The Preacher's Wife - Part 7

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The preacher's wife was driving home after watching through the Stark's bedroom window that Gail had left open for her. Gail and Mac Stark made love more passionately than they ever had and the preacher's wife realized she had made it happen. Marge's husband was the spiritual leader of the community, but the preacher's wife now saw herself as the sexual leader. Although she had frigged herself to multiple orgasms, the preacher's wife still felt a need. She suddenly made a U-turn in the middle of the road.

"Hi, nice surprise," Jack Strong said when he opened the door and saw Marge standing on his porch.

"I need to be fucked real bad," the preacher's wife said, pushing Jack aside as she entered his home.

As soon as Jack turned after closing the door, the preacher's wife was at his belt buckle. She quickly had his pants and underwear around his ankles and was sucking his cock. Before the shock even wore off, Jack had an erection. The preacher's wife pulled him down with her as she got onto her back, flipping her skirt out of the way. She guided his cock into her juicy pussy and sighed when she felt what she had longed. Images of the Starks fucking and sucking flashed through her mind like the dirty movies that began the journey to her new wicked life.

"Damn, I needed that," the preacher's wife blasphemed.

Marge was once again driving home. She felt content and satisfied, if not a little messy with Jack's sperm between her legs. The preacher's wife was actually humming when she entered her house.

"Satan's calling," the preacher said impatiently when he saw his wife.

Marge panicked. That was her husband's signal that he had an erection and needed relief. She told him she wanted to shower first, but he said he needed her immediately and, anyway, she would just have to shower afterwards. So the dutiful wife went into their bedroom, changed into her nightgown, and slipped under the covers. Her husband soon followed, climbing into bed with her.

The preacher's wife agonizingly watched her husband's face as he entered her pussy, filled with another man's sperm. But he didn't show any signs of recognition and pumped in and out of her, his cock sliding through Jack's semen. She realized he lasted longer than ever before and wondered if it was because the fit wasn't as tight -- she was well lubricated. Knowing that her cuckold husband was fucking her in another man's sperm got the preacher's wife aroused and she almost had a climax while her husband fucked her. But even though he lasted longer, he was still too quick. After he went to take a shower, the preacher's wife rubbed the combination of her husband's and lover's sperm on her clit and came while biting her bottom lip to hold back her scream.

From that day on, the preacher's wife brought a cork with her when she went to the swinger's parties. She'd be fucked so many times she'd lose count of the number of times someone came inside her pussy, ass, or mouth, but at the end of the party she was full of sperm. Then, before taking her shower, she'd stick the fat cork inside her pussy.

"What's that for?" everyone would ask the first time they saw her do it.

"Oh, just in case Satan is calling," the preacher's wife would reply and then chuckle.

Since Marge was married to a preacher, they thought it was some religious thing, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Marge wanted to retain as much of the sperm inside her just in case her husband had a hard-on. She got off on his cock entering a pussy filled with numerous men's sperm. She learned to resent her husband. He was pious and didn't satisfy her. It was his fault she cheated on him. And she enjoyed getting even.

When the preacher said, "Satan's calling," Marge bubbled with joy. She'd get under the bed covers and remove her panties. She still didn't wear panties under her clothes, but carried a pair with her so that she could put them on after her shower to better hold in the cork. Then, while he was climbing on top of her, she'd pull the cork out. His cock would slip into a cum-filled pussy. While he fucked her she wondered what he would say if he'd known that other men had been inside her before him and he was sliding his cock in their jism.

But Satan didn't call too often which frustrated the preacher's wife. She wasn't sexually frustrated since she was getting her share outside the home, but she wanted to humiliate her husband even if he didn't know it. When Satan didn't call and Marge had a pussy full of sperm she'd squat over an opaque Tupperware and force the sperm out. The Tupperware was labeled "cream for baking" so she knew her husband would never open it. It was the wife's duty to do the cleaning, cooking, and baking. So, when the preacher's wife was in a wicked mood, she'd take the Tupperware from the refrigerator and mix the sperm from many men into something she was preparing for her husband.

Her favorite was when she mixed it in with his Ranch dressing and watched him eat his salad knowing a lot of the white cream was other men's sperm. She loved when he got some dressing/sperm on his lip and she'd gather it up on her finger and feed it to him. The cuckold preacher thought it was an affectionate gesture and sucked his wife's finger clean.

The preacher's wife's sex life was getting better and better. She continued to have sex with Jack, and sometimes with his friends, attended the swinger's parties, made love to Gail Stark and, like she was doing this night, watched through the window as the Starks made love. Gail and Mac had just orgasmed after a wild fuck, and lay resting next to each other. Mrs. Stark was affectionately stroking her husband's soft cock, using the gooey cum on it as a natural lubricant. It no longer bothered her to have his jism all over her hand.

"Mac," Mrs. Stark said, getting up on her elbow but still rubbing his cock, "do you think the preacher's wife is pretty?"

Marge held her breath when she heard the question.

"Um... yeah, I guess so," Mr. Stark answered, not knowing where his wife was going.

"C'mon, be honest. She's a little hottie, isn't she?"

"She's very pretty."

"Would you fuck her if you could?"

"Gail, I would never cheat on you!"

"Let's talk hypothetically. Make believe I didn't exist. Think about her body. Would you want to fuck her?"

A few moments of silence fell on the room and then Mac said, "Gail, that's a silly question."

"Hmmmm, I think I have my answer. I can't remember you getting hard this fast after coming twice." Mac Stark and the preacher's wife looked at the hard cock in Gail's hand. "Now be honest. You think she's hot, don't you? And just thinking about fucking her got you hard, didn't it?"

"Guilty as charged."

"Close your eyes, dear," Mrs. Stark said and waited, but continued to slide her fist up and down his cock. Then, after her husband complied, she said, "Okay, now think of her body. Oooo, you feel even harder. You really like the preacher's wife's body. Think of her kneeling at your feet with your cock in her mouth."

Mrs. Stark glanced at the window, stuck her finger in her mouth, and moved her head up and down, simulating fellatio. Marge was frigging like crazy listening to Gail's narrative and watching her fist sliding up and down Mac's slimy dick. When Gail said the part about the preacher's wife sucking his cock, she heard Mac moan loudly.

"Yeah, the cute little preacher's wife sucking your cock," Gail continued. "I'd bet she'd let you cum in her mouth and swallow it all." Again Mac moaned. "Would you like to put your hand under her skirt and feel her pussy? Yeah, put your finger in the preacher's wife's cunt? It would be so juicy for you. Your hand is sliding up her naked legs, getting closer and closer to her pussy. Then you feel the hair. She doesn't wear panties, you know. Every time you see her she's not wearing panties."

"Ooohhhh!!!!" Mr. Stark groaned. Long ropes of sperm shot from his cock like a geyser, landing on his chest and belly. Gail continued to milk the last of it out, as it dribbled onto her hand.

"Oh honey, I can't believe you did that," Mac said. "Now every time I see Mrs. Calligan I'm going to be thinking that she isn't wearing panties."

"She's not."

"Huh? Weren't you just making up a story for me?"

"Nope. The preacher's wife never wears panties."

"You mean when she's standing with the choir in front of the church she's not wearing panties? Picturing that made me cum. How... how do you know that?"

"Let's just say I do. Now... would you fuck her?"

"Gail, I told you I would never cheat on you. It's one thing to want to... and another to actually do it."

"Ha!! So you want to fuck her?!"

"Wanting and doing are two different things," Mac said defensively.

"But what if it was okay with me? Would you do it then?"

"Gail, why are you asking me this?"

"Just answer me. If it was okay with me, would you fuck the preacher's wife?"

"I... I guess so," the confused husband said lamely.

"Would you do it with me there too?"

"What, you'd want to watch?!!" he asked incredulously.

"Yes, I'd like to watch and... be involved also."

"You mean a threesome?"


"Oh honey, that would be so wonderful."

"Okay, I'll see if I can arrange it."

"What?!! Are you serious?"

"Very. Now finger me... I'm so hot I need to cum."

The preacher's wife peeked through the window in awe of Mrs. Stark. Marge couldn't believe the conversation she just heard and it got her as hot as the Starks. She had cum when she saw Mac's cock spewing his sperm. And she knew she'd cum again while watching Mr. Stark finger her girl lover to orgasm.

* * * *

"Did you like the last show?" Mrs. Stark asked the preacher's wife a couple of days later.

"I couldn't believe you told him what you did. My god, I got so hot thinking about it."

"Did you see what happened when I mentioned you didn't wear panties?" Gail said smiling.

"He came like a horse," the preacher's wife laughed.

"When would you like to join us? Mac's been horny as a teenager thinking about it."

"How 'bout Monday? I first want to give him a special treat."

"What treat?" Mrs. Stark asked excitedly.

"Well, he got so excited when picturing me pantyless standing in front of the church that I have an idea."

Then the preacher's wife told Mrs. Stark of her plan. Gail got so excited she grabbed Marge's hand and shoved it between her legs under her dress. Her own fingers found their way into the preacher's wife's pussy. Both women climaxed and then looked at each other sheepishly, realizing they were still fully dressed.

Mrs. Stark didn't tell her husband anything about the plans for Sunday's services. They sat quietly in church while the preacher shouted out his sermon. If you'd have asked either what the sermon was about they wouldn't have been able to tell you. Gail was thinking about what was soon to happen and Mac was staring at the preacher's wife knowing she did not have panties on.

The preacher's wife excused herself and made her way out of the choir and into the church room where Jack had sex with her. That was the signal, so Mrs. Stark grabbed her husband's hand and pulled him out of the pew. He was confused, but followed her. When they entered the room and he saw the preacher's wife waiting he was dumbfounded. Gail had suggested they would have a threesome, but surely not in church... not with the preacher in the next room.

"Go on, dear, see if she's wearing panties," Mrs. Stark said to her husband.

Mr. Stark looked lost but, when the preacher's wife smiled and nodded, he walked over to her. Hesitating, he bent down and placed his hand on her calf, just below the long frumpy dress. He still wasn't sure so he slid his hand up her leg very slowly. When the preacher's wife didn't object, his hand traveled faster until he was cupping her pussy.

"I really didn't believe it," Mac exclaimed.

When the preacher's wife felt Mr. Stark's finger slip into her pussy she grabbed his forearm through her dress. Holding his arm steady, she spread her legs, bent her knees, and began bouncing up and down on his finger. Once she knew Mac understood what he was supposed to do, the preacher's wife released his arm and put her hands on his shoulders for better leverage. She was now frantically bouncing up and down on his finger.

When the preacher's wife came, she wrapped her arms around Mr. Stark and pressed her face against his chest. Her pussy clamped his finger with each wave of ecstasy that pulsed through her body. By the time Marge had stopped cumming, Mac's finger and entire palm were soaked in her pussy juices.

The preacher's wife climbed off Mr. Stark's finger and dropped to her knees. He was standing there speechless, and even more so when she opened his belt and pulled his pants and boxers down. His hard cock sprang free. Mr. Stark stared down in disbelief as the preacher's wife guided his cock into her mouth and began sucking. He was in church and the young wife of the preacher was sucking his cock while the preacher shouted out his Sunday sermon in the next room. It was too much for the man who began filling the preacher's wife's mouth with his semen.

When Mr. Stark had stopped cumming, Marge stood up and turned. She took the few steps to a table and picked up a paper cup. She made sure Mr. Stark was watching when she let his sperm pour from her mouth into the cup.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Mr. Stark apologized. "I didn't know you didn't like it in your mouth. I'm so sorry."

"No need to apologize," the preacher's wife said. "Just go back to your seat."

Gail waited for her husband to get dressed and then they went back to the main room. He walked like a zombie, not really understanding all that was happening to him. When he was seated he saw the preacher's wife return to her place with the choir. He couldn't take his eyes off her, especially her mouth. Those luscious lips had just been wrapped around his cock. Then he literally gasped when he saw her lift the paper cup and bring it to her lips. In front of the entire congregation, while her preacher husband was just a few yards away, she drank Mr. Stark's sperm. Gail smiled when she heard her husband groan.

On Monday, the preacher's wife drove to the Stark's home. The two women watched Mr. Stark awkwardly standing in the living room, not knowing what to do. He never really believed his wife when she told him the preacher's wife didn't wear panties, but then he found out... in church no less. And the preacher's young wife sucked him off and drank his cum. So, after what his wife had suggested and the fact that the preacher's wife was standing in his living room, it should have been enough to make him a believer. But he still had doubts. It was so hard to believe.

"Well, if you're not going to start," Gail said to her husband, "I guess I will."

Mr. Stark's eyes opened wide when he saw his wife press her lips against the preacher's wife's. They kissed for a few moments and then she pulled back a little. From the side, Mac saw both women extend their tongues and flick them against each other's. He couldn't resist any longer and squeezed his face next to the women's, his tongue joining theirs. No one knew whose tongue was touching whose, but they didn't care.

Mac felt a hand on his groin so he reached out and grabbed both women's butts. While squeezing and rubbing them through their skirts, he felt hands at his waist. The next thing he knew was that his pants were falling to his ankles and a hand was fishing for his hard cock, pulling it through the opening in his boxers. Then the preacher's wife left the ménage a trios, but Mr. Stark soon felt her warm mouth on his cock. When his tongue stopped moving, Mrs. Stark pulled away. She saw what the preacher's wife had done and dropped to her knees. Gail leaned forward and captured her husband's balls in her mouth, sucking them while the preacher's wife sucked his cock.

"Oh Jesus... Oh Jesus," was all Mac could say as two women gave him oral pleasure at the same time.

"Mac, open your eyes and look down," Gail said after breaking away from sucking his testicles.

Mr. Stark forced his eyes open and looked down at the preacher's wife looking up at him, his cock in her mouth. Gail grabbed the base of his cock and the back of Marge's head. He watched in awe as his wife moved the preacher's wife's head back and forth, sliding her mouth along his shaft. His wife was feeding his cock to the preacher's wife.

"Oh baby, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum. Oh shit... ooohhhhhh!!!!" Mac cried out when the sight and feeling overcame him.

The first load of sperm flew into the preacher's wife's mouth. Then Gail pulled his cock out of Marge's mouth and stuffed it into hers. She felt the second load coat her tongue. Gail then pushed his cock back into the preacher's wife's mouth to receive the next load. Back and forth she moved the spewing cock, sometimes not timing it correctly giving one of the women a face full.

When Mac stopped cumming, his wife waited for him to open his eyes. He looked down at the two women kneeling at his feet with jism on their faces. He watched in awe as his wife leaned forward and began licking his sperm off the preacher's wife's face, and then the preacher's wife doing the same to hers. When their faces were clean, the two women began French-kissing, from time to time extending their tongues to show Mac that they were sharing his sperm. Eventually, they had swallowed it all so nothing was left showing on their tongues.

"Wow, you're still hard," Gail said seeing her husband's erection.

"I can't help it. You two are so fuckin' hot."

"Don't apologize," both women said in unison and then began giggling.

"Let's go into the bedroom where we'll be more comfortable," Mrs. Stark said.

Both women burst into laughter when Mr. Stark took a step and tripped on his pants around his ankles. He was so caught up in the moment that he forgot they were even there. Marge and Gail wrestled his pants off and then ran to the bedroom, Mr. Stark trotting after them with his hard cock flapping.

The preacher's wife dove onto the bed and rolled onto her back. Mrs. Stark jumped between her legs, burrowed under her dress, and buried her face in the soft folds of the preacher's wife's pussy. Gail was lapping away when her husband entered the room.

"Oh my god... oh sweet Jesus," Mac cried out when he saw the Sapphic lovemaking.

Mr. Stark walked to the bed and pulled the preacher's wife's skirt up, uncovering his wife's head. He watched her tongue licking a woman's pussy. He took the rest of his clothes off and then removed Marge's blouse and bra. His hands soon found her soft melons and then his mouth sucked on her hard nipples.

"Honey, why don't you get undressed?" Mac said to his wife.

Gail looked up at her husband and smiled saying, "You want to lick this juicy twat, don't you?"

"God yes," he replied.

Gail backed away, but pulled Marge's skirt off first. The preacher's wife was lying completely naked on the Stark's marital bed. Mac looked at the young, beautiful woman and knew he was going to fuck her. But first he wanted to taste her. He got between her legs and pulled her labia apart with his thumbs. He leaned forward and pressed his nose inside the slit, inhaling deeply. Then his tongue began lapping furiously until he located her hole and then he pushed it inside.

Mac felt a movement on the bed and looked up. His wife was facing him, her nude body straddling the preacher's wife's face while Marge licked her pussy. Gail leaned forward and grabbed Marge's legs just above the knees, pulling them towards her. This lifted Marge's ass off the bed and opened her further. With the preacher's wife's body bent, it brought her pussy closer to her face. When Mac returned to licking it, he was much closer to his wife's pussy, which was being licked by the preacher's wife.

But Mr. Stark wanted much more than to lick Marge's pussy. He wanted to fuck the preacher's wife. He got up on his knees and pointed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He paused for a moment, looking up at his wife. When she smiled and nodded, giving her consent, he plunged his cock into the preacher's wife's pussy.

A muffled moan was heard coming from between Gail's thighs, but the preacher's wife was not complaining. Mr. Stark was well-endowed, and his thick dick felt good inside her. She licked Gail's pussy more energetically while Mr. Stark fucked her.

Gail couldn't believe what was happening. She was sitting on the preacher's wife's face, being eaten out by her, while holding her legs up and apart so that her husband could fuck Marge. She watched his cock slide in and out of the moist flesh clinging to it. And then she saw the white streaks on his moving cock. He had cum. Her husband had cum inside the preacher's wife's adulterous cunt.

Mac kept thrusting in and out until his softening cock wouldn't oblige. On one push it bent and slipped out, leaving her gaping pussy leaking his sperm. Gail released Marge's legs and leaned forward, pressing her mouth to the now vacant cunt. She began licking her husband's sperm out of the preacher's wife's pussy. The women were now in the classic 69 position while Mr. Stark sat back and watched.

The preacher's wife came first, but that didn't cause Mrs. Stark to stop licking. In fact, as she got closer to her own climax, she licked the other woman's pussy even faster. But then Gail's body shuddered and began twitching like it did when she had a powerful orgasm. She collapsed, face first, on top of the preacher's young wife.

After the women recovered, the three chatted for a while. They all admitted how exciting it was for them to be with multiple partners and to watch others having sex. Then they played. Mac had the women lie side-by-side with two legs touching and the others spread wide. He straddled the two touching legs and stuck a finger in each pussy. He finger-fucked both women at the same time. As if choreographed, Marge and Gail reached over and began rubbing each other's clits while Mac finger-fucked them.

Then the women had an idea. Gail stretched out on her back and her husband straddled her, moving up her body until he was over her face. He slowly lowered his body while the preacher's wife guided his wrinkled sack into Gail's mouth. With a mouthful of his testicles, Mrs. Stark held her husband's dick in one hand and then pushed the back of Marge's head with her other. From below, Gail watched the preacher's wife open her mouth and accept Mr. Stark's cock. Both women began sucking and licking, causing Mr. Stark to moan his approval.... and his hardening cock attested to his pleasure.

Gail's mouth released her husband's balls and shortly thereafter his wet hard-on felt nothing but air around it. He opened his eyes and looked down at the two women whispering and giggling. Then they were scampering about until the preacher's wife was on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass at Mac. Mrs. Stark nudged her husband until he was behind the preacher's wife. She grabbed his cock and tugged it, making him move closer to Marge. Gail positioned her husband's cock and waited.

"Gail, honey, lower," Mac suggested.

"No dear, this is the hole," she insisted, pushing the head of his cock at the preacher's wife's asshole.

Mr. Stark didn't move. Then Marge looked back and said, "Don't be afraid, I've done this before."

Mac pushed and felt his cock enter the preacher's wife's asshole. She didn't cry out in pain so he pushed harder, sinking more of his cock inside. When his cock-head entered her he felt like the hardest part was over. It was like her anus opened and then shut tight around his shaft. He continued pushing until all of his big dick was inside her.

"Are you okay?" the concerned man asked.

"Yes, now fuck me. Fuck my ass," the preacher's wife cried out.

With his wife's face only inches away, Mr. Stark pulled his cock out of the preacher's wife's asshole and then pushed it back in. He did it several more times, making sure he was gentle. But when the preacher's wife didn't complain, he picked up speed until he was ramming his cock in and out of her ass like a jackhammer.

"Oh god, fuck me hard," the preacher's wife moaned.

"Fuck her. Mac, fuck her ass. Fuck the preacher's wife's ass," Gail chimed in.

Gail scurried on the bed until she was lying under the preacher's wife, looking up at Marge's pussy and her husband's cock sliding in and out of her ass. She reached up and stuck two fingers into the preacher's wife's cunt. Gail didn't even have to move her hand. The force of her husband pounding in and out of the preacher's wife's ass caused Marge's body to move to and fro, her pussy sliding on Gail's fingers.

The preacher's wife leaned forward and buried her face in Gail's pussy. All three were now being pleasured -- Mac fucking the preacher's wife's ass... Gail fingering the preacher's wife... the preacher's wife licking Gail's pussy.

Mr. Stark came first. He grunted and shot his hot jizz into the preacher's wife's asshole. Gail first saw the white streaks on her husband's cock, but then he buried it all the way in and remained still. Gail now thrust her fingers in and out of the preacher's wife's pussy with her husband's cock still inside her ass. Marge let out a howl and came on Gail's fingers, collapsing on her friend's body. Mac slipped out and fell onto the bed as well.

After Marge and Mac recovered, the preacher's wife said, "Gail, you didn't cum."

"That's okay," she said graciously.

"No it's not," both Mac and Marge said at the same time.

They each grabbed a foot and spread Gail's legs apart. Then they dove towards her pussy, actually banging heads in their haste. After backing up and giggling, they moved more carefully until their faces were pressed together and their tongues were licking Gail's pussy. First one would be on her clit while the other licked lower, then they'd switch. When both tongues flicked against the sides of Gail's swollen clit at the same time, Mrs. Stark cried out and came.

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