The Preacher's Wife - Part 10

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When Jessica heard Sandy tell her how "awesome" it was go get laid, the teenager decided to lose her virginity. But if Mrs. Stark hadn't pulled Sandy off Johnny just before he came, Sandy might have gotten pregnant. Jessica didn't want to take that chance and decided to talk to the preacher's wife about it.

Even after all Jessica had seen and done with the preacher's wife, she was still nervous talking to her about sex. After all, Mrs. Calligan's husband was the preacher. As if reading the troubled teen's mind, Marge made it easy for her.

"Jessica, did you have fun yesterday?" the preacher's wife asked the teenager when they were alone.

"How could you do all those things?" the girl answered with a question of her own.

"Hmmmm, good question. Can we talk woman to woman?"

"Sure," the young girl said, feeling grown up.

"I was raised to believe sex was dirty. And, although my husband is a good man, he thinks the same way. And those beliefs have permeated throughout our little community. I don't want to go into the details, but I discovered sex could be very enjoyable. It took a man other than my husband to teach me that. I know I committed adultery, but I had needs that my husband wasn't meeting. Well, once I was exposed to the enjoyment of sex there was no turning back. I had a good lover who brought me along slowly until I found all kinds of sex were okay."

The young girl sat quietly, just staring at the preacher's wife in astonishment. "But I saw you with Mrs. Stark," Jessica said.

"I said all kinds of sex were okay, didn't I?" the preacher's wife clarified.

Jessica was deep in thought, and the preacher's wife let her sort out all she had been told. The teenager enjoyed touching Johnny's dick, even if he did make a mess by squirting on her. And Sandy sure liked getting fucked. And Sandy really liked it when the preacher's wife licked her pussy. Her best friend, who she knew wasn't a lesbian, enjoyed another girl's tongue on her cunt. Maybe what Jessica had been taught all her life was a lie.

"Mrs. Calligan," Jessica began slowly, "I want to lose my virginity, but..." Marge waited during the long pause, "I don't want to get pregnant. If Mrs. Stark hadn't pulled Sandy off Johnny she might have gotten pregnant."

"Hmmm, you sound like a very responsible young lady," the preacher's wife complimented the girl. "I have an idea, but I'll have to get back to you. Can you wait?"

"Sure I can, but...."

Marge waited again, but this time Jessica didn't finish her sentence. "What is it, hon?" the preacher's wife's asked.

"I-I want to feel... um, to know what it feels like... um, to... um, to do what Sandy did."

"I told you I have an idea, but you'll have to wait."

"No, not that... the other."

Marge realized what Jessica was talking about and grabbed her hand, pulling her along. Marge stopped to pick up a blanket and led the teenager through the forest to the clearing they had been at the day before. She spread the blanket on the ground and told Jessica to sit on it. Then she got down on her knees and opened the young girl's shorts, pulling them and her panties down and off. Jessica automatically covered her pussy with her hands, still encumbered by her puritanical upbringing.

"Let me make love to you," the preacher's wife said very softly. "I will make you feel very good."

The preacher's wife gently pulled the girl's hands away and looked at her virgin pussy covered in a slight fluff of brown pubic hair. It looked so pure and tempting. Marge slowly lowered her face between the girl's legs and placed a soft kiss on her pussy. She felt Jessica tense up. The preacher's wife didn't want the young girl to change her mind so she went right for her clit. Holding Jessica's labia apart, the preacher's wife licked the teenager's clit a few times.

"Ohhh... ohhh. Mrs. Calligan, that's... ohhh... feels good... ohhh," the teenager cooed.

Now that the preacher's wife had the teenager "warmed up", so to speak, she slowed down her assault. Her tongue lovingly searched through the inner depths of the virgin pussy. She alternated between broad strokes and just using the tip of her tongue. Jessica was squirming under her, moaning and saying things that couldn't be understood.

The preacher's wife used her forefinger and the one next to it to isolate the girl's clit. With a finger on either side, the little nubbin peeked out in all its glory. It looked hard and shiny, appearing outside its customary covering. The preacher's wife wet a finger from her other hand and placed it on the little love-button. She moved her finger in circles, just brushing the sensitive flesh.

"Oh-my-god... oh god!" the young girl moaned.

Marge replaced her finger with her tongue, flicking at the clit. Jessica bucked even more. Now that her finger wasn't being used, she slid it downwards until it sunk into the virgin hole. While licking the young girl's clit, Marge's finger went in deeper and deeper... hesitating when she realized it was all the way in. There was no barrier to stop her probing. But the preacher's wife didn't ponder that anomaly too long and began a slow finger-fuck while licking Jessica's clit.

"Oh Mrs. Calligan," Jessica cried out, grabbing the older woman's hair, "I can't take it. It feels... I'm gonna die. Oh Mrs. Calligan. I... I... oh god... aaahhhhh!!!"

The preacher's wife's finger and tongue slowed down but didn't stop, prolonging the young girl's orgasm. Jessica's thighs were closing on Marge's head and then moving away, only to snap shut again. The teen's body was shuddering and her hips were jerking upwards. After what seemed like ages, Jessica's body went limp and the preacher's wife rolled onto her side next to the girl. Using her elbow to prop her head in her hand, Marge watched the teenager.

When Jessica opened her eyes she looked at the preacher's wife. Lunging at her, Jessica wrapped her hands around Marge and hugged her tightly. When she finally backed away, the preacher's wife saw tears streaming down the girl's cheeks.

"Oh, Mrs. Calligan, that was the best," Jessica exulted. "I never thought anything could feel like that."

Marge wiped away the girl's tears of joy and said, "Jessica, I thought you were a virgin."

"I am."

"But my finger went all the way in."

"Oh, Mrs. Calligan, you are going to think I'm a slut," Jessica cried out. "I... I put things in there. I... I would lie in bed and make believe it was a boy doing it to me. Do you think I'm bad?"

"Not at all," the preacher's wife said with a smile. "You were just experimenting. But we better get back before we're missed."

"Mrs. Calligan...?"


"Can I try it on you?"

"You want to do to me what I just did to you?"

"Yes, if it's okay with you. I don't think I'm a lesbian, but I want to try it."

"Dear, you're not a lesbian any more than I am. I would love for you to lick my pussy."

The young girl actually gulped hearing what she was about to do. She watched the preacher's wife take her clothes off, sit on the blanket, and spread her legs. When the teenage girl saw the preacher's wife's hairy pussy, she wanted to chicken out. She was so turned on before... and so thankful for the pleasure the preacher's wife gave her... but now she questioned whether she could do it.

Marge saw the girl's hesitation and closed her legs, motioning for Jessica to come closer. She held the teenager in her arms, hugging her tightly. Then she pulled the girl's tee-shirt over her head and, while Jessica was stunned, removed her bra. The cone-shaped breasts beckoned her so the preacher's wife bent over and pressed her mouth against one. When she sucked the now hard nipple, Jessica let out a moan.

Marge used her hand on the girl's other tit, all the while sucking and licking her erect nipple. From time to time she'd switch breasts. Then her hand caressed the flat tummy, gradually moving downward until she felt hair. Her fingers played with the soft hair and then moved even lower, not stopping until they were on her clit.

While titillating Jessica's clit, the preacher's wife put her hand on the back of the teenager's head and pulled her face to her own breasts. Caught up in the sexual moment, Jessica began sucking and nibbling on the preacher's wife's tits. Marge then guided one of the girl's hands between her legs and just held in against her pussy. Soon, Jessica's fingers were moving, feeling another woman's pussy for the first time. When her finger sunk into Marge's wetness, the teenager pulled away.

Jessica looked into the face of the preacher's wife, breathing very hard. She twisted her body so that she was facing Marge from the side and lowered her head. When her lips touched the preacher's wife's pussy, Marge parted her legs. Jessica climbed over the moving leg and turned so that her body was in line with Marge's, never taking her mouth off the preacher's wife's pussy. Lying between the preacher's wife's legs, the teenager began licking her pussy.

Jessica was no longer hesitating. Marge had aroused her so much she was working on instinct, licking furiously. Knowing it was Jessica's first time added to Marge's excitement as she ground her pussy into the young girl's face. But soon all good things must come to an end and this one came to an earth-shattering climax. The preacher's wife humped her hips as she came hard.

When Marge stopped cumming she pulled the teenager up onto her body and wrapped her legs around the youngster. Making sure their pussies were pressed together, the preacher's wife pulled with her legs as she ground her pussy into the teen's. Jessica soon got the idea and did the same. They hugged each other tight, rubbing their pussies together, until both came again. Marge let her limp legs drop to the blanket while the two lay together enjoying the afterglow of great sex.

"Any regrets?" the preacher's wife asked.

"No, it was wonderful."

"So, are you now a lesbian?" the preacher's wife joked.

"No, I still want to get laid."

"Well, I'll see what I can do about that. But for now we better get back to the others."

Later, while the children were swimming in the lake, Marge was chatting with the Starks. The preacher's wife again asked Mac how he liked the young girls' bodies.

"I wish I was 20 years younger," he answered.

"You dirty old man," his wife laughed and poked him in the ribs with her elbow.

"I am now, thanks to Marge," Mac said with sincerity, not spite.

"How 'bout Jessica over there?" the preacher's wife asked.

"She's gorgeous... and look at those tits. Most of the girls are pretty flat. That's cute too, but that kid has nice boobs."

The preacher's wife placed a towel over Mac's lap and then slipped her hand inside his bathing suit. His cock swelled in her hand as she slowly stroked him under the cover of the towel.

"She wants to get fucked, you know?" the preacher's wife said.

"What?!" Mr. Stark exclaimed.

"Yeah, she told me. But she's afraid of getting pregnant." Marge kept rubbing Mac's cock. "She has such a cute little pussy. I think she'll let you put this big cock of yours inside it," the preacher's wife said, squeezing Mr. Stark's dick.

Mr. Stark moaned and his cock throbbed in the preacher's wife's hand.

"Let's make sure everyone is accounted for and I'll go talk to her," Marge said. She started counting and said, "Two missing. Hmmm... where's Johnny and Steve. Oh shit!" she exclaimed and ran to the lake thinking they had drowned. "Has anyone seen Johnny and Steve?" she frantically called out.

"Yeah, they went off that way," one of the boys said, pointing into the woods.

Marge was angry. The children weren't supposed to wander off. She headed in the direction the other boy indicated and searched for the two missing teens. She stopped and began creeping closer when she heard a voice. When she peeked through some bushes she couldn't believe what she saw. Johnny was standing with his bathing suit around his knees and Steve was kneeling in front of him. Steve's mouth was wrapped around his friend's hard cock.

"I can't believe you like doing this," Johnny said. "You know I'll never do it to you again."

Steve looked up at Johnny but didn't take the cock out of his mouth. He kept sucking and licking, moving his head back and forth. The preacher's wife couldn't believe how exciting it was to watch a teenage boy sucking the cock of his friend. She noticed Steve's swimming suit was pulled down below his balls and he was jerking off while blowing his friend.

Soon, Johnny put his hands on top of Steve's head and began humping his hips. The preacher's wife heard Steve gag a few times, but soon Johnny's body stopped moving. Marge saw the movement in Steve's throat and knew he was swallowing his friend's semen. Johnny pulled back, freeing his cock from Steve's mouth. Steve kept staring at his friend's shrinking dick, vigorously wanking his own hard-on. Steve moaned and white jets of sperm flew from his cock in an arc, landing on the leaf-covered ground.

Marge waited out of sight until the boys got themselves together and headed back to the lake. She didn't want to embarrass either one. While walking back, the preacher's wife realized she brought something out of Steve that was repressed. Maybe he was gay... maybe he was bi... but whatever he was, he was definitely different than when the trip began.

Marge waited near the water's edge until she got Jessica's attention. She nodded her head and walked away from the lake. Turning once, she saw the teenage girl wading towards the beach and following her. The two met by the campfire area.

"Are you having fun?" the preacher's wife asked the dripping wet young girl.

"This is the greatest. I'm so glad I came," Jessica bubbled.

"I'm glad I made you cum."

"What? Oh, that too," the teenager said giggling, "but I meant coming on the trip."

"Do you think Mr. Stark is good-looking?" Marge asked out of the blue.

"Huh? I don't know. I never really looked."

"Hmmm, he's a good fuck, you know?"

"What?! Oh-my-god, you fucked him?"

"A lot."

"Wow! Does Mrs. Stark know?"

"Of course. She was there with us."

"Oh-my-god, you're so cool."

"Mr. Stark would like to fuck you."

"Mr. Stark? Me? But he's...."

Jessica left it hanging, but Marge knew what she meant and finished the sentence, "Old."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"But he's had a vasectomy. That means no chance of getting you pregnant."

"But he's my father's age... maybe older."

"He has a big dick," the preacher's wife offered.

"Won't that hurt me?"

"Maybe if you weren't already broken, but you've taken care of that yourself. It's totally your call. Mr. Stark said he'd love to fuck you, but no one's forcing you to do anything. You don't even have to fuck anyone."

"But I want to get laid," the teenager pouted, sounding childish.

"I'm sure Johnny would love to fuck you, but we didn't bring rubbers on this trip. Hee-hee, we didn't think we'd need them. You can fuck Johnny and hope he pulls out in time, or you could fuck Mr. Stark, or you can wait 'til you get back home. It's your call."

"I don't want to get pregnant, but I want to try it soooo bad. I guess Mr. Stark would be okay."

"Then it's settled," the preacher's wife said. "I'll arrange it for tonight. If you change your mind let me know. Now let's get back before we're missed."

Later, after everyone had turned in, the preacher's wife stuck her head into Jessica's tent. Sandy looked up and smiled, asking if she could come. Marge didn't expect this, but agreed. The two teenagers followed the preacher's wife to a clearing, surrounded by thick growth.

"His wife is here!" Jessica exclaimed when she saw Gail.

"Don't worry, she knows," the preacher's wife said, trying to calm the startled girl.

"Jessica, I would enjoy watching so very much. However, if you don't want me here... if it will make you uncomfortable... then I'll go back to my tent," Mrs. Stark explained.

"I guess it's okay," Jessica said, but her heart wasn't in it.

Mr. Stark was sitting on the blanket when the girls arrived. He beckoned Jessica over with his hand and, when she got close, guided her down next to him. He put an arm around her trembling body.

"Honey, if you change your mind just tell me," Mr. Stark consoled the young girl. "No one's forcing you to do anything. I will try to make this, um... experience one you'll remember forever. I know I will."

Mr. Stark cupped Jessica's chin in his hand and tilted her face upwards. He leaned forward, pressing his lips to hers. Mac held that embrace for a while until he felt some stiffness leave her body. Then he pushed his tongue into her mouth and wiggled it around. Jessica soon brushed her tongue against his, kissing him back. After a while, the teenager wrapped her arms around the older man's body and kissed him more passionately.

Mac's hand caressed the teenage girl's back, gently stroking up and down. When he felt her relax in his embrace he moved his hand between their bodies and placed it on her breast. He felt her tense, but then relax. Now his hand was gently squeezing the soft orb, causing the girl to moan in his mouth.

Mac broke the kiss and stared at the young girl. She was very nervous and cast her eyes downward. Mr. Stark cupped her chin in his hand and lifted her head. He kissed each cheek and then her nose. Jessica smiled at his affectionate kisses. Mac then grabbed the bottom of her tee-shirt and pulled it up partway, waiting to see her response. When she raised her arms he pulled it over her head. Immediately, he reached behind her and unclasped her bra, freeing her cone-shaped tits.

"They're lovely," Mr. Stark praised her and then placed his mouth onto one. He sucked and licked the breast and then felt Jessica's hand on the back of his head, holding him against her. He switched to the other breast and soon brought that nipple to the hardness the first one was at.

While sucking the teenage breasts, Mr. Stark opened his shorts and lowered his zipper. He found Jessica's hand and pulled it to the waistband of his open shorts. When the girl's hand felt his skin she pushed it into his shorts. Mac came prepared and wasn't wearing underwear. Jessica's hand soon touched his cock and hesitated a moment, but then wrapped her fingers around it. She moved her hand, as if sizing the organ, and then squeezed.

This time it was Jessica who pulled away. "I want to see it," she said with urgency.

Mr. Stark removed his shorts and pulled his tee-shirt over his head. He was now completely naked. Seeing the young girl's naked breasts and feeling her hand on his cock got him hard. The teenage girl just stared at the size of his cock in amazement.

Jessica turned to the preacher's wife and said, "It won't fit."

"Don't worry, Mr. Stark will be gentle," Marge told her. "I think Mr. Stark would love to see you naked. Why don't you take your shorts off?"

The teenager blushed at that, but did as she was told. Mr. Stark watched the young girl expose herself to him. When he saw her pussy with fine wisps of brown hair, his cock throbbed. But when the young girl lifted one foot to pull her shorts and panties off, her legs spread and he saw the slit slightly part. Mr. Stark's cock jumped at that, which didn't go unnoticed by Jessica. She giggled when she saw it move on its own.

Still sitting on the blanket, Mr. Stark took Jessica's hand and stood her up. He turned her slowly, taking in her youthful beauty. As she rotated, his hands caressed her buttocks, legs, tummy, and everything else he could reach... except her pussy. After several turns, he lifted one of her legs over his body so that she was facing him. With Jessica straddling the sitting man, his face was even with her pussy.

Mr. Stark brushed Jessica's pubic hairs with his fingertips, bringing a deeper blush to her cheeks. The teenager was standing over a man older than her father with her legs spread. He was touching her where no boy had ever been. But then his fingers slid into her crevice, feeling where her fingers had so often been. And then one finger was inside her... pushing... probing.

The teenage girl felt her pussy moisten around the intruding finger. It felt so good she bent her knees, sinking down on it. When it moved in and out, her body moved up and down -- finger in, body down... finger out, body up. It wasn't clear if he was finger-fucking her or she was fucking his finger. But she didn't care. I just felt so good.

Making sure Jessica had eye contact with him, Mr. Stark pulled his finger out of her pussy and brought it to his mouth. Then, while the teenager watched, he sucked it clean. Mr. Stark placed his hands on Jessica's ass and gently pulled her towards him as he fell onto his back. When the girl was on her knees, Mr. Stark scooted down a little until his face was under her young twat. He then pulled her the rest of the way down so that her pussy was resting on his mouth.

As soon as Mr. Stark's tongue entered Jessica's pussy, the teenage girl moaned. Mr. Stark couldn't believe he had his tongue inside an 18 year old girl's cunt. She tasted so young and fresh. He held onto her ass-cheeks as he worshipped her pussy with his tongue, licking her and sticking it into her hole. Jessica was moaning loudly now and bouncing on his face.

Mr. Stark was busy licking Jessica's pussy when he felt a warm mouth on his cock. He pushed Jessica off his face and lifted his head, looking between the girl's legs. What he saw made his cock throb. Sandy, the other teenager, was sucking his cock. He watched her sweet innocent face as her lips were stretched around his cock. But he was neglecting Jessica so he pulled her back down onto his face.

The preacher's wife couldn't believe what she was watching. Mac was more than twice as old as Jessica and Sandy. But one teenager was sucking his cock and the other was sitting on his face. And by the way Jessica was moaning and moving about she was really enjoying Mac's tongue. Jessica finally climaxed, falling forward onto her elbows. Mr. Stark eased her body off his and told Sandy to stop. She pouted, but he told her it felt too good and he would cum if she didn't stop. With a large grin, Sandy backed away.

Mr. Stark rolled Jessica onto her back and spread her legs, climbing between them. He sucked on her breasts for a while and then moved up to her face. When he pressed his lips to hers, the two passionately kissed.

"Are you ready?" Mr. Stark asked, his lips next to the girl's ear.

"Yesssss," the teenager hissed.

He placed the head of his cock at her virgin opening and pushed. Her soft folds moved out of the way as he entered her moist hole. He saw the fearful expression on her face as she felt his cock enter her. It was the largest thing ever inside her. Mr. Stark pushed more in, feeling the tight hole clinging to his dick. Jessica was breathing harder now, feeling more and more stuffed. Mr. Stark pulled out a little, only to reenter the virgin hole. He kept doing that, gaining ground with each forward push. Before Jessica even realized it, Mr. Stark's cock was fully inside her. It was hard for him to wait, but he just kept it there while the teenager adjusted.

"Are you okay?" Mr. Stark asked.

"I-I think so. Will you be able to get it all inside?"

"It's all in you," Mr. Stark said with a smile. "You have it all. Tell me when you're ready for me to fuck you."

"Do it now," Jessica panted. "I want you to fuck me now."

Mr. Stark slowly pulled out and then plunged back into her. In and out... in and out. With each thrust Jessica's pussy opened a little more, allowing him to pick up speed. Soon he was ramming his cock into her, and she was pushing her hips up at him. They were fucking. Jessica was fucking for the first time and loving it.

Mr. Stark felt like he could cum any minute, but he wanted this to be special for the girl. He held back, thrusting into her, making sure his cock rubbed her clit. Just when he thought he couldn't hold back any longer, Jessica pressed her feet onto the blanket and pushed up against Mr. Stark's cock. She let out a high pitched squeal as she came. That was all Mr. Stark could handle and began pumping his hot sperm into her pussy.

After watching the lovemaking of a man and young girl, Marge and Gail ripped their clothes off and attacked each other's pussy. While the two women were 69'ing and Mr. Stark and Jessica were lying on the blanket, breathing hard, Sandy took her clothes off and began fingering herself. But she wanted more than her own finger. She wanted a cock. She wanted a big cock, and Mr. Stark's was the biggest she had ever seen.

Sandy got on her knees next to Mr. Stark and stuffed his soft, slimy cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked on it and was pleased to feel it stiffen. The teenager continued sucking until Mr. Stark was fully erect. She then mounted him, guiding his hard-on into her wanting pussy. When she sunk down on Mr. Stark's cock she realized how much thicker he was than Johnny. But that only excited her more and soon she had all of him inside her. Sandy bounced up and down on Mr. Stark's cock, cumming several times. And then, after about 20 minutes, she felt his semen squirt into her. Sandy shuddered in one last orgasm and then fell onto Mr. Stark's chest.

Marge and Gail had cum and looked up to see Sandy riding Mac. They diddled each other's pussy while watching the illicit fuck. Even Jessica was on her side watching her friend fuck the older man. She just watched and smiled in her own euphoria.

When everyone was satisfied, they went back to their tents. The preacher's wife laid in the dark, her hands behind her head, thinking about how her life had changed and how she had changed the lives of others. The Starks were enjoying sex much more. She introduced Johnny and Steve to sex, Johnny losing his virginity. Steve's gay or bisexual desires surfaced. Both Sandy and Jessica were no longer virgins and enjoyed sex with both sexes. The preacher's wife had seen herself as the sexual leader of her community, but now her role expanded to sexual teacher of the next generation. She wondered if her cuckold husband would ever know as she fell into a blissful sleep.


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