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As I begin this story, I have to admit that when I read these incest posts, I always thought that they were some teenaged masturbation fantasies. I thought that in reality these things never happened. That is, … until it happened to me.

A weeklong business trip had allowed me to accept an invitation to visit my mother in her new house. I had been on the other coast and this was the first chance I had gotten to see her now that she had divorced dad. I discovered that she was a totally different woman since the split-up had happened. 

The second day I was there, the whole visit became much more intense as we were sunbathing by her backyard pool. 

"Here," said my mom, handing me a plastic bottle of sunblock, "do my back." 

I poured a big dollop of the oily lotion into my palm and smoothed it over her tanned shoulder blades. Mom reached back and tugged her long dark hair away from her skin, twisting it into a rope that lay next to her face. I smoothed the oil across her back, all the way down to the string of the skimpy bikini top. 

"Go ahead and untie it, Steve … I don’t want that greasy stuff on my swimsuit," she said, grinning at my shyness even with her eyes closed. She didn’t even have to look to see that I was hesitant about undoing the top on my mom's bikini. "There's nobody around, I can even sunbathe totally nude." 

The idea of my mom sunbathing in the nude was a little shocking to me, but I was quickly getting used to a lot of changes in her lifestyle. I undid the knot that held the string ties of the bikini-bra together and let them fall to the pool mat mom was lying on. I knelt next to her and smeared the warm oil over her naked back. 

The pool was in a kind of secluded corner of her back yard. There were hedges as high as your shoulder around the wrought-iron fence that surrounded the pool anyway, I noticed. I was getting more and more familiar with my mom's new divorcee environment. Mom was right. During the weekday hardly anyone was around to see anything anyway, I guess everybody was at work or something. I slowly rubbed the lotion into her flesh. 

"Ummm" sighed mom lazily, "that feels nice! I'm glad you accepted my invitation for a visit!" 

I stared down at mom, marveling at all the changes that had come over her since she had divorced dad six months ago. My mother was no longer the frumpy stay-at-home housewife my dad had taken for granted. As I massaged her back, she groaned in pleasure, almost purring. I was lost in thoughts about who this new person was who was responding to the way I rubbed the sunblock over her flesh. She was thinner, with still a little bit of flab on her thighs and her slightly rounded tummy. But she was so much more good looking than I remembered her. She had dyed her graying hair a dark brown, and she looked 40 now, instead of her true age of 55. The tan and the time she had put in to working out in the health club had paid off. Mom was really very pretty and very sexy now as she lay there in her bikini. I stole a glance down at her butt, barely covered by the floral-patterned little bikini. Her hips were wide and her ass was still broad, but nothing that was anywhere near gross. She was just sexy and big-butted, I thought as I massaged the oil over my mom's skin. I realized that the front of my swim trunks was bulging. I had an aching hard-on! 

"Jesus," I thought to myself, "That's pretty kinky, getting aroused by your own mom!" I had to be careful or my erection would be grazing against her ass as I straddled her and rubbed the oil over her shoulders. Somehow it didn't seem wrong or threatening or anything, I just let myself enjoy my little secret -- the slightly forbidden pleasure of getting an erection as I ran my hands up and down the naked back of a sexy woman who just happened to be my mom. 

I spent a long time spreading the oil over mom's back; it was more of a sensuous massage than a mere application of suntan lotion. I lifted up a little more on my knees so that my aching erection wouldn't poke against the cleft of her butt, and I just enjoyed sliding my hands over her flesh, feeling her soft contours under my fingers. Mom seemed almost asleep as I massaged her. Except for a few tiny luxurious groans when I made it feel extra good, she was silent. 

Finally she let out a small sigh and opened her eyes. "Ummmm" she said. "That feels good!" 

Incredibly, Mom rolled under me until she was on her back. She stared up at me as I straddled her. 

"Now do my front!" she grinned. 

She reached out and grabbed both of my hands, guiding them to her full, naked mammaries. Never in my life was I so shocked as I was at that moment. My own mother was putting my hands on her naked tits! She wanted me to play with them! And, god they were so luscious! There was no white tan line, and her suntanned tits were big and heavy, sagging flat on her chest more from weight than from lack of firmness. Her pinkish brown aureolas were as big as small saucers, perfectly setting off her nut-sized, wine-red nipples. They were hard. I felt them stiffening even more as my hands closed over them. 

“Mmmmmm!” Mom sighed. I looked down at my mother, lying on her back between my knees and watched as my oil-coated hands slid sweetly over her full ripe breasts. They seemed to melt as she pressed my palms against them. "Ohhhh." She moaned, as my hands gently fondled and caressed her tits -- parts of her body that had been forbidden to me all my life. I was nearly paralyzed with surprise and indecision as my fingers began to follow the guidance of her hands, showing me where and how to touch her naked body. Mom immediately sensed my hesitation. 

"What's the matter, Honey?" she asked. "Don’t you want to touch my breasts?" 

"Y-yes," I said, "I mean, no .., Uh …. Is it …?" 

"You don't think it's right?" she teased looking up at what must have been a very shocked expression on my face. "Don't worry.” 

"I .. I just don’t know if …," I said, feeling my hard-on go rock solid as my hands gripped my mother's naked breasts 

"Hush, silly!" she grinned, looking up at me with the most sexy, seductive smile I had ever seen on her face.  "It's okay, Steve, … just a little harmless fun with your mom. You like fun, don’t you? Come on, … rub my titties! I WANT you to!" 

I stared down into the lust-filled eyes of my mom as she looked up at me, savoring the way her facial expression became so wanton as I slid my slippery hands over her taboo tit-flesh. 

“God, that’s nice,” she sighed. “I love what you’re doing.” 

“I … I do too.” I said. 

It seemed like an eternity passed as I toyed with my mother’s mammaries, arousing her, massaging every inch of the flat cones of forbidden erogenous pleasure. Mom writhed under me, guiding my hands, twisting her body gently as she showed me silently where and how to pleasure her. For some reason the thought of incest didn’t seem all that awful, or even wrong. 

“Mmmmm,” my mom sighed. “yeah. Rub them like that, and squeeze them!” 

I got bolder, not really thinking about where these forbidden actions were leading us both. I began pinching her nipples, rolling them between the balls of my thumbs and forefingers. Mom gasped at the sexy pleasure and arched her back slowly. Then she undulated under me, and all of a sudden I realized her crotch was humping up against the bulge in my trunks as I knelt over her. I was by now damn near tugging the tips of her titties off, and squeezing and bunching the fat flesh of her breasts in my hands, fondling her very roughly. 

“Ummmmm,” she said as she let her crotch drop away from mine. “Now … let me see it.” 

“Huh?” I asked, scarcely believing she meant what I knew she did. 

“Show it to me, Steve!” she demanded. “I wanna see your cock!” 

“Mom …I …,” 

“Ohh!” she said with a tone of exasperation, “you’re awfully shy for this.” 

Before I could do anything, Mom reached up and grasped the waistband of my trunks and tugged, using both hands to slide them down off me until they were at my thighs. I tucked my ass back a little as the waistband moved painfully past my cock, which then sprang out hard and erect in front of me, right over my mom’s belly. My cock is not the fattest in the world, but it’s nine inches and mom let me know very quickly that it was very nice to look at. 

“Jesus!” she cooed. “You have a beautiful prick! I never imagined it this nice, … so big and hard!!” 

Something in the surprise on my face must have registered with her. 

“Oh, c’mon Steve,” she said, “don’t you think mothers ever fantasize about their sons’ dicks? … It’s only natural. Didn’t you ever fantasize about my pussy? Like when you masturbated as a teenager?” 

“Yeah, mom,” I said huskily. “I used to. … a lot.” 

“Well, … okay then!” Mom just smiled up at me as my hands played over her tit-flesh. I knew I had said the right thing. Without a word Mom moved her hand to my cock and gently closed her fingers over the shaft. 

“Ohhh god!” I groaned. Her fingers squeezed gently; and I swear I almost came as my mother’s hand began sliding up and down the length of my rock-hard cock. 

“It feels good, huh?” my mom whispered. “… to have your momma play with your peter? It must feel as good as the way you play with my titties!” 

“Yeah, mom, oh shit yes!” I sighed. I kind of quit doing anything except staring down at mom’s hands, watching unbelievingly as she caressed my aching penis and slowly slowly began jacking me off. 

“Ooooo,” she sighed. “It feels so nice to do it, too!” I groaned in pleasure as her left hand slid down to cup my nutsack, squeezing and kneading my thick balls while her right hand continued to caress and masturbate the shaft of my prick. 

“It would feel soooo nice in my pussy!” she sighed. 

I looked down at her in amazement, finally getting it. Dammit, I was about to fuck my mother! I was going to do it right here, right now. 

“Don’t be shocked, Steve,” Mom sighed, gliding her hand up and down my cockshaft, “It’s kind of natural, too, for mothers and sons to want to fuck each other.” 

The look of lust must have been written all over my face. 

“Take that goddamn swimsuit off!” she demanded. “And take mine off too!” 

In a second I had my trunks down my thighs and off, tossed in the general direction of the suntan oil. I moved off of Mom clumsily. She arched her butt up and I slid the skimpy wedge of bikini bottom off her legs. Mom lay naked under me! For the first time in my life I saw my mother totally naked, aroused and writhing under me, and she was wantonly beautiful. She spread her legs apart and lay back on the pool mat, taunting me, daring me to look at her nudity. I couldn’t help but look down and fill my eyes with the wonderful sight of her naked cuntworks. 

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for years, honey,” Mom said. Her hands were doing wonderful things to my dick! “and I know you must have wanted me too. I'm sure you masturbated and thought about my pussy like this.” 

Her dark pubic hair was bushy and thick, but trimmed into a neat triangle over her mons, just like the women in porn flicks. I stared hungrily at her naked pussy lips, full and pouting in arousal, with just a glittering hint of moisture welling up in the sweet slit between them. Her cunt was wonderfully exposed to me! 

“You like?” She asked. She bent her knees and spread her legs wider, showing off her sweet pussy. 

“I like very much!” I smiled. Then I moved back over her and straddled her hips, putting my hands back on her fat breasts. 

Mom’s hands immediately went back to my cock and began an insistent masturbation. For a few seconds we silently enjoyed the sweet pleasure we were giving each other, and then mom tugged hard on my cock, guiding it between her opened thighs. 

“Hurry,” she whispered. “Fuck me before I change my mind.” 

She spread her legs wide under me and pressed the tip of my cock into the nest of black pubic hair over her cunt, rasping it through the coarse curls. She slid the head of it over the thick knotted roll of flesh that encased her erect clit, right in the apex of her pussy altar. I nearly died at the sensual pleasure of her cunt hairs teasing my glans. I watched as my wet, oozing precum painted a trail down in her pubic triangle. I stared down into mom’s eyes as I stretched between her widespread thighs, supporting myself on my outstretched arms. I bent my knees as her hand gently fit my cock into the wet slit between her legs. 

“Ohh Steve, fuck me,” she rasped. “Fuck me right now!” 

I thrust slowly into my mother’s vagina, nearly fainting from the sweet pleasure. It was the most beautiful feeling I’d ever had when I sank my cock deep into my mom's pussy. Her vagina was butter-soft, warm and velvety. The slick hot warmth of her sugar walls was incredibly wonderful as her pussy clenched tightly around my cockshaft. 

“Ohhh goddd!” Mom groaned under me. I realized I was groaning in pleasure too as the first long stroke of my prick slid me deep into Mom’s wet pussy. I just lay over her with my cock buried deep in her, savoring the feeling of her cunt around my shaft, and loving the dark sensual expression on her face as I began fucking her. I began thrusting my cock in and out of her in long sexy strokes. 

YESS!” she cried. Her legs wrapped around my buttocks and she threw her cunt hard against me, locking her pussy solidly against my crotch. “You’re finally fucking me!” 

I pulled my ass back, withdrawing my cock almost all the way, and then slammed it deep down into her. She grunted, then cried out in pleasure, locked her thighs tighter around me. 

“jeezus, mom ….” I sighed. 

“Fuck me more!” she moaned “…ohhhh godd, fuck me HARD!!!!” 

I guess I never even considered anything bad about incest after that first long stroke down into my mother’s hot cunt. I began rocking over her, sliding my prick in and out of her in a steady rhythm. It was so wonderful being inside of her! 

Mom writhed under me, receiving each stoke of my hard dick with hungry pleasure. She grunted as my cock stabbed into her honey-wet pussy again and again. I loved the feeling of her thighs tightening around my waist, and the way the calves of her legs bounced against my nude butt. Mom laced her fingers together around the back of my neck and hung from me as I pounded her cunt over and over. My cock was penetrating deeply into her velvet soft vagina, bottoming out against her cervix, pummeling it with sensual strokes. She stared up into my eyes with sexy, wanton hunger and opened her mouth in a small “O” of intense pleasure as she began building her first orgasm. 

“Ooooooooooo,” she whispered. “Ooooo, oooooo, ooooooo!” 

She arched her back and began squealing tiny gasps of pleasure as I realized my thrusting cock was making her come. “Yess, honey, oh god yes!” 

Mom wiggled under me, driving my cock deep down into her hot vagina. “Ohhhh, I gotta cummm!” 

I slammed into mom over and over, driving her over the edge of her first orgasm. Her heavy tits jiggled and undulated in a sexy motion in time to my fuck-stroking. Her nipples were following an oval motion as her tits bounced and swayed to my incestuous screwing. 

“Ooooo, ohh godd Steve, I’m cumming!” Mom cried out she arched her back and clung to me, pressing her spasming pussy tight against my crotch as my prick penetrated her all the way. “jeezus, … I’m coming so good!” 

“Aw mom!!!” I groaned. All of a sudden my dick was spasming in indescribable pleasure. I felt a molten hot sensation shoot up through the center of my shaft and my cock swelled and spat the first hot jet of semen into my mom’s waiting pussy. 

“Awww godddd mommmm!” I moaned, feeling one, two, three big spurts of my cum shoot down into my mother. It was incredible! The sweet hot flesh of her inner cunt seemed to soak up my spurting cum as I pumped wad after wad of the creamy goo into her body. 

“Aww godddd I’m cummming!” 

“YESS, Oh baby YESSS!” mom cried. “oh shit, CUM in me! Cum in my pussy!” 

We groaned and writhed in each other’s arms as I emptied my load into my sweet, sexy mother. Her body was locked intimately against mine as we came together, riding the wonderful sensation of orgasming against each other. I suddenly realized that I had achieved a kind of rare connection with my mother. It wasn’t nasty incest, but something wonderful and entirely natural. It could be nothing but good! As the sensuous expression of coming played over her face, I realized that now for the first time I was totally connected to my mom. I knew her now in every way. I felt a complete connection and understanding of her that had been building for a lifetime. 

It only took cumming in her pussy to complete the final knowledge of the total woman who was my mom. I loved her in every way.


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