The Preacher's Wife - Part 3

AUTHOR = Switch Blayde

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Hetero, Cheating, Reluctant, Stranger Sex, Blackmail
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The preacher's wife drove home to her small, conservative town and dignified life. She had committed adultery and felt extreme guilt. But she was even more distraught over how she had behaved. There were times she was forced to commit sexual acts, but at other times she wanted to do them. The drive was long and she had time to reflect. She knew she was going to spend a lot of time in church asking God for forgiveness and to return her to a normal, respectable life. But part of her was wondering if she would miss the feelings the stranger awoke in her.

Marge became flustered when her husband asked where she had been. Because of the "extracurricular activities" in the hotel room after the movie, she was gone longer than usual when making one of her "special" trips to the big city. In the past, her husband had no idea she had left town or, for that matter, even the house. He wasn't one to ask her how her day went. The young wife came up with an excuse about searching for a present for an upcoming birthday and the trusting preacher accepted it. Marge hated lying and worried about adding another sin to the list she'd have to answer to on her day of judgment.

The preacher's wife's life was getting back to normal. Her knees were sore from constantly dropping down to pray when a wicked thought entered her mind, but she believed she had put the sinful part of her life behind her. God had taught her a lesson. She had been punished for sneaking out to watch the dirty movies and vowed never to do it again. She had fought Satan and won!

It was Sunday, the day she felt closest to her husband. Standing with the choir, she watched him at the pulpit, bellowing out his sermon. He seemed so powerful. Marge's eyes perused the congregation to observe the faces being inspired by her husband. But the warm smile on her face changed to a frown when she spotted Jack. And then she averted her eyes when he winked at her. But she couldn't continue to look away. She felt compelled to search him out again and saw him nod towards the side door. She shook her head from side to side, not enough for others to notice but enough for him to understand. But he nodded again and got up, disappearing into the room.

The preacher's wife fretted. Why was the stranger in her husband's church? What did he want? She no longer had the anonymity of the large city to protect her. This was her small town.... where she lived. She was surrounded by people she knew. There was no way she was going to leave the choir and meet him. But what did he want? She kept asking herself that question and got more and more agitated. Finally, she couldn't stand it any longer and quietly moved away from the choir towards the room the stranger had entered.

"What are you doing here?" Marge whispered as soon as she stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.

"A hello would have been nice?" Jack said sarcastically.

"Stop it! We're not friends. We're...."

"Yeah, more like lovers," Jack interrupted.

"Lovers?! We are not lov.... I'm married. You were a mistake. What do you want?" the preacher's wife asked coldly.


"Me? Oh-my-gosh, not again! Please leave me alone."

"A quick fuck and I'll be gone."

"Please, you're in the house of the Lord. Please don't use that language."

Ignoring her protest, Jack said, "Just let me stick my cock in your hot juicy cunt and I'll be on my way."

"I will never cheat on my husband again," the preacher's wife spat at him. "I sinned and have been asking God's forgiveness. Now please go," she said, crossing her arms across her chest in defiance.

Jack grabbed the preacher's wife's arm and put his hand on the doorknob saying, "Okay, let's go tell everyone about our little party."

"Wait!!!" Marge exclaimed in a subdued scream, yanking her arm free. "You can't."

"Of course I can... and you know I will," Jack threatened.

The preacher's wife's mind was in turmoil. She couldn't sin again. But she couldn't be exposed either. "It's your word against mine," she boldly stated.

"Hmmmm, I wonder how many people know about the birthmark on your ass? It looks sort of like Florida," Jack said triumphantly. "And how did you ever get that little scar next to your right nipple?" When he saw the panic in the preacher's wife's eyes he went for the kill. "That should prove I saw you naked. And if they believe that, they'll believe the rest. Oh yeah, I'm sure the movie theater employees would recognize you. Not many women go there... especially alone. And the boy whose cock you sucked... hmmm, I bet he'd remember you. Do you want your husband... and your family... and all your friends... to know that you sucked a boy's cock and swallowed his cum? Twice too. You were only told to do it once, but you did it twice. Yeah, that boy will surely remember."

The more the stranger spoke, the more defeated and helpless Marge felt. "Okay, but not here," the preacher's wife said softly, succumbing to the stranger's threats.

"We either do it here or we go out and talk to all those nice people out there. Who knows, maybe they'll want to see your birthmark. Ha ha."

The preacher's wife nodded her reluctant consent and let the stranger drag her to a table along the wall opposite the door. He pushed her upper body down so that she was resting on her forearms. Jack then flipped the long flowing dress onto her back, exposing her plain cotton knickers. The preacher's wife felt humiliated bent over like that, allowing the stranger to see her panty-covered backside. But it was nothing like the shame she felt when he dragged her knickers down her legs. She couldn't look at him, but knew he was staring up at her pussy while she lifted one foot, and then the other, out of her underwear.

Jack stuffed the preacher's wife's knickers in his pocket and removed his pants and underwear. He kicked the inside of Marge's foot until she spread her legs further apart. He then stood back, taking in the sight of the preacher's wife's lewd position. In the background he heard her husband's voice, shouting out his sermon.

Marge anxiously waited for her violation, but didn't expect what happened. Instead of feeling the stranger enter her, she felt his hot breath between her legs. His face was right next to her pussy. She was obscenely bent over a table with her dress up, her knickers off, and her legs spread. And the man was breathing on her pussy. The shame soared through her body, but then she was distracted... his breath was replaced by his tongue.

"Ohhh noooo!!!" the preacher's wife moaned when Jack's tongue began lapping her pussy. She felt the familiar tingling in her loins... something she was trying to forget. She tried to fight it... fight the sin of pleasure... but she was losing. Jack's thumbs were prying her pussy open, and his face was pressed between her legs. His taut tongue sunk deeply into the preacher's wife's hole, wiggling around inside her. Marge squirmed from the titillating tongue which now began flicking in and out of her moistening cunt.

Jack pulled away for a moment and let her labia spring back to their normal closed position. The preacher's wife was breathing hard, her forehead now resting on her forearm. Her hips unconsciously wiggled, seeking the tongue that had left her. Then she felt her pussy being separated again. It felt different this time because Jack was using only one hand... his thumb and forefinger of that hand. And then to the preacher's wife's glee, his face pressed against her again and his tongue began licking.

The preacher's wife was so consumed with pleasure that she didn't even feel Jack's other hand glide across the front of her thigh, that is, until it located her clit. With a tongue now licking the inside of her pussy, a finger was diddling her love-button. The preacher's wife had to shove her fist in her mouth to prevent screams that would surely be heard throughout the church.

The preacher's wife kept biting her hand as she felt the pleasure between her legs. Her body was trembling as Jack's tongue and finger stimulated her beyond anything she had ever felt before. Then it hit her... a powerful orgasm. Even with her fist shoved inside her mouth, the preacher's wife couldn't hold back her muffled scream as she came in multiple little orgasms that culminated in a gigantic one.

Jack stood up and shook his legs, getting the stiffness out of them. He watched the preacher's wife writhing in pleasure, still bent over the table with her dress over her back. Her naked backside was thrust in his face and her dripping pussy was visible between her thighs. And then her head slowly rose, looking around. She saw Jack smiling at her and realized she had lost control again.

Dropping to her knees, the preacher's wife began praying, "Lord, forgive my sins. I cheated on my husband and felt pleasure. Please forgive me for experiencing lust."

"While you're down on your knees, put your mouth to better use than praying," Jack said, pushing his cock against the preacher's wife's lips.

"Please, no," she cried, "haven't you made me sin enough? Please leave me alone. I feel so ashamed."

Jack began stroking his cock right in front of the preacher's wife's face. He noticed her eyes were locked on his cock... on his fingers sliding up and down its shaft... on the excess skin moving back and forth. He knew the dignified preacher's wife was a suppressed slut. He continued stroking himself, causing his cock to stiffen. Then he moved closer and rubbed his cock against the young wife's cheek. First one, then the other... again and again. When he changed cheeks he dragged the head of his cock across her lips. He heard her breathing get irregular as he caressed her face with his cock. And then, during one pass over her lips, the preacher's wife grabbed his hand to stop him from moving and opened her mouth, stuffing his cock inside. Her lips closed around his cock-head and she began sucking.

Jack couldn't believe it. He was in a church room while the preacher was screaming out his sermon. The preacher's wife was on her knees sucking his cock. He could still taste her pussy juices on his lips and tongue, and now her head was bobbing up and down his shaft. He heard the preacher's voice and his wife's slurping noises at the same time. Jack pulled his cock from her mouth and lifted her to her feet, spun her around, pushed her so she was bent over the table, lifted her dress over her back, and rammed his cock into her pussy in one shove.

"Aarrgghhhh," the preacher's wife cried out at the force of the penetration.

Jack didn't care if his cock had come out the woman's mouth. The wickedness of what he was doing spurred him on as he pounded into the preacher's wife while her husband was in the next room standing in front of the congregation. His hands were on the young wife's naked hips while his cock rammed in and out of her juicy pussy. Marge was moaning, both from pleasure and the violent intrusion.

All of a sudden, Jack stopped. The preacher's wife was catching her breath when she felt his sperm fill her pussy. She was in church, committing adultery, and the stranger was spewing his seed inside her married pussy... with the voice of her husband in her ears.

When Jack pulled out, the preacher's wife once again fell to her knees. But this time it wasn't to pray. She cupped her face in her hands as her sobbing wet her cheeks. Jack grabbed her by her hair and pulled her face to him. She dropped her hands and cried out at the pain in her scalp. Jack shoved his slimy cock into her open mouth. She tried to pull away, so Jack pulled her towards him, forcing his cock down her throat. When she gagged, he let her pull off his cock, sputtering and coughing. When she calmed down, he pushed his cock into her mouth again. This time she did not try to pull away, but sucked her pussy juices and his sperm off his cock.

Jack was satisfied and pulled out with a popping sound since the preacher's wife was sucking it at the time. Marge looked up at him, her tears streaking her cheeks. Jack used his cock to wipe away her tears. He then retrieved his clothes and redressed. The preacher's wife stood up and looked around the room.

"Please, have you seen my... um, underwear?" she asked sheepishly.

"Never mind them, you better rejoin the choir," Jack said, fingering her knickers in his pants pocket.

"Oh I couldn't!" she exclaimed.

"You better before your husband realizes you're missing."

That struck a nerve. She knew her husband never paid any attention to the choir so she doubted if he would have noticed her absence. But if she wasn't standing there with the others when he was done, he would ask her where she had been. The preacher's wife tapped her bun to make sure it was still on top of her head and smoothed out her long dress. She opened the door and peeked out. Trying to be as invisible as possible, the preacher's wife snuck back into the main part of the church and resumed her place with the choir. Some of the others looked at her funny -- she was sweaty, her hair was a little messed up, and she smelled funny. Luckily for her they never associated the smell with sex. After all, not the preacher's wife.

Marge stood in church while her husband finished his sermon. She tasted the fluids she had sucked off the stranger's cock and felt his sperm dripping down her thighs. She was in church without knickers on. She was sure she would go to Hell.

"Are you okay?" The preacher's wife was brought out of her thoughts by the voice of her husband. "Let's go, we have to say goodbye to the congregation."

Marge was half dragged to the front of the church where everyone complimented her husband as they departed. She stood next to him, shaking people's hands, with another man's sperm inside her pussy and dripping down her thighs. And the foul taste in her mouth reminded her of what had been in it. To the preacher's wife's shock, Jack was suddenly standing in front of her, speaking to her husband.

"Preacher, that was wonderful. I can't believe how excited you made me. I'm so glad I came today. And when your lovely wife sings... well, her mouth will make me come again and again.

The preacher was vigorously shaking Jack's hand, thanking him for the praise, but his wife knew Jack was talking about having sex with her.

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