Welcome to Sylvarrh’s Mostly Incestuous Archives.

If you’ve gotten this far, you know what you want. Listed below are “stroke” stories by Sylvarrh, who has been a professional porn writer for a long time. These stories do not hide behind the label “erotic”, or any other euphemism for porn stories. They were written to encourage and facilitate sweet, fun masturbation (and sex with yourself and/or others!) Many have incest themes, so that you can fantasize about mom or sis -- or dad or bro -- while you cum, without actually having had to make a move on any one of them. Please remember the disclaimers of which we and ASSTR have tried to make you aware.

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We put all the story links on this first page out of consideration that you may be in a hurry to fondle something (or someone) and clicking through a half-dozen more pages would just be irritating. Let’s cut to the chase:

Stories About Mom

Close to Mom – Steve tells about a trip to Mom’s place, starting with an interesting poolside massage.

Gangbanging Mom - Mary tells us how she had fun being snowed in with her son and his college buds ….

Mom and Me – Mom and son decide to do it just for fun

Mom’s Secret Lover – Mom tells us about when Steve came home from the Army, and how she welcomed him back.

Mom Pays a Visit – Mom seduces Rick in front of Susan, then Mom shows them how much fun it is to have a 3-way fuck.

My Troublesome Titties – Mom complains how her big boobs disturb her son John and others.

Playing Cock and Pussy Games with Mom – just what the title says

Tortured by Mom – Tommy’s mom ‘tortures’ him by making him watch her masturbate!

True Story About Me and Mom – Gene writes a real life confession about how he caught Mom masturbating and what happened next.

Stories About Sis

Playing with Sis’s Panties – Keri catches her brother cumming into her dirty panties, but shows him she doesn’t mind.

Sis’s Butt Solves Our Problem – Sean wants to fuck his sister, but knows her pussy is off limits. They find a way ….

Sis, a vibrator, and me – When Linda gets caught masturbating with her vibrator, Bro shows her how to handle it. Warning, this story is incomplete, a story fragment.

Tiffany in the Shower – Tiffy catches her bro jacking off in the shower and decides to help. Alot.

We’re Not Really Lesbians – Often, Monica and her sis “finish off” each other after their dates. Warning, this story is incomplete too, a story fragment.

Stories About Dad or Bro

And Dad Makes Three (MFM,Family Sex plus Oral) – Susan and Jeff invite dad to watch porn on TV

On the Road with Daddy (Mf, Incest, short) – Kelly goes on a sales trip with her dad and helps him with his hard–on while driving.

Home Alone With Dad (Mf, Family Sex, Mast/Oral) – Sandi volunteers to take care of Dad while Mom's away.

The Whole Family

Motorhome Makeout (MFmf, Incest, Family Sex) – Tom and his sis help their mom and dad make the motorhome rock on vacation in the National Park.

Superbowl Sex (MFf, Family Sex/Incest, plus oral 3-way) – Kristen catches Dad and Mom naked at halftime and wants to play too.

Stories Involving Other Family Members

Aunt Suzanne Helps Out – Aunty Suzanne hangs around the family room with Phil and they have fun on the couch in front of the TV

Helping Grandma Out – Grandmother has some chores for Dan in the kitchen and the bedroom

Jacking Off in My Daughter’s Panties – Dave finds soiled underwear in his girl’s room and has some fun.

Earthquake with My Sis and My Aunt – Or maybe it’s during Katrina, Jason rides out the weather with his sis and his aunt.

Masturbation Stories

Jacking off with Judy – Judy’s a little plump, but she always loves a little mutual masturbation in Bob’s office.

Office Jack-Off – Nick lets us watch him work in his office

Just Plain Stories

Anal Anita – William’s wife likes 3-ways, if Anita handles all the back door action.

Honey, I Fucked the Babysitter – Wife confesses, and so does her hubby; and so does the Babysitter!

Yard Work with My Neighbor’s Wife – a little late-night lawn maintenance between the tract houses.

Longer Tales and Novellas

Annie and Me – a much plagiarized, award-winning ASSTR classic back home in the original author’s archive. Dad satisfies Annie’s sexual curiosity over the years.

Nash Farm – a book about the Nash Family on their farm after a military chemical accident encourages lots of sex.

Sailing – Dad takes his daughter and her girlfriend on a sexy sailing trip to Santa Inez Is. Mom stays home at first to masturbate, then decides to show up on board with a few friends. Note: This is a work in progress, it's not finished ... yet.

Sarah Beth in 1990 - continues the exploits of college athlete Sara Beth, her lesbian lover Professor Karen. This time it's the year 1990. Sara Beth and Karen are staying at their mountain cabin when a whole group of friends cum for the weekend. Note: This is a work in progress, it's not finished ... yet.

Finally, some legal stuff. These stories are all copyright by the Author. If you attempt to violate the copyright or the Berne Convention, Sylvarrh's lawyer will sue your ass off. Contents are explicit adult entertainment material. If you are a minor or if you are an adult who will be offended by such material, stop right now and delete this file from your computer. By downloading this material you certify that: You are at least 18 years of age. You are not accessing this material to use against the website operator or any person whomsoever in any conceivable manner. You certify that you are not a member of any law enforcement organization or an officer of any court nor acting as agent for such trying to do evil. Your further certify that you will not redistribute this material to anyone nor permit any minor to see this material, or any other person who might find such material personally offensive. You certify that such material does not offend the standard of the community in which you live and that your community subscribes to the principles of the First Amendment which holds that free adults have the right to decide for themselves what they will read and view without governmental interference. Please don't archive this file in such a way as to make it accessable to others, particularly children. You further certify that you will not masturbate while your penis is over your keyboard, pinch your nipples too hard, or do that funny thing with your fingers inside your pussy...