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Den of The Lioness




The One Web Place For

Adult Sex Stories Written by:

Josy The Lioness


The name's Jocelyn, or Josy to my friends. I am relatively new to writing sex stories, though I have been a frequent visitor to ASSTR.org. I like to read stories of a virgin’s first sex, some beastiality, as well as sex stories that include previously popular characters/people (I think these are funny). I would like to create stories of my own like these for the enjoyment of all adults who are interested. I will not write bondage, s+m, or snuff stories, even though I may find them mildly fascinating. Much like the sight of roadkill, it is sad and tragic, yet you cannot look away. I will try to keep my stories happy and stimulating!!
Happy Reading :)



Legal Disclaimer Legal Disclaimer

These stories are for ADULTS ONLY, and ONLY if your local community

does not have laws against:

A: (keeping documents of this nature)


B: (the events contained therein)

These events have NEVER HAPPENED; they are purely fictional (NOT REAL).

Their sole purpose is for the entertainment of adults and their spouses/mates.

Sexual actions taken by the characters (human, alien, demon, animal, plant, etc...),

No matter how appealing, SHOULD NOT be attempted at all. And DEFINATELY NOT

without the consent of all who are involved. If you agree to these conditions and

the local laws do not object to your reading of this document, then please

keep reading. Otherwise, please discard, delete, or throw away this document

quickly and secretly, to avoid any moral, legal, religious, or any other form of trouble.


My stories are not for sale. Copyright laws protect them,

however, you may download them to your home PC for your own purposes

as you wish. I realize that I have no control over what you do on your

PC, but I ask you to respect my works. They were created purely for

my own satisfaction. If they can be used to inspire new love in a

doomed relationship, that's great! Otherwise, simply read on and enjoy!


This disclaimer is provided for the protection of all the young innocent minds,

that have not been tainted by the lure of sexual immorality and lust.

Legal Disclaimer Legal Disclaimer


Here are my works thus far. I have more in the making,

And these may be revised in the future

For some greater purpose.


^_^~                                        Aisha’s Journey                                                ~^_^

Story Subject Codes - space fantasy (best, zoo, MF, FF)

A story about a Ctrl-Ctrl woman from

The ‘OUTLAW STAR’ universe, who takes

Desperate measures to catch up with

Gene Starwind.


^_^~                                        Jasmine’s Despair                                            ~^_^

Story Subject Codes - fantasy (reluc/best, zoo, Fsolo)

This is another story created by the use of

A preexisting storyline. Aladin is busy learning

How to rule a kingdom, and Jasmine finds

Sexual release in an unexpected place.


^_^~                            An Unusual Pokemon Adventure                                  ~^_^

Story Subject Codes - sci-fi (nc/best, zoo, Fsolo)

Everybody’s favorite Team Rocket is up to

No good, as usual. But when they are nearly

Cut off by the boss, they find themselves

In a very different kind of trouble.


^_^~                            A Second Pokemon Adventure                         ~^_^

Story Subject Codes - sci-fi (MF)

Team Rocket is still doing what they do best,

Yet Jessie is trying to cope with recent events.

This causes problems, and as skilled

As they are (or not), James finds

Himself in a delicate balance between

Secret pleasure and severe pain.


^_^~                            Warning: Improper Use of Magic!                                 ~^_^

Story Subject Codes - magic fantasy (shape shifting, zoo)

A student attending magic school finds

An interesting way to employ his magical

Powers, and gets more than he bargained for.


^_^~                            The Legend Of Zelda XXX                              ~^_^

Story Subject Codes - fantasy (M/mermaid, MF, zoo, fist)/(bd, MF, mc)

You always hear about how Link is Saving

The kingdom of Hyrule and its neighboring

States, but he can’t be doing all that

Without some kind of compensation, now

Can he? Here are some of the sexy tales

Behind the Legend.


^_^~                            The Legend Of Zelda XXX CH2                                  ~^_^

Story Subject Codes - fantasy (MF)

In continuing the grand adventure,

Link has completed one of his missions

And rescued the fair maiden, however,

His ultimate reward is wiped from his

Memory and replaced by a mere token.


^_^~                                        Kayla’s First O!                                               ~^_^

Story Subject Codes - (inc, mf, zoo)

During a usual visit by his aunt and her family,

John is hiding from his cousins by playing video

Games in his room. To his surprise, one of them

selects him to bring her to her first big O!


^_^~                                        Human Sex                                           ~^_^

Story Subject Codes - (best, zoo, F/Solo) Dog's POV

An interesting insight into the dog’s point of view

On the most common form of one particular taboo

That some call beastiality, and others call, loving a

Faithful pet.


^_^~                                        Jim’s Animal Affair                                           ~^_^

Story Subject Codes - (best, zoo, M/Lion)

Jim was just an ordinary guy who was just trying

To watch some movies. But when his TV goes on

the fritz, the repairs cause unforeseen side effects,

and he ends up in the world of the lion king.


^_^~                                        Drunk Incest                                         ~^_^

Story Subject Codes – ( FM , inc , nc )

Jason comes home to find his young aunt

drunkenly sobbing about her problems, before

passing out on the couch. He tries to make her

comfortable, but he is struck by ideas and

possibilities afforded him by the effects of alcohol.


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