======================= MOTORHOME MAKEOUT ================

I guess Mom and Dad really meant it when they said they wanted to have a second honeymoon, even with us kids along.
Dad rented a big motor home-camper thing that slept four. I missed my girlfriend, but I was enjoying seeing the national
parks and having a good time with the family. It was close quarters inside the big motor home, but we all got along. As things
turned out we got along a whole lot better than any of us imagined at first.
On the first night, Mom and Dad decided to go to bed early, so they slipped back to the bedroom in the rear of the motor home. Mom had a secret grin on her face as she winked at us and shut the folding door between us and the front of the big RV.
"Uh oh," Monica said quietly to me. "I guess they really mean to make it a second honeymoon! I bet they're gonna fuck!"

Soon, we both felt a little embarrassed, as Monica was proven right. Mom's slow sighs and moans were coming from the back of the motor home, and the whole vehicle was gently rocking in rhythmic motions.

"See?" Monica grinned naughtily. "He's really givin' it to her!"

"Aw shut up, Sis." I said. "Let 'em enjoy themselves." I rolled over on my bunk and concentrated on my book again. Even so, my cock started to stiffen up.

Mom's groans got louder and more erotic, and I heard Dad making grunting sounds, too!

"Tom?" Monica whispered. "Is it making you horny?"

"Sort of." I whispered back, "So what?"

Next thing I knew Monica had moved over onto my side and lay next to me, pushing me over against the wall of the RV so there was room for both of us on the narrow bunk. My sister snuggled up against my back and slid one hand across my hip.

"Do you have a hard-on?" she whispered in my ear. If I hadn't already, the hot whisper of my sister's sexy voice in my ear sure got me started!
"Yeah, a little bit." I admitted, I could feel the blood pounding into my cock, thickening it.

Monica giggled slightly and slid her hand on down until she was rubbing it slowly over the bulge in my jeans. "Ohh, wow!" she sighed, "You really do have a hard-on!" She gripped the growing bulge of my prick through my jeans and tugged it.

I was shocked! My sister had never done anything like this before, but somehow I didn't mind it at all right then. The sexy, muffled sounds coming from the back of the motor home seemed to make me lose any inhibitions or any worries about incest. I just loved the feel of my sister's hand on my cock!

"Turn around." Monica whispered.

I dropped my paperback and rolled over, so that now my sister and I were lying on our sides, face to face on the narrow bunk. The dim light illuminated Monica's soft brown hair and I could see the sexy, impish grin on her face. Her face was only inches from my, and I was acutely aware of her soft warm breasts pressing against my chest. Down below I felt my zipper travel down as Monica tugged my fly open.

"Monica...," I protested, but I really wasn't putting up much resistance as her fingers reached into my jeans and curled around my thickening, throbbing penis.

"Shhhhh!" she hissed, staring straight into my eyes. "Just let me! It'll be fun!"

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Monica slid her other arm around and grabbed my hand, placing it on the front of her sweatshirt. "Squeeze my titty!"
My cock got rock hard as I felt my sister's small, rounded mammary fit into the palm of my hand through the sweatshirt. The tiny lump of her nipple was already hard as I pressed against it.

"Ohhhhhh," Monica sighed. "Yeah."

Between us, Monica had pulled my cock out and held it. She glanced down between our bodies and watched as her hand played up and down my shaft. "Wow, your cock's so nice and big! How come you didn't tell me?"

From the back Mom and Dad were still at it, moaning and sighing and rocking the RV. Monica gently slid her fist up and down my cock in time to the same rhythm.

"God, it feels good," I whispered into my sister's hair. "I don't care if it's incest!"

"Don't be silly," Monica said. "It's only incest if you fuck me. This is just ... fun." My sister teased and caressed my aching prick, running her fingers all over the hot hard dick flesh in her hand. I kept squeezing her soft, warm tit.

"I guess I always wanted to jack you off!" she admitted.

Monica slid closer, so that her whole body pressed against me, only scooting her ass back a little so there was a space between our crotches where she could move her hand back and forth on my penis.

Monica kissed and licked at my neck, then pressed her lips up against my ear. "Don't you wanna suck 'em?"

"Huh?" I groaned. I had just been lying there savoring the sweet feeling of my sister's hand jerking up and down my prick as I felt her tit.

"Come on!" she demanded. "Suck my titties!"

Monica let go her grip on my cock and sat up, quickly pulling her sweatshirt over her head, and reaching around behind her to pop open the clasp on her thin white sports bra. Her jugs spilled out, looking soft and white in the dim light. Monnie's tits were small, but kind of plump and round like big oranges. She had little brown berry-like nipples that stood up hard and erect. There was just the barest outline of a pink aureole surrounding
each little tit-tip. Monica tossed her clothes over onto her bunk and lay down again beside me, feeling for my cock as I bent my head to her chest and kissed the valley between her two small breasts.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, sounding a lot like Mom, who was making the same noises in the background.

I began licking and sucking on Monnie's titties, nibbling first at one hard little nipple, and then the other. They tasted sweet and hot.

"Mmmmm, god, I love your titties, Sis" I whispered. "We should have started doing this years ago!"

"Yeah," my sister sighed, gasping as I sucked her whole tit into my mouth, running my tongue in swirls over her flesh. "Wonder why we didn't?"

"We were never this bored," I whispered between her boobies.

"Are you bored now?" she teased. Monica's hand began to jack me off harder, her fingers forming a rigid circle just under the head of my cock as she slid her fist up and down and up and down.

"No way!" I groaned and sucked her other titty all the way into my mouth, causing her to gasp and squeeze my cock harder still.


Behind us, Mom and Dad were really rocking the motor home. I could hear Mom gently groaning "oh, oh, ohhh" as Dad fucked her.
Monica's hand never left my cock, pumping and stroking it faster and faster in expert motions. Every once in a while she would pause and let my cock just lay in her hand, so that I didn't cum right away. "God, she knows how to jack me off!" I thought.

Monnie then slid her thumb back and forth over the tip of my prick, smearing the wet precum over the head of it before she went back to jacking my prick up and down.

I was really aroused, and I didn't even think about the fact that the sexy little creature lying half-naked next to me was my own sister. I just sucked and nibbled her boobies, and toyed with her tight, rounded ass, rubbing my hand over her jeans, caressing her butt.

Monnie stopped for a second and reached both hands to her waist. I heard the snap as her jeans came open. Then her hands were on mine, helping me slide her bluejeans down until the waist was around her thighs. I looked own and watched as she rolled her white cotton panties down her legs until they were a twisted rope stretching between her open thighs.

Monnie's brown muff was dark, nearly hidden in the dim interior of the RV. I watched as she guided my hand down, covered it with her own and pressed my palm against her fuzzy pubic area.

"You gotta jack me off, too, baby brother" she whispered.

I grinned and nodded, running my hand slowly down between her legs like I did with my girlfriend, Ellen. I pressed my palm against her warm swollen pussy lips, feeling them pout to sweet fullness. The hot, perfumed scent of her pussy filled the space around my bunk. As I slid my hand along her hot crack, warm wetness flowed over my fingers.

"Qooooooo," Monnie groaned, humping her crotch gently against my hand. I nearly died as her hands found my cock again and she began sensuously stroking my cock, slow and hard as I rubbed her pussy. "Oooooo, yeah, play with my pussy while I masturbate you!"

Monnie and I were both panting now and gently pressing our sex organs against each other's hands, slowly humping back and forth as we masturbated each other. I extended my middle finger and slowly slowly slid it down into the hot wet hole between my sister's thighs. Monica turned her head into my pillow and let out a muffled cry as I coated my finger with the warm wet juices flowing inside of her.

Monica was now as erotic a woman as I had ever held in my arms, she slid back and forth, gently fucking her pussy-slit on my finger. Her hand tugged and teased my penis until it was all achy and throbbing. It seemed the most natural thing in the world as I slid my face up next to hers on the pillow and she turned her mouth up toward mine. We began a hot, wet french kiss, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues as our fingers stroked and caressed each other's genitals with sweet sensuous fuck-strokes.

"Oohh, oooh, oohhh godddd!" Mom cried out from the back bedroom, Dad groaned and the rocking stopped for a second as we heard the creaking of their mattress. We knew their bodies were rigid and they were cumming. Monica and I weren't far behind!

"Ohhh, yess!" Monica's breath was coming in chugging little pants as I slid my finger in and out of her cuntworks, faster and faster. She jiggled against me, stoking my cock in long fast jerks now, pulling on it hard. "I want it to cum," she whispered in her little girl pout. "Make it cum!"

"Aw, yeah, right now," I groaned. I stabbed my cock between her fingers, pressing it tight into her hand so that Monnie made fast little jerks along my shaft just behind my dickhead. "Ohhh, I'm gonna cum right now!"

Monica grinned at me and pulled my cock up tight against her naked belly, fitting the tip of my dick right into the little indentation of her belly button. That was all it took, feeling the soft flesh of her navel cupping the tip of my prick. I began to cum! I felt the first hot spurt of my sperm shoot out and fill her navel, followed by three or four more hard squirts of cum.  

Monnie squealed a little and I could feel her pussy walls spasm and clasp around my middle finger, and I knew made her start cumming too! Her crotch and her legs trembled as she bit into my shoulder and made muffled sighs. All the while my sperm squirted and oozed, pouring out against her belly and running down until it dripped onto the sheet below us.

Monnie slid up against me, forcing my finger deep into her pussy as she humped against my hand. She whimpered in pleasure as my thumb slipped back and forth over her slick-wet, hard little clitty. Then she pushed my thumb away with her fingers and began jiggering her pussy button until she was moaning and cumming over and over. Her fist closed over my cock like a vise and she milked every drop of cum out of it onto her naked flesh as she orgasmed.

"Ohhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she whispered, then melted into my arms, a soft, nearly naked sex-kitten. She began smearing my wet cum over her belly and her thighs as my fingers slid up and down her pussy slit, teasing and coaxing more trembling orgasms out of my sister as she lay next to me.
We lay there quietly, relaxing and listening to the soft mews Mom was making in the room behind us as the RV gently rocked. Dad was still fucking her!

After my cock softened and slid out of her hand, Monica and I lay entwined together. I kept my hand on her pussy, slowly finger-fucking my sister while we french-kissed. Meanwhile Mom and Dad fucked again in the back of the motor home. Monica jacked me off some more while listening to Mom and Dad cum, too. Finally, she moved away, trying to wipe off as much of my cum with her panties as she could from her belly and thighs, and then slid between the sheets in her own bunk.

"That was wonderful," she sighed as we drifted off to sleep.

The next day we all took hot showers in the tiny motorhome bathroom and drove to a more secluded spot in the national park campgrounds. I was really eager for night to come, since I spent all day eyeing my sister, who just happened to be wearing a T-shirt with no bra and a very skimpy pair of shorts. I was noticing what a really sexy girl my sister was! Even Dad was stealing a couiple of glances.

That night Mom and Dad couldn't wait to get back to the bedroom and neither could Monica and I! As soon as we heard them begin fucking, Monnie was back in my bunk, only this time she peeled off the T-shirt and shorts and lay naked against me, Her sweet little titties bouncing and jiggling as she hopped into my bed. I slid out of my jeans and lay naked against her, my fat cock already hard and in her hand.

Monica grinned lustily at me, sliding around until she was laying on my propped-up pillow, her legs opened and inviting. I knelt over her and looked down at her soft brown muff, and her swollen pussy lips, just beginning to drip glittering silver goo in anticipation.

My sister looked up at me and opened her arms wide. "Let's don't just masturbate each other," she whispered eagerly, "Let's fuck!"

"Monica, I ...." I could hear my voice hesitate, "It's wrong! It's incest!"

"Don't you want to?" she pouted, twisting her body back and forth, teasing me with her naked boobs. "Don't you wanna fuck me? ... fuck your horny sister?"

"More than anything," I said. I stared down at her wet pussy and the way my cock jerked and throbbed as I looked at her laying in front of me. "I .. just don't know..."

"Silly, it's only bad if I get pregnant," she assured me. "And I can't right now. Come on, fuck me! Really fuck me!"

I felt the words she was saying make my cock even harder, and I knew I was going to fuck my sister! Monnie reached out and grasped my cock, pulling me forward. I straddled her, fitting my body between her open thighs, looking down at our crotches as my sister Monica guided my hard cock up to her pussy and stuck it between her pouting slit lips.

"Ohhhhhhh" we both groaned, and I slid my cock deep into my sister's hot wet pussy for the first time.

"Awww, yeahhhh!" Monica groaned, pulling me on top of her and wrapping her legs loosely over my ass as my prick sank down into her sweet, slick cunthole.

I nearly fainted at the sensuous pleasure of her twat clasping around my aching penis. It was as if of all the cunts in the world, hers was made exactly to fit my prick! I stroked into her, filling up her tight, hot pussy as I wrapped her in my arms and began french-kissing her. The feel of her naked breasts mashed against my chest drove us both wild! My cock went all the way down into Monica's wonderful twat and we just lay there locked together trembling and savoring the feeling of her snatch filled with my dick.

"Ohhhh, god ... your sweet pussyy!" I moaned. "It's sooo wonderful!"

"Yeah, ohhh yeah, your cock's just right in my cunny!" Monica whispered in my ear. "Now, ... fuck me, goddammit! ... fuck me hard!"

I began stroking in and out of Monica, pounding her tender pussy. I groaned and pushed myself up on my arms so that I could stare down at my wanton sister, watching the sweet erotic expression on her face as I fucked her pussy. Her little tits gently jiggled in oval motions as I screwed Monica's cunt. With each thrust Monnie heaved up against me, urging me to fuck her harder, fuck her faster.

"I wanna fuck you forever, Sis, I don't care ...." I hissed. Each stroke made my dick sting sweetly, I was in ecstasy as Monica writhed under me, meeting each of my fuck strokes with sexy undulating motions of her snatch.

Monica gripped my shoulders and stared up at me with an aroused intensity. Slowly her eyes closed down to glittering slits of lust expression and her mouth formed a perfect, silent "O" as my cock slid deep into her again and again. We screwed each other as hotly as Mom and Dad were doing in the back bedroom.

By now Monica was ready to cum, I could feel the spasming little clasps of her sugar walls wrapping tightly around my cock as I stroked between her pussy lips.

"Harder!" she urged in a fierce whisper, "Ohhh, god harder, and harder. Fuck me! fuck me! fuck meeee!"

Monica was chanting wanton groans as I banged at her pussy faster and faster. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuucckkkk!" she panted in rhythmic sighs as we drove each other to the brink of orgasm.

"Ohhh, baby bother!" Monica suddenly gasped. Her eyes were rounded and looking up at me with surprise. "Ohhh gawd, I'm cummmingggg! You're making me cum!" Monica mewed and went rigid under me, arching her back and clasping my crotch to her with her legs tightly wrapped over me. I felt her pussy quiver, clench and then pulsate wild little trembling spasms as she climaxed.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she hissed.

My cock thickened hotly, got very hard and all of a sudden I felt myself squirting hot juice deep down into my sister's pussy. Monica squealed at the sudden injection of my cum into her twat and she whimpered as pulse after pulse of my goo spurted into her vagina. She felt so good! I shoved my cock deep as I could into her cunt and felt my sperm shoot into her. I knew we were making too much noise and rocking the trailer violently, but I didn't care. I was fucking my sister, and it was the best fuck I had ever had!

I groaned and collapsed on top of Monica, feeling my sperm seep into the depths of her pussy, filling up and overflowing her snatch until our juices mixed together and ran down the crack of her ass. The cum dripped down the front of my scrotum where it rested against the bottom of her pussy.
We lay together for a long time, savoring the feel of each other's cumming, then I looked up. Mom and Dad were standing by the bed, naked and fondling each other as they watched their two kids fuck.

Dad was grinning as he stared intently at Monica's naked body.

"I don't know whether to spank both of you for fucking, or be happy you love each other so much."

Mom sat on the edge of my bed and slid her hand along the curve of my butt. Her other hand still gently tugged and stroked dad's wet, half-erect penis. "I always wanted us to be close like this, kids. I'm glad this vacation is working out."

Before I knew it Dad was sitting up at the head of my bunk, cradling my sister Monica in his arms as they began kissing and fondling each other. I watched in amazement as Mom guided Monnie's hand down and put Dad's stiffening cock between my sister's fingers. Dad groaned and cupped Monnie's little titty as they began French kissing.

"And you!" Mom said in mock anger, a lusty smirk coming over her face. I was wedged in just behind Dad and Monica as Mom pulled me forward on the bunk and knelt between my knees. I sat up on the edge of the bunk, barely able to keep from groaning loudly as Mom bent forward and began licking and kissing at the head of my dick. She was going to suck me!

"Mmmmmmm!" she sighed, "Your cock is so nice."

"Come on, Monica" I heard Dad say. He led her back down thehallway toward the back bedroom.

Mom continued licking my cock and then kissed the head of it deeply, sucking the tip of my dong into her warm mouth. I nearly died! Soon she was bobbing her head up and down in my crotch, giving me the sexiest blowjob I could ever have imagined! In the background I realized that now it was Monica's sighs and groans I was hearing as the motor home rocked back and forth.

"Awwww goddd!" I groaned, "I'm gonna cum!"

"No!" Mom said, letting my cock slide out of her mouth with awet sound. "Don't cum in my mouth!"

Before I knew it Mom pushed me down on my bunk and straddled me, nakedly guiding my penis up into her cunt as she lowered herself down on top of me. I reached up and cupped and fondled her big tits as she began scrubbing her pussy back and forth over my crotch. My cock was deep up in her. I was fucking my Mom!

In seconds, I was again on the verge of cumming. As I stared up into my mom's lusty face, I felt my sperm spurt up into her hot wet pussy. Mom groaned and closed her eyes, loving the sensation of my hands squeezing her titties as my cock filled her cunt with cum. Behind us I heard Monica crying out in orgasm as Dad fucked her.

Later, Mom changed positions and lay under me, teaching me everything about how she liked to be fucked and licked. I heard Dad say from the back of the RV that he wanted to watch me fuck Mom.

Soon, Monnie was standing naked in the narrow hallway of the motor home, her legs spread apart and her hands gripping the cabinets as Dad stood behind her. She bent over slightly and I knew Dad's cock was deep into her cunt. She bounced and swayed back and forward as Dad fucked her from behind. Both of them had lusty, erotic expressions on their face as they fucked and watched Mom and me screw on my bed.

It's been our best family vacation ever, so far ....!

============ the end ============

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