The Safe Deposit Box - Part 3

AUTHOR = Switch Blayde

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Teen/Adult, Bisexual (F/F/M), Incest (mother/daughter), Coercion
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I have another story to tell; one that I didn't plan on. It doesn't even involve Nancy and Sam, my two Safe Deposit Box lovers -- not directly anyway. You see, during our threesome, as described in "The Safe Deposit Box - Part 2", we were so wound up in the sexual excitement that we got rather careless. We were a little too loud.

Like I said in that story, I didn't get much work done the rest of the afternoon. I just ate a woman out for the first time, lost my virginity in her pussy AND her ass, double-fucked her with Sam, and came more times than I could count. I was feeling rather pleased.

People were packing their belongings and leaving all around me. I looked up at the clock and noticed my workday was over. I grabbed my stuff and got up, straightening the papers on my desk in preparation for the next morning. Just as I finished and was about to leave, my boss called me.

"Mrs. Krueger, I was just leaving."

"This will take only a second. Come with me."

I saw Mrs. Krueger walk to the vault area and I obediently followed. When she entered the room I used with Nancy and Sam, I stopped in the doorway.

"Come on in," Mrs. Krueger said as she pulled me into the room and closed the door.

I couldn't breathe. My pulse was rapid. I stood speechless in the room I fucked Nancy just hours earlier.

"Joel," my boss said softly, "I know you were in this room with two customers earlier in the day. Tell me what you were doing in here."

"I...uh...I-I-I was helping them."

"Helping them with what?" she said a little more sternly.

I couldn't answer. I struggled to think of a lie, but was helpless to come up with one. I simply shifted my weight from one foot to the other while staring at the floor.

Mrs. Krueger observed my uneasiness and used it to her advantage. She was setting a trap for me.

"Do you smell anything?" she continued to spin her web.

", not really," I blurted out.

"Well I do and it smells like sex!"

"Like sex? How can you smell sex?" I naively stated.

"Come on Joel. Your not THAT young. Don't you smell a pussy in heat? That musky smell. Or the combination of male sweat and cum."

I stared at my boss in shock. Did she say "pussy" and "cum"? Mrs. Krueger, the old widow actually mouthed those words. Was it possible? Was I imagining it?

I looked at her. Mrs. Krueger was in her late forties and very plain looking. Her slightly graying hair was up in a bun, she had almost no make-up on, she was dressed in a very conservative tweed skirt suit that came well below her knees, and her reading glasses were hanging around her neck. Not the picture of someone who would speak the words "pussy" and "cum".

I smelled the stale air in the closed room and could indeed detect the odor.

Trying to regain my composure I finally said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"You don't?" she said accusingly while pointing a finger at me. "I heard you in here. I listened at the door and heard the moans and screams. Especially those of the woman. It was obvious she was getting fucked right here in this room... and you were in the room with them."

She stunned me again. Did she actually say, "fuck"?

"This is grounds for dismissal, Joel."

The words penetrated me like a knife. Dismissal! Fired! I'd never get another job. I'd have to move back in with my parents and tell them I was fired. What would I tell them? I couldn't tell them why. I slowly put my hand over the right side of my face and almost began to cry.

"Joel, I don't want to fire you," Mrs. Krueger said giving me a gleam of hope. "I just want to know what went on in this room with the two customers."

I began to tell her the story, using as many euphemisms as possible. I simply couldn't say the real words to this old conservative widow.

"I kissed her leg," I began, "and then she sat on the chair and pulled up her skirt. then kissed her between her legs. Then we...."

"Kissed her between her legs," Mrs. Krueger abruptly interrupted me. "What does that mean? Did you eat her out? Lick her cunt? Tell me exactly what you did. Don't try to hide anything or make it sound less sexy. If you licked her cunt, say so. If she gave you a blow-job, tell me your cock was in her mouth. Tell me all."

"There was no doubt what Mrs. Krueger wanted to hear so I began again, "Nancy sat on the chair with her skirt at her waist and her legs spread wide open. I looked at and played with After finger-fucking her for a while I began licking her pussy. I shoved my tongue inside her and then I...uh...I...."

"Yes Joel," Mrs. Krueger said very softly, "what did you do then?"

I stared at my boss and looked at her closely. Her eyes were sort of staring into space and her fingers were playing with the buttons on her blouse. I watched fascinated as she slowly opened one button at a time, sort of absentmindedly.

"Well," I continued, "I stuck my thumb up her ass."

"You did?" Mrs. Krueger panted as her hand slipped inside her now open blouse and began caressing her breast. "Tell me more."

I narrated the events of our encounter to my usually conservative boss while she fondled her own breast. When I finished the story, Mrs. Krueger slipped her hand from under her blouse and took a second to compose herself.

"Joel, I don't want to fire you, but what you did was against Bank policy. Let me sleep on it. Tomorrow is Saturday. Why don't you come over to my house so that we can discuss it further. You know where I live. You were recently there for a party. Will you come over tomorrow around 10am?"

"I'll be there at 10 o'clock sharp. Please don't fire me. Be compassionate. Please."

I went home and pondered my situation. I was afraid of losing my job, but I was also trying to comprehend the change in Mrs. Krueger's attitude in the Safe Deposit Room. I slept very restlessly that night.

* * * *

Saturday morning came and I drove to Mrs. Krueger's house. I dreaded the meeting and feared for my job. When the door to her house opened I literally took one step backwards. Mrs. Krueger looked completely different from all the other times I was with her. Her hair was down to her shoulders and fluffed out in curls. She wore a tight sweater-top that clearly showed her very large tits and a loose skirt that ended just ABOVE her knees.

"Come in," she said rather jovially.

I slowly entered her house feeling like Daniel entering the lion's den. She guided me to her living room where I sat on the couch. Mrs. Krueger asked me if I wanted anything to drink and, after I declined, sat very ladylike on the chair across from me. She sort of tilted her legs to the side and tugged the hem of her skirt over her knees.

We sat in silence, me waiting for her to speak and her studying me. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, but was actually no more than a minute or two I felt compelled to speak.

"Mrs. Krueger, I don't know what to say. I love my job. I am sorry for what I did and am asking you for another chance."

After a slight pause, Mrs. Krueger said, "You're sorry for what you did?"

"Yes, definitely."

"You're sorry you ate your first pussy and fucked a woman in the cunt and ass. Do you really expect me to believe you're sorry you did that?"

Mrs. Krueger threw me off guard using the words she did. I was totally confused.

"Yes, I'm sorry I did it. No, not for doing those things...that was great, but for doing something to jeopardize my job. I don't want to lose my job."

I watched Mrs. Krueger carefully. I was confused by her language. The woman I saw in the Safe Deposit Room and sitting before me was not the same person I knew day in and day out at the bank. While I was talking I noticed her gently caressing her leg with her fingertips, just above the knee. As she continued to do this her skirt rose upwards exposing more of her legs.

Mrs. Krueger sat more upright and leaned a little forward. In doing so, she moved her left foot away from her right and put both feet flat on the floor with her knees apart. Before she closed her legs I saw the white of her panties. Embarrassed, and afraid I'd be caught, I quickly looked up. I found her staring at me. She must have known I looked up her skirt and I felt even more vulnerable.

"I bet you did like doing those things. What healthy young boy wouldn't? Just like you enjoyed looking up my skirt."

" was an accident. I didn't mean it," I stammered.

"Why was it an accident?" she countered. "Aren't I a woman? Am I not desirable? You mean to tell me that if I spread my legs you wouldn't look between my legs?"

Then, to my shock, Mrs. Krueger did just that. Her knees separated about 20 inches (1/2 meter). My eyes automatically focused on her clearly exposed panty crotch. When I looked back at her face she was smiling, but did not close her legs.

"Thank you Joel. I thought you were insulting me. Now I know you would look under my skirt if you had the opportunity. Well, do it. You have the opportunity. Look all you want."

My gaze lowered and returned to the juncture between her thighs. She teasingly pulled her skirt upwards to mid-thigh. I clearly saw the bulge caused by her pouting pussy lips and pubic hair. Her legs were spread so far apart that I actually saw her hairs sticking out the sides of her panties and the indentation of her slit.

"Mrs. Kr-Krueger, wh-what are you doing? You're showing me your panties."

"I know, Joel. You made me feel old and ugly when you said you wouldn't look up my skirt," she said smiling, and then added, "Well, am I old an ugly?"

"N-No you're not, Mrs. Krueger. I never said you were. You look very sexy like that."

"So you like looking up my skirt," she said teasingly.

I didn't know what to say. Of course I liked it, but I didn't want to be rude. I didn't know how to answer her and just sat there dumbfounded, staring between her legs.

Mrs. Krueger got up and quickly sat next to me on the couch. She put her hand on my hard cock and rubbed it a few times.

"It appears you liked it," she said with a smile on her face. "So, looking at my panties makes you hard. What would looking at my breasts do to you?"

In a flash, as only a woman could, Mrs. Krueger pulled her top over her head and removed her bra. When she shook her hair out, her large tits jiggled. I sat open-mouthed, staring at them. Mrs. Krueger put her palm on my cock again and kneaded it with her fingers.

"Do I look sexy now?" she toyed. "Go on, touch them."

My hands moved to her breasts like a nail to a magnet. I squeezed them and watched her nipples grow. I grabbed the nipples between my fingers and twirled them and was amazed that they grew even longer.

"Oh yes, Joel, keep doing that," Mrs. Krueger panted.

I suddenly pulled my hands back and sat staring at Mrs. Krueger.

"What's the matter?" she whined.

"Mrs. Krueger, this isn't right. You're old enough to be my mother."

"So now I'm an old hag again. I saw the way you looked at my cunt. You got a hard-on looking under my skirt. And don't tell me you don't like these tits."

"But you're my boss."

"That's right, I'm your boss. Did you forget why you are here? I should fire you for fucking our customers in the bank, but I like you. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Look at my tits. I know you liked touching them."

Then Mrs. Krueger lifted her skirt to her waist and spread her legs. Her panty-covered pussy was close enough for me to reach out and touch. Mrs. Krueger slid her finger to the indentation and pushed it in. She moved it around a bit and then placed her finger under my nose.

"Do you recognize that smell? A hot pussy in need of a man. Here, maybe this will help."

Mrs. Krueger quickly removed her panties and put her right foot on the floor and her left leg over the top of the couch. She couldn't have exposed herself any more. Her hairy pussy was spread wide open. While I was staring at her cunt, she stuck a finger inside and slowly began finger-fucking herself.

"See Joel. My cunt is calling for you. Look how wet and juicy it is. Can you smell it? You know you can. I bet you want to lick it. You told me how much you enjoyed doing that. Just look at it. You can do anything you want to it. Touch it... kiss it... lick it... fuck it... anything you can think of. I will teach you things you never dreamed of. I'll blow you better than anyone else. I'll swallow your cum. I'll lick your asshole. That's right, I'll stick my tongue inside your asshole and swirl it around. I'll do anything you can think of AND MORE. I'll make you happier than you ever dreamed and you'll keep your job too."

I was confused. Mrs. Krueger was so old, but her body looked great. Her pussy was so hairy, but its smell was driving me crazy. I watched, mesmerized, as her finger slid in and out of her gaping hole. Then I heard the last part, "'ll keep your job too".

"What the hell," I thought as I moved my face to her cunt.

When I was inches from her pussy she slowly pulled her very wet fingers out. I watched as she moved them in slow motion to her face and slipped them into her mouth where she sucked them clean as she smiled down at me.

"Mmmmm, try it... you'll like it," she teased.

I did just that. I flicked my tongue at her wet opening, savoring the taste of her cunt. She was right. It tasted delicious -- better than Nancy's. I found out later she used a special douche. I parted her thick pubic hairs and opened her lips even wider. I put both lips right inside her cunt and kissed her.

"Oh baby... that's it. Eat me," she panted.

I licked her slit and then found her hole. I jammed my tongue inside her.

"Ooooo... Lick me. Stick your tongue deep inside my cunt. Fuck me with your tongue."

I couldn't believe the way Mrs. Krueger spoke. It was so out of character for her, but it turned me on very much. I rammed my tongue in and out of her -- her pussy juices spreading all over my face. When I came up for air I noticed a large meaty protrusion at the top of her slit. I licked it and her hips jumped off the couch.

"That's my clit," she explained, "it's very sensitive. Suck it and you'll drive me crazy."

I took the hint and closed my lips around it. For a split second I thought it was like sucking a cock, but I quickly put that out of my mind. I sucked on her enlarged clit.

"Oh baby... suck it... make me cum... do it, now!"

I sucked and licked her clit until her hips started to jerk rapidly and her entire body shuddered in a massive orgasm.

"Yes... yes... like that... oh fuck, lick it... suck it... yes... oh baby... I'm... I'm cumming... aaaahhhhhh!!!!"

Mrs. Krueger literally splashed my face with her cum. I got some in my mouth while the rest covered my face, lips, and chin. When she recovered she pulled me on top of her and forced her tongue inside my mouth. I felt her tongue cleaning out my mouth and then she began licking my face, slurping up her own juices.

"That was heavenly, Joel. It's time to make you feel just as good. Get undressed."

While she lay spread-eagled on the couch, panting from her orgasm, and licking her lips, I undressed under her watchful eye. She made some very complementary comments as more and more of my clothes were removed. Finally I was completely naked.

"Come here, my dear," she said.

I walked over to her and she swallowed my cock -- all of it; right to the balls. With the tip in her throat she moved her tongue all along the shaft. After all that happened, I simply could not hold back -- I erupted in her mouth. She swallowed it all and kept sucking.

"Good, now that you got that quick cum out of the way it's time to do it right."

Mrs. Krueger moved her head back and forth along my cock, always running her active tongue around my cock. She'd take it out part way and wank it while sucking and licking the head. Then she'd swallow it all again and do things with her throat that I can't describe. I was ready to cum again and she sensed it.

"Quick, put your cock between my tits," she shouted excitedly.

I climbed onto her chest and did as she requested. She held her tits and squeezed them around my cock. It was like a hot dog between two massive hot dog buns.

"Now fuck my tits."

This was new to me. I moved my hips back and forth. When my cock popped out, Mrs. Krueger positioned one hand on top as she held her tits firm. I was now able to tit-fuck her. It didn't take long for the sperm in my balls to make the trek up my shaft.

"Oh shit, I'm going to cum," I yelled.

Mrs. Krueger held her tits in place and opened her mouth wide with her tongue sticking out. When I came, my sperm shot out onto her face. It landed on her forehead, nose, and open mouth and tongue. Load after load shot across her face and into her wide open mouth. When I stopped cumming I looked at her messy face.

She licked her lips and said, "I told you I would do all kinds of things. This is just the beginning. Now fuck me stud. I want your cock buried deep inside my cunt."

I crawled down her body between her widely spread legs. I put the tip of my cock at the entrance to her cunt and started to move inside her slowly like Nancy taught me. Mrs. Krueger had other ideas. She clamped her legs around my hips and pulled me into her in one swift plunge.

"That's it, Joel. I feel your hard cock inside me. Now fuck me right. Plow that big hard cock of yours in and out of my wet pussy."

I did just that. I lifted my hips and thrust my throbbing cock deep inside her. I pulled almost all the way out and then rammed it in until our bodies slapped. I felt Mrs. Krueger's hand between our bellies moving rapidly. I deduced correctly that she was rubbing her very large clitoris.

"Fuck me, Joel. Oh yes... stick it in me. I'm so hot. Oh! Oh! Oh!... yeah, like that!"

Mrs. Krueger's words caused me to look at her face. It was so much different than the one she wore at the office. She was really hot and enjoying the fuck. I lifted one hand and fondled her breast. When I touched her nipple I squeezed it between my fingers, almost too hard.

"Ooooo, do that. Pull my nipple. Squeeze it. Fuck me, Joel. I'm close.... Yes, here it comes. I'm going to cum all over your prick. Yes... yes...oh god, fuck... eeeoooooww!"

When Mrs. Krueger came her legs tightened around my body and her hips jerked in short spastic movements. I literally felt her cum wash over my cock.

When she re-opened her eyes she said, "Okay Joel. It's your turn. I want your hot cum to fill my pussy. Shoot your stuff deep inside me now."

Then the most amazing thing happened. I felt her vagina muscles grip my cock like a fist. She flexed and contracted her muscles until they drew my cum from my balls. I plowed in and out of her a few more times and then plunged in all the way, shooting my hot cum inside her. When I opened my eyes I noticed Mrs. Krueger smiling at me with her cum-covered face.

"That was heavenly, Joel. It's been so long since I've had a man inside me. And we have so many new things to try. Let's go shower to refresh ourselves.

* * * *

After our shower we went into the kitchen for a bite to eat. We had fucked for around 2 1/2 hours. I sat at the table, totally naked, and watched Mrs. Krueger prepare the sandwiches. It was a turn-on to see her scurry around the kitchen naked. She really had a lovely body which was usually hidden within her office business attire. She was quite slim for someone her age, had very large breasts with large nipples, a tight butt, a very hairy pussy, and a clit that was prominent even now that it wasn't erect.

We chatted while we ate.

"Well Joel, I don't think I'm going to fire you," she said with a sly smile.

"Thank you, Mrs. Krueger."

"I expect your performance to be top notch... to give 110 percent," she continued.

"Oh, it will. I will work very hard. Get to the office on time, leave late, work harder than anyone else."

Mrs. Krueger smiled at my naiveté and said, "That would be fine, but that's not the performance I'm talking about."

I didn't understand and she recognized that.

"I know you'll work hard," she clarified, "but it's your hard cock I want. Can I count on you being a reliable employee, Joel?"

"You bet," I said very enthusiastically, and meaning it.

"You won't regret it. Now let's go upstairs to the bedroom. I have a surprise for you later that I think you will find very interesting."

We went into her bedroom and laid on the big king-size bed. Mrs. Krueger gently wrapped her hand around my dick and slowly fondled it. I went to her big tits and nipples, feeling and squeezing them. We just sort of cuddled like young lovers for about 15 minutes when I received the shock of my life.

"Hi Mom."

I heard these two words and "jumped out of my skin". I looked towards the door to see a gorgeous woman, about twenty-five years old, standing in the doorway. I automatically put both hands over my groin, which by the way, was still in Mrs. Krueger's hand.

"Hi hon. Right on time," Mrs. Krueger said to the woman, and then looking at me she added, "Joel, this is my daughter, Judy. Judy, this is Joel."

Judy entered the room and walked over to my side of the bed. She stuck her hand out for a friendly handshake as if we were meeting in a crowded room instead of me lying naked next to her equally naked mother. I extended my right hand which she grasped and held onto.

"Your hand is so warm. I bet it's from holding onto that hot cock of yours. It looks like one hand won't adequately cover it."

I followed her eyes and realized that she was right. My remaining hand, still trying to cover my hard-on, wasn't large enough. The head was in plain sight. It was also very apparent that Mrs. Krueger was wanking me. I was about to pull my hand back, but Judy firmly brought it to her nose and inhaled loudly.

"I don't smell Mom's pussy on your fingers. She's playing with your cock. Why aren't you playing with her cunt.?"

Mrs. Krueger saw the startled and confused expression on my face and laughed. I turned to her for an explanation.

"I told you I had a surprise for you. Here she is."

When I returned my attention to Judy she was already partially disrobed. She was in a flimsy bra and panties. Her hands were behind her, unclasping the hooks to her bra. This caused her firm young breasts to jut out. Her panty was almost transparent, displaying a dark patch of pubic hair. Mrs. Krueger continued to wank me as I watched her daughter remove the rest of her clothes.

"Show him what you've got," Mrs. Krueger said to her daughter.

Judy put her hands on top of her head like a ballerina and slowly turned around. Her butt was magnificent. It was firm and round. When she faced me again she cupped her two breasts in her hands and squeezed them. Mrs. Krueger squeezed my cock at the same time. Then Judy put her right foot on the bed and spread her cunt lips. I noticed the large clitoris which, evidently, was a family trait. She flicked her clit several times and I watched it grow. If anything, it was bigger than her mother's.

"Come here and give me a kiss," Mrs. Krueger said to her daughter.

I expected a peck on the cheek. Instead, Judy climbed over me and crawled between her mother's legs. When Mrs. Krueger spread her legs wide, Judy planted a loud, smacking kiss on her mother's cunt. Then I watched as her tongue began lapping her mother's slit in long, slow licks. She finished her "kiss" by sucking on the now very visible large clit.

"Oh honey, stop," Mrs. Krueger pleaded, "you'll bring me off too soon. Give Joel a nice kiss."

Judy reluctantly stopped licking her mother's clit and crawled on top of me until our bodies were pressed together. She put her lips to mine and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. As our tongues dueled, I clearly tasted her mother's cunt.

Judy's pussy was situated atop her mother's hand which was still wrapped around my cock. Judy started humping her cunt onto us. She was evidently very hot. I reached around and fondled her great ass. When I heard Mrs. Krueger moan, I opened my eyes and tilted my head towards her, never breaking the kiss. Judy was playing with one of her mother's tits and nipples. This was all too much for me and I was ready to blow my load. Mrs. Krueger realized this and pulled Judy off me.

"He's going to explode. Let's not waste it. Where do you want it, dear."

Judy didn't answer -- not with words, anyway. She scurried between my legs and gobbled up my cock in her mouth. She sucked it and bobbed her head up and down, dragging her soft lips along its length. I couldn't take any more.

"Shit!... oh god!... now!... oh!... oh!... aaahhhhhh!!!" I moaned as I came in her mouth.

After milking all my cum from my cock, Judy crawled over to her mother and pressed her lips against hers. It was obvious their tongues were actively playing with each other in a very rough French kiss. It was also apparent, from the way Mrs. Krueger kept swallowing, that Judy had not swallowed my cum. As she leaned over her mother, my cum oozed from her mouth into her mother's while they sloshed it around with their tongues.

Judy broke the kiss and said, "I wanna fuck him. Can I Mom?"

"Of course dear. Climb on."

Judy straddled my hips and sat on my still hard cock. Sam was right when he said, "It's good to be young." Like her mother, Judy fucked hard. She pounded my cock as her head fell back looking up at the ceiling. Mrs. Krueger located Judy's erect clit and began massaging it while Judy kept fucking me.

"Oh Mom, that's driving me crazy. Don't stop. Uh... huh... huh... uh... uh."

Judy's tight pussy clamped my cock and her body shuddered as her mother rapidly rubbed her clit. As she came, I felt her juices coat my cock. When Judy rolled off me, Mrs. Krueger swallowed my cock and licked her daughter's cum off it.

"Now you fuck me," Judy said as she lay on her back with her legs spread wide, gently stroking her wet slit.

I looked at Mrs. Krueger who smiled and said, "Go ahead. I have another treat for you."

I crawled between Judy's widely spread legs and stuffed my cock into her cunt. Her legs circled my back, almost to my shoulders, and pulled me down to her. I stuck my tongue deeply into her mouth and we French kissed while our hips moved in unison, enjoying a very slow fuck.

I forgot all about Mrs. Krueger until I felt her face bump against my ass. Her hands gently spread my cheeks while her tongue explored my asshole. My cock was buried in the daughter's cunt while her mother's tongue was buried inside my asshole. I couldn't believe it. My boss was licking my asshole.

I stopped pumping and buried my cock all the way into Judy's cunt and came inside her. While shooting my jism I felt the probing tongue of my boss deep in my asshole. When Judy announced that I was getting heavy, I rolled off her. Mrs. Krueger quickly attacked her daughter's leaking cunt and licked and sucked my cum out of her.

"Joel, give me your cock," Judy squealed.

I climbed on her chest and leaned forward until my slimy cock was at her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked it in. She swirled her tongue around my cock, licking our combined cum off it, while her mother did the same to her cunt.

Judy screamed to an orgasm which was somewhat muffled with my cock in her mouth.

After we rested for a while, Mrs. Krueger said it was her turn. She told Judy to lie on her back while she climbed over her in a 69 position. She told me to get behind her.

"Fuck me in the ass. Stick that big monster up my ass while my daughter eats my pussy."

I watched as she lowered her hips so that her pussy rested on her daughter's mouth while she attacked Judy's pussy with her own mouth. I looked at her raised ass and moved behind her. I heard Judy's slurping as I positioned my cock at the little brown rosebud of my boss' asshole. I slowly pushed it partly in. By pulling it out a little and pushing it back in, I was able to completely lodge my full 8 inches inside her ass. I rested there for a bit and felt Judy's fingers fondling my balls.

Can you visualize it. Mother and daughter in a 69, slurping on each other's cunts. Me, buried to the hilt up my boss' ass while her daughter plays with my balls.

I begin to fuck Mrs. Krueger's ass, slowly at first, but then with a lot of force. Each time I ram my cock into her ass my hips slap into her butt cheeks. When I climax, I shoot my first two loads of cum inside Mrs. Krueger's ass and then pull out, sliding my cock between Mrs. Krueger's pussy and Judy's lips. As I'm shooting the rest of my cum, I feel Judy's tongue frantically licking it up.

I stood back and watched mother and daughter finish their passionate lovemaking. I noticed some of my cum leaking from Mrs. Krueger's asshole and dripping down her crack into her daughter's mouth. Mrs. Krueger was the first to cum, followed shortly by her daughter. Mrs. Krueger rolled onto her back next to Judy and looked up at me.

"Well Joel, any regrets?"

I just smiled back at her and jumped onto the bed.


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