I couldn't believe how good daddy's dick felt in my hand!  It was warm and hard, and throbbing as I squeezed and fondled it.
Yet the knob on the end was so soft and velvety.  The slit on the tip was oozing clear droplets of juice as I milked it lovingly.
    It had all started the week Mom went to take care of her sister while she had the baby.  While Mom was at Aunt Jane's she made me
promise to "take care of daddy."  I never realized what that would include!
    The first night Mom was gone, after doing the dishes, I went in to take a shower.  After getting all wet and washing my hair, I
reached for a towel, only to discover that I hadn't put any in the bathroom after doing the laundry.  Shampoo began dripping
down in my eyes, really burning!
    "Oh, owww!" I yelled, "goddammit, there's no towel!"
   I was really undecided what to do.  If I got out of the shower and dripped water everywhere going down to the laundry room,
daddy would probably see me butt naked.  On the other hand my only other solution was to yell and ask him to bring me a towel.
    "Daddy!" I yelled. "Daddy can you come here?"
    In a couple of minutes, dad finally came in; by then my eyes were really burning, even though I had rinsed. I popped the
shower door open a little bit.
    "What is it, Sandi?" he asked, sounding kind of concerned.
    "I need a towel, please," I said, trying to hold the door partially shut as I spoke.  "Can you get me one?"
    I was sure I was showing him everything, but I had soap in my eyes and couldn't help it. Quickly he brought the towel back and
handed it to me so I could dry my eyes.
    I guess it was the first time daddy had really paid attention to his little girl's body since I came back from my first year of
college.  He could barely keep his eyes off my breasts, and kept watching the way my aureolae started puffing up as he looked hard
at them.
    I was a little embarrassed, but to tell the truth, I liked the way he looked at me, sort of half shy, but also really
interested.  It was a look that made me hot deep inside, and made my nipples stiffen up just when it would have been best if they
didn't.  I kind of blushed, and so did daddy, and he just stood there paralyzed in uncomfortable silence.
    After a second he arrived what was happening, and said he was tired and was going to go to bed early.  He walked kind of stiffly down
 the hallway, so that I knew that the bulge I had seen in his pants was a big hard-on; and that I had made it happen!
    When I got dressed, (just old jeans and a T-shirt, no bra), I went down the hall, passing my parents' bedroom.  I heard a soft
moan from the other side of the door.  Carefully, I cracked the door open to check on dad.  What I saw made my nipples rise up
again and stick out against the thin fabric of my shirt.   Dad had a grin of lusty pleasure on his face, and his eyes were
closed dreamily as he fondled and rubbed his cock!
     My father's penis was really standing up, poking through his fly.  I gasped involuntarily at the sight and daddy opened his
eyes, holding his big cock in his hand.  He noticed that I was looking down at it as he masturbated..
    "You're really a beautiful, grown up woman, Sandi." he said huskily.  He put his hand over his crotch so I couldn't see how
aroused I had made him.
    "Oh, daddy." I whispered softly. Nodding at his naked prick I asked.  "Did I do that? Is it because you were looking at my
    Dad continued to stare hotly back at me, and just nodded his head.
    I don't know what came over me, but as I looked deep into his blue eyes, I said very quietly.  "Don't stop."
    Slowly, I reached down and began pulling up the bottom of my T-shirt.
    "No, Sandi, don't," protested dad, but he stared hungrily at my body as I pulled my shirt up.
    "I want to, daddy," I said. "I want you to m'..masturbate while you look at my titties."
    Wantonly, teasingly, I added.  "I ...I need you to."
    Daddy got a dreamy look on his face, and showed me a sad little smile under his mustache.  He began once again to play with
    My breath was coming in short gulps as I felt the hot wetness start oozing down my leg.  My nipples began to ache, they were so
hard.  Daddy's fingers curled back around his thick prick and he gently began moving his hand up and down the shaft.
    I kept lifting up the hem of my T-shirt until it was over the tops of my breasts, so that daddy could see them all naked, with
the nipples stiff and hard.
    "Ohhh, jezuz.  I can't help it." sighed daddy as he stared hungrily at my boobs.  His hand began jerking his swollen cock
faster and faster, and his other hand reached down to grip his scrotum, fondling and squeezing his balls as he masturbated in
front of his daughter.  "You're so fucking beautiful."
    I just moaned a little and cupped my titties, holding their firm ripeness up for daddy to look at as he beat himself off.  I kind
of dug my nails into the tips of my nipples, making shockwaves of pleasure shoot through my nervous system.
        "Oh god, daddy," I sighed. "I've always wanted to watch you do this ... and show you my titties while you did it!  I love the
way you look at them, ...at me."
    Daddy groaned and arched his back, thrusting his cock forward, toward me, toward my naked breasts.  His hand flew up and down
the hot shaft of his pecker and he began panting a little as he worked on his cock.  "I love your naked tits! I shouldn't do
this, but looking at them makes me so goddamn horny.  You can never tell your mother I jacked off in front of you!"
    "Oh, don't worry," I gasped, pinching my nipples.  As I stood half-naked in front of him my eyes locked onto my dad's big cock
being stroked and pumped. "Nobody ever has to know we're doing this."
    "Awww!" daddy cried, and suddenly began pumping his cock really hard, with long powerful strokes up and down his reddened shaft.
"I'm gonna cummm!"
    "Ohhh, do it!" I groaned, trying to force my hand down into my jeans.
    "It's not incest," I said, more to myself than daddy. "We're not fucking!  This can just be our little secret!   I love you so
much daddy, I've dreamed of having you 'do it' for me!"
    By now daddy wasn't really listening too much, he just made his muscular body go rigid (he worked construction) and groaned as he
pumped his cock so hard.
    "Ohgoddd, I'm cumming. I'm cumming, Sandi."
    I squealed in delight as I watched a thick white stream of pearly juice spurt out of the tip of daddy's cock as he jacked
    "Oooooooo, lookit!" I groaned, forcing my hand farther down into my jeans, searching for my pussy.  "Your cumming for me! You're
cum's so pretty!"
    Daddy groaned and gripped his cock tightly, milking it tenderly and alternating with very fast little jiggering strokes  as spurt
after spurt shot out from between his fingers. Finally there was just a slow oozing dribble coming from his cock head.  His cum
had squirted out onto the rug, the milky white splattered strings of semen making an obscene pattern towards me.
    I was so excited, but I suddenly felt a little afraid of what might happen if I stayed another minute; and I felt guilty at
having caused my dad to masturbate until he came in front of his own daughter.  Quickly, I turned and ran out of the bedroom and
down the hallway.
    [Now that Sandi has begun her seduction of her old man, it's a good time to remind you that if you obtained this story anywhere
but from the ASSTR website, it has been stolen. Such thievery hurts your ability to get more stories, and my ability to post
more. Please report this theft to me at sylvarrh@earthlink.net, I'll send you a quick flash story in appreciation. Now let's
see if Sandi gets off ...}
    My legs were so rubbery, and I was so aroused that I barely could get the door to my bedroom shut before I fell on the bed.
Hastily, I tugged at my jeans until I could pull them far enough down to plunge my hand inside my panties.  I spread my legs as
wide as my half-off jeans would allow, ripping my panties down my thighs until I could get two fingers up into my gushing twat.  It
felt sooo good when my fingers slipped inside my wet pussy!
    "Mmmmmmmm, godd, yess." I sighed as I frigged myself to a quick climax, collapsing on the bed.  I lay there savoring the feeling
of my orgasm and shrugging myself out of my clothes so that I could fondle my heavy tits, and force my hand deep inside my
needy cunt.  I drifted off to sleep, masturbating with the vision in my head of daddy's big cock shooting cum at me.  I felt a
confused mixture of sexy pleasure and guilt as I thought about what we had just done.
    The next evening, daddy could barely look at me as we sat silently through dinner.  He went into the living room and turned
the TV on while I washed the dishes.  I walked into the living room and stood in front of my father.  I just had to say
    "I loved last night daddy," I began. "every girl wants to sex up her father.  It's just ...natural."
    "It's incest!" my daddy said violently.  "I should never have done it!  We shouldn't have..."
    "Shhh!" I said gently, putting my hand over his lips. "I think it's only incest if you put your cock inside of me.  Into...my
pussy.  Last night was just fun!
    "We love each other." I whispered, letting daddy kiss the palm of my hand as I sank down in front of the couch. "Can't we have a
little family affair ... until Mom gets back?"
    I reached out and pressed daddy's crotch, feeling the already swelling bulge of his cock as I rubbed my hand over it.
    "You're already so hard for me." I sighed.  "Don't you want to cum for your little girl?"
    "Aww god," daddy said. "I do, I want to, I love you that much!"
    "Take it out for me." I asked, unbuttoning my blouse.  Daddy could see my tits spill out as I pulled off my bra. "Please."
    "Yeah, oh yeah, Sandi.  I gotta jack off now!" Daddy grinned, getting into the spirit.  "I love those sweet titties of yours."
    Quickly daddy unzipped and reached into his pants, then gently tugged his long, throbbing cock out, milking it slowly as I
    "Ohhh, it's so pretty!" I sighed. "Jack it off for me, daddy. Please make it cum!"
    Daddy just grunted and pulled his cock all the way out, masturbating slowly as he watched me cup my tits and hold them up
for him to look at.  My nipples were already hardening and swelling as I pinched them.
    We stayed like that for a long moment, daddy pumping and rubbing his swollen, jerking cock as I fondled my breasts and stood on my
knees in front of him.  I was savoring the wonderful sight of his naked cock just inches in front of me.
    I watched fascinated as daddy's nine inches got hard, swelling and turning purple-red.  His erection grew under the slow steady
strokes he was giving it as he watched me tease my nipples.
    "Your titties sure make my cock hard." he grinned.
    "That's fair," I teased. "The sight of your cock makes my nipples hard as rocks!"
    Daddy sighed and began milking his cock tenderly.  A droplet of clear cock-lube oozed out of the tiny slit in the end of his cock
    Impulsively, I reached my hand out and rubbed the top of daddy's cock where the oily goo seeped out.
    "Ohhhh, yeah!" daddy sighed, moving his cock up to meet my hand
    "Can I ...," I began, "Can I do it for you, daddy?  God, I want to so much!"
    My father just moaned a little and let his hands fall away as my own fingers locked around his hot shaft.
    "Oh, jeezus yess." he hissed, arching his butt up off the couch as my hands grabbed my daddy's throbbing cock.
    I couldn't believe how good daddy's dick felt in my hands!  It was warm and hard, and throbbing as I squeezed and fondled it.
Yet the knob on the end was so soft and velvety.  The slit in the tip kept oozing clear droplets of juice as I milked it lovingly.
    "Ohhh, baby," he moaned, "you do that so well!"
    I was giving my daddy a hand job!  Something I had wanted to do since I was a little girl, but had never admitted.
    "Oh, god, it's so wonderful," I cooed.  I slipped in close between daddy's wide-open legs until my breasts were on either
side of daddy's throbbing prick.  I could see it really close up now, every dark blue vein, every square inch of my daddy's
stretched and swollen dick flesh, oozing clear precum out and over the reddish acorn shape of his peckerhead.  I rubbed up and
down the length of his thick shaft, lovingly, with both hands.  My beasts swayed and jiggled, almost surrounding his cock as I
held it close to my chest, feeling the moist hot flesh sear the skin between my titties.  I rubbed both hands over the top of his
gently curved cock, holding it tight.
    "Ungggggg!" daddy grunted, reaching his hands out to cup my jiggling boobs.  His head lolled back as he slumped back on the
couch, spreading his legs wide so that I could wedge my body in between his thighs.  I clasped his sweet , curved cock tightly
into the valley between my titties and gently rubbed my body against him, exciting his throbbing, oozing cock.
    Daddy's fingers found my stiff, rosebud-sized nipples and rolled them tightly over his thumbs, causing me to cry out in pleasure.
    "Ohhh, yess, daaady!  Squeeze my titties!" I groaned.  "Pinch 'em.  Pinch my nipples hard!  Oh, wow, I love what you're doing!"
    "Don't ...don't stop!" sighed daddy, pushing his cock up, rubbing it between my boobs as my hands fondled the back of it.
"Jack me off, honey!  Masturbate me!"
    I curled my fingers over his shaft and pumped it hotly.  In the meantime daddy was almost making me faint with the way he pulled
at my fiery nipples, tugging and pinching them until they were screaming in pleasure and pain, then petting and squeezing my
breasts in the palms of his hands.
    He closed my breasts over the shaft of his cock, so that I couldn't jack him off, yet it was ok, since he began lifting his
ass up and pumping his cock inside the soft tunnel he made for it with my titties.  With one hand I reached down and squeezed his
nutsack, causing him to grunt in pleasure.  As he pumped against my chest faster and faster my other hand locked onto the base of
his rigid cock and squeezed and manipulated it as I felt it jerk and throb.
    "This is so good, daddy," I sighed.  "I love you fucking my titties!"
    "Oh yess, ohhhh goddd yesss!" cried daddy looking down with hot love at me. "I'm gonna cumm, baby.  Oh shit Sandi, I'm gonna cum
all over your tits!"
    "Oh yeah, daddy, ohhh yess, I want you to more than anything. Cum on my tits!  God yess, CUM ON ME!"
    Daddy groaned and began pumping hard between my boobs.  I looked down, watching in fascination as the hot red knob of his cock
swiftly moved up and down between my folded titties.  The slit in the end of his cock kept spreading open as he pushed up,
revealing a wet pink little hole where cum was going to boil out at any second.
    My hand at the base of his cock felt a churning, pulsing motion inside his cock, and I pulled my chest away quickly from his
cock, grabbing the hard shaft in both hands and jacking it really fast as I brought my left nipple up to the tiny slit of his dick.
    "Mmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm" daddy moaned, curling his fingers around my swollen breasts and squeezing them in time to the magic
sound of his orgasmic groans. "I'm cumming!"
    I held my tit tip to daddy's cock as I pumped his shaft hard. Then I was rewarded as a hot thick jet of pearly semen shot out
and spattered all over the top of my breast, squirting over my nipple.
    "Ohhhhhhhhh, goddddddd" I sighed, feeling the white hot semen spurt onto my naked tit. "Cummmmmmmm!"
    The first squirt was followed by more hot hard pulses of cum spewing out onto my chest.  I held first one tit, and then the
other to daddy's pulsing cock until they were both bathed in hot gooey semen.  My pussy was spasming, orgasming as I felt my
titties being painted with my daddy's nasty cum.
    "Ohhh shitttt, Sandi, honey," hissed daddy, squeezing my cum-wet mammaries tightly, pulling me closer.  "I'm cumming on your tits,
oh god all over YOUR SWEET TITTIES!"
    "Yess, daddy, oh I love how it feels, yess!" I cried arching my back, lifting my breasts up, offering them to the oozing fountain
of goo flowing out of my daddy's cock.  I kept pumping it hard, making him cum as much as he could!
    I stared down at it, hypnotized by the nasty incest of my daddy's penis shooting sperm all over his daughter's flesh, it
was wild, forbidden and so sexy!
    Looking at the goo now oozing out of daddy's cock, I knew what I had to do next, what I had dreamed of doing since I was aware of
cock at all.
    In one loving motion I bent down, using my hands to steady daddy's prick as my lips came down to kiss it, and they opened to
encircle it.  I started sucking.  I opened my mouth and let the slick cum-drenched shaft of my daddy's cock slide deep into my
mouth, sucking it and swirling my tongue over it as it slid into my throat.
    "Sweet angel," groaned daddy, locking his hands over my head and holding my face to his crotch.  "Ohhh sweet angel, suckkit!"
    It was the most wonderful sensation I had ever had.  As I sucked and nibbled and licked at my daddy's cock, I could feel my pussy
spasming, making me have orgasm after orgasm, and I wasn't even touching myself!
    The sweet-salty taste of daddy's cum was like an aphrodisiac to me, and I spent a long long time kissing and licking and fondling
daddy's cock as he groaned and fucked into my mouth, holding my head steady with gentle hands.  I took a long time doing
everything I had ever wanted to do with my mouth and with my hands to daddy's cock.
    At last he cried out and went rigid, lifting his ass up off the couch and pushing his hard penis deep down in my throat.  My
mouth filled with the warm, thick taste of his cum and I gulped and swallowed it down as daddy climaxed.  I had made him cum with
my mouth!  I'd given my daddy a blowjob!
    I forget just how the night ended, but I found myself back in bed, with my fingers buried in my pussy, wondering if all we had
done was just a dream.
    The next night I didn't waste any time, but met daddy at the door wearing my black teddy and nothing else.  I made him take me
into my bedroom and fuck me all night long!
    Even since Mom has come back, we still find time to fuck and suck, and sometimes daddy slips into the bathroom to let me jack
him off while I stand there naked and dripping wet.  Mom doesn't suspect a thing, since daddy fucks her alot, too.  I don't mind

    I continue to have a secret family affair with MY dad, and hope it lasts even after I get married next year.

the end

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