The Preacher's Wife - Part 5

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The preacher's wife awoke to an empty bed. Her husband was an early riser and out and about. She knew he would never be able to satisfy her sexually. And that thought caused her to realize she wanted... no needed... to be sexually satisfied. She liked sex and liked the way it made her feel. And she craved it, knowing it was not her husband that would be pleasing her. For the first time in her life, the preacher's wife consciously moved her fingers between her legs and began rubbing her clit. While her other fingers entered her pussy, the preacher's wife thought about the two men she had sex with... about them fucking her... about her sucking their cocks... about her swallowing their sperm. She came in a powerful orgasm, biting her lip in order not to shout out her pleasure.

This time when Jack appeared at the preacher's wife's front door, a smile spread across her face. She asked him if he wanted to come in, but he informed her that she was to come with him. The young wife smiled and told him she'd be just a minute. Jack's jaw dropped when he saw her reach under her dress and pull off her knickers.

"I just have to put these away," the preacher's wife said, holding up her knickers. "After all, it's getting expensive replacing them."

Jack stared at her cute butt as it swayed. He was still staring when the preacher's wife returned and brushed against his body as she stepped outside. They got into his car and drove off.

"Are we going to your place?" the preacher's wife asked sheepishly.

"Would you like to?"

"Oh yes!" she exclaimed, enthusiastically.


Then, after a pause, she asked, "Um... will there... um... be anyone else there?"

"I didn't plan on it," Jack said and saw the disappointment on her face. Then he added, "But I can if you want. Do you only want one more guy?"

"How many can you get?" she surprised him by asking.

"I have an idea," Jack said after thinking a bit. "If you're game for something different, I think you'll like it."

"What do you mean 'something different'?" she asked hesitantly.

"Well, you won't know who the guys are... and they won't see you either."

"How's that?" the naive wife asked.

"Let me surprise you. Are you game?"

"I guess so."

"Are you excited?" Jack asked.


"Will you play with your pussy for me in the car?"

Jack expected the preacher's wife to slap his face, but to his surprise she pulled her dress up and spread her legs. He saw her pussy and then her fingers between her legs. Jack couldn't believe the woman who had thought it a sin to touch herself was now blatantly doing it in his car while driving in broad daylight.

Watching the preacher's wife masturbate had its affect on Jack. Marge noticed it too. While sliding a finger in and out of her juicy pussy, the young wife licked her juices off the fingers of her other hand. When she felt it was clean, she reached out and cupped Jack's hard-on. His moan was all she needed to begin rubbing his groin.

"You better stop or I'll cum in my pants," he told her.

"Mmmmm, you're that excited?" she asked with a smirk on her face.

"Watching you play with yourself in my car is sooo hot."

"Then it's my fault." Jack was about to explain that it wasn't bad when she said, "I guess it's up to me then to take care of your problem."

Jack was aghast. He fell for her tease. The na´ve young wife actually got the better of the experienced older man. But he wasn't complaining when her dainty fingers unzipped his pants and fished out his almost painfully hard cock. She leaned forward and took him in her mouth. The preacher's wife was sucking his cock in his car in the middle of the day. He had never had a woman do that before, and it was the prim and proper preacher's wife who was the first. He didn't last long and grunted as he came in her mouth. Suddenly, he realized he had closed his eyes, but thankfully the road was pretty void of traffic. He wondered if a crash would have caused her to bite down and sever his manhood. He also wondered how they would explain her being in his car with cum dripping down her chin.

"Feeling better?" she asked impishly, licking her sticky lips.

"Much," Jack answered, smiling from ear to ear.

Soon they arrived at a building in a part of town the preacher's wife had never been to. It looked scary so she was glad the large stranger was with her. Jack led her to a side entrance and looked around inside until he spotted who he was looking for. He motioned to the man who came over. Marge didn't like the way he ogled her, but she stood silent, clutching onto Jack's arm with both her hands.

Jack and the store owner spoke in whispers and then the man looked at the preacher's wife again. He turned back to Jack and nodded. Jack led the preacher's wife through a door and closed it behind them. The room was small with only a couple of chairs in it. Atop a small table were a box of tissues and a box of wet ones.

The preacher's wife sat demurely on one of the chairs with her hands clasped in her lap. She didn't understand what they were doing there, but she waited for Jack to tell her. Then she saw Jack nod toward the wall to her right. She turned to look and gasped. Sticking from a hole in the wall was a soft cock. The preacher's wife looked back at Jack for an explanation.

"That's called a glory hole," he explained. "Guys shove their dicks through them and someone on the other side does what they want with it. Usually it's a blow-job, but it's up to you." The preacher's wife looked shocked so Jack added, "You said you wanted a lot of cocks. Well, you will get them here."

The preacher's wife's face lit up, now understanding. She would get a supply of cocks and no one would even know it was her. She had complete anonymity, yet was able to satisfy her craving. She thought that Jack was the smartest man in the world.

Marge got up and then onto her knees next to the protruding dick. She licked it once and watched it twitch. She giggled and did it again. But then her desire overtook her and she opened her mouth wide. Without touching the dick with her hands, she gobbled it up and began sucking. The anonymous cock hardened in her mouth so the preacher's wife moved her head back and forth, dragging her tongue along its length.

Jack watched the preacher's wife on her knees sucking a stranger's cock. Well, he knew it belonged to the store owner since he always went first, but she didn't. He thought it was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen. The young wife of a preacher on her knees sucking a cock through a hole in the wall. And then he saw something even more erotic... her cheeks puffed out as the cock flooded her mouth with sperm.

When the preacher's wife let the cock slip from her mouth she stared at it. Each time a drop of sperm showed at the tip, she'd lick it off. She kept doing this until the cock withdrew. Disappointed, the young wife looked at Jack with that pout again. But when Jack nodded at the new cock that appeared she smiled and stuffed it into her mouth.

After the third cock came in her mouth Jack told her to undress. She had just finished when another cock was shoved through the glory hole. While she was bent over sucking that cock, Jack lifted her hips and entered her pussy from behind. The preacher's wife was servicing two men at the same time, even though they were in different rooms. With each violent thrust by Jack, the young wife's forehead smashed against the wall and the anonymous cock went down her throat. But instead of objecting, the preacher's wife moaned her approval.

Both Jack and the man on the other side of the wall came, and then the preacher's wife sucked off another man... and then another.

"I'm getting full," the young wife complained, holding her stomach.

"You don't only have to use your mouth, you know," Jack informed her.

The preacher's wife stared at the cock protruding from the wall and smiled. She turned around and backed up to it with her hand between her legs. Grabbing the cock, the preacher's wife guided it to her pussy. She backed up to the wall, sliding the stranger's cock inside her. Then she pressed her backside against the wall and let the man in the other room do all the work. After he came, she took five more cocks the same way.

With sperm pouring out of her pussy and all over her lips and chin, the preacher's wife sat down exhausted. She told Jack she couldn't do it anymore. But when she saw the next cock appear she changed her mind. It was dark brown. It was a black man on the other side and he was offering the Lilly-white blonde his cock. The preacher's wife couldn't resist and began licking the cock. Jack thought she looked like she was tasting it. He wondered if the sheltered woman thought it would taste like chocolate. But the sperm he filled her mouth with was as white as everyone else's.

When another cock appeared, the preacher's wife told Jack she just couldn't do another one. Her pussy was sore and her belly full. He suggested she use her hand, which she did. The preacher's wife jacked off the rest of the cocks, watching their jism fly through the air and drip onto her hand. Finally, the glory hole remained vacant.

The preacher's wife used the tissues to clean up as best she could and then redressed. Jack drove her home to her husband.

After the glory hole experience, the preacher's wife couldn't get those feelings out of her system. But even more importantly, she didn't want to. She now masturbated often, trying to fulfill her needs, but it only quenched the heat momentarily. Soon the desires were back.

Marge masturbated after every one of her husband's boring fucks. She didn't even try to feel anything while he was on top of her, selfishly pumping between her legs. It was too frustrating. Just when she was ready to get into it, the preacher climaxed. So his wife patiently waited for him to roll off and then went into the bathroom to finish what he started.

The preacher's wife even felt the need to masturbate while doing mundane tasks like preparing dinner. Her fingers would end up under her dress. Since she had stopped wearing underwear her pussy was always available. Her preacher husband never knew she was nude under her dress because he never looked. She got to the point where her fingers weren't enough and used whatever was handy. Often it was one of the food items, like a cucumber. It even turned her on to watch her husband eat his salad... eating the vegetables that were inside her pussy and made her cum like he never did.

But the most wicked place where the preacher's wife masturbated was in church. Even when standing in the front with the choir. When the choir was waiting their turn, they would stand still. The preacher's wife would hold her book in front of her... over her crotch... and indiscreetly use her other hand (hidden behind the book) to rub herself. Sometimes she pushed the edge of the book against her clit. When she orgasmed while standing with the choir, the idea that she was cumming in front of all those people aroused her very much.

The preacher's wife was pleased when she spotted Jack amongst the congregation. She'd sneak out of the choir and meet him in one of the vacant rooms where she'd suck his cock or let him fuck her. Then she'd go back to the choir with a mouth and/or pussy full of sperm. She'd catch Jack's eye and lick her lips, letting him know she tasted his jism.

But the preacher's wife was insatiable. She wanted more. She wanted more than one man at a time. She told Jack this and he set up a rendezvous.

Marge's heart was pounding in her chest as Jack drove her to an unknown destination. All he told her was that all her desires would be met. Her heart kept pounding... pounding... pounding. She felt so many emotions -- nervousness... excitement... apprehension... desire... wickedness. Yes, she felt wicked, but that only added to her arousal. Now that her sexual appetite was unleashed she couldn't seem to get enough; and the more sinful the better.

Marge watched the scenery as they sped along the interstate. They were heading towards a town she had never been to. Eventually, the car rumbled over a long gravel drive until it stopped in front of a large house. The preacher's wife was impressed with the immaculate garden and flowerbeds. Before she even realized it, Jack was holding her car door open, extending a hand to help her out. Marge took his hand and stepped out of the sedan. Soon they were waiting in front of the large double doors.

When the preacher's wife entered the luxurious house she was taken with its spaciousness and beautiful furnishings. Growing up in a modest home and marrying a pious man did not expose her to such lavishness. She was speechless and led through the house without uttering a word. It wasn't until she saw the room full of people that she paid attention. She hadn't known what to expect, but it wasn't a large crowd... and especially not women.

"Ladies and gents..." Jack said and then waited until he had everyone's attention, "this is Marge." A lot of "hello's" and "hi's" were mixed together and then Jack said to the preacher's wife, waving his hand over the room full of people, "This is... well, we have a special way of welcoming people into our group."

Jack led the preacher's wife into the room. A man came over and kissed her full on the mouth. No introduction, just a lip-lock. Marge was taken back by the brashness, but didn't pull away. As soon as the man broke the kiss, he was replaced by another and another and another. The preacher's wife stood in the middle of the room while being kissed by complete strangers. Some slipped a tongue into her mouth while others just used their lips. And then, before she even realized it, one tongue playing with hers belonged to a woman. Marge's eyes got real wide when the woman pulled away and smiled warmly but, before she could even gasp, another set of lips were pressed to hers. And so it went until everyone in the room had kissed her... both men and women alike.

Once the ritual had ended, people began talking again. Some introduced themselves to the preacher's wife while touching her. Not just on her arm, but on her hip, waist, and even ass. She was stunned by the casual caresses, but was too dumbstruck to protest. Anyway, their hands on her felt good.

While Marge was chatting with a woman, someone came up behind her and pulled her against his body. When his arms wrapped around her waist, she felt his hard-on press against her. The preacher's wife pushed back on his erection, and then leaned her head back onto his chest with her eyes closed as his hands moved up to cup her breasts. A soft moan escaped from the preacher's wife.

Then Marge felt the bottom of her dress being tugged, followed by someone against her legs. By the time she opened her eyes and looked down, her dress was tented out and someone was nudging her legs to get her to spread them. By now the man behind her was nibbling on her neck, so the preacher's wife parted her legs in her aroused state. Almost immediately, soft lips were pressed onto her pussy since she was not wearing underwear. Marge groaned and pushed back on the hard cock behind her.

The mouth on her pussy was doing all the right things. The preacher's wife enjoyed her pussy being licked, but what she was experiencing was better than the way Jack did it. The tongue seemed to know just where to lick her and when to linger on one spot, and when to move to the next. It was as if the person could read Marge's mind. All too soon the preacher's wife felt her orgasm approaching and grabbed the head busy under her dress, pulling the active tongue into her pussy. The preacher's wife humped her hips, smashing her wet pussy against the face under her dress, driving the person's tongue in her pussy and pressing her clit on the person's face. Marge shuddered and then came, her climax prolonged by the continued gentle licking of her clit.

Marge had to see who the wonderful cunt-licker was. She tugged her dress up until the top of the person's head appeared. The preacher's wife gasped when she saw the long red hair... it was the woman who she had been chatting with when the man stepped behind her. The preacher's wife couldn't believe a woman made her feel so good.

The woman leaned back and smiled up at the preacher's wife. Marge looked down at her wet face in shock. Then she realized she was holding her dress at her waist, showing everyone her wet pussy. She blushed and dropped her dress. The redhead stood up with her mouth next to the preacher's wife's ear and whispered, "You taste delicious," and then smacked her lips. Marge's blush deepened.

The redhead leaned forward and pressed her lips against Marge's. They were wet, and very soft. When the woman's tongue pushed against Marge's lips, the dazed wife of a preacher allowed it to enter her mouth. She sucked on the redhead's tongue, tasting her own juices. The preacher's wife couldn't distinguish between her moaning and the redhead's.

Marge felt her dress being lifted and then it was up to her armpits, being tugged upwards. She was forced to break the kiss and raise her arms. As soon as her dress was removed she leaned forward, seeking the other woman's mouth. They kissed again until the preacher's wife felt something pushing under her chin. She opened her eyes and saw the redhead had her arms in the air as if someone was pointing a gun at her. Marge broke the kiss and leaned back. She then realized she had felt the other woman's dress being lifted up her body, getting stuck where the two were joined. The preacher's wife watched as the woman's only garment was pulled from her body.

When the two women's mouths reunited, their now naked bodies pressed against each other. The preacher's wife felt the soft warm skin of the other woman against her burning flesh. The redhead's large breasts flattened her own as the two women wrapped their arms around each other's body, hugging each other tightly. The redhead positioned a thigh between the preacher's wife's legs and, in doing so, ended up with one of Marge's thighs between hers. The two women began humping the other's leg while they passionately kissed.

The crowded room was quiet while everyone watched the two naked women embrace. Quiet except for the moaning of the two women, that is.

The preacher's wife felt the other woman pulling her down. She obediently let the redhead guide her and soon she was lying on top of the prone woman, their lips still locked. The redhead's legs were now spread with the preacher's wife lying between them, their pussies pressed together. In her aroused state, the preacher's wife ground her pussy against the other woman's.

The preacher's wife felt the other woman gently push her face away. She was about to kiss her again when the redhead said, "Please kiss my tits," and then pushed Marge's head down. Caught up in the sexual moment, the preacher's wife scooted down a bit and placed her lips on the other woman's breast. When she heard the redhead moan, Marge sucked the large nipple into her mouth and flicked her tongue over it. She then moved to the other tit.

Marge once again felt the redhead pushing on the top of her head. She moved lower until her lips were kissing the redhead's abdomen. The preacher's wife couldn't believe how soft the woman's skin was and ran her lips over it... then her tongue. The preacher's wife was no longer lying on the woman's body. She was on the thick carpet between the redhead's spread legs, kissing her belly. The redhead shimmied backwards, causing her belly to move away from the preacher's wife. But when her pubic hairs tickled the preacher's wife's nose and lips, Marge pulled her head back and looked up at the woman.

The preacher's wife felt a bonding with the other woman. She wanted to please her. Without thinking about what she was about to do, the preacher's wife lowered her face between the redhead's legs and pressed her lips onto the woman's cunt. Marge planted several kisses onto the hairy pussy just like she had done to the woman's belly. Then, mimicking what she had done on her belly, Marge dragged her lips first, and then her tongue, over the area. But Marge didn't like running her tongue over the curly hairs so she pulled them out of the way. What that did was expose the warm, moist flesh inside. The preacher's wife began licking in the hairless area.

"Oh yes, please don't stop. Do it. Oh... yes, like... oh...." the redhead panted.

The preacher's wife remembered how good the other woman made her feel and wanted to return the favor. She used her tongue like the woman had on her and lapped away. She alternated between shoving her tongue inside the redhead's pussy hole and licking her clit. Marge soon felt the redhead's legs on her back and the woman's thighs pressing against the sides of her head. The preacher's wife kept licking until the woman under her began bucking, clenching her thighs even tighter around the preacher's wife's head. And then the redhead went limp, her legs falling to the carpeted floor.

When the preacher's wife looked up she was shocked to see everyone naked. Not only naked, but some were masturbating while others were masturbating each other. A couple was even fucking. But all eyes were on the preacher's wife as she wiped the redhead's pussy juices from her lips with the back of her hand.

Marge couldn't remember when she had been so turned on. She stared at the nearest cock, watching the man's hand stroking it. The preacher's wife crawled toward it on her hands and knees and then pushed the man's hand away. She grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her mouth. The preacher's wife began bobbing her head back and forth while on her knees, longing to make the man cum... and she didn't have long to wait. Soon, globs and globs of sperm were fired into her mouth. The preacher's wife noisily gulped down the stranger's sperm.

When the preacher's wife let the softening cock slip from her mouth, her head was turned to the side. Kneeling next to her was another woman who pressed her lips against Marge's. The other woman shoved her tongue inside the preacher's wife's mouth, but didn't simply rub it against her tongue. The other woman's tongue rubbed against her palate, teeth, gums, and also her tongue. It was as if she was licking the sperm out of Marge's mouth.

"Mmmmm, I just love the taste of Jerry's cum," the woman said, licking her lips after she pulled away. "Here, try my husband's."

With one hand on the back of Marge's head and her other hand wrapped around the hard cock, the other woman fed her husband's cock into Marge's mouth. The preacher's wife was turned on by knowing a wife was putting her husband's cock into her mouth and that she was watching her blow him. The preacher's wife sucked on the cock and bobbed her head up and down the shaft, never taking her eyes off his wife. When he exploded in her mouth, the wife quickly pulled Marge's mouth off his cock and stuck her tongue inside the preacher's wife's mouth. Once again, she used her tongue to retrieve the sperm she obviously desired.

The preacher's wife was gently pulled down by hands under her armpits until she was lying on the floor. The woman who had grabbed her then leaned down and said, "I hear you're a preacher's wife. That's so fuckin' hot. I'm going to watch my husband fuck you... fuck a preacher's wife."

Marge was about to say something when she felt a hard cock pushed into her pussy. She looked down her body and saw a good-looking man smiling at her. She looked back up at his wife who was staring intently at Marge's crotch. Her eyes were fixed on her husband's cock that was soon going to plunge into the pussy of a preacher's wife. Then the woman moaned as Marge felt the cock slip inside.

"Fuck her, honey," the woman encouraged her husband. "Do it baby, fuck her good. I gotta see it closer."

The woman straddled Marge's body and leaned forward, getting a close-up of her husband's cock sliding in and out of the preacher's wife adulterous cunt. The woman's legs were spread and Marge was able to see her pink gash. While the woman was telling her husband to fuck the preacher's wife, Marge saw the woman's fingers sink into her pussy and begin finger-fucking herself. It was erotic to watch the woman masturbate right over her face, especially knowing it was her husband fucking Marge that turned the woman on so much.

After the man came, his wife yanked his cock from the preacher's wife's pussy and stuffed it in her mouth. She sucked it clean, moaning around the shrinking shaft. Then she leaned forward and began sucking his cum out of the freshly fucked cunt, all the while fingering herself with her ass raised high. Then Marge saw the woman shove three fingers all the way inside her pussy as her body shuddered in a massive climax. The woman quickly spun around and shoved her wet fingers into the preacher's wife's mouth. Marge sucked them clean and then the woman pressed her mouth against Marge's. When the preacher's wife opened her mouth, she felt the goo slide onto her tongue. The sperm that the woman had sucked out of Marge's cunt was now being fed to her. But the preacher's wife wasn't upset. She swallowed it all and then, like the woman earlier, the preacher's wife found herself using her tongue to scrape the remains of the man's sperm from his wife's mouth.

When the woman got off the preacher's wife, Marge was lifted into the air by two men. She was held in a sitting position with two hands on her back and a hand on the underside of each of her thighs. It was like she was sitting in a chair with her legs spread. They carried her over to a prone man, whose cock was being sucked by a woman. When Marge was near, the woman pulled her mouth off the cock and held it vertical. The two men holding Marge lowered the preacher's wife down, still in a sitting position. The woman guided the saliva-coated cock into the preacher's wife's pussy.

Marge began fucking the man, bouncing up and down on his cock. The woman reached out and began fondling the preacher's wife's tits, asking her how her husband's cock felt. Marge just grunted. The woman reached around Marge and began caressing her buttocks. Soon her fingers were inside the crack, sliding up and down. Then she spat on her hand and spread her saliva onto the preacher's wife's anus before slipping a finger inside. The preacher's wife was fucking the woman's husband while his wife squeezed one of her tits and finger-fucked her ass.

"So you like my husband's cock," the woman purred. "How about this one?" Marge glanced at the new cock, watching the woman swallow it in her mouth and then begin sucking it. "Yeah, this is a good one too," she said after taking it from her mouth. The new man walked behind the preacher's wife and pushed his slick dick against her lubricated anus. While he was pushing his cock into the preacher's wife's asshole, the woman leaned next to her ear and said, "That's my brother. You are fucking my husband and brother at the same time."

The magnitude of what the woman had told Marge caused the preacher's wife to cum immediately. She was being fucked by two men at the same time and the woman who orchestrated it told her that the cocks belonged to her husband and brother. The preacher's wife couldn't think of anything more wicked than that and it caused a powerful orgasm.

The woman watched her brother and husband fuck the preacher's wife for a while and then sat on her husband's face. Marge looked between the woman's legs at her husband's tongue licking her. All the while cocks were sliding in and out of her two holes.

"I want to lick you," the preacher's wife said without even realizing it.

The woman smiled and climbed off her husband's face. She straddled her husband's body and stopped when her pussy was in front of the preacher's wife's face. She grabbed the back of Marge's head and pulled her face to her hairy snatch. She then began humping the preacher's wife's face. Marge tried unsuccessfully to get her tongue inside the woman's pussy, but it was impossible. The woman kept smashing her wet pussy against her face while watching her brother's cock sliding in and out of the preacher's wife's asshole.

Just when Marge thought she was going to be denied, the woman let go of her head and turned around. She bent at the waist and moved backwards so that her pussy was against the preacher's wife's mouth. Marge didn't hesitate and stuck her tongue out, licking the woman. What a sight it made. The man was lying on the floor with Marge riding his cock. His wife was bent at the waist, kissing her husband while the preacher's wife's tongue was licking her pussy from behind. And the woman's brother was fucking the preacher's wife's raised ass.

When the brother came inside the preacher's wife's ass, he was replaced by another man. Then the man on the floor came in Marge's pussy. The new man kept fucking the preacher's wife's ass as the cock in her pussy slipped out. The preacher's wife kept licking the woman until she came and collapsed onto her husband's body. Then the man fucking her ass came too. The preacher's wife fell to the ground, totally exhausted.

"Well Dad, how was her ass?" the woman asked, still breathing heavily.

Marge couldn't believe what she had just heard. For the first time she looked at the man who had just cum in her ass and realized he was quite a bit older than the others. He was the woman's father! The preacher's wife had licked the woman's pussy and fucked her husband, brother, and father.

After that, they let the preacher's wife rest. She talked to the strangers as if they were long time friends. Their nudity, or hers, didn't bother the preacher's wife in the least. Neither did all the fucking and sucking and licking going on around her. The preacher's wife spent the rest of the day getting fucked in her pussy and ass, sucking cocks, drinking cum, and eating pussy.

After frolicking in an enormously large shower with several people, all fucking and sucking as they washed, Jack drove the preacher's wife home. She told him how much she enjoyed what they had done and wanted to do it often. He told her she was a big hit and they wanted her back. When they pulled to the curb in front of the church where Marge lived, the preacher's wife unbuckled Jack's pants and pulled out his cock. In broad daylight, in front of the church, she sucked his cock until he came in her mouth. She raised her head, licking her lips, and smiled at him. She had become wicked and she loved it.

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