Kay," she said.

"Do you live here?" Eli said. Eve nodded her head.

"We need to get her some clothes," he said, "Iet's go to her house and grab some before we head home. Can you show us where you live honey?" She shook her head and started crying. Alex put her arms around her and hugged her.

"What is it Eve, why don't you want to go to your house?" Eve told him about the Brown Shirt killing her family after raping her mother and older sister.

"Okay honey, just show us which house it is, you don't have to come inside."

Eve led them to the other side of town and pointed out her old home. Alex stayed with Eve while Eli went inside. The smell of rotting corpses invaded his nose, even the handkerchief was of no use against the vile odor. Upstairs the smell was less invasive but still bad as he searched and found Eve's old bedroom. He pulled an old battered suitcase out of the closet and filled it with as many of her clothes as possible. He found a cloth Raggedy Ann doll that he grabbed.

As he was about to leave her bedroom, he noticed a framed photograph of what appeared to be her parents and sister. It went in his pocket. He checked the parent's room and pulled a dress from the closet and held it up. From what he saw, he thought the mother was about the same build as Alex, which was confirmed by the woman's bra size, a 34A. He grabbed another suitcase and put a selection of the dead woman's clothes in it, including jeans, underwear, blouses. He threw in a few sneakers for good measure, they would either fit Alex or not.

Alex was standing holding Eve's hand as he came back out. He knelt in front of Eve and handed her the doll. She took it and held it to her chest.

"Thank you," she said.

"You're welcome honey."


They got back to the house just in time as they heard the sound of the helicopter heading back to pick up the detachment. Eli was not worried about being discovered as the deaths of the four Brown Shirts would more than likely be blamed on the rebels that the scouting party had been sent to deal with.

Eli and Alex took Eve upstairs and showed her where she would be sleeping. He put the suitcase on the bed.

"This is your room now Eve," Eli told her. "Go ahead and put your clothes in the closet. I'll run a bath for you so you can get cleaned up because I have a sneaking suspicion there's a very beautiful young lady under all that grime."

"You have a bath!?" she said in astonishment.

"Yes honey we even have hot water too." Eli left so Alex could get Eve undressed.

"We need soap," she shouted after him.

Five minutes later, he walked into the bathroom where Alex had just removed Eve's clothes. He got his first look at her naked body and what he saw thrilled him, causing a stirring in his groin. She had small firm breasts about the size of small half lemons he thought, with light-brown areolas and tiny pink nipples. Her mons was completely bare and her largish clitoral hood nestled in the top of her cleft formed by her plump labia. What also excited him was her complete immodesty, not trying to cover up. He quickly put the soap on the tub ledge and beat a hasty retreat before his cock became fully erect.

"Sorry to keep running you up and down the stairs but I need a bath towel as well," Alex shouted after him. "There's a few hanging on that drying rack in the dining room."

As he climbed the stairs with two large bath towels, he could hear Alex laughing and Eve giggling.

"What's so funny?" he asked as he entered the bathroom.

"I'll tell you later," Alex replied.

Twenty minutes later, Eve came downstairs dressed in a pink camisole and blue jeans. Her wavy blond hair was tied back in a high pony tail. She walked up to him and stared at him; he hadn't noticed before but she had amber eyes with a copper hue, quite beautiful he thought.

"Wow Eve! I knew there as a beautiful young lady under all that grime but never thought you would be this beautiful."

She blushed a little and put her arms around his neck.

"I want to thank you for saving me from those horrible men and for getting my clothes."

"Your welcome. I'm glad we got there when we did. How long have you been on your own and what happened to your parents?"

Eve related the story of how two months ago the Brown Shirts had killed her father and made her watch as they raped her mother and her older sister before killing them too. They had been the last family as Eve's father didn't want to go to the city.

"I'm so sorry Eve, that must have been a terrible ordeal. You're safe now, and Alex and I are going to take care of you."

"Thank you."

"Here," he said giving her the framed photo of her parents and sister, "I found it in your room." She took it and started crying. He hugged her tight, feeling her firm braless breasts pushing against his chest. A stirring rekindled itself in his groin.

She stopped crying and wiped her eyes with the heel of her hand.

"Thanks for getting it for me. After what happened I was too scared to go home."

"Where's Alex," he asked.

"She's taking a bath."

Eli climbed the stairs and entered the bathroom just as Alex was getting out of the tub.

"Water's still warm. I know we have a water heater but why waste it," she said as she started to dry off. He shed his clothes and got into the tub and started to wash himself. Alex left and twenty minutes, he was still in the tub enjoying the still slightly warm water.

"Alex told me to bring you this," Eve said as she walked into the bathroom; she handed him a clean bath towel.

"Thanks honey," he said, as he stood up, his thick cock hanging down between his legs. She stared at it getting bigger and stiffer. She watched as he started drying. After she'd seen enough she left. He was getting dressed in the bedroom when Alex walked in.

"You want to know what we were laughing at a while back?"

"Okay, but I'm sure it was at my expense."

"She told me you were getting an erection looking at her naked body."

"Sorry," he said, "I don't know why that happened."

"That's okay, you don't have to apologize, I find her very sexy too and that surprised the heck out of me."

"Hmm," he said, "this three-way relationship is about to get interesting." Back downstairs, he walked outside and around the cabin, looking in more detail at its layout. To the left of the cabin he noticed a metal cover. He opened it and to his surprise he saw the top of the propane tank and a fill connection. The gauge on the tank showed it to be almost full, another stroke of good luck; he wondered when their luck would run out.

As he entered the house, Alex came up to him.

"What's in the other suitcase?"

"I thought maybe you needed more clothes and it looks like Eve's mother was about the same size as you so I grabbed some. You might want to ask Eve if it's okay for you to wear them, if they fit that is."

She put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"You're so considerate Eli, I'm so, so glad I met you."


Later that evening after a meal of fried Spam and pickled beets, they all sat in the great room. Eve asked how Eli had met Alex and how long they had been in the house. She giggled when Alex told her about the meeting at the pool.

"You should have seen her," he said to Eve. "She was standing there, naked as the day she was born, pointing her gun at me. She then told me to turn around while she got dressed." Eve didn't just giggle, she roared.

An hour later, Eli said he was going to turn in. He kissed them both and headed upstairs. Just as he was settling down Alex came into the bedroom; he heard a rustling as she got undressed and slipped under the covers.

"Eve in bed?" he asked.

"Yes, she was so excited to get to sleep in a clean bed. She's a very resilient girl considering what she's been through and what happened today."

"That's good news."

"Can I ask you something personal?"

"What's that Alex?"

"Did looking at her naked body really turn you on that much?"

"It did, and when she brought the bath towel up, she stood there and watched while I dried off. I started to get an erection and she just stood there, as if seeing a man get an erection was an everyday occurrence."

"Yeah, she told me about it. She really likes you and considering the men she's come across I find that amazing. She has the cutest little pussy. I watched as she washed it."

She waited and let that comment sink in, watching his cock start to grow. She knew that at some time or another, Eli was going to have sex with Eve. She was okay with that; she was also drawn to this young girl. She decided she needed to have a little girl to girl talk with her.

"You wanna fool around tonight?"

"I'm always ready to fool around with Alex. What did you have in mind?"

"I'd like it doggy style, and don't forget to pull out."

"Don't need to," he replied pulling a foil pouch from under the pillow. "Found a whole box of these in the bedside table drawer."

He went to tear open the packet. "No, let me," she said taking the pouch and tearing it open with her teeth. Lifting his cock off his stomach, she squeezed the end of the condom and put it on the end.

"This is so hot watching you roll a condom on my cock."

She rolled it all the way down and let his cock slap back against his stomach. Turning over she got on her knees with her forearms on the bed, pushing her ass higher. Eli got behind her and, taking the shaft of his cock in his hand, rubbed up and down her cleft, her plump labia parted and then closed around the head. As the head of his cock rubbed her clitoral hood, a loud gasp escaped her lips.

"Gawd I love it when you do that," she murmured. The head of his cock was now wet with her juices so he placed it at the dark entrance to her vagina and pushed. Even though Alex was a grown woman, she still had a tight pussy but her lubrication allowed him to slide all the way in and bump her cervix. Moonlight flooded in through the window next to the bed, illuminating her body. He could see the pink rosette of her anus; he placed his thumb over it and started to rub it as he stroked in and out of her tight vagina.

"Ooo, that feels good," she murmured.

"You okay if I put a finger inside your ass?"


He got the pad of thumb wet with her juices and pushed it against her anus, which easily dilated and allowed him in. Alex gasped loudly. He kept pushing until all of his thumb was inside her ass with the palm of his hand resting on her back. The sensation of Eli's thumb buried in her ass and his cock sliding in and out of her vagina was pushing her fast toward her climax.

He felt her body tense and her vagina clamp around his cock as she climaxed. Her breathing was fast and hard as her orgasm coursed through her body. She finally started to quiet with little jerks of her legs like small aftershocks coming and going.

"Now that was really good," she said between taking large breaths.

"Can I go on top?"

"Sure you can." Eli lay down beside her. She straddled him, sitting on his erection. She lifted and took the shaft of his cock and guided its tip to the opening of her vagina and slowly lowered herself onto it. She had a frown on her face as she did so.

"You know you're quite big around," she said as she finally got all of his cock inside of her. She started to scrub back and forth; his cock popped out a few times and she reached behind and guided it back in. Just like the previous night she had her hands on his chest, her eyes closed, her brow furrowed, concentrating on the feelings in her pussy. She knew she was close to cumming again but wanted Eli to cum first so she relaxed. She watched his face and saw he was now concentrating on his orgasm.

Then he cried out. "Oh Jeez, oh God."

She felt his cock swell inside her already tight pussy, then contract and swell again as he spurted cum into the end of the condom. She felt every spurt until he was finished. She lay on his chest listening to his heartbeat that slowly returned to normal. He opened his eyes.

"That was much better cumming inside you," he murmured. "I love how tight you are."

She lifted off and lay to one side. Pulling off the condom, she tied a knot in it and dropped it on the floor next to the bed. He pulled the covers over them as she snuggled up to him, putting a leg over his, pushing her wet pussy into his thigh. Full of post orgasmic exhaustion, they both quickly dropped into a deep sleep.


Chapter Five

Alex was awake first and saw that Eve had sneaked into their bed during the night or early morning. She was facing Alex with her back pushed against Eli's front, his arm draped over hers, his hand cupping her petite breast. Both of them were still fast asleep. She got out of bed, being careful not to wake them and went to the bathroom and peed. When she returned, Eve was awake but Eli was still asleep. She got back into bed.

Eve smiled and pointed to Eli's hand cupping her breast. She gasped a little as he subconsciously squeezed it.

"He's got an erection again," Eve whispered.

"He gets them most mornings," Alex whispered back. Eve pushed back into Eli's erection that was lying in the crack of her ass. Eli stirred, and, as he realized he was holding Eve's breast and his cock was pressing against her butt, moved back.

"Sorry Eve, didn't mean to do that."

Eve giggled. "S'okay, it was my fault I pushed back against you."

Alex chuckled. "A little ménage à trois going on here," she said.

"A ménage what?" Eve asked.

"It's French sweetheart," Eli replied, "and it means a little love nest for three. And if you ladies will excuse me I have to go pee."

As he left the room he heard both say in unison. "Nice tush."

When he returned, he was shocked to see Alex in between Eve's legs, rubbing her clitoral hood with the pad of her thumb. He lay down beside Eve and leaned over and took the whole of her breast in his mouth and sucked, swirling the tip of his tongue around her areola and nipple, feeling it firm up into a hard bead.

She looked at him with her copper flecked eyes and smiled. He looked at her small lips and just couldn't resist, he stopped sucking her breast and kissed her. His whole body shivered as her little tongue shot out and licked along his lips. It was the sweetest most sensuous kiss he had ever had. His cock got rock hard again as she sucked his bottom lip.

Alex looked up and smiled as she saw Eli and Eve kissing, while still caressing one of her breasts and pinching her nipple. She could feel Eve trembling; she was on the edge of her orgasm. Alex almost orgasmed herself as Eve started to shake and moan into Eli's mouth as her orgasm took over. Eve put her hand over Alex's head and stopped her from sucking her clit. She broke the kiss and gasped.

"Too much," she cried, "that was way too much." Eli held her and continued putting little kisses all over her stomach, breasts, neck and face as her orgasm faded.

"That was a sweet orgasm," he said, "so sweet."

Alex shuffled up and lay beside Eve and kissed her on her lips.

"You've got the sweetest pussy Eve. I loved kissing it."

They lay there for another half hour until Eve said she was hungry.


Eve became an active participant in Eli's and Alex's lovemaking from that morning on. Over the next few months she would sometimes come into their bed and watch while Eli made love to Alex or would initiate sex with either Alex or Eli. One evening in late August, Alex had his cock in her mouth, sucking and rubbing it. Eve was lying next to them watching intently.

"Can I try that?" she asked. Alex pulled her mouth off his cock and offered it to her.

"Go for it honey," she said. Eve grasped the shaft of Eli's penis in her small hand, her fingers not quite touching, and licked its head. She stopped for a moment as if savoring the taste, then took the whole head into her small mouth. Eli groaned. Alex watched Eve sucking his cock, occasionally giving her tips on how to rub it and pointing out the more sensitive parts to lick and to make sure she cushioned her bottom teeth with her tongue.

After five minutes she was giving Eli an incredible blowjob. She would alternate between sucking the head, her tongue cushioning it, licking the entire length of the shaft and swirling her tongue around the head. Alex was watching Eli for signs of his orgasm. When she saw he was close and not wanting Eve to be surprised if he spurted into her mouth, she gently took over sucking Eli's cock while Eve watched intently.

"Oh gaaawd Eve, I'm coming," he cried. His bottom lifted off the bed and his legs spasmed as his orgasm overtook him. On Alex's prompting, Eve was holding the shaft of his cock in her hand and felt it swell as his cum spurted into Alex's mouth. She kept swallowing as he spurted. Finally she pulled off and let Eve see the last of his cum ooze out of the end of his cock. Without any prompting, Eve put her mouth over the end and sucked off the last of his cum and swallowed it.

"Oh my God Eve, that's so sexy. Did you swallow all of my cum?"

"No, Alex did, I just swallowed the last of it. I liked it, tastes different but I like it."


Alex was looking out of the kitchen window two weeks later and was horrified to see two armed men coming across the meadow. Eve was outside playing with a dog that had appeared unannounced on their front porch that very morning. He was a very friendly dog, more of a puppy really and was happy to chase her around the yard. Eve had named him Floppy as he had big floppy ears. Eli was off on another visit to the village where they had rescued Eve to see what else he could find.

Alex opened the front door and called Eve who came running over as she saw the two men approaching; she clung to her waist.

"It's okay Eve, stay calm," she whispered, "let's find out what they want. Go inside and hold the shotgun like I showed you and be ready to hand it to me," Eve stood inside the doorway out of sight of the men holding the shotgun.

The two men who were in their early thirties, armed with AK47s, appeared to be rebels approached the front porch. Alex stood in the doorway with one hand on the jamb.

"Hello little lady," the older of the two said.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"Now that's not a very nice way to greet two travelers."

"As I said what do you want?"

"Just some water for two thirsty travelers."

"Sorry, don't have any water. There's a stream and a pond not five miles in that direction," she said pointing to where she and Eli had met.

"Well now honey, that be a mighty long way to go to get a drink, why don't we just come inside and sit a spell." The man went to move. Alex grabbed the shotgun out of Eve's hands.

"That's as far as you go mister, now on your way unless you want me to bury you here."

"Whoa there little lady. No need to take that attitude," he said inching closer. His partner took his rifle off his shoulder and pointed it at Alex.

"You take one more step and I'll take your head off."

The man stopped and turned to look at his partner. It was a ruse to divert Alex's attention and it worked. As he lunged at her she fired but he deflected the barrel of the shotgun and the blast went over his shoulder. As she pumped the shotgun to load another round, the man's partner hit her on the side of the head with the butt of his rifle rendering her unconscious.


Eli had just exited the twelfth house. The previous eleven had only given up a few cans of food and some soap and instant coffee. This one was more fruitful, yielding dried food, canned fruits and vegetables. The one thing that he was excited about though, was what he found in the back yard shed. The owners had grown their own food, and there were packets and packets of seeds for carrots, peas, beans, corn and some seed potatoes. All of this would allow something he and Alex had wanted to do since they settled in the cabin - grow their own food.

He loaded all his finds onto his prized find, a two wheeled cart. He had found it in a garage a week earlier. It had lost a wheel but he managed to find one and repair it. Scavenging done for the day, he headed toward home.


As he came up to the rear of the house, he sensed something was wrong; he heard Eve's dog whimpering. As he rounded the corner of the house, he saw Alex lying unconscious near the front door, Floppy was sitting next to her occasionally licking her face the shotgun lay next to her. Eli put his rifle on the cart and took his SIG 45 out of its holster and slowly crept up to where Alex was lying. He checked her pulse; she was alive and breathing but unconscious. There was a patch of dried blood on her left temple.

Eli heard a scream from inside the house that made his blood curdle. He carefully pushed the front door open as Eve screamed again and shouted "NO." It came from upstairs; he quickly climbed the stairs and saw Eve through their open bedroom door. She was naked lying on her back on the bed and a man was trying to pry her legs open. He was naked from the waist down and his erection waved as he struggled with Eve's legs. A second man was standing there watching, his rifle was slung over his shoulder.

Eli acted quickly. He struck the man standing by the bed on the back of his head with the butt of his firearm, rendering him unconscious. As his body hit the floor with a loud thud, the other man looked around and was confronted with the barrel of Eli's gun inches from his face.

"Get off her, you son-of-a-bitch," he said. The man quickly got off the bed with his hands in the air, his cock quickly deflating. Eve scrambled off the bed and stood behind Eli.

"We wus just havin' a little fun wid the girl mister."

"Downstairs, NOW." The man quickly descended the staircase and stood in the great room shaking with fear.

"Outside NOW," Eli shouted. "You stay here Eve." He followed the man outside and prodded him with the barrel of the gun toward the ditch on the far side of the dirt road. Before the man had the chance to turn 'round to plead for his life, Eli put a bullet in the back of his skull. He holstered his firearm and quickly went back upstairs. He dragged the unconscious man to the top of the stairs and pushed him over. He fell head over heels down the stairs and lay in a crumpled heap at the bottom. Eli checked his pulse; his neck had snapped and he was dead. He dragged him outside where Eve was knelt beside Alex sobbing. After dumping the man next to his partner, he carefully lifted Alex and carried her into their bedroom and laid her on the bed.

"Fetch me a damp washcloth honey." Eve scurried away. She returned a few minutes later and Eli wiped the dried blood off Alex's temple. There was a slight cut and a big knot where the butt of the man's rifle had connected with her head. Eli laid the damp washcloth over her temple.

"Stay with Alex honey." He picked up the man's clothes and weapons and went downstairs. The clothes he dumped on their bodies, the weapons, ammunition and anything of use were kept. He locked the door and went back upstairs. Eve had put her bra and panties back on; her torn dress was lying on the floor. She was lying on the bed next to Alex holding her.

"Will she be okay Eli?" she asked with concern in her voice.

"I don't have an answer for that honey. How long ago did she get knocked out?"

"About an hour I think. She tried to shoot one of them but she missed and he hit her with his rifle."

Eli and Eve lay either side of Alex for the rest of the evening and into the night. Eve had fallen asleep but Eli dozed for short periods and checked on her breathing from time to time. Finally, at three in the morning he was so tired he too fell asleep.


As he opened his eyes the next morning, Alex was lying there looking at him.

"Good morning sweetheart," she said.

"You're conscious!" he replied. "Thank God, we were so worried about you. How do you feel?"

"Don't bother about me, is Eve okay . . . did those men . . . ?"

"Eve's fine. I got here just in time."

"I'm so sorry Eli, it's all my fault. I let him get too close to me."

He kissed her. "Hey, don't beat yourself up over it."

"Where are they, what happened?"

"Well one has a big hole in his head and the other has a broken neck from falling down the stairs. They're both in the ditch across the road. I'll bury them later."

"How do you feel?" he added.

"You mean apart from the massive headache?"

"I'm glad you've got a sense of humor about all of this. Let me go get you some aspirin." When he came back with four aspirin and a glass of water Eve was awake.

"Morning Eli," she said.

"Morning honey." She jumped on the bed and hugged and kissed him.

"Eli's my hero, my knight in shining armor. I was a damsel in distress and he saved me."

Alex chuckled. "Did you find anything useful yesterday?"

"Yes, I found seed potatoes, packets of seeds for peas, beans, carrots and corn which means we can start to grow our own food."

Alex lay in bed for most of the rest of the day, getting up to eat dinner at six. Eli had emptied the cart of the previous day's spoils filling empty spaces on their cellar shelves. It took him two hours to bury the two bodies near where they lay. Alex was concerned that they had found their cabin but Eli put her fears to rest, telling her that they had more than likely stumbled upon it by accident.

"After I buried the bodies I walked for about a mile in the direction you said they came from and all I saw was a wide river, the one that runs through that ravine where the bridge used to be. For some reason they decided not to follow the river but to cut inland."

At seven o'clock Alex said she was going to bed. An hour later, Eli and Eve went upstairs. Alex was sprawled over the whole bed so they decided to sleep in Eve's bed. Eli got undressed and into bed. Eve came out of the bathroom, took off her bra, pulled down her lime-green panties and climbed into bed beside him. She snuggled up to his side and put her arm across his chest.

"I love you Eli, I love you very much." He leaned over and kissed her.

"I love you too sweetheart, very, very much." With her head resting on his chest, she looked at his semi-erect cock lying on his stomach. She grasped its shaft in her hand and started to rub it up and down, pulling the foreskin back, exposing its smooth head. Eli groaned as she put her mouth over the end and sucked, her cheeks indenting.

"That feels so good Eve, I love the way you suck my cock."

She turned and looked at him. "I like how your cock feels in my mouth. You want to cum in my mouth?"

"Do you think you could swallow fast enough?"

"I think so." She continued sucking his cock while rubbing its shaft, occasionally licking the whole length of its shaft. He moaned loudly as she took one of his balls into her mouth.

"Oh my God Eve, you're incredible." She took her mouth off his testicle.


"Yes honey?"

"When can we have sex like you and Alex do?"

"Are you sure you're ready for it?"

"I think so."

"Okay let me think about it and talk to Alex." Satisfied for now with his answer, she continued sucking and stroking his cock. After five more minutes, Eli was on the edge of his climax, the warm feeling had spread through his groin and he could feel his scrotum tighten.

"Almost there Eve."

She felt the shaft of his cock swell as she had when it was in Alex's mouth and knew what to expect next. She was surprised by the first spurt of cum, as she expected more; she quickly swallowed it as the next spurt hit the back of her throat. Two more and he was done. He watched in amazement as she squeezed the last of his cum out of his cock, sucked it off and swallowed it.

"That was incredible Eve, you're amazing."

She looked at him and smiled broadly.

"Okay, my turn to make you feel good, on your back sweetie."

She rolled onto her back and opened her legs for him. He lay between her legs, admiring her bald mons, rising up like a vee-shaped pad between her prominent hip bones, with her tight cleft disappearing between her cheeks; only her clitoral hood showed. He parted her plump labia, revealing the bright pink folds of her immature clitoral sheath like small butterfly wings and the dark opening to her small vagina.

She gasped as he inserted a finger into her vagina, pushing up to the second knuckle and curling it, trying to see if a young girl could have a g-spot. She moaned as he massaged the inside of her vagina. As he sucked and licked her tiny clit, he inserted a second finger, testing to see how big her vagina could dilate. A third finger stretched her a lot.

"Does that hurt honey?"

"Just a little," she replied. "How many fingers do you have in my pussy?"

"Three and that's a little smaller than my cock."

"Does that mean we can have sex?"

"I think so but it might hurt when I put my cock inside you for the first time." She beamed at his answer. He finger fucked her as he sucked her clit, feeling her body start to react, little jerks of her bottom and legs. Then she had the sweetest climax; she bucked against his fingers, little "ughs" escaped her lips as she orgasmed. She finished off with a little snort as she inhaled sharply. He slowly removed his fingers from her very wet vagina. He looked at them, covered in her white cream. She watched as he sucked them.

"Eww, doesn't it taste icky?"

"No, I Iike the taste. Here, wanna try it," he said offering his finger. She tasted her own juices.

"S'okay," she replied, "but I like the taste of your cum better."

With that, she snuggled up to him, put her leg over his, pushing her wet pussy into his thigh and promptly went to sleep, snoring lightly. He thought it so damn cute.


Chapter Six

Eli was up first the next morning, Eve was still fast asleep. He got dressed and looked in Alex on his way downstairs; she was still asleep. He turned on the coffee maker. Outside the front door he stretched as he looked at the eastern sky. It started to lighten, high cirrus clouds, tinged with the pink of the unrisen sun, scuttled across the sky. He heard someone coming down the stairs. Alex came up behind him and put her arms around him and kissed the back of his neck.

"Morning Eli."

"Morning sweetheart. You feeling any better this morning?"

"Lots better thanks. You sleep in Eve's bed last night?"


"We had a little chat while you were gone and she's anxious to have intercourse with you."

"I know, she asked me last night."

"You think she's ready - physically I mean? I know she is emotionally. She's come a long way in the past six months."

"We had sex last night and I managed to get three fingers inside her so I think she's ready."

"You know her twelfth birthday is this coming Friday?"

"No, I didn't know that. I've got an idea. There's flour and canned milk in the cellar, you think you could make a birthday cake?"

"It may not be fancy with icing, but yes, I think I can. It needs to be a surprise though. You think you could keep her occupied for a few hours?

"Yeah, I'll take her and Floppy to the pool for a while."

That night as Eli was making love to Alex, Eve was sucking on her puffy areola and hard nipples.

"God that feels good Eve. I love it when you join in with me and Eli. It makes our lovemaking special that we can share it with you."

Alex came first, grabbing Eve around her neck and holding her to her breast as her orgasm took hold. Eli stopped thrusting, he was buried deep inside, up against her rubbery cervix. She finally calmed down and kissed Eve on her lips. Eve and Alex watched Eli as he continued to fuck her, his strokes getting faster, his brow furrowed as he chased his climax. Suddenly he plunged all the way inside her vagina and stopped breathing as his body shook with his orgasm. He exhaled sharply as his orgasm passed way too soon.

"God that was good," he said finally as he relaxed. He pulled out and removed the condom.

"Let me," Eve said. She'd seen him do this several times. She knotted the condom and dropped it on the floor. Eli and Alex looked at each other in amazement and then at Eve. She saw them looking at her.


"I was just thinking, how many ten year old girls watch a couple making love and then knot the used condom." She shrugged her shoulder.

"We've got a special present for your twelfth birthday on Friday," Alex said.

Eve's eyes got big. "Really, what is it?"

"Eli's going to make love to you."


"Yes honey, really. I know you've been asking for this for a while and now Eli thinks you're ready."

"Are you going to be there?"

"Do you want me to, as I thought it would be nice for just the two of you?"

"No I want you there to share it, just like you share your lovemaking with me."

"Okay sweetie."


Friday afternoon at two, Eli walked along the dirt road with Eve's hand in his and Floppy running in circles around them. They reached the pool and as they crossed the stream he caught sight of a young girl kneeling beside a man lying prostrate; she was crying. Standing over her was a tall man with a shotgun in his hand. Eli assumed he had just shot the man.

He turned to Eve. "Stay here with Floppy okay sweetie?" She nodded her head sensing something bad had just happened. She kept hold of Floppy who wanted to follow Eli.

"Stay here Floppy," she whispered, her arms around the dog's neck.

Eli quickly descended the trail and entered the small copse. He had his SIG .45 in his hand as he quietly exited the group of trees. The girl had his back to him as did the tall man.

"Drop that weapon," Eli shouted. The tall man was confused at first, didn't know where the voice came from. As soon as he realized it was from behind, he turned and started to raise the barrel of the shotgun but Eli put a single bullet in the middle of the tall man's temple. As his knees buckled and he started to fall, he pulled the trigger.


He'd forgotten to rack the pump action after he'd killed the man. He fell in a crumpled heap in the spot where he stood. The girl started screaming. He holstered his weapon and walked over to her. At first she wouldn't let him near her, but when she saw Eve coming out of the trees she calmed down.

"It's okay sweetie, you're safe now," he said putting his hands out palms facing her, trying to reassure her. "My name's Eli and this is Eve. Is that your daddy?"

"No, I was living in the basement of a house and he found me. He's been taking care of me and he's been nice to me." He went over and checked the man's pulse. There was none. He went back to the girl who was being consoled by Eve.

"I'm sorry honey." She started crying again. Eve hugged her while Floppy sat at their feet.

"What's your name honey?" She stopped crying and wiped her eyes with the hem of her dress.

"Janelle, my name's Janelle Taylor."

"How old are you Janelle?"

"I'm nine."

"Well Eve here is eleven today and she's going to have a birthday party. Would you like to come home with us?"

She looked over at her friend's lifeless body.

"I'll take care of burying him at our house so you can visit his grave whenever you want. You okay with that?" She nodded.

He looked at her, she was a pretty young girl, short brown hair, brown eyes, petite. She looked as though she was just entering puberty as he could see small walnut size breasts under the thin cotton of her dress. She was not too disheveled considering she'd been on the road. There was a duffle bag lying next to her. He picked it up as well as the shotgun and took her hand; they all walked back to the house.


Alex saw them coming and quickly put the cake in the oven. She walked to the open front door.

"Who's this?" she asked as she knelt down in front of Janelle.

"Her name's Janelle," Eve said as she held Janelle's hand. Alex looked up at Eli with a quizzical expression.

"I'll tell you later he mouthed." Alex took Janelle's hand and walked inside; Eli left to get the two wheeled cart.


Three hours later Eli came into the house, wiping the sweat off his brow. He had struggled to carry the body of Janelle's friend up from the pool. The journey down the road was relatively easy pushing the cart. The steep hill up to the house was another matter altogether, it had taken all of half an hour. He had buried the man off to the side of the house away from the view out of any windows as he didn't want Janelle to see. He fashioned a simple wooden cross but needed the man's name before carving it.

"I need a bath," he said. Where're the girls?"

"Eve took her upstairs to show her where her bedroom was. What happened?

"When we got to the pool, Janelle was kneeling next to the body of a man who had been taking care of her and his killer was standing over her. I don't think he was a rebel, probably just someone wanting to either rob them or more likely rape Janelle. I took him out. He's buried on the other side of the house next to the vegetable garden."

"You carried him all the way here!" My God no wonder you need a bath. I'll go fill the tub."

Ten minutes later, Eli was soaking in the tub when Eve came in with Janelle in tow.

"Eve, she shouldn't see me naked."

"It's okay," Janelle said, I've seen a man naked before."

"Janelle's been telling me that her friend was taking her to see her aunt and uncle. She said they live in that place where you rescued me. I told her I didn't think there was anyone left."

Janelle stood there looking at Eli in the tub. The water only just came to his waist and his rapidly growing penis was in full view. He was afraid he'd get a full erection in front of Janelle so he took a wash cloth and covered his crotch. It helped a little, at least his cock was covered but it was pretty obvious he was getting an erection.

"Sorry Janelle, I've been through every house and no one lives there anymore."

Janelle shrugged her shoulders. "Thanks Eli," she said and they both left. Eli finished washing, dried off and got dressed in clean clothes. He peeked in on Eve and Janelle in Janelle's bedroom.

"Everything okay Janelle?" She came over and put her arms around him, laying her head on his chest. She sobbed quietly. He took her head in his hands and kissed her forehead.

"It's okay, you can stay here we'll keep you safe."

She looked up at him. "Thank you for saving me," she said.

"I told her you're my knight in shining armor," Eve said.

Downstairs he hugged Alex. "I hope you're okay with Janelle joining us. I know it's another mouth to feed."

"Silly, of course it's okay. You couldn't just leave her. We'll cope somehow."

"Well did you bake the cake?"

"Uh-huh, it's sitting in the cellar. We'll eat around five okay?"


At six o'clock Eli, Eve and Janelle were all sitting at the dining room table, having just eaten a meal of venison stew, with potatoes and beans from the garden, when Alex came up from the cellar with Eve's birthday cake with one small lit candle. As she put it in the middle of the table everyone sang Happy Birthday to Eve. Eli saw a small tear in the corner of her eye.

"Thank you," she said wiping away the tear, "this is a nice surprise."

"It may not taste like any cake you've had before," Alex said, "but I had to work with what we have."

She cut the cake and served everyone a slice. After they were finished, Eve went outside with Janelle and Floppy.

"Well tonight's her big night Eli, you ready to make Eve a woman?"

"I think I have enough energy left. I'm looking forward to it and I want to thank you for being okay with it." He pulled her to him and kissed her. "I love you Alex, I love you very much." He saw tears forming in her eyes.

"I love you to Eli. I think I fell in love with you that day at the pool." She wiped away her tears. "C'mon, let's make tonight special for Eve."


Janelle was in bed by eight o'clock. She was tired after a very eventful day. At nine, Eve took a bath and joined Eli and Alex in their bed. She had a glow about her as she anticipated what was about to happen. She lay on her back next to Eli while Alex got between her legs and started to lick and suck her pussy. He sucked her small breasts in turn, taking each one all the way in his mouth. After five minutes, Alex looked up at him.

"She's ready, nice and wet," she said and changed places with him. He sat on his haunches and lifted her legs over his hips, the head of his cock lay on her bare mons. He grasped its shaft and rubbed its head up and down her very wet slit, pushing her plump labia aside and coating its head with her white creamy liquid. The head of his cock filled the entire width of her vulva, he looked huge compared to the size of the small dark opening of her vagina.

He positioned the head of his cock at the entrance and pushed gently, feeling her vagina dilate a little. He looked at Eve's face and she had her brow knitted with concentration. Alex noticed too.

"Relax Eve," she whispered, "it won't hurt as much if you relax." Eve nodded. He pushed a little harder and all of a sudden her vagina dilated and the head of his cock slipped in.

"Ouch, that hurt a little," she said. "Okay, I'm ready you can try again," she said a few seconds later.

"I'm already inside you."

"You are?" she said. She raised herself up on her elbows and craned her neck. When she saw the tight ring of skin around the shaft of his cock, a big smile appeared on her face.

"Congratulations Eve, you're no longer a girl, you're a woman," Alex said, "and not many eleven year olds can say that. I was twelve when I lost my virginity and it was not as nice as you just experienced."

Satisfied with what she'd seen, Eve lay back down on her pillow. Eli slowly pushed a little, pulled back some then pushed a little more and all of a sudden he slid all the way in and bumped her cervix.

Eve's eyes opened wide. "Ooo, what was that, it felt good?"

"That's the end of your vagina honey, you've taken all of my cock inside you."

He continued to stroke in and out of her now very slippery but very tight pussy. He could hardly believe he had his cock inside an eleven year old girl's pussy and that he was going to cum inside her, something he couldn't do with Alex as Eve hadn't started her periods yet. He knew he would have to start wearing condoms if he wanted to have sex with her and he only had a three quarters of a box left.

She was so tight, that as his cock slipped into her vagina it pulled her clitoral hood down and her clit rubbed along the shaft sending stabs of pleasure into her pussy. She was rapidly approaching her climax, helped along as Alex sucked her nipples.

"Yes, yes, yes," she cried as she climaxed. Eli pushed all the way in, bumping her cervix causing even more pleasure. He felt her whole body shake as she orgasmed, her breathing was fast and shallow and she grabbed fistfuls of linen. She slowly stopped shaking and relaxed her hands; she opened her eyes.

"Wow," she said, "that was amazing."

"Now you get to feel what I can't," Alex said, "his cum spurting inside your pussy."

Eli continued fucking her, feeling his orgasm forming in his bowels and permeating his entire groin. He increased his pace, little "uhs" escaped her lips every time he bumped her cervix feeling his climax rapidly approaching.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh," she cried as she gained on her orgasm.

"Cumming Eve," he cried as his cock swelled and his cum jetted into her vagina. At the same time she climaxed for a second time, curling her pussy against him, fucking him as much as he was fucking her. She felt his cock swell again and again as his warm semen flood her vagina. Finally he was spent, empty, but eminently fulfilled having taken Eve's virginity. He stayed inside her while she calmed from her second equally intense orgasm. When she finally opened her eyes, both Eli and Alex were looking at her, smiling.

"How was that second one?" Alex asked.

"Oh gaawd, it was incredible. Even better than the first as I could feel his cock swell and his cum flooding me. Oh oh, I think I'm leaking."

"Here put your panties on," Alex said handing Eve her yellow panties, "I've put a pad inside for you."

Eli pulled out and Eve quickly pulled on her panties.

"One of the drawbacks of having sex without a condom, but worth it," Alex said. She pouted. "I'm jealous."

"Oh sorry Alex," Eve said.

"That's okay honey, I'll take sex with Eli any way I can get it."

Eve snuggled her bottom into Eli's crotch and pulled his hand around and put it on her breast. Alex planted little kisses on her lips and heard her start to snore lightly. She looked at Eli who after an exhausting day dealing with the burial of Janelle's friend and taking Eve's virginity, was fast asleep.


Chapter Seven

Alex was up first the next morning and was making a pot of coffee when Eve came downstairs. She walked over and hugged Alex.

"Morning Alex."

"Well good morning Eve, welcome to the first day of your life as a woman."

Eve smiled. "Thanks. I'm a little sore though. I couldn't believe how much I leaked during the night, if it hadn't been for that pad there would have been a mess in the bed this morning."

"Remember not to flush the pad down the toilet, toilet paper only."

"Yeah I remembered. It's in the trash bag in the bathroom." Just then Janelle came downstairs.

Morning Janelle," Alex said, "sleep well?"

Janelle yawned and stretched. "Yes thank you. Hi Eve, you look different today, you fixed your hair another way?"

Eve looked at Alex and burst out laughing.

"Sorry, am I missing something," Janelle asked.

"Eve I'll let you tell her," Alex said and walked off with a cup of coffee in her hand. Sitting on the front porch she could hear them whispering. Then.

"You did what?" Janelle said. More whispering.

"With Eli and Alex, no way." More whispering.

"I'm jealous."

"Uh-oh," Alex said to herself. I'm going to have to tread carefully here as I don't want any strife in our small family." Then she heard laughter.

She sighed heavily. Just yesterday Janelle watched her friend get killed in front of her and yet today, she's laughing. This environment has taken a lot from us, seems as if there's no time for grieving if you want to stay alive, she thought and it made her sad. But then she remembered what she had. The love of a good man, two wonderful girls who she looked upon not just as her friends and responsibility but also as her daughters. She wondered if it would ever be possible to have a baby with Eli. She wanted so much to have a daughter or son of her own, but didn't know if it would be irresponsible or not to bring a child into this world.

The arrival of Eli, holding a cup of coffee in his hand broke her musings. He kissed her.

"You looked deep in thought," he said, "care to share it?"

"Maybe later, right now we have an issue with Janelle."

"Janelle, what's the problem, she still thinking about what happened at the pool?"

"No which surprised me. She saw something different in Eve this morning and Eve told her about last night."


"Janelle's jealous."

Eli groaned. "Oh jeez," he said, "do I have to bring food to the table every day, do chores around the house fixing things that have broken, go hunting for food AND keep three women sexually satisfied?"

"Looks like it," Alex said smiling. He groaned again but this time louder and walked off to tend to the vegetable garden. The two girls heard it and came out on the porch.

"What's up with Eli?" Eve asked.

"I think you two girls just added to his workload."

"Huh?" They both said.


Later than evening, Eli had just dropped a condom on the floor having just had sex with Alex doggie style, when he looked over and saw Janelle standing in the doorway.

"What is it honey," he asked. Alex got off her knees and lay down.

"Will you cuddle me please?"

"Sure sweetie, come on over and get into bed."

Janelle climbed into bed and pushed her back into Eli. He put his arm around her and cuddled her. She moved this hand down to her crotch.

"Make me feel good like my daddy used to do." Eli looked at Alex who just shrugged her shoulders.

"Okay sweetie." He cupped her pussy and parted her plump labia with his middle finger, feeling her large clitoral hood. He slipped the tip of his finger lower, feeling the small wet opening to her vagina, probing, pushing inside her.

"Yes, that feels good," she murmured. She gasped as he curled his finger all the way inside her vagina. Alex was sucking on Janelle's small walnut-sized breasts and nipples as she was rubbing her own clit. Still horny from her orgasm she was close to a second but wanted to hear Janelle's orgasm first.

Janelle, reached behind and took Eli's cock in her hand and rubbed it. Removing his finger from her vagina, he slid up her slit and started to rub her small nub.

"That's it, rub me there like my daddy used to, make me feel good." He continued to rub and press her clit, feeling her body start to tremble and jerk as she reached her climax.

"Nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh," she murmured as she orgasmed; she clamped her hand over his and pressed it, pushing his finger hard against her clit as her whole body shuddered.

Eli looked at Alex who had her eyes closed and her own hand clamped between her legs, her body shaking as she climaxed for the second time. He smiled.

Alex finally calmed. "She has the sweetest orgasm," she said.

"So do you honey, I guess you got off on watching Janelle have hers."

Janelle too finally calmed and pushed back against Eli's crotch trapping her hand around his cock and promptly went to sleep.


Eli woke the next morning to find that Janelle's hand was still holding his cock. He carefully extracted his now stiffening cock from her grip and went to the bathroom and peed. Now dressed, he peeped in on Eve and saw that she was still asleep. Downstairs he plugged in the coffeemaker and let Floppy out for his obligatory morning pee and poop. There was a thin layer of mist across the meadow that was slowly being burned off by the rapidly warming morning sun. It swirled around Floppy as he ran through it, barking joyously.

Janelle came out onto the porch and sat on his lap.

"Thanks for making me feel good last night Eli."

"You're welcome honey."

"Can we do it again? Daddy did it with his tongue one time and it felt really, really good."

"Sure we can. What else did you do with your daddy?"

"I also used to suck his . . . you know . . . his cock and he spurted in my mouth. I can do that for you if you want to. Eve told me she did it for you and you told her you liked it."

"Thank you honey, I'd like that very much."

She knelt in front of him and parted his legs. He went to stop her but thought better of it. His morning woody had gone wanting and he was still horny from the previous night's sex. Having three women giving him blow jobs would lighten his load a little not to mention saving condoms. Janelle undid his belt and unzipped his fly. She fished inside and pulled down his boxers; his cock was rapidly getting very hard at the thought of a nine year old girl performing oral sex on him. She lowered her mouth over its head and all the way in until she started to gag; she had taken almost half of his cock in her mouth.

As she pulled out she gasped, and thin tendrils of white spittle stretched between her lips and the head of his cock which broke as she pulled back. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and put his cock back in. He was amazed at how expertly she sucked him. She would lift up his cock and lick all the way from his scrotum to the its tip then quickly lower her mouth over and push it all the way in. She even put her tongue under the shaft to cushion it from her teeth, something Alex had to tell Eve to do.

Janelle increased her pace, not trying to deep throat him but just sucking the head while she rubbed the shaft. Janelle heard him groan and felt his cock swell as his cum jetted into her mouth. She quickly swallowed as second and third spurt filled her mouth. Swallowing that and then squeezed the last of his cum out of his cock licked it off and swallowed it. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and stood up.

"My God Janelle, that was amazing. How long have you been doing that?" he asked as he zipped up his fly and fastened his belt.

"Since I was six. But I couldn't get more of daddy's cock in my mouth than the head in until I was eight. Gotta go eat," she said and went inside. Alex came out with a cup of coffee in her hand.

"She was amazing," she said. "I had my hand down the front of my panties as I watched her give you a very professional blowjob."

"Did you cum?"

"Not enough time."

"She told me she started sucking her dad's cock when she was six. That might save a few condoms."

"Lucky daddy. Lucky Eli."

"Well you never know, maybe she'll go down on you."


"What are you going to do today Eli?" Alex asked as she cleared away the breakfast dishes.

"I think the girls and I might try our hand at fishing. There's a rod and some tackle in the shed. You up for it girls?"

"I'd like to stay and hang out with Alex if you don't mind," Janelle said.

"No problem. So I guess it's just you and me Eve."


Half an hour later Eli and Eve arrived at the bank of the river.

"Can I try first?" Eve said.

"Sure honey." Eli put a lure on the line. "Now take the bail, it's that piece there, and pull it back, that releases the line . . ."

"Eli! I know how to fish, my dad taught me."

"Sorry honey." Eli watched as she expertly cast the lure and slowly reeled it back in. On the third catch a fish took the lure and she reeled it in. Eli pulled the fish out of the water.

"Well done honey, you just caught a Largemouth Bass. That'll taste nice for dinner tonight."


"Well that's the last of the weeds taken care of," Alex said as she wiped her sweaty brow. She and Janelle had just finished working in the vegetable garden and they were both hot and dirty.

"I need a bath," Alex said.

"Me too," Janelle said. "Why don't we take one together?"


Alex turned off the tub faucet and stepped in. She watched as Janelle pulled her dress over her head and dropped it on the floor. Her undershirt was next and Alex admired her small walnut-sized breasts and small nipples. She had to stifle a gasp as Janelle tugged at her panties and let them fall to her feet where she stepped out of them. She had seen her pussy once before and she got the same tingly feeling in her pussy as she looked at it with its clitoral hood poking out from her plump cleft. Alex had never ever considered herself a lesbian, she never found other women sexually attractive in any way shape or form. It seemed as though she was very attracted to young girls, first Eve and now Janelle, and it really excited her. She put it down to their youth and their still developing bodies.

Janelle stepped in at the opposite end where the faucets were located and started to sit down facing Alex.

"Not that end honey, it's uncomfortable with your back against the faucets. Sit in between my legs with your back to me."

She sat down and leaned back against Alex, feeling her firm breasts on her back. Alex washed her shoulders; she shuddered as Alex washed her small breasts. Alex started to rub them with the pad of her thumbs, feeling her small nipples harden into little beads.

"I like it when you do that," Janelle said, "feels really good." She laid her head back on Alex's shoulder.

"I saw you sucking Eli this morning," Alex said. "He's got a nice cock doesn't he?"

"Uh-huh. My daddy liked it when I did that. Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure honey."

"What's it like when Eli puts his cock in your pussy?"

"It's difficult to describe really."

"I put my fingers inside my pussy," Janelle said. "Is it like that?"

"Oh no, much much better. For one thing his cock is bigger and it really stretches my vagina, feels like I'm stuffed."

"Can you feel him spurt his cum inside you?"

"Not really as he wears a condom, but I can feel his cock swell."

She studied the girl for a few minutes as she washed her.

"You want to have sex with him don't you?"

"Uh-huh. Would you mind?"

"Not at all, but I don't know if he could penetrate you without hurting you."

"But we could try right?"

"Yes sweetheart, we can try." All this talk of sex was really turning Alex on. She continued rubbing Janelle's breasts and she could feel herself getting aroused.

"Why don't we get cleaned up and go and lie down on your bed. Would you like that?"

"Yes please."

Alex lay on her back with her knees bent and legs open. Janelle lay between Alex' legs and parted her plump labia, revealing her prominent clitoral hood and bright pink folds of its sheath like butterfly wings and the dark opening to her vagina. She started sucking Alex's clit now out of its protective hood.

"Oh yes, honey you've definitely got the right touch. Put three fingers in my pussy while you do that."

Alex gasped as Janelle pushed all four fingers inside her, stretching her vagina. She was so aroused she knew her orgasm was going to be a good one. Janelle worked her fingers in and out of Alex's pussy while sucking and licking her clit.

"Yes yes yes, oh God yes," Alex cried as she climaxed. She held Janelle's head against her pussy as her body shook with an intense orgasm. Her legs and bottom twitched and jerked as her orgasm consumed her. Janelle pulled her fingers out of Alex's vagina and saw the white cream of her juices coating them. She tasted it and decided she liked it. When Alex finally came down from her orgasm and opened her eyes, she almost climaxed again as she saw Janelle licking her juices off her fingers.

"You like the taste then?"

"Uh-huh, mine's creamy as well. You want to make me cum now?"

"Oh yes honey. I've been admiring your pussy and it's got me all excited thinking about sucking it."

Janelle lay on her back, knees bent legs wide open as only a lithesome girl could do, with the outsides of her thighs flat against the mattress, soles of her feet together. It caused her pussy to open up like a flower. Her plump labia parted revealing her immature inner labia, like small butterfly wings. Her largish hood exposed her little bump, her clit, and he could see the small opening to her vagina at the bottom of her slit before disappearing between her cheeks pressed together by the mattress.

Alex's pussy tingled like crazy as she looked at this nine year old's small vagina and wondered if Eli could penetrate it without really hurting her. She hoped so, as she wanted to see him have sex with Janelle while she sucked on her sexy little breast bumps and nipples. She inserted one finger into Janelle's vagina, then two and finally three. The third finger slipped in easily as hers were smaller than Eli's. She finger fucked Janelle while sucking her little clit bringing her to a quick orgasm. Janelle clamped her hands on Alex's head, holding her face tight against her pussy as her body shook.

"Yes yes yes," she cried, bucking her pussy against Alex's head, "Oh God yes." Alex tweaked Janelle's nipples as she calmed down, her orgasm fading, little jerks of her legs like small aftershocks came and went.

"That was beautiful to watch Janelle, you have amazing orgasms."


Eli and Eve returned triumphantly from their fishing trip with two Largemouth Bass and one Striped Bass. Eli cleaned them while Alex fixed some fresh beans from the garden. While she was pan-frying the two Largemouth Bass she nodded for Eli to join her.

"Janelle really wants to have sex with you tonight, and I think that although she's only nine years old she's ready. I mean she's been giving her father blow-jobs since she was six years old."

"What will Eve think, will she be jealous?"

"I've spoken to her and she's perfectly fine with it. I'll sleep with her in her bed tonight so you and Janelle can have our bed."


At nine thirty Eli went up to his room and got into bed. Janelle joined him five minutes later. He watched as she pulled her dress over her head and dropped it on the floor. She was wearing a pair of full-cut light-blue cotton panties. She jumped on the bed and immediately started to suck on Eli's erect cock. It's a strange world we live in Eli thought, it's perfectly normal to have sex with a woman, an eleven year old and a nine year old girl at the same time. Janelle was expertly sucking his cock while stroking it, her lips kissing her fist as she took him in her mouth. He could feel himself getting near to his climax so he stopped her.

"Am I not doing it right tonight?" she asked.

"No honey, you're doing it too well and I want to cum inside you. Why don't you lie on your back?"

She got on her back, pulled off her panties and obliging opened her legs. He lay between them and started licking her plump cleft all the way from her little pink rosette to her clitoral hood with its little bump showing. She shuddered as he started to suck and lick it, while he finger fucked her. When he thought she was wet enough, he got on his haunches, took the shaft of his cock in his hand and rubbed its head up and down her cleft, pushing her plump labia aside and rubbing her clitoral hood.

He was leaking precum so he positioned the head of his cock against the small dark opening of her vagina and pushed a little. Eli felt her vagina dilate a little, her tight ring of skin gripping the head of his cock. She had her eyes shut tight and a look of intense concentration on her face.

"Relax honey, it'll make it less painful."

She opened her eyes and nodded, biting her bottom lip. Eli pushed a little more, watching the tight ring of skin of her unsullied vagina slowly ooze over the bulbous head of his cock, then suddenly it slipped inside.

"Ouch," she cried. "I think you're too big for me. Maybe we should wait until I'm older."

"I'm inside you," he replied, "the head of my cock's inside your pussy."

She pushed herself up on her elbows and craned her neck to see his cock inside her.

"Oh my God, you're inside me," she said beaming.

She dropped back onto her pillow and put her ankles over his hips. He slowly pushed into her, feeling her vagina stretch around the shaft, gripping him like a warm, wet glove. Janelle was now very wet and as he pushed, his cock slipped all the way inside her vagina bumping its rubbery end, her cervix. His pubes were buried in hers, she had taken all of him. Although his penis was not long by any means, he was surprised that a nine year old girl could take the entire length of it inside her.

He slowly stroked in and out of her; every time he hit her cervix a little "uh" escaped her lips. As he fucked her, he rubbed her small walnut-sized breasts.

"Uh . . . uh . . . uh . . . uh."

Janelle was breathing through her mouth as he increased the pace of his thrusting.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh."

She was breathing hard now, grabbing fistfuls of linen as she neared her climax. Eli squeezed her small breasts and increased his thrusting; he was fucking her hard now; his ball sack slapping her cheeks.


Then she orgasmed, her bottom came off the bed and she gripped his waist with her legs.

"Oh gaaawd Eli," she cried. Her whole body shook as if she was having an epileptic fit; her arms jerked uncontrollably. He stopped thrusting, his cock buried deep in her vagina, its end pushing against her cervix. He lay down on top of her, taking most of his weight on his forearms, kissing her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back hard.

Her legs dropped to the bed and she opened her eyes.

"That was amazing," she said, "so much better than your tongue." She clenched her pussy, feeling how hard he was.

"You want to cum inside me now?"

"Oh my God yes."

Eli knew it wouldn't take long for him to climax, as he was so turned on fucking a nine year old girl. She put her arms around his waist, urging him to fuck her as she stroked in and out.


He stopped thrusting, buried deep inside her. Then she felt his cock swell inside her very tight pussy and the first spurt of his cum hitting her cervix.

"Cumming baby" he cried, "oh gaawd Janelle, so, so good."

She held him tight, her ankles around his back, her arms around his neck. Another spurt of cum splashed against her cervix, then another and he was done, his orgasm came quickly and went quickly. He lay there, his panting slowed to heavy breathing and then he exhaled.

"That was wonderful Janelle," he said. "Your pussy is so tight. I'm going to pull out of you now, so you may want to cup your pussy with your hand to keep my cum inside you until you get to the bathroom."

"Kay," she said as he rolled to her side. She cupped her pussy and ran to the bathroom.

"Wow, that was a lot of cum you spurted inside me," she said as she got back into bed. She lifted his now semi-erect cock and put it in her mouth, sucking her own juices off and swirling her tongue around the end, tasting his salty semen. To both of their surprises, he started to get hard again as she stroked and sucked him.

"Can you cum again so soon?" she asked.

"Don't know honey, but we'll find out."

Janelle continued with her expert blowjob and could feel Eli's body responding with small jerks of his legs. Then she felt the shaft of his cock swell and a small amount of cum oozed out of the end.

"Oh honey, cumming again," he murmured.

She took her mouth off the end and squeezed the shaft. Another small amount appeared, which she quickly licked off.

"I can't believe you just came again and spurted a little."

"I can't either," he replied as he pulled her to him. She lay her head on his chest watching his penis slowly deflate in her hand. She lifted and looked at him. She kissed his sleeping lips.

"I love you Eli," she whispered.

"I love you too honey."

Janelle snuggled up to him, and went to sleep.


Chapter Eight

Janelle walked into the kitchen where Alex was watching the coffee maker.

"Well how was it?"

"Amazing but I'm sore as heck."

"You should go soak in a warm bath for an hour, that'll help."

"He came twice."

"Twice!? Wow that's not happened before."

"Yeah, he came inside me and as I was sucking his cock afterwards he got hard again."

"Wow, but you better keep that to yourself as Eve will be jealous."

"Kay," Janelle replied as she poured a mug of coffee.


Three days later, the girls played Frisbee with Floppy while Eli worked in the vegetable garden that was now providing the bulk of the food. It supplemented the fish they caught in the river and the wild boar and deer that he had shot. He put away the hoe in the garden shed and sat on the rocking chair and thought how lucky he was. Three women who he had regular sex with, food from their garden and the surrounding lands. The only thing that would make his life complete would be a son or daughter by Alex. But the thought of having a baby with no doctors or nurses nearby, not to mention raising a child under the circumstances with which they found themselves was daunting if not downright irresponsible.

Eve and Janelle were whispering to each other and without saying a word went inside. Floppy whined and came onto the porch and flopped down at Eli's feet. He leaned over and rubbed his neck.

"What's the matter Floppy, no one to play with?" He sat there with Floppy stretched out on the porch. Ten minutes later Alex came out.

"You gotta see what Eve and Janelle are doing," she said as she beckoned him to come inside. He followed her up the stairs and to Eve's bedroom door. She put her finger to her lips. Inside Eve was lying on her bed naked with her legs spread. Janelle, who was also naked, had parted Eve's labia and was sucking on her clit.

"Yes that's the spot," Eve said, "lick it with the tip of your tongue like Eli does." Janelle was eagerly licking Eve's clitoral hood and the small lump inside. She had three fingers inside Eve's very wet vagina. Alex and Eli looked on as Janelle brought Eve to her first orgasm at the hands of another girl. She closed her legs, trapping Janelle's head between her thighs; she shook so violently that the whole bed shook.

"Gaaaawd Janelle, yes, yes, yes," she cried. They watched as Eve came down off her orgasm and started to calm. When her breathing slowed to normal she released Janelle's head. Janelle sucked Eve's juices off her fingers.

"I like how you taste, it's different than mine or Alex's."

"You've gone down on Alex!?"

"Yeah, that day you and Eli went fishing for the first time, we took a bath together and she rubbed my boobs. We went to my room and I went down on her and she did the same to me. Her juices are the same as mine, creamy not clear like yours."

"My turn now," Eve said as the girls swapped places. Janelle opened her legs wide causing her plump labia to part, exposing the pink interior and the small entrance to her vagina.

"I still can't believe you penetrated her small pussy," Alex whispered.

"Neither can I."

Eve sucked and flicked Janelle's clitoral hood, exciting the small bump inside. Then she did something that surprised both Eli and Alex, she got her finger wet inside Eve's vagina and put its pad against her pink rosette.

"You sure you want to do this?" Janelle asked.

"Yeah," Eve replied, "just like we talked about."

Janelle pushed her finger all the way inside Eve's ass. Eve moaned.

"God it does feel good, you should let me do it to you."

She continued to lick and suck Eve's clit as she finger fucked her ass. Eve was close to her climax and had Janelle's head in her hands pushing her face into her pussy.

"Cumming, cumming hard," Eve cried as her orgasm slammed into her, her legs twitched and she started bucking Janelle's face. Eli looked at Alex and smiled.

"Looks like our girls have found a new way of getting off," Alex whispered.

"Yeah, c'mon let's leave them to it."

Janelle and Eve came bouncing downstairs an hour later with grins like the Cheshire cat who'd drank the cream. Without saying anything they ran outside where Floppy was sitting waiting for them with the Frisbee in his mouth and his tail wagging furiously.



For the next few years, life went on for Eli, Alex, Eve and Janelle. The girls continued to grow and as they started their periods, sex was limited to oral or anal, which Eve absolutely loved but Janelle not so much, and the occasional regular sex with Eli either using one of the dwindling supply of condoms, or pulling out at the last minute. This was a risky way of having sex and his timing was off on a couple of occasions but thankfully no one got pregnant.

Alex became adept at keeping the cellar stocked with food she'd either salted or preserved in the reusable Mason jars. Eli and Eve went out on hunting forays for deer, wild boar or pheasants and grouse. Eve had got very good at using the scoped rifle and could expertly bring down a deer at a 100 yards. Eli had taught Janelle to shoot with either Eli's or Alex's sidearm and the shotgun. She wasn't really interested at the start, but when Alex said she needed to learn in case Eli and Eve were away and Alex indisposed, she readily agreed.

Their vegetable garden had proved invaluable, providing much needed greens as well as potatoes which could be kept indefinitely in the cool cellar. Eli hung the venison in the cellar and it aged without rotting in the sub-forty degree temperatures for a decent amount of time. It was usually eaten well before it starts to spoil.

Over the years they had been in the cabin, there had only been a couple of people who passed by and thankfully none of them proved to be hostile. Eli and Alex always showed them hospitality with either a meal or fresh water. Six years after moving into the cabin, they started to see contrails high in the sky, indications that jets were flying again. They also heard the sound of helicopter way off in the distance but never saw any. They kept up hope that one day things might return to a modicum of normality.


Eli sat on the front porch watching his and Alex's five year old daughter Hope being chased around the yard by Floppy their dog. He kept nipping playfully at her heels and she was screaming with delight. Alex's pregnancy was an accident. A year after they moved into the cabin, the supply of condoms was running low so Eli started washing and reusing them. One night a condom burst, and after Alex missed two of her periods they knew she was pregnant.

The pregnancy was perfectly normal and Eli delivered their baby while Eve and Janelle looked on. With no disposable diapers they were forced to use towels they had cut up, washing them afterwards in hot water. They were fortunate that they started with an almost full propane tank. It was coming up on their seventh anniversary of finding the cabin and there was still over a quarter of a tankful.

"Daddy come and play with me," Hope said.

Eli got up from the rocking chair. He had found two of them on one of the last visits to the village where they had first met Eve. Their cellar stockpile of canned had almost run out, but the vegetable garden and his occasional foray to hunt deer and wild boar kept them well fed. The variety of wild plants such as wild strawberries, ramps, blueberries gave them a varied diet. Eve had gotten very good at fly fishing in the river, so trout was added to the menu. The supply of salt was dwindling as Alex salted the trout and preserved them in the Mason jars.

"Throw it daddy," Hope shouted. He threw the Frisbee to Hope but Floppy leapt and caught it causing more laughter.

"Floppy bad dog," she shouted. The dog dropped the Frisbee at her feet and sat wagging his tail.

"I think he wants you to play fetch with him," Eli shouted. Hope picked up the Frisbee and threw it; Floppy ran after it, leapt and caught it in his mouth and dutifully carried it proudly back to her and dropped it at her feet.

A year and a half ago, a couple with a ten year old girl found the cabin. They were from the city of Greensboro and were on their way to Asheville some sixty miles away. They told them that the Canadian government had joined forces with the Mexican army eighteen months ago, and had forced the iron-fisted government of Oceania to disband their militia and to hold free elections.

They said that slowly but surely the small towns dotted across the state were being re-inhabited and the newly formed National Guard had started to patrol farther and farther out from the cities. They were also told that newly elected government was providing food, medicines and medical attention to anyone who made the journey in from the countryside.

The couple stayed for a few days and then left. Eli and Alex had agreed that Eli should make the sixty mile journey to the nearest city and replenish their much needed supplies. Eve, who was sixteen at the time went with him. They hadn't see any rebels in over three years so Alex was happy to stay behind with fifteen year old Janelle and three and a half year old Hope but still kept the shotgun by the front door just in case.

It had taken Eli and Eve two days to get to Asheville. They were given IDs that they were to present when they stocked up on supplies. They spent the night in a campsite on the edge of town and set out back home the next morning. The cart was filled to capacity with much needed supplies, including tampons and pads for the girls, shampoo, soap, lighters, toilet paper, basic medical supplies, and salt - lots of salt. Both their backpacks were also filled to the maximum.

The return journey took four days due the load they were carrying and having to push the heavy cart. Alex, Janelle and Hope greeted them with hugs and kisses when they got back. Janelle and Alex put the new supplies in the cellar, while Eli and Eve rested. Alex was over the moon at having tampons again.

The doctor at the surgery in Asheville had given Eli three birth control pills, that once taken prevented pregnancy until a second pill was taken that would then allow the woman to get pregnant. Alex was extremely happy that she and Eli could have unprotected sex; she found a pleasure she had not had for almost ten years - feeling Eli cum inside her. It was messy but she didn't care. Janelle and Eve also found they enjoyed the feeling of Eli spurting inside them.

"What's all the commotion?" Alex said as she walked out of the house.

"It's Floppy, Hope's found out that he likes to play fetch with the Frisbee."

"I'm thinking that now Hope's five, we need to get her to sleep by herself. The single bed you found on one of your forages needs to come out of our bedroom."

"Yes but where would it go? We don't have any more bedrooms."

"Well I've been thinking. Our room is quite large and maybe you could take some of that lumber out of the storage shed and divide it into two. They don't need to be the same size, make Hope's room a little smaller. We don't really need the plywood over the rear windows any more. We could move into Janelle's bedroom and Janelle and Hope move into our old bedroom. Janelle could take the larger of the two, that way she doesn't think she's moving into a smaller room."

"Damn! Why didn't I think of that?"


Over the next year, things started to get back to some semblance of normality. There were more overflights of helicopters and Eli had seen a Humvee on the dirt road behind the house. Two days later a pair of National Guardsmen came to their door. They wanted to see if everyone was okay, see if there was anything they needed and take a census. Eli asked if they could do anything about the bridge over the ravine so they could get the propane tank refilled. They said they would report it to the Corps of Engineers but as it was a private road, it would be low on their list of priorities. They agreed however to notify the Department of Logistics to see if they could fill it from the dirt road at the rear.

Over the next three years, as more and more people started to come back, the small village soon became a hive of activity with an open air party and dance every Saturday night in the main square. Alex had worried that the owners of their cabin would also return but they never did. Janelle had taken to going to the open-air party and dance every week and one day brought a boy to the house. His name was Ellis and his parents had moved back to their old house. He was a nice, well-mannered kid and Eli and Alex wondered if she treated him to the expertly given blow jobs she had given Eli on a regular basis over the last six years. As Ellis hung on every word out of her mouth, they figured she did. It was amusing, watching him follow her around like a puppy dog.

Eve on the other hand, now twenty years old, had no interest in men or dating. She adored Eli and had effectively become his second wife, sharing him with Alex on a regular basis. After much hand wringing and late night discussions, Eli had agreed that he and Eve would have a child together. Eve had attended the new clinic in the village, no doctor just a nurse, and received the pill that would allow her to conceive. Over the next three nights with Alex in bed beside them, Eli and Eve had sex. With no birth control, Eve quickly got pregnant.

By the time Eve was due to give birth, the bridge over the ravine had been replaced and Eli drove Eve, Hope and Alex to the hospital in Asheville in a car loaned to him by a grateful villager. Eli had found his place in society by bartering his talents to repair pretty much anything that needed repairing and it kept him very busy.

Two days later, Eve gave birth to a healthy baby boy. They named him Adam.


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