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"I just need the toilet," I heard whispered and the soft steps going in the direction of the loo. I was so hungover that I could hardly nod much less open my eyes. But I didn't complain too much, I still had my dick buried in her pussy and a hand on her breast.

Last night had been fun, Linda's dad was going away for a conference and Linda and I (and her 10-year-old little sister, Megan) had cooked a dinner for him and for their mum. At the dinner table, we had a couple of bottles of wine. As their dad was driving, he had hardly touched the wine, which meant so much more for the rest of us. Their dad left just after the dessert and after saying goodbye to him, we stayed at the table, joking and giggling and having a good time. When the wine ran out, their mum opened a big bottle of Baileys and poured liberally. I normally don't like Baileys much, but I went with the wind and drank with the girls.

And well, now I suffer for it.

But maybe it was for the better for her breast felt much bigger than usual.

I must have fallen asleep again for she came back and asked me to move over a bit. I pushed her a bit forward with my pelvis and gave her breast a reassuring squeeze. I felt her push against my back to snuggle up again.

Then my muddled brain started to work a little. Somebody had gone to the toilet, while I held somebody and somebody snuggled up to my back.

Either Linda had performed a magic trick and multiplied or something else was going on!

After a minute or so, I managed to open one eye slightly.


I closed it immediately.

After another minute I tried again.

I saw the same as before.

This time I kept it open and opened the other eye too.

My first impression wasn't wrong.

My dick was embedded in and the breast I held belonged to ... Linda's Mum!

Linda's very purring, very sleeping, very parent ... Nina!

Their mum!

I turned my head back to see what was going on behind me.

It was Meg!

A very hot, very young, very sexy, very naked ... very Megan.

A very satisfied looking, very sleeping Megan spooning me.

Spooned behind Meg, holding her breast like I held her mother's, was Linda.

A very beautiful, very smiling, very winking, very awake Linda.

My head spun and I had to hold on to something not to fall off the Earth so I squeezed their Mum's breast harder. This somehow sent ripples through her pussy, which ran up and down my hard-on inside her and well, what can I say?

I came!

When I sent hot rivers of cum up inside my mother-in-law's hot pussy, she leaned an arm over my hip and squeezed my buttock, trying to press me closer, as if that was possible.

This was too much for my poor brain and I fell asleep again.

When I stirred next, it was for no reason I could think of. I felt a bit better and the breast under my hand quite a bit smaller. That was not the only thing feeling smaller. The pussy around my throbbing rod felt much tighter too.

I dared to open one eye slightly and slammed it shut again, making my aching head spin.

After a minute's respite, I tried again. Same view. I opened the other eye too, to get a second opinion. Same result.

I was definitely holding and penetrating Meg. Ten-year-old Megan. My girlfriend's sister. She was half my age, literally, and still, here I was, my dick buried in her tight pussy. She seemed to feel my interest and moved a bit back and forth with the inevitable result:

I came!

I filled her way beyond capacity and my sperm spluttered out in the space between her soft pussy and my hard dick. She opened an eye and looked at me with a huge smile. "Mmmm!" she mumbled.

This time I stayed awake. My head hurt, my brain spun, my tummy churned and my dick, well, it just kept staying hard.

I felt a soft hand caress my chest and a languid voice asking, "Are you finished with Meg? Could I perhaps get some attention then?"

It was Linda. My perfectly delightful, well-turned, beautiful, loving, caring girlfriend. The one that I should service. And she seemed to indicate that she hadn't had the service she needed. If my head hadn't been spinning like it did, I would probably have pondered this some more, but as it was, I chose action (much to the detriment of my aching head) and turned around to service her (much to the protests from my former servicee).

I did a double-take, when I turned around. Behind Linda lay her mother, holding a supple breast in her hand, white sperm seeping from her pussy and with a smile that was worthy of the Cheshire cat of Alice in Wonderland.

I was on my back, groaning under the weight of my heavy head. Linda seemed to understand my predicament and moved on top of me, mounting my erection easily. She started to move up and down my rod, when suddenly my head was covered. I just got a glimpse of Meg kissing Linda greedily before she sat down on my face, covering me with her dripping pussy. To prevent myself from an untimely dead from drowning, I had to lick really fast. I quickly realised that I could only blame myself for the situation as it was my own sperm that was flooding me.

My head was definitely telling me not to go on, but self-preservation (and a feeling of utter excitement in my whole body) kept me going and the stimulus to my dick was enormous as Linda seemed to go off with orgasm after orgasm. So did Meg actually and after a short while it wasn't my sperm that threatened to drown me, but rather her copious production of love juice. I couldn't go on for much longer, my tongue was getting worn out, my head was threatening to blow to pieces and my dick was about to explode. And Old Faithful did just that. It exploded and with a force I had never before experienced, I literally hosed Linda's pussy and from later comments I know that Linda could feel the explosion too, resulting in an overpowering orgasm that ended in an ear-shattering scream.

Linda slid off and lay prostrated next to me, completely incoherent from the power of her orgasm. Meg had seized the moment and bent forward and engulfed my leaking erection in her mouth. She repositioned a little and then I could feel her velvety gullet around my dick-head. She had deep-throated me. Had I been in a higher state of sobriety, I might have pondered how a ten-year-old could manage a deep-throat that her older sister couldn't, but luckily I was too inebriated to consider that. It would probably have been a bit moment-killing if I had gone into philosophical deliberations at that point. But we were spared and I scored another new experience. Meg's mother had joined forces with Meg to assault my dick and the two alternated their deep-throating and I didn't know, who actually ended up getting the blast from my hose, when it became impossible to hold back.

I was spent and Meg started to feel heavy as she lay still on top of me. I tried to push her off, but was thwarted by my neighbours. I couldn't really pass her on top of her mother and not on top of Linda either. What would a smart man do in such situation. I didn't know. (I still don't.) In the end I was saved by Meg being aware of my somewhat strained breathing (and maybe of my hands trying to push her away, unless she thought I was just trying to cop a feel of her breasts) so she sat up and moved a bit back.

"What happened?" I asked as I seemed to have missed some of the action.

"You don't remember?" their mum asked.

I tried to shake my head but found it more comfortable to talk instead. "Not really. I have a recollection of a tumbler of Baileys or two ..."

"Make that ten," Linda interjected.

"... or more." I pondered a bit. "Then I woke up buried in you," I said to Nina. "Then I fell asleep again. Then I woke up inside Meg." The three of them laughed at my slip of the tongue. "I mean with my dick inside Meg. I think I remember everything from that point in time until now."

Linda laughed heartily. "Well, after your tenth Baileys, Meg had had her share too and she went upstairs to change into her night clothes. She staggered back to the kitchen stark naked with her dress in hand, unable to put it on. You offered to help but ended up falling on top of her. You managed to get up but Meg had grabbed hold of the waist of your trousers and when she tried to pull herself up, they slid down, leaving you naked from the waist down."

"I can't remember any of that," Meg whispered.

"Me neither," I whispered back.

"Being slightly inebriated (a bit of an understatement), you chose to take your top off and use that to cover your privates instead of just pulling your trousers up."

I shrugged.

"You weren't quite stable on your feet, especially not with your trousers around your feet, and at some point you lost your balance and dropped the top as you fell over. To get yourself upright again you chose to get rid of your trousers. You managed to get up and stood in the doorway with an erection that seemed seriously ready for action. Mum and I had not quite reached the same state of intoxication you two had, so we managed to guide you to my room with the intention of leaving you there and getting Meg into her own room, but at some point we lost the plot and ended up in a pile on my bed."

Nina took over here and continued, "You were hard as I have never seen hard before. I just couldn't leave that be; I undressed and sat down on it, spurred on by Linda, who seemed to find it most amusing that I was riding her boyfriend hard and fast. I came a few times before you came. I let you go and when Linda saw you were still hard, she undressed in a jiffy and gave you same action as I had. We alternated and managed to mount you three times each. And guess what? You were still hard. I started to feel sleepy and lay down next to you. You just turned over and entered me from behind, grabbing a breast before passing out completely."

"And Meg," Linda continued. "She inched behind you and I behind her. When I woke a little later with a bursting bladder, you were still inside mum and started to make love to her, as you were disturbed by my move. We all fell asleep again until you woke up this last time. At some point Meg and mum had exchanged places."

"Yes," Nina said. "Meg was literally crawling over him and when she came to the front she pushed me away. I chose to exchange position with Meg and moved behind him ... and well, this is what happened." She indicated to us all in Linda's bed.

"Amazing," I said. "What do you remember, Meg?"

"I remember being half awake at some point, seeing your hard dick buried in her pussy. I got jealous and wanted that position for myself. And that's about all."

"Amazing," I said once again. "What a family." I put a palm to my forehead. "And what a hangover."

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